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The Moth Radio Hour: Millionaire Hot Seat, Monkey, Assassin

2020-09-01 | 🔗

A writer and her daughter move to an impoverished community; a lonely man befriends an orphaned monkey; and an actress is horrified by a paparazzi shot of her in her “bathers.” This episode is hosted by The Moth’s Executive Producer, Sarah Austin Jenness. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

Hosted by: Sarah Austin Jenness

Storytellers: Melissa Lucashenko, Paul Carter, Magda Szubanski

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The from your ex this is demonstrating our answer asked engineers from the mom and I'll be your host this time, the mob the place for true story is told, live without notes, storytellers of all types stand on stage in bars, clubs and theatres, and they tell their stories to audiences all around the country. We the best stories from these knights- and we share them here with you, this in all australian episode of the moth radio, our Retailers are australian and the stories were recorded at the melbourne writers, festival and the perth internet, national arts festival I of aussie slang and I asked one of our storytellers Magda Dubinsky, a popular care thereafter down under to give us a cheat you tell us some of your very favorite austrian.
and phrases that we should all now why is the american numerical lovely, quick way short and everything? We pray that everything you said breakfast is breaking the particular livy. The hang on a thick brought up job mobility. A bit could disappear and the other end, probably other one charity and cardi all yet drop a shoddy chardonnay and I'll have a gruff shoddy in makati I've got the while I'm wearing my cardigan party in mockery. and you what you you. What do you call flip flaps up and our wherein there you go We'll here magda zawoiski story later this hour,.
Our first storyteller is melissa, lukashenko she told the story in front of a sold out crowd at melbourne town hall as part of the twenty thirteen melbourne writers, festival, Melissa aboriginal and the four Few sentences of this recording, I'm bungalow language, an aboriginal culture- you must always acknowledged the local traditional people before you speak on their land. In fact, This acknowledgment prayer of sorts preceded every public again at an open matters, festival. Here's melissa, live at the mall. Underline the damage and on the latter, colon. bottom jargon in two thousand and four a real estate asian drove me, my bill and our young daughter grace down a wandering, Country, road.
The ride was near melhem, bambi in northern new south wales and on Other side. Horses and cattle grazed, the hill, Does that surrounded this valley were cloaked in lush rainforest home to king parents and petty melons. and just on the other side of those hills, we could hear the booming of the great pacific ocean on the, I stood near broaden. It was Paradise in miniature. And for all that real estate agent knew we were just another cached up couple trying to make see change that all of australia was dreaming of. But in truth there was something else going on, because this was bunge along dog, and this was bunge along country. My end test, your land land? that my grandmother's had been forced off and always determined. The my daughter was
grow up on that ancestral land. I wanted her to swim in bunge along breaks and rivers are wanted her to walk with us barefoot on those long, north new south wales, beaches. After almost a decade is follow, bills, foreign career around astride around the world. I put my foot down It was time I said for in order to learn how to be not just ever regional, but her to be bunge along on our own country, and so after some argument, some debate and discussion bill relented. We boy- Thirty acres in that same valley with an old farmhouse on it. We settled in a built connections amongst my grandmother's people.
