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PMS 2.0 672 - Tampa Bay Lightning 3x Stanley Cup Chompion Patty Maroon, United States Soccer Goalie Legend Tim Howard, & AJ Hawk

2022-05-26 | 🔗

On today’s show Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys talk about the all major stories in the NFL, the media and player relationship, and talk to special guests from the NHL and the soccer world. Joining the progrum in the first hour is Left Winger for the Tampa Bay Lightning and winner of three straight Stanley Cups, Patty “The Big Rig” Maroon, to chat about his career and reputation on the ice, hockey culture, and more(). Later in hour two, United States Goalie Legend, a man who played for Man United, Everton, and the Colorado Rapids, holds the record for most saves in a World Cup match at 15, Tim Howard, joins the progrum to talk about being an American soccer player overseas, how Europe views American soccer, the Champion’s League, Messi to the MLS, and more(). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all of you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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Hello. Beautiful day thursday may twenty second, two thousand twenty two sports show begin. Now. Thank you for joining us here on this glorious thursday. I hope your life is good. We have a lot of things to chat about today. Not You know not a normal down this guy is. We have to guess from to sports that are our sport joining us today concerning how about it about twenty seven minutes
bay, great patty, maroon, coming on bail, lightning style? Obviously, a monster has won the previous three stanley cups. First, with the ST louis blues, his hometown, then the last two with the Tampa bay lightning. Now the tampa are obviously Tampa. Bay, lightning are looking to go for three straight after they just swept the florida. Panthers big rig will join us in about twenty six minutes for a first time talking to their lead yeah. What one law gaze recently is what he's gone for four straight stanley cups, this guy, like the newer guy or new york islanders back in nineteen, seventy nine nineteen, eighty three available: that's what patty maroon trying to do is trying to tie the islanders, have nineteen, seventy, nine and eighty three to fuck and win four straight cups. This guy gets on your team. You win a stanley cup yeah
so we might be winning the stanley cup boys here. Guy seems, like he's, joined the show here in a little bit and then TIM Hart greatest goalie of all time. All nato, as a world cup record with fifteen, saves in one game, former united states calling manchester united goalie everton goalie an absolute soccer. Stud tim howard will join us in the second hour. You know, because soccer is happening, yeah, big time, this weekend,
John five yeah, that's, who will be the champion of the jaw beings? We will be liverpool who looks to win their third trophy of the year. They could have won four, but instead aston villa to villa, or will it be real madrid? It will not have car model cars then there's obviously rumors about you know. Maybe methane coming to the state of the united states soccer world cup, coming up that we're going to win sorry about it, soccer bodies now ours pal, cannot wait to chat with him. Aj hawk will be here. Your phone calls on a five energy found. Nine one, eight three three for mcafee to talk to the table is here: look fantastic at taj made at boston, corner boys, a pretty darn good, pretty darn good like say not a normal day, I'm very excited for both these conversations little rainy out, but I am I'm glad to be here so rainy, but we're a little rangy can who we are tapping into sports, that aren't our sports and hopefully going to generate and garner some incredible conversations about them and learn even more to make this show better and then we'll try to delay boston, Conor just trying to get better every day. You know it doesn't matter what you did yesterday does Mary doing moral matters. What you're doing today? How good can this show become from these conversations today tenfold
that's right bank, because whenever we talk hockey, we only talk about fourteen k. Look this the boats coming in the population more about them than any of the teams are, we ve talked about are without a doubt, pragmatically Merrick likely has seen by us come on our show from any of those deems it we ve talked about earlier
fuck, I don't think the robo AJ could have got Jack Johnson, but he really was just out to show wow jack Johnson is still in the family. Thus, you have to remember that johnson isn't because it's not bury him and he goes yeah just because if they did away, we would like to be invited to the cup celebration. Baron, asia, now jack Johnson, of course, direct AJ na J J. Yes, who might bakery coming on, show that go boats had a house down in Tampa yeah the last run that they had globo gumbo neighborhood is fucking Steven Stamkos gobo fist pump that old man everytime. I went in and out of the gas station, even though it was twelve times because they had Tampa bay, lightning head on which the entire city didn't said. Well, I mean we are all the way in that they love their lining down there. They go boat boasts. Getting a lot
time here now to since they swept the answers, you won the president's cup championship selected in europe, as it really is trophy eggs, of course, and husbands gotta spoken piece of metal broadband for cod. Gotta go out and have electricity is for you to go ass. I mean the boats of potential upcoming approach, of the caney action, twenty thousand of them bows up down or all ago in banana land. I mean that is potentially on the other side of this series that is currently tied to two so at least
