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623: Ludacris | Fast & Philanthropic

2022-02-10 | 🔗

Ludacris (@Ludacris) is a Grammy-winning rapper, a SAG award-winning actor known for roles in Crash, The Simpsons, and the Fast & Furious franchise, and the philanthropic founder of Kid Nation and The Ludacris Foundation.

What We Discuss with Ludacris:
  • Does Ludacris really own a car from every Fast & Furious movie in which he's appeared?
  • What was Ludacris' initial rap name?
  • Is Ludacris the Where's Waldo of hip-hop history?
  • How has Ludacris maintained much of the same support team over the past couple of decades -- all without written contracts?
  • The pandemic's silver lining for famous people: it's a lot easier to maintain anonymity in public when you're encouraged to wear a mask everywhere.
  • And much more...

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