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The Moth Radio Hour: The Future Looks Bright

2021-04-13 | 🔗

In this hour, stories of healing, hope, and heart. A birthday celebration, a dream job, the importance of an heirloom and chance encounters when we need them the most. This hour is hosted by Jay Allison, producer of this radio show.

Hosted by: Jay Allison

Storytellers: Ekaterina Duft, Aditya Dakshinamourtay, Brenda Williams, Alistair Bane, Kathi Kinnear Hill, Jason Schommer

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Hey MA listeners. This year we are celebrating our twenty fifth anniversary- that's twenty five years of uncovering what it means to be human understanding, each other better and building community through true personal stories in order to ensure that the moth continues to thrive for another twenty five years and beyond we're raising twenty five thousand dollars during the month of March. If you can give ten dollars fifteen dollars or even twenty five dollars, we would be so grateful text. Moth. Three hundred and thirty five one thousand four hundred and forty four or visit the moth dot org to make your donation today and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
from here eggs. This is the moth radio, our on J Alison and in this episode stories about finding the light at the end of the tunnel bright futures in dark times and hope, even when things seem hopeless, our first storyteller is cut He had Duff Cartier told this story of one of our open. My story: slam competitions in LOS Angeles, where we partner with public radio station A year ago. Here's Khartoum, live. When I was fourteen years old, my barons decided it was a great idea to get me out of school and move million dollars and miles away from from the Far EAST Russia close to Moscow, so I could go to a great call it several years later, I didn't
anyone this I like my school. I, like my ski now I'd my role, climbing my friends so when they just moved me too ask why that very depressed. In addition to everything, once we move, we had bit of savings, but these annual disappeared because of the financial crisis. So when I came to my new school, not only we were poor, also had no friends, I mean it's all my fault. I was very grumpy bog moving and I do wonder new friends, but the first year and then use school was extremely miserable soulful. I've genes, birds, they birthday. My told me. I know what you'd like as a birthday present. Let's go. Camping was a bunch of other the dolls and kids in Well, you can climb the tallest mountain in Europe. You know most girls. Fifteen years old for fifteen. They one probably address or a pair of shoes. For me, it was an amazing idea. Yes, I really want to climb the tallest mountain and you grew so
gone this trip, which was not very, The planned honestly, because it was ten barons and above fifteen kid and we didn't bring enough food for all of us- and you will not stop camping for amounts believed in and ten, bathing in rivers and lost Two weeks ago, a trip with completely ran out of food and we were in the mountains, so we have stop by different villages asking Highlanders for cheese and milk. that was our diet are about in these. We all was about ten pounds completely crazy But for my birthday I said, I'm still climbing the mountain, so we spend the night in the wooden house. All of us in detail me I'll catch you, the weather, doesn't look very well. You know they promised like a little bit of range with tomorrow, maybe a little bit of a storm as they know we're going it's my birthday absolutely have to do so next morning, when I get
I realise that there is no electricity, because all the electric cable learn the ground after storm minded tells me cut you we're not going now, you're not doing this. They know it's my birthday. Fifty in my life has been properly last year. I hope so We have to do so in my day turns away able to lead with mental special metal shoes, and they bring in metal stared and they started climbing good thing. My dad got out of the house, and he saw me on the horizon- and yours like all God, she decided to do so. He starts chasing me without adults. They grab me of the mountain. They bring me back Was this a cartoon? You don't want to die or new fifteenth birthday and that's it bowling boiling insane, my left, it's been nonstop reared sobered him so depressed. Why why why why did you take me away from her friends? You started this
my dad looks kind you, but you know This is the worst event of your life. You think, then, after all, it can only get better. So look forward to good going back to Moscow going to a new school in ITALY alone, may amazing from now, and I promise you, except when we get in the train and listen to the radio. The first thing we here three secluded in Moscow. It's ninety! Ninety one. The collapse of the Soviet Union, Adrian drifted thirty six hours every minute of the day. If we listen to your updates uneasy, all Gorbachev was arrested and dig in the way now. There is a revolutionary government. All the power is taken away in the minute the train gets into more school. We see tat. On the streets. People raise guns explosions. Let's everywhere I look at my dad. You brought
