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PMS 2.0 439 - Feel Good Friday, Darius Butler, Sean O’Malley, Ian Rapoport, and AJ Hawk

2021-06-18 | 🔗

Todays episode Pat and the boys are joined in studio by former NFL DB, Pat’s former teammate and current host of The Man to Man Pod, Darius Butler. The boys are down in Tampa as Pat prepares for another episode of Friday Night Smack DAHN on Fox. Pat opens up today’s show with sending it back to Indy with the Hammer DAHN boys who have rather large bet placed o a Euro’s soccer match. Pat then gets into it with MMA fighter Suga Sean O’Malley previews his upcoming fight and has an electric overall conversation. Next NFL insider Ian Rapoport joins Pat to discuss the latest rumors around the NFL. Pat and Darius react to the breaking news of tomorrow, juneteenth becoming an official national holiday. Pat finishes off the show with a surprise visit from AJ Hawk. Make sure to subscribe to  youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow and listen every day on Mad Dog Radio, Sirius XM Channel 82. We appreciate you all for listening, come laugh with us, cheers. 

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Experience the power of five g with t mobile, with faster five to use these nationwide. You can upload your favorite video super fast or game on the girl plus team, although has more five do far more places, so you can stay connected to what matters most almost anywhere switch to t mobile today, the legal advice she hasn't, workers largest by jean passes, based on media combined, like he's going to announce it blows. Petersen torrent is due to find you speak for twenty one seat. Likewise, coverage in excess details, a chemical that come up. Body? It is Friday june. Eighteen, you are listening to the path maggie show to point now. You know the drill path. ran to do friday night smack ban tonight on fox at eight p m. It is true- We feel good friday today show we got dairies butler studio down at the Tampa baby chasse machine or maui joined the show in in rapid poor joins the show.
wait a second. You enter your father's day weekend. Let's go Do it what a day it's always been ass, get down here, because the weather is incredibly hot. Beetles fantastic in joining us in such every other feel good friday, shouted c, b, D and E. Ladies and gentlemen nine year, and if all that dairy jane. I sent a man of ample, I guess and also everything db. We appreciate the hell. Are you for joining us dairies? Butler bossing, Connor's, here tie schmid is here the camera workin back there. We appreciate you boy, like you, three three four mcafee is how you get involved in the show today bring it. If you get on, we can't wait to chat with you to me.
I guess, aside from just areas who has become a part of the shone out this born on and from sugar land minutes, or so he has a fight coming up. I think, like twenty four days or something like that, cannot wait to chat with him, so I am bomb a football with his right foot just a week, or two ago real aid actual bomb of football. Incredible incredible point: it was great for the brain Guy who was murdered the other day by Chris long in rapid border posts of rapture friends will join us in one o clock eastern daylight time just a lot. Now what now we shall be? Potentially talking about. Indiana fell world. I guess toys morning. Miami dolphins got a slide nerve facility at all eyes. Yes, injury to story slide. Eighty one year old owner stephen ross, who did appear to look like a dressed up baggage bones slid down that thing in and both sides of the bad there absolutely electrifying thing to add to an office is a slide. I was once in
that had the slide it was used, I was taught the first weekend Never again. He bought at the fact that there are decided by gay we're fine rather good time. This is a good retreat. Good commodity builder, hey, let's have a blast, that's what we're! Even a bit of specialised miami dolphins pad put down on bottom marvellous cincinnati bank was still don't have an indoor pacts facility. Dolphins are dancing around with fuckin, slides and ass. The sincerity bangs still don't have an indirect saudi dairies beside on inside every day. This was in your building like it's better use through money. Maybe, like you know, given exhibit how low more ross more my ex back into building, I don't know, look at those. Those players are pretty exciting. Higher pay. Those employees of that man look pots celebrate alongside his decision here to have the slight ok towards. I am all about. It
do believe this bucket of money is probably not the same as the ex bucket of money, but we, being set noted, there's one time out in negotiation with the courts in Jim or say it. Two million dollar jump set middle. Excuse me like an extra twenty thousand. Now that's different! Ok, I got it. I understand, speaking of money, There is a massive first half happening in the euro today immediately following the foxy flick that they use at three o clock, given away not a thousand dollars and maybe even more in their foxy flick. Debuting at three p m eastern daylight time. You took on board such deeper magnesia bigshot, the foxy for his work by immediately following that, though, is going to be a little bit
four grinder for the boys back in indianapolis to hammer down boys who have been living on a heat or that the world has never seen before in the sports gambling world there's been somebody who's been successful for a long long time in sports gambling and he actually ended up going to jail for an insider information. These two stages have no insider information. These issues judges, post up and indianapolis in just let it rip after diving deep into the ups of. delusion that defend all sports book has put out their lot of people, think others better. A hustle. The house always wins what dixon We have been doing finding it's that are locks. I think they're, like thirty in five or something like that of an alas, are absolute eater, absolute scorcher, the only one there truly worried about right. Now, though, we for family reasons, because he loves england, because he's been paying taxes to the queen in canada is entirely right. So he loves england like that's our team or whatever, but if, if any
when's the first half against, thailand today after the flick they will win. ten thousand dollars the hammer down boys in bonus, hammock now boys in ten thousand bucks and bonuses digs actually had to leave, into my account today? Back in indiana, two put better than I said, I was gonna put in because The odds are getting worse and worse for the first half money. Actually I thought it was potentially gonna get better. So I for not that I was going to state that didn't have yet a fort. Let's go you let this thing happened. Let's make this thing happen and then did logged into his credit did not take any of the money, did not cash out any money. Do not transfer any money. Put the fourteen thousand dollar bed in this morning at the minus one, forty odds or whatever hammered down boys. How do we feel but england, at first often this massive? We haven't clean up the entire fuck it office. Scotland, wins efforts at your thoughts. Boys get first and foremost,
We made this initial offer. It was minus one, thirty, I'm sure, fanduel hard. That was like fuck if pat says bet that that's definitely going to and then, when I went into your account today and did fourteen thousand to win ten on the mines, one hundred and forty I had six people check, I put in thousands and thousands of dollars in my life in my life. everyone here here check to make sure that I did a right. Even I've done it a billion time if you feels like there's. An agency championship happened, I'm fuckin I've been pace and around and like just cause. the ban and the money at its. I am J I can't even imagine what what Gumby feels like right now,
yeah there's no sleep last night path. If they win this thing, there will be reasons for noise compliance at the old upon the rainy night in london just the way we like it or bring it home england. First half here we go lack a rainy are low, but of an under probability. Occasion. Affair may possibly step out there when you think maybe if the penalty for old era right tackle, wouldn't that be tough if it was a draw like most soccer has been talked about and I lose out obviously on before thousand dollars right, how should I have to clean the office in that's like ninety nine percent of what happens in soccer games and the boys becker on sleep and their right to celebrate, dig its nervous put in the bed in a team that he cares. Nothing about now has a direct relationship with, because there's probably couple thousand dollars coming into his by rather than a split it? What you gonna do with the? How are you
What have you forget that area? I had an idea you're like this, but that is for the hammer down crew and pretty much every single human being in the office has been on hammered down, and I thought you like me: we should split it amongst the officer than you'd you I mean if you find it take whatever you want, but the rest of it Amongst the office, except for one human being Evan foxy, he gets fuck nothing whoa what happened. And also there will be one share that goes to. someone who is watching hammered down live today right after the foxy flick. What she does. A great job every single week on MR friday night he came in here like you, normally does and he tried motioning. The fuck out of this bed came in here and he talks
Not first half your duties. What is why are you doing that? Foxy? Why gotta Y gotta? Do this a big thing for not only you know,
down boys thereof, anzio office. How about me about the entire country? England? You why you get involved in this? I said I'm very excited for the boys. They can win a lot of money today, but you know what helps me I'll pay is a clean office and I want them to clean every single of that anything good is happening. People are happy. This scumbag every goddamn time is cross the line he real shame. If an alligator gave you that fact window and china is as every year by like as we are all J bianca's gulfs every area. So I really do me a favor that papua pocket his pocket teeth ass. I wished I did last time we did that I saw banging the ice hammered out. Boys will check back in with you probably closer to win. your money is either being made or the office being clean by you guys procedure does good luck. I thank you, rightly lights on July tenth
You have seen sixty four against louis smoker in a banner division battle, another right hand from sugar land is inevitable others purse become one of our favorite internet humans, let alone fighters. Ladies and gentlemen, gentlemen, the ban on way champion of the future. The a faded when fighting actual lights sugar genome? Talking about you guys, died young jack to be here on jack, the you're here. Do you gonna fight a little bit away? What are we train and were game and were livin? Were children? What's goin on right on your life lit a little bit of everything game it today and will take the day off gus? Are you tomorrow, three rounds with three fresh peoples on basically fighting three people for fossil fuel, a real. It's been a long hard worried, morrow yeah
I grabbed a large coffee on the way on the way here today that you are going to show you should get a medium, putting up a large today glens enjoy it too is none of them. A bay, absolutely not could see by the way is coming through your voice, their electrifying everytime. You start to speak pow thanks to that large coffee, anti uver existing in general, but let's talk about sparring tomorrow. Three rounds, five min around new fighter, every single around so you're fighting fresh is at full fights is their helmets on. Are we heading like To borrow a really big is reason why you're resting forces- because this is like an actual gauge, for you- are what you potentially have to work on until July tenth or is it just you gonna beat up everybody, you fight? No, it's just a natural progression. Throat camp, you know like started getting a camp. One do one round do one round for a couple weeks than two rounds, and now tomorrow, these three rounds. Everyone does that there's headgear worn and we
tomorrow Emma may rounds or use seven out poppy gloves and she gardens in you know you don't you take your partner, you don't try to knock em out to the head. You go pretty much a hundred per cent of the body. I had one of the sweetest finishes. You know you not with dogmas, barring smuggled freedom, but I have one of the sweetest finishes ever on Saturday then a headshot. I try not to hurt you know, you'll want to hurt you your partners, but the liver, the body it is. It is pretty much to go for everybody when you're sparring had one of the cleanest body shots of all time on saturday I just I wish I could posted, but it is not as now supposed postponed, but who just so clean, chambord guy's face, bore the guy's face. I soon there there's a way you yeah there's a way you could do without basing our body for the liver shot in order me or maybe I'll know what the emma may rules are its uncouth or whatever,
practices just recently started getting posted, because even film, because it was always a similar thing. I now guys are starting to post it because you just a little bit more understood you crush by the way. But let's talk about your comment after that? ideas fight and by the way, still show couple times violate pop in your head in their look good suit. By the way I look at you are proof that actually came in late tis, you weren't fighting, and I saw you put your head in and I was when I asked like hey. Do gonna get his own solo camera. What the fuck are we doing. I guess you got one earlier. I wasn't happy out yet they should have put me on low later, but it took me they now. They know where the money is July. To those of you said, though, speaking of money de as lost that fire right This is why you said it, but watching Nate Diaz loss that fight he had him out on his feet there I think at the end. I don't know if he didn't know or whatever the case was, but he was a draw you'll, be your draw hill elliott that whole place chanting for him for
because the style of his fighting you pull out that said, you're gonna put beautiful performances. I think this is by the way. The last time you had a guy dead with and you let him live better. Martin him up. Why so you can knock em out with a right, as you can sell the march another right in from sugar. Let loose on the march yeah, I had a different, should actually be a keyboard. While complementing you that you get it. I feel like this. Is this a real thing like hey in fighting? You have to I'm in the doubly dunno combat promotion. How you do it like think you're, so good for the. U have sea ice whom they know that in it put on beautiful performs, is not folks out, like god, dammit I want to watch you become champion for what the next time Fifteen years domino job you have next ten years, I think I said insanely beauty performance is. I guess I don't know it's. Ok, it's ok, but I think they're gonna truly be insane. I I feel obliged to bring something different to the to the octagon. When I'm in there. I think it
