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562: Old Ex-Con Mister Eloped with My Young Sister | Feedback Friday

2021-09-17 | 🔗

Your family helped a 62-year-old convict who was "wrongfully convicted" of the statutory rape of his stepdaughter get back on his feet -- until he went off and eloped with your 23-year-old sister. Now that conviction seems like it might not have been so wrongful after all, and you're wondering how you can protect your sister if he's just been on the hunt for another victim. We'll try to help find answers to this and more here on Feedback Friday!

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Full show notes and resources can be found here: jordanharbinger.com/562

On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:
  • Why did our advice to the job negotiator in episode 553 seem counter to our usual stance on negotiation?
  • How can you make sure your 23-year-old sister is safe now that she's eloped with a 62-year-old ex-con?
  • You're vaccinated and set to be the maid of honor at a wedding, but you're uneasy because the groom's family doesn't even believe in COVID -- and will be taking zero precautions to protect themselves and others (in spite of the recent surge in delta variant deaths). How do you express your concerns to the bride-to-be without losing your lifelong friend?
  • You're a busy stay-at-home mom and newly full-time student trying to stay focused, but your husband has gotten in the habit of calling you from work -- sometimes for an hour at a time. Is there a nice way to convey that when he's working, you're working, too, and he should reserve these calls for emergencies?
  • Your teen daughter suffered a brain injury that has left her with daily headaches, nausea, dizziness, and head fog. Now she's under pressure to apply to colleges, but she's angry and behaving like a victim instead of doing the necessary work to regain her cognitive performance. How can you help her make progress instead of enabling her inaction?
  • You're eager to start your own business as a wedding coordinator after hiring one for your own wedding and realizing your company vastly underpays you. Is there a protocol for asking this person for advice even though they would technically be your competition?
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