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Ep. 271: Woof


Steven Rinella talks with Ronnie BoehmeClay Newcomb, Brody HendersonPhil TaylorCorinne Schneider, Hayden Sammak, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: Infanticide among house cats; Ronnie as Steve's most impactful employer; Clay Newcomb's new Bear Grease podcast; your pistol getting you in trouble with the TSA; Tiddlywinks and meat raffles; "Mingus" by Trampled by Turtles; Clay's big apology about fox hunting; blood tracking dogs and recovery statistics; coons and dogs duking it out in barrels; Ronnie's The Hunting Dog Podcast and his pick for the most versatile hunting dog; the choreography of the flushing dog and the pointing dog; the calming touch; when Ron's bracco Italiano embarrassed the hell out of him; The Upland Institute project; is Jani stingy with his likes on Instagram?; how to measure being hard on your kids; and more.

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