a couple, more games that the boats get to relax, rest and relax and get healthy. While the rangers and the caney axe battle it out to see who's going to have to stare down that back to back stanley cup champions, I mean what a time to be alive can't take the big rig enough. Speaking of thanking people tone, your gambling lately has been a fantastic way to go now I didn't know. While I was saying that sentence, I didn't know if it was true or not. So I am happy to hear you're on boat on a heater you're on a heater right now sunday was very good. Tuesday was very good. Last night was five hundred. also still very good deck. What are you? What are we doing today? What are we betting on today and why were you five hundred yesterday? Is it because victor oladipo, thank you for reminding? There was a couple of bonuses I took
jayson tatum and jimmy butler to score. Seven, I think in the first year I think the entire starting lineup for a one of the teams only had like seven points or something like that bench scoring for everybody. Sam also had zero in the first quarter yeah, so I mean I got completely bamboozled whenever that, because I thought this was a game that both those guys are going to want and want to go get, especially with how that series has gone just completely upside down upside down who's. Winning. We don't know. Why is this team winning they're supposed to? We haven't covered issues while they're on top right now until then the celtics won by forty. What is going on in that series? None of us know, but all the depot what happened. I remember what he was here in indiana playing for the pacers and for you this is my senior year. He was in the all star game, dunk contest. He was doing all that stuff and then, I mean I have not watches series enough. Obviously, apparently, I knew all depots with the miami here. thought from the chatter, though the is depots, although we back pumped about it and pumped about because I've him and enduring
I watch him on back to back possessions last night, put up some more shots. I've ever seen in playoff basketball is that what are they all hurt going on wrong with the team and they just tired winded said you haven't watched the eastern conference finals much. It's probably. thing, it's probably the worst eastern conference finals of all time. While I say as like a fan or a gamble, golf on fire games, I of high sport of the sport is a blow and in
when there was close last night, it was just because neither team could fucking shoot to save their lives, no fun to watch zero, fun. Sir. I think it was what seventy points scored in the first half and I think I got Horford over. He was at nine and a half or something like that about him. A lot yeah I feel like. Okay, that's probably a good bet that seems like a low over under sixteen last night talk. He played very well. There was one year when my thirteen year, speaking again burned by fifteen plus yes on, and that is why arab seventeen and then the both teams put their reserves in and then they only won by thirteen, so that boosts also god slaughtered, but no vidro depot. He was probably the only good player in game. Four, I think the starters combined at eighteen. I think our depot on his own at eighteen, but he's definitely not what he was with the pacers, because he's coming off the bench now he's like their seventh man really because Tyler hero who's hurt who's won six man of the day. I did see last time he looked super cool on the corner of the coolest fucking book.
I've seen all I think he had sunglasses, he looks so cool the corner of the gourd. There is he out for the rest of the series. Well I mean that's the thing like when you watch everyone's fucking hurt by jimmy butler, doesn't look like jimmy butler. Tatum, obviously has a shoulder. Smarts got a foot and a shoulder like if I was on the miami heat are a fan of the miami heat. I'd, be saying what the hell is going on with tyler hero, because everyone's banged up right now and that's why we're score, and seventy combined points dj khaled saying anything or not. I don't know if I get in the building or not, he was, he might actually better than emirate and he had a mask air mass. That was this big. It was awesome eyebrows, the chin that well it will be: the largest
very professional man. I was like, oh so everybody must be wearing the mask down low. That must be the raw or whatever, because they bounce around. I think Jimmy Buffett was there. I think they showed obviously dj khaled and I was like all are, but okay, so just like, when we were in miami in that arena, there was automatic mandates that weren't at any other arenas. So you know Florida, you didn't. I didn't expect that it was still happening and then they got the Alex rodriguez and he's no mass just chill and have a good time looking at his phone and looked miserable care recipients, the team that he owns is an illness is out or is it because it was hot uncomfortable? He was wearing a suit down there. We don't know that's tbd, but seeing dj khaled there last night, if he's not on the horn asked what's going on with the boys, I mean: are they really heat fans anymore? I dunno mattel, mommy cow. Do is really good friends with various pollsters he used given sport or a back rub during their last series. Passing the ball back to the run. I think him and Bam adebayo, where they've they've they've been on
excuse together. I think I've seen you know he is part of the team, almost dismantle yeah. They love chow down there, and did you hear before the game the bangers that they were playing that a rick ross song straight into a dj khaled song? I mean that arena I dunno. If people got chances that might actually be what they're missing? Is you bring people and I'm not so sure they don't wrap off? Fucking seven wins in a row and one three or five years, MR worldwide? Well, he outgrew it. He always mistreats or he's all at this where'd. You hear the music as it was on tv. It was playing through on the the pregame show or the er or countdown show you listen to music an hour. There's a man. What's your, I was hoping to learn more about what is going on in the game that show, because there was a lead potential
Maybe reports coming through from Boston, bright, does get picked up by other verified accounts before you. Even these, even allowed you to less power comes out of the bathroom one break yesterday say saw I got this.
