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2021-09-22 | 🔗

On today's show, Pat and the boys react to the reactions of Aaron Rodgers Tuesday around sports media, chat about the breaking news that Tua Tagovailoa actually does have broken weeks and will be out on a week to week basis despite initial reports that he his injury wasn't serious, if this means the rumors around the Dolphins going after Deshaun Watson will heat up again, and discuss reports that Carson Wentz is going to try to give it a go on Sunday with two sprained ankles, and how he is an absolute maniac on the football field. Joining the program for the first time, fresh off a huge bag this offseason, is Pro Bowl TE for the Baltimore Ravens, Mark Andrews. Pat and Mark discuss this weekend's Oklahoma/West Virginia game, what he loves about playing in Baltimore, what it's like playing with a guy as special as Lamar Jackson, if Jimmy's Seafood is still trying to take the team down, how big of a win it was against the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football, how he manages his diabetes and a day-to-day basis, and much more (12:41-25:51). Next, football coach for 37 years, former Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Chuck Pagano joins the program for Coach Us Up Chuck. Pat and Chuck chat about this weekend's games, decision making on third and fourth down in the redzone, how important assistant coaches are on gameday, why Bill Belichick's defense is so difficult for rookie QB's, how to make the perfect gravy for a Sunday dinner, and much more (42:54-1:11:22). Later, President of the UFC and friend of the show, Dana White joins the program to chat about UFC 266 this weekend, his new TV show on the Food Network, which matchups excite him the most this weekend and a few he's potentially looking ahead at, if the energy is different in Vegas with the Raiders now and if there are any plans to have an event in Allegiant Stadium, and why the fight business is just a mean game (1:15:08-1:33:51). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow and listen every day on Mad Dog Radio, Sirius XM Channel 82. We appreciate you all for listening, come and laugh with us, cheers.

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Hello is Wednesday september. Twenty second, two thousand twenty one big show big, show Art Andrews joins us, obviously tighter for the baltimore ravens, who just got aid chuck Pagano coaches. Shucks segment weekly on wednesdays, stop by towards a malaria stories and broke down some situations around the nfl and all uncle Dana White came by for a judge, about this weekend in life as Dana think was actually pretty good conversation. Dublin is more shit with him. I we can't I. For allowing us to penetrate your ear holes if you enjoy the show by the end, please be a friend telephone, if not to sack like it. Let's get to it just learned right before we came on do watch every day on youtube. We appreciate the hell out of you. Obviously. Now, if you are a member of our althea, which is a subscription service that youtube has it literally. Ours is a buck. Ninety nine anything or as low as it can possibly be awesome the green comment, I guess
Once a month, you get a highlight of highlighted comment. I was literally just learn about once a month you get a highlighted, color and don't waste. Your highlighted comment on anything stupid is what I'm saying. So I can't wait to see those. I can't wait to see the activity comments section, maybe beers, a fresh, especially when it comes to the high lighted comment. Of the month from you make sure that your best stuff, I would say, try it out elsewhere. You know maybe around the house or maybe even what I used to do is I would put a tweet out in advance. It wasn't like. Ok, this b, something not probably go with your story, don't be silly! do it with your highlighting all you want a month. I want blood. We appreciate the hell out of all of you for watching and listening today. This is a good day. We got some, I guess we first I'm guests really mark Andrews, baltimore ravens tighten, will join us about six minutes. You just got paid. Did you set a massive one against the cheese? I can't wait to hear yet with him about about with him about the point
yes? Don't worry J is ages on here. Is that radical jeez debating for lair hearing off with this guy wants to oklahoma yeah? So we gotta watch. In the oklahoma law. All seems like there might be another twenty public pushups on the line, and I do not exactly love that because they have a heisman candidate on their team or do I believe in. Although we just beat the dog shit out of virginia tech, we did throw an interception with three minutes left in the game on our own twenty five or something there's a lot to learn. I think in that whole thing, but I'm ready I am excited. I can't wait to chat with him. Can't thank him enough and then chuck Pagano will join us in the second hour. There is a lot of conversations around coach's decisions this past weekend, both college and in the pro game, and also some stories, maybe from our teams that he had been on. I cannot wait to chat with him so they love every time he comes on. The show is called subjects in the first week. Are I not I think it you know, chuck kind of fun in his water, then second week in a little then
I will now go away. I regard enables that last year, time groove. Yet he is a hasty all human being. Who has credible knowledge on the game of football and only coach like thirty five years or some like it, I mean, maybe forty and I dont know what it was committed to. Football now is retired. Obviously very low to call him a friend, anna weekly? Guess everyone say that will be in the second and third out. We have our data. Oh my god bear guy he's done, I shall get is got lost. Became on. He said you know. I will send you a bunch of stuff on essential work up machine he did not lie. He sent us in a shit ton of stuff venom stuff to back to big bags. I mean one of the biggest I've ever seen in my last fight from Dustin poor yeah. We've got a bunch of that stuff. Can we chat with him? They got a big fight. Come up this week, mass, hey big car, this weekend, weight or big innovations yeah
Speaking of moma, Conor mcgregor threw out one of the most hilarious first pitches in the history of first pitches last night, Jesus any obviously in the seventh inning stretch sang incredibly, I mean Conor mcgregor continues to crush this. Go rehab situation last idee through the opening pitch in the chicago cubs three into the stands over. The third, those like yeah I don't know if we did that on purpose or not, because we have seen him throw football, he shot put, the thing about thirty forty orange. My lot power lot of explosion, obviously not great form I don't know, it appears as if he tried to throw that into the stands, but we're not one hundred percent sure modern censure- I do not know, but can we chat with the
and about everything going on there world the tops of tables here at boston, conrad, ty schmidt tie a lot of reaction to Aaron rodgers reaction of the coverage of one of aaron rodgers after the week. One loss of the new orleans saints expected understood, is exactly what happens every single week during a full policies. Yeah, absolutely I mean we've talked about it a million times, and you knew yesterday when, when he you know, took certain and I don't even want to say, tapes took shots but responded to a lot of his critics. You knew today, our there's gonna be a lot of fodder. There's gonna be a lot of far out there. Role is gonna, be responding because I'm sure people feel like he was talking directly to them and they wanted to get a chance is out. They can live in a pretty the exact with your art and we love so go in. There is a lot of people that we enjoy on tv. There's some people on tv that we just go like whenever they eventually get phased out of this thing, sports media will be a lot better irene. There's some of those as we like a lot of people. We understand it's a lot of work. We appreciate that, but it is great
like when somebody says something it does put a name on it, how many people that he was that, probably It's not gonna make you son of a bitch you erin Probably either was or wasn't I don't. I can go either way either. He does know everything that every human has said about him and it's almost like a list like dead forever dead, for dead forever. I'm not sure if that's the case or if talking to a couple people and then those shots were heard by fifty people, move made a living off of potentially saying disparaging things about people also aaron rodgers, that's why funds are fastened the outside to see what was going to happen to those com? on these shows because for a law time in united are there for this all the time. As we are in error, roger this esteemed wash get her and so very much shall we If you chance to know him, I got chance to golf with him. Hang out with him. He obviously gives us so much time through the season. It is unbelievable, we're very lucky and thanks
fraud, Aaron, rodgers friendship and also his guests ship on the show. So whenever I speak like publicly about things that I feel about this guy from knowing him. I think a lot of people hate it because we're a long time there some people that got away with saying some shit about aaron rodgers, who you know What then feed people that maybe didn't like here and now teammate has set in? It was always just saying cup of people round, that same I dont know if you speaking to draw Michael friendly, but I think a lot of these values are the german confidently yet again says it again, and all that does by the way is it So the sportsmen people, just like us in a attainment of his said boom about so that almost empowers sports media people to continue the narrative that has always been said about aaron rodgers, because Aaron literally never talked about anything to anybody. He was caught up. Madonna, selfish, prickly and family issues? You had everything in his life was documented and he was backed by every just in the sports world, by the way,
what somebody in the entertainment world haven't you you're talking about all around the world. This is one of these superstars and he never said shit about ever. It was almost admirable. It was like this guy people say whatever about him in never even defend himself. So we met him. The verse, I'm a minimum like hey. Why We answer anything you know cause I'm somebody lives on the internet. I enjoy, like I'm we're keeping up a knowing and seeing what people are saying like I love like I, I enjoy it, I'm very lucky that this is what we get to do for a living. We live on the internet because I actually enjoy that thing. Aaron was just like if I answer to everything that was ever set about me. I mean that's all I'd be doing all day. I just kill. Indifference around like yeah, there's we could have gotten for a couple that we could have potentially got in front of and he was like. Well, if you do that, then people are going to expect you to cover everything so now that finally speaking and I think we As far as we know, a little bit agent knows a little bit: every timid as continue to speak more
posting a narrative, the disguise the most selfish prick of all time in the nfl in the people that believe that, for a law, at the time I think just having maybe a struggle with it, especially when there's some things that happened, that feed that narrative, potentially, if you're, looking at it through the lens of somebody that hates them. So I think, take a little bit, but I'm very thankful that iran is at the point of his life. Where he's like no more, this shit, like I like that, I love that, because for far too long I thought you should defending yourself against some of that shit. There are some things that you should come out and say like hey. This is true and I think it would potentially end in If you do that and how much more do you have to answer now, all those people that feel that way and have said things like that about him for a long long time and thought they knew him and they never actually knew them now. They're hearing all this other shit and they're like well, I don't like that that then is that doesn't fit how I've thought about this whole thing for so long, it's like what you want literally heard. One side of the story is the other side of the story. I wouldn't safer shit about anything? So it's like it's fascinating time right now. It's very fascinating time for air, and I soon because he's getting old