it was worth it When we come home and during the tv you won T say: ok good, it was a failure, but Soviet Union is good collapsed anyway, but it's not bad, but for me it was more than bad end. I actually I get so sick was flew. My danbridge was like one or three or something. And two for two weeks. I don't remember anything when I got out of his condition. I feel different I felt like I was suddenly stronger something because, to be honest, it's been what now twenty eight years since that happen, and no matter what happened in my life after that, I ain't in ninety one sober, nothing short anymore, and I think really made me a throne person, as I am now. Thank you,
was party. He is the author of the public transit Juan tales from the bus she's, a linguist fluent in English, russian and french and works in sub tabling in translating she's a frequent participant in storytelling, shows and contest in LOS Angeles, and it's a more story. Slam winner. Cartier says to this day. This remains the most challenging camping trip. She's ever been to see a photo. gotcha and her father shortly after their trip visit, the MOSS dot. Org we have another more slammer are deterred action on more too. told his story at the Bell House in New York City where were presented
your station W envoy, see live from Brooklyn. Here is our data? Well, I'm really proud of admitting this, but one of the biggest breakthroughs I've ever had in my life is to get an interview, from the greyhound of the Skies Spirit, airlines, I'm not really, I'm not sure. If any of you know but getting a job as an international student here in the U S is very hard. In fact, most companies have in their policy not to higher in nationals, and I was painfully made aware of that, and I mean my first year here in the EU as a student probably applied for over a hundred jobs, zero callbacks, every recorded, what do we say good resume, but we don't hide our nationals. What in hindsight it not really surprised that spirit. Airlines is the first common. To give me an interview is if they prove We tried hiring regular Americans here and they want to work for them, so they're coming after desperate folk like me, but that did-
matter to me- and I came here- not just to get a masters- would also do get a job and then live and work here. So I was ready for this. This is what I've been waiting for and they came through my university, which meant I had a head start over over the others in all by default, because I was living up to my asian students to your type. I had a four point. the GPA and I was the darling, my professors, so they put in a very good word. For me, the first round of interviews was on campus. I feel like I did that pretty well second round they might be down to their headquarters when there again feel like. I did pretty well there too nervous weeks go by, and then I got a call from the recruiter and she says hey. You know thank you for coming down. If you like you, a great addition to the team we'd like to offer you the job and actually saying that I'm in on this side going and then I can myself down- and I am so glad here tat. You know Very excited, and then she tells me what the salary is going to be, and that was less than what they had advertised when they were coming to my universe.
and I took issue with that. You know why. Why is it less she's, ok, gimme a couple days, slimming talked to the management, she goes back and she says: hey. I spoke to the repeated turns out last night. I don't think she's gonna he's gonna move and I was like I said the same thing, but you said you were gonna give more. There was a couple minutes focusing in silence and she goes ok, but are you still interested in the job has like? Are you kidding me you're, the only one to interview may let her itself, of course, I'm interested and then she says: ok can I send the offer letter now. I wasn't really sure why she asked that, but in my mind, because I grew up in India. Nothing is official till it's on paper, so I thought this is her wanting to get everything that we spoke on. Paper So if you send me the email with the awful letter, I respond back with my counter offer, stating the exact same things and a few days go by a thing, the long weakened or something and and the next Monday. I get again a call from them this time it was the the recruiting, the hiring manager and uses haste is obviously here and he says
want to. Let you know that we're rescinding the job offer and I'm like wait. What would happen if he's at well we're we're taking back the job off where we're going a different direction as they always because I asked for more money, it's ok I'll take. What are we give Here you know I'm sorry! I don't do this and he's like now. It's too late were where we're going in a different direction, and- and I was actually sleeping when that call came not really a good way to be walking up, and then I was like walking
my room yelling, what the fuck happened. How did I screwed up? I just couldn't understand, and then I text my professors immediately and inside. Ok, don't panic we'll try to find out what happened the next day when their one of their offices- and he said well, turns out you? You went back on your word like what do you mean what turns out? You accepted the offer on the phone, and then you renegotiated once you got the offer, and I tried to explain to him was what that's, because I'm in the culture and the country that I grew up in nothing Spokenness official official things start only when things are on paper and he kind of had to.
