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PMS 2.0 419 - Tebow Is Officially A Jag, Robert Mathis In Studio, Ian Rapoport, & AJ Hawk

2021-05-20 | 🔗

On today's show, Pat and the boys welcome Super Bowl Champion, 5x Pro Bowler, All-Pro, AFC DPOY, member of the Colts Ring of Honor and eventual Hall of Famer, Robert Mathis in studio to chat about his career, his work with the Gridiron Gang camps teaching younger kids how to pass rush, how the camps have grown, how the locker room changed during his time in league, his favorite QB's to sack, why pass rusher is the most important position outside of QB on the football field, and some hilarious stories from his time in the locker room (00:41-1:13:47). Later, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport joins Pat and AJ Hawk to chat about all the newest happenings around the NFL, the Rodgers/Elway golf story, what he see's happening in Green Bay, if Julio Jones is going to get traded, what he's hearing on Tebow down in Jacksonville, and much more (1:15:59-1:31:59). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow and listen every day on Mad Dog Radio, Sirius XM Channel 82. We appreciate you all for listening, come and laugh with us, cheers.

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it formally here in november, I think, was announced. Last year, though, teammate a mine start talks, but everything age, a hawk and wrap report. I think we get in some good shits good stores, clear up some. Things I am today is a good one. I procedural so much for choosing the lesson of the show, if you like it by the end of it, please be a friend telephoned if not just act like it. ever ever happened, let's get to it We have a legend in this studio. That's right, joining us inside the studio, today's of man who's going into the court. ring of honor here this upcoming season november. Twenty eight that leave the game where the What's your hosting tom Brady eddies, an inevitable nfl hollow famer as well. Ladies and gentlemen, robert acting as a guide to call you strip said king, I believe you're you're calling you Shan made through their forbear right
I gotta get above it that's on us and they were out of salmon. There was an agreement for a bit. You write absolute as courtesy of tea and fraud over the court's conflict. That's because I used to outdo season, training running in the same pissed donna terms as a player off season. So tat we spoken guy he's a fifth round the waist machines last year, tee and fraud. By the way that's a type of their they could. Managers have been around for a long time will be around probably for the rest of the indianapolis courts, existence beyond hilarious human beings. Here I would as you know, this whole thing started as they were talking to other people in the building, which is what happens by the way, which is why the backbone of seem really enough. Gretta athletic train in medical staff and equipment manage. Get nowhere near the amount of credit in their by way. The We want to hang out with it. This is like a large group of people. I assume they want around the resolution like that fucking nuts,
do you guys, go we're alabama and it without either Finally, the sands is tat. We can assume- and they brother came out fucking with you by way of bright, like sam, probably just like their legato, this guy who's, the guy Connor tie them the boys we appreciate you but I was very lucky bt made of yours and watching you work The way you want about your business in the way people risk, acted. You is what I like really enjoyed it, but you weren't. where's person I saw in the courts building and I have an entire stand up about this in its real that are real. All this is a different leak. You know like out as he was jumpin rope and you I'd like old school headphones on. I always go have runs like a cassette. Maybe he added this rope any just he'd make might have one in there were talk about such things as one you're tore you're lucky you get a tour around the building and would have happened last weekend for other rookies. At that If everything I get, and I just looked it, I watch it was like it seem like five minutes
rate like nay. It wasn't obviously, but it seem like he was going, not even skipping like there was not even escape, he was pistol. They whatever he was either stand it. I was like all my got obviously had brands on him as well. He was q and they were these were the thickest I've ever seen in there's like the conversation is like ok. This the brand? Obviously, that means a longer was sitting on their like that she's my natural thing. So I was I look at this guy, I'm abbeys my pocket Duma, who you know what is at a robber matters alike. Robert matters, my fucking guy, just gonna walk through. I was very quiet. I don't think even us, I was very quiet. Wasn't I like you? I was very quite early acid. The first day, That is all I did get comfortable. You know I did get ok by certain people in the team, which is very nice to them. I think they can help me out. Another place you're one of them. So I appreciate the hell. Are you for doing that for me, but whatever you think about the nfl, because right now, Robert in
How long have you have to tell you so do just want a kind of get read it, because I think you have a wealth of knowledge, especially with the gridiron gang which is doing with these camps in helping our kids and everything will get to that for sure. But when you're talking about nfl football and you play let me see you back in the day, alabama and boot. Ok, let's go on them college national champs by the way. Yes, I don't know why you re now. You re not possible back on! Ok, listen! How will also give the black college national champs champions champions? the alabama border on board heal the hell, you ok, so when you play in there, the alabama, an m bulldogs, the heel, are our now
don't you ever since I soon who you're playing against, though, are not then right whenever they talk about making the jump like from college to the end of l, we're seeing that right now we can see that with a lot of guys, clytie pay by the way, is the commission going to just how difficult it was to make the or if you haven't, you have an early. You think like how hard is it to go from playing against college kids to grown ass man, especially at like outside linebacker defence event, pass positions like that, where the biggest differences, the speed of the game, you have a lot of gas wolfish discuss vision, one double aid division to non, I'm kind of dating myself is this after the first wave of starters that they cannot tell it kind of drops off. So you have alabama date. There d after bored, so much you come to the league is: how far can you just because there? we'll make their judgments by the next series, I saw what what do you want to become a player that nets
dicks- says the mental that matter because they are making adjustments, if you beat them early, is like ok, congratulations! You got me I'm going to sideline, and this is something where only that I rely on the twenty five. plus years a me playing football to fix this or we're gonna watch film, and then you have to have that nets play than to write, and that's why it's forgot sometimes for people make jumped because it's like you have the ability, but you don't have experiences that only experience gained you think or how do you learn that type shit o experience is the best just so, you gonna feel a whole lot more than you succeed. this game is, is chess will always say chestnut checkers, because checkers you can move made one maybe to move ahead chess. You You have to think five moves ahead, so if I beat always myself in riding no shop landing. Does this big bro
the practice and as each other for the better part of almost like said dick eight. If he would beat me block me, he would tell me why did it, but if I would beat him in practice, I'll. Tell him what I saw. We would just bounced ideas off each other again, once you get it again, these are guarded. Don't know you sold things that You have to do. Is trust yourself, trust your process, treachery gran. So when in the game. Discarded does not know me, I'm gonna walk because the guy I'm beaten again practice whose owed now- and he know I'm going to do so. If I, if I can beat the guy, that knows me, I can for sure beat the guy. That does not know me the rhine, deemed by the way I think amer rotten northern illinois university. I think I'm all you know that because he has a tattoo. That is not good. That involves itself release great guy. One of the guys, by the way you never gets talked about
You never get brought about by the way that entire team, but tackle goodbye goodbye But whenever you talk about him telling you why you doing whatever you're wrong or what he saw a new telling him, that's something I think to happen back in the day. Whenever now with all these in gridiron gang your training, the next generation of kubi haters. I believe that is excellent, but also you have other positions, training the future as well. It's becoming is beautiful thing. How do you feel about like the guys together and working in the off season together, like, for instance, tightened just got announced we're all these demands are gonna go together and I think, by the way I think that is going come something business wise do like I'm, not talking about like them having I'd ends? I guess a camp, that's probably gonna happen as well, but I'm talking about how get treated as a negotiation with the nfl. If you get all the top people in one position, that is better. We being slighted business was in this not me talking to
he tied, entered them. Telling me anything, I'm just assuming from being in a conversation, maybe after a couple beers have been had before with other people. There's a chance at airports can be like we should be paid, wide receivers of invaders lego. Our number should be more cars were blocking and were catching I soon. That's potential can change again, it's good for them to come together and do that all things? outside line backers impasse. Russia's have done this bond miller. I believe that one in then now I remember when I first started Kennedy. Oh Jesus, this whole thing: the That's? A Lyman were pissed that the friends ends or pass rush for their team were telling potential opponents like This is? U get better. I get better, but now everybody does. What are you? it's on the whole thing and you think, like iron sharpens iron is the most important thing anyway world to go back to what the tidings that's great, because you have to have a business strategy amongst each other, because you will you offered turning so was tightened,
They the guys they wanna get paid. You have to labour yourself pass catcher, not a tiny with pass russia's, you have to labour yourself a pass russia not a dilemma and nodded at the end and that it also linebacker melody tackle on that knows. Dark pass russia that comes with a different difference level of august pay expectation yeah, because it doesn't matter how pits they are telling them that he should come out as a wide receiver instead of a tight end, because the franchise that got things like five million dollars. Germans are like four million. Our difference in Can aware you immediately, franchise like it's. Ok, gives us the top five average drugs, not without bonuses, but here's the top five average contracts so Can a merely look at that number and see how each position is paid like ok, this is how this debate is that this has been the tide and wide receiver disparity pretty bad I mean that somebody may think line hackers, though it's very fast, They think Islam backers also have middle line backers in sideline beggars and
outside line backers that are being settled outside backers, because they're not the end is the ends, don't get paid, and so it's like it's an entire thing in dairies, Leonard now, who I believe you know rather well. I think you were therefore mania yet a maniac hell of a player, age. We see you guys. Well I mean he is he has taken over this course. that's what the new generation conversations are that he's owed. Eighteen million dollars are he's negotiating for eighteen million dollars a year and all that stuff, I think if anybody is earned, it I think there is leonard, has earned a more massive contract. I myself have told me: It's not like happening. Tomorrow. That is not. My sources have told me. This is not happening like right and that this is not like tomorrow next week, type announcement. Maybe that things could change, but my they said this is coming, maybe but decided there, but then one this made us look at the at the contract for every linebacker, very, very interesting, elaborate colleague, mac, twenty three
five million a year It will make your thoughts held player on twenty three and twenty four million. Spit yvonne miller. Nineteen he's coming back. Obviously, after Bobby Wagner, though, there is like the first inside linebacker at eighteen, see J mosely jude on that area. Smith chandler jones, bud Dupree, then shaquille bear it, but it's all pass. Russia's basically assert. That is that that's all pass russia's making money go in your mind, and this is gonna, be a biased decision. Buys opinion. Is pass russia. The second most important position on field is the most important position on feel outside quarter yet ass. I say so quarterback, aside from the corner back to put dump the indiana all different world so, but I think they are starting to see that absolute, the quarterback position is the engine to every teams.