out there in flying a lot in the people that love him are like. This is why we ve been a fan of this guy because we have either encounter dream in the end street a randomly or at an event or sent. My gun he's been other maputo us or whatever, and it's like finally, he's getting a chance to really you know, take back. Narrative almost in there's gonna, be some people hate innate. Do I mean Araby do hate it, but it's expected and the world we live in, I think a big part of it, too, is like you, you talk about like we just got done talking about Devonte and like he goes through the two thousand and ten team when they won the superbowl and, like all those guys like his teammates love him that you never hear anything bad from guys who are currently playing let him unless it's like it or not, source inside the package of which you know we ve talked about before, like it's bullshit, you can really take that for anything. It's just these. It's these guys, are continually. You know J. And when they were there with him. It's like you see all the pictures like it looks like they had great relationship in its also interesting, because we talk about how like it's a week, do we
processing, everything like it's with every single week after he comes on like you know what to expect, then you know to me like he is each every week is, do or die almost, which is kind of interesting. Like minutes now, obviously, watching accuracy- and it's never been like that, for so it is kind of crazy would, like ie literally, is like living and dying, at least on the internet, with every single, powerful, every decision may everything he does every game that is played every video that it's the internet. I mean it is everything, and I just such is life as aaron rodgers at Boston connor I can dear your thoughts on everything happening in the world in hammered down boy digs covered cowboy remains hot in gambling alongside dumpy enough human who actually came out and said something very similar to that Lamar
jackson said right now they love me and then they'll hate me. He said it's always going to be like that, so I can't pay attention to or something like that. He said right now, everybody's high on me, and what we've got going on, but it'll be something different next week and he said it's always been like that with him, which I assume it has been a high school going. College. There's, probably lotta teams are like now. You should do this instead of play quarterback there. College goes on dominates. GonNA fell. The entire conversation was now. You should do this instead of play quarterback. So He has an air and obviously does as well. Are they gave calices, you know like in hand or stopping and seldom them, and I think that's a bit Four thing will be after one of the more jackson's biggest weapons here in about a minute or two repositories. They dare not things easy by way when faced with somebody just as pie, Since I got the car, it sounds hill also sun times now, because you can close it out on that little screen appears and facetime. If you close it out too soon before you connect it pauses,
automatically she got away, then it's not hired. A new face. Time is even greater by way of aid for the people that don't have iphones. I appreciate you be like now. I do never wake I'll. Let you know. Well see that's what come on you. That's. Why people who mostly dont, have iphones actually say they are yeah: yeah, yeah yeah, that's in Aragon, all thing, but like The new face on my guess is insane in this new phone has a camera that's better than late? It's the a camera that we see on tv apple has trillions of dollars or whatever the fuck. It is more money. Nor was it. What do you do that money? When you do that money? They mean the cameras than it that anybody has ever seen before for everybody's iphone applies its like what the hell they got bigger aliens over speaking of alien, german us now tied and whose unbelief what football just got paid by the way in
coming afresh off an incredible victory over the kansas city chiefs, all brand football. Ladies and gentlemen mark so do not know. How are your paper thanks for having no thank you for joining us, we gotta get to this first before we start talking about all the incredible success is that you ve had with the baltimore ravens and every congrats on the bag. Obviously that's awesome, you deserve it. You earned it western she's. We can economic point. You give me and twenty like push ups on the line here think will win bionic fourteen Twenty on that occasion, I have you're gonna. Give me fourteen points as well for two important day: they're. GonNA. Give me fourteen point. You know what you're doing right now, you're giving I'll do I'll give you fourteen points my dogs got it easy.
Well, that is so disrespectful that is so disrespectful to let you know how disrespectful that is the only five he's like nah, not enough do not know, go to fourteen. What's that spreads fifteen and a half, oh wow, totally by somebody to jump a hand up that'd be just handed. He missed the one in front of that thing. Sixteen sixteen points nah man, we agreed fourteen know it make it ten, oh yeah, that that's all I knew was fifteen and a half dude. I knew within a half more difference. I bet you. Ten dude anyone who pushups yet twenty public pushups urban What like? If what, if you see you, if I see you I'm like hey, I need five war. You know what I mean like something like that will set it up. This is, I think, I think they do, and I can't wait to see how things further those risks,
in points is very nice. But let's not let's talk about the baltimore ravens, a massive win. Obviously undefeated we got what are we doing out here, the team? not all of these are the young, the tea. Is what with injury. By means that with the eu recent we're coming out of your camp into the national spotlight. Things like how is this happening, and I think the story is like back to back plays with as an marcus peters. It was like, did you ever think yourself like. Why is this happening to us and how did you never lose spoke as it seems like the team is like the next may, things are real thing, but what is it? Is it a culture, so beautiful harbours got that thing? Are you take my group? What is it about this team? That's been able to tell you get over. Fourteen does on the eye are already like you said man we just got hit by that little bit of an injury bug and just a lot of unfortunate events happened, and- and that happens all the time- it's football. You know what I'm saying so things like that happen, but we've been hit hard, but you know a baltimore. We've got
roster and from the front office down they do a great job of bringing guys have complete football. Doesn't if you're, the first during second string third string. All these guys here are really good football players, and so the next man up integrity we got a butterfly you're in baltimore man. That's while at play here, it's the culture years incredible, it's much a hard knows hard working people to come to work it get better every day. That's what it's all about when play football Every time we watch and I think the first week there against the raiders right, yeah yeah raiders, I think, would none of us really knew what to expect from your team with all the injuries, and you guys sign some people like a day before the game and everything they weren't active. And now they're going to get in there and the running back room. But as soon as you watch the game and you see Lamar jackson you're like oh, my god, how did I ever think that this team might be in trouble? He is hey he's an alien, I think dude, I think, he's an alien he's getting faster too. It seems like he's getting faster, stronger, smarter at this point. What is he?
behind the scenes as well, because it seems, like everybody, absolutely loves that do you know doubt man, like you, said, he's an alien on the field. You know just like when you block from it's like it's almost hard to not make a good block cause he's going to make your right, but he's a freak athlete, but behind the scenes he's a he's, a real cool dude down to earth people kind of gravitate towards him just because his whole persona is, you know, kind of super down, but he's he's very relatable. Man he's an incredible teammate. Credible friend, I've been blessed to be able to play with him and he's definitely the best way. I've ever played with yeah, and I think he's very thankful that you're on the team obviously and tightened relations Furthermore, since it came in the league has been something a beautiful, I think it's the ravens it focused started to wonder made the decision to move on from Joe and go full time with the more. I remember there it's three tight end sets. It was hey we're going to do this thing, we're going to change the game, because we have a guy that can change the game and there's no other guy, like this guy out there, and if there is You would help that any other team will do the same thing if there's ever another Lamar
in, but will you just got hey hey? What did you buy? You earn this thing: did we make any cool purchases? Did you did you gift anybody anything sweet? What was it like in this big pay day, congrats dude? that man. It was just incredible a lot of hard work to get to this point. You know so, just being just thankful being able to call my family celebrate with them. But you didn't buy anything. Let me buy ears by house. You're in maryland and maybe in scottsdale as well? So so but that the eu in arizona guy was born, raised in scottsdale I was just out there. This was a two weeks and weeks ago, what a blue credible. It is a completely different play. Then, where we live, I mean that the mountain the desert is absolutely beautiful. So when you go to baltimore and culture shock at our air out of you into the city of baltimore, and what are your thoughts on I've loved it from the front? Let's get going people here the fancier,
it's a unique city, but I've groaned. I love it. I've grown learned to love these people, but people that work hard. And do their jobs and and lived the right way so everyone out here has been awesome again. When I wish I wish you could have like been there at MT bank saturday or sunday night, Kansas city chiefs. It was a you know, probably the most fun game. I've ever played in fans we're going crazy, that's what it's all about man they live referred. They live for their football games like that Was there any conversation? I thought like about the cheese being the big bad? What are you guys for whatever reason, because that was a narrative going inviolate tv people? Obviously, for you, guys, man game you should have one week wanted. You probably all recognize that whenever you watch the film going into with two, then all of a sudden you that the chiefs coming anew opposition big bad. What are you guys, but for everybody you know, there's a thought chance or whatever back to back so is there is there thought on. Is it just like you guys take? The name was faceless Rather this whole thing
If I do the nameless faceless thing, but I think you know with them, we've had this kind of me. It's been like three years since we beat them or you know we haven't won in three years, so I think that was, you know extremely evident to us and everybody on the outside world, and I it's definitely something that we thought about and- and I think you just see how we played- we played with a bunch of motion play from our. And guys just go out there doing their jobs and it was. It was just an incredible game. Everyone competing and that's what it's all about the you know. That's a game that you know we're rats be ready for again down the road. The whenever we played in baltimore if they hate us more because the coats left before I was born and they're still mad or whatever, and the ravens have won a super bowl since obviously starting from cleveland at the time, but they still hate us. I guess- and I understand that, but that
and base, doesn't get enough credit in recognition. Naturally, that stadium is bananas. I mean I'm got a chance to be there. For the last time, re came out with the five, it was. Maybe that night was different or whatever, but when boom boom pump pump pump that heck. I will give craziest thing of all time. Yeah I fucking loved it. That stadium is awesome over there. It is man it's one of the best place to play. For me, it is the best place to play. The grass is incredible. Fans are incredible. There's nothing isn't that you ever eat any of those are covert, filled, crab cakes from Jimmy's. Oh man, a jimmy's is the best nah that cakes are delicious, that are the best I've ever had. But what are you like? Jimmy's man, I'll, listen, incredible There are a great environmental outreach.