Like you know, sad look on his face, but he said you know, I'm sorry! I think this is it can't help you here and and and I walked back slowly to my car. I remember I sat in the parking lot for about forty five minutes. My eyes were willing up and I felt like I have screwed up my best chance do to get a job here. I don't know if I ever get their chance and I was terrified and- and I just know what to do, but that was only like half of all of the problems or things in my mind. At that time you see in just dead long weekend I threw a party for all. France, because I had just gotten a job at spare airlines- put it on social media on Facebook that everyone all thousand of my friends all over the world, I'm gonna be working, my Spirit Airlines in Miami? I dont have twitter that
otherwise. I would have treated it's weird airlines as well. I told my mom, I told my girlfriend or my dad, like everybody knew I was thinking man. This is Miss stop now now I got a walk all of it back and also try to find another job. This is gonna, be fun. Things eventually worked out well for me, I went on to force out just airlines, which is a much better company, and this time I did not negotiate past the phone for those of you thought I would have never negotiated if you fuck up something the first time next time you do it right. You dont not do with, and I waited one whole month till after I got the job to tell anyone
that. I think you there was a major duchy. No mortal danger is an airline professional storytelling. And dj. He grew up and India before me the? U S for his masters and currently calls New York City appeared in moths story slams as well as many other storytelling shows throughout the EU. S we followed up with, to find out more about his experience, job hunting as an international student without a work visa. There's always this candy hire me question that goes into your head before you now am I. would fit for this role, so there's a lot of shot in the darkness and the first thing you tend to ask anyone is: do you sponsor for visa and more
at the time. The answer is no and the conversation and then and there you have to probably try more than you normally would you cannot be picky at all, because you don't who will sponsor and who won't so you might have to take a job. That's not necessarily what you really want. So are you still working what southwest no sir. I actually had to leave South West and the U S, because I couldn't get a visa than I left south West thinking. I will never come back to the: U S and it's all over and I took a job the Middle EAST and Country Club Qatar working for an airline there
and six months into my job there. They asked me to move back to the? U S completely out of coincidence, so I ended up back in New York, the plague within the next year. That's what happened after so where did this dream of wanting to work for an airline come from where when did you start? When did you start knowing that that was what you wanted to do? So I'm an only child- and I was in you- could call me a spoiled child when I was growing up and that's not a bad characterisation at all so form to get a sense of the real world? My parents sent me one summer to live with my cousin. He was living in Bangalore at that time it was close to.
an aviation manufacturing company in India and while I was there, I would see fighter jets taking off and landing in commercial aircraft taking off and landing in. I grew up in like a very small city in South India, where you don't see airplanes often like They are like medical creatures, knew you see one and you just stop getting your tracks decided every single time. I loved everything about them. they fly, they make a loud noise and they seemed not accessible, which is why I really wanted of them died. That pointed decided, I wanted a career that. had to do something with aeroplanes and that's why did that was already? action on Morty. Speaking with more producer, Emily Couch when we return to more stories from our slam series about the things
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Oh I'm, Brenda and I'd like to share with you how worth came to be defined in my family by a set of pots and pans, and we have to go back to when I was about three years old growing up in London. My parents emigrated from Jamaica to England before I was born and there was never enough money, so my mom would go to Friday, the butcher and huge she would get these scraps and turn them into these really delicious savory, stews and soups
that age. I thought it was some kind of sorcery, some kind of kitchen magic, total mystery, and it was around that time that the door to door salesman came cooling and he came with these stainless steel pots, lots of them with every imaginable, insert broiling steaming. You know everything whatever anyway, I don't know what it was about these parts, but they ignited in my mom some kind of fierce longing enough that she entered and instalment arrangement with this man that she could in no way afford. So she struggled through it, and I was about six years old when the box arrived and I had elder siblings, who were not interested in the box, but I was an eye.
