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Ep. 312: The Shaded Side of The Mountain


Steven Rinella talks with Jay Scott, Jason Phelps, Paul Lewis, Garrett Long, Ryan Callaghan, and Phil Taylor.

Topics discussed: Colburn and Scott Outfitters; FHF's cool new rifle sling coming soon!; divorcing your wife because she sends your kids skiing instead of ice fishing for 9 Saturdays in a row; Jani’s big bobcat and Steve’s tiny bobcat; go watch MeatEater's Season 10, Part 2 on Netflix; why Cal looks like a turtle without a shell when he’s wearing a wetsuit; Phil's full head of hair vs. everyone else’s early baldness; skinny-shamed; static breath hold and Kimi Werner's masterful deep diving abilities; ibex darting off from the Florida Mountains; more on thermal night vision and game recovery; a Lyme vaccine; blaming bad vision for shooting a guy while hunting critters; Robert Abernethy, the treasure; glassing and missing in Mexico; border crossing dos and don’ts; and more.

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