Automobile there's quarterback later, and you know that you know call for what it is speedily no quarter, but no changes, and you know you- and I both know back here. Therefore, if you have- and I always use this example you pass reassure faces off with the left. Tackle you start to tackle, beats him. Sex the quarterback stopped at porto, better Don't it's the number one receiver that pastoral suggest- neutralize three gas monthly in also probably a hundred and thirty million dollars line here at once, the layer, the hazards act, that you have been the pyramid. Will you have a quarter This topic that I will put the pass russian now? You have left tackled and a number one receiver and, as is starting a porch. That's bottom line. You can follow the franchise tag money as evidence for that do you think you're with the gridiron gang you're, get a chance to work and in what you guys are doing by the way. I get a chance to kind of hear how the business
worked out as we ve seen it since the beginning. We achieved to chat with you since beginning this, then you and dad I was pump for yugoslavia. Unlike ok. Here we go to good guys in. I told Dan this I was happy days. Back in the football. By the way, I think you are as well as everybody knows him. Muir is a hilarious humans. I'm happy is back in football, but getting it the kind watch you guys go through this entire process and they give to hear what the business is. Now you guys have, I think, have grown like maybe Six hundred ex, since we ve talked the amount of people you have on these fields. It feels like you are really transforming how indianapolis in Indiana high spoke or training. You got. You had chop Ghana their train and safety there was an entire fiord. Basically, you add running back coach walker. walker out there. There was like twenty running back out there. You have these
pass, russia's you and now this is not your largest grew. You had a hundred fifty three in a third wide field and it was just stacked with people there were running sprints or whatever you have this massive conglomerate going on right now easy. Do you see a lot more people than wanting to be passed? Russia's? I would assume that, where a lot of the big bodies, instead of maybe maybe divides attack or even though their sound donald, so do anything or offensive line or inside. I feel like pass. Russia's ay. I think a lot, we will see it as lay like. Ok, there's a lot of money to be made in this area are using that even at the younger level, and maybe the way parents weakens absolutely. I feel like a lot of pride covenant coming to that position because actually, you wanna be the quarterback in whole. Seventy seven, the centres of the beast of stuff like that, so Fauntleroy gas is not really is not the most. Sexy positions, so once you get when they got there and get a sack. Do you segment? they start, you see these era. Dogmas VON miller's, channel john
these clear max the essay How do I change is transformed a game hurried altered again that inspires the younger gas? Ok, so that the skin, fast got, so I'm a little bigger. So let me let me find my let me find my ling and normal whole. It works for them and they able to do what they want to do and that's place. Russian, while in your by the way ships notches. I assume now I don't I'll younger company ears and employers that you ve had you work with nfl guys you work with free agent. S in these guys are working alongside by the way these higher. Kids days. I mean it is a very, very cool group of people that you have up their dignity. it's too here is it does because no, this, I got Jesse here, there's the other day, this gridiron going there having you know, kids from neighborhoods. That would never even know, maybe that these types of camps exist ran it might make it. My does to be honest. I
I don't know if this type of what was happening when around I score anything like that. I don't think so, like I don't know, but I remember this was done, but then, get older in order again, There's like these in granite. We the emission scandal dogma. There's like these things that are happening for certain groups in certain places, and you don't even really know about. Unless you know, people that are in it ain't there, they get kids from inner city indianapolis I've. Never. Even though this thing up there like three times a week bus in their ass, I mean you're talkin about like changing legitimately changing the future. Here I think it's it's not illegal you're, doing gonna teachers light at a high level. but also the opportunity that your present without giving like a hand out right, it's on a hand is like eight. If you, come work, your ass off. You deserve the opportunity to come, learn just like everybody else. I won't I, I think it's incredibly go to watch to appreciate, appreciate you have schools, my arsenal, take in a city, one central,
this happens in every city by the way everywhere in a country where we're talking about a media annapolis right now, the helpful you'll be able to grow to other places right what you're doing this vertical hassle This is fine, and I guess you don't don't dorothy that you love and his form a great caution. and missus all scholarship we're not charging ease or not georgian, but the bulk of our clients, a football student athletes and It is a tribute to the sponsorships cops been the spearhead of spearhead, of that you have all golden sex. You have. Eleven votes in athens caused me nor the courts will not be outdone, inevitable, foreign office. What we in place in italy hollow a minute, we're gonna master. this always how mister darcy has been is if it's a good cause, he's gonna back it everybody. Does this associated with two calls organization?
now that you're saying those names it makes sense. Wherever I look and I see how many people were there in its it's incredible, because the have you I do also understand brownish than did the yankees That is why this is people people then we ve got these may live here. I know that we need to do better business and we should always be a yankee shovel. This point now, joking, but now, when you talk about coaching, though we go J b on the other down. I've got to see me for my last chance, you're netflix only. Why do the grew up in content and he had always a bad might yet exactly what you don't want no smoke. I would assume he's been through some ship when he speaks exactly how, like you did not change, he did not do so. Two act tell you thought the poorest most that he was always himself.
Doing so. I think from watching last change your netflix wow watching him, the guys don't make you gotta, see this guy. You gotta see this guy, so I watch em now make there's a lot cultures like that, like thou, he now is there to. Obviously at every level cause he's a head coach has opposed opposition coach, but reaching kids region dude is thing that poachers have to do like you have to be able to reach. You have to be able to reach. As I said, however, you do what you do it. There are different ways to do it. I think J b was the first part, the be displayed national. I gave this easy style coaching and there's probably deeper conversation that debate about that is well why that has not been displayed in other fashions as well, but whenever you have to do She's gets, though, and you said there come in in news, urinating officers at seventeen people shot this weekend in india this past week and I think in theirs, there's always like even worse small city. There still shit that pops, often every single city, there's a lot of people to come in from out of town of big business. Here, obviously, I mean there's indian apple
he's a very fastening city whenever these kids come you and dan. You know like? I should be at the school in the same game to like a like life and everything like it or is it just kind of an escape for them whenever they get up there? Is it all work like? How do you you know? I mean? Is there a little bit of an obligation or pressure to feel like okay, I got, we thought this kid never hear that he could potentially become a millionaire, unless I tell you know like, is there any of that potential pressure? When we have the doktor, these desperate got a lot of debt. When people, labour, you, oh gee park or coach their cars with responsibility and ass, given them gang the game, a life first because coming up their playful, but naturally ok, yeah, that's death are given, but to give them some advice or to let them see guys that's done on professional level, best been insuperable stuff, like that comes from the same? Humble began there as they come from that that in itself is,
way. More changing life, changing them just go ahead, privacy, cereals. Judges knowing it can had, I think, is a big deal, because it's like a belief like an opportunity and whenever you are talking to him around them. I assume ok, there's this guy, I can remember things to myself, because I never at our high school. I don't know if anybody. What do you want in football? I don't know how many bit like normally people just gonna stay in our school, and I was always man. I wanna be fucking I do like a. How do I wouldn't have a lot of wheat? My parents were really friends with any while two peoples actually complete opposite, they hated him, but I was my dad's first. His name was de clercq, indeed as a know this, but I saw him- and I saw his house in- I saw like the way he talked Emily, a joke in he, he was first person I saw- and I was like probably a teenager, late- teenagers. Ok, so This is how a successful person can operate. Ok, it's not like it is on tv way.