Seem to be nice guys easily, but everything that bad happens, baltimore seems to somehow this year I package amy's, always right. The middle That'Ll- I don't know I listen, there's there is a gap. People made. Miss it's because all jimmy seafood had too good of a food too good of a party to the people. You know that that's what they said. You know what I mean they're involved in everything here in baltimore, but they treat people the right way. They do things the right way and man, the food, the crab cakes, are words and they ship national inferior, I mean in mind. They put him on like ice early soon as you get it. It's almost all those in there. There are good company. They are talking about. The means are coming. To hell with them to hell with that place, and I love it had a couple of questions from the boys. Is that all right mark we appreciate you joining us right now to go ahead to mark. I read that duty
your diabetes, you have, you were an insulin pump every single day and the only time you don't wear it eyes when you play football. Is that true, and also like I mean, obviously it hasn't hindered you at all, but like how tough is it weather like retraining or whatever, like? Does your diabetes ever like kind of hold you back at all? I was diagnosed when I was nine and I've been lucky, my family and my dad's a doctor, so I've gotten really good at dealing with it and saw where a tandem pump and technology as as gotten so much better throughout the year. So I wear a pump that gives me insulin. I take that offer for for games and practices and things like that and and and then elsewhere, a dexcom cgm, which is like, if you don't have that you have to test your, the sugar. You have to prick your finger and that takes a little bit time, but this dexcom cgm is another device, that's on me and it feeds my need on my blood sugars through bluetooth to my phone and also to like my parents, my brother and other people that have the the bluetooth connect ability.
With itself. It's been awesome. I do really good of it like a great trainers here, I haven't really come out of it. You know it's my job to be able to to play with diabetes, and I want to show people the diabetes they can do whatever they want. Yeah and I think that's a big deal for the diabetes community and I think one thing about diabetes is by the way shot out your you shut it's up to you not being scared to show like hey, I'm going to go through this as well, just like everybody else we're in this thing, but I think fully understand what diabetes is so your levels. I know that in sugar is bad. Sugar is good and what could ultimately happened. Potentially the end, and I'm very thankful that were putting What light on this, because I have encountered a lot of people through my life, have theirs and it seems to be something that make your life vitally different if you had to experiences on a day to day. So what is completely are we trying to stay away from here so? It's like so my pancreas and create insulin, and so, when I'm eating arms and sugar. I don't have,
insulin that you naturally produce that your body regulates to bring your blood sugar at a certain level. I don't have that I'm having to do it manually. You know with giving my you know: insulating indifferent things are so that thus basely kind of it. The short story behind having diabetes suits. You know sugar, we'll bring my blood sugar up and then taking insulin will bring down. So it's all about trying to moderate that it's kind of you know it's gonna get up and down trying to teach her, and it's a twenty four seven thing you know you can't forget about it: it's a you're always trying to make sure your levels are good and unstable, but it's it's definitely hard to describe. While I appreciate you putting on for everybody that has to deal with that on day to day basis, the fact that you are a freak We do have the time to not only manage your work shouts and your insulin levels film study and you also soon be an incredibly cool got. So we appreciate the hell. Are you as a human, but also the face to something that a lot of people have to suffer within deal with on a day to day basis. I can't thank you.
For joining us Boston week. Our good luck this weekend gets lines. Thank you proud. I appreciate your privilege. It goes What have you learned about the line steam early and film? Are they non kneecaps up? Barry is DC, got the boys flying around. What are you? What are your quick early week, thoughts yeah? I saw that Dan Campbell quote, that is, it seems like a critical do: yeah man there, there are big physical team here they got a big front, so you ve gotta be able to build a handle that, but they do They do they play with a play, and so we're going to know what we have to do. It's going to be a physical game, but you know hopefully going to be able to run the phone yeah throw the ball? That's what you guys do by the way you guys get in the game, a football run ball and lays in general, the man who is going to owe me twenty public push. Ups, there are the west Virginia mountaineers outright win or lose by less than fourteen,
Fourteen ladies and gentlemen market, your google yahoo awesome, very cool guy has grown. Experiences money at the one radiant season, I think one of the Monti camera I have kind of a late signing, though so I hope he does something awesome, especially out squad. So there's a lot of options out there for cool stuff. He was the first tight end to to get paid after the summit. I didn't. You should ask somebody tat: he had a heart out and I think we did miss it we're good though okay see that deal with the text messages there. So I was going to go around the room there. That diabetes thing is insane yeah. You know, because there's no one here, But you hear about it, but I'm always like what No not. Why is this person have something a needle inside them at all times or whatever, and then its I'd so insulin the one that handles you're com, regulates your bloodshed, it's too high. Is that what you can't have? It happened around so low right, but also my insolent goes in their tax, carbs, taste,
sugars and says that your multifunctional stay right here and then without insulin that just go on. North south using westerner. In that that's energy levels, I assume and other ass out going to shock to dramatic the full time job is not so that's what I like you. I I had a couple of kids that, like I knew grown up lad and it's like one thing. You see what they have to do day in day out and then, like you at you know, beat a football player on on top of it like with all the stuff he's. Probably you know you have to put into your body to like maintain your physique and everything. I bet it's very difficult to all the diabetic coma. It's like I've read a blog. Same, and so you pass out in india. Has that you just look delirious, like you, will drop basically really just knocked out man These. You know that's credible russian and he's big body he's big body human recorder over their right here I asked ass. My next question was gonna, be about, like you record, just look at
sometimes in all work on demolishes the years records? What to seventy five percent like three now disease? the other values three hundred a deal on ethics nah? Maybe he was really wasted at three hundred plus and eighty three of seven is the full back for them. He was used to be a defensive lineman or three three eleven, as were his list. Mark andrews as well. Imagine them both going to seal an edge and then you have an alien, exact running behind them. You know, and it's like fourteen people, and I are whatever already for that team and they like it's we gotta get org Andrews guy just was bodies in catches boss, that we get this defensive end. That is basically detect wait three, let it run very fast and then only about the way the guy's zander centre there hasn't been anybody like him ever for people compare other mobile quarterbacks through the more jackson he already has hundred yard russia's or whatever, and his group leaders ten, which is what we can,
of the gatt honour, he's gonna past at three weeks- probably oh yeah. He he's done in like forty three games and took VIC. Obviously two hundred pos and it's going to it and listen Michael Vick was a earlier in the game is much different now than it was then in the eye whence he set up for him on IRAN and Michael Vick was not re was basically we gotta west, they got to the west coast nonsense. I then, basically he was just scrambling to run for his life Lamar axing office is the Lamar jackson offense, because we have our jobs and that's what people are saying: they're, not gonna pay home and take their care payments, light their entire offices level. Jax yeah, so the dives that they gave the pitches that could give is because the defense is scared to death. That Lamar jackson is going to continue to keep the football. The it's a wine that the build up mark andrews, getting money, the defensive end that gets moved to fullback. That's because Lamar jackson is there, so it's just like if they were to not pay Lamar and get on the outs with the martin, I'm granted health
he's gonna be something, though, always be mentioned, because its mentioned alongside every other position at once with the ball. Ok, that's it! something that happens that there is a chance Lamar. I seem to have no problem with it: he sings amiss hit some out, even while still gaming extra yardage that spent We had our nobody in Cincinnati is still something people sought by split people continued. He doesn't seem to take big, when all anybody will say is it only takes one aid only takes one. It only takes one in these, obviously, at a higher risk running the ball to get hit like that, but also I'd, say the quarterbacks. It can't move that are set in the pocket scenes get hurt a lot to do? You know how I didn't just quarterback position as a whole if they get hurt your father's, like yeah, that's that's the position that that's kind of the only drawback they will say about them- objects, war. If he gets hurt your fault, it's like. Go back, it's a lot and I was doing those completely undefeated, then two years later or quarter dollars, wondered I football he hasn't with his neck and like we almost
completely defeated. So if you lose your quarterback you're in trouble and you can lose your quarterback in many different ways include what it sounds like down in miami. Oh, no, not the fans yeah, two or so earlier. In the week it was reported that her yeah to the this last weekend's while her well say that is that is. Citizens make up one fortunate events here into his life, the hip, a mushroom anybody could have dad and then how last season wine and then now is he dead, get hurt a dig carted off the field? Ok, in the way we covered, this was because the initial reports were, it was not serious up now. There is nothing wrong. It is not a serious injury in actually on Monday night football, as I was watching the headline at the bottom, the ticker like we have down your office hours, much different instruments and the art the ticker said like up there. On two are to his injury. Not serious, and I
face turned a J hawkers. I saw them answered for the first time ever, as was pretty cool, and I go we'll can be hard not to you now say some stuff about two tomorrow. If it's not a serious injury, what had happened on sunday and then obviously, dairies butler joined us on every action monday. He is a man dolphins really say that seems like a pretty standard hit. That's gonna happen. Indiana fell so, The narrative their early was hard not for me to get into do not tough enough to be a to take that day. I think information that was being released and it must all be completely inaccurate. Now, looking back on it, we apologise for They never we never set by the way, because that is a massive thing to say about somebody that someone tough enough to do something. But the initial reports was added. I think there is. No problem is not an issue in nothing serious its day by day, to day by day, he's Josie just got out of game like I can't happen, is best Fourteen, that's not going to go on iran and decision go with this diving. It's a big deal. Now it is
