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In this hour, stories of female strength. Mothers you don't mess with and women, who stick to their guns (and goals). This episode is hosted by Moth Artistic director Catherine Burns. The Moth Radio hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

Hosted by: Catherine Burns

Storytellers: Kathleen Turner, Cola Rum, Rhonda Williams, Rhonda Sternberg, Chantal Lyons, Amanda Gorman

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Hey MA listeners this year we are celebrating our twenty fifth anniversary- that's twenty five years of uncovering what it means to be human understanding, each other better and building community through true personal. Stories, in order to ensure that the moth continues to thrive for another twenty five years and beyond we're raising twenty five thousand dollars during the month of March. If you can give ten dollars fifteen dollars or even twenty five dollars, we would be so grateful text moth three hundred and thirty five, one thousand four hundred and forty four or visit the moth org to make your donation today, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This isn't a review our from parents, I'm Catherine Burns this time stories about feisty women
women taking charge, making changes in standing up for themselves, will hear about from Treated housewife in Great Britain and the southern mama, whose had it with her side and then young oh it Amanda Gorman finds courage. Audition! for the lying if the voice This first story, teller sounds familiar. It's because you ve probably heard it before Kathleen Turner. Career spans many decades, she's known for her honey, voice, beauty and presents an. As someone who stands up for herself and others the story was recorded and alive performance and Alice, telling hall at leaving centre for the performing arts in New York City. Here's Kathleen turning live at the mall. I was sitting at my kitchen table in a flat I was staying in in London. I was reading the front page story of a british tabloid.
I was in London play MRS Robinson and play the graduate now. The story which was a front page story. It's about a woman whose washing machine broke down, and so she called repairman and he came, but without any kind of tools or equipment and association Why are you said well, and be sure there was a problem first, in I so they made an appointment for the next day and he came back with the wrong part. So they made an employment for the following day. and he never showed up. She go and he said he was our another colony. He wouldn't get there that day. So. Finally, the next day he pulled up in his truck.
and she told him that she had to run out for a few errands, but should be right back. Why didn't he pull the truck up into the driveway to get it to keep it off the street, and you did that so she drove around the block and she pulled up inside behind the drug and she informed him that he would not be leaving until the wash What's this
I've got you girl. Now I this was the front page story. I ve never quite been sure the production company had given me a lovely lovely flat in South Kensington, the top two floors of averse to worry browser and the third floor had the kitchen then living room, diagram and the fourth floor. The top floor had three bedrooms too, were in the front vision the street and a window see ran alone we're beneath the windows and the third was in the bag facing the gardens, and that was my room where run along a young assistant named Jesse who never left the country before, I thought it might do some good and gaze. She didn't came to be adapting as well as I had really hoped, and she kept.
I know that she was hearings. noises in the the permanent flat I would listen and I wouldn't hear anything I sort of say. Ok, no ok course must be something now and when I got home from the Show- and she was almost hysterical, as you said, all right, you figure there was someone on the roof, so I call the police and they were very nice and they came in
when on the roof and they came down and informed us that no there was nothing on the roof. So one day I was sleeping ass. She came into the room shaking me where he may have say you're a cop. You have to come now sought rush into a barrel and yet yet strange noises and they seem to be coming from the window box, the window seat. So I got a fireplace poker and pride up the top of the windows. He only define dozens and dozens of he pigeons making their home. Well. Yes, he slept on this over the years. That night. and the first thing in the morning. I call the Kensington, girl and they give me the Department of Wildlife or something,
Am I. To tell the woman merely then what's going on, I says there near near zone. Are the pigeons M or am I should bear it? That's the problem. Now necessary, we only do. So I called exterminator and he showed up and get this guy without any tools, I asked him why he had nothing with I need your. We should there's a problem. First, don't I I just called because I felt lonely well needs of one look and agreed that, yes, it needed exterminating.