you know even just watch and fight on tv. It's just that. I feel like I bring a different energy, a different level of excitement into ended, octagon, and I think it last night animal if you're too familiar with peter yawn down the russian, the not champ right now. I thought he won. That fight. He did know the rules governing the fight and last, but I think members peter and is going to be an extremely huge event someday and it just, I think, that's gonna, be a big fun await you, gotta get through luis Malta have a name in mind to call out I knocked out do now and then I think I'd get their peter fight, so I'm just doesnt work. My way up where work my weapon, So yes, are you young in the game? I should know this. I should have done more research, but are you young in the game- and you expect, like you, expect that you have to in a couple wings to get up in their cars. I feel like in the fall game you have. No, I do get a big when it's like. I want the guy. Immediately after their that's almost a thing you
Are you young in this game? Is that why you're like? I understand, I still got kind of go because for me I'm Dana. I'm put. strap one. You immediately like hey. Let's get this guy up there, but is it just kind of the process is echoed out argos yeah. I think a lot of people are expecting a bigger name commented despite they gave the offer me louis smoker which is you see that an exact thirteen fourteen fifteen you see fight you not most well known guy is definitely dangers. Opponent. doubt thomas, I made a long people thought I was gonna get to talk tat guy, including myself, but you know that they offered me louis smoker. I'm getting paid this the same amount, whether I fight Louise, smoker or I say, do not know. If I can say no, I don't want to fight him. I want to pay someone else, so you know they offered me. Am I accepted the fire. I just got their put it like that,
that I do hope that just can hope that a minor you know you gotta, I gonna, say something clever on myq. Is this part? The game you get legacy, get fifteen minutes plus a little bit of time to the mai, to say when I got to say so, I think, with a good performance, good call out I'll get the name that I want in the new order from there, Are you practice in your promo, while tired, like tomorrow, after Those are you practice in the promoters. So you do good idea that I gotta get my heart. I gotta hit likeable sprinkle the treadmill gavel mike and good idea makes you my heart rate up what, when I'm trying to spit fire on them, So there's a love story about outcast outcast. Whenever they came out wisting county and everything they were in high school, they used to run lapse around their neighborhood, while wrapping so that they can perform and do everything like that they could do it then. I got the w w e en us
doing some things and then I had to talk afterwards there's a couple Jesus Christ, I am dead, tired, the brain in the mouth is not as good. I think I think the problem is a big deal and you only get a couple of times a year to perform. So I think we gotta, you know what I mean you're, the guy. We need it yeah. No, I think I have some ideas in my head right now about to go home after this and in practice those those brilliant idea. Thank you kind of roses. Your studio you're here this is my game in house my little brother just moved down from Montana so they're staying at the my house, my gaming house, I have one of my rooms set up to to stream. The game of speaking game and I see I was attacked. I was taken some notes from europe the hour boxy. I have a couple a couple think that might help cannot years I didn't like watching your tutorials by the way, oh good so day, then that should help the shop cardio first day, obviously got it
maybe gets more days breath your heavily both really part of fighting. You get tired of you can't fight with a shirt on now that a fuck you to that, involve you with the eu, nice right hand would like you gotta mix it out. We can throw ro at some point it's gonna hear about. I think of you makes it up baby you through a couple jobs in there. I did like that, but maybe double up the job, that power and speed I'm serious. It was beautiful right hand, powers be, but you know maybe level change Hannibal the job maybe a job. The body then come over the top of my right hand. Overall, though, your performance is pretty good on the videos, the mother brother and I were just watch it when you do switch south maybe you don't work on your left hand,
little bit but other now are you you look. People are saying more specifically my opponents in the occupiers with their react. to my punches left. Dad's got lightning do battle, it looks it looks bad used and throw it enough. I think what would I just saw right here over every once in a while, but I actually never done. Then. I look very entertaining, looks really look I'll go work ok sing us today, every friday in the houses, dairies butler using the nfl nine years, use a t made a mine he Jim, got the antilles two days ago or last night he
boxing last night now he's knocked out nobody. I love. You looks really adrian like that. Now, not yet not yet another body, but it's real in there. Now he's a much more shaped and I but it's like a great work out for you. Obviously you don't need it, but it's awesome and there is good cardio mouths story. I'm workin on my jobs are one destroying hey makers in new, but you figured out a loop letters on again to get knox figured out, not eyes. It is a real thing gave figured out of the king s own idea that when you train their ok I train in the oculists. You know that's fine guys from philippines, I'm frightened, from mexico? You know these guys up it by the way tat like them bleed the robots, and I mean it's not what I did, but I do the whole thing, just understand that you have a good jaw or your skin or your body can take good hits. I don't get it. Ok, let's go
that's a good. You know, I think the biggest thing who's that that thing on one august, I was the biggest thing for me. Even since I started on sixteen. May I didn't I didn't like it hit. I would always like the number one thing for me was: how can I hit this dude in not gay in its just, have created a style around that. Thankfully, for me I'm a long, lengthy, so pretty much everyone I fight. I can stand it. My job at the end of my distance and obviously have been hurt you get hit. I do I'm pretty job from not getting hit so much, but yet the goals that it did not get it knock it here
You know, that's the goal that, in my mind, realistic. That's how I bet I plan on going. I don't think I what is the ban on which, as you seem to be very tall right in the ban on weight in that's like that, two hundred and thirty, six by a hundred thirty five pound with a pound allowance right now, I'm a hundred fifty five pounds so that three pretty average birth for most fighters cut and twenty pounds walk around twenty pounds once I once they get up to one sixty one. Sixty two are probably move up await class, but for four now bent awaited it, is not easy if not fund, make the way closet socks every time, but it's just how the rules are. Rules ruled just how the the athletes compete right now is by cutting, which way or your ressler grown up? That's a use just been spitten buckets and do now that bathtubs ensure high school, no how'd you get in the knowledge to fighting tree fighting. I hated Did you and resolute? I got an just kickboxing, just my body ass one could check out a fighting Jim it basically with
You know it was a back and Helen whatever there's no legitimate coaches, there's no high level coaches there. It was basically sparring every class, it needs a little band and spar, and I was just naturally pretty good at it. Nor can people out when I was sixteen, and I thought you less prior wearing a lot of confidence from move was drop and people are, nearly eighty been knocking people ten years to carve sometimes good. There's go go into to fight. I going into gaze from me: music was in poor and I was a chill gas flow jam type gags before gaze. What type of me I d like to go into a fighting. What what? What do they get to mass it? Yet not really a question, but before I saw once we get the arena I'd say If we're there, our early, altruism jack Johnson, some slower
a pancake mellow, some chill just kind of breathing gettin in my breath, and then I'd say about twenty minutes before will switch it up to some subdued. Max I'll give. You know you will get gangster for a little bit like ideal remain. I like that. I feel we're gonna do a wheel, we're going two, in a war. So now the first first half children get into my breath in the second half of still feel in my breakfast at the constant is constantly made breathing feeling the breath into my air as well? Yes, twenty minutes will slip a switch draw, draw some gangster music and feel this feel good must be nice to be able to breathe area now sean out. He didn't abiding work outside of a rock as a child in ruined my entire hopes and dreams. The young, when you walk out through the gauge. Have you out during for any idea of what you have it
and I thought of this as the ds lite was happening. So I apologise, but that's the most recent that ends replace pop for him, tire place soon as he walked in it that walk to occur. age to go, find another human while a crown. Basically channing due to kill, kill, how about ass to be fuckin? Aren't that's a tough chase eyes. You don't know how many of those you ever find outside of that situation. Right yeah! That's! You know my last well. I thought it don't fight at t mobile arena get in vegas, while my I thought their march last year. I think you're right before covered, so I thought you'd, like will last a bed of banned there before comin was marked by the people, were rina, so yeah can forget innovative made three walks in the silence at the usda
So you kind of forget what it's like being at the fight last weekend with a good reminder for me. I'm always I do a really good job of it. I have one job: I've won one mission, that's stay, calm, stay This gives the kid I enjoy the walk out. Are you We walk out pretty slow. You know, I'd I'd, take root look around, see, see the fans here. The music good job of taking it all in, but yeah it's a big. What some people get, let the crowd get tube to might get to hype. Before the fight I like to us, save as much energy as possible for the flat fifteen minutes that I to go to war on I'll get too high value a perfect amount of a warm up in the back to I'm? Not I'm warmed out. I can get injured in their like, I'm was dead ripen. That football and warm up enough. So I gotta gotta make some warmed up plenty,
I make the walk hour. I will let you know, show machine. I hope our friendship grows and blossoms and continues. But if it You oughta got her doing what I for a living there would have been out of a job for you. I think every conversation and you re looking at first, the horse I warmed up. I thought I woke up and up ahead a couple lapse at a couple stretches, but realistically it wasn't it you fuckin bomb. That thing I mean I don't know, I don't know if that is ever something you'd kickboxing and make sense you bombed the bali area, impressive, gonna Carnegie, I showed you just mentioned. Moving up way, classes is you're, going to be a double champ and have the bantam way belt, and you know the one. Fifty five belgium he's gonna see how goes yes,
the ban to may want to revive enough featherweight, which one forty five but yeah. Of course that's! That's! The bullet focused too much of a good frame, good body size for that some people, you know, don't have the right framework to be able to go from one place to another in, for me, thirty, five to forty five, only ten pounds. so. It is easier than go to like fifty five to seventy, which, as you know, obviously or but yeah. That's the goal be banned way champ in the next couple years in life I mean I'm gonna, be in sport for private ten years eureka, be looking at a chant, chant chant depending upon our comfortable. You get a meals. Do you never know you might be able to my movable on exactly what do you nothing do eat all year round. Aegis europe grow chicken. Guy nor am, I sure, clean. I get my book. My blood tests did my saliva my store, my p, get lost, touch, didn't have a guy named dan garner. He lives in canada. He studies
the results that I get from from the labs according to what I shall be eating, so I do that a couple times a year. Some food caused inflammation. Ah you know, I don't know the science behind it, I'm a fighter in a game. in Punta? Not forget. You know scientist I just I listened to what they say right now. I'm not a stake even allowed a lot right now, not eating beef or chicken meat, more bison, lamb, turkey thoughts. I get my my blood tests, they get all that stuff tested to make sure of eating. The right foods for my body types specifically, so I pretty clean all year round
the damned gars assumed gimme your shit. Do they look through the stuff? I just send my shit to him that in what are you sure, it's pretty obvious that you love what you do and you know like your ear. Obviously, arising superstar in the EU have see, but you ever look at you know like them, may whether verse, Paul and like these kind of like celebrity sideshow, fightin and think, like our shit, like its talk to one, turns up like that down when the bag is just so big or use, focused on getting the strap and you have see yeah, though, the Paul brothers Logan Jager or my body that I take inspiration. Genius by the way had genius. I love, and I think that their kids. You know one of my before I got in you see before you can certainly fighting. I wanted to be an entertainer, that's what I wanted to be in that's what jake Logan are there were injured enters moving into the fight dave, I'm in the fight game work my way up, like him
in the entertainment game I wanna be do both. I have five for five. More fights, alma usc contract have potentially some big off sprung from other companies that that are more entertainment rather than I see myself being in the u dot sa forever. It's just that! Hopefully you know I'll be able to get paid as much in the ufc's I will from another company. That's going to be offering me a lot of money to do, these kind of crazy fight that more celebrity boxing or celebrity fighting or whatever it turned out to be, but yeah lovely? You know I was excited for Logan versus thought. I was out, I was excited, I was I love, I love it It's lovely fighting, he is there look. Do you have a little bit of an ear to the ground that there is potential mix, martial arts level is about to happen. Is that what's gonna happen? You think? Are you just think it's can evolve eventually at some point it hard to say which, by real fighting boxing. You can get away with a little bit. It's just so much less. That goes into it.