From hill, and he tells us who it is and immediately upon the name being announced we say: ok, okay, we cannot boss, understand, raj, sixty nine, basically yeah, basically boston, boner garage yeah, that's exactly what it was almost and this guy knows the connor says this guy comes in here as we're talking about right before we go live in one of our guys, that's pretty big deal. This is a pretty big game. Chance, ok about it. So then, as we're kind of going through our show, I think we're still alive and I get a text from you or whatever text into the group. It's like other verified accounts are basically saying that fish is going on. So then we said: okay, here we go Connor humanity! Please! Now let the world know what your maybe potential. Breaking news is from a source that nobody else in the room trusted, but you yes, whatever came to be at that didn't know still don't know what countdown show
still, I don't know how to now. I did not a single thing like whose heart who's gonna play, whose at thirty percent, whose power and through an undue strictly doing that, because I would like to gamble on it because I was often just in time is it the other day I've been kind of hit on things. I know nothing about just like that. Justin thomas thing, the other day shows I was in a good mood. I was in a I'm in a good thing, so I'm trying to pick up a little piece of information I was tough. I understand the world has a lot of very important things going on but Sports celebration, the heads s words like the world of sport is: what brings everybody together? I thought you know it's just like fuckin jimmy butler gonna, not revolve, lay up tonight because a potentially heard these victrola deeper, looking to repeat what he just didn't game or is victrola deeper, potentially hurt
I would like to know that didn't learn anything no, not at all, then yeah well and I'd like if we would have known last night. It was going to be one of the most boring worse games to watch of all time like if I could have got some sort of indication like hey everyone's banged up this one's going to be tough to watch. That would have also been nice. The world is a crazy one because trey, lance, allegedly speaking of injuries that are just trying to leak it out. Now, allegedly, it is being reported that trey lance had a broken finger last year, so it affected his grip, which affected his ball, which affected his flight, which affected probably everything he was doing, and I assume he just kind of powered through because he was a rookie and they traded three first rounders. Basically for him, that's a lot of pressure and you catches all. I got a broken finger so you're out, but a lot of people are assuming that that affected him mightily in the football game, and if you hear what george Kittle has said about him and then obviously the team is super supportive in behind him. What if Trey lancer is a guy? Now there was a report done around the internet that,
People are betting at a large cat. I guess you would be the right way: trade, lance envy p, and I thought I was potentially because the broken finger thing that came out and what george Kittle said and then what has been repeated by everybody about what tray lance could become. It was because I think one sports book put like very long odds on and very quickly in basically all the sharps we're like well, if they're gonna fuckin give us starting quarterback at that, we might as well that it is so. There was a little bit of a narrative like building like go. This is becoming the sharps in there. They gamblers guy, like you, they must know more than other people and then george kiddo, what he says, like all my got as this fucking, the next bat Patrick mom situation. Here with Alex smith, it honestly, I'm
and to turn my entire thoughts on them, because I have nothing but respect for george Kittle. I have nothing but respect for his thoughts on what he thinks will make the nanos better he's been there. They've lost in the championship numerous times if he thinks that trey lance is worthy and he thinks Trey lance is a cool enough guy to invite the titan university and he's comparing them to Josh Allen. It's hard not to just be like well. Is georgia fucking idiot know, there's georgia, no football? No, there's georgia not care if they don't win the super bowl now. So it's like god of georgia, saying it andrew learning that he might not have been anywhere near his best last year.
fucking good on ya, trey, lance good luck out there. I'm excited to watch us all that it seems like a lot of times when these guys do explode and have a really good year like this is kind of like he wasn't healthy. Last year everyone was kind of saying he stinks, but he he's big he's got a huge arm. He can run side up so yeah a lot of upside. I feel like that. I mean and I'm not saying that he is Josh Allen, but you remember like Josh Allen again, he added but like his his rookie year, still like he the way he was running, he I mean jumped over exactly the bar. That was the highlight of Josh Allen's rookie year, yeah him jumping over Anthony Barr who's, massive dude and everybody's. Like can this guy thrill like the athletic upside almost takes him far enough where, if you do have a good team around you, I keep We could have a fucking incredible year. What if the niners go on the nanos have gone. The nfc west is always going to be a problem everybody's hunting them, but if they figure out the debo situation, which could happen right if you trade jimmy g- yes,
always have some room. It's like twenty million and that kind of opens up, maybe you're able to pay depot at the time and Shanahan has come out and said on. The record, like the shoulder surgery for Jimmy G obviously slowed down the entire trade thing, and if it happens afterwards that happens it. If not we'll figure it out is pretty much what he said, but they've been very open that they're trying to trade jimmy g now with Jimmy g and baker. Mayfield a lot of teams are hoping that the teams will be paying the salaries for the upcoming year, like baker mayfield. Eighteen and a half or nineteen million dollars, allegedly the carolina, panthers seahawks and maybe some other teams. We have no idea of the metro and we're just telling you what's being reported: would trade for baker mayfield if the cleveland browns would pay for him? I think Jimmy G is starting to fall into similar territory where people are like well, you'll pay for fifty percent of this, at least because I think it's twenty one or twenty two. I forget what it is yeah it's right around there, but it isn't a dead cap so low to the point where it's like. If no one wanted war, why wouldn't they just caught him? And let him pick the team that he wants to go to? Obviously you want to get something in return for the quarterback that you paid and has taken you to nfc championships, but if some other team is going to pay the contract or you going to be on the hook for that much money and not be able to put paid to depot and then, if you, if it, if you caught the guy,
It's zero dollars. You pay depot immediately and his debo and the niners already discussed that, and is that why it's gotten very quiet from the debo side in the entire not being happy about or whatever tory Dondi we haven't heard from him. Is that already something that's just been kind of agreed upon, just like it kind of sounded like what steve time in Eric burke on when we had to save time on yesterday gm of the arizona cardinals he was like yeah like July to september. You know when they were It's combined with the draft for looking at our team that are decisions that just the timing almost need. He pointed a couple of the other. Quarterbacks have gotten massive deals in that same time frame and I think it's because it takes a lot of attention to get there. It's going to take everybody's attention to get this deal done. It's going to be
