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Ep. 415: The Element

2023-02-20 | 🔗

Steve Rinella talks with  K.C. Smith, Tyler Jones, Jordan Sillars, Hunter Spencer, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider.

Topics include: Jordan's caliber battles; the leaked letter asking Biden to ban beaver trapping; milk from heaven vs. cow's milk; kids eating deer and duck turds; the Bozeman Hat Association; leapfrogging tree stands; when your book cover is banned on the internet; the Tofu Crafter; how KC got hung up on an audad's horn; almost being a football star, then almost being a rock star; making wise life decisions; Tyler and the Tribe's music; flying next to Robert Duvall; baby Frankincense; Bass and Breakfast; counter-cultural fly fishing; "Redfish Guy"; packing lead pellets in your lip; America's last three non-swearers; look out for K.C. and Tyler's "Buck Truck" series on MeatEater; listen to The Element Podcast on the MeatEater network; and more.

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