Celebrities that actually don't you can go train for two months later, you to protect is go train for two months and put on a boxing abandoned would be somewhat entertaining. You can't really do that with fights. If, if one person knows like couple, you wrestling where someone didn't read like flights over all the way. That's that's! It is absolutely over that acts scoop tackling pack it in the rain. I didn't. I didn't make the actual situation or the like. ray? I don't need not as good a most gordon. I would just eat it. That's why that truck got me when I was a gag exactly- and I want to do that and to be honest, I don't wanna get. Was a booty up in the air booty up in the air the iranian fell, but I do respect to people that go out there and put themselves into that potential position. They gave a lot of respect for it, but I, like times, come from me
I got a couple more people at oculist really feel myself and then I'll get going. Let's talk about the business here before we, you go, and I can't thank you enough for your time here, just what, some days before your five year july, tenth one day before a massive sparring session to see where you're at let's talk about business as usual, a businessman. Obviously gaming you're in the game, you're entertaining content. business, you're, incredible out it over there? You obviously focus on you have an entire gaming how's your mark legendary. You think it about your march in the middle of this year. The way that this shirt came about ways was was no genius, I say now: the sugar state I've, let a commission, obviously without one fight that I got kicked in the protein nerve was wild and but I talk the sugar state, let a commission they overturned it. They.
I didn't tell that shit was they doesn't sound internationally on dvd now they overturned officially the record book even state now state. Athletic commission went on record saying that I've thirteen at all. Why did we kill congratulations, but not such a big deal for you, but future fighters? Yeah! That's right! You know in the answer of the sport, when that potentially happens and you can get caught in the sugar states is a lesson we got. Some is not for you to make. You feel better. Ok, good, balsam trees, if you like, do but also wouldn't be fair and down centre your shot to show the state. ten ten of them we'll give away ten of those shirts, if you tweet right now, pms sugar state, hashtag, pms, then ass. You do, then
stay tv will give away. Ten shirts will buy em and give him away tank you about now you for your time. Thank you for your commitment to potentially didn't bodied for entertainment and then also another side, body bag and people. For our. Ladies and gentlemen, full of living go over the guide manner without some you're. All some do. Thank you sit there. Go it needed strap on me. Tell me: amanda truth. Maybe three of them do not exist. Of course, you'd, see russia and faded. I do know whenever he did the way That was when I met him right. He had the breweries. You did like a shimmy at one minute, the fight that I think you at one of those greater are all different, colors right, dear yes, and then the next monday had after that perform the next one he had he not
Guy, basically out left hand guys out. It goes down. We looked at him and backs up at a conference like what is he doing case could not take in advance or whatever so like how many seconds was, it was right. I was head, came under the shirt onto our show and said down there, but I already had marched made in its it other right hand from surely so. You, like his defy led in the ring. This guy's, like goddamn, get up, get place committees, as is its ten ten thousand hours and overhead ok in march that I have already in the warehouse ready the ship out get up only gets up we're not through by the way It has been doing out there. The entire fight john sure just right after right and we gotta get so break we're back on the other side more. frustration, but what's going on in the world big thanks to sugar, shall I get mass affect these and grow?
ass, a family guy. If you are watching along youtube account forts ice, deeper magnesia tell him the volume was really for that. Maybe it's on here was turned down. I apologise, but Jacob work back there, everybody back and indianapolis good work and big things. on four join us man these electrified. What's the other companies are paying more than a boiling entertainment and are now to be thinking about those showtime. Since you are doing that type of starch and his boss, they were just me so mad giang, HU fc, able to make a point about that. There would not be good see I was. I would feel much more comfortable in that, as opposed to a boxing thing really yea. I think so. I guess I'm not a celebrity yama fight all over. Ok, ok! I guess it's. Ok, ok! I am swearing this person and then, by the way, if they lift them up. Ok, cool, word or re background programme that I think are gets a celebrity here, for that is something on which my actual fighter
flock chaired by the baronial oculist read carefully examining erika kicking too like. I think I can really get going, but are they You see me and allow those things situations unless there is a hilarious guarantee on that I won't conseil, I won't dive was put up a fight. You have to the reason why I don't do it I have no idea how will go in there because in the oculist feels varies, did I mean when I just that is the line up and knock em down it's the first time I put that on my head. Foxy thoughts are not somebody are not now, not least wants under similar debo did not that's the first time playing d, but how many flights is you have on the throw the right? Have you amazon's, even without oliver and scrutiny, to an arm to no right to say you know you fought slob. This is about looking at a korean that tiny little work out genuine. What do the cards
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one percent per year. So does it started zero or does it started? Thirty? That's the thing this is mandated addiction through an indian or brow. This is what it every they go away. The minute, which can I ask a follow up. It was ass good. It does task is always believe me. First, the fuckin teach that's right back I don't know what's going on, but this may virtue fuck you. That's all! That's why friends at rome and have a new supplement designed to support test us production- I did not know this- they form you Their own supplements, with transparent and scientifically backed in greece, see here. This agent romans star supplement is for anyone who wants to support their own bodies, natural function, they related their own blend, with transparent and scientifically backed ingredients, started simple, just gonna get roma, gone, slash. Usa. Their supplement contains vitamin d, three linda. Magnesium were maker well and actual gun
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open announce yet breaking I haven't seen him myself. It's ocean readiness. No, I don't. I don't know if I should. Actually I don't wanna its brigham. It's Very cool is a big. I don't know if it's big, but I think it will be a cause, and if that makes a side, it is the first time that serious cisterna. You know they put us in a commercial dorani and five hundred or whatever right there. Add me in Erin chatting laughing as apart, commercial, which was don't like. I was really cool because our relationship with serious is an interesting one. They licence our show from us. Basically, so we run the show they licences show from us by non madame words, radio, which is very cool, but we're not in their every single day. It's not like we're series employees, you know so would chauncey interact as much you're gonna hear from people as much. I don't think it's literally not just. We do our thing like a. They got their thing, we're
think before. So when they put us in a commercial idea, that's really calls we thank you for that. That's very w gus, and now thing, I think it's or even more, like ok, cool, like fuckin This year's gonna get a global european feels like there's gonna, like cecil judge enough. Thank you for people listening wherever the hell. You are whether it's in a troika delivery van say We call you drive in advance, jean yeah good as well, are by now that there is a story about two hundred and seventeen thousand dollar jeep that I bought with a heavy come boil some weeks ago turns out turns out it painting van last night about sixty miles an hour now's going about thirty, five, thirty right off the bat painting van boom off the road saws down some trees. A roadside then cuts in front of me across the road into a front yard.
