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Ep. 231: The Pied Piper of Duck Hunters

2020-07-27 | 🔗

Steven Rinella talks with Ramsey Russell, Hanzi Deschermeier, Corinne Schneider, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: How Jani is so not a trapper that he reminds himself to check traps by writing "coon" on his hand; Frito pie with mountain lion; Corinne and strawberries; breaking down what it means to flesh something out; the A.S.S. movement, the tissue issue, and how surface shitters are like meth heads; ocellated turkey stories and how badly Steve wants to hunt one; Ramsey on a life of collecting experiences; Get Ducks dot com being a sweet URL; booking as a shoddy industry?; incredible duck hunting in Azerbaijan and how the area where Ramsey hunts reminds him of the Mississippi Delta; the clean game and quiet pride; which countries are doing a solid job at conservation of the species?; Ramsey's favorite recipes for cooking duck; Steve's out-of-control horseradish and how Jani's garden got up and moved; Hanzi's rule on what not to do when cooking diver ducks; mouth calling; and more.


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