so he would come back the next day with all then the means to do so. Meanwhile Jesse, and I would you empty. Those bedrooms, have everything movable of the mattress, the bedding, the pillows and clothing. Everything, and even we could move, had to come out, so he could fumigate, which we did and the next day he didn't show. An I called him uneasy. Well, We should all live in Amis. When I say yeah, where the bridges closed in it. I said there are seven others. Well, I'm gonna break up said now, so I call the production office, Tell them I live in his way, I'm living with a bunch pieces in my house
you need to help me. You have to do something about it, so the doorbell ring and it works this young man. Clearly an intern. with a butterfly now. So I got the producer. and I said here's the deal either you clean out my a flat Or I monoplane back to New York, but me while tonight Jesse and I are going to go to the most expense, Hell. I can find in London, and You will pay for that. Well sure enough. There, please, God, cleaned out
and when I went back and the proudly showed me the empty cleaned window seat boxes, I should these great thank you as you. So I guess I guess you found the whole. And they said, though I should yes, where the birds come in Now the play was a great success in London and saw the producers said well. Ok, now we go to runway now I don't know All of you know these are able, but There is a scene in the graduate where MRS Robinson stands naked for twenty three seconds.
I said no, no, not Americans are so screwed up about sex. We are such regrets. I don't leave that shit. So I do love on a tour of another play. I got a script that these cry believe woman. as thirty seven but still attractive without really pissed me off And so I call on the british produces, as it gives a wide we're on a Broadway. And so I believe MRS Robinson on Broadway, fully nude at forty eight
But the best lie is where the letters I got. from women, my age. I will never forget. I think the one I love the most, was a woman who wrote to me. I have not undressed in front of my has been for ten years and I am going to tell among handling Turner's numerous accolades a golden words for romancing the stone and produce an academy award nomination for Peggy Sue that Mary, tell you what nominations for Canada, Hutton, Ruth and whose afraid of Virginia Wharf and to grant elimination she is also the best selling author of the memoir sinned. Yourself
as in the book, Kathleen Turner on acting as long delightful collaborator for every show you a big rehersal at the Mouth office during their. so for her show. One of the other storytellers was a bit nervous instead well to get through his story, all of a sudden Kathleen. tell her chair and encourage her fellow cast to just shake out, to add shake it out, and so we also and we took it out. We set back down able to finish his story felling magic coming up a producer fights to use her own voice in her movie, a grandmother contemplate I'm trendy genes and the young man from Atlanta the verbal smack down for his mama. That's what
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John Gorrie Junior basketball quarters, where we congregated Now beheaded, menagerie up habitual Mama rule breakers. teenage maternal low transgressors from round. Recalcitrance from Islam to only respect the reasoning and our mothers rules if they were backed by the ride near In other words, We would allow ghetto keys regularly needed, as is what every few days one of our mothers will come to the park. Two boasted an actuality, her distant pros. Bein trumpeted would allow for warning. who come your mom, some snotty knows key it on the periphery of the park. which was in the target individual into panic, and everyone else and anticipating laughter at is it beat down from breaking one, is Mama's rose, are. We lack not rob screens when John Jones mother took an extent, in court, his heart, because in that system at the corner church
We have in the future. Cap has been Charlie boys Mama without him, with her purse for stealing went out developers. I was just not in those key it on the periphery of the park. You bout You come your mom before is David Martin to the park and reinforced our rules, but an old school army about boy, you was our lot spectacle. we juveniles finance with dark. Since a humorous, who viewed ass weapons about ears as free, entertain. Me even though I was contemporary, inhale, intimate knowledge of the wrong The whole one distinction over my fellow Mama rule breakers. My mother had never come to the park because my mother was different, My mother was too coated in civilised discipline me in public, like some section, eight hoodwinked, Please just what I thought faith would they were gonna. Let me know that air was quintessential to my existence, also
I was sitting on a park bench with suffering, Gaga mayor to run the aims you he's boombox when I heard a reserve Through the air, like the calling of some exotic get Ober Carlo, he'll come your mama. Which I didn't believe until the entire party, who turned towards the direction of the voice? Slowly turn back instead of me with this degrees on their faces. That's it is about, I didn't want to believe until she into two parts We slip it s. Purse lives in clinch jars. Hence the a woman who was about to what channel's ads. She didn't have or build our purse or an extension boy, straps didn't work on me. Thirteen years old I was already seeks to, but my mother was sixty into
town flourish would forms in elbows. She say did not tell you to quit. Leave in my kitchen dirty whenever you cook, because this how you get roaches when there Roger came out of her mouth. The entire seen at a crime appear to Mamma and open container pancake bad on the counter flower debris, stole a happy in pay, sitting on a plate of maple syrup last sitting in the sink does agree. restore for Rogers. I want to tell my mother, I didn't play you not, because I had to get to the park to hang out with you fellows they needed me, I looked into her eyes and saw allows the government Mama ruin enforcement and I noted the ass women coming was non negotiable. So I decided to break another one. Her rules, which Don't you ever run from me, hey the decision was simple now too, what was their whole was a lot more palatable to one in the bar.