Basically, this man right here on suppression- I guess the driver behind me fell asleep. Those beautiful deliver, the clouds there's, none of them look at the sign it shine and it was beautiful. I was in the G8, there's no roof, as this is a music. I don't. Let's keep em over almost close to my house erica's miles, I'm almost home, but see the wife than take off down here to champion there's a lot of good things. Go wrong. Why? Right on the back? Oh my god emphasise again looking at this guy in his van right, still me while I am on the road after get warm, I looked at my right. He had swerved off next to me now. At this point, I look at em room cuts in front of me. I'm like holy shit, do came like I think, this far away from a massive tell available line that could have been what in bodily this way or the other It's only seven o clock aiming at I right. Never ever I look like it might, it might be considered basic to you you're doing the same drive you literally due to time
the day for the last for years. This is the road you understand, maybe give up its you're comfortable. You have no idea. There are paying painting van behind you with thirteen to fourteen ladders, on top of it that just come flying india, like fifty sixty miles an hour and you're almost home, you gotta, remember you always have to be alert on the road and you also potentially buy one hundred and seventeen thousand dollars jeep that souped up to the gills. That has a hemi in it, because the only thing that happened to your car after getting rear ended a high speed he's a couple. Little mix couple little scratches a couple. Little phrixus will clean that right. Back up, the shiny may come auto auction ready and the other car. Obviously you saw it wasn't just I keep like two trees roads. I was crazy. Did three a for was
for fifteen prelude get by fifteen, I think one. Another thing happened just out of nowhere walk away. I bingo was good by the way, ok driver. This was good. Passenger seat was good neighbours all came flying out, obviously, because it was very loud, everybody seemed to be ok. It was great come obviously for what could have been absolutely nothing take the drive fell. Asleep is this story that I was told there? I was asked if any damage happened to my jeep, I look back. I looked at it. I said, of course, not tank course not. This fuckin take that things probably out of commission forever. Only by light potential final destination was sitting there waiting for the scene. It became a scene, I mean it was very became. You seem very quickly, maginnis, cheap, no roof. That guy
reruns me very fast pace right by the coming. He came very hot. It was very, very hot maginnis ladders or on other shooting into a legit final destination. I beheld yeah, that's one say I thought about their wild animals arousing polish measure. If I fucking eat one of those ladders, this is insane. Happier visor whom you can just goes to show you and reinforce the fact that a J hop should not be driving vehicle is rife. sleep behind the wheel. You see what have forced fifteen for Nowhere near the time like golden our special identity and a golden hours at ten p m right here. Right now, whatever you know, waiters, but yeah, that's got fall asleep in I mean it was an insane situation. Speaking of insane situations, this
joins us to talk about all those that happened in the biggest league on planet earth. Ladies and gentlemen, insider for the nfl in and affectionate work and an affair dot com in a man that got absolutely assassinated the other day by chris long. Ladies and gentlemen, hosts the rapture frenzy and rapidly ass an end that killed you do now. Did you see my? I mean it was a slaughter in Didier food donk. On your face, I mean I wouldn't get out personal. You can hear me: ok, my airports, can you hear me oh yeah, you'll call by the way. This is I kind of like who you know business, tat, rap brad. I feel rather usanga summer. I would not say I got killed. I mean it was a little bit of a drive I'll, tell you what I I I wanted to see. I wanted to see a little more. What did say when you were like a brawl like that's my guy. Don't talk about him like that
his response. Whenever somebody on our show said that about you there, why should you did so? What now I wouldn't be some online really combative. We actually talked about it after hands. We said he would really. It would be too a disservice to the entire shall, if I got combative there, because we never really show that much other times. You know we're feel good. So we just let him kind of assume that you're somebody's guy in the ruby I gotta eat. I meditated. He got the message. He understood. You write a rap that how it all ended in wrapped up? He talked about his brother and talked about everything going on. It was great compensation, but dig it actually murdered in we're happy to see you still around. Is there any news going on in the world right now we are trying to scan. Let me see if we got at all here right. The dolphins have a new slide and essentially ok, that's a big deal theirs. Pictures, oleo jones, catherine forepaws. It is also pay what he is doing
credible, gray, receiver Brennan's dailies might up. He is energy he's a couch, that's crazy, and let me get this straight paint mailings potential gone to amazon and maybe calvin Johnson still hates the lions. I think those are the only two they knew that are maybe little needle movers anything you know about in anything we should be thinking about where we are very dead die right now having were in a mean cross. My fingers, I think, we're in a pretty get time right now me, romania, can face the ending yesterday's couple like things sometimes or cleaning maybe assigning or to jets about talks when Morgan Moses today, wrapped up today, some boy, but it's really like everyone's get ready to go away for the summer's I'm getting to the point for me like we're. If I call someone like if I need to call culture gm, better be worth it cause that dude is gonna, be like on the golf course or ike in Kabul. You know hanging John mc guire, whatever like it. It's getting to the point.
now where everyone is getting ready to go over the summer. So if something happens, you know that it's really really bad like when J p p at the fireworks accident in July. Fourth, like many many years ago, like that kind of bad. That's what I would have to be to be news in the nfl, probably for the next. Like four weeks, the rat Calvin Johnson, was going through a in my thanks for the heads up on that were actually taken off nets. Next We need next week, but the next week you ve earned it First time in a long long time we're takin a week off actually- and I want everybody to enjoy, were celebrating, tie rats beginning that it yourself perfect from what it sound like from new there, though ain't chicken half its grip on crossing your fingers for us that we need so fingers were every other week. We have something and so we can continue to talk in a microphone for three and four hours a day, but this news
go out about. Having johnson's interesting to Me- and I don't know what you were doing when all that shit was popping off in your knowledge of the subject and aiming like that, but Calvin Johnson obviously were had to pay money back to the lions in every way. Just assume that, because that happen, there was bad, better, ending and some of us even joke that that potentially put a person alliance, because domain of money back and actual check back from one of the greatest players. Vaults. I'm who was good. Did that the lines any did. I guess they did the same to bury sanders before that. But now come out the cavern johnson said he was you wanted to go somewhere else? They wouldn't let em so he's to walk away that happening now, because people are thinking there's. Maybe a
mckinley of a relationship with photos of him at practice. I think with Dan Campbell. So what is the? What is the stance on this, and will we ever see calvin and the lions back together and if he was going to go play somewhere else? Should we hate the lions for not allowing us to see more calvin johnson football, because his highlights are spectacular and it sounds like there should be a lot more of those man they're show much here and I was, I think it was at hand. It will never when this was happening with this was happening, because I think this was the four member the timing correctly. I believe this was the beginning of bob queens ten year at the detroit line, so to show people not like when, when players retire with regards to the circumstance, right, when fires retire, decide to walk away, decide for whatever reason they dont want to put the team or their bodies had enough would whatever it is. Sometimes their signing bonus, money that could theoretically peep back generally in the nfl. The team you know what don't pay
back two million dollars a year, a great player, your wife, king away, whereby every twenty five million to andrew luck by the way from germany was twenty four five million dollars on legal and ours is a damning, that's the best and biggest example. Unlike Yes and you like walking away or hurt the organization, but you would also do that he helped the organization immensely. Also, like he's a good guy You know, like germany there's a day. I could business right so anyway, the lions made sure that carbon johnson knew that he had to repay them. Honey and I didn't specifically know that he wanted to place somewhere else, but I do remember there was a story on the year after he retired, where sometimes registered in trading for him, and he can't I wanted to come. in the lines are basically like nowhere, just not going to do tat, so I knew that happen after your child. I didn't know what happened before he retired but
I think you know you pay for an organisation that really has struggled like the lions. Did. I think here he had had enough. I will say this: if you, if this was let's see the carbon johnson situation happen this year, and he was changes name to utter know who your jones, the organization probably would have traded like we see players call their destiny now we have a saying where they want to play so much more now, just we weren't that ran very well back then also, I think the big narrative was if a player doesn't like their situation there. brad, because a lot of people dream to play the nfl they don't so year, you're living out my dream. So the fact that you want to change that dream into dream you you're an asshole for that in europe, and I was kind of like a narrative that was real as opposed to potentially just being like: hey, listen, our aid. They are not the same. We are very good I am very fucking good football player, I have
get in my entire life to this organisation we stink. I would like to it. Can I go when somewhere? That would be awesome if I went to a better place, I'm even thinking about taking less money somewhere else, and I think that is why I think would that be explain to people it maybe a little bit more understanding. Why come in a much more calm analogy. I think that is a big deal because its unity fans the understand. Why not everybody still is ever going to I mean, players that are called assholes by their friends all the time in Pakistan's a kind of doing it right now when they are matters for everything, Aaron is done for the backers. Basically just wants it. Maybe, madam I don't but any player once again, it somewhere else or play somewhere else, may closer to home, maybe a different place with a friend or some, and it's always big deal now. It seems more on me, tom and are there people around the nfl, though that are scared? That's come like the nba, where there's gonna be too many. Super teams in our those people
maybe thinking regulation has been ok. I should build a super team that, if that's what's gonna happen, as opposed to, piss off that there's gonna, be super teams only happen. Is it isn't that what competitions all about there? I don't know that it would ever be super team like because sounds like guinea is blue. The butterflies but like the super team, were like antonio kind of at the end ground kind of at the end you know. So I get was this like amiable? Obviously there anyway, but it wasn't like that as time touchdowns into superbowl half those three tons of supervision. You just said right now. That is a good point, but how are you capitalize kill them? There are people who I think, you're older people, older school people who are frustrated at players. Dar players have as much say as they do like a wider Matthew stafford get to know dictate where a place. Well, I mean why would he not
I mean right, like he's one of the better I sort of acts in the end, a fairly gave a decade to a trying, struggling franchise, obviously was at work, and that's what I like about, how the lions, they were just like. You know what you are right like we are going to get pics for you. You deserve better. We are going to amicably part and like that was the playbook, and I kind of think the falcons did the same thing. You know what we love. You we're going to make sure nobody tries to do on the way out there to make sure you go to a place. You like we're going to get draft pick compensation and it is okay and it isn't the time of player empowerment in the nfl, unlike the guy's, a lot of the guy who are demanding where they play also conduct deserve a say. it's ok, yeah, definitely, especially with the way the business is now in the access in content? In the its parent sea, of what moves the nato and what does it now has given us
the people, I think, you're much better sense of what their actual worth's are. You know what I mean I think like. That is that it something that is only going to continue to evolve. I soon with the nfl growing and continue continue to grow. Dairies bother guy about wretched man is good to see you my so we away back in the day communism offers for two years and early your covering a patriot. He knows as a beat right up there and I know how much it hurts so dismal bela check on dad how both basis with the media will you national job and network. How much different was that talk and other coaches tongue? Another team that actually, you know, give you answers. Want to answer that. But can I tell dairies bell? Restoring law have realized something that I will never ever forget so now dares- and I were cool
lock whom it was real early for me covering the patriots and I'm really you know, struck of any sort of relationship or whatever, with a lot of players. But there's a good dude, probably still is a good I would assume that here we are friendly in the locker, so he is, he gets released by the patrons and I didn't break it. Having my greece actually broke it, but I call him up and to you know, confirm it to make sure it was true I sounded like I was like upset. I really was upset, because this is a really good guy. Why didn't think deserve to be caught and it was caught? It really stuck to me. Ah and so confirms, he'd been released, and is I call up like why do you sound like this, and I am so sorry stop I'm not dead, be fine. You don't have to worry about you. Don t feel sorry. This is a business. I will be ok.
