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Ep. 319: Stuffed

2022-03-07 | 🔗

Steven Rinella talks with John Hayes, Ryan Callaghan, Brody Henderson, Seth Morris, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider.

Topics discussed: An interest in falconry spurred by sorcery and Dungeons & Dragons; the artist vs. the shady taxidermist who takes your money, doesn't make your mount, then disappears; eagles and lead; Missoula as the Paris of West-Central Montana; when dogs attack wild game and Brody catches a bunch of shit about it; Southerners from southern Illinois give Steve shit; spearfishing in parts of southern Michigan that aren't great; what to do with over 150 mounts; Harry Potter taxidermy; bear rugs with closed mounts; patenting a filler vacuum; pioneering the squishy coyote pillow mount; how fish taxidermy is basically a painting; how to properly skin out deer and bears for mounting; Cal's scalpel kit; how it's gotta be clean before salting; the full sneak and the semi-sneak; the taxidermist's catalog; when your taxidermist turns you in for poaching; when your Ma tags a lot of deer; the funkification inside horns; bad rugs for bad people; and more. 

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