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The Moth Radio Hour: Women in the World

2021-02-23 | 🔗

A special episode featuring stories from women around the world. Resilient children, computer crashes, swimming lessons, life after a house fire, standing up to bullies and accepting help from strangers. Hosted by The Moth's Executive Producer Sarah Austin Jenness. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

Storytellers: Katie Smith, Catherine Palmer, Cal Wilson, Liz Allen, Kusum Thapa, and Beverley Engelman.

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Hey MA listeners this year, we are celebrating our twenty fifth anniversary- that's twenty five years of uncovering what it means to be human understanding, each other better and building community through true personal stories. In order to- ensure that the moth continues to thrive for another twenty five years and beyond, were raising twenty five thousand dollars during the month of March, if you can give ten dollars fifteen dollars or even twenty five dollars. We would be so grateful text Moth twenty five to four one for four four or visit them off dot org, to make your donation today, and we thank you from the bottom, of our hearts look into the mouth, radio, our from pure, I'm sorry ass. The this our includes
Six stories told by women around the world, some open my stories lands and some from our community programme, where we craft stories with people who might not think they have stories to tell so get ready because we're going from a trailer park in feed X to Pittsburgh, Melbourne and Seattle than to the house mountains of Nepal and finally, an apartment building in Manhattan, we met first storyteller, we'll call her Katy Smith in a more community workshop that explored family homelessness. She had enough material right from the start to write a book,
Katy told the story at Seattle, Fremont Abbe, which was actually also a temporary shelter in the ninety nine days. Here's Katy lie that them off at night we called lost and picture. It is no wonder of nineteen, seventy seven and my family, and I are pulling intervening Sarah zone in the late nineteenth fifties. Maybe really nineteen sixties Ford or forward fair, laying dark brown. We live in it. We ve lived
you're on the road for three and a half years. Sometimes it's a car. Sometimes it's divan. Sometimes it's a yellow school bus, but we Lodi for three and a half years, I'm setting in the back seat and I'm cross legged, because her so much junk that you can put your feet on the floor there. So much trash my car and we're pulling into Phoenix Arizona and my mothers in the passenger seat, my elder sister abbeys right next to me, she's eleven and I'm nine. My mother's boyfriend is in the driver's seat. His name is lucky and he sure, as Hell, isn't and we're pulling into Phoenix Arizona and my sister- and I were really excited now- tell you why because we're gonna get a house we're getting at a trailer. We might even get to go to school this winter, which is pretty asked them for us now, imagining a city whose houses and neighbourhoods- and I don't know what you think of when you think of a trailer park,
all people and there's another little grandma yards, let us now where were at, See every city in America has one of our trailer parks nets over here and it's where the monsters live and its where the horse and the drug dealers and the people who are afraid of iron us it's where the old people who can afford a house live. There are Bambi and fifth whalers birds that are actually upon sticks and that's where people live, but men, men Abbe, really excited. You know why? Because it getting their plumbing you have no idea how you have thrown out. There is an amazing Jara bucket enough, where in the winter, we get a house and we get a trailer. It has shag carpet snaky. Now seventy seven
and this one's old for nineteen. Seventy seven he's got the wood panel walls and the shag carpet that we ve got a room. We ve got a room with a door and it doesnt clothes altogether, but that's ok with us, because we ve got a room and get a bunk bed, none about abbeys up there on the top and air. A trailer park like where we live, there's a seven Levin down on the corner or a circle k, or something like that, and there is always a quickie mine and me and my sister. I we go down and we scavenge has asked what we like to do be surprised things: people throw away people throw away treasures, people for waste food now ass. We scored ourselves of our dream house. I may tell you why it's pink covered in magic marker, some pretty much so pretty drawings, but we took her on magic markers and we turn them into flowers.