We must decide this isn't mind because you're abruptly attacked I can't turn, would effectively spent right. She count on account of the reforms we, which are upon the ticket to the house, The entire park exploded in the laughter year, a bit your mama rubric, wannabes. The reasoning of my mother rules, if they were by the wrong her hair transgressed, maternal law who determine on their fateful day that rod Mamma the use would be administered in private The poet spoken word artists, writer novelist from Jacksonville flying with lived in Atlanta for the past many five years he's published two gothic comedy novels. We
cola if he had any further thoughts about his strong mama after telling the story he writes, I realized The core incident, my mother, wasn't special. She was another, black mother, you didn't tolerate or unruly child. now we're getting here a story from our Denver stories. Lamb worry partner with k you and see: here's Rhonda Williams. As part of my day job I make riveting action, packed sexy institutional films, I'm talking those
is that your company forces you to watch about compliance security. so am I last project ask me to do the voice over for the movie I'm known for delivering I'm known for coming in under budget, and if I did that voice over, I was going to save a big chunk of change. Cuz I wasn't going to pay for voice over talent. I don't really care if I did the voice over one way or the other but unknown for delivering. So I said, ok sure now they picked two of the four, our voice overtones, but they so who we really one issue. So I said I'll talk to the director I'll. Let you know. So I e director- and I say to him- they loved them. They have a couple of graphical at its that they want to make
and then they pick these two of the voice over talents, but their topic for the voice over is me I got an email back almost instantly and he said glad they like to fill the edit shouldn't take. Along just send over the artwork about the voice over it. professional opinion. This project requires a professional voice. Over talent somebody. Who's gonna bring the spirit and energy to this project, but ultimate. it's your project. So we can talk about it. I thought to myself: oh he barely things from trying to fulfil some bucket This thing you know he's just doesn't know. I don't really care one way, the other I just gotta, deliver and then bring in this project in and much of the column. so I call mike- and I say, hey here about the voice over you know I mean the project team just wants me to do it. I just want to deliver
you know either way doesn't matter to me. I'm gonna go with you know your recommendation one way or the other. This is a five minute conversation in that five minute conversation. He tells me three times that I'm not a professional voice over talent three times in five minutes. First time he said to me, I knew he was just telling me his professional opinion. Second time, Lilla know it, I thought, what this thing, but now here you say: I can't do it all. I can do it. I don't to make you drink. A big cup was shut up, that's what's gonna,
I say on the phone is might the project team wants me? So let me know when you bought the studio and then I'll be there. So the day comes through the voice over and I arrive at the studio and what you need to know is everything that happened has been through email. Nothing has been face to face with some first face to face, so it comes. the studio and he says hey, I know that voice glad to meet you. I say it's good to be here. And I remind him about that five minute conversation where he told me three times that I wasn't a professional voice over talent. I say you know you told me three times I was personal voice, while retaining the first time you know, I knew what you translates intelligible, no a third time. I thought someone he's right
so yeah I have a friend the does voice over. So I worked with her and she helped me work out my script and she told me a couple of times Do you know what else you told me to come session? You said I don't know. Maybe you has the maiden down well it You know why, MIKE I thing enters thing. You need to do. Breathing exercises so work. My voice caution. I did a couple breeding says- says ready to do this.