reported he does that broke websites, that I don't know how any other report was released. Earlier in the week at all. If you dolphins who last year there is little bit of a pr thing with it's magic being benched flores not being able to tell either ryan fits magic or the team that they were moving on to our whenever in the middle of a run. So then, became the whole thing with bits. Magic like saying girls heartbroken ray, I mean I read it on twitter, so coach Dundee, mattel me there is situation there, the p of this situation, I dont know how that narrative that nothing happened to him got out without anybody say they ask. Somebody von dolphins gave us if we do not know, if that's an accurate report, because now that he has broken ribs, which could potentially the puncture long like it all makes a lot more sense, especially with pain ever saying and what those initial, not serious reports, I think, may do a look not right and a lot of people's eyes, including dolphins brands. I think now They hear these got broken ribs. I think they're, like ok,
give him healthy- that's nice- to hear that the guiding just quit, which is kind of what it sounded like whenever saying, there's no other indra. So I know this terrible news. The years dolphins fan but in my eyes, as a new dolphins fan, as a new member of the doll Pham after dinner a chance to experience the finns up community on the internet, which I was grossly impressed by, I mean absolutely impress byles. Ok, I like steam. I would like them to when we got dumpy in here. I know it's bad news company but like. I think it's also good news that he didn't just tap out with no real injury. You know what I mean: yeah, there's going to be guys like diggs they're, just going to say shit, whether he's hurt or not that's going to happen, what yeah, I mean checker, it's tough man, its dolphins van. This is what happens we're one. In order to start the season gets taken out, second possession of the game to call me look
like shit. We get shot. The biggest worry here is Austin Jackson now are left, guard has to cover for jacobus, and he might the worst guy honour all lie at high, so everything's going really well for the dull famine sounds like things are not anymore is everything all right. We got him little bent thinner, we gonna dorsal. What's going on with the we're, not have we're not feeling good about how the seasons gotta go because I was just told. The way I was introduced to the dull pham the up community here. As I said, dolphins probably end up in third place in this division. That's all. I said because I was surprised by these sports books having bills dolphins pages. It, then jets jets we have to get. I think, ok, honours and join. That's no fault of Wilson or bob zoellick. They are in a rebuild here. They know it, they all know it, but I was very surprised that the sports blocks
after seeing bill, belichick put one hundred and fifty some million dollars in the first day of the tampering free agency day, one hundred and fits a million investing into that getting the John Jones. I was very surprised that they had the dolphins, ranked above patriots. Just within division, especially does belgic knows the division. Well, at this point first week, Dolphins beat the patriots I'm like I up. I was fan, base were attacked me for even saying they were gonna come in. Third, ok, not second, I I appreciate them coming after me for that I, they go in the lamb and locks borrow they get a win. And then now it's like Well, the dolphins fans quitting on the season around quitting right now. No, no! No no are we quitting sounds like the bills. The bills have owned us forever. Josh out that's rates of owned. All of your right, unknown dolphins have always go get. Won't we want one year we get one.
I'm gonna win seven or says no wherever I, but to be fair in miami. They do struggle. But with this with others to let you go, we think what did you call becomes slim lights, it likes it up and then what did you do? So? I will say this until the death of me, jack Be percent was on track to be The m vp conversation for what he was doing for the annapolis goals. This came after obviously, Angela retired nine days before the seas in jakarta, gets traded in from new england. He plays at your bad gay. Just that! what I do know the office. It was not good, didn't know either Four a season. They gave a little bit of money low, but am investment he comes in here. Ball like he starts winning the gate. He starts sling and, above all round the courts are winning the teams, good, we're move or move and then came a word picked up at all events: alignment on thrown jakarta, percent's knee changed since that is the change of meeting the chiefs in kansas, Syria. Ok, this is before the chiefs turned into the
the switch cheeks to win that that was the same season that they won in the play, down seventeen twenty one and ten or whatever. That is that same season, but still jacoby was ball and it was like this. Guy comes from the Tom Brady tree, he's been in a room seem to get along with everybody. Whenever andrew luck was on, the team jacoby was still like the leader of the team, so it's like hey this guy could be good, but we haven't do much great since the injury buying some time now fence by weapons at all worried do powers. Doll Pham can go run, will at all or wilful there's back this week. Air we speed start now we got a guy, we want a vegas last year, will do it again. I say no proud. Do it again by Jacob is right. The goal is power. Leader donner already. I challenge you to call me. I didn't want you, the patriots Aren't you this is your time to cope. Why tat is now? I do like
you guys think just do as out for s ear. The ottawa broken rips just ran away bargaining that, as a matter of the quarterback I'll dumpy ball games backer intolerable in the hours whether dolphins fans, One- I admit it or not. You know Stephen Ross already said like hey, let's, let's go get it. On and now, while tour did he say that yeah? Well, I got check. It was reported that he said that, on this particular dolphin show we we will not just be reporting things that are allegedly sent off to my dolphin, but that's that's. The problem is now. This stuff is only going to intensify like you know. Hopefully, jacoby does play well, but if he doesn't and the dolphins look like shit and get blasted the next three to four weeks, then what happens? Are they going to be super confidence like okay? Well to come? back from his. You know four weeks so join on the on the I are in short, I want my word like ambivalent. Let us know their done with him. There. Domino too done the fans. I just
the whole org is I I know how if he comes back like how did they let the report get out, wasn't broke, it makes them look so incompetent that it just it's not a good situation, and it's definitely I mean I dunno. If it's fair to to I mean if he can't stay healthy, that's one thing but, like I think, in for a new quarterback wow, the trees were peddling and narratives that we don't know if that's true or not we're not sure, but we do know to show watson had a punctured lung and he took the bus correct to the game. So he fled because he wasn't allowed to fly andrew breeze. Had no hair. He had fourteen It should read. Gash lungs out, antis arm was dead, heart stopped zat listeners. Well, tony that is true but make it stop, Lauren dive put it done now for long ribcage back for wet hair, on tv crushed it make it pay and astoria drawbridge. You know- and I do I've never had broken rip.
So I'm never gonna say like eyes by do that, but there has been other people that have maybe this situation. Maybe the rib is in a place that is much different than somewhere else. Maybe other broken ribs are the ones that Marilyn Manson took out down at the bar eventually, and maybe this one's up closer to the, where the longest to the hardest can't can't beat dancing with the devil up there because cages, a large area? So we don't know what this injury necessarily is. But what we're saying is that the narrative that it wasn't an injury earlier in the week made him look very bad in nobody got in front of that which It is all the way back to Lapierre is finally getting in front of the narratives, because that wasn't something he always did and now he's doing it. People are pissed now that the world's opening back up so many new thrills
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dysfunction, treatment you're ready to have confidence in you draw this summer. Roman ready earning, as now is a man that total for thirty seven years, while Jesus, as you know, is laughable. I got chance team demon what she was, the head coach of started a chop strong nation, after his battle with leukemia, that has raised millions of dollars to combat cancer and care to fund cancer research, ladies and gentlemen, friend of the show coach so I want to? Are you really really good he's a full day light. All it's beautiful day over here to adjust drain drenching us ring. Hyena rain is coming down in bunches every year and indianapolis. We miss you here. Obviously happy the great day- and I now let's get to some things that happen in some euros,
coach chuck pagano insight that we don't normally have? I just yesterday, okay, pete Carroll came out and I'll know if it was after game on the radio. He said at that in a long answer he said you know I wish ross would have been able to help us there and I listened to it. There was no angst or hate in it at all, but obviously the media immediately was like why he kept saying, is about ross and he was just explained the situation whenever yours, speaking as a coach for the team, do you have to think about like the reaction of what your words are going to be. Do you think, like do p that any idea that everybody can be like all pete aids russ, especially after what happened this off season. Do you have to think about that stuff? And can you caught up in the middle of that not even really realize it. Yeah. I think. Sometimes you can over think that I think what it boils down to is that head coach quota our relationship, manufacture, relationship with everybody on your boss,
everybody in that locker room, pete, curl rush. They know it's trying to get out, And certainly there wasn't any body with you know: what's goin on second after that game up. Fifteen point two thought this thanks never have got over time in the first place in all, Secondly, you know pete What's on your mind, It's always after the fact. The Monday morning, quarterback we have a chance chance to dive into the media, has a chance to dive into dissected turn it into something that it's not solve. This law is paid. The same page, which seems like they are again. I go back and I I say europe, fifty europe, twelve man in seattle, tennessee play like crap You know, there's no way they can come back and enforce overtime and certainly women overtime. That's where we shouldn't dissected damn thing until they should have never got to this point a country that train started leave in the station in the second half in the third quarter and that's gonna, been there thing ever since
Nor can we got there is like a we're aware on downward, aware em down opening week. We when they were able to do that this past. In seattle, for whatever reason the second half derrick henry was able to pop off on some clips, and obviously changes everything in a conversation with peak heroin. Russell wasn't, if you listen to it, there is zero. Like If you listen to the sound, but I suppose it is read it it's much different, but obviously everything's going had taken out of control when asked about another situation when coaching this saints out like nine coaches or something like that in sean afterwards did the classic coach speak like it? we were going to say without you're coaching savage tell me to run again, but we do want to make any excuses or whatever, as a head coach, if you Sixty your coaches is that something, that's big enough and important enough and vital enough to your team to cause you or your team to look completely different than it did week. One I mean they look like completely different squad. We do than they did week. One and with the code
it's coming back. Is that a big enough thing to turn that thing back around or do you think that just maybe how the saints are going to be going forward yeah? I just think that you know you want your full complement of coaches. Game, obviously missions, six or seven guys. You know there's gonna be some other roles and have to be fulfilled this and the other. You know Sean called calls a play because Michael was there, I don't know exactly which you know which coaches we're missing you don't make askew social, then don't bring it up. Our back on you know seriously, but you know: bilbil check has ten eleven guys on his staff. In always, always been that way, every every staff in an actual for bali cheap to have you know that Five guys on it now we're back. In the day they had a couple of guys on offense couple of guys on defense. He didn't water down anything, etc, etc. So you want to have your full complement. Those guys recall place. You get him between.