Right, novels and bread arabian horses. It was sweet life there on that sacred land and grace thrive. She did swim and bundling waters and she did current button on the magpie singing her targets in the morning? as the sun came up. Bill was less content, though, and as time went on his trips overseas grew longer, and more frequent a month in the philippines, three months in louse nine months in east timor, Until finally, in two thousand and seven, a marriage began to crack and then crumble. By the time he came to me and said. I
into the room in a friends house and I'm moving out tomorrow. What a mainly felt was relief. Now divorce hits everybody hard, but it hit fourteen year old, grace the hardest and said, my desk one morning in two thousand and seven and looked out on those green pastures and looked at those bundling hills and and they were going to be lost to us again and I thought, what's gonna become others. What's my law with my daughter going to be logged Zanu. There was no why in hell I could afford as a single parent, to stay on that land. what am I gonna do with all these horses, I thought would not be a bag. Lady. And as always pondering these unhappy questions, the phone rang. It was bill
I'm on my way to tweet heads hospital. He told me and you'd better get in the car and head up too, because greece has been taken to hospital after throwing up most of a bottle of panel on the floor of a school bus, I put the find em reeling and burst into hot tears. Life quickly became a blur of psychologists and guilt, and recrimination between bill and myself. Six months later, billowed relocated to sidney and grace, and I found ourselves- live, logan city just south of brisbane officially, one of discharges, poorest urban areas and May this move wasn't a terrifying it was unwelcome
but I knew how to do it. I had the skill set khazar growing up as one of seven children in a working class, brisbane family and having spent a lot of my in enlightened on new, how not to make eye contact with strangers in the street and I knew what life was like in a suburb where the majority of people but ordinary, decent australians, but a significant manner already were prepared to sell their children's ritalin in order to fund a heroine habit. like some kind of weirdly reverse charles rada coming upon brides head I've been there before. I knew all about it. I remember the first. We we moved in and pulled up to what was going to become our corner store and for someone with a
depressive illness guys could still muster an occasional was correct, as we pulled up to this dingy establishment. She turned today in the car and said mom. She quoted from the They say comedy a league of gentlemen This is a law cools shop and I turned to her and said: yes, it is our local shop and where local, so we should go in and we're just about to do so. Interrupted by a junkie, hurtling out of the doorway to predict all vomit on the concrete footpath, not three metres away. We fell about snow voting and leaking with laughter, so It wasn't all bad mike mistake I wanted out of there, because I had tasted that good life. In my, Omby amby any tasted mighty sweet, but I didn't expect To live in logan city for very long and
In fact, in a moment of crazed optimism, I even feel that an online application forms millionaire. What's it? Yes, I thought: are women? back that big dollar and that will send us perspective Angelo country that you're here To understand jokes aside, was living alive. whereas a single parent, given a why every extension cord owned and thrown out every rope. My job every morning was to get up and walked maker and frightening journey down. Upstairs to see if grace had hung his off during the not so geography Location was not my biggest priority, drew on a lifelong study of buddhism, and I said to myself your poor again. So what suck it up it is what it is became. My mantra.
A dusted off must save ii, and I started working with women in prison for the first, I'm in twenty years we- we're a homeless girl who contributed a bit of board, not started shopping at those cheap asian supermarkets. We lived on rice and The bulls, bread. Occasionally mate, never takeovers and I just kept putting one foot in front of the other sighing. Your job is simply to keep your daughter alive, and I told myself I can do it deep down. I can feel something beginning to unravel, because the truth is ours sure I could do it, but at the same time I couldn't allow myself to believe that. one day, not long before her fifteenth birthday gryce asked if she could get a mohawk here,
And I was so happy that she'd asked for something under in my life, something that imply that she was willing. to be around for more than another day or two that are the money together took it to the hideous and myself. She came an hour later, with a sculpture, ahead, hid in red and green and purple and yellow and small, to say my daughter, I thought maybe she'll make it. After all, it was the next day The grace told me that she was really happy with the hair cut and the What was troubling her was the bug inside her head. That was bothering here with its efforts to get out she scratched hit, and she told me this and I looked at it and my heart's.
Because I knew this was the beginning of a journey into another level. mental illness altogether a journey that would take to an extended stay in the adolescent psychiatric wing of the logan hospital, and if I live to be a hundred forget the first of visited greece on that. Would I went to those big glass doors that hospitals have waited to be left. Lady in because it was a locked awed and I went into that antiseptic smell. Let hospitals Have an grace was nowhere and saw it at this point, but The original girl was there and ignoring. The warning sounds from the staff. This girl got up and ran at me and before had time to move. She flung her arms around me and she had
all the ward. My mother's here she's come to take me home. And, as I put my arms around, this on nine girl. I felt like I was on teetering on the brink of a precipice. Precipice that grace was in danger of falling over and it was then that I decided that whatever it took, I would stop my daughter. Becoming someone who had to hug strangers in hospital wards, because there was no one else to hug. With some pretty taught wrote parenting over the next few weeks for me and from bill who visited periodically from sidney. And the help of a very good young psychologist in the public health system
slowly began to improve marginally. His psychosis ended- and I thought maybe can make it after all, maybe the unravelling one become any worse until I got a, The phone call which left me reeling was I available. The next week to go on millionaire hot seat in melbourne. The following tuesday, I was sitting opposite eddie maguire on national tv grace in the audience, foot high mohawk and all I answered five or six questions correctly, took a person one and then came back to the hot seat to the final question. What is the scientific unit for the measurement of light.
