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612: Cautioning Creepy Dad's Current Clan | Feedback Friday

2022-01-14 | 🔗

Your mom and stepdad split up when she caught him trying to take pictures of you -- at age 16 -- in the shower. Now he's remarried with new stepchildren and a baby on the way. How can you warn his new family about his predatory proclivities before he ruins their lives too? This and more here on Feedback Friday!

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Full show notes and resources can be found here: jordanharbinger.com/612

On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:
  • The stepdad who was caught trying to take pictures of you in the shower when you were a teenager now has a new family, new stepchildren, and a new baby on the way. How can you prevent him from preying on them?
  • You've discovered hard evidence that your toxic, soon-to-be-ex-business partner is guilty of fraud. The vengeful part of you really wants to report her to the authorities, but you don't want your other partner, who you like and respect, to suffer blowback. What's the right thing to do?
  • Your significant other's anxiety has only gotten worse over the years, and their constant need for validation and reassurance is draining. How can you support their quest to become mentally healthier without becoming emotionally exhausted yourself?
  • You consider yourself a strong, knowledgeable, take-no-crap woman, but you've been fired from two jobs this year for "not fitting with company culture." So you started your own business, which you love, but you can't overcome the guilt of providing less for your family than you did as someone else's unsatisfied employee. What should you do?
  • You really do love your future mother-in-law, but you're not jazzed about her plans to live in your backyard guesthouse permanently when you tie the knot with her son. Is it wrong for you to want boundaries between yourself and your extended family while building a family of your own?
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