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589: Persevering Past Paranoid Parental Persecution | Feedback Friday

2021-11-19 | 🔗

You dared to set a boundary with your parents: you would only communicate with them if they were respectful to you and your family. This means zero tolerance for name-calling, swearing, threatening, or yelling at you or your husband whenever there's a disagreement. Now they've leveled false accusations against your husband for being abusive, going as far as involving the CEO of your company and the police department! Of course you've cut them off completely since then, but you're wondering: will this be enough to protect your family against them? We'll tackle this and more here on Feedback Friday!

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Full show notes and resources can be found here: jordanharbinger.com/589

On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:
  • Cutting off your parents for their never-ending disrespect to you and your husband is the only way you can think of to protect your family against their paranoid delusions and abuse. But is it enough?
  • After being married for 10 years, you and your partner have come to an amicable agreement that you can no longer meet each other's emotional and romantic needs. You want to hold off on your divorce until an adoption in the works has been finalized, but until then, how do you break the news of this complicated situation to any date that could potentially become a significant other?
  • What's a good, useful second language for an English-speaking kid to start picking up now?
  • You had a challenging adolescence, and lost your youth to anxiety and depression. How can you make up for this lost time as you approach your thirties?
  • As a recently graduated engineer who started working at the company where you interned, you've inherited a seemingly cursed project that's been foisted upon numerous employees before you. What can you do to instill confidence in your teammates that you're the one who will finally lead this thing to the finish line?
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