It's one of those m. Elevators goes up and down, but then we took in his broken, so we took a shoe lace. We made it so goes up and down. We ourselves a little room, maggot myself, a bag of reports have been carrying around three years. Faces have been growing, they put him out of it we play it have a good time, and this is where we are now it's Christmas and we're sitting in our little trailer and where it is, owned and table now me, and I believe we ve gone escort ourselves and our scavenge when an flocked Christmas trees, they got a picture, it is white plastic. In spreading scary, we got ourselves some Christmas decorations. We got ourselves and lives, but we're too, for aid to plug the main causes of somebody plug them in their propaganda. Brenda
our house looking so we ve got ourselves we're here in this little dining room in the trees in the corner got bad decoration time, poor, pretty pleased with ourselves mega five whole dollars to go by Christmas presents with didn't really spent on presence, probably spin on food or candy or something, but I made Christmas presents with global yarn. I'm not very good with their crochet side issues. My fingers and I made a toothbrush holder that you can hang from the rearview mirror. I made alone. You know like a little scarfs kind of sad look and they made it potholes or you can leave it with your fingers. Although girls do it and I'm sitting at the table and wants gotTA canned Hammond boxes, stove, tat, stuffing its amidst and mashed potatoes and we're having dinner and then starts he's mad, because I gave him bad presence.
And it's my fault and he starts Yellin MOM Starchy Ellen back and he starts hit mom a mom. It's him back. This happens every day. There hey there hidden each other, hidden us, because that's the way it is in our world every day and all the house is next to us all the houses we come from. I think it's my fault. So here we are mean having we ve gone to bed, I got pajamas, which is pretty exciting on the road. I sleep in my those who have to, but I got pajamas name on the bottom and their scream man in yellow in were awake because well on road we get downers to go to sleep and others to workin. Here we don't have any where wide awake and.
He's dragging mom down the hall by her hair. We can see little hole and Ardor Scott Mama by her hair, and she is thrashing back and forth trying to get out of his crap your hands up like this she's popping back and forth like a fish and here's where it's a different, my older sister Abby she takes herself on the top bunk and she launched herself through the door on top of him and it's different because he drops Mama and he takes my sister and he rips her off and he chucks her into the wall. Maybe five six feet, neither those would penalizes hole where her head hit she's kind of disoriented, but she's able to stand up her Mamma run
I'm does not yet run very often this happens all the time, but when it happens, we do so. We head out the door. He had imagined picture at a long stretch way down to the seven eleven has broken asphalt, broken glass, non runnin barefoot Our running and mom Screamin now don't scream anymore, I don't screamer anyone. I don't cry. I just wrong because I know that's how we live and so were run. It were running down towards the seven second faced, a fucking God we're getting a similar Santa Claus. Its bright fuckin read its Rudolf Red nose, and here we are. We are running you gotta, imagining the likes around us
are turning off. All of the neighbors lights are going off as we pass them, because nobody will call because they don't want the cops there anymore than we did but we are running and I am not screaming, and here we are we're at the seven eleven and the lights come on lights, it's finally Christmas nice and it's the police, and I take us to one of those shelters. battered women shelters, the wiles round neutral colours in the mattresses are all rubber and they got giant Josephine. Butter on the bottom shelves spoons for Alice it, but you know we're not safian
Maybe we know that and its because we are still here with her. She is quick with the back of her hand, as he is sometimes faster and she turns more quickly. We are not safe because we are with her because she will go back and we know that has not very long course Cosmo pay phone. I made him a parking lot there. We are falling into this time. It s Lincoln Continental, rust, color to you to scour space, and it doesnt have very much trash, repellent Anne and moving on same thing. We're headed least. I think I am a bunch of Babel, some person whatever, who knows we ve been there before only it is in fact not very far
down the road we put into a greyhound bus station. Mom buys to less tickets, she put his own asperse. She says you can above his head, never two weeks outcome which she turns around his walking off the bus, Nagano Window seat, pretty exciting, called Shaka. I, like the window seat, he's gettin car sake, said man in the window and moms walking away. She says I love, you, be good at all. People, thinking, you're trash and she's out apparent car Airbus's Poland away and is clear as a bell.