a couple of hundred million dollar deal. There's going to be some things that we have to get in here right now, our focus is on something else. So I wonder if Debo and the niners have had that conversation, I wonder if you would think they would add yeah absolutely and can't you kind of, because the fact that we always talk about when you have a good- and we don't know if trailer is going to be good. But when you have a rookie quarterback on a rookie contract, you can kind of back load. Some of the it feels like, even if they do have to pay. Let's say half of Jimmy G's contract can't they just put you know deep, most of devos money next year or after well, David clowney. Today, on Connie, sound a one year deal worth fourteen million or whatever he's right, whatever eleven million dollar doom. kay, that's always being reported one year, eleven million dollars turn on fourteen fifty million dollars a year of multiple your office. This is a five year deal the five year deal worse. Eleven million dollars
four fordable years at the end, If the cap, it is a total of seven million dollars and they're able to sneak out four million extra bucks to have to pay whoever they are going to bring in or have to pay. That is what is so absurd about contract reporting, which is why the hall aaron rodgers contract news break in coverage was so interesting because it was what it was actually like. The actual deal is a one year: eleven million dollar deal. That is the actual deal, but it is the way they framed. It was a five year with a four voidable year. that they can pan out the salary cap hit on, and this is what we have been talking about, the entire time when we say sour cap is not real, because this veritable using is being used as a tool by everybody. Exactly in exact numbers on Jimmy is twenty five and a half million
they will save if they release or trade after june. First, so I mean: what's: may twenty six correct yeah I mean they say that pre June first two. I dunno why I said it like that: oh okay, well, a house pre june. First, two different deals: you're, probably just reading from one call: I'm not a big deal, but Trade is what keeps saying china. China had said like. If you have a starting core back in a failure, knock it s going to really so like you want something for him yeah until testimony follow exactly jimmy which we spoke about. If you actually take what you want to go back We are couple people off or listen to what some people offer like a third for you, this thing, if you want to fill another third round for Jimmy walking around blow a third round. The fact that we want this deal so sorry but have devoted save twenty five million dollars, miss precious,
tory john di di bo. We need a message that immediately, that's probably all going to take place here over the next couple of weeks. Us do you think he was Jimmy G was just fucked from the get go then because, like with the timing of his surgery and everything like they're, really, I think back whenever there was a quarterback my hair selling. I think he would have been in the conversation special like with the court's, maybe because Matt rhine remember, he didn't want to look for other options, until the Sean watson allegedly became super real for the atlanta falcons and he told his agent, he told us this, I think any tours asian guy. Let's start looking at options in the colts became an option. If Jimmy g is one hundred percent healthy before that, so you think the colts pull the trigger before then after they got rid of carson wentz and had no quarterback for a couple of weeks or whatever you know. I dunno that that changes yeah that changes everything in and who would be looking at matt ryan, I that's
what a wild off season it was. It was a wild, fucking, offseason and if Jimmy g was healthy, it would have been, I think, a little bit more wild. I think that add another nato and the coach wanted a healthy quarterback to those kind of their thing. So, even if he didn't have his surgery, they knew that there was something going on with them rethought. Jimmy G was maybe going to be caught and then, when frank reich said we're looking for our quarterback to be here for two years before the healthy it was like, whoa, okay, Jimmy g, not not not in the shoulder surgery, obviously was the deterrent for them. Matt Ryan. It feels like is a perfect spot The court seem to be increased pumps about my ryan and if you see you're watching you sallow glow. Coming to my face halfway through that sentences, as colleagues have some, some breaking news over the last twenty four hours can we go now anymore? Zaire, daisies press he's got three years. I've done his deal. He does want more money on its side to see how that works out is getting more hell of a fact. I get out
and in the community fucking it ain't right, be loved in community. This is like one of those pillar like players you now. Chris balancing hey? We signed him to a long term deal whenever he was young. He was like in his second year when he signed like a five year deal or whatever. So there's, probably a little bit of a conversation about how that whole thing worked out, but this guy being reported by Joel a erickson, Kenny Moore. The second absence from ot a's this week is intentional sources more. The second is upset and feels, like he's underpaid, given his importance that the gods defense a bowed. he's a fucking he's. This dude is a die for the courts. I mean more is scheduled to make six point: seven: five million dollars next year. Eight point: two: four: five million in the final two years of his deal he's got three years left
I mean I'm not a lot of offer his deep while so here's the deal right in dutch, got a command, I guess chris bowed for this year. Nobody else really saw Kenny Moore is what any more you know actually is and has become and everything so as soon as chris saw it, he made him a very highly paid very young player like hey here we go in now. That deal is still in effect, so he got like a boosted rookie deal on in here now. It's still, in effect with three years left
they can't lose him. I'd assume Jim mercy is like now we need Kenny more here, but I, if he's going to hold out- and you know, He'Ll- have to come to the mandatory- I think with the way the contracts are set up, because you'll lose all that money very quickly with how big the finds are. Hopefully, they'll figure it out. He's too damn good. Here's good news, though you'd think he'd rather have them intentionally miss hotez and accidentally Minnesota is yeah. Actually that's true. I one hundred percent right, he just didn't know, was happening like we gave that guy walter payton says that even now that we had shit going on all his goodness, what's all big,
Wake forest is officially why yeah terrible start zoku start out now it's being reported that he is comfortable and with the backup role here in indianapolis, some good fucking news, because we have an astronaut in the navy seal and matt ryan, leading the team that we made a massive trade for and are paying a lot of money to, and everything like that, but frank reich, says the one big richard nick foles around here ever since I got here. Basically I want to knicks, since I've been here frank reich, says now is he that publicly that's real around the nfl who, just you know, accrues clips and sound bites from every team in the nfl shout out to around the nfl. But is this message directly to make calls and his family yes,
if the critics of frank reich immediately go through frank, is fucking guy fail, rivers, someone now nick foles, we get it. You know these people want to coach your body, okay, yeah! That's what the naysayers say. Not me: okay, this It's clearly a statement to nick falls into his people, one million percent like hey. I always wanted nick foles to be here because they're old friends, they accomplish great things. We heard nick foles cut a promo at a press conference as a third string quarterback for the bears last year say really. frank design orphans around me and saw what I did so I'm just waiting for the call, basically, as I'm fucking third string up here for a very bad football team and the chicago bears with no chance of playing fun. I know no chance of playing here and the culture here.