If you want to do it right now, let's just go in the both. He says. You know what I mean a thing you I mean you have a nice voice, so why don't you just do a red through echo, yes to read, so we do the red through and that's just basically I'm just reading the script. Please culture making you say this, you know little more forsaking, you say this little softer and then we walk over to go. Do the boot as we're walking over to go into the booth he casually says to me: can you know professional would like knock the south fifteen minutes again with the professional here's? The thing when I worked with the professional she. Let me know that projects like this for the size of text that I was going to have to read those usually come in under sixteen minutes and after sixty
Its people start getting nervous. So there you go fifteen minutes. Sixty minutes, she told me. I was more than competent to be able to do this and sixty minutes. So we go into the bullet and the engineers China work through some things, get things readies tested. Iran can you say cup of things, so x. Treme instruments are working, you know what I'm not get everything key just keep talking as too sure I can just keep making some sound. So I sing and the director looks and he's like here pretty good and I was like a thing
so then they say: ok, we're ready, and so I read that text and I do it another under thirty minutes and then my friend, it also told me that I was in a unique position that I was not only the client, but I was the talent. So when I came out that I opportunity to tell him what I liked him, what I didn't like- and so I came out my Tom, exactly what I like what I didn't like and it was in the can here's the thing when I look back on that experience. That's one of those things that you know corporate Amerika. We will call a young learning opportunity. So here's what might learned you know I first pitch if somebody's capable
and what I learned is that champions embraced the challenge champions, don't skip the steps, they do the work and champions they. Back down. They stand their ground and so the next Somebody comes to me with your nanda professional I'll, be ready to serve them a bit compass shut up that was Rhonda. Billions Brandon is a communication manager in the financial services industry. The volunteers were time at her churches, food bag and still- apples and voice of our work after the events of this story, trying to work with the director of the project for another group at her job. I couldn't help seeing her he says in recommending that they use her as a voice over talent, good man. after.
Being a strong woman means taking risks this next door told by another woman named Rhonda. It was recorded over housing works, store in New York City for W and my see as a media partner Rhonda, Sternberg K. I needed a new pair of genes, blue jeans and I hate getting blue jeans because I always feel too fat and I hate having to deal with the site. Isn't going to a bigger size and all that kind of stuff. So I go into the gap and I pick out a few pair and I go into the dressing room to try one honour to try them on
and the first ones I try on, I happened to look at it and a size smaller than I usually get, and I thought all this is a mistake. But let me try them on anyway, and I put my leg in the first one and I thought oh shoot the ripped their torn at the knee So I thought well I'm going to try them on anyway, just in case they fit, and then I can get another pair without the tear. But then I put my left leg in the other one, and I say well, that's too, the need to how could this be, and then I said, oh, my god, these are rip genes. This is what the kids get I'm seventy three years old. I can't have rip genes, however, they fit and they fit in the smaller size and they felt good and I felt a little sexy, so I said well so I said well, let me go look at
in the mirror, so I go out into the three way mirror and I'm looking at them, and I say to these sales guy who was this young adorable guy price? Thirdly, twenty to twenty three years old, he was perfectly dress and he said they look good I said, but I am seventy three years old and he said there is no aged as to style. You can do it. and I said but rip genes. What will my friends say and you say it, but he says you tell them. It means freedom, so well, freedom, ok, so I'm looking at them, I said he said: look I can go, get Another pair, I can get you the same genes that without the rip and I'm thinking, but God what if they don't fit and then there the smaller size and all of that, and there's a piece of me that actually wanted the rip genes.