You're making adjustments you wanna, have you know your system coach has gone over the adjustments with each position group. So You know, there's a chance, but the green bay week, one too weak to look a buffalo. You know they thought. Okay, lovely pittsburgh on week, one we're gonna roll down follow by pittsburgh goes up their pizza Ellen. They go to miami, and we too and shut them out, verified enough to attack by a lower gets hurt all that stuff pittsburgh. Who would have thought, you know the rate. As would be. I will go into pittsburgh. You know and beat them come off that when a buffalo are you kidding you bee line of? If you told me that you know we were on the raiders beyond all week to solve chalk anything can happen. Supply does not happen. What is happening in nice? Room coaches are trying to figure it out as well as you continue to go, but there at times in I've been a part of some teams were you.
Go on a field in you. Look nothing like you normally do. Why do you think that happens is just because we are humans and it's on a video games are not everybody's waking up at eighty two power, nine. Empower, do you think sometimes preparation or something's have your number. What do you think it is that something just look very some weeks and in great some weeks, all the above you hit the nail on the head, all the above, you no success, his way harder to handle then defeat and diversity. You know because human nature steps you all these to an old teams. You know the head. Coaches are thinking. Okay, all they're talking about is, is complacency. Agency complacency because we have our scrip? We know exactly we're doing on wednesday, thursday friday saturday, the weekly process, the preparation all that stuff that doesn't change you know, but you have to show up in national football lakers. The teams are got me week, one hell! No, you don't want to start. You know owen to the season, so you know is there
into a hornets nest. You know so to speak. So as a culture sittin there talking about human nature, like you said, a we all want to do. Sexual will want to know we're plan at home. This should not be easy We got there, the raiders are who we think they are no they're not because they don't believe that they've got something to prove. They've got a huge chip on shoulda ruins go into the year for he's, gotta make the play off. He may have a ten year contract, but Davis, has more money than god. So, hey you know, we're on one day contracts. You know it so hard it social hard to keep a team focus. Keeping us sticking to the process. Chop and wood a good start and those cliches cliche for a reason because being competitive, endurance is tough to do whenever you can put it into a word like I just keep. We need keep doing this and you will always say hey. We have a contract for today. That is it and I think that change, maybe with your about
leukemia and I mean still bad as it was at fourteen weeks fourteen weeks, how many weeks was it twelve twelve weeks? Sorry about that? Sorry about that I screwed up two weeks and you came back. Fiery. Do I mean he didn't come back like a happy to be, I mean it was a much different ballgame, those great to see you, but I think that james through in the process, or is that how you always do that the nfl was and how football is like literally all we have is today we have to get better day, because if we're not somebody else's, you would always preach that preached that become more apparent. You think that leukemia battle, or is it always in the kind outlook on everything, no, I think going to that set of circumstances. You gain person do you understand? You know just how fragile life is. I think we take them. Granted a lot of the great things in life that we have Tell me you don't have em on your health, first and foremost, number one. You don't have your health, your faith, family football, that stuff
You will have your health it's gonna, be very. There are jobs, It gave me a better perspective. I've always had a pretty good outlook didn't take any days for granted. Come on out of that have great perspective, and we all understand the national colleagues. We know which, when it stands for not for long We are one day, contracts, players, cultures and it's a bottom line business. If you win you stay. If you lose your out as a player, if you produce you get a new contract, if you dont produce you're out, it's simple and easy There is no greater that that is fascinating, because you know there are some situations where people are like. Oh, this person got screwed, this person got screwed and then they may end up somewhere else and they have success. It's like the nfl will figure it out if you're good enough. The nfl will find you and if you're good to produce, somebody will find you and if you're not they will
ready. You as quick as possible. Unifil was all about. I need to get rid of the anchors. Everything like that cup. A more questions about the weekend here, chuck frank right, hate speech. Because I I mean I I think he hates them now. I appreciate that he's telling his team hey we're going to leave every bullet on field we're not gonna, leave anything on Jay, but we're going to go for it. There's been a cup situations, though, that I think if we get some he's a genius, if not what are we doing? We're looking back on that that's indoors happened in the last couple weeks were frank: if you're frank right, what you think it in those situations now going forward or you changing it already too far along what are your thoughts, called situation right now, especially that one Obviously they don't want to be sure that all too and die they bear their set of circumstances deal with injuries said the other, but we'll frank's non aggressive coach he's been an aggressive cogency started there. And he's continue to do that. You know we have. Bunch of analytics now to help us. You know the decision making process when it comes to
judicial football, especially forefinger. With the one yard line. You know he sits there and you know first and goals, jungle, thirty run it up the middle three straight times. You know, then you for thrown on fourth down, I think by everybody Obviously the rams had done their homework and sniff they ran what we call a swat boot. Where were you when you go for it like you said that and you make it no you're, the genius you don't and it turns out, were you sack and then they drive the length of the film score. Touchdown you're talking about a minimum of ten fourteen point swing. All the momentum, all the arrows taken out of that thought of your team out of the out of the Lucas oil stadium, all that stuff, so that early in the game. Pat, I just think that if you come away employed said earlier game? You don't know What's going to happen, the next fifty five minutes of that football game. How would you like to been up seven instead of four at the
the game there when they had when the rams got the ball back after that, you know crazy ass pont play on the personal protector jumping over right in the path of the long snapper I mean that one got me off the hook. I think you know when they keep showing that the blood that egregious that's what we all know that didn't get me out there. Here's what happened so because somebody makes a foobar, you know in the special teams. So what do as they go back and show my play as your play and then showdown. So I want to call the first will teach go up in there. Our budget, cowboy land, you no bones What are you doing bones? You know this little deal. Why is the pp going left and not right but You know those fort doubt situations when you make them. Why you a hero because everybody wants to be aggressive, let's go for it, let's go for it and you don't get it. Why the hell didn't you kick a field goal frank? yeah I mean Monday morning: quarterbacks, it's fun yeah!
Would you sign up for? I guess you told me there's a couple times numerous times at you sign up for whenever you're coach in indiana railways for a very passionate am base who gamblers. Even that have a lot of ideas and opinions on the move that you made he's got up, that they work out, be the hero in. Boy you referring to use you at the bonn there and the greatest coach chuck Pagano? Can you show your said? Yes, sir so when I run that are when they run apply, there's only one name across the bottom of that brother. Don't you worry about its pat mcafee, is pat mcafee party right there across the bottom. My name is the only one associated with that on the internet, so I think that's good news with both downswing and now we want for it just didn't work out, if it would have worked out, you'd be an absolute genius. Another thing: why does belichick always I have this record against rookie quarterback. You were a defensive coach, a successful defensive coach. I think an aggressive defensive coach for a long time. Why is that always something heralded and how come not all
our great against rookie quarterbacks. What it is about Bela check in a scheme that IRAN's or what he does not like rookie max have no chance. Zack wasn't for pigs, probably good thrown six or seven, and it was storyline how come inside for everybody chuck. I think number one, because he's done it so many times over those working quarterbacks always go in it since like you manifesta thing in your own mind, go in saying: oh shit, it's fellow jack! It's a patriot She's done this to anyone, I'm probably throw four picks, and you know the game's over three minutes was off the clock and yeah zackie through four pit bela check. As we know, he doesn't ever say, hey, I'm a four three three four. I'm a double eagle bear front. There sat on the other, it was always with it was always the defense of the week game plan that week he was going to do on offense defense and special teams what he needed to do to win that game, vs that team vs that quarterback. So what
as you know, he's gonna give zack. You know a bunch of stop that he is not prepared for and that he has not seen and then go on at half time and figure out, sale this is what he is doing. This is who they are taken away. This is your reads, his progressions and then you go out in the second half and you think you've got to figure it out and he's always saying something for the second half might be a new front, a new coverage, a new pressure and so the guy's done there forever. Never on the best The business in all gonna turn a respect for coat Bela check, but he can, can needs to do this and with veteran quarterback she gets veteran quarter, back also the rookies really really we struggle against this guy. How come everybody? It's a copycat league and thank you by the way for that incredible breakdown there, it's nice to hear that from another head, coach and league who had to actually prepare against them. But how come other its copycat league? How come other people don't do? That is it just because you would have to have his brain then to be able to come up with every single week.
