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619: Danny Gold | Breaking News from the Underworld

2022-02-01 | 🔗

Danny Gold (@DGisSERIOUS) is a journalist, documentary filmmaker, long-form writer, and co-host (with Sean Williams) of the Underworld podcast, which covers organized crime around the world -- from Balkan warlords to Brooklyn wiseguys.

What We Discuss with Danny Gold:
  • How coming from a family of Holocaust survivors inspired Danny to pursue journalism and keep an eye on the world's most unsavory and unreported misdeeds.
  • What it's like to get caught red-handed trying to secretly record a violent human trafficker on his own turf.
  • How Danny finds ways to relate on a human level to people who may be responsible for committing unfathomable atrocities.
  • Why assuming everything is going to go wrong -- and preparing accordingly -- is the best way to survive as a freelance reporter in the field.
  • How even the darkest shadows cast by the human experience can bring out the brightest and best facets of humanity.
  • And much more...

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