But I didn't know what to do in this. Other saleswoman was there and she said you know. Maybe you need to start small, and I said what do you mean? There is small, as I can get and she said no, no, I mean just a little rip. You know a little rip at the top, not the knees, that's kind of advanced rip genes A little rip at the top would be good so I do not know. If I do this, I'm going all the way So I looked at the guy and I said you know your grandmother wooden do this and he said: oh, my grandmother would do this and I said really, I said and looking at him and I thought
Maybe his grandmother is like fifty and I said so. How old is your grandmother and he said she is seventy five and I said seventy five and she's where's rip genes and he said yes and she's gorgeous stunning. So I took them, and there is a p s to this. I feel that even if I feel I'm really a beautiful person on the inside, sometimes it's just Ok to be vain. Rhonda Sternberg group in Chicago, moved to New York City fifty years ago and now resides in part, slow, Brooklyn, she's, a psychologist and private practice and teachers in the city college currently Rainier play about seniors living. Well, we ask her.
Actually wearing jeans around the world felt rendition. Did she love where Europe genes she wrote, I wore them happily been so fine. My younger student thought I looked cool my friends, my own age, said good salesman. I answer it yet, but not in the way. You think, I believe, then and still believes that we connected did he got me and then he spoke from his heart. coming up with a woman probably with arthritis decides to swim. The english channel and the young Amanda Corpsman auditions for the lion king on Broadway stats for them I read you our continues,
the most radio hours produced by atlantic public media whatsoever, Such is its and presented by the public radio Exchange, Pierre Ex DOT, Org. This is the moth radio, our from pure acts, I'm Catherine Burns in this. or were hearing stories about women who left their comfort zones behind like our next storyteller who comes to us. London stories here is shown how alliance live at the mall. Everyone wants to make. My parents proud right.
My dad is american runner and I was a couch potatoes. Most of my life until August Twenty free. When I took up running, I hated it at first, but I start to it. I started to realize why my dad loved it so much. I decided that just like him, I was going to run Marvin's. The only thing was that for a while, I've been feeling some pain in my hips and my back and the running made it worse. So I into the GNP, and I got tests and I was told that I had something called an killers in spawn delight us, which I found. I was a type of of writers and its genetic, and it is degenerative and how do you prefer? I want to go any further. I want to rewind back to when I was thirteen years old and I was on a summer holiday in New York with me.
family or morning. I was sleeping in as Asia did and my dad went how water skiing and he had an accident. Might my dad was running of high speed by and the propeller cut through, most of his left arm, and he was saved and the arm was saved, but we didn't know if it would ever work again and he really needed that hand, because he was a surgeon and in the aftermath of the accident, his colleagues did not think that he would ever go back the work, but fortunately no one is most up in the minded, so even though the nerve was too badly damaged to be fully repaired. He found ways around it. Then he did go back to work and use later when I went We of arthritis- I was terrified. I was so scared of the wood,
degenerative and knowing that, for me, recovery would not be an option. I had to goodbye to that vision of that final sprint down the moon in London Actually had to give up running completely because my body couldn't handle it, but I thought about my dad and how, after the accident he he had just flowed around all the obstacles in its path. He worked so hard to get back to where he was before his accident, and I was sure that just like him, I could adopt so after I had given up running, I got into a swimming pool and I didn't enjoy the first, but I stuck to it. I got stronger and I got faster. I got to the point where eyes overtaking most of the men in the following, which was amazing, but I still wished that I can
Do something as incredible as run a marathon. It was this ache that I just couldn't let go off and then just this year in January I found other. There was a charity called aspire and they were running relay swims of the channel, now the way China really works is you have a team of six people and each person swims for an hour at a time and thence what's out, and you just repeat that until you get France very simple I signed up. The training was very difficult. They make you swim for hours of Dover, Beach with ferries. In the background and jellyfish thing in your face- and the water when you start, the training is eleven degrees celsius and they don't let you are what see, but I got for training stronger than I had ever felt my life and when the relay