What is the scientific unit for the measurement of light, but All these months earlier, when I feel that the application form that asked for areas of strength and areas of weakness- and if I had Anything growing up in logan it is you, don't telegraphy punches under strength, so put literature. under weaknesses are put signs, and I know science. They were for multiple choice, questions I answered candles and that night in the hotel room, iceland, I danced and hugged and laughed and saying, because on the table in front of us was a chicks, and by eddie maguire for fifty thousand dollars. Grace picked it up
And turned to me her curls balanced in it. Eyes shone and she said ma. Am you? Did it? It's a ticket Can you believe it looked at her looked at that shining face, and I thought I would repeat that kick up and throw it in the bin if it would guarantee that small. But I didn't have the words to explain that to her so just took the czech offer and I took a deep breath and I said grace: you know It is what it is that was melissa lukashenko in her early years, Melissa worked as a barmaid, a delivery driver and a karate instructor she's written five novels, and she recently helped establish a brisbane based organization called streets inside which advocate
it's for the rights of women in the criminal justice system. The moth radio hours produced by atlantic public media in woods whole massachusetts and presented by pierre exe This is the moth radio, our from Pierre ex. I'm Sarah asked engineers this story is from Paul Carter. Paul was one of our local storytellers in the first moth event in australia at the poor. International arts festival in two thousand and eight the sea
the night was strangers in strange lands, here's Paul Carter, the. When I was sixteen years old. I got my first oilfields job. And very quickly, I learn that the troll floor is a dangerous place to work. colleagues. Die horribly in front of me: one guy was decapitated on a helicopter, rotor blade, another guy was dissembled drove floor. He got his stomach, stockings and pipe other colleagues. Your cut limbs off it was basically roman Polanski movie was terrifying, so
become quite numb. Work contracts in what we call hd work, hostile environment work and had worked in kind We are in nigeria, but what The south east asia and central asia- and, I said first hand that whatever is happening, the drilling will go on regardless. That could be a war and she had a coup and insurrection unnatural Disaster but the joint goes on regardless and that any human cost And I'd gone to a dark place and I only really cared about the well getting paid. So in this unhealthy mental state- and I was on a bit of a self destructive, Well, my boss decided to send me to the oil shield equivalent of the Betty ford clinic. And I found myself in brunei on the island of borneo in the south, china and I was working for a man at the time by the name of
Take an owen had a fearsome reputation in the office a well deserved one. He was yoda he was the article he was the man I couldn't have worked for a nice. the chap he looks like he's, got a weapon rice temper, but is actually a complete gentlemen. While the other guys on the crew was a guideline amber guy who's, yvonne indian from over the border in sarawak and he's got the head and his tat is the battle. tatties on his throat, and he had three teenage boys in the day, came home with a dead monkey one day, that was a female and she was nursing and invent they put the infant in a bamboo bird cage. I was too young to be away from his mother and he was just wasting away an errand I visited, I'm the one and only saw this pathetic little bag, askin chestnut pathetic
and he broke out immediately so he brought him home. I caution staff house, full of red pigs. I looked at it and said I break his neck, push down the toilet needed. We did not We got an economy. Dr two hours to the veterinary clinic came back with six months with a baby monkey formula and I worked in. and I took him out of the cage, and I had this little pathetic shaking creature in a big enough to fit in my hand. He looked like it's come straight from middle earth. He was come just broke my heart, and I took it upon myself to to raise this monkeying and save it, So he made a sling out of a pillow case and I have a little bottle and walk around and Joe grew up pretty quickly. I was brushing his teeth.
