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613: Ray Dalio | Why Nations Succeed and Fail

2022-01-18 | 🔗

Ray Dalio (@RayDalio) is the founder of Bridgewater Associates — the largest and best-performing hedge fund in the world — and author of New York Times bestseller Principles: Life and Work. His latest book is The Changing World Order: Why Nations Succeed and Fail.

What We Discuss with Ray Dalio:
  • What an investor like Ray Dalio is uniquely poised to observe about the ebb and flow of history and the repeating patterns that make the future somewhat predictable.
  • Why transitional (and often painful) cycles -- like recessions, pandemics, and wars -- are necessary to reset and change the rules.
  • How studying these cycles as symptomatic of larger problems is the best way to heal and grow from their discomfort.
  • What the current state of political polarization in the United States bodes for our collective future.
  • How our rivalry with China differs from our Cold War rivalry with the Soviet Union and what Ray sees as our best way of managing it.
  • And much more...

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