came around in September. I felt ready the first when the relay went. Fine was code, but it was fine, but the second swim was just after midnight in the mid it was the shipping lanes and when I jumped into the water I found myself in the rough is seen that I have ever swimming the waves. Just free me around. I cats hollowing sort of the the support both next to me like he was either helped to crash down on me, or I couldn't even see and I couldn't swing fast. All I could do basically was not drown and I wish the at that moment. I can say a moment. I thought my dad and everything had been through, and I knew I could do this, but to tell the truth, all I was thinking was God. This is dangerous. When are they going to pull this off? So after that our which they? Let me finish, I got onto the boat feeling like a bit of a failure, but the team went on. We were allowed to go on and a few hours later
it was my turn again. The third time in France was close and just before I went in the boat pilot came out, and he said to me that if I swam hard, I could beat the tide and learn the team in France. But if I didn't, then the tide return and it would take us another two or three I was to get there when I hear about water, I was exhausted, but I knew that this was the final sprint survivor, swimming dawn broke and Elizabeth coasts of me, but that Kosovo's aims any closer, no matter how hard I swam and tried so hard, and I didn't believe that
I would make a. I actually felt sure that the tide was already taking me away, and then I saw the seabed unto me and I kept swimming until I could put my feet down and I walked on so that beach in France and also I go onto the support both afterwards. I took a selfie with a glass of champagne and I sent it to the family. What's that brute? and my dad didn't reply to say that he was proud of me because he doesn't like writing or saying sloppy things like that, but he didn't need to because I know more than anything that I am my father's daughter. That was shown how lions showed how is a writer and environmentalists living in Bristol she still spending water, when she can convince yourself too, she says it swimming. Has continued to be a powerful medicine against her arthritis to see
doesn't videos of her epic swim go to the mosque org? Well, while their even color pitched two minute version of a story you'd like to tell have you ever pushers. of mentally or physically we'd, especially lovely? from the women out there the number to call eight seven, seven, seven, nine more or you can purchase your son three. As a mosque adored in college, I spent a semester studying abroad at Oxford University and I studied abroad there in part because I never would have gone into it. Clyde normally, but I got into the study abroad programme and went overseas and was so excited to study at Oxford, and it only to be a couple of days.
I found out of my element- I was everyone was studying systematic theology and historical philosophy, and I was there to steady, creative writing and I don't really know what I was doing when they started to feel really intimidated. All the time and one day I was walking in class and software for the Oxford men Hockey Team ICE hockey, human, I grew up playing ice hockey are high school team, one a couple of state champion, tat night ass. I own the trout with a team. The only problem was idle men. What you gotta know if I can put it But I tried out- and I need it, because the ox remains hockey team was full of people who were smarter than they were athletic am, and I right in, and so we started playing answer me locked Relocked, Germany. We lost a brand new. I believe that we lost the Manchester and we walked everybody, but the very last game of the seas in the very low play the game. I got a break away and I said as it is and we all agree
the locker room tat to changing the celebrated someone walking with a great huge case of beer and set it down at my feet, ass. It was before and had you know, we have a tradition, and you didn't know about it, because you're the only one we ve never won a game with you, but we won and someone is declared man at the match and the winning team that pursue contribute most to the victory, and you call me you are the man of the match, so everyone off wrote punishable papers about brilliant things, but no one else, that's the master was man of the match. The Oxford men's ice hockey team remember you can tell us your own story at them off. Dot org for a final story we have poet Amanda Gorman long before when the hearts of the world with her point at the January inauguration, she was just nineteen, a moth grandstand champion
We were thrilled to see your stunned the world with her gorgeous poem, the hill. We climb a nation that isn't broken, but simply unfinished. We, the successors of a country and a time or skinny black girl sudden did from slaves and raised by a single mother. Can dream of becoming president only to find herself reciting for one. The amazing single mother she mentioned is the driving force of her. ran slam, winning story from Boston Report partner with peer acts and dump Do you hear me? the foreman live, I'm gonna
a mighty king, like no king before every body, look left, look rights everywhere. You look, I'm standing in the spotlight. These were the words that I repeated to myself as I walk, into the lay our room, one hundred other girls. What sighing to be Noah broadly New York, the a smell of Hollywood and death, Why should you crammed with these matters Still: mothers in those savage children. You have no idea these kids, I, like a little demons, little step, the foot out, a ship you will be doing pure. Let's allowing just to show off randomly just do a back flip because they can, and walking in. I was just really glad that I would never like that.
