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Ep. 311: Clovis Hunters and Fluting Nipples


Steven Rinella talks with Metin Eren, Ryan Callaghan, Brody Henderson, Spencer Neuharth, Chester Floyd, Hayden Sammak, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider.

Topics discussed: The meaning of the name, Metin; putting the "spear" back into "experimental"; how Clovis points aren't the bazooka we want them to be; knocking out channel flakes; Hayden's burbot liver smoked trout pate; how Seth and Chester are getting closer to securing a walleye boat and sponsor; Steve's irritation with folks standing on escalators; the "wear it dry program" and child raising; Brody's tagged cow elk and Cal's tagged perch; frozen poop knives and how shit don't cut it; Spencer's article debunking the myth of the poop chisel; being heartbroken over how Clovis points likely didn't slay mammoths all that handily; hucking atlatls; only one Clovis burial site; the crazy ass giant ground sloth; the 1.5 million year old Acheulean Handaxe; the conchoidal fracture; sharp to the molecule; knap ins; the Folsom point bolo tie; a Solutrean Laurel Leaf; mistakes can make valuable flakes; Primal Points; and more.

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