And then he ended up playing seven more years in the nfl. After that conversation, I will never forget the divine. I wrote a book. I was that you're. Welcome to the nfl moment was very his brothers and I was very happy. I was actually happened. I was always releasing cunegonde a fresh start because, as you know, they knowingly was rough. Once you get a dog houses, tough to get out people around phrase family and do no breath map restate you fill it for me too, but our happy, I was excited move. We are lucky you once careless, where you care alot of first indent, Andy from alas, it was awesome when you got you out and pick six, your first, that you want to pick the first day or on the field or whatever else around the clock exists, gateways guys they want the connecticut gay rights go, but I can hear where's your night? It was, it was different, getting to know all the other coaches and kind of getting to understand. The information was not like that
other places like it wasn't doing like there were. People knew in you know with the patriots like say, like John Robinson, for instance, and I was there- I would barely sale odium when I see him on the road at a delhi, because was nervous. Did I would get him in trouble for talking to me now specifically dealt a guy like deal with him, because you always knew what you are the consistency was there and if you had football questions like as rapporteur, he would really answer them. So I like dealing with that objective, the lack of information is frustrating and it was unbelievable when I really got to know people elsewhere to be like while I sometimes people talk about. really happening in the locker room now is that was coming I doubt that is very like. If you talk to him by Indiana fell I'll granted, you tiny Two do, and I rarely spoke about anything I was doing as a punter. Indiana fell on the internet because you, no pun,
the enterprise bitter off like a hundred years and putting was never interesting. So it's nothing I really went off with, but those people that are very good at saying. Absolutely nothing to the media interest. Keeping a moving are awesome. but normally those people are either the resume holds but wait so they can do that was bilbil jack always like that was he always does you said he would give you answers if you asked football questions. Is it just the drama shit that he's hated all these years or my favorite answer from him whenever he was ass after a loss. You know what they are, you're better off and he said you better at first now we got you better secondary. Both sides were you'd, better sit down earlier. You bear forced out Then there was the next question like what a fuckin answers. Like eight, it's right answer: listen we not alone you're better on every single. Where was he always like that? Or did that evolve as he continued to build that dynasty of just be in doubt at both had
Jan gm, by the way which nobody ever says. In that thing, I've felt that when he first of all, my favorites will be a good he's, got a school, more points the office in developing this common points, and, unlike you know what you do new school I I always took it. Is this at some point early on in his new england tenure? He was like players watch my press conference and he never told me this, but this was always Marie players watch the prescott they get them, siege that they're gonna be delivering to media through him. Shall because he has the most varied. Was discipline interviewer, I've ever seen or interview. We ever seen my life, so he makes
That is our message a hundred per cent time, and he does not care what you think of him, so he is going to if he asked it gives you the stiff arm, like he's gonna. Do it to make sure his team knows that's how they need to respond to the media he just because he doesn't care what people think about him. He's able to be disciplined a hundred percent of the time and dictate basically dictate the car. I urge that we used it to a kind of report on the team is extremely fascinating. GonNA. How he's gone out the others? Press conferences are seen by everybody in your building, not just for players. The other coaches, everything it's ok. This is our viewing. This week favorite one I've told the story a couple times chopper. Again in the last week we had quarterbacks Angela, had died that week that year matter, so back also died, charlie white horse. He die. Somebody else died, so we had no quarterbacks going into the final weekend final game. Where lay offs online either for funding to find that out either as well. So
game. That was like okay. We we don't have we're going into a game with no quarterback. We have no hope, let's go ahead and enjoy this and chuck's big thing was: hey. Listen, we're going to win we're going to win this we're going to do we're going to end this whole thing conference isn't. He was asked about the quarterback situation. Cuz of that time they had not even sign a quarterback at this is tuesday games. On sunday we have no quarterbacks healthy on the roster. He said you know where things together here. You know we're gonna give pat mcafee, maybe a package, and I was watching us what the fuck you too, you I am not getting a package to some recorder. Bats die out there. I know just so. The next day literally were walking in the hallway dislike. Look in Adam, like you have to say to me, I know more about like eight we're gonna go when you don't chocolate classic like I've been on, like I was a quarter back at you. breaker joke hours a job rise. I thought there was a james. I wish better. Now
freedom like that, but it was those press conferences set the tone for everybody who'd. We we end up with the, We urge you in jail in just a few of the issues that we finally not remember that right now we use on a team with someone out there. If it was him at that time, though, one of them learn the two minute on ngos. Freeman learned the two minutes and then the other one learn just the opposite, so deaf to and I did it by the way I did that week, like the whole I did actually a couple full thing- and I was like he's a view- get em, we're just don't run at whatever. Don't worry that we need some take the snapper whenever I realise that thing or mail, you know like men, like the punter like peter force, to call him the whole shoes route lies to katy and by the way, it's because you know cadence, unlike potentially having too snap. What the court,
sent out I've been doing at college. They had. We do a couple of those through so like. I know what I get it: I'm not gonna fumble it hopefully, and maybe there's, but is that happens by the way that happening for two who was a quarter back and then he ended up putting like the dairy, butlers on the team and, like the other, guys you're the best athletes on the world whatever. two series I soon somebody's gonna be like, Don't you think you can make for me in shock, and I could just see major I soon it wouldn't last long, but when chucks it s pocket lost a year. We want a game, though, by the world's wrong. We won that game that we can't you yeah pressure. We won that weak. Somehow it was insane and he was plain worthy
what's that island in new york that doesn't get talked staten island. I was like a staten island, something it was some amateur football daimios plain on like two weeks or through its before in one corner backs, was in chalk up, we want with the fuckin staten island got other guides rapture. I think I was on an official network yours and that you don't think, there's gonna be any resolution in the rod. Your situation and tell like the end of July is that just what packers fan should expect now, kind of turnout is, I think, a lot. I assume that we would at least get some new, no information from the gulf of Angela six but nothing's going to happen. until late july, no matter what yeah I mean that sure, just my red on the situation in ireland, we watch government. Firstly, that course it's amazing. Second of all, like there's going to be some funny stuff like it, you know they're, not gonna. Take it easy on rogers, which I appreciate, so that will be fun, but he seemed to be enjoying this summer. Seems to really like not having to do football things. If
is going to be a resolution only going to be when he wants so he's not gonna wanna do anything packer related, I dont think until right for training camp and plus, like there's no reason to come to any agreement or fix anything at all. Now, because there's no doubt the same reason that you're the play to our franchise tagging do deals very few happen. Now. They'll happened like dr fourteenth because kind of no deadline. There's no reason do so for me after the summer coonan right before campaign to what the resolution odin errand, tell us lasher it inserts or until July or somethin. Yes, I like that in the year he said something about he didn't throw until July and I think early. In our conversations with age, ay and Erin, a J made a joke. Errand like you inside joke. So let me go ahead and try to dissect here where was a quarterback, throwing I don't it wasn't. This year was like maybe last year or two years ago, somebody
doing a workout on a beach. I remember those Lamar when he was out there when he jumped over that jet ski or whatever is supposed to touch. I don't know if it was tom, doing something or any of the other potential quarterbacks overthrown about a beach at the time J s errand, a question about the time when they were throwing embed, clear mark like air not liking, to throw for certain times think we aren't potentially I don't know if we were in it for the entire think. Zeb come back for protease, I assume, but last year I think he got his first real chance to do like but he probably had always wanted to do with his time off and then I'll eat up and then kind of do his own thing, and he said he felt better than he's ever felt. So it's like I'm a hundred percent sure he missed any football that he would normally have like in his mind, although otas do serve quite a purpose and a point throwing why's. He told us you want startled July or so last year, and I was reminded that somebody that tweeted us, the video like hey, he's this latter forget it was. I appreciate you tweet me that so that kind of
adds a whole another tenders and twisted this. Whatever literally wasn't listening to any other hype, those going on he was oblivious to everything. Is that is potentially what happened. not will. First of all, I remember last we were going through the sort of what's the nfl gonna be like uncovered? What's the off I remember correctly. Compost told me, this reminded me of this, so who knows how accurate is but roger was pushing for, like a really late start of, I think training camp like didn't. start any training into like late July. I at all like adding it sounded like that's where he was kind of most com No, it is not doing anything which is one of players ever do it. So if that's good for him, then I think that he should probably he should probably keep do but you know I would imagine his hearing all that, just knowing how much he cares this stuff. I would imagine, if he's hearing all of it, carrying at all, probably
figured alot of us so sure, because he knows so much more than we do about the situation in like. we're all or else to talk about the world spending time doing any more he's picking out great tee shirts wherefores promotional dread, shirt, great line in the middle of that virtual press conferences. While can't wait to watch and see what he says and see what we make of it, because there's probably to be nothing else too about their now, there was a little bit of a news yesterday, the kind of good those earthquake in the middle of america by the way ass gay. So I hope our boys ok hope that really in and there was an initial thought that that earthquakes and thankful that everybody was safe was it was maybe george hollis rolling over and his great because there was a chance. gee toggle bears working Come the Arlington bears you now with a race way: property purchase,
looking into the future from the presidency, Tom philips into TAT said tat, philip lesson. One tat philip saw saying they were buying. It's nothing. Now we're just kind looking at every possible option, and we saw piecing together. The patriot place up there, which I think, as a casino plaza, a mall look at the cowboys and zoom in las vegas has a hell of a set up around there. They have night clubs in there. You look at all the money that is made from owning the space, not just the stadium, but around it. So you can take every dollar that people Spend on the weekend to yours. for your games. You save yourself, oh my god, chicago bears, but we, the Arlington fuckin, bears the bears, come out in the initial report at a better
fan facebook was thought. Tat happened, oh my god, and then it's our own out. They don't own soldier field, they only we say if they were to own it. It's actually better for business, blah blah blah, but then mayor lightfoot came indrawn elbow off the top robe on the bears basically proclaiming her love for the bears and for the city of chicago. While also said- and the almost fuckers needs that boring about moving within the city- you guys to figure out how to start women a little bit more, and this is obviously in in the middle of a massive negotiation. I assume for a new stadium. This always gets ugly. There was reports plenty times when an owner was looking for a new stadium, they'd hop on a helicopter, they go fly over los angeles, then they would bad back. Somebody would report, probably you this honor was seen in a helicopter flying over a property that could become a new stadium. Then all of a sudden, I don't know where the negotiation with the old place is done,
There's a new stadium newton, dollars probably going in there in a beautiful place being bill. Do I this right that they should just negotiation here by ted and by the mayor, and you see anything happening before twenty thirty three, which is allegedly how long that contract is in place there in Chicago knows a frank stick synopsis! Do I do I don't know, but that's right here. Thank you. There's some sage burning idea. Earlier I got a chance, a really you know trotted connected that's what I miss anything and how do you see a plan out yet so I would say your first point about how which money they can make from all of the other stuff is mass, and I mean the chicago bear. Where the marquis names in the nfl should be like extremely valuable one of the most valuable franchises in the nfl top three, and it's not quite like tat because dimension there, in the state in which they are currently in negotiations with the city for more improvement but improvements, but it's.
