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Ep. 324: The Latvian Eagle's Heavy-Assed Arrow

2022-03-28 | 🔗

Steven Rinella talks with Janis Putelis, Kevin Gillespie, Brody Henderson, Seth Morris, Chester Floyd, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider.


Topics discussed: hating spouses that make you do a thing with your kids at the expense of doing another thing with your kids that you’d rather do; Dirty Dan jokes; red dot and Jani's video; solar-boosted battery life of 17+ years; Kevin "Giuseppe" Gillespie; The MeatEater Podcast smarter than doctors; South Dakota's pen raised pheasants; a stream access victory in New Mexico; whose mountain lions?; Mingus' resume; a squishy bobcat as Jani’s first taxidermy; pronouncing “nilgai”; the definition of a double entendre; jumping the spring; grumpy middle aged men arguing over math and arrow grain weights; Jani the Believer; MeatEater Podcast Ep. 284: The Archer's Paradox; a poop blasting party; our May 3rd Live Show; cooking nilgai; a thick assed hide; Steve’s funny pronunciation of “bagel”; Kevin's feral hog holiday ham recipe; and more.


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