member my mom made me wash my hands, so I wash my hands and we opened the box and we took up the pots one by one and we need an odd over their magnificence, and I figured that the kitchen magic at this point would take on some kind of upgrade. But my mom had a different idea. She took the pots, put them back in the box and put them on top of the fridge and that's where these aid, and I remember just every year once or twice a year, I would beg o mummy mommy. Can we look at the pots and she would take them down from the box back in the box upon the fridge.
and I realize now that he felt the pots were too good to be used almost specifically to good for her to use, but I was lit for my friends. I thought the password Lonely up there. I was really afraid that they would be sad that there weren't being used for their proper purpose. Then I became a tween and a teenager, and I stop thinking about them together. Until when I was fourteen, my family emigrated to America Neutral,
sea land of all good things and gap, and so my mom packed up all the precious things, including the ports and the boxes dilapidated by then, so she got a new box and they went on top of the fridge in our New Jersey apartment. At that point, I asked a mom. You know why? Don't you just use- them to use them, and she gave me this little smug smile and she said not just yet so In the meantime, she trying to be a nurse in England, but could only get night work and I took over making the family dinner, which was truly awful no it's working tuna castle.
oh hamburger, helper. Until eventually I learn some of her skills. I also learned that the key to kitchen magic it's in the hands that do the work, it's in the love that goes into the process, and it's also in the imagination in terms of how you work the ingredients. So remember not just yet that became a reality when at thirty one I married a highly educated man and my mom gifted us, the Box of parts on my wedding day and my highly educated groom. He looked askance at the spot. They were much more, you know sophisticated
Franz all clad crews, they whatever anyway, I felt my parts would not feel welcome. In my fancy new home. And so we didn't use them and eventually I did not feel welcome in that home and it took fourteen years of marriage before I got my divorce and I packed up my precious things, including my box of peace, which had been unused for forty years, and I now use them
today. Thank you. Thank you. I I experiment with them. I bring about I since they're, both. Time and my friends and family they sigh around my dining room table. They breathe in those savory sense and they often eat much more than they plan to which thrills me. You know I've. I've adjust my thinking, it still the hands and still the love. still the imagination. But for me the kitchen magic is also those parts and I'm finally worthy. As my
always was even if she didn't know it Frank when Brenda Williams is a writer and human resources executive who lives in Brooklyn Many of our stories focus on caribbean immigrants in New York and London. Brenda says. That when her mother gave her the pot, she was thrilled to have that piece of her family history and thrilled that they would finally be put to use her mother has passed away, but not before, knowing that Brenda was using the pots regularly. She still using- and she says her cooking continues to evolve. mixed up. With a tale of finding hope is Alister Bain Alister.
told many stories of them off from slams to the main stage and here's one from an open, my story. Slam we produced in Denver where we partner with public. Radio station K, you and say a note that the story Change the use of a homosexual slur. Here's Alister Alistair live with them. We know thirteen. I got my first horse his name he was half an inch over pony class, a chestnut with serve anonymous breeding history, not very well trained a little bit mean and shaggy coded. But I didn't mind because he was mine. I was willing to put the hours I knew it would take to train him in because He was the one part of my life, the din feel dark and dangerous. At that point, my dad
drop me off with my mom, a small town in Central Illinois see, Enrolled me in a catholic school, where I was the only it of personal, otherwise white school, I felt different, but that wasn't the only reason. the kids had another name for. The reason I was different words like fag, queer it and freak, I heard that all day the teachers told me if I did act so weird, maybe I again in trouble. The bullet and when I went home, although my mom's words work quite that crude- her cinnamon was saying Everything I did how I walked. I talks in disappointing every afternoon I would get to go to the stable a bow and go for a ride. I spent