Thanks is terrible here. So mit false try to cut a promo to save his life. It felt lined with carson back at the codes. Let's say: let's bring the old gang back together didn't happen. I dunno why? Maybe the bears are asking for too much as a third stringer. Why would you be asking for too much? I dunno? Maybe the colts didn't want to just dive in hey our quarterback room. Is our quarterback room already, but it's nice to know Frank wanted in ever since he got here a nick foles going to be the best backup quarterback in the fucking nfl, you hear me, boston corner will see super bowl, mvp fucking, backup, quarterback in indiana, is no doubt about a breeze. The backup- and you know I love that frank- is finally reunited with what seems to be his long lost son naples. But don't you think you already have Matt ryan? Why don't we, you know, settled t Y hill and why don't we get a julio jones because we'll only have pittman we already lost zach. Pascal has the extra hand you got hires our dog. You got some wide receivers, but there's no real veteran like it doesn't make sense to me why you would go and get a quarterback who's the same age as Matt ryan. Basically in our morality is okay. Neither do they need hands, though, to catch the ball. Sam has that same anger he's a stud I can,
moxie these great now sturgeon quarterback last year, sam book, without there having been any minute, was that no big deal I fuckin love same elinor lucky to m. Is coal always too many arms ain't enough arms. That's right, he's a decent guy cause. That's why they got to deal with future now, hardcopies yeah he's the reason he's dogged him.
He threw that dart against the rams, seahawks general manager, but it was a dark watch for what it was. I'm not I'm serious. Yes, such it was a great ball. Jeremy is a fucking problem that a ball a car center. What if an injury happens, Matt was looking very, very, very one of the most required no quarterback. We have one quarterback Matt ryan. We have one backup, quarterback and fucking Nicole coach's son kai. Those are two different time different. It's a different story with different, really different qb controversy already that as soon as nick foles laugh remember. That's when Carson wentz in the quarterback room, what the fucking shit, Doug, peterson, nick foles, frank, reich and carson wentz were the closest of friends. Now nick Foles gets shipped out to Jacksonville said there isn't a public uproar, carson, wentz and doug peterson and the eagles fall apart completely quarterback room sees you nate sub field come in the fourth quarter of jc, calcium, those fights the fucking coach. Nah he's just asking questions whatever okay, so he was not happy with what was going on and that's all because beg richard left the building and you don't think frank reich's life was much better when big richard nick boles was in the building in philadelphia. You think it was just Carson wentz his life. That was much better when big, richer, nick foles. Wait till you see what fuckin frank, sorry, stinkin, frank fudging does this year you hear me Connor. This might be the worst thing that has ever happened for the entirety. Of the a f c, frank reich's waking up a little bit early he's playing a little bit hard. I try he's putting in a little bit more plays like daily daily daily. How you doing keep it moves your game.
yeah. So this is bad news for the patriots. I'll tell you that now and you know what long term bad for the packers his pocket. Steel is good lock. Now we got the best backup quarterback in the nfl, or I mean we'll see, but also you know. Of course this should be bad, usually see, because if it's not- and this doesn't work, frank reich is going to be looking for quarterback coaching job because he's not going to be in indianapolis. The donald backup quarterback in Andy, started over big dick nick. Did you see how cool Andy Dalton looked in that hot dogs are my brain? What team is he on states he's on the saint and there's a photo of image stretch? He look,
as if he's a lion or lioness stretching his back ready to attack some prey perfectly prim, the hair into a beautiful, faux, hawk, look scowling at the camera. Andy Dalton has never looked better. Now he gets a chance to help. Jamis Winston lead new orleans saints back into relevancy. Then the post drew brees post sean payton. Look at that. Oh wow bills are a number five who got good that stretches two. He looks like he's ready to fucking, kill sulphide deposit. All time great back of number and adult to more likely than think about the transformation he made when he started changing his hair. All we all you you yards will never remember. This guy was
tortured relentlessly, due to how he looks because of his aircraft and then one off season. He just came back and it was like a gore, Gordon hired type thing or gordon hayward hayward type thing where he got this new haircut and it was like Derek Hough she's got the fucking cover GQ holy shit, Andy with a good air, fucking love and then the saints now to James Mandy. They have the best like pre game speech, quarterbacks in the nfl right now They say we work hard. four moments, ideas these are the moments that we worked hard for. all that hard work. Let's work today for this moment today,
our team on three one, two, three team, any don't have the least passionate pregame speech. I'd ever seen him great banger, though the boys came out fine, but he was right, though, that is what you work hard for for this editing. Stunk makes you wonder what he said in that cowboys game before the game when his head got pinball one and nobody nobody else in the closet. I dunno out as a man who has won three straight stanley cup championships, the first of which was with his hometown the ST louis blues, the last two with the Tampa bay lightning go boats, boats go
I bowed looking to enforce strength like the fucking islanders from nineteen. Seventy nine, ten nineteen. Eighty three, not bag, re, patty maria. Let's go although it's a great introduction. I appreciate that hey. You deserve every single second of that man you're fucking dominating, and this is awesome- an american hockey player fucking three times back to back to back looking to make it for patty it's great for aki and I've done some research on you over the years. Don't you think you should be on tv doing interviews every fucking day when they grow the nhl mightily you're, an absolute living legend right now, big rig. I agree. How do I do big things in the tv world? So maybe we can start software. We can more southern till I get law hockey, shell