In that most of all by mom would never be like one of those crazy logos AIDS moms I walk did and I remember her say man don't worry about it. Just have fun and try your best, and I remember you now being in the corner of my name on my back. Do my dad's move, stretching get in and on and a mother walks of buying Chagos, that's cute, but it's not amateur nine. my mom snapped shoe what I know that Ladys in the sail out to my daughter, the lion of the king, grew out of a Sunday use just no lines drawn Yellin nasty comments at the other girls, like I'm. So you other white girls didn't get the memo, but line king takes place in Africa. You can.
Learn melanin. Honey. Ok can't do make up for that. I'm in the corner, China, to pretend that my mom, my mom and my twin sisters. There she's there not only for emotional support, but just to let me know how much aid They are so she comes out. Some uses, like young man,
I know you're nervous to like our dish in cases like you have a speech impediment in everything and like in order to passing the sword on. You look like the black girl version of vessel bland, but just how fine and be yourself my mobs and move out the way you can have on what I have my one way ticket to New York City mom. What about being myself? Being yourself, won't get mommy, I mean a man, so the Lion King man come over here. There's something you need to. You need to put yourself out there. So when you see the casting director tell him you ve already menstruating your post few pass it, you won't grow! You look nice for forever.
and if that doesn't work out, you can always know acts like a monkey walk in your hands, some crap like that and they may cast used for Fiji I signed a kind of here my mom says but also stay saying, and I remember, closing my eyes and just feeling I was so close to my dream. I in my head. I saw myself loud and power on a stage in front of a crowd proving that girl, whose black and skinny geeky and had have a speech impediment can make it It's a block away. Finally, after a little bit they cause, My number I walk into the audition room and in my head and was set
the lyrics, I'm I'm I'm gonna be a mighty king. Like no king, before I was working on my work or sighing to be heard. But these words don't sound right. Could I ever be in the spotlight and I'm there in front of the cost? director and I remember my mom Tolmaeus, I said YO. good news. I have already had my period. So this is As high as I'm gonna get, I can stay knowledgeable really long time if you What I mean what I cannot imitate his face not going to try it and I tell him you know. I know I just say my little mighty king song by have other stuff
in many other uses them, and then I heard my mom's voice in my head telling me to pull out all the stocks that was came to us than this was worst at the moment. I said You know why I've got my hands or something and like acts like a monkey, so do not lie. I stepped back Walked on my hands out of the audition and I was waiting there with the other girls everyone's so tense- the monster moms pushing peep out the way, so they came here and they start listing the names of people who get callbacks so excited, and they have calls my name yet in the car
seem to have two comes out and says. Thank you. Everyone for coming. That is all. And I remember feeling so broken by what was supposed to be my big break. and my mom came over to me and said you know it's. Ok, each hydro best, you! always going to be Nala in my heart and part of me. I was so glad to know that I would never be like one of those girls who made its a away, because I It still make it here, I'd still make it's now being loud in power in front of a crowd on a stage Y know. I mighty king mightier than before. I might be working. On my war, but look left, look like here I am tonight in the spotlight.
Amanda Gorman youngest in our group who in U S history as well Lord winning Writer graduating Harvard University she's written for them New York Times and has three books coming out with Penguin Random House seen Amanda and her full radio glory on stage at the inauguration. If we hope for a country's future. One that I hope will be marked by a rise in female leadership and street. I mean my early fifty is there, no so many brilliant women in their early teens and twentys, and I love you about the world. They are going to create leading one day so as we close at this hour of stories buying about fierce women. Let's from Amanda one more time, the new dawn balloons as we free it for their work,
always light. If only were brave enough to see it, if only brave enough to be it. That's it for this episode of the mouth, radio, our we hope, you'll join us next time. This episode of the Malta, where you our waste produced by me, Jane, Alison and Catherine Burns, who also hosted an directed the stories in the hour oh producer, Vicki, Merrick Social producer, Emily Couch, additional grand slam poaching by Maggie, see no threat
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