I'm looking out the window mom in the car and a handful of Christmas presents on the back dash, which would have been more our sleeping, and I think I am nine years old. Only nine. And I will live to see ten that was previously and we're not using her real name. She's itself described option which, if you dont know, is a person who begins to study or learn only late in life You didn't see her mother again until she was sixteen, she's, a writer and she said taking part in a small community workshop, made her writing more brave. we'll have another story from this collaboration with the Seattle University project on family homelessness. Later at this hour.
next Catherine Palmer at an open, my mouth night in Pittsburgh, where we partner with public radio station to be he s a the scene was last minute. Here's Catherine live I'm a college professor and if you are or were one of those students who Things assignments at the last minute, I'm your worst nightmare. I have no sympathy for the student who gets in trouble doing a time of the last last minute. Printers break networks go down. But if you're doing things in a timely manner, this doesn't matter because you have time to fix that, but if you're doing it at the last minute, you're completely derailed. So if I didn't care when things Do I wouldn't give them a due date known it's a tell me your computer crest. I know computers crash honestly, and all of my schooling I only ever,
push one assignment to the last minute and unfortunately it was this critical assignment and my Phd programme, where I really needed to complete a research paper impressive, professor, so he'd invite me to do certain his lab. So I sat down on the weekend to look at what I needed to do was due on Monday, and I realized, I had a week worth of work and had in front of me- I didn't have a week, but I figured if I ignored personal hygiene and eating. I might just pull this off, so I started to work like a woman possessed. It's kind of exciting to have that kind of deadline. And I really think to this day- I did some of my best writing in those hours, but we'll never know because thirteen hours into this, my computer crashed, does the midnight one thousand nine hundred and eighty, These I had one of the new Mackintosh computers and when something goes wrong with those computers, you actually get a picture of a bomb right in the middle.
The screen and I remember staring at the bomb thinking I would be in better shape if an actual bomb went off in my apartment, a professor when have to accept. That is an excuse, but that was not the case. So the problem here was, I had worked been working like such a lunatic that I hadn't printed anything I hadn't backed anything up. I had nothing so this disc, with all the information that couldn't be read by this computer, but I had bought the computer locally and I thought I'm gonna go down to the store there were. A lot of computer was kids at the store. or maybe they can retrieve this so got down there and I arrived to on the verge of tears and wearing clothes that were also on bathed, and I told my very sad story to the guy at the desk. Any said: what we have this new internet mark he's right around the corner, go tell him. He might be able to help you
so went over and I repeat my sad story and Mark said he took my phone number any said when the store closes I'll have some time I'll try to save this, but if I can't I'll, maybe be able to printed for you and you can use that, I thanked him profusely from a little bit of a distance. I had realized how disgusting I was, and I headed home he hours later. The phone rings and breaks myself was Mark and he said I have good news and I a bad news and I thought: well, they probably couldn't retrieve anything, but maybe they could pregnant. I civil, what's the debate, knows, and he said we can't retrieve anything. We can't print anything. It's gone, and I remember hearing myself say what the hell is: the Good NEWS to which he replied. I'd love to take you to dinner, and honestly that wasn't good whose so now,
young woman who has a mother or other young girlfriends knows that you don't ever accept a last minute invitation on a Saturday night because you pathetic and as if you had no plans, but actually I was pathetic. And I had a feeling I would never ever have any plans because I had destroyed my life, not getting this assignment done. The other thing young women. know is if you're going to go out with a stranger, you meet them at a neutral place and you called least one friend and say who you're going out with and where you're going. So I proceeded to call no one and give mark my address. I had a whole new plan. I thought if this, a murderer. This could solve all my problem, so I was thinking, if you're murdered, no one's gonna pay attention that you didn't turning in your homework, they're going be really upset, and I I I dream and very vivid com.
and I could only see my parents getting all the sympathy, but then I saw the news kind of transitioning to what poor decisions I had made, but I really thought my parents would consider this a call to action start a foundation, And educate other young women, so this happened to them, so I this all reconciled. I actually showered and put on new clothes and mark arrived now. You ve already figured out. He didn't murder me but for all you young women in the audience. The fact that I am still alive does not make any these decisions less stupid, so he didn't murder, actually a few months later I married him so the professor but I was trying to impress oddly enough was more impressed that my computer crashed and I fell in love, so although if you are one of my students in class- and you are doing something the last minute in your computer crashes, you will most likely get enough, but you just might find the love of your life.