Some are legendary people on their let's, ok son noted animals are drawn up. The contract right now donors will be able to afford you that strategy that is before you become a for time: stanley cup champ. Ok, I'd like to have to pay the three time: stanley cup chant rate and get the four times stanley cup champ experience. Let's talk about your career here patty, because I looked into this before you got to saint Louis you kind of passed around right. Then you get to saint louis, your hometown. One year deal basically hey. You got to feel like this. Is it you go on to win the fucking stanley cup and you like mass The piece of everything, the energy, the physicality, the goal score and you become a fucking guy. Then you go to tamper stanley cup stanley cup stanley cup. What happened you think? What was it? Did you spend some growth. Did you become a different players? Did you find the right place? What do you think it was the kind of change the trajectory of your career completely when you got to saint Louis, For me personally was more
and I was never turn- I had a unbelievable- we know put up numbers pull of goals and in I was coming into a free agent, all season where I thought you knows. This is my big deal: I'm ready to rock and roll in old, comrade Baxter need surgery. What kind of it scared, but- make. When I was in every ten and now when I got through the jurors you my my mindset, change of this, the wooden mentality be part of this great. You're, bringing guys together when young guys would be called on to speak and sure they feel comfortable. They can sure geyser, relax, seven fought and just enjoying the game itself because then the day. You know play this forever know. Also, you might as well just go out there. Fucking enjoy it and enjoy the moment and just enjoy the guys on the team and and the most fun with the boy, so I just going to say lose it was a dream, come true for one watch them grow watson
it was grow up all in all my old childhood career and then my saint louis, my son lives there too in ST louis. So I just made the most sense for me to come back and I'll just to put the blue note jersey on, but they needed some. How was the size guys, in the room changing bring more guys together and others. On a that role that I can and in I came in. I was kind of a struggle on the beginning for me, but it ended in all of the high snowy capacity in our that people against hours and I'm gonna wanna stanley cup? Since you know about that? fifty two years. First time ever so I mean Saint louis kid, to sit there and in others, your dad, Take it holder, watch annette sit on my dad's lab. Does it kid and older rita? I mean you think back in those days. You never thought, like you, voices stanley cup for the same theme. I grew up. So as a player low for me,
just change for me just trying to be more of a leader. This be there for the boys and in all gather them away from the red, because that's more support ass. He still you need you guys way from the reagan have fallen, appear here and there, and just because a few
if the player feels comfortable going to the rink every single day, they're going to perform on ice with you. So now I'm a firm believer. That is that why you think this Tampa team has done so well over the last couple of years I mean you guys got superstars, but it feels like you're a tight knit group I mean the parade in ST louis was epic. I mean yeah good on ya. That's where I learned about you by the way I was like. Oh, I fucking love this guy. This is, I love this guy completely, but now in Tampa the city, I dunno what it was like before you got there and before you guys are winning stanley cups we're down there for like six months almost once a week, and we got to see the city like four Tampa bay, lightning city. Do you think it's because of the boys and the camaraderie and everything that you have in is that why the city has bought into is that if you win stanley cups, the city is going to buy it anyways. What do that? I think both I think ass. You are our does really good job community work in a lot of stuff outside of the ragged
Players are so involved in that too. They do a lot of charity work and I know that just a little bit of peace of it but fan it attracted to that end, but I think winning the stanley cup You know when they wanted all four, but what I got you dance your question before I didn't know what kind of the fans were like fanbase, but selling out every night in all electrical rather arena, sounds governance vital. That's all we heard it was this and then, when we won the first cop, I accept incidentally, we know the first ever bread, and then go down that road and then gone away. james party with the boys. Although we were again just like our families, actually, truly amazing. I honestly, Tom Brady didn't sign with the box, nor would care for,
but yeah I felt like it was that way in the nfl, but I can't I can't say that, because my boy blaine Gabbert, is the back up. There is my boy, So I can't be saying that stuff, but I just we are, I feel like we're bigger than but obviously was with It's about time. It's it's more electric for both and I think good for both, because then you can kind of We go to the games has come to our game, so we got like that cool little I've gone where rebels, Canada, a city around that and you guys got a lot of oh geez bells there right, like very established on both yeah. We do yeah, I mean like withdraw vasey stammer had a hey, so I mean they got brady rod. I mean you good. go down the list. You all evans,
when buying a vertical planning, much old, fucking guys down, there have always ability it or is it ass, though? Viewed the hockey you talk, but I have a couple of drinks with the boys outside of the rank Every time I've ever ended up at a hockey house. If any this guy, but a problem. The next day has always been. terrible. It feels like that is just a part of the culture of hockey, though area sport is changing generationally. The younger generations aren't, the old guys at all is experiencing the same thing because it feels like hockey's its own world. Almost It is I feel like Finally, they say that, like a fool, when we talked to football players, or we talked to baseball players like Jesus? Is where you guys? Do you guys you guys hang out with each other? We don't do that. What we do but yeah it's it's it was this change and in hockey too, like a lot of
who games a lie, I know you need a listen. I'm gonna sound like such an asshole here in like scientists and nutritionists, are going to be so upset about this, and all that I feel like the best teams. I've ever witnessed have come together around the cake game, not kale. Alright, you go out to a bar, maybe not or by drinking beer, but like that is really how you learn about people. I must say, you've got to get completely fucked up, but I feel like that is a missing piece that you just mentioned about ST louis about tampa about bringing the team together and camaraderie. I feel like we're getting in a kind of an isolated generation, and this is no fence, and I know people have come lottery in different fashions, but I think in the nfl. It's become difficult for that to continue because of the guys that travel play video games a lot of headphones on a lot of times. It's like man. I feel that can happen right pattern that can happen in sports. I don't think certainly tat and it always veterans, I think the biggest thing for me.