Come, there is more of that happening, especially with the amount of success that we ve seen them. Have you think in euros? I think you know when it comes down to building a team and building a roster or an avenue philosophy. In all day one in the same for ever and ever and ever, and so they go out and they get a bunch of football players that are you don't have high football. I too high football character, and so he gets a bunch of guys the defects of side that have a ton of versatility. So when go line up. It isn't, like you know, especially Third down where when look at a lot of their teams league. You look at defences, I ran, you know a on first Second down a base. There are three four alpha: you no clue gonna be the outside linebacker on their side, robber, quince. We also linebacker on their side. You know have any gorman down the middle hakim is all so that's never with bill. You know he gets a group of people, and really really smart football players in a bunch of good players, a bunch athlete, and then they
start mixing these guys around. When I baltimore. You know in ice to learn under Rex ryan. When I first got there in two thousand and eight we had turn a really good football players. On defence, we had a bunch of smart football players and we would run up- Your pressures that we would put in one week and then the next week we run the same exact pressure, but jura jobs and sizzle to sort would just switch. In the jersey numbers would do this in a totally screw up the office, because are supposed to okay. When he's over here he's over here. This is what you're going to get and they switch like this. And also lay switch the protection than they already righty, righty, roger roger roger all, really on our work. Ok, so the centres torn to the right or your left shows, semester ourselves, and we have put a lot of heart disease. So now he had all you're sitting and their overtaken at an end. We get on with that stuff. So he's a masterful job, you know always utilizing his talent
to just mix things up and not give you the same presentation week after week after week, ball, so hard university was fucking. Oh yeah, I mean I loved green tea, says one of the most electrifying players to ever come into the league that defense you guys had flying around was awesome Rex ryan, what a year is that wendy was that stand up. Everybody standing up defense, our because our was diving into it a little bit with ray on Monday night football game with the ravens or whatever just as best we can, or two weeks they are talking about how the defensive stand up. You know, idea was linebacker was d line was at all back, then, is wars that something it's gonna nuke zero talking about as if it like this, a game? Changer, almost everybody. Now absolutely I ve been doing it for a long time. We call it the exotics in all you get or lansky on tv. About the exotic dies down. The pressure is right and and that's an exotic for sure. I may need out the whole deeper and you know what the best thing was. Is the players loved him
As you know we were. We ran this: hey biddle, diddle, three up the middle blips, you know, and that was held his we had both backers mugged up in there drop both abandoned in any red would come. And follow the two backers up. The middle and stand, everybody up and run the same pressure, we'd line in it and then the next time we stand everybody up and have everybody moving around and you Babies, analyzed scrimmage, you got bologna, Nada, you got says, all these other big guys that are off the line of scrimmage off the ball. Standing up to point, you know stances and a quarter especially a young one is sitting there looking over the landscape and trying to figure out guy who's. The light I have not an idea that I know like. So it's always is only play for there are clear, go you whose hokosa Michael's them the guy in the middle of the three guys off the ball. I call a a dime once on third down say an eleven personnel who is the no friggin idea, so they
Skull, ok, check checks lie the whole protectionist way, put back over to the left, edge and hope, fuckin! That's why don't you? I actually said that happen. You. I actually said he pointed ray and said he's the might in re said: I'm not the mike on this point, and here I guess you're right, you're right, it's a zero point: zero kubi our, but to run a defence like that, Everybody has got to be on the same page. That's gonna be a fool string there. There has been so much confidence and comfort with everybody. Credible to see a great difference fly around outside his question. Rico check coach. The other night there was a report from a couple. Writers in the packers game that at halftime Matt la Flor went up to his defensive coordinator, Joe Barry and basically said like hey there. You need to get pressure or play. You know better coverage. Is that largely horse shit or that ever happened? While you are a d coordinator where you know you, Your head coach came up in court on called lit a fire under your ass for the second half. No, that's real know that that's happened
I wish some of the guys that did it to me where that nice, you know But no that tie us a great question and in that's real and you know being. Head coach and watching things and- and you know, be it on the bed so to speak. They ve got some great perspective on things and guys I work for coach nagy last in chicago, you know, John, our boy in baltimore lot of times they see things that we can't see during the peter. The a whole series of serious going at half time and say: ok, look. I think that this is what they're doing and maybe we need Do they sat in the other change? Something to show ya know they. Theirs some. There has been some other discussions where just gettin throttled in all, and we need to stop him.
No shit. We tried everything. We could do stop these both both in right. Now they are fire and we're not. It's so damn good. I wish you would have just responded. I agree, but yeah I'll go tell tell them and they're. You know they're great, well yeah guy gotten a yeah chuck on the point about fourth downs and going for it. Harbaugh actually asked Lamar jackson at the end of the game if he wanted to go for it. Is that something you like to see? Or do you think the coach kind of make that decision on his own. Now. I love that and I love when you know you go to your best As you know, and you go to superman marty I cannot say you want to go for and the more you wanna go for. You know it just just ownership thing, the trust that you have in your players. I mean all that dozens is is built
on that relationship and that trust in owen this. Is your team? You don't you ve got us to this point. You ve wonders pretty much single handedly. You want the rest of it: You know in your aunt absolutely wind and the other thing is like Lamar say. No, oh, no coach, less pon round me Lamar's gotta, get this damn thing off. Is you know which we all know is old and three against the chiefs and infant they got the lead and for sure he's going to want to go for it and they had a great time fourth and one called dialed up. Hundred guys over to the left side, the defences right side run power away all this on their stop unbalanced, and it was it was. It was great. I love see in their mark andrews joined us earlier, he's a stud patrick regard, absolute stud, the MAR jackson's. An alien in by knew, they were going for it right, but you just this is one of those things like with the quarterback from a coach like area.
This guy needs to know that I do want is input like they're, probably guns, because he said they told a story afterwards in a locker room that everybody I find it was like we're going we're going we're going in. By asking the more. I think that was like a display of like ay. I would your input on this thing. We're just now, What's going on in green, our three on the other side of the series sex and break, I was live on Youtube jacques in we can't thank you enough for joining us right now, we're not on serious ex em. We're still live on youtube, and whenever I told this story before but I've never gotten your side of this whole thing. You watch aaron rodgers isoude, like everybody else, and we ve got a chance tat. You like ok, this guy is a brainiac like like not just football. I q guy, like this guy, is one of the smarter humans of all time. You actually a chance to coach like Are these smart ass humans do ever play in vienna, phelan andrew luck and I've told this story before where the first day he
into tears, because he had to get his degree in architectural engineering, which I think is a bazillion dollar paying job. Oh yeah, I think it's a big one. He had graduated stanford, even after being the number one pixel showed up a little bit like a letter. Thirdly, the story goes that he check made checking in the o jays in a walk through like the first one. He was at that the rest of the I didn't even know what it was. It was his first day on the practice field, his first day of practice, and he liked checked out of a blitz. Was it at that? was a true and it was at that moment you're like ok, we got like we got the guy like. Is that immediately how that thing happened and did that thing actually happened with andrew luck, yeah it happened, and you know it everything that we know in a pre draft process where we part about andrew flying out there with coach glide and die and be area, and in doing that because of the unofficial rules and and graduation day I mean the guy, couldn't come dossiers in practice, and I think that ruins is like ridiculous. Andrew
probably had that architectural engineering degree or whatever it was before you ever enrolled at Stanford it also free, As Lord you know, half the all everybody all that what is there in the draft two hundred and fifty three two hundred fifty five players through seven rounds, after ninety percent of all our income in school in the spring semester after their awkward. Now in florida and texas and california getting ready for the draft so anyway yeah, so he shows to finally shows up and he's missed the lion's share of the whole off season. No off season I know to be made one rookie many camp and then he's gone. Finally shows up. We get out to practice. Word like you said. We were in a walk through PA calls a play- and he goes scrimmage he's getting rethink set up in all summit was a lord alert opposite opposite makes us jakin t why red Dwayne Allen quote everybody in the back
the whole offense over here the whole defense over here are three lines and change. I spent the whole day get the f back, get the effect. How is a get back coach and all of a sudden he rips out this? This check check, alert, alert. You know and changes the play changed the protection? You know we go from a run. The past past run in there in every place, like what what did he do? We are the real but low whistle get em back in the huddle cause, nobody knew what he was checking to and we're figuring. Okay, this guy is a gene. Your brain yeah, you know so we just eventually put so much on this play cause he could handle it and all, but it was, it was crazy, great store ba the ba. They don't fucking know that just beer, Oh yeah, he started, he started mf and you know everybody. You know, because none of the coaches,
on their deal for the euro. The you know like in the park and hope you know you'd always go like the goddamn rookie bother. The forty. Why and waited oh my god, That year was amazing what arrived what an asshole run, what a crew of humans I was incredibly lucky to play for europe, im. We appreciate you every single week. I think we got one last question here from cowboy italian town, I coach I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you sunday, when I'm making my gravy when I'm making my sauce here we go. Do you have any tips? Do you have any pasta recommendations to go with it. Oh hell yeah, now we're talking. In my language right here: hey, so you make your own, so we home made me balls and then to real quick, the software. We do it
sorry, we make the whole made maples we'd make those low about half done before put him in a circle. We call the gravy there's two of the sort, So I I saw take some garlic in a nice olive oil virgin, olive oil, saute, garlic and onions, and then I put a can of tomato paste, crush peppers in their appealed or screw me crushed to mate. Feel tomatoes chop those up. I saw TAT all doubts. Torreon sausage in their saute there, over on the other side, I got the big pot. You know where we put the tomato sauce, seasoning, all spices, and then we what I saw date into their than we had the meatballs in there, and then we let that called for for five hours. You gotta start early loans. Land then light by three four o clock: five, o clock. You know get ready for sunday night football me. No, you pay for yourself. Nice, glasser piano
a nice read gab, whatever you, whatever you like, and what a great bale and put those. Gama john and his have a night I'll. Tell you what your italian this just got tested and you fucking know, ladies and gentlemen, coach chuckle guy we as club donors, we were sick and tired of our stuff around back in a bed was all over the place on organised an even worse. It was just laying out their expose the elements and eighty don bad walk in buying. That's why we got dec yeah we're partnering with deck. To give one of you guys a deck drawer system for free I'll, tell you how to enter this contest in a minute, but first here's why we love decked jack.