To have a suit yet to be slap you like you, don't have to do that like this is a perfect. that I can look at. Ok, hilarious are seems to be cool, gets along with people. You can make it out there. I think That is a huge thing and that's why, as those numbers grow, a mink chuck begun poaching these highschool care that is causing it's insane majority are presenting a pretty funny story when you open to these keys, like my five years, a move from again so that was pretty young. I was previously vaguely remember vaguely. Remember me We tell them. They would think I came from a big bales and whistles high school to alabama georgia type deal like no. I went to high school and one My classmates was gucci mine, our new low, because they know, Judging from the gonna burn, so take it now they can identify. Ok, I came.
We'll begin his dislike you out on it. I had a goal, so I had to set myself on the path to achieve that goal. I was able to do that. what college it doesn't matter. What college you go to you just need opportunity. All you need is one the school alabama and black college national chance They gave me the heel. The got one offering rapid fleer one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, and that was the last scholarship offer, because the guy that they real when it turned them down signing national signing, they only just had a surplus one. They offered it to me. I shall take procedure lo and behold, I was not fortunate enough to pursue my inner feel dreams, it well, the by the way fucking awesome caused. Did they re good? You friends or know me, was cordial I mean he was a bouldercrest.
The latter is level. It was a lot of ignorance, stuff gone I'd, know whom he knows me in that country is, he came out of jail, they do eat him. Absolute shredded, our people, factually outburst of business, the young immature husky stops here. I could imagine life easy lana at amazon, six, my arrogant, I am sorry that you don't do it. That's on me. A hundred percent with your story is an awesome one and I think is now. I want to say that that's a normal thing in the nfl, but there's a lot of stories in the interval that is why the nfl is so awesome because you're from zone six, peyton gay, is born and raised to be in an affair. Quarterback buying into fell porter back in an animal family. I think using a commercial when he was like four years old, but then, whenever
you get into a locker room. It's like ok, we're trying to win. That's all we're trying to do. We gotta figure is the fuck out and that that is by the way are fearful figure. It for what it is. But that's why like it, and if a locker room is so incredible, just just you too, by the way- and that is such a beautiful depiction of like yours, people from two very, very, very front circumstance on better regulation is from across the tracks from pig, same say same city. Why go together to write to all a faint careers is that's why football is beautiful. Did he was so lucky? I got into a late example, its honour. Whatever but man I was always in nfl fan than what you get in there. It's like this thing is this borders. sport? I had an eyewitness. Ultimately, what you miss about a gang- I don't miss,
hidden, quarterbacks, that the debates and pains are miss the locker room. That's what you miss anything like laughing gas like this? This is silly. Like I brigitte energy, I was a pretty good. There's come that red rum little bit like era, media hype area, only you that guy's dead or for real funny, like yourself from other guys Jesus they try to hold. They get exposing a lot of what an earthquake the area that is, if you give sensitive, that wouldn't turn you don't do you know what is going to mean play the russian, ok and he went the university of pittsburgh. He his career ended because I think he had concussions and one game, That is what happened to him when he went down the jacksonville, they paid him. He was the leader in tackling the courts for a long time from pay, I mean he, this dude dude must strike
straight, you used. I remember him in christiania, actually asked questions about it. It was in tenancy. Having was like the year remember to k. I think he s first first like forest You remember it is so all I remember signalling to sideline and mean Clint had hung out a little bit. You know we had. We had mutual interests, you know things outside of football, but the he had he he murdered. Johnson was. I think it was a couple days before the game we're like chatting or whatever, and said that he knew what the first play the game was merely new one is what play was gonna be in here. when that happens, it wasn't. Just like me was when that happens. He said I'm going with everything I gotta go there and it might have been the first play smacked coolly. I couldn't even fathom him and he said when he saw what he eat off.
Sport in by the way we want to do something for us had more than thirty yards or forty yards. It was a complete. It always better setter, but. concession, just another god like it. When you talk about that locker room me and him should have never been friends or hung out, but I can literally work anyways. It was one of those things where, when I start stand up or we're getting into stand up which, by the way robertson first time, you do a show, I'm front row. He said it whatever first show I'm going to do. It was a couple years I was like I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it like him. I have you mamma gama geometer, so I do it or whatever in walking on the stage. I literally thought to myself I saw you, I saw vinnie gary wrapped, it was there. I forget who else has got Jesus? I learned localization. I guess I was like I've made those motherfuckers, let these eighties
is indiana. Vulture really is the like in the locker room. You learn so much. You learn so much. It shapes you so much. It does everything its awesome- and I was very lucky to be in a locker room with you pal- you stick around while you gotta get out here, no good with limited, we are used to break. on the other side, I need you to rank your favor quarterbacks. It you have set we'll do tat. For you. Don't need a lot, don't you like? Twenty eight you, how many have you set out in a knot? I'm sure the internet not assign the area it's beautiful. I we gotta get so brave back in four minutes. Also, big sources who say this right now I should get it. I was gonna. Do this earlier, pretty big deal yesterday, news came out from a podcast called the d and the broncos podcast rome ii b, I believe, is her name. She's works CBS out in denver. She
story on there about how she had two different sets of sources, one from a golf course, one from a golf crew that John Elway and aaron rodgers have been golfing scene golfing together, and we immediately were like okay, allegedly, this is true, but boy, If John away in error or gulf and get a five hours gulf is a long time there, go and automatic age? They said what that's tampering. I believe in this way we are gathered here, bronze, just quarters quarterback their displeasure. Anything like that by the way that only internet became big deal. Yeah you do is get a big deal. It wasn't all story, we're just reporting what we had heard, because we have a vested interest in this entire thing. Rash. Initial, with that, Going big Horses came to meet case law some sources. Maybe from the golf course. Maybe not. Ok. but the source does have knowledge of the situation rather well say of course today
groups, ah amateur, so they were at the same golf course, but they were nowhere. Allegedly now my source told me times, were very far apart. So there are a couple places on the course that they could have potentially had interaction, laugh what been long if it were job as brewing, was there it looked like we don't know I'll, let you know that was told me now, sources to Roma, something different. You take it out this source. You told me what no, though, not david personal could be line on that I've sent sure. I don't know the person at all previously to this all situation, but I do a little So, as you well know by credible, could be We are not as such, or I was told
that same course to them. groups- and I guess this course is a course that, none of play the ally people got yesterday what he was saying, or she I guess you they're up this one. You get It isn't it was it you take all getting our does or does not have a mustache glasses said there. there could be stories every day about people potentially at that course, because of Of course it is often ice gaffer. He I guess, but is also one of those wants, is not easy to like you get into yeah, nothing more than I guess two ships passing I guess I mean it could be like IRAN or one in a way tat. It could have been either was not told their despair speculative, but then they could own number to tee yeah.
Dont. I plugged be like that, of course I don't know how the way out of it. I don't know of John they're, like each other, but I did hear aroma set a modest. Help people bridle online, her I don't If all bodies lying to Me- but I was thought, said, forces himself. I guess that china, there is little thing enables months ago by the month reason which can abortion. I guess, as we had such cool story, there are more progress wrong with it today. Instead, you know it's on, but on the other side was tat, gave us in the sea. South people go through many changes. Ass we get older nearer four men, one of the less fortunate changes, is that testosterone production begins to naturally decrease in the barn. Did you know this age? I I am aware bennett begins the age of thirty and testosterone.