That must have been common at one of our stories. Nan competitions and she says she's still type, a and probably getting worse with age to see wedding photo of Catherine and her forever. I d go to our website. After I break of forty three year, old woman learns to swim and a team, It growled grieves after an accidental fire, both radio hours produced by atlantic public media and woods whole Massachusetts and presented by p r exe Let's talk about what is professional today on linked in Potent conversations are happening around what it means to be a professional right now, linked in members are talking about things like needing were flexibility around where we work, how we work and even taking time away from work to focus on family or mental health, because those things
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enjoying the conversations redefining professional I'm linked in linked in welcome professionals. The mouth is brought to you by progressive. Are you thinking more about how to tighten up your budget? These days, drivers who saved by switching to progressive, save over seven hundred dollars on average and customers can qualify for an average of six discounts when they sign up a little off your rate. Each month goes a long way get a quote today: a progressive dotcom, progressive casualty, insurance company in affiliates national annual average insurance savings by new customers surveyed, who save would progressive between June twenty twenty and may twenty twenty one potential savings will vary. Discounts very and are not available in all states in situations. This is the moth radio, our from Pierre Ex, I'm Sierra Os Dinginess com, Oh Wilson is a comedian and Australia. She came to our very first moths, Lamb in Melbourne, where we partner with the australian broadcasting company ABC R N, and she threw her name in the hat for a chance to tell a story here is kept
Wilson, life at them off stories land in Austria. By the time I had my first swimming, listen at the age of five. I was already terrified of water on a really remember how it started. I think I was held on thought or by an old kid all our member is waste, feeling the panic immature and would have been forced into a noise, and I just hate the water, but I eventually led to swim. At the age of forty three sorry, thirty ideas and between it makes me feel like a slow Luna, but I've spent those years just avoiding the water. I just hated it out my cup in excuse. I didn't like debates because a sandwich outta my book, but really I was scared of the water- and you know we had school sports at high school and everyone had to go in the swimming and everyone else. Women links, but they made me and three other loses swimmer width but whose strikes in and was stopped, and I ran the rest of the way. It was still Butler
sites. I've always been scared of the water and then, when my son was born sixty years ago, that the thing all the time you born. I was used to being a part of my identity as an adult who can't swim and it became, like a mildly, interesting facts to start a conversation with a parties isn't it or if you go, I can't swim even something really how come you're, not mister to irrigation you as if you ve made it up, but the thing is. If I was gonna invent something about yourself, I would make it more interesting than not being able to, swim. I would have said something like one really good at archery, I'm I'm up on a magnificent archer Why would have seen all my father was partially aided by a bit? I would have said something bigger than I just can't swim, and so we were some was born. I didn't want him to have the same fate is me, and so I made sure that we started. Swilling listens with him when he was tiny. He was seven months old and we need that age We have to go in the water with them, but it was ok. Cause was only way state I didn't have to book facing, and at this stage we
when you were swimming with a baby. All you basically doing. Is you just swishing them around? That's why you washing a marrow? Nothing very much heavens, the swimming listening. I get a bit older and I start to do more stuff, like cruel, often met into the water and you catch them and I dropped mine. Put him again. I got him out of the window. It closed panicking like going to systematic work. We came up with a small and essential issues is to Williams at a water Bela like AEGIS, We are not the same person and in peace. Swimming ever since and last year, when he turned five, a heavy revelation that he loves so much? He loves the water so much, but I am going to be spending a lot of my time with them in the water. In the end I was like as his parents, I should be able to enjoy that, and we should also be able to rescue him if something goes wrong. And I should be able to swim, also secondary reason was I can't let my five year old bade me so
started. Having swimming listens last year, the same swimming school as my son wishes levelling experience. We work in the same class, obviously because they will be weird, but we weren't we were in the next plane to each other in its own. It's weird thing is A weird thing to look around a pull that is full of swimming listens and realise that there are fifty people in that pole and you're. The only person who is older than five and I also think don't think about what's goin on the water, so the first swimming listen. I had always terrified sense, so stupid, but was terrified and the teaching and it's ok. All I want you to do is put you find. In the water and pray that knows identifies the worst thing. You could ask me to do it, so I put my face in the world of freight And I stood up again and chewing on our problem. Is you ve got a brave era? You knows what are you talking about? It was revelation to me. I had no idea. I had no idea you must.