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Would actually listen to the show or go to a website to potentially win a free one, not one hundred percent sure, if that's a big pickup truck driving person thing to do, but I want to let you know it has made trucks a lot better around this office. Yeah hey, it's tough to know that fit all size, trucks yeah. So actually that was quite a baby truck and digs his big monster. Oh that doesn't monster truck he's got fifteen gallon tank or whatever in his truck, but he what is it twenty? Three? Oh so, you might have fifteen gallons. That was just a little baby. It might be fifteen gallons less than yours, no, no, no, no good truck! Then your truck is beautiful. I thought it was a little baby gallon though honestly, I think cause they were saying. There was a mickey mouse chocolate, donuts bells and bell bell was saying that about your truck at all, because bill's got that great, finally our technical, oil and bills. What's added toy oda, they are not afford
that's for sure! Well, Toyota actually turns out. Toyota is actually like the most american made car is that there is yeah. It was tough though wow yeah for tough has been, but anyways AJ. Thanks for causing that conversation to the way it did but yeah there's five and a half foot six and have fought for they have. They have the different sizes of your bed. It was actually a massive mistake, asked me what size my bare was in. They gave me gotta sizes, Why is bigger, give me one. It gets it is not that large. Actually, there is much larger size that I guess so we fought you're dead, duck downsize maggie. You would want to we brigitte debt, so much inside of georgia is now is absolute legend of a man the last time. The agenda with me said: I am essentially send you guys some stuff and he did got machine? I dont know what course record is, I might add, to our budget to shut out a kick in the shit out of tat day. He sent us
blood from sign from diamond, employ a bunch of venom. If you fc stuff a couple bags, we can't thank you enough. Your time andrew gives it is being used properly. Ladies and gentlemen, the presidency of you have see data I did a body I was score. On that day, I was punching. The shit out was punching the hell outta. That thing I was going to town on. That thing is beautiful yeah we were later told your design, still we're still playing with it and trying to make it better, but I knew you'd have some fun with it. Yeah it's fun it's a good budget without gloves on it feels good yeah. So I didn't have gloves on everybody's telling me I was supposed to punch across or whatever and you think anytime. You have one of those there's metal behind there. So I didn't want to happen to do that, but I the unloading on those things in the hands were completely fine. So I just want to thank you for all the gifts. You're, a very nice man, pleasure yeah, that's one of the things we need to fit. You can't throw books on it, yet we gotta fix
Also. I was right. Nobody on here. That was wrong. I fuckin thought so never want to guess never what a guess that was the case. How do you do in house life haven't shouted with you on a bit. What's lifelike already, you see, I know we gotta big fight court coming up we'll get to it, but what's life like for you, everything good it's cool man. I just I just spent the weekend in Boston, and I flew back in yesterday for the contender series and get ready for the fights this weekend. Then everything's good, hey fuck it fridays become one of my favorite things. I too, like to eat ridiculous shit. Are you cooking that in why don't? We have goes kitchens yet for door dash on all the fuckin frati food that you? Why did you have a fruity pebble french toast like almost died, and then there was a burrito berger? I think that everybody was trying to do that has become a great series in their day. You know it's crazy, so fuck it friday has become so big. I actually gotta.
Go on the road network version on its results. I start building soon and it's called bugger prided when it star asterisk? What what is it? How are they going to do that or not and all they're going to do it they're not going to have to figure out that they wanted to go itself with blogger Friday and yeah I'm a forty. I love eating all different types of food trying different stuff, so it's fun for me: I just started, loves daughter just for fun or oh look at that. Burrito bar or it's like a crunch, wrap supreme. Almost it looks like yeah yeah, that's what it's a dog off of the crunch wraps It, though so that's the fucking friday. The method is a knock off of all the oh shit. Let's make it a little bit, you know what it's the fucking friday started with. I I I eat a fried chicken sandwiches, donuts donuts, with a sandwich in it. Then, from there we went to the we came out at that time to the taco bell
I see little burrito, oh yeah. It also had my guys megan here and- and you know, that's how it really all got started What's life like you, just have your own chefs now, hey by the way. Congratulations, the slapstick from Boston gal, great work. Ethic boxing goes over to us, see figures out a way to buy a company that you see the future of it goes on to become worth billions of dollars. Now you've got your own chef, fucking, knock it off. Taco bell that good or awesome it doesn't suck yeah this fight card,
at this weekend's, a big one? I mean we literally just started going through it, and obviously everybody knows about vulcanology and ortega, but the entire lineup seems to be sweet. What should we be looking forward to Diaz lol or get Diaz? Is it diaz? Getting back in is that a five rounder like his brother had for no championship? Are they doing three rounds there? It is why router area that's five rows. You know obviously idol we're going to find out nick hasn't fought in a while, but one thing we know about the Diaz brothers is they always come to fight, so that should be fun. Obviously, valentina shevchenko is an absolute savage every time she fights with it. It's unbelievable. What I liked about lauren murphy is Lauren. Murphy has got a bunch of knockouts and submissions and
went so you know for women at that weight to actually knock out other women. It's tough to do it lawrence benning road, so that should be a fun fight and then Alexandra vulcan off key vs. Brian Ortega is an absolute war, so great card gardens, rigour how, when you one is about- and I know you're probably in- I don't know- if you're in the room where you actually do the fight match. Ups in everything like that, you're always having to figure that thing out whenever you see like a guy on a nineteen fight when straker, whatever in and you get a chance to put him up against ortega. Is that like there's a light go off. Is it like hey? This is a win or do you have to get the fuck? you're still greater beforehand or dude. Do step, the fights, then you reach out to the fighters. How does the whole process behind the scenes work with that thing? Yes go on and on
well right now. This is where we make all the fights. This is where I spend most of my day, and I you know we put together the fights that that that that need to happen. That should happen, and then we reach out and fighters and make the deal for ya ever mean. Every weekend like this saturday, the absolute best fighters in the world in each weight class will face off and fight each other. Then, on tuesday on you know my contender series, we find the best unsigned fighters on the planet and we match them up in each weight class. I mean every time Your turn into the usa you're watching the absolute best in the world. You know fight and patty. The body become one of everyone, favorite humans, scows or with the incredible acts, and I think he was born in a more broad right on the front porch last night, lady said, graham you don't he ate.