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Officially a team of time and do vall com he's wearing number. Eighty five, so he said I've always dreamed of being a tight end. Imma go with the traditional standard old. Eighty five, even though I could be fifteen, could be five hundred could be what tim Debo is officially back. urban meyer in jacksonville initial video has been leaked of him walking to practise in his jersey leaders. Not look like how we we see tat, we see in the top off he was body. Go was he was now is put on. It looks like he's put almost bit because he knows you can be in the trenches battlemented out with people. I see a man down here. Robert weeds opted into which you haven't you you'd our respective right robbie make what's purdue, but I think he comes back down, That's why you should get him up at the good I'm going to turn cohabit ya. Think we actually should here. He was talking about how he said wait. Now I've been out a league, ok, I can put on some pads
and I could well around him. Debo is what club legislation right now he said, and I could do that, so we had him on the shelf immediately afterwards and I go ready If you think he's your, if you think he's taken someplace opportunity cool, I understand why you're mad, like that's a very you. Nobody knows where, in a network business the world is a network businesses, ways Jacksonville here above I cannot stand by you saying you're gonna, throw around timetable You told us that he is what pension three seventy ran out. We once or whatever do you think there is a certain thing. Would table that you're alive. thence events. By the potentially has the block, maybe even a corner like as epic com, something I like it. I got blocked by tim tv. I couldn't even imagine a film room training gap rodya for god, potentially gets teabag by tee banana that whole thing this novel, like an easy thing for them right. You just got pancake back quarterback, I don't care what his position right now: you're crazy quarterback. You cannot get pancake
but tim table. I would seem able to do but at the same time wakes don't hit back Yes, are you convinced press whatever you want? What we put to pay his pants back. How come. Why do you think some of the basket tires, were able to make the transition into tight end, and why is everybody automatically assuming the tv won't be able to? Is it because Tito is like sixty one or sixty two, and these guys are normally at six thousand four hundred and sixty five? Or what do you think it is about it, and do you think that ebay has any chance of success. You're a dead end Have you taken guarantee, but in your head you haven't seen him you have is that we must also see them. Do anything, russia. There is obviously a chance to do it, but in your head, do you Do you see like an actual like he's european squad, make a place? Man I'll say these.
him being in those trenches is going to guess odesza. This is a different beast. There is no quarterback protections. There is no no extra referees watching you, so the guys are going to be gunning for him At the same time, I do know him to have a tremendous work ethic. so, if this something that he to be great in he's gonna work towards it, but I'm waiting a wise to fail. So I can't really, their because same time he's a quarter back in. You cannot give blood accordingly, I ll get so excited about a toward her back, potentially becoming its I'd end. You just said which is what we said like is empty uk like what's I understand that people think unifil he might bodily, might completely fail. It is you can hit a curve like canada, carbon. guys and biggest hater of dinner hartfield baseball. You fucking stop needs an easy there, but it It is like its tebow, its tebow. I just We can work, but also he's he's.
sell out that stadium. We ve been down their dared. You go hey dad tarps over that entire taught them, so they couldn't black out the tv local because they had ever sell out or whatever com. The feel like right now with urban come in and travel law it's coming in he's. Ok, let's kick start business now not that that isn't enough to motivate people, but the jacksonville lead. a table gone back in it, that's why this It is a business. I think that some people forget some business transactions. That's otis, pure and simple. You have you ever. Have you ever seen now individually doing that I think wait. I got as strictly as well. There was a bunch of that. I guess Not here, I can't say, did of bombing outside you.
I this mess body here about it. If that's, why I brought it, I will bring, is working and what is it was done in a locker, ITALY, good, let's get some phone call. Shall we robert you minor? it's got. A rocket in denver is rocket, do disguised awake when he was a kid who use the fuckin smoke rocket. What's going on to it, Don't I'm rocket was right with everything I said there. When you were a kid you expressed my name or let your actual name. actual name, not a nickname. Actual named craig? You can't know Herein lies on the heels of our rocco rat de air. That's all here is where you I will you as you may have to be an absolute the name rocket. You can't get get tossed into that.
I mean I tried for a ball freshman year, but in fact sound rocket. You do what you do. I assume you to be account, nor maybe even a ceo one days, a ceo rocket johnson here away, for there are forty one talk about now. on a talk, anomaly broncos stand, but I want to talk about that allowance. I've got that. I won't without man I think, will be able and BP it is coming thief. I think he's been disrespected entire career and he's coming to a team were he has a chance to. bet, he's ever been in. That is ryan its patrick. I want again Here we go ogier rockets now washing football team. There are very good round? If you see maturation by which seems to be a guy here, he picked up. Duffel bond just ran in dutch eyes, like an extended homicides at all, either doktor bone, the team around on that team. allegedly and on all the quarterbacks or potential available. They sign ryan fits magic. Yours,
What's on, rhine fits magic or a journeyman quarterback, going into a game against the rhine fits magic. What are you thinking about? How do you? How do you is that change anything vp, rocket. But I've had the pleasure to play against this measure as you call it. A gay man he's a problem when these hot he's he scorching, but are you gonna wanna, get cold fits Patrick Maybe it's magic, so you're saying there is that of this. This only wish to say that the chicago bears quarterback, o six grossman good Grossman bag rosemary suitable we had bad, and that was good. exercise, our conversation. It's happening that during the week of preparation we lose in one of the girls. You saying: what are you guys saying? It's ok he's not give us one like that's about. Is I'd like to know if you have to prepare for the the good rigs grossman, but I hope for the balance.
Oh, you going to don't know, just stick to you guys in that debate so lose our eye with that. But therefrom Numerous quarterbacks are like that. I assume especially any fc south over the years. There is a lot of things turn around and we don't have to name them specifically, unless you want do, and you can do that, I cannot and you can do that, whoever you want, basically, I'm doing it, but you gotta lotta, I say there more streaky, quarterbacks monarch assistant, not think us, I'm up on this point that peyton Andrew those are consistent, guys, you're, gonna be great every week we can't we go you like Tom Brady, drew breeze and roger these god that you know you know you gonna get unless you bet among a I think everybody thinks those guys just grow on trees by the way they do not pay is one of those. Just like the packer situation. That You saw this whole thing planned out your culture or whatever, but like shepherd said,
accumulation of information- and I just so happened to drop it on draft aid, but it became like the biggest story of all time. It turned into packers. Vanstone aerodromes he's a piece of shit and again I am to begin a big deal or whatever, but people just think like having an aaron rodgers got will get another disease spread far and we are very lucky. Big andrew was immediately after paint or whatever, but man, if you get one of those guys you're, not gonna, win patch march or its years ago can city guys amount it good for them, congratulations for them. They tore out Psmith get other. It's not easy to find a guy. I think that is a very big misconception this, because everybody is gonna, be great effort. whenever the coming of the nfl Kosovo's career, this duty The greatest is how big is already a number for tightening the accelerator pro football focus rated. this is number four tight in any intervention. By the way I believe carpets has just begun
ok, I'm nothin, but love god, grass copies of darkness, but to put him in its opposite ends at the end of every now over guys and played for ten years, and he had a very long days is what's wrong with everything that's going on. I don't know what he's a look at Gas has not taken a snap year so until the You cannot put them in the top five. Nothing! That's what I think so too, because we have no idea how pits by the way- and I think this is a difference between being in a locker room- they cover again. I don't think even if you're, just even if your media percinet around every day, ok in you and by I consider a lot of them to have a voice The amount of knowledge on the unofficial. It is vital to the end of a success that media that is invested in anything like that. But unless you been in the meetings where you ve seen or seen. Somebody who looks the greatest athlete of all time in
school in college they were dominant and then you watch em in like two browsers. I got this guy fuckin sticks and why why these? You have no idea. What's gonna happen. That happens all the time he is hot garbage. This got any less the height the height machine. So I don't know like, to tidy, but here a lot of good things about, but until then I'm gonna wait. Do you put it on a few? I hope these great I hope he's right, but the quarterback thing is very difficult. Either says he has an entire quarterback less. He wants to put up there, go ahead, z, toss that thing up there. It dangerous is this. What is this? is a breakdown of the people.
Ass. I sat adding up to one hundred and twenty eight and a half per cent by le congrats. I got five on tom ready first guy ads on right. Now we have a few minutes here. Tom Brady was the guy is usually ordinary grabs patriots at its root on the ground. You told him we go to hell last time. I think you told him next summer, zoom you're gonna beat him up. So its hope that happens at some point today, but sombre jewels. My slip out of stuff up his master plan. The air tat is but Tom Brady. Obviously your favorite, Lack of votes on the top three ok I'm gonna go in number three stephen. There the urgent, because you know swag alleging that fret brother outburst of this but he was the reason. John terming and the coast calls dungeon the pony they drafted. because he was given us problems.
