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Ep. 307: Talking About Things That Are Not Sexy to Talk About


Steven Rinella talks with Doug Duren, Jim Heffelfinger, Richie Baker, Ross Copperman, Sean Weaver, Brody Henderson, Spencer Neuharth, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider.

Topics discussed: The Doug Duren Fact-Checking Alert App; Jim's sticker and the correct pronunciation of "coues"; Steve as a punt gun enthusiast; "rice breast" ducks; how Steve, Jani, and Corinne share the world's greatest doctor; very late duck migrations in 2021; canada geese benefitting from urbanization; how Cal was born with his mustache; FirstLite's new waterfowl line coming at you in 2022; "Typha"; the Shakespearean drama of Washington State's Fish and Game Commission; undermining the theory that rattlesnakes don't rattle anymore because people killed off all the ones that rattle; animals with Covid; when a Funeral Director's assistant writes in with hot tips on how to butcher a deer in the field to avoid disease; PFAS and EHD in deer; Jim's testicle stories; it's not a dog eat dog world; when Doug wrote a mean email to Steve; the CWD creep; mandatory testing?; a really nice buck...that's a doe; piebald deer and deer with fangs; a round of Trivia to bring in 2022!; and more.

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