Punches and we had them on the show and he actually said like he was waiting to get to the usa because he didn't think he was ready. Yet he didn't think he was ready. Then he comes in there and one of the weapons is like just eating punches like his face, is a weapon in for you. That has to be a dream right. Whenever you have a guy like that, and whenever you have other fighters. Is that what the contender series is for, like hey, who could potentially be lightning for us who could potentially going to be champion? And when you see a guy like patty how to resist the urge of not being like alright, let's fucking put this guy, let's go to england and put this guy in a main event like. How do you resist that urge when you know when it's right and when it's not yeah? Well, obviously, gotta? Look at the record you gotta look at who they've fought their last couple of fights and then you bring a mental there's. Only one way to find out who's really ready and who's. Not, and nothing is more perfect than finding out if somebody's ready or not, then
thunder series. Whenever people come fight in the contender series, are they under the impression that they could win a? U f c contract because everybody remembers the ultimate fighter? That was a game changer. The ultimate fighter was a game changer I mean, I think introduce ever made to people that maybe would have never got into it, because it's more like a reality, show plasters fights and air. So I thought it was great. Do people Well, the contender series with the mindset like hey, we're, going to get a u of c contract. If we went on the other side of the note, we call it the ultimate job interview, you know you come in and you have to perform, and the other thing that I love about it is that the amount of pressure that the spiders are under. That's the other thing. Can you handle the pressure of being in here and performing under this unbelievable amount of pressure that so
It is the perfect formula to find out who's ready and who's, not hey. Whenever you have that like billionaire's row, almost at every: u fc event, it seems like it on the hard camera side. Obviously there's just a slew of people who have been very successful in their life become the new like you, you get there kay and megan fox and then travis and court me in it come the new thing. The thing to be you have seen fights is that something you did on purpose, or is this them reaching out to you as fans? Saying hey is there anyway? I can get in there. I assume that's not an easy ticket to give out or to get and if you piss somebody off I soon there's a little bit of a dance and analysing data are now well. Please
we reach out and people reach out and ask for tickets yeah. So there's there's three different sections. So billionaires row was at the mcgregor fight, so the last mcgregor fight and you'll see the section behind me where I sit that that's that's my section right there, the guy off to the left, where you see the winters where, where, where, where they're all sitting and dog guys, will walk up to the octagon walk in there spiders them? So when Connor fought, I had to cut the media section in half and I built what was called billionaires row. Everybody in the first three rows. There all billionaire. That's pretty good for business. He has my good for business, and that is good news over there. When you think of like economy, macgregor, and then you see like sugar regime is gaining some buys in paddy? Has some buzz? That's you need
right. That is something that you have c needs, and are you always trying to build those, and do you watch like w w e to see like how did you learn anything from ww ii on how that or is that kinda like the fighters like conor, is an incredible promoter? Sugar sean is an incredible promoter. Patties and incredible promoter is, kind of on them, you think, or is it kind of like a partnership to build these magda stars? I do create the billionaire row, type situations, Also, what happens is you know, obviously, what we're looking at the first and foremost thing that we're looking for is talent? Can you find here or are you good enough? Can you fight, then, if you have the personality of one of those type of guys that just that just a home run and obviously you know, we know how strong they are. We know how many people are watching. You know, I I go through the ratings and breakdown every single hour of the flight. You know, and we know who who pops and who doesn't so there's a lot of
a lot of things that are involved in going into to figuring out where somebody is placed on the card and how they draw air. Do you want to lead off with hot heat and then end with e right? Is that kind of the plan when you want to open the show with a pop- and you hopefully want the show to end with a pop and what I'm looking for when I put on a fight card, I'm looking for three or four holy shit? where everybody, whether european arena, return home everybody job losses, but they filled with all these that whole that that energy that happens with that moment, I'm looking for three or four
with regard to ideas in lawler, are going to give you at least two that feels like that is obviously set up and invokana. You obviously have your own. Go ahead, die we're talking to Dana white. Obviously, thank you for your time. Right now, danny or the manga. Dana, obviously guys have the events at t, mobile or mgm and and all that kind of stuff. Are there any plans to have maybe, like a year end card at allegiant stadium and also like have you noticed any more of a buzz in vegas with the raiders being there now? Are you so busy that you don't really see any of that shit? No, I don't know you know what what what fights materialise over the rest of the year, but you're talking seventy thousand seats and the kinder to create the kind of energy and buzz die like gonna fight. You know you got a cell. The place out, so I dont know will say, will see other ways out and yes, you know: when you drive
work here and there just everybody has either a raider license, plate reader stickers on their guard or the golden knights, ah player and golden knights stickers on their car. So there just has become a massive sports town. This place is going crazy. You know for for any kind of sporting of that right. I think this weekend we got us see the nfl. Make me a hockey is is like preseason nascar is this weekend hell yeah. Ok, forget it's probably a fucking ping pong that belief in sports is happening here this weekend. You know vegas a place that never had sports well, that was that everybody was scared of vegas because of the gambling and now that sports books are kind of going. It feels like it's going to become a destination place more and more. That raiders team feels like it's, the
for five four las vegas. It just feels like it was perfect and obviously the vaguest golden nights lose more contrary flurry, I mean I was just going to have what the penguins, probably going to fucking stanley cup of Joe vegas is a great host city. Man always has been always will be used to talk to the fertitta brothers, much all the time, yeah all the time they completely out of the business to dig it gives they just did everything you have the business or they stop where I saw him at a fight. I thinking in they were the connection to vegas. I think, for you write a meaning that there are still too I've met with them last week. Would you know I'm in a lot of different business deals with them? You know still for from the past and some that we ve done recently nah. You know those guys with my guys, won't be together till the day we die and but yes, the answer is the personal investment and and and and our stock
Some of the stocks are here. They have to be part of our values has become. I think their life is right. There born arrays. There are now being part of the eu, have see what's right, a lot in life to vegas in there. Now, with all the things that I feel pretty great I had gone yeah Dana. Did you reach out to Conor mcgregor after he threw out a first pitch that hit the tenth row last night at a ballpark or not? And you know how many times I've been offered to do that and I'm like fuck, I know it's like every guy out. There thinks that they can fucking fight or they can't, and every guy thinks that they bigger go out there and throw a fucking a bit from the mound to home plate. Think it's easy that shit ain't easy and you can really
was how easy it is when people go out and actually try to do it, I think he tried that he had tried to throw that into the state he was going. He had tried. I do have at this point. What is your relationship like with connor? Is there just a mutual respect? Are you friends what what do you think a right? Now? How would you join up now? We will. We were very, very good relationship, and you know connor has been been massive for the? U fc and massive for the sport, and you know in the fight business. When you become rich and his famous corner has as fast as caught her house things. Sometimes you know even around here, because I got some guys. The work for me and you know, because Sport is, you know, has a marshall large base these people are.
Are all good people, their families, but let's let us never forget this. Isn't fuckin idea! Microsoft word to fight business. I got seven hundred fucking maniac under contract. Daddy. What should happen sometimes in by the way you have b to go into a cage. I mean that the whole whenever people we're talking about some people in like football players, sometimes get this as well. Not me, obviously, because I was a part of other football players like ice it's a mean things or wherever it's like. What do you think is going out there and putting a helmet on and running his face into somebody at twenty five miles. An hour like there might be some shit I come alongside that person. Who's got to hope that they continue to grow as a human. In that whole thing in the history of the fight business, everybody hates them I hate everybody, everybody hates me and we all fight and argue- and you know I got that now know Jake Paul's in here and he's talking shit. I thought
bought him, and then I hit oscar de la hoya, oscar de la hoya hates me. I hate that little weasel at showtime fucking aspirin It's not that easy. You know. That's the business we're in the mean nasty business is confidential. I I deal with that with the reporter. Sometimes, did you hear what you said about them, and what what do you think he's going to say about him? This is worried that the meme is this on planet earth without its conflict, torn up conflict business, that's what it's actually a conflict business to the big conflict busy about I'm last question here for you we can. Thank you.
We have time to have the data we had mentioned the sportsbooks in vegas. Do do you know if, like fighters go in like they know how much of an underdog or how much they are a favorite, and they use that as motivation going into a fight. Do know that at all what it's exactly like, you were just saying, you know gambling and sports was was like taboo ten years ago. Now it's all coming together and we did the contender series last night before your flight comes up. These kids are watching in the back, while they're warming up and you see what the odds are. I mean some of these kids are three to one underdogs last night. The kid was a total one hundred And he won the fight, so yeah yeah, it was just a. There is a last thing before they go in obviously can't take you into your busy fucking guy, especially with all these side projects.
Go with everything I am whenever we, Google, Dana whites net worthless, remember that there are some cookin, but then at others fuck it friday on the cooking that where there is also some other businesses, incredible work by use are obviously becoming a success. Whenever you see other late, like Potentially another league being started up in obviously or had a buzz there for a while it sets for you to pay attention to argue just kind of likely. If we do what we do and nothing else, matters listen, I love it there's no barrier to entry to get into this business map, so many guys have tried to get into the fight business or are in the fight business from donald trump mark cuban, you name it I mean so many different guys who jumped in it's a fun business. I get it, but yeah I know all I do is I stay focused on what I'm doing what I have to do and it'd be my people. That's that that's all I worry. Values into doing a great job, and I can't wait to watch you have see to sixty six this weekend what's up
Why are the first vital job that probably four o clock, just all night, just people beating the shit out of can't. Thank you enough president. Of the? U fc dana wiper can't thank you enough for allowing us to be a party did today, which deliver every single day. Forty, sometimes you know a sometimes miss I'm eternally grateful you guys they can bypass if you like, don't tell somebody about if not fuck off, hey, listen, I guess I all hashtag and applaud squat. Sweet a picture where you're at what you're doing organs continue giveaway merch, We ve been away hundreds of pieces at this point now can't wait to get You do so coming incredibly thing. I mean it's a lot of time. You spent with us on this beautiful wednesday. And we can do as they say. Thank you. You're on tour, all you guys
becoming sooner than later, in back when Jana, hopefully with a good show, tie please buy some independent music propel. These people into a beautiful wednesday night cheers
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