Recently I was in the shower with eminent for three years. I literally had a monkey on my back. He wrapped around my throat I had here then, and we prayn it was great and graver. now when male macaques hit monkey puberty. Arrange things begin to happen. Jealous had banging the jungle to programme, he started smoking. not the reading, given cigarettes, but monkey democracy monkey doing some of your got. Kids, I'm sure and pets combined them and you ve got this little man that goes vertically up the curtain straight across the rafters gets annoyed they'll, be there They screaming everything in fact including shrine shit. So- out of control. So on trying to deal with his monkey and and give him some man is even though he was smoking and we were terrified. He was gonna burn the house. Now,
you couldn't actually light up, but anyone within thirty figure lit a cigarette. It's gone unease perched up somewhere. It was a terrible and he d, perpetual spot fires are being put out all knew he was gonna burn a house down eventually The other thing we need to do is quite annoying was needed to urinate. He just just. Last night flights and the guy's got the stuff. So I said: ok, I'm gonna teach him out appealing man. So I took it into the toilet. I got him on the ball. And he did, and it took about a month just to get him to stand and pee, but it would fly about all over the place, I had to get him to lean this the system, thereby achieving the right angle. and so he would go cleverness Guy to mess with the phone, the stereo me help me.
inbox is about the size of a peanut, so he never actually mastered mirrors, which is hilarious, cause we, I put them all over the place and you will pass the mirror and go and immediately back up I went off and did a long campaign. Offshore I got back in and the jungle would eat, the house about people were gone for a long period of time was like the genes in the desert. It would just eat the house, I got back and everybody was away on other campaigns and I just wanted some some quiet time. So I Hence the laundry I did, my actual back into the washing machine. I take my clothes off. I took them in the washing machine. And I'm neck it, I'm just putting down the whole way towards the bathroom, close the bathroom door sitting on the toilet and Joe came in the dog door chattering. Looking for me calling out I'd like to think it was because he loved me, but it was probably cause he wanted us.
Cigarette so I'm sitting on the bug and this particular toilet door was made of solid teak and it was just a four inch, thick, solid tape and it didn't line up properly with a door jamb, and there was a three inch gap at the bottom I'm sitting there in his face appeared. Hey buddy and the hands doing this, and so I got some very well and I started to counter the doughty. We are playing a game play games like journalism. Then he jumps up on the door lock and the key was on the outside He turned the key in the lock socks off with a k. Doesn't it? I'm over the edge of the door and this bathrooms a concrete box, I'm not telling outer, then I'm stuffed basically saw him to think fast, like
I have a shower cut and shove it under the cap and think if I call him back and distracted offer him a cuban or something maybe he'll drop the drop key, true and get out and he was gone? I could hear him with a bloody thing, banging things with it, fourteen hours later I'm getting ready to cry myself to sleep in the bath. Finally figured out and got the got, the hopes that the challenge it was answered the man is not the pins out of the hinges. And start to be much the door opened inwards. Finally, I sacraments the whole way he's sitting there with the key on the lounge channel surfing, and sees me in both our dog jordan seem for a week the. And then there was a festival in the village called heavy riot, and it coincides every fifteen years with chinese new year, and I was there for that and the whole village goes
completely mental, oh and goes over the border and comes back with whatever you can get his hands on, which turned out to be a trunkful firecrackers and a bottle of tequila. so what are two grown men doing there in the jungle with nothing to do, and everyone else is awake. We drank the tequila shoot off some firecrackers and the whole place was listening coconuts and he picked up the coconut you could push a firecracker into a lot it with a cigarette damage. Alan whenever huge, ex concussion cocoanut with vaporize gray fun, So we're about staggering around doing shots healing these coconut city, children, bang, bang, bang- and I got this particularly big one and I let it go down the road and Joe went straight between my legs going after I break into a sprint a drunken sprint, I'm trying to close the gap. I didn't, I didn't get there and he jumped. He thought it was a game. You know he jumped up on the coconut and the smoke billowing up.