Like where we need two guys, The white myself to come, get jason, go get him and to be able to. I guess, do your job noticed there was there was cannot. There was very instrument, Lombardo yeah, that's the reason why we're gonna bring in somebody else. We have to wait here, but we need another. One of the reasons to do ass, you see mcnair. It went I tell you that? Do they tell you that nobody told me that initial visit, but you know you gonna. Take that what the grain a sullen to you drive me. So he and he told me again after drafty john, link not a great deal uncle gibraltar recipes large absolute leave, my eye We need you to go, get steaming there. Do it when we want to win is division. You dangling stay that first time now it had to be like. you're right, you're right bills, get no. He shook me off to do no more to god that I fully expect to see at the ringer honour november, twenty my friend martini,
former opponent, peyton manning all red jerseys in practice. Don't let's bacon and you better not give within three years. Are you gonna be? Could have you seen it happen ass in yemen? He's in there? essential greatest walter. Yes, that's my man amount rushmore, foreshorten anna was also lead to. I think a safety awol hopped on it or didn't remember rosea by his hair, was out about so this, while wasn't should about things that we social democrats down, but that night and they were, I think the for whatever reason, a gap brought back up into social media the other day. That was an awesome wasn't having. I was an incredible. I foregoing appeared again was that that blowup shut on this? Ok, ok, pettengill strikingly, so you know when that happens. When I make a tackle in, I tried to explain this The people is like that is I failed at everything else supposed to do if I'm making the tackle my job
was tat like whatever I just did, did not work. Ok, I'm getting paid to, pin I'm getting paid to go and I'm trying to set the defence you'll, be in like a successful position. That is literally what my jobless as kick up. I am finding it so it's on my way to tackle it was like I was Happy like. I was not happy that this was happening because I thought them. The team I potentially did I do my job anywhere near what has pursued and ultimately they are nothing to paid position. Have like a it's like. This is not a this. Not good because all my dad was. I was rather angry on right in that one blow drain and holiday, and that was just a lucky thing. You know, like literally he's very fast, I'm running my maximum speed after it spend move on a guide, but I was running maximum speed, so that could have been just amiss completely there. I got lucky, but turn around. Obviously, and I see their sidelined and I'm a little like god, while fuckin eyewash, I, what am
ok. So then I jogger ever the coming on the field at that's on all defence who should be passed in Iraq because I still peyton about fifty. Basically, it was was the answer is it citizens are doing? Now? I got u s after you're on the idea that you raised its reward, but entire defects, I think pat anger, I think he ran in he hit the top of my head like offers allows one and on. I believe I forgive us, forget what was somebody came and like punch me in the chest in algiers vice ponto k is cause. I thought it over a little bit here, get one of great small time with very short video, so good luck out there, and then they show the replied the entire place, one bonkers! I was about puke, I think I'll. Still, though desmond whatever I'm like, I should begin fired for what seems to be the complete opposite result else knows of good looks
It was fundamentally unsound use our position with whatever you hurt. You thought it to a new meaning tat. Thank you. I turned out. Ok, thank you, and by the way you know for this reason I have talked on the earlier about this. He was most block beyond that. You know, and he came up I think he thought maybe brother law where brother alone or whatever and I hit Let's move it made to tackle in the end actually see him come up in on the sidelines. You see him do this or whatever, because he knows unfilled, like don't kick the adage like he's gonna have avoided. Have somebody blocking me, so I think there was a little bit of respect. Maybe here I've had a full interaction, design kind of fucked him over and in that you knock as we did kind to limit the agreement. You broke the new book, the directory there's a moral duty. I do feel bad about our low no, but that hit it one that is top five worst forms
make, but I feel, like I had a couple wrapped up home at the helm in a little bit but made up. I feel like I I d ran through him about to think, but I use that I speak on their use at icebreaker culture, the air from the defence of the early and have your down their J t. Tell me that and then a number one has to be the guy you it pains me to see, a doctor, we worry as a year as a result and told me not to solving how I'm going to fall back on that you're thinking, but it was so hard to get him because he released the football. or fires, and he know exactly and worries guy with it and to be able to get to him throughout the night. Of course, in my career, the big robberies that we head on he's, he's hidden shoulders tops they. We were playing them every year by, it was. It was for between us patriots in pittsburgh. We use
past it if she crown around so it was. I was you gotta be knowingly, because you know you don't have to go up there in january. You know say with the elements and foolishness communist mass hole had they the gets about an environment of fans whereby always says like shadows loud and like shit like that I understand, but the mass holes they conduct themselves in a fashion that is disruptive to the away tat her out. I know it is a place in the bodily neither amateurish date. They they. These They would have you in a week for tom and bill there. There's gonna be just like whatever weak we'd be played, broncos finger, but I hope tangle obtained and drop one hundred on well how how could just as well I just don't like painters, so you did you don't mind Tom down a damp erna come again. You hate,
I'm a damper. No man is english because of our not doktor, bruce areas that my love for him far outweighs my disdainful for time, but I don't know dislike him as a man he's coolness, Hale, YAP everything I heard he brought me to raise like they did. You know You can invest in crypto currencies through your retirement account. That's right with. I trust you can buy and sell crypto currencies from crypto irate and get all the same tax advantages as a traditional irey. I trust cap. Allows you to invest and over two dozen of the most popular crypto currencies and unlike the stock market, you can buy and sell twenty four hours a day. Setting up an eye is free and I trust has no account opening fees and no monthly fees, but I trust capital you can get. the tax benefits of retirement account, while investing in crypto sign up today
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so he's he's, got these camps. Scott gridiron gang, basically in it started with him. Cochin ass for and they were just on a field literally felt like it was him and like ten, it's, maybe fifteen kids in there. going to work in an hour. Continued to do what he sought, bringing in other positions and other things, and they have done point. Now, where it is massive, they got. Sponsors its pan for kids. That could never. For I mean it is huge he's doing really well, I'm incredibly impressed by the day because of the amount of work that he has put in. Probably for this is fucking massive autism, just like the logistics of trying to do stuff. Like this remark emails you have descended form she up your people, what I would not only forms have you had to fill out you, Robert fuckin beer, for this camp I was soon there's a lotta. We were just talking about the amount of busy bullshit work. You probably have to do with this system.
made it first First, it was canoe to talk in the microphone. bullshit joining it lays down a robber man, hey man, ages here he said, he's obviously big fanny yours. What he's gone into the colts ring of honour this year? What's today november, twenty kittens you have your speech already ready. What you going to do. Are you going to count for the previous coach ring of honor induction that we've learned that there is an echo little bit of an echo the you know, there's a lot of things. I think you have to prepare for this moment. can a watch them study film on the white, what he did last time you don't. You spoke for like a minute because his nurse- he can't he kind of neurons show so I'm gonna, I wonder, lab or mr running the show was invited you I'm a cop for life and
gimme magic articles, your last game. It was you game. Last play you come off the field the jumbotron has zoom in on you usually point the code on your helmet, I think- and I beg you just Then he sat down in ITALY. like a moment where was like for me as like eighteen may, was like as the enemy fuck him here and I think of vans also sought is well. You took a tremendous amount of pride in the fact that you are only pain for the court's right o fourteen years in one place, and I got to retirement terms and as something very few people not even than that. The goat, the goats Tom Brady patent, big they didn't even to this. So in order to just play fourteen years get to announce my retirement and then go out and play the game. Didn't get get the reception from affairs widows. Could you do?
be loyal to the shooting that was AJ used to be like that. That was the salt, like ham, be on the same team, and then business always gets in the way. You know it now. I think it's so much different, don't you think AJ like now? I'm not understand sure that that is necessarily the goal anymore. You know that guy to be the go, I'm not sure that is anymore. Just because of how the business has change immensely. I'm not saying it's. The general something I just think business is change. You think it I mean you guys I am probably that a rookie user just knew we drafted their pride, not thinking aid. This is gonna, be here for the next twelve to fourteen years. That's what I'm going to play here- they're, probably obviously they they would love to Edward said one. If you could you d like to do it like robert, but that's very difficult to do so. I wonder if kit kids, I'm guesswork guys get drafters rookies our young methods without any yeah. I wonder if what there is that everyone cross their mind, mackay, I'm gonna try to play for one organization Robert. Your thoughts on like cancer a change in the locker room allies like from it
many of my career till the end of my career and I'm not I'm not a house and shore if you notice it is well whenever you're in there the rules of the game was changing, it felt like society was changing. Everything was kind of changing like in. I have maybe in a locker him during it at the thought of- and we talked about this a little bit last hour and I can, with your age s thoughts MR calculates was rated the number for tighter and, in the end, a photo, thereby profile you deserve, but while Robinson zenza, basically indifferent fashion, but the all the hype, the hype you know, you're not inspired by the way, is not complete father. They put him on, we agree and suck up its while we don't have to bury carpets. We think carpets will be good, but this is poor, The problem is, I think, so, like people, you know, there's a lot of avenues to speak in. I by the way, is sound like a massively hypocritical thing to say, but I feel like when I well. He was never like in.