how much time, grooming him and training him that, within a few months First time we win nature, the your size ring, he was flawless and we walked out With a long, shiny, sat and blue ribbon in front of everyone who had thought that we were misfits. And for just a moment everything felt good. Like sir, where you free, but over the course of the next few months as I entered eighth grade, it seemed like the bullying got worse. and their home I have decided that It's time to finally set it out loud to my mother. I came out and her reaction was everything I feared it would be and more worse. almost feel her disapproval through the walls in the house, and at that
boy it seemed like, even when I was at the stable, with bow those rights that time I had with him, where he now and this is darkness. It was encroaching on my very spirit, A voice inside me that said maybe there's no place I would ever belong and no use going on. One Saturday morning I found myself in the bathroom looking Medicine cabinet and my mother's newly refilled prescription of tranquilizers thinking there would be so easy fat night before bad it to take them all the kids with no, to both on Monday. My whether would have no one to say was embarrassing. The family. I left them their new and they pay their and went out to the stable, and I settled a bow
You say that they gonna do something good for him. Something make him happy, because, even if I felt like I can't feel happiness same more. He could so, I wrote him down by the airport where there is a long dirt road. I take him down there and let him just run to his heart's content as We got near, I could feel him getting excited. He knew what was coming next, as we too, the coroner onto that road. I step in Stirrups like I was a jockey and they can a key derby, I let him have his reins. He took off. I heard someone say once if you're a true horsemen there comes a day. The communication between you and your horse ceases to be the tug rain or not me a simply become one with that animal. And ass. He ran flat out there
that road. I began to feel that happen. It was as if he and I could speak without any cues from myself. He ran faster and faster and, as we approach the end the road there the dead inside by them. have to rein in the end? He knew what to do. He slid to stop hitherto dies back legs and ran back the other direction and as he did it fell almost like that little horses, joy of being alive on a four day running full out under Chris Blue Sky. the smell of the dry corn in the field. Next to us, came up through cuz rains and bran my body like electricity, everything was suddenly quiet in clear and beautiful. We reach the end of the road
And standing there was a woman outside our car. She stopped and was watching us he smiled waved at me. You in the horse you're the most, before thing I've ever seen. Thank you. I said and that was enough. closer. We say horses have the ability to heal, and I know that that's true Mr Andrew Mean, is in Eastern, show me writer, storyteller, an artist you sure Stories of appeared in alone, together love, grief and comfort in the time of covert night Allister's. Love of animals hasn't waned. These days you for deuce Dogs were Pharaoh or who have experienced trauma
I was there says his dogs have taught him about resilience and healing that they seem to be able to let go of the past and live in the present after the break to more stories of optimism against the eyes. The moth radio hours produced by atlantic public media in Woods Whole Massachusetts and presented by pr exe. You're listening to the moth radio, our from Pierre Exe, in this hour, were hearing stories from people who have faith in the future, even when the present isn't always so promising.
No stranger to working against the odds is Cathy Kinnear Hill, who took a difficult campaigning job in a play. She felt unwelcome and unsafe. Kathy told this story. The moth main stage in Jackson, hole where we were presented by the centre for the arts, acquit caution
This story includes the use of a toxic racial slur. Here's Cathy Kinnear Hell, it was Kansas City Kansas the year two thousand and twelve, and it was the re election campaign for President Barack Obama. I was working it and one wonderful day. I walked into the office and I'm not gonna lie. I was thrilled to find out that we were going to Skype with the president.