the small stadium, but still it How can it be like all these other unbelievable new stadiums, minnesota or vegas, or allay it's just not until they get a state of the art amazing stadium. There Can it be making as much money and be as valuable as they probably? should being so. Yes, its negotiations with the city This could end up last somewhere, it's basically just seeing this to kind fraud. The cereal didn't get more favourable terms, but I can't get the sense that at least this is a consideration all a lot of fans in the suburbs. It would delay patriots place type situate. K mart smart. You make a lot more money. It actually I mean I I love chicago's, like I want all your ring with tag. It's going to come out and marie you again you're good night lads of your carry and you're gonna have to have taken this week with Chris long, the mayor lightfoot. If you do what you are about to do here,
does makes move, does make sense. I keep it alive. maybe thing, arlington and heard today are wise. Guy. Could fans made love to see you we are linked in bears to her corner era, she'd bob Anderson and now also christian mccaffrey. I've come out with some glowing reviews on SAM Darnel disease, a whole new darnel down there and caroline, and should I bet on the wing combat player the year? is a bad idea. The year, ironically, wasn't hurt he play last year. You just started is tat. He was heard lobby lash, it wasn't easy,
What did you mean layer? The years did you magic, combat, come back where the year in the innovation, if you were good stunk for two three years and then had a good season, they never your meares and everybody knew those. I welcome that that will be while SAM's aren't. That has ruled that sam had to get there, but we have no idea of sam's gonna be good, but everybody is talking about their on his team, so they have to talk about their wide receivers and running back to catch the bar, the back field, so they have to talk, but what is this real down there and what are the expectations? You think around time for SAM Donald, I don't of its real yet, but I would say like him him when you come back twenty years, really pretty hilarious, but I guess stranger things have happened because he is clearly coming back from something which is, I guess. Not realising its potential or whatever the jets she has rejected, who is your last year was not the easiest. Succeed in so maybe coming back from that, but the other returns are good, but how I will say this, I think, for the carolina panthers there
not treating this like. We found a franchise quarterback we're done. This is our guy look they gave up form it wasn't a lot they're going to know that they are no strongly consider taking the quarterback and the draft they're. GonNA. Look at every possible when you to improve the quarterback position. John is an option, a really intriguing one, just because of how incredibly talented he is but he hasn't put it together. Yet the tape last year wasn't very good. He seems like you, better many can this year, but you know to real get to that next lobby, god do it for an extended period of time play really high level. Get your teammates knowing you're the guy liquors. There's a lot for SAM donald to do so I think the early returns are good, but he has to do probably a lot more to get to where he probably should be considering where
strapped dates back in Indiana. This guy is your biggest van rap she'd. He would have actually told Chris long not to say what he said if he was in the room, whatever chris long saga, he was not in the room, so he was out on a catch. Looking up, winners fora hammered down. Guy debts, love you. So this big mac anna came out and said that they are going to do on. Often whatever ben wants to do. Have you heard anything out of the steelers like desire to often coroner just because they had to or what the situation on the ice. I saw that and laughed a little bit. That is not reality. I get it really is without due respect to mad canada. Like I know you know, I know he said what he said, that we out their basically putting in a new offence? they're gonna make sure to tailor it around Ben skills and they know enough How, though, when he likes to play he is going to do it her and they probably should run that. But this is not going to be kind of
probably like it was last couple years were wishes make sure bends happy. This is gonna, be a very new office where everyone has to learn and like math, Canada is, has really been ache. curiosity in the league like before he was hired. He was a guy that data coaches would go to learn about all these new cool things you doing an offence Yours, hired him and now made a most sea like I think the orphans is going to be really really good this year, and I think Dan is probably gonna have Come back player. The year type sees the whose telling you wanted last year. They want eleven and oh by the way, fresh autonomy, John and another thing collapse. One seven foxy became a fan, but what is telling you this is if the offering of coordinator- ok, this, what I find fastening by your job air our dinner airports out on a friday or on a wednesday whose telling you that the office of coordinator, whose did a press conference in saying something, is completely lying. How do you find out that information like how little universities, I wouldn't say he's lying? I would just say: that's, probably not what he meant to say.
Would be my eyes I gotta because, like obviously there are going to do what then is best out, because he is a very good player on the core back and has played twenty years. I just don't think it's gonna be: let's do whatever he wants. He is going to install his system, which has been extremely successful, coupled have levels and and some of the step that he put in with the steelers last year. I would like, then, really liked, but this is not going to be just whatever then wants its wendy here's the system. Let's find what then does best in one thousand three hundred and eleven. When did he saying what he's hoping obviously went winamac in to put this stuff into the office? Was it? Was it late in the season beginning the season one earlier in the season? When was it soon it was only during the eleven are no part of the sea. I see that our debts is open for back there. We appreciate you iii and have an incredible weekend. What do you got? Anything call I got some I got. Some
ball. I got some second grade literally got inside gonna get some grilling Ok, good luck! I bet you're. Just a girl mastered data. You tat rank or to work out there. I think in back rosalie barbecue raise graham cook anything. anything. Ideally- and we appreciate your lies in germany and rapid. I think what happened there digs if I was reading through our rapporteur, said accurately- is mac. Canada gave an answer that he thought. What do you know me? The right answer, Ben loves their say. I love bantams, important ben and then all of a sudden, all the steelers fancied Nana, none nah nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah. We don't want we, we don't want we don't want them calling out of place. That's why I had to leave been at the last couple years, and I assumed he just maybe didn't know that that was going to be the reaction. That's why he didn't
come on, saying that wasn't what he meant that somebody, so you don't have index is that what you think happened potentially yeah. I grew up there and It will be better than all randy who got rid of, because I saw from stats guy we used to have on Europe? You warned sharps task, there. under center, they would rather go eighty seven percent of the time and then when they are in shock and they would throw balikh asia besides, I'm so everyone knew exactly what they are doing. It's it's ass to get there. well, I hope it does for you steelers fans out there, you log back into this thing out a rap. She did at table biggest squaws, pretty good, storm affair, I've heard with the kids. I thought it was his duty on these points. That is bad leader ali could be what, if he's the shell hale tawny a flock and table? Should I be heavy, just burned, worn down the middle for the meciar night, turnout first birch,
rare media are sure tat. I wanted to ask him why the hell yeah catchers mid out their god, why you would all right as a result, I voted on this week. Yeah thanks to call this guy doing. because I was soon as you see the photo you like good for rap why's. He did someone tell him. He has a catchers met at his he's. Gonna get he's gonna mocked, yeah he's gonna get back for this on the internet as a media thought. Is he on rapture? What's up a little bit more casual it kind of sitting down. You now now Oh there's a border by why people are asking for the new cabinet section sell out there, the question we didn't get too. We do apologise that we had call you back your two million friday. What why? Why do you have it? catcher's mitt there on your hand, while you're throwing it open and pick out that happened. What what do we do there? Does that the only one they offered up or did you bring that one that you've had that one, since you were in little league? Is that what happened or how did we get to a catcher's mitt there?
on the hare? She gregory issue grateful rifle, I'm sure there's rose good as well, both the countries It really really glonass. All kind of before get it, and I didn't you throw from the robber here? What are you doing? They they said, do not step anywhere else could throw you go in there that causes me, do you don't gotta catch you This is your mom and dad. Are you kidding me? hammered out there. The The thing is my you to bring your catcher because of covert yet like supply. Your catches of my wife was doing it, so I dont want to throw that. Like sink peace, got and hid her in the shins in veritable devalue. Six on, oh, I asked smart smart so anyway. The reason I brought a catchers meant is very simple: it's because I have been a catch her my whole life. I mean techno that only play baseball anymore, but I've always divide, is a catch or not is when I play catch. That is by mid, so
in a moment that sometimes could bring on high stress you stick with what not you, then you may add ons and great things for me. Yeah brought that out about to make sure that that was there with me during that tackling or those high pressure moments, you're always gonna rely on your fundamentals. That's why This is so important. That's why technique is important in that catches meant the gas it away in a debate. Ladies and gentlemen, he's nfl now rapidly, so starting up, why won't let you know that if you're not gambling with sandal you're wrong typhoon,
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yet use it now also famous yonder, daily fantasy and free to play games or you can win money shots vandal. Shout yields get back to show as a big time. Our oh yeah there's a lot of things that are about to take place in the next fifty eight minutes, fifty Seven minutes now k three o clock abroad. New document or a day billing from ad evan foxier you to duck conference. Last week I met your watch, an issue alive. You will be immediately redirected to it. I believe, if the youtube analytic functions, tat technology thing works properly, We can't thank you enough for me
during a long therein in trying to win the money that were given away at the end of that. You know, foxy likes to deliver a little bit of an expensive treat to the viewers and fills pocket at the end of every documentary, and I can't wait for you to watch it. Then, after that, hey listen after that, the hammered down boys at youtube duck comfort. Sledgehammer are gonna watch england and scotland in the first half of england, ends up winning it. If there are one, nothing do nothin three nothin for another. Five not won't happen that if they were winning, though at half time the hammer down boys while watching long live, will win ten thousand dollars. If scotland wins the first half over england and its come at home at half time
everybody that is on camera at youtube, duck on ford such hammer die knows that they are going to have to wash and clean the entire office, which is gonna, be a nightmare. We're coming out of a corn scene where, but he's gonna lockdown separated from each other. We can care of her own little space is something much much much better than others. There's going to be a lot to clean up there, that is literal penthouse to outhouse situation in one slash, two of soccer, which is tough to watch, but with a lot on the line we will enjoy that then tonight. roman reigns in re mysterious in hell, in a cell on fox out eight year, measter daylight found that out last night that that was going to be happening tonight, we're talking about potentially the biggest smack down in the history of smack dance, and I'm not just talking about with my now
week run here that I've been on. I'm talking about the history. A helena cell matches save for paper views. You ve seen the clips when mic folly, mankind its toss off the top in pittsburgh by undertaker falling over twenty thirty feet into a table concrete for losing, is tooth and everything like that thing getting tossed her, the top of a cage, a couple times: blood brutality, carnage. All of this roman rains, the universal champion will fight re ministerial in absolute icon, future hall of fame and w w. We live on fox mac down, as opposed to this weekend and Elinor cell, which is a review only available in the Kok peacock I'm a big night and then, by the way, the first federally signed june.
Weekend, let's have a five year ago. Why? Because- and I am all about a good celebration whenever, however, whatever but whatever we learned about june teeth, I think, as a society a large majority of us at least, which is something that was not cool at all the fact that it just got signed in. I think he's an incredibly awesome moment for us all to celebrate together. I think it is a cool thing. There's people that hate this. They think it's whatever for whatever reason, and I think it potentially signifies a massive mistake that was made for a long long time in the country that we currently live in, but I think that's life, you make mistakes, you learn from them. You move on! You grow! You mature! The fact that our country is at a point now to celebrate something that was a massive mistake at one point is not a bad thing. It is a great thing. This is a cool thing and infor much as I have a real, I feel like it.