low era. Yours, when you swear, I just thought you guys were better dealing with a horrible torment having water forced. You knows. I thought we were just tell I would like our fields like an unfair and so secure make secured my breathing. It was amazing, the FU swimming listen. I did like five measures with a kick aboard breathing and I felt like him, Thorpe, obviously an infant with low and expect patients. But right now I was like that's it, I'm cute, I can swim. I can totally do it in a week. Picked the Knicks, listen thinking that I was not afraid of water anymore, but this thing happens when you ve been afraid of something for so long. Even though intellect you know, you don't have to be frightened that anymore, you're, hind brain, doesn't believe you, and so we picked up. A second listened, my face and the water going it's ok, I pray that ruminant, it's ok, we're fine brain was going now the whip. And it's a big wait signal over the fear, putting my face in the water but
Actually I got bigger and better and I how to swim- and I am- I stopped using a kick board and then finally, finally, at the end of the term, six months after our started, because I didn't want to rush, it could have been thirty. Eight years are dope quickly at the end of six months or swim, was first, twenty five may to link, and I got to the into the pool- and I saw you for my little boys at the end, the polarity and my some good, Mummy going to another one, and this revelation bit like come alone, have the holder of things Methusalem muslim firstly of going to a pull on purpose, the pleasure with my husband enough swum so much. I got sick from the left Ecevit, always seeking the cop out, and it was amazing The only side effect. As of now that that I can swim. I've gotta tell everyone about it really quickly, because at the moment, I'm still forty four year old woman, whose just linked to swim
in six months time. I will just be a forty four year old woman who can swim and this every forty four year old woman, and so I'm gonna have to come up with a new story. Parties that makes me mildly interesting. So I'm gonna go with being a magnificent archer thank you that was Cow Wilson at our first month stories, Lamb in Melbourne, Australia, where the Seymour as you guessed it first, she's, regularly on australian tv and tours whether one woman stand up shows next Liz who is part of our mouth community workshop explored the issue of family homelessness, this story of losing her families house in a fire. Here's Liz live at them,
Seattle, Washington. It was a quarter to midnight New year's eve, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. We got a call that our house burn down. I was thirteen of the time my sister is fifteen and we were on a family ski trip. So when we came back to the house, we had just or speak laws, and we came back to like it he carcass member, my dad turning round and being like just wish. You go to a hotel. Reminding like the being an indoor poor, too good, to be packed or suits and so, when we checked into this hotel and kind of certain adventure for me, we sometimes got to eat. You know room service or go to the content of breakfast for school. My mom and went back to the house and rescued a couple balls and she would put the mountain the counter with them.