he popped up on that screen and he gave us a pep talk. You know that Obama kind of peptides and we thank us for all of our hard work. Then he said, get out a Kansas. We're wasting our time for those of you who could do this. Take this campaign to Council Bluffs Iowa This campaign to iowa- and I am asking you to please deliver Iowa to me to Us- well yeah I'll- do that I've already worked his election campaign a few years before and in when your campaigning and volunteering you, you have duties like
signs in a yard, signs up and let's here and there and Having conversations because the president always would say just have conversations relations after conversations don't stop. and also we are registering those people to vote, and I will never forget looking in to the faces of my african American there is an they say to me. I've never voted I've never registered. but I'm registering now save a reason. Not only do I have
personal reason to be working these these campaigns. After reading, a little bit about Senator Obama back in the day I real I see that he and I have a couple of things. The com in wine. we were by racial in America. And to find his black. And we grew up In an era of turmoil, Where we, we both had to do we had to decide and determine who we were We were going. No one could help Let us and tell us that we had to do go on that journey. Another thing we have in common and do have in common, Is that we were raised by loving white families? So I'm heading from
the suburbs and cities of the Kansas City area to campaign The cities and suburbs of Iowa, and I got in my little Honda every weekend for about a year and drove four hours there in four hours back and did same types of things, lots hundreds and hundreds of phone calls knocking on doors and and registering people to vote, and- towards the end of that campaign. In two thousand and twelve, I got a phone call and I was asked to be a canvas captain which is based glee, just taking a leadership role in doing the same duties have, I had already been doing, but they asked me to to do that. in Rural Iowa,
being that committed person that I am I said yes and I'm dropped off me. a middle aged african american woman and another campaign worker a little bit older african american woman in Rural Farmland Iowa. So we walked into this little teeny campaign office and we got our little clipboards and our pans and Oliver papers are put under buttons on honourable Obama hat and we're register people to vote, we did and we walked out of that door and Rita. My partner in campaigning was is one of the strongest and most amazing women. I've ever met a retired school teacher, so I looked up to her and I looked over at her- and I said we don't do it
The argument and we're gonna do this right and she said I am. Fired up and ready to go. Aren't you I'm fired up and ready to go, let's go, and I said: well then yeah I'm fired up and ready to go to so We walked, we're walking down farm road and our first stop was a trailer park and, as we are approaching the gate to open it. We looked up and there was an a man, bigger redneck man with a big old rifle, And before we could open that gate, he looked at us and he said I didn't vote For young nigger last time and I built and for your nigger this time Now you girls better turn around and get, and we did
and again I looked at Rita and said we have to do. We don't have to do this. And she a more fired up and ready to go, let's go so we did, and we not done- Can we not done doors and we rang doorbells? Nobody on that day was ever that horrible to us. We had people. Of course you know closing the door in our faces. Just saying no thank you.
and then, of course you you ve got the ones, you knock on the door and you can see the curtain open and close and more like. Yet we know you there, but we need to stop us. We kept walking and we kept having conversations and then we get to a farm and we're walking down this long. Rabble, driveway and approaching us is a. Is the farmer who arms that that land. And he looks at and he says no, I see what you're selling in and I'm not buying. and I remember it our president asking us to have conversations- and I said, we just have a minute and before he could answer his wife open the front door and she's
Ladys, if you're gonna be my house Come in here, suppers on the table, we were scared and hungry, but I'm Thinking in the back of my mind, I'm thinking, but do I really want it? Was it get out moment Do I really want to go into this? This home farm. As in the middle of nowhere? I don't know these people and then the door closes right, but before my thought was finished, Rita says yes: MA am we are hungry, so we went in. We sat down oh that food.
I could make you drool. If I went into detail about it was meet love. That was Melting in our mouths, mashed potatoes, Gravy greens, corn, bread and sweet t it was solid food, And our conversations with seesaw and Wilma it was, it was a beautiful time. We talked about a lot of things. They asked us if Questions about the campaign and we we talked a little- about that. But mostly we ask them questions about their lives. and they told us about their kids and their grandchildren. They literally breathed for those grand babies. They lived for those grand babies.
and then they told us about the church down the way where they got married and before we knew it it was. It was time to go so we had to the front door. We thank them for this lovely meal And Wilma gives us a hug and hands, and good to go. This we're walking back down that gravel. Dr Cecil is working with us. It is to the road. And we get to the road he he takes both of our hands Rita. Cathy. Thank you. Thank you for coming in and sharing this time with us, and thank you For talking to us, most of all. Thank you for listening to us
Now I probably won't love for your guy. We waved and turned around walked away in a few steps up. We hear this, but hey Cathy, I just might Thank you. Happy came here who grew up in Portland having been adopted as a baby into a white family in the early sixties. Her dad was, Professor Lewis and Clark College and her mom taught at Martin Luther King Jr School, where Cathy isn't Structural assistance to a class of kindergartners heavy and her husband Dennis have to children and recently been M grandparents, he photos of Cathy working for the Obama campaign visit the moss dot, our final story. This hour is
Jason Sohmer, You told the story of Islam and Saint Paul Minnesota. Standing in a sea of organic produce consisting of pineapples cucumbers and strawberries. I saw her standing in a wide brimmed hat. heart again, that was ten and white over a summary outfit and flat choose our eyes met. We smiled, I knew, and she knew that I knew now. The fact that I met rouse grocery and North Hollywood is surreal. At best a week earlier had been offered a job to work behind the scenes on a tv show. So I quit my job, you everything I owned into a storage unit and drove cross country once they're after working a few days, I was notified that there's gonna be some production changes.