I was never getting hyped up like a on this on this and this before ever really doing. Anything now feels everything you said this is like a height machine. I saw you. something about a young pass russia, and I think you actually sit on this. Can shut his s up in the angel work into. He could be great. Do you think that their we're gonna be like any old school tat does, because it feels like everybody, wants no guys like hey, listen, you can make massive amounts of money on the internet. You should be doing this type of stuff you should be doing is so I don't ever blame the players for this type of stuff, but it really is, I'm not I'm censure its conducive to being the absolute best football player. You goodbye, we'd be whenever that other ships happening just a my wrong and think, and that an do you see this is well. No, I don't those social media, Is this a height machine, so I think he's gonna board not boil down to the type of person that declared woods is, if he's a humble guy, eventually it it is. That's on the show,
you tell me you, referring to our papa williams, he's one of my god. One of my do athletes he's been with those for a few years and to see his bro. has come at a senior high school and I got more time. Don't don't believe you shit spain in hotel you'd know you gonna go to college and you're gonna be a freshman or overdue. If you're fortunate enough, you get it into fail, you gonna beer or workers work, so you have to prove yourself each and every time, and if you get caught up in our people, kissing you as you gonna fall by the wayside and other that's. Why you're cancer important by absolute I'm gonna talk shit, you coach, boozer, you goats, who said like he,
It was basketball, he's player. Beale, maybe might have reminded me of the appeal, said everybody thinks you're going to the nba to give the NBA wanting. I'm averse to have take my spot in front of you can beat me one I want so. I would assume that whenever you are talking these guys it these camps, erle douglas, I'm a couple years, But if you want to give you a few would have take my spot till I get it. That's a realisation is something has now. It feels like a j every It's gonna be the greatest everybody's, going be the greatest no time dislike. two years from now allow these people are talking about a majority of reach It's just a majority. The people who live there now are gonna and I like it. I want to make a billion dollars, but really it tells us that there is good chance, you guys you gonna, stick a J and I feel like the hut. at some point whatever curve we ever learn from it or would just continue these something more partners do let's, let's often get it was we are part of. This. Is well but under saying it can, if I don't know, I just think it could affect things: asia, a miracle.
There's, there's always gonna be outliers, and we look at trevor lawrence that guy's kind of a throwback than you see he's not caught up in ideas. He's been the man from day. One, since he was probably take it, throw football and you haven't seen him out their self known all over the place, whether whether you agree or disagree, I gotta pick either. While we go about a good, I think do whatever suit your personality. he's Conover you didn't seem to be caught up in a year in and by the way you can make a lot of money off the field. If you use the platforms at your given to make things, so I have not about respect for it, but I do Don't you have to keep the maintain the magazine, the maintenance as that thing grows. As the eu just natural forests lamentable the other night with the hornets I get you get in the play off stood ever games rant on tv like, and I am not saying that he was not true. to win, but I know a few necessarily has that might like all the other beyond national tv every single night. If I make a blast, I should be one the ball out here, because that'll help everything else, but now he has made a mess,
mt of cash over his eliza mazzoni I do, but I feel it gets those things where people who knows, but the content is everything it's like yeah, but also like getting on nash tv oversight is also a big deal now. It also helps out there what they all got kind of each other by think works experiencing quite a change in perfect, sports in the world, and more just don't shit in the microphones everyday. While we go about doing that J aids on Iraq. The situation you like to tell me a robber math is rising like that. I wish, add something forty pratt now nothing. What did you find out, though, about the golfing situation? Ok, so I did think about this. In the first hour in Robert he learned about it as everybody else did, is well. He had some interesting thoughts on it, but I was told with somebody who would know? Ok, I die the girl. I never met this person before, but this and would now I looked into law, but they say
same golf course: different groups different time. at this particular golf course, they feel The allegations of people being with each other could be made up there and then I was soon John, our way in aaron rodgers golfing at this course. It's probably a pretty nice course. They said they were not the same group or whatever. Basically, they could of potentially had conversations on the course somewhere. Who knows, but it could have been for long, allegedly is what I was told I could be lied to rome ii per sources could have lied to her as well. I mean who knows what this entire thing, but from what I gathered is it's a pocket knife Of course, all I gathered from his environment is this. Is a nice golf course agent bait? What you gotta do is that both played on the golf course that day, but not in the single. That's why start cutting out the poker. Though she said I like her boyfriend's brand or something play poker in john away in Iraq. Sat down at the table
ok, so I did that guy may befall shit hunters gmail. That could be a little, but I fear yesterday you don't you, don't see a blind, but I don't see any unless they knew the people, I don't think they do join random poker game golf clubs locations might be wrong? Ok, women! Women! wouldn't long stores all fucking years and we set a lively, but I did get attacked out there. Then it lead so much too said, source to semi information, and I did read the order. It was a man or woman It means you. I want to give my source secret by fucked it up tim team. officially a member of the jaguars as of this morning, age, a hawk. Rubber math is The thing that we all kind of sad is its tim debo. He refused to give a guess on how debo will do is. I would like to see the tape. Ok, I would like to see his hand in the dark. Basically, the rubber got. Absolutely you just think like hazy. Maybe you could, we again, but it's gonna be on us need to see to fail
nobody pandit? Ok, I need you to say I did you say, he's gonna be super champion. An empty p, tight and he's gonna. Take carpets is bought home, while the here will sit in he's and even if he self, no, they don't I'll, be sudden and care about them, sucking healthcare. They say a lot about the city. Business up a j zau dissolving would go in. They could potentially click that and say that you said that you did not say that, but I think it prejudgment right now, can t about. I don't just in so hard is so hard to predict on what's gonna click is what is. I honestly believe that every single year, this guy could be great, he could stink looks much different than he looked down at top off. I've also looks like He's got a little bit more. Barely ruddy, too. You know mixed up in a trenches with the same man down you, love amount. It is your thoughts aging on this becoming official in and how do you see a single you? Look brilliant mecca oil
good, I'm an obviously physically timmy, always looks good. I feel like like rob yet in like mickiewicz said on your show. Lastly, you cannot like there's nowhere to hide, I think. Even in I don't know what ok look like, but eventually get with the paths on, and I guess that's when you get to know what what how he can be down the trenches car hesitated. I agree I mean, I think, we're all say the same things except for the piano earlier on. I think, though, no pretty quickly one william alike today using don't know today or you think it look on not today by me it doesn't have a good idea, promote years and many care, but then, once you get trained camp within the first five or six days, I'm sure they have a feeling of light how what did his financial ceiling may be liberalizing day when the paths comrade that was like the in our locker room, I mean I assume that everywhere, but there was a couple years where people have bigger the ace We have some big otiose people that I don't think I ever knew existed, but they came in and around seven on seven, they were fog in bali, and then
First, they pads come. You know I was perry, como, yeah, really good, guys, really go home and then, at first day a pads united everybody s, gonna get psyched upward, but the defence seems to be much more ready. for them the orphans and regular basis, but boy that first a pad. You see some people disappear rope. Why am I hey? Listen, I don't blame you. I wouldn't fucking do either by your monster. player now than you are just a couple weeks ago in that's kind of game. I guess regularly fiscal and everything you want. The threat of physicality is prey. Oh, you see a whole lot of people took detail. So that's why we love perry como. That's all everybody's always do stuff that for that particular practice, because now we you, but my favorite quote one my favorite causes from tee. He says you want to overthrow me. You're gonna have to show me ah and you within two years, is no quotas like say we're in underwear one
underwear you? Haven't they gas up somebody else's gas up, guys ability guy, don't do your job got your job absolute Is this amazing me that first practice padded practice a whole lot of guys got to down? de I voted for this guy you're. Not there's been hundreds and that have come to reject this door like every other place. It's just the way. It goes. Thank god have to do any that bullshit body, but you're thinking to be early on what terms, but we'll find out immediately upon contact. I think he's I have a more rope than the normal tidy and convert so Adams because his bid, This is business and you do not sell that stadium day. Another procedures are never done that ever in its we do. I we we don't like that. It's that way, wish every person that was qualified for opposition gap