then he flies off into the bush and I scream and I run in and I find him I picked him up and he was completely everything was broken and there was blood coming out of his ears, his mouth nose. You know I started cpr, you know one could see what what was unfolding I said get in the car I got in the car was just assault and tears. We drove to the shell emergency medical center and most big evil oil multinationals have facility, whereby, if someone cut something off doesn't matter Most of his there'll be a standing by twenty four seven, so we We all up to this place and bang on the door, and he opens the door sees two drunk roughnecks and a dead monkey.
tell us where to go and everyone go to all of them: shoved him back inside close the door and locked it, and he said now you're going to look at this monkey. Or I'm gonna do to your own due to a farm animal and the guy went. If a I may on, it Anyone Hence the stethoscope honest has probing and he says it's monkeys day. Our guide, you go back and a garbage back to them the staff house and I got the shovel out of the shed and I found a pretty spot and I dug a hole, and I am very- but his favorite pilgrim seated pack of cigarettes. The last camera heineken and the bathroom
I saw the whole I pushed it out with. I got it I didn't speak to anybody for about two months. Pretty much immediately went back to sydney after three years in the jungle is difficult, and this monkey had really affected me. Am I slowly got back into doing the hiv workin slowly back and into life your life again. But this time things were different and my eyes were wide open and my brain box was just a sponge. Should big filter and everything went in and went out and down on paper, because that that little prick is everything and I'm absolutely delight to say that. Just two months ago I stood in the hospital just after the dots,
it started my daughter's heart and on holding it in my hand- and I thought about Joe again but for the first time in ten years I felt really good about. That is part of the story to place nearly twenty years ago. But Paul says it is clear and sharp in my mind as japanese steel, if I think on it too long. It will cut. He said after Joe died. I realize life was a more valuable commodity than hydrocarbons. Paul is now married and a father of two and he's filled for looks with stories from his life on the rigs coming our final story, a famous comedic actress, confronts her biggest fear inherited from her father. A polish assassin
the the moth radio hours produced by atlantic public media, in which all massachusetts and presented by the public radio exchange pr ex dot org. I'm sarah austin stinginess and here listening to the moth radio, our our land, Storyteller is magda, zoo band ski man, it is. One of australia is most beloved, comics australia type of what you said about not lived for the character but be grotesque. funny- you know, and a lot of the fun is gotten from just making yourself look really shocking and I've never backed away from that at all. You know, I just know
the agreed the funny a generally in that kind of sketch comedy boycotted. I have been fighting for a long time in his country and ensures that have been very popular until I enjoy it. Really great relationship with these. Try in public it's a sort of a kind of relationship, but we all know what the daily them and because it wasn't comedy, are just I'll. Always in a very strange time. There are really was. I was incredibly nervous. I think my guy framework strangling may threaten the bay try. If I couldn't brave, to calm her nerves in the green room before the show at the melbourne writers, festival magda start the contest where she and the other storytellers spit gum into a bucket across the room magda, why
here's magazine scheme. You may or may not know that for a while I was the very public face of jenny, craig white loss. And also a lot of weight, which was great. But then I started to put the white back on, which wasn't so great. and I got a phone call from the publicist and she said, durham darling. I I've had a phone call and the paparazzi, have got some shots of you Bonds, I beach in your bathers now I'm not an especially vain woman, but
there are not too many women. I know who would feel completely comfortable with having candid flattering pictures of themselves in there wit, clinging bathers splashed across every newsstand in the country. and for just a moment I felt so vulnerable that I wanted to cry Because I knew what was in store, I was about to be kirstie alley. I was going to be publicly shamed for my failure to keep the weight off and that was not a prospect that I relished. But more than that, there was a deeper and far more disturbing fear, and I felt as though a cold hand had reached deep into the
of my soul and was rattling. The cage of along buried fear that I had completely forgotten that I ahead and that fear was a fear of the mob that somehow I would do something unwittingly, And that people would turn into a. an unreasoning nasty, irrational mob. That would attack me and It must seem strange to hear me say that, because of being famous in this country for a very long time,. and I have a great relationship with the public and people are very, nice to me one of a nice things that people say is eleven saying do you know you so brave, with the characters, the comedy characters that you portray your performance, you so brave, and I often when they saying that
What this saying is you're so brave, because you are prepared to let yourself look on directive on national television, I can't really relate to that, because, to be honest, willingness to look attractive has never ever entered into calculus of what it means to be brave there's another I can't really relate to that. Would brave and account really the climate. and that's because of my name. No me as Magda dubinsky, but the my father would have said. My name is magda, should ski because I'm half polish.
