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575: Benjamin Hardy | Minding the Gap and the Gain

2021-10-19 | 🔗

Benjamin Hardy (@BenjaminPHardy) is an organizational psychologist and author of books about willpower, self-limiting beliefs, and teamwork. His latest offering (co-authored with Dan Sullivan), is The Gap and the Gain: The High Achievers' Guide to Happiness, Confidence, and Success.

What We Discuss with Benjamin Hardy:
  • If you measure your current self against your ideal (often chosen and defined by other people rather than yourself), you’ll never be happy because there will always be a gap. Unsuccessful people primarily focus on this (but we all wind up here sometimes).
  • If you measure your current self against your previous self — and notice the gain you've made between yesterday and today — you’ll experience happiness, satisfaction, and confidence. The most successful people understand this.
  • The difference between ideals (general, immeasurable, and constantly changing) and goals (specific, measurable, and time-bound) -- and why your ideals shouldn't be your benchmark for achievement, but merely the source from which your goals are inspired.
  • How you can weed out the arbitrary reference points with which you've been burdened by external sources and choose ones that are actually meaningful -- not just constant reminders of what you don't have.
  • How the increased confidence that comes from living in the gain allows you to set bigger and more imaginative goals to truly tailor the fabric of your own life.
  • And much more...

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