Election to this with the life that I've lived in the opportunities in their situations, I've gotten to see both being in a college, football, lock, roman nfl, locker room having friends from all over the country being where I was from, which is a working class town majority white, some trash it I'll some good, but the fact I get a chance to see things. I think the word coming together is a beautiful thing, but it is something that are by cycle me. You're, a pat mac, vs. Think various butler is here in dairies. I won't let you know, I'm fuckin pumped about june teens becoming a holiday on points about your teeth, weaken celebrating for you. I would assume this is something that is in now. This is me, maybe potentially being racists thinking, but this is I soon. This is a massive thing, not only for you but for everybody, and I think it should be viewed that such it, this isn't just a black celebration. This is a entire country celebration I mean. Is that is definitely call out didn't know about june to income and location of this isn't something that
yeah, but I felt like a stooge by them for not knowing about it. I think a lot of people maybe felt guilty, like oh my god, I'm a terrible person for this. This is something that was maybe not for a long time, anywhere right, dear meat industry in general. Honestly, you know black can't. You had to gonna, do yo due diligence research about. You know your true history, so you know understand what have we noted the slaves of free, but the mess appraising proclamation ugly with sixty three years later, it was still slaves in texas believers, galveston texas, where the less enslaved people were free, this country, so obviously a huge moment for
like we have to know the fourth of July, if you think about when that was put in place, we weren't free. So this was the day that we were technically friend is country, so definitely dope that it's a on a federal holiday, definitely cool that we get to reno celebrated and educate the next generation on it, and I hopefully we continue to move forward. You know, obviously, more than you know, symbols and holidays things, but actually putting things in action in place, because a lot of words lot of things said, you know you had fucking in racism in the back of the nfl. amazon or still practicing. You know, race, norm saves I'm, so symbols are one thing, but we want to move progress. Wars It seems it is very dull by the way, but it seems, like you know, hypocritical situations have surrounded This particular conversation for a long long time and, I think teeth becoming something that we all celebrate is us that you are, I think anything.
Can bring people together. Like I m all about, I think if you were to look at who watches and listens to our show, you might, I think alike. people would be a step. Bye cuz. I like, I feel, like I've, always been a unifier. I don't know. I just feel like I enjoy when everybody's getting along it's. Why I like flip cup over beer, okay, cuz, I think everybody can get in like I like when everybody comes together and has a good time, because I truly believe okay, you don't live a long time on this particular rocket could end whenever and then, as you learn more and more, you like, okay, I feel like we can help here. I feel like we can change this a little bit. We can get going and I think acknowledging a lot of stuff, which is what we have a lot of people have been forced to tend to do over the last year. The dope and I think, ass we move forward- we all need to realise that we have a lot more common. Ok, then we have differences between the change of things, make everybody's life as good as possible, and I just think that is really alongside of four june thirteenth weaken and merely
What actually in chicago after bearing the Arlington bears yesterday, they did is absolutely buried the designers yesterday today she is taking ten million dollars out of the Tobin tax relief that they have which, by them Then she sang we become producer. Shouts asked me. I say again that I and then she's gonna put its work to end racism. I have no idea how they are you I mean I don't know what the hell are you paying everybody that is just eight four per. I dont know how that works, but I think the best thing that we do as a society that continue to grow ways in those spy that's where you know there isn't a lot of white folks in may be. The only white people that are ever seen throughout the entire life is in a bad fashion. It may be in those spots in when we doesn't happen in the big cities by the way these are cities and towns. Allah the place, The only opportunity for success that you see on a regular basis is one that is whether its crew
I'm operations or selling drugs or gang gangway later a thing like that: there's a good That is going to continue to be the standard, because there's gonna be DR there's gonna be here. I want to make my life better. I won't do that and when only real thing too low. up to, for instance, for me, so my dad truck driver, My mama secretary, no college graduates in the town I grew up in our neighbourhood. By the way we didn't have any lawyers doctors, anything like that. All working class. Folks, here you know, and it wasn't until like I met my dad's friends, was a professor named danny gray. I met him. One time use the professor. I saw his jacket. I saw the car he worked, he was driving. I like saw the way you operate a little bit. I was when I was young. I was like okay, so there's how a professor that's, how they make their living. That's all they can live. If your professor, then I'm at my dad's boss, for the first time when I was like a teenager- and I saw this guy's house was huge and I was trying to see what he does to make his money whenever you have like. Print or an avenue or hope based, That is all that it is you you
you tend to make better decisions and hopefully nothing else going to follow suit. I think a lot of neighborhoods if we really want to end racism or- or I do this have to provide opportunity, and I think we have to get to provide hope and I think Whenever you see a player thing there s more important, I think it's a big big, racism is going. Where is not about you know, people not liking other people's about everybody really have a fair opportunity. Hope in and you have read or yes, they wanted things for it always says for. Eighty is exposure leads to expect you in and ass the truth. If you can see things, if you can fill it touch, it you're more likely to reach those goals, but a lot of these communities, lottery, schools. You know that hope and opportunities in there, so that that needs to be fixed, I'm not as concerned with in the racism. I could give two shirts, if you like me or not, but as long as we have the boast both of opportunity. You know in the same place, to live in pay taxes.
I'm cool there and I think you know aside from the eu, profiled at a rate we can never understand. I think this is something that people are continuing to realise, and that is something it exists to, so they did knowledge and things that have happened by the way. taking. This is not all broad paintbrush here, whatever we're talking, but everything is in every single this. It is in every single that it is in every single thing, these national situations that have happened over a long long time that we have to change but if that ten million dollars a mayor life what's goin, is go into a incredible school district, incredible school that has great teachers or maybe company that can give our great salaries in there that are employing only in areas as I think you just have to allowing people to see something to be able to truly believe in it. No matter where your aunt and when I feel you see is one thing, one thing one thing: you're you're gonna repeat there, probably so I think there should be much more investment and opportunity. A lot of places to go go to
is grass roots organisations may where people were actually making changes. They actually know the issues, because the issues of pittsburgh completely different issues and allay miami atlanta, etc. So if you put the money the people already boots on the ground and just help them scale whatever they, whatever it is that they're door, that's gonna, be much more impact fully just come in writing a chick and gordon something that you know may not have any effect at all, because there's always gonna be people who try to take advantage of any situation, and even if it's supposed to be a great situation for everybody and that's why, like what robert math is doing with dan with the gridiron gang like he's he's gap is kids that would never have an opportunity to go to these camps that are available seems like everywhere else in their interest in their training in they're. Gonna talk to guys that have been there done that as opposed to maybe other. her brother or somebody else is in in the same straight or neighbourhood that is doing something completely different, but by the way, still drives imbalances and still has very nice cars and that its success guinea
Chance to see like this is what you can do with its do this. I just think I think, that's that big, but that's what june teeth you know really spurred like a conversation of how do we really true bring the something together and it's not gonna happen quickly. gay and there's always gonna be hate, there's always gonna be idiots, but I think I think I might be wrong might be wrong we have a chance to continue to get better and better and better. I well. I hope we will have a great june teens weaken wrapping that up by the way. helena cell sunday, let's have a good one, but there are thinking for speaking on it by the way, if conniston speaking on their basic, all can look at mustache like that. I could share. These ito starts talking about You know that whole thing people be like cool, but he's actually from cuba. Okay, if we get fox in there dairy sweet. I really appreciate that, and I, day whenever was signed in
I want to delay talk about it. You know knows I can be very thereby rather large lack of self awareness of our desire to go at this thing alone. I just think it point life we all kind of understand what's going on, but let's move along. I'm abu did that r D, but thank you for that are likely to let's, let's talk about what's going on in our world into do that lets calls People have a hammered down boys. Are you feeling back there. Get a lurch job wise it, because a clean and other things are what is it because of now, I'm not worried about the loss. I just I'm worried about not waiting yeah see you don't really care about england at all yours right about now. Winning I would rather some phone call. So we first age you guys back there. Let's go to you, I'm Michigan eli, what's goin on pal How much are you just hang out eli? Would you want to talk about it? I got the grated college football player,
that now becoming the greatest and will be the greatest ever chin. Regos duty lie. We like these conversations after the first, what, after the first, how they tang he comes out. You got. Promise that you already out will play a part of me or Nobody else endlessly they're gone There are four year, eli, you're, honest and write em, and he gave us meets ones. I mean they did go when a national championship. Any does have a statue about him, and I think that is potentially coach. Tour people forget about that. You know what I'm sayin debo cause urban, meyer hats the greatest moments of his life was empty but was being tim data is our chance. It there's a relationship involved there. I think so, but think for a jailer yesterday said he's gonna, be on black squad nodded.
it's gonna take a little bit, but you like them around fred sailor. I think really appreciate old times about yet growing things to say about a great person. He said his energy now being a leader like that's infectious, that's why he's there? I didn't really make it seem like he was gonna, have a huge impact, Ricky said that they are gone. The white vic in jacksonville these data regarding the white the school year use redo. Peter was jack's. I've always known for good for power, didn't see the one kind of birth jacksonville into the whole thing he's ease the most popular player, a jack no, but he was a me tony carter- came up to be where he was a me, the guy who normally donna south florida south
yeah yeah. I see I beg county brower county palm beach. We print most dominate ass. Our camp has got some teams around here. Go I'll, go boats about their say right down here they got. Some teams would be the reaction in banana verloc room. If he came out and did the work is hard Frau his heart is anybody. We know we ve seen situations like this before eaten ws, yeah yeah. You know we seen and heard you re actually and jellies life might give tee both on the practice squad. Given you know, speeches about pushing everybody, his heart can ok. So this is exactly remember. The kicker for randy yeah kay The speech after yeah, I appreciate her going on doing it's not easy to kick. This is also meantime. You, the first person ever do something in history. It is legendary legibly. She gave a speech at half time and our plotter for that that it takes much more courage and I've ever had potter, the team other. Given a speech ever ok, I understand that tim's above these unpack, squat
He gives a species TIM tb, ok, lobata, self awareness there, If he gets boys go in and I sure if he gets boys gonna be tough, tough times eminence eyes, progress, darken, coach, even wally's plan it's ok. We do you gotta coated with polo victory when rookies or come in. The things that would be set what is that sound, there was a growl in there is there anybody s real gesture.