And that pollution is completely determines how I feel about that word brave. When my father died. Mrs Pierre chuck came up to the at the funeral and she said magda resume. Yes, you must understand. Only the bravest of the brave were asked to do what you're fucked they did in their war. in nineteen, thirty nine, when my father was fifteen hitler invaded poland. And the world is my father. Knew it ceased to exist, his world of voting and skiing trips to, The capacity and nights at the theater was over replaced by six years of brutal nazi occupation.
In nineteen forty three impossibly the darkest hour of that occupation My father, who was only nineteen, was recruited to become an assassin in topsecret counter intelligence unit, and the chief job of that of that unit was to protect the high command of the polish resistance and the way that they did. That. was to assassinate collaborators and just to make it very clear. My father was on the good side fighting the nazis, but the way that he was doing that was by killing his own people and the crimes That these collaborators polish collaborators had committed was that they were telling secrets of the resistance to the germans. and some of them were telling the gestapo with jewish people were hiding and it's important to know.
Poland, under the nazi regime, was the only country where the penalty for hiding a jew? Was the death sentence and in fact just even knowing of the existence of a jew and not reporting, it would like to get you killed and my father's parents, my grandparents he'd many jewish people during the war of course I didn't know that when I was a little kid you know And what did I know that my father was an assassin. You know I just thought: city was an ordinary dad out their moaning alone. In his terry telling hat and if you'd If you'd know my dad, you wouldn't have picked today that, because he was very warm affectionate kind of guy, but they were hints, it was like. Swimming in a warm river and suddenly you would hit an icy cold patch. That would just make your hot stop. Are you really know an awful lot about the war as a kid and what I did notice
tv in movies and, of course, those movies. It was all that american soldiers- occasionally british, very rarely french, but I never ever saw a new polish people. And so I kind of came to the conclusion that my father, have been fairly peripheral to the war. And maybe he wasn't Really there in a big way in the thick of it, to one day when I was about eight or nine. And I was sitting with my family in the round lounge room of our home in north croydon, and we were watching a documentary and it was about the holocaust, and this was nothing like the world scene in the movies. And, as I saw those images of ordinary people, not soldiers, women, children, all people,
little kids pleading for their lives. Gaunt eyes staring from behind barbed wire, piles of naked bodies being bulldozed into pits was beside myself, absolutely beside myself, with grief and despair and a kind of helpless rage, but also this like a kind of incomprehension. I couldn't understand what could happen that could make people do that to one another, and just at that moment my father looked at the television television screen. If you said that system, where we use these before was resumed as part of the warsaw ghetto. And suddenly I realized that Horror wasn't out there. It was right here in our land, true at all
my father, I suppose, for kind of guy, and validation and comfort, but he was completely unaffected completely impressive and I felt then that there was a huge gulf. That separated us and, as I grew older, I realise that the crucial difference was that he had been right there in the thick of it and that immediate threat of the nazis of death, of torture, of being sent to a concentration camp meant that he had had to perform. Kind of emergency emotional tree ouch and he had jettisoned abs. delete, the every single feeling that didn't support his survival, but I haven't been there and without that urgent.