to build your team around veteran players and beckoned hope the young kids, from the rank, if they need help with anything, not only just bringing them together but make sure they feel confident because go on home playing video games and awaken other common practice that leaving back to play video games and then come back and society there's gotta be more like it especially showed up like that's. That's, that's not okay, like you, I grew up first came into the league. I didn't go for a beer. After practice I was gas, it always getting. Creuset I just bored, that way it's just! Let's go, have a beer so we do that all the time we doll but on the same as you kids, a veteran came up said that you in all you have to go. I think I've learned that, through my miracles, current age, all courage is trying to help those guys feel comfortable
in little bit just not going to play video games you off about each other. Can pass it on to the next generation. So I think that's a huge impact on the game, but I mean for, while their solely god, the employers sunlight view, do as you and hang all these things out, each other. It is yes I used to bounce around group to group. I urge you take a shot. Oh yeah, you are like me, I just bounce around everywhere. I'm just hanging out. You know need a dragon Okay, I think I fit in you as you do. Whatever you want to do will have a good time, but, honestly, you took a shot at the nfl culture earlier, and I think I was a part of a lot of good rooms with a lot of good vets and when you talked about how building your team around veterans, that can show the young guys like that seems I was on that other
I swore that way and it's kind of we're seeing a shift in the nfl. Now, where some teams are veteran led in some teams are like hey we're going to go through the draft and it seems like the veteran teams are going to win every single fucking time. It's kind of nice to hear that the nhl is the same way. Speaking of the nhl E s, p n internal deals. opposed to NBC sports. Have you felt any effect on this disease change your life at all? Do you like it for the league? Obviously, people are getting a lot more access to a great fuckin sport. The idea is yours related that in our embassy and we see that a good job but it was for us. It was embarrassing when you turn on sport centre, and you can all you see as football mba baseball hockey's, not even mention- and you know you got people on their chirping hockey and and it is kind of like a slap in the face to us because, like
people should know, our stars in the game is right. Now we're seeing a flare of main conor mc David, so five dollars as one of the greatest pleasures of all time and in you way in our cities his saying, but you're. Seeing right now the playoffs is truly remarkable and the fact that up, there was a broad james or old tom Brady. I made this point per game in the play: aussies break it records and there still while talking about and it's crazy to me, that you're seeing a kid. This still story: twenty three twenty four years old, maid This game looks so easy and unfortunately it took us years to get to where we are to get on E s, and I think, she's. Doing an excellent job. Is an
that said all those guys Liam and anson and he could have left somebody off. If you would let somebody off they would have been passed, go ahead. I thought that was smart. yeah they're they're, all good dudes. I think you know our ratings have been through the roof from what I've been seeing lately. So that's that's good. For us and I think we ve gotta keep dormice game because we have in all. like a coup giraffe below, stammers and Mc David's dry cycles, proscribes bees. I mean it and you If the put these guys on tv, because if it all It is people, miss at all unless unfortunate, because we're see a star born in this generation that a lot of people can't do and he's doing it like freely like this looks like an easy game play with kids out their lives. make David in its is unbelievable. Watchin nausea.
I feel about it like on a sports talk, show or whenever we actually have hey. We gotta talk about it more too. We've been talking about Mc Jesus, and I was this- is I'm happy to hear this from a guy who should also been a conversation starter back to back albion's, there's something about playoff hockey, it's different than regular season hockey? Obviously, it's faster it's on prime time tv. It feels like it's where stars are born Mc Jesus hadn't had a good run in playoffs right until this year. What do you think it is that has taken him to the next level? Is it just experiences that the team around him? What do you think it is that has really gotten him out there, and obviously you can't watch film on every other team, but in your thoughts, what does it take to take the next step in the playoffs? Is it just a different sport I mean for him and he was young too cave, came in a league avatar, wasn't too good. and then, when we, when I was there, we had we made to the second round, we're still very young team, and I think he's just he's mature and his body is mature as a leader, but
when you, when you strap roller skates in the playoffs. Like you said it's just a different animal. I think it is with any sport. Like you go through the regular season. It's a it's. A in writing replanted. Two games and in all like the dark days. Every time you like okays season, and yet this athletic games last still, but when you the boy I mean This is where it like, you said stars are born. This is like where you gonna grab them all. This still and its people that you well like a mick David that is doing it or someone, that's just randomly on the fourth line or third line that you know is the young son hero throughout the playoffs scores. Time goals and that's how you make your mark enforcing that's how you make your body you wanna, be the big type were in any oh. You gonna, cheers smallest I'm in somebody. Why would you want to do that to me? It's us enjoyed embrace and enjoyed, and I can go out there and have
while the ship was a fucking boat parade every fucking go here, we go boys. Let's fucking go canadian dock area, then you drift in and out of that, I assume you do, because how many canadians are around on a day to day basis or no, it's a lot. It's terrible! The diversity in the nhl is interesting cause you guys got like the eastern europe right and then we got it all yeah how everybody speaks english to each other. You just left out of some fucking conversations as a stooge from ST louis, so yeah we're left out a lot of the russians. Will we sit there in the trading room and then spit and sealing off their charity or not? But it's hilarious. We have great. We have great europeans all over your euro guy. it's unbelievable. We have a honesty. We have a great crew of guys and it's a good mixture. You guys are cheating with the salary cap last year. Is that when I was here, is that what they're doing yeah you guys are cheeto? You guys doing that again. Is that just what you guys do all that? I don't think that was cheated. I think it was assert