Britain, Syria for the morning, as I would feel a little bit like home. So my mom is kind of a ray of sunshine. I called the month of may choose a security, judgment for merely as a kid. My dad was drank quite a bit and he was fairly inconsistent emotionally. Also, physical is physical presence, really inconsistent, but she kind of aid. Tibet always evident chirp dinner. We would sink into spatulas around the kitchen. Remember her trying to teach me what vain metaphysical vocabulary six grade. She put on Carly Simon you're, so vain and we listen to elect fourteen times she really the vast of every situation, and this is no exception. Remember sitting My bad, my sister and I at this point the first time ever were sharing your room. You know and us in the hotel the kitchen was in between thank a chain and tiny living space. My parents
the other side and so sitting. I bet doing try to do my homework and arising scissors, but we know how burns down, you don't have things like scissors markers and mean you really don't have anything and I remember being pretty pre frustrated. My mama's like well we'll just go to staples now: six schools, whereas in the middle of the year there we drag me sister. We walked like out of the room and down the hallway down the elevator across the lobby across the parking lot. We went to staples and I got to get a whole bunch of stuff I got scissors, I got a ruler gets marker. Is my mom by scattered, adjust I'm already by a twenty four dollars? Stabler like two pounds is like for a desk for adults. We had no desk. I was not an adult
but it is us methodically special and, of course, there's no place to put that stuff in a hotel rooms are just like sat in the stables back on the floor and universal that's kind of what my life was like. At that point I was a little bit like Themis in school. I got to get out of gym class and you know things simply moving along. try with a little bit surprising. I woke up couple weeks later, I'm in the middle of the night, like one hundred and thirty in the morning and two crying. There's, not a hotel noises, there's like be no weddings, go on and grandparents visit, grandkids, etc. But this is a different like a different sort of noise, and I felt really close in Samara like pulling back the covers to my bed and a kind of Crete. now towards the door to the kitchen was a light coming out through the bottom, make it here crying coming from the kitchen
And I just d swerving little little nervous, I'm not sure what to do so: cracked, the door just a peak psychic in and there is like the florescent light of the hotel room and the kind of like drab kitchen cabinets The counter was used like individual yogurt, tiny bags of carrots You have a hotel for data for a family affair. You can't buy, like you know the big yogurt into by individual stuff, so fits and in the middle of the kitchen, was my mother on our knees crying she had on these. I think rubber, gloves sponge and some soft scrub only where those items came from and she was cleaning or for greater. confusing to me as a kid right, I would live in a hotel. People came and made our beds and cleaned our stuff for us. I a know what she was.
Why she was crying. I was the one thirty in the morning and why she was cleaning so just watched her, and I really felt her loss. You know is the first time it dawned on me that this was a real loss like we had lost our photo albums and she lost her wedding dress. I lost my bike in my stuffed animals. If they replied and we're lost other things too, like if there's intangibles like the driveway, we learn to read our bikes in the banisters who pretended to be horse. There were pretending to be horses, the garden she and I kept in the back, was the first arose. We weren't going whom we were not ever gonna go home. You know, and I my eyes are to fill closed. The door arrested my face against the door frame
pride and together, we grieved that kind of story at a marked showcase, called home lost, and this led to climb up rocks. down hills and by plane, tickets. She's. Now a human its lawyer in Seattle, Washington Bob after I break a doctor's life is threatened by armed militia, an eighty year old, is shocked in a good way when she returned to her apartment. After having a stroke, when the moth radio, our continues
already hours produced by atlantic public Media taller Massachusetts and presented by the public radio Exchange, Pierre Ex DOT. Org welcome back to the mouth radio, our from Pierre acts, I'm so asked engineers. This is a women in the world, our and our last, you stories were unearthed thanks to our community programme, which began in one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, where we offer storytelling workshops and performance opportunities to people who feel under heard you're about to hear Dr Dot Koo. Tim Fatima, she told the story at a moth night called vital signs, along with other global health experts from the Aspen new Voices fellowship she's Ex deliberately, as English is her second language- and she said It was trying not to cry. She had never told the story in public before this night. Here's Cousine Pappa live at the them.
I'm in the high mountains of Nepal in an assignment what the government. As an obstruction, I've been helping out in a health camp there. This is almost eight to us drive from the hospital where I have been working. I'm missing my colleagues there I'm thinking about my family because I've left them now for quite some time, and I saw I get a phone call. I quickly grab the phone, I think it's from home. When suddenly I hear a strange men's voice, I want you to change the report,
awful young girl, whose thirteen years whom you examined two months back and gave the verdict before I could even think about what he was talking he went on to see. I belong to the armed rebel, and you know what the consequences would be. If you don't. I was very frightened disturbed these people had a repetition of killing extortion kidnapping. I just did not know what to say. For me, flashes of this young girl came to my mind. She had been brought into my office with her mother and the police, accompanied by the police. She looked frightened
barely able to speak. She was just thirteen years and she had bruises all over her body with clear evidence of sexual assault. I had given the verdict of sexual assault. As I thought about it. I was really worried my motherly feelings really got ignited. I thought for this young girl and I quickly then rang a poem and told my son to stay indoors and be safe. The next day the military escort took me back to the hospital. Apparently, the rebels had demanded that the medical superintendent call me back.