Imperative to dissociate. I had the luxury. having a normal human response to these horror, and I was terrified when I looked at my father I saw his fearlessness, It was reassuring, but something else that eviscerated me. I saw his discomfort with my feeling. and I saw his subtle, almost imperceptible, but unmistakable complete contempt for my fear, and in that moment avowed I would never feel fear again. And so began a kind of lifelong master class in the
dissociation, as talked to me by my father, the assassin, but, of course, in our heads Conquered the fear, all I'd really done was to drive it into the deepest darkest corner of my unconscious so that, as I grew up in matured, the few didn't it remit and the fear of a nine year old girl, petrified and so now, when the publicists was waiting for my response in an instant. My world had changed and what it started out as an innocent swim on Monday. Beach had become a moment of reckoning, and now the Perhaps he had me in their sights and that fear. Came screaming out of my unconscious. In my face.
and I was reduced to being that nine year old girl again and I felt as every erect no fear that I had about human nature about what humans are capable of was about to come. True. And publicist said so jotting. What do you want me to do. and I could feel my world crumbling, I could feel the ground giving way beneath my fate and just ass. I was about to full something happened and it was something I didn't see coming something completely unexpected And a voice that I didn't know I had came out of me and I said. Do your worst do your worst paparazzi. You are not going to show me off the beach I'm going to go down to bond and I'm going to be a fat.
The ledge lady, along with the super models and the muscle men, I'm gonna, win a whit clinging by this and there's not a frightening thing. You can do about it So they publish the voters, but because refused to participate in the shame game. The photos we're on flatter But the headline said Magda sports new beach body. It was quite crazy but
but nothing terrible happened in these train public, we're lovely to me, but this this isn't about me, saying g, look you know I was brave, like my father would have wanted me to be on the second generation. I have the luxury, And the very great privilege of being able to feel the normal feelings that must other poor, bugger couldn't feel. And finally, I was able to forgive myself for
feeling fear thinks that was nine disciplines in mind. Is the star italian candidate happened, kin and she's voice, characters invade and happy feet, and, She told me she's, the fourth most popular person in Austria at one, Point made to have to be honest and tell you once I, two melbourne. Are we a conversation, and we were talking about which way to take the story and when to rehearse in person, and I thought that there was a chance you might drop out or yogurt, We might not. Have you no geranium sets it material lamented the fact that my father doing the relation between polish and jewish people never
very large, polish, jewish and holocaust survivor group in melbourne? And- and you know you have to be so shit that wouldn't say it in the best way like you, don't want to just laundering and pulling off like? Oh, my god, what on a dream? You know, I just don't have time to do it correctly and responsibly, and I really freaked out and I actually iranian and I pulled the peanuts it I'm out. Oh god do it, but luckily you and I have you talked me down off of aid and- and I'm already really pleased that I did it, but it was probably the most nervous, I'm normally not nervous. When I talk and unlike most people on so really any, but I was nervous during it's an homage really not to flip Gee. I'm glad I do to you. I just listened to it again before talking to you tonight and you accomplish so much in such a short time. The details are so precise and it it ends up being. in a test.
Really an ode to your father. I mean I tiered up at the very end the story. I think that all of the covering model and you can really be exceeded as you have suddenly then tried oil that down into something that the more powerful expression of it I'm with requirements, really difficult, was really difficult I am sort of in the process of letting my mind run alive in place. I'm and the responsibility I felt to you know the the polish non jewish experience of the holocaust really hasn't been told, and I feel a huge, no responsibility.
oh god, and to get it rosh, I'm a and I'm supposed to go with that. But but I, if I told you that I think modern afterwards, I think he could be says not so completely not what my normal power communication is. I really am nine here doing comedy and a little bit. People know me for being serious, but not in law, and I couldn't read the room. I just didn't know how it was going. Is that at all, I had no sense of how it had landed or really didn't, and then, when I came out of the car around the corner- and there was a family like a middle aged mother and their kids, who are in their twenties that keeps them bowling just crying and I got protected. Oh we just heard you think you know where we're jewish and we in the motherhood I started with united report, said.
and then the daughter said today are not only I understand my grandmother. Is there a special way that you say goodbye cover? Go really wait said it slowly. I have learnt, how do you say gaol? Ok, wayside doll, darling area that yeah yeah. I don't give a damn dog that was Magda, zoo bands key and that's it for the moth radio. Our we hope you'll join us next time at our door. Your host this hour with Sarah stinginess, sir also directly stories in the s a monster actuarial staff includes catherine burns. Sarah haber men jennifer hickson and make bowls productions
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