It wasn't gonna work out, scheduling, issues, yeah, no grand you're fired, no scandalous story, nothing just scheduling issues, so I had come to rouse grocery to emotionally eat. In the moment I saw her, I was immediately with away to a snowy mountaintop. It was Carney Wilson from Wilson, Philip. Oh are you Charlie freaking? Well now you don't know who currently Wilson is. Let me tell you, she is one third of the power tree
Wilson, Philip who in ninety ninety gave the world the number one anthem for anyone, anyone who was teetering on the brink of giving up to just hold? I know I've loved pop culture, I'm a pop culture fanatic. So I immediately recognising the magnitude of this new I needed to follow Carney Wilson, so I did and it was awkward she got. Pork chops, I bought pork chops, I'm a vegetarian. She bought flowers. I bought flowers, I'm allergic shoes in feminine hygiene products.
My boy, so I ducked around the aisle the text, my friend Jan to let her know this moment now Jane is a massive Wilson. Philips fan she actually was in negotiations with their management to have them perform. At her graduation, I sent our tax out. I gotta get rough grocery North HOLLAND, where they just like any well FED and that's when Tony Wilson walked right. Past me in mouth, hello. She didn't say it you just mouth.
Now, if you are a famous singer, an actor and you talk in public people, recognise your voice. She couldn't say hello. She just had a mouth it because then five people isles over would have come running over screaming. Saying saying, saying is now I've just either by younger saying and she would have helped pressure. Did she just what you want to go home, she's been wearing make up and they would have been demanding southern should assert singing and archipelagos version of her number one hit hold on people to cry out there.
Hence the recorded and put it on Youtube in hopes of going viral. Then people would absurd screaming and losing their minds. Didn t exist would have shown up. It would have been a debacle. Don't ask me how I know these things. I just do so. She mouth after following her on the sore in acquiring a card of stuff I dont want or need, became to check out. She was too isles over and I watched them scan every item on over cart and is trying to time it perfectly. So we could have a moment her and I, as we left the store, but I had the slowest Kashmir in the world. She had the fastest. She walked past the end of my I'll. She turned around looked at me and said: good bye, I died. It was just like their song hold on some.
somebody's gonna make you turn around and say goodbye Jason Sober up. Also, let us not make party. Whilst I travel around, I say goodbye He got into the later, not under the parking, erogenous adores restart clothes. I thought: do it just reach home. Now hold on, but I did it and respectful. So here we are chasing our dreams doing what we want to do. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn't we'll go through horrible things in life will fall in love, will get divorce, Willa will have successes and failures will fall flat. Interfaces events
pick yourselves that sometimes we won't sometimes what unites us all is the fact that we just find that little colonel of hope. Sometimes we find it in a prayer or a mantra or a text from a love one, just one little thing that we'd cling onto, and sometimes it seeing a celebrity in a grocery store that saying one of your favorite songs and three part harmony. That gives you the hope to hold on for one more time, because things will go your way. You Jason Shermer businessmen. Comedian storyteller, who spent two years as the opening act for comedian, Louie Anderson and LAS Vegas, and continues to tour with Louis regularly.
Jason is work in New York City for the Rosy O Donnell show and behind the scenes in Hollywood on, a television series asked I voted for this episode. We hope these stories offer you some comfort and hope hope that things get better even when it feels like they won't. Please join us. Next time for the more radio. Our very Rosen directed the stories and Michaud with additional coaching from Jennifer Hickson the rest of the monster. Actuarial staff includes Catherine burn. Sarah, Hey Berman Sarah stinginess and make moles production support from Emily couch. Our stories are true as remembered and affirmed by the storytellers female
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