As I travel down the eight US journey, it almost seemed like eight days flashes of these. This young girl kept coming to my mind. She had gathered ups how much courage to report this case in it. Time when so many more like her was suffering in silence ass, I entered the medical superintendents room, it was really hot and small, I look there. I saw these six men seated comfortably in the couch. They look, Like normal people like any of us, but I knew at once that these were the rebels. The medical superintendent asked me to sit down and ass. I sat down. He told me that these people wanted me to review the report. I knew what that meant because
had already received the phone call. I asked the medical superintendent that I wanted to talk to him alone. With a lot of hesitation. The rebels left the room. I told the medical superintendent that I would not change the report. I was ready to face the consequences. I told him The consequences would be that they would kill me. I would rather die once then die over and over again, if I changed the report, he looked at me. Is this your final decision? I said yes,
Ass, I walked out of this room. I saw a few of my colleagues there and that's comforted me, because I knew that they would be in the committee to review the case and they would definitely stand by me. I had the military is caught. Take me back home where I met my son, helped him and just cried every knock at the door, frightened us and we waited for yet another phone call. After about an hour, I got a phone call. It was from the medical superintendence. office. The person at the phone said the problem. The case has been solved. I was really excited, I said: well,
so the rebels have agreed to it. It was not in their nature to accept these things. The person said the verdict has been changed. They have given a word it that the girl is not sexually assaulted. I was stunned. I sat on the floor. All numbed I felt for, small girl, her last effort to really get any justice was lost. I felt for myself also my credibility had been lost. I had a reputation and a good recognition in that area in a fraction of a second that had all gone. I thought of these colleagues of mine
I thought of them because they had themselves seen girls even younger than this one, and now they had turned back to all of them. They had done their back to me. I felt I could no longer now work with them. So the next day I give notice. I left this place, which was home to me and the work which I so much enjoyed these were colleagues, I would be really going out with having Saturday outings having dinner, I would really be supporting them so much so that at one time, I'd even ass. My husband to do need blood for one of their clients, and now they had all turn their back on me. I left home
And now I know- and I did understand- and I do understand what it is to leave home and to be displaced from home- I was stepping into the unknown. I was just thing: king, that it was really disturbing for me to think about leaving home, leaving my practice, leaving my colleagues treading into what really seemed an unknown place for me, but why The thing was sure what was sure was. I would always speak out for these goals these girls deserve justice. They deserve the right to live with dignity. I decided I would be their voice
thank you that was got to presume that consume lives with her husband and her son in Katmandu, but her home in this story has been deserted for over a decade consumes life is still dead. Hated to reducing preventable deaths of women and she's working now to train frontline health workers to respond to gender. Based violence in Nepal. So we ve come to our last storyteller. In this hour, Beverly Engelman Bev was part of a workshop with carrying across generations and organization dedicated to re framing conversations around old age, Larry Rosen, one of our story directors when every day for a week to Beverly Apartment, to help her craft. What you're about to hear
She was in her eighties when she told the story about the aftermath of a stroke. Here's Beverly live at the mouth in New York City. I've always thought of myself ass, a very independent person. Doing things for myself and by myself. are they used to tell me being independent is probably the most the best thing you can do for yourself, Because when you love rely on yourself, you will never be disappointed, Or let down when other people don't live up to the expectations you have what they should be doing. for you, and this is the way I chose to live. My life says not surprised, later on when I had to hip replacements both instances. I took myself to the house.