wise alone, he had at its like a video of aging, like I heard a little smart, it sounded like he was breathing in smirking at the same time. Talking about how many times have you heard that this week? How is it going down? There is the first time I've heard that sorry, my rake ons woke electoral face times, andras here going through the phone up. It's all right for the your friends ass. If you got a great had on their what's that, what is it all buckeye, son cap, you got that everybody get. This is like a gift. Bag did not immediately upon arriving at this land crews. You are absolutely sport
The swag bag- I know when you called him when I was a hosting you shall for you that one of these guys on such an idea to utter honor. You, though I appreciate tat and by the way that was the data Carson whence was trade to the indianapolis courts. On that exact day, do you have any news? Like that's a break? Have you got a little loose down there with the buckeyes in texas aaron? Indeed, only news now don't use has anything happened. I've been counted out, not only you know, literally, nothing has happened only. We were the news for one day, We were We. The luxuries, glaser said that he knows aaron rodgers still once out. That became big news, but that came just. four days after you and James Jones said it was fixable in both can
true, but the world reacted as if they couldn't be it's an insane time. How is this thing you're out over there, though, we saw that loud, worried, shouted we're just where we just talking to somebody in germany the other day a perfect. Can we talk to somebody in london, somehow agent, ohio and now on a leash, for his somewhere. No connection. Welcome back edge agreed to have you. How has this been? Has it been crazy? We saw one video. What is a bit like down? There has been good I mean mean had that is the fourteenth year done it in so now this year it was mostly February guy answer now removed it tonight. Ours is based The whole crews just took over hotel yearning to the same kind of things. It's it's been good may last night alone. In the autumn thing they did. They raise nine hundred seventeen caille already, and we still have more nice,
I really broke up throughout all that, but you're audio did get through their nine hundred and seventy nine hundred seventeen thousand last night in there's still a few more days. We have one video we're gonna role. This now is issues every room you walk into. Is this what it's like? We're? Not arbs inshore, we'll run this video. Do we have this right in IRAN? We gotta get it. We have to get this video. We saw one video. It was a shot of an entire conference, all basically like a room in a hotel, and it looked like you Ninety two hundred hundred year olds, eighty one room all doing the aid. It is that's what this week is. Man stole that, but there's not is not just like there's all there's a range of people. Your marriage not just
people here, but also we must have seen the senior senior council hall were asked aids, a eight nine hundred and seventeen thousand last. I what charities is going to in our you just at events all day is that what you're doing hazardous auctions and beaten greeting conferences all day, there's different gonna like fun things at a very early years old in ways that raise money. But yeah gets himself coming up here later, wherever the poorly, with my kids. Now there actually right inside trying to lay down for a little bit on out here on the drugstore, picking up the white vibrant. Do that and I'm not going I'm probably he s a year and between a connection in the cell service, bats papa. We proceed you calling from this land cruiser on you're in the past this morning you pina herbaceous peasant an apple. Now I do not see in there, but actually we're kids, when the hot tub aroused outside wash my wife's eight thousand degrees, and they all want to sit in hot oven. I look over ass was his pants down pain in the bush right here
you're really there's ruin. Ok, you got to cuban ays. Where are they? events you have to do you have to sign autographs. Do you do a show? Are you singing? Did you wish you don t I over there are you do, and I am not saying that people have sent your beer geier jack me word is here. He gave once greatest idolaters kelly, clarkson curiosa performances, three or four years ago on the boat that people still about so I guess you're, obviously boost up and make bad decisions in the name of charity I mean yeah, give or take Will they get that's pretty much what it is? I think god, it's great to hear you we have missed you guys union. Are you aware of the fifteen thousand dollar bat going on at three o clock today No I'm not what happened was going on immediately following the foxy flick. That's debuting in thirty five minutes at youtube. Duck
for such hammered down. There's a watch along for the england, scotland game euros. You know how much we cover that a J. You know why I'm down into that, got I'm happy that the ohio state, buckeye faithful, have kept you updated on what's going on in europe, nobody, but I guess that about a lot of people butter. I very very very pointed out that the FAO, the ink scotland, first half money line. If england wins the hammer down boys when, like ten, eleven grand or whatever, if they lose, if england loses the first applicant scotland, they have to clean the entire office. Dumpy didn't sleep last night because it is think digs is starting to get nervous. It's a big time thing around here. Well, so who wait? What was the first money wearing that what has happened? whoever went there? who do you guys have well done.
Digs and everybody has england, obviously because its target, its top Rinaldo here, what are all anyway, with Portugal, bs he's a high scorn, human and history of scorn in his turn of it, I think in europe or wherever three hundred goes some way on. Billy boy never be touched. Our know how is still playing spray You drink so much water by dumping. I have a question for asia on why he was born for scotland
Now a j knows its common army attacks to me last night. He knew all about this. He said its common home. Don't worry power didn't work. Is god knows where passed the first round, so there's no more packaging is happening between the key importance to all outward uncharted when these gains by bush right, good, subtle, iran, first half money line a day. We need a goal early. Let's go good software, mere no caging, there's no boring gump. Let's go! Let's get a plan, I put mixer we flop and though I have like eighty two extra minutes and nobody knows about with fewer silly guys how many songs you gotta know over their age. I did soccer analysis by the way you guys have to know, like obviously, have to know the what's. It called the alma mater thing: the files on the fight song, a promising. In that a lot of you see the o h, that's,
lot down here. Yeah unfortunate, I can't sleep you too, because a lot of people like to ask me about using display you'll do merit serious lot. I was learning all these guys now. Obviously, a lot of the people that are here attending they love you and I love the boys. Do everything in their excited about about what you I, what you're up to eight you know people. I wanna questions, not you. You know that I'm sure the boys get asked all. listen. stood, ok, baby They will probably give it back. You won't say this, because there are proper representation, If they don't know you well enough to not get her back, cries going taxes and saying any chairs. A fortnight ago, legend crews gamble with other men. I wish gamble. Dino Gary boyd disappeared like closer allocated to get his own thing out of what is going on, but gables the man I wish she wasn't. He would be awesome. Look at this is where you are. Where are you in this? Are you? Are you just sitting a tables the entire time, while people channing? Oh H, iowa? I honestly don't know
this has to be big. I hear exactly see so bright. I never there's like it is like an opening ceremony type night we announced and run upon station, threw herself in the crowd and endangers kind. I welcome everybody into a bunch of stuff whose all there years got prior their claret priors not makes you my kids get zigzag europe. Today we had all sides. Should people think a blast? Nigeria, you do drugs. We're not smoke a dope down here that we need you for that against lads, identifiers down there. They will need to bring in at least three four parts. I think you're down there all week. It's a week thing a flexible
We have four five days. I think pretty much. What it usually is a long time, Gregg odin. There is great is not here, I now should deprive me now. I I should invite that guy's is awesome. Guy what beef with gregg odin, do what you're, probably right now he's icy gregg around longest due to us to be. He walks around this place rather critical take my gives us when he placed off their lot in that dude walker Obviously he sticks out of their columbus, ohio, walker and golf courses. Ninety tom, z, trying to play charades with me shy autonomy is written in this year's I'll run darby. We we gave way take examined every we were trying to cook our way into getting our own section. Basically, in the outfit on derby. Now there play of. All time is going to enter a now run derby. What
where, where we all start here, it's in denver, do they got bigger law dope out there. For us, we may get that air with their bomb and shown actual he's. Gonna win the seas. Gonna worry about. This is one of those things I price arbour, one when it was indeed see in the hare knows a big moment show is going is disease year. This is on the greatest baseball player of all time time, he's going, dawns shots out there, we're gonna catch moves. That's each! Apparently he dropped a highly film. For this, like a big height video obligation lie guys go. This is the guy. You know if we made our film, you know he's. Wouldn't brochure in your mind what we are just must be on some stupid again the celebration right now what it, what are you? Even? Why are you negative right now? What we might make it understand? We know how you are swayed by by good editing in any kind of work out did slash like high
rio, that that that's all you need for you. I in your all, do this what the editing I can see! I despoil out. That's a fake. I can do that. Don't you worry about that, but if it is legitimate doing something that is freakish, I'm all ears, And guess what shall I owe Donnie does freakish, I'm all ears. I can't to be at home, run derby. I can't wait to be there.
Why are you really gonna go? Well? I say it now. You know probably not, but maybe we could say, let's hope it happens. On a monday, I only we ve looked into it. We have looked into this for real gonna. Try to make it happen. I believe it's the first week of potential live events as well for w E. If we can make that happen, is one where we can say that I saw something negative coming out of your mouth. I think now I just remembered where we were thinking about sitting and I remembered at tawny, lappin salutary he's gonna be haven't its motto: bonds for us really there I thought I did see you get a low negative araminta upon us in your thought. Was I call it out. We have changed our. Do we change direction over here agent? What do you have what here? extra aside from the kidnap anything cores, it's time for us to get to a brake on, but the piss. My pants
now you can do with everyone in your show, but here we have to have some stuff coming up later this afternoon, tonight's, wherever survivor game, it's called on exactly what we're doing. I was like a tv show. Flights were with some game where we are on team scenario: general bob's, your slaves. Here, please put the crowd up last night. Did these four hours a day use your eyes dame everyone gets going slaves, that's his job, his he is. The man had given people choose to generate. We don't quit the quick jump. Jumbled up his eye wishing us as I would have brought back forty one big AL age. I was out what you guys do like after the warm upstretched us now they did something they started when I left with a different strictly to escape me. They do this all recall what cows over taken the jackson over them and they did hear symptom of white on and on
not! I am trying to find out what the quick outweighs, though you're here a kind of step, and I dare whose actually like I was actually trying to find out what it was, because this is a problem which goes to in practice right after the stretch before this stretch or practice. What is it you in the unit You said I didn't do this by the way like that you there's no way they're gonna get me. The entire teams are forced to do stuff. By the way I mean we ve all seen a very high school, I'm I'm ok, I like it. I just didn't demonstrate your two hours there. We didn't do it, they brought not after me, so I dont really the know how to do it, but slaves aren't so he takes it. Buddy through What is it that when it should look like what do I owe you I bent over enables the whistling he's got. No, these boomers react uptown, uptown, claptrap, clap. While they stop you gotta memorizing would have one doesn't together. It's an impressive thing to watch. You guys are trying to the ohio, hocker sure yeah. Exactly what it is. I can respect that. I really can't good luck down there. We appreciate you calling in do you feel like you're? I what's up,
The matter is on courts. Do you like a call convention right now, do villager, potentially a part of it, yeah. Is it? Is it a good call if that thing exists? But you know how goes it usually one leader, like you, sleep with all the people, so we don't have that year least as long as we will have that I think is going to be a good cop, ok, I'll age, religion, the others are deaf people about to give it back you down, but not everybody. Now then, I give her, thereby branched variants also thought they had a pretty sweet. Gagging J sell out, it may be requested. Bang, it all sounds very asian crashes out supply examined your down as I. Why are leading the chancellor and everything I got you trying to become caress buckeye I mean he. He did power. To me big within one little trailer boy he could shred lacks. I know the complainants got every time he was gonna running to dig. It run really well great writers never saw it does
Like the rest in peace, everybody out their hopefully nothin, like that happens, we are obviously your called, but I'm happy it's a good cop. Ladies and gentlemen, google calling from the ohio state buckeye tall charity event that they have every single year. Nine hundred and seventeen thousand raise last night. I think for cancer research. I believe if I looked up the right thing or not our it more money on the way, a j, hawk lazy, that's the show appreciate everyone who watch. Lessons follows long tweets, added You name it you guys are the best go check out foxes, newest blog, MR friday night on the tube he's, always given away money, your prize is all that kind of stuff hashtag pod squad sent us a picture of where you guys, listen to the show will continue to be sending money too.
random people all summer, happy fathers day, two of dads out there and everyone who is celebrating fathers day this weekend, thanks for
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