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611: Reid Hoffman | Surprising Entrepreneurial Truths

2022-01-13 | 🔗

Reid Hoffman (@reidhoffman) is a co-founder of LinkedIn, investor at Greylock Partners, host of the podcast Masters of Scale, and co-author of Masters of Scale: Surprising Truths from the World's Most Successful Entrepreneurs.

What We Discuss with Reid Hoffman:
  • What Reid means when he calls himself a "six-person-or-less extrovert."
  • Why fostering diversity is important for any company that wants to be relevant tomorrow.
  • How to identify the five kinds of "no" and what they can each teach you.
  • Why unanimous consent in a pitch meeting is a concerning sign.
  • The best and worst ways to pitch ideas to venture capitalists.
  • And much more...

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