they most qualified person that ever position, not just in football but in life like I wish it happen, but here. In reality, that's not a fucking more complicated. So it's like, I understand how we can yell at a goddamn wall. If we want to just like you I'm getting back, we're we're gonna change their everyday how'd everyday, we're gonna be ones around tragedies. Well, we open a future that is changed, but now teapot zone at that. Getting walk. We will find a wholly jones allegedly on a trade bloc. Robber matters. I don't know if you have done me when I have. I have texted Chris ballard directly and told him what the fuck are. We do it. We got we got the cap's base, t. Why could you imagine two? I was only on the other side. Carson whence looks unbelievable by the way they got. Footage of him promotes easier back in a building. He looks happy, he looks pump him and why have thrown together a couple times numerous times now they like each other. They love each other key wise excited about it. It feels
if we are to get it now, pairs gambles back rock in the one. He looks good out their michael pigments back rock into once. He comes back off a nineteen yard, okey season with one touch down here, die who, if he gets going to be but all the tools available, your thoughts, Robert and if you were a team, would you so try to get him absolutely? If you go back a year, we we, drafted up cigana first round from san Francisco forty point the force, but he was now he played out depend out. Think polio were the first round major brought about the other thing. I said it's gonna, it's gonna come back they're, gonna trade him and it's gonna be like us in a fourth or something every fan base in echo that every famish Indiana fell will be, but that's what's gonna happen for some reason in g, I guess it's the contracted. June, what I think is when the action will potentially happened. I think, are the only two thousand save like fifteen million if they try them
June one just like bodily, I'm not saying it. John away, an errand we're not governed as they were, but post your one, our largest contract, it's very different as well. Certainly, nobody but polio, you get a monitor like you did and wondered, and that's how I feel about gm. But you I'm happy to hear you agree with us. that John Elway air, rogers and golf course contest Azerbaijan, airway pain, meaning and a bowling alley allow arrived. They win the superbowl, like hey without the junta, even play. I feel a little bit in the end. I think only it is that guy, yes go. You gotta get our golf course. Maybe a boy you saw chicken wings are sought, Lana lands, great spread of places. Where you can watch you know professionals, do incredible things on a state in any have great,
we exert absolute. Ah, my guy limit peppers was it in parliament, every family, little body down in the nba bubble in some trouble in the people, our judgment or like you haven't, had does on the usa outside emporium no, is touching alone in a comfortable, the wings no by the ale emporium by the ways here in indiana, and it makes no sense how good they're, fucking wings are known. Damn harmon mockery, monarchies people travelling to this place to get these wings, but the I've had some great may. Pat man had summah hats greatly. but to thirty three, a m in atlanta after the sugar, but my freshman year, Lana bright
those wings or were, would you gonna? Love is animal place, but why do you recall? I was the only talk asian within a, I think, maybe ten mile radius, maybe J b, was in the was ass. It was a was great time down their coolio, though aging could you imagine now? Let's just do a couple couple teams, but she took up the teams say: could you imagine julio you personally on green. They fuckin backers. No, I'm saying, could you imagine no, why one of the key points now but, alas, danger than age who ask him as regards ready to me, but the agency. Could you imagine him with their? Could you imagine him in like tend to? If you go to ten different places like corleone A squad error there now
because anywhere and when will you put him on any, came in a league right now and say that same think we're going out. So I think the do especially absolute and I feel like water savers in Debbie's, when they are asked to talk about like what else they always go aside from oil. Like that is always like it. Just like you do with quarterback like most positions, to attain a sovereign quarterback like this is our goal, with what does she was roused aside from the fucking guy at the end, you runs and acid and everybody. he's gonna. How goes I just build that's a move. You gotta so sorry to interrupt this conversation? That's cooking right! Now! Yes, it s cook, ironically, but how important it is to get a good night rest, don't they need to go do nicely. I didn't get a great nicely last night and by the way, this war we could tell, but then the energy of the data and got after but people for your entire life bonds and makes you sleep on. I get a good night's sleep made. You're, a good night's sleep make sure you get a good night's sleep tonight,
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we have a guess joining us right now is most beyond thirteen minutes. Go that's on upset my fault alongside age, a lot the boys- and I will be, ladies and gentlemen, the insider from the end of our work and of other come in and those of the best show that it is currently sitting in high. It is raptured inferences in germany in rapid, granted, evil, cool yeah? I wanted to ask. I was asked before ambrosia you're, my last gonna. Is it ok that especially summer, when I may may not have play golf this morning that I dress down and were had. Is that ok, I wanna golf course with John wayne aaron rodgers or where, where we ve got a good, do you can come on in a polar whenever you want pal you go with us. I loved that story. It's one of my Now my favorite off season were obviously the obviously be stafford mcveigh cobble rumour. What up would be number one, but this is adding number two
well. I saw an era of you heard me say this earlier and I assume you did and you probably have a similar source in this situation that reach out to you, I was told from somebody that would know. Ok. This is not. Erin or elway, but I know somebody from potentially from the course the gay same course. Different groups, though that's what I was yeah yeah yeah yeah. I would say myself: would confirm your source, not that I would need to confirm that think. Everyone knew that you are on it. I was told they both played gulf that day but did not play together. So you know I guess crisis averted, but the, The temporary rules are caught, not we but I would say even if they had played gulf, you know there's positive that they sort of know each other frowned. anyway, so, like let's say they run
to each other and at some point have like some sort of coffee, soda. Is that hampering I mean packers- aren't gonna try to men away. I don't think so I mean, unless you do about not a lot, but still fun store of age is a question for you, but let's get right to a right. Now, the the rogers thing this morning: alcoholic. I believe, What about folio john saying, there's, potentially a trade in and somebody for an hour. Breathing was saying what there's been no movement right now, so we'll get to that. But the aaron rodgers thing I think as you know, on yesterday, and this morning said they are in conversations for alone and plunge like the last time you were on. You confirm that there is potentially subcontract conversations that had area. Have you heard any updates on this? It's been eagerly quiet from the aaron rodgers packer situation. Since the accumulation drop, came out of nowhere. I think right parties, you, I mean, I think the point has been made. You know he's he's
Sleep unhappy wants a new contract wants commandment want security wants contractually based on guaranteed money to be the unquestioned starting quarterback attackers, as he has earned the right to be here. Quite a good, quarterback arms and sell some might say one of the best in the game, so I think there's no I should lose earned it that's what he wants so yeah I mean I don't know that he needs to say anything right now: all that has been said and I think the packers have said it to like. Even and I will for his last press conference. He was kind of like we should always said and we still need it in its really now, like what happens next. Do there getting a deal and my kind of weird thing about this is like I dont know when the deadline is like these deals happen when they have to happen that the only time anyone bends basically in life. So like the start of otas, which is not going to go to the thing that makes the deal comes. Gathering, I'm not really sure
to me. Maybe before many camp we would see if something happens or even before training camp like I don't I'll get the sensor. These coming to a head, an exemption you, don't think that they will try to him. Is that just from here, like the floors, are you here in anything from from back channels like that either there the like now your plan for us or nobody From what I understand haven't answered, anything they haven't, engage they haven't answered the Heaven there. I know there's been trade calls, but I dont believe there been any trade talk in asia. The problem is so like. Let's, this is not the but let's say the packers were into trading aaron rodgers. Let's say they want to get a fair deal. How in the world you even get a fair deal without knowing that you're gonna have someone, good, is aaron rodgers to replace him like how many draft pigs are you sure you know that you're getting aaron rodgers like that's? Why to me so few of these
heels actually happen because the team giving up there judge, quarterback, never say you know, uh. Ok, I'm I'm, oh, am I doing this because I'm deftly getting this guy back, I mean that's, that's the problem, and that is why, for the pact, I just don't know that it makes sense unless they literally have those you're, not just gonna. The grass is gonna, be proud. we're dead on the other side for at least a while, not granted, there's been the bread to air and important andrew there's been moves that have happened in the past, but fun fun. The guy is not. I mean it's tough to do. It's not! You never wanted you rather than now and in the same vein of that whole thing. It later, with holyoke re airways Is our body assuming that he's gonna be traded because the contracts as you should be traded or is the alina falcons want to move on? Because I want polio, isn't indianapolis? Call I've actually texted chris valor directly and told him what are we in doing you're like he bought he gave me no answer. I think he didn't you