I never thought of doing it any other way, and then as I got older, and This became very important part of my life found that I couldn't work as well as a use. Do I went to my came to a walker The water had four wheels and hand brides and a basket in which I could put things in a state that I could sit on if I needed to. It became part of my life and a constant companion, and I felt a deserve some kind of recognition so I decided to pull it Alice Walker. I saw from the obvious reason. I chose that name, Alice Walker. Sadly, the main character from a color purple led very difficult lives, but they were survivors and I felt I shared
it's with them over my eighty years. I've had some tough times, but I am a survivor So now listen, I walked all of the upper West side. Together there was no place. I felt I could not go nothing that I couldn't. Do with Alice by my side. Oshea say in front of me and but this came to a crashing halt on September twenty year of two thousand and fourteen When an mri reveal that I had had a stroke. and I wound up at New York, Presbyterian Hospital Stroke unit. It was there that I encountered to the most devastating symbols of total dependence, but call button, and the bed pan The first time I rang the core button
took so long for the nurse to respond. sure she was coming from a galaxy far far away and if this anything worse than waiting for a bed pan its waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to take it away. I realized how dependent I had become, and the people around me, and it was a very frightening experience and after five days They said you're not ready to go home, yet you won't be able to take care of you, so you have to go to rehab place and social worker gave me a choice places and I had heard about. Amsterdam has had a pretty good reputation said. That was my choice. It couldn't have been a better choice. I was there for three months and eat every day. I would get physical therapy and occupation
therapy and an even on the weekends I would get the same thing and sir. I got all the help. Needed, but I was encouraged at every step of the way to do as much as I could for myself. And so I went from the wheelchair back to Alice. and waiting patiently for me in my room. And we were able to go to the bathroom by ourselves and instead having the food brought to my room, I was able to walk back and forth. To the dining room three times a day and I even was able to get outside for a short works. I was back
to living the kind of life that I was used when I January it was determined that I would I need to go home and why I was anxious to get back to my apartment. I was a little overwhelmed by the idea that I was going to be by myself even though I knew I was gonna get physical therapy, occupational therapy basis and even services, visiting nurse people when I got home the first thing I still and I got off the elevator was bunch of balloons that had been attached to my front door. Welcoming me home and I thought wow. This was totally unexpected: and that was just the beginning. When I open my frank tour,
old forty year old, carpeting, Had been removed, leaving a bare wooden floor and extraneous furniture that had collected over the past forty years, It's gone so was easy for me to maneuver my walk around the apartment in the kitchen. My refrigerate had been cleaned out, there's restocked with a fresh assortment of food. Be my old mattress was gone, replaced by the one then add ordered online and it was set up for me too used. They made venetian lines that were is bad shape, is the carpet
Had been removed and my apartment was filled with light, and I thought who is done or swimming and I found out it was a team of people from my building, including the building staff. my neighbours in my friends and I was totally overwhelm because- honesty in all the time. I lived there Why is friendly and new, know three people on the elevated and say hi. How are you I never thought of asking them for anything. And I never really got to know anyone that well, but I decided, since they had done this. For me, it was time for me to reach out to and so I put a note on my friend door and it said the. Door is unlocked, please come in for a visit when you have a chance.
And over the past eight months, almost every day, someone has come in sometimes to ask me if I needed anything but a lot of times To come in and talk, we would share stories about our lives about our families, friends, things we were interested in. And I realize you know what I'm part of a caring, community of wonderful people, just an anonymous tenant in New York the apartment building and I thought you know it's not such a terrible thing to get help when I needed Especially when someone says to me, how can I help you. This allows me to determine what it is that I need, Do you want. And so now I choose
think of myself as an independent person with benefits. That was Beverly, the Englishman, a showcase of stories developed in math workshops in underserved communities. Better still lives in the same New York, city, apartment building and Larry Rosen who work with better. They said yes, She really does have a sign up that says. Door is open, come on in beyond a place for telling stories them off as a place where people practice the art of listening so For listening here with us today, we hope in its next time. Your host this hour with Sarah or Stinginess Sarah directed the story.
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