like a laugh reaction thing. I did even send words afterwards right that there was an even by the way, if I get anything I'll, send it to you that I will let you know our fisheries, but is that more like fairytale ain't? He wasn't on schedule and scheduling. We think that an ever monograph ikey was in the three de thing, but the animation takes months to make. Probably so I assume the in there is. Is there Antonio moves in folio moves any constructive, our third and fourth flounder, there's gonna be thirty one deems grand bases that are like. Why did we not get oleo? There were. How is this whole thing play it wiser to wait? Is I don't think he goes for a third and fourth I mean I do that, also like if you're here you're the falcons. Why would you like if you're gonna trade, him you're gonna get something would yet when we think about your terrifying another new gm falcons. You are, if you
are going to trade holier you're going to do for something where you say what people like. I had to do this because they offered me up first round packard whatever it is, the contract is a lot. He is obviously a great receiver who did not win out when he places incredible but did not play sixteen games. Last years, older he's got an incredibly awful contract and I think it's a team that they don't need to rebuild to want to say it's. Not a bad idea get out from under this like brutal contract for eight thirty something receiver wasn't. the field all the time. Why you're? So I would say he might this day of this is. They are open to it. it would have to be a lot and I would say if he was going to be raided before the draft made sense, the fact that he wasn't traded before the draft makes me think it
taken injury like some receiver for some really really good team goes down and they say this is our window we're getting a little more familiar. They were originally thought because we just we want to win and use the missing piece. That's the way. I think he s to it. If I was, yeah. I'm givin up law What team is just right there like I can go in. is the difference between me and jams, unplanned checkers. I've set it not just I'm trying to win right now, gimme that guy he gets on a team were immediately barriers like ten teams realistic earlier. If he was to go to that same it be like by do you immediately potentially get going there? Canada are actually not. The texans. Have fifteen different quarterbacks on their rosters, it's safe to say that there is probably no chance you shall watch with them or with any other chimney and of other season. No I would not say that, and by the way he's been nope just
rogers is no movement went to shawnee there I mean another with some above about potential settlement. A couple when I was voting dick argue, the wanna told riches, and that is rich eyes and said, and I just assumed it with somebody- is an incentive for networking set on the show that doin addressed He had heard. The reason why I was quite is because there is a potential settlement governor something happening. It are you the one that just goes up the rich and says this is why this is this. Is it that arose at somebody else or because I just need you all get that information Oh, you know rigid riches very well connected, but it always interesting though he is he's on multi. Multiple platforms he's bigger is big deal so congrats on youtube and seriously phone network. Why are you guys also?
on our guy, is beyond narrows on show that aired from my three a m: the six, a local tat morning, forbore to fell. I m aware it got, cancel radiology mix, lot yeah, but the it was interesting that both the warriors came out and essentially said that urban settlement talks and one lawyer said settlement, never going to happen in russia. Harden came out and was like this guy's been calling me all the time to try to settle. I was just true and It's really a question of how much is going to be made, and this with the lawyer said how much is going to be made public and we're gonna, find out the amount of the alleged victims gonna be allowed to speak. I mean there's. A lot of things need to be settled before that it actually get settled, but as far as the minos farce their quarterbacks, I dont get the same It has anything to do with watson. Just like blackboard than have anything to do with our rogers. It really just. I need some They go on practice.
Maybe maybe they have a court about competition between ryan finally, inject risk on driscoll about money, twenty fifty thousand dollars, but like that's not tackling on tenfold, you know, there's a chump change in the courtroom. hey we're both third for enforcing quarterback, still nfl, humanity. And oh, I knew that. Thank you gains out of him by the way I have to tell this story. I remind people this. Actually knew by retirement before everybody else. He was a part of this skit for Retirement he held onto it or euro G. For that, because I assume in your business you either you think. You're gonna be news at all, or actually respond the game which I appreciate now I was hardly nervous. It was gonna get out now would lose the school by shorter god. I was like you know. I've held plenty of things for the right time, so a trade can get
So contracting get done, but this was a fun one, and I was I was asked was symbolic rather was added superbowl party, yes holding my phone, so I would get tax to fire then I I got to put it out there and then I'll just watch the retreats commitment. By the way, I thought everybody would think it was bullshit does it was on comedy sensual that that particular verbal weak. How would I say you don't join in barstow, whatever I'm retired, and would have a good time Ian's a part of the announcement right, Greg olsen, who is now the leader of tight, end university and going to be on fox? I think he was a part of their was what fifty over embargo in there we walk through, like maybe an edifice hotel, there's something nobody had a coup. It came out of nowhere that the fact it Nobody like that. I thought to myself like awesome, but also the way
he's gonna, be news care. Not everybody not occurs. Is these kinds of things seriously like drive me crazy? Let's say A team announce is something that I wanted to break or someone else break something and then find out later how many people new like all People Knew- and no one told me that's always like thankfully, can it be on the inside of me, the mcafee region, but on some of the others. It's me crazy, like no one could just now which were something to me on the site, has to make you questions of your relationship with china, taiwan, it I have, you heard any buzz from Jacksonville about how our team to bow has performed. Thus far. Today yeah, he looked very good early. I ought, I will say this I caught the picture on line of him walking his jersey looks great. Thus rightly, we can all agree on their. I asked earlier I would say you not having the scoop earlier today that he was gonna be wearing number. Eighty five,
that was your was right. Now she was a pretty good ones like there's no thought fifteen, maybe five, whatever the case the old school, but he's a no. When I dreamt of being the title I dreamt of being than the aids and grand eighty father, I have a question for you. You have an arms was mentioned, the questions, the mcafee shows stance. What is the official tebow's stance? Are we with our four? We again? Why are we here for the popcorn? What is we love dreamer unstinting that literally we understand that people that are saying he's taking somebody spot and potential opportunity. We understand that but we also know that you know dingy those jacksonville legit, ok, the high school there he's gonna, sell out that place him in urban. My he made obermeyer, probably two million dollars you out, so it's like a relationship is, as we all gonna, have the reality of this thing, while also optimistically hoping that timetable
didn't into the ends in front of those pause. We don't know what's going to happen, but that's our stance, honesty, and what have you heard anybody? that hate this decision in vienna fell or understands the business as opposed to everybody else. That does in this form, So they just don't understand like this is one of the most inevitable things I've ever seen if debo once points, identity, Annabel urban mire Just got a job in the interval he's from Jacksonville it's in jacksonville this just going to be something that's gonna to happen. Judges we don't like it, but that's gonna be how it is. You know I'm with you, when I found out during draft week that he had worked out. I was actually kicking me. because I'm like how did I not even think to ask about this earlier because die, like obviously is going to do in the jaguar, I think it s like the opposite has been fans who then not thrilled about this frustrated. Whatever from a well to get hurt anybody complaint because it sort of like
it's an training can spot it's. Ninety aspire like ok, you know, like steel, or if you ever waste everyone's time, it'll be kind of fun and would it be makes the team, like he s, it makes the team. It will be worth that he will have around it and our lady asgard touchdown and now be in the end, if tea party, maybe shots mustache is sitting in the stand some this year, maybe buyers got the wizard quarter in tibet, goes up high point now. I want to invest in that right now. They had already balls. I soon does everything locked down, but trevor warrants swelling I think too, to bow is shot in the pool to new danger to build congrats don t could stick, but that could happen as well. We have no idea, that's. Why isn't as big a deal is our body makes a booklet celebrate the shit out of it? Ladies and gentlemen, the host of a show that he's on hide is for.
front. His show insider, I soon probably an average golfer. Ladies and gentlemen in rattle, can't thank you enough for Jews and listen to show the fact that you allow us to spend time with you every day. I am eternally grateful for thought. Tat, yes, thought that tie pat. Hasta again upon squat has gone. We don't southward, pretty you! Yes, we still are usually epic, those at the end of the week when every one kind of get their submissions in again sent pictures. Now you just push the hashtag that's hard inside out it gets. It gets lost in the mix, throw picture up what suit you don't give me some money. We appreciate you also so much ass when a time will thus have an incredible thursday night. We're back tomorrow with a feel good friday from the fund will be chosen. Tampa bay for lord area type, policewomen impediments can prevail. These people into a beautiful thursday night will see. Then cheers
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