That said, you know, other people are saying you have time for a couple more questions: buddy yeah, I'm here all day, you're the man go ahead, said patty, you're, obviously a very likable guy, but like with what you have to do when you're pummeling people and beaten the shit out of people out there like is it common for you to like have a lot of bad blood around the league? Are not really like people just understand, that's part of the gig and you are such an affable guy and a veteran off the ice or like do you have guys out there who you generally like genuinely fucking hate their guts I think a lot of people have it on yeah, yeah? You know, there's there's not a lot. I mean, I guess, hate's a strong words is now a lot of guys most It drives me fucking. He's libyan faces? Isn't there like a line and that all thing or is it just up if you're a pass? Your press, that's good for your team, good at it, like he's the best tat, the game and I give credit any any
I personally to do so I need a bit off the wall, but It's my job to kind of like go around and be passed guys, guys know just be exhausted because exhausted when you get somewhat sherborne your bench, the whole game or you're in someone's ear. The whole game, it's exhausting, it's actually annoyed as I drop the fucking gone through. All that I don't really hate anyone being marshy, go at it, a lot like a lovely relation said so a couple other guys, but the push comes to shove. You know I'm just I hated guy feel like are you always do smelling salts provide not only bilaterally by love fans. You are now fancy maybe later on different seems like yeah, I saw it
There was a video you tell me about where he walked up to a kid ass. A kid. If you want to talk just said yeah, they just drop the pocket stay away for decades. The hell. Would that get I dunno why they hate you. I wonder why why they were aged? I think, because I'm I out there, I'm always a cell. I think it frightens irritates the hell out of them. hey when you fight or do, are you or do you train boxing or anything like that? Or is it just natural instinct from all the years of hockey fight a lot so do, I you can dance and play in the league. I don't know if you guys know yeah one time when I first came at least a year that the lord had said it's a box with me. So by train the summer. I go boxing finish your man what it's for we're all your thirty four, like myself, lawyers, each to this day
do the best you can and discuss some kids that want to come up your dislike paid. Like what school I need. I need a right now like I need to make an name, I'm like Jesus Christ, like the some before we do a little bit today, in the summer, which is good for me because learned how to protect, off. I learn it all one. They control breathing and stuff like that. He teaches me a lot of good stuff. It's the fights warmonger. so be it for me all tired up and like maybe put in good situations, not put myself in bad situations. So
I mean there's some tough customers out there that will just yeah your wonderful happy, laughs, heavy rights and they just go go go yeah you're, one of them, though people are, people are staying up tonight for the playing against you thinking about making a name for themselves in on the good side, as opposed to a bad sign. I quickly onto the internet immediately dummied, look at his mom that this whole thing hey, we gotta go. We appreciate the hell out of you, man, you are the best. I hope we can get you back on the show. After you become a four time stanley cup champion. love boys. I follow you guys, love the show and pay attention to it. So, thanks for having me on, we appreciate you,
remind me. You saying this is goops weekend, like things have to go as later monday remind me. It was all the story but you're the guy. I draw Poor soon dates fly answer. Maybe his bed don't pay off for people, but maybe I don't know what some merry? U S, girl here this weekend bomb easier whatever we like it or not. Somebody will, as far as the bet discharge debate, it goes. Maybe that'll be like a coach case situation. You take that and use it for inspiration. Then he goes and he finds a lady. The marriage hey down there tin roof. I can dig it above a puppy after retired, so yeah. Well, I dunno. If the puppy will make jumpy be able to become an american citizen. More button is the lawyers? U n c the first lawyers will know they are. Actually somebody told me to not hire.
If somebody was pretty good tweet. Actually I appreciate it. They were looking out for gump. You got gump one of those Andy Anna lawyers that he needed to get gum. As I know, this one new york city actually we're getting completely which, by the way, the original immigration right was that area now now way back then was originally guess. The rock big Planet rock are probably the arouse out. I mean those kind of legal or the nation also think about it. Well, then, if we're going to go back all the way back, whose rules water, no eggs, there we go so illegal sure, like in the army. I call it so anyways I work. We appreciate. You've got some breaking news in the nfl AJ hawk, and I can't wait for you and me to dive into media player.
Relationships and the third, our we have a full series to break down of events that have transpired in the san francisco area between a member of a media credential. Member of the press. For this cisco. Forty niners and all the players and forty dollars, so I can't wait for you and me to break that down, but there is some breaking news in the interval. Steve Smith senior is poaching for the new york giants. He and his announcement on twitter. He said fuck off rapporteur was five alf shifter, in other words, not in those exact words, but he did say that I'm break in the news myself. He had in your giants like Achat on a flat build or maybe a new york giants flat bill, and he was on the practice field. Don't know if he's trolling dawn over it's real congrats. The day ball to trolls are in Iraq, already said that right was a troll
I think our emir about it think I said that recently just messing with us really. Oh, my god, These are just having some fun. I have a fucking twenty three minute, convo with patty maroon day. Don't have time keep up with all the updates davies's see also part year. we didn't want to lose him. what are the media you're right, you're right, you're, right, you're, right, you're right! Thank you, steve yeah! I agree. Thank you. For not I mean baker. Mayfield does not feel this anchor mayfield was super pumped that he was going to coach for the giants. Amongst other players. I would assume that Steve smith sr has thought could play better than they are playing at the time that they are playing. But I guess you're right, I'm pump. Steve Smith SR stated that I will fuck it. We got time. Welcome back seven minutes, isn't enough time to breakdown that now let's go to the phone, so I also have a brady.
The man, oh yeah, yeah. It he's directly tied to this can we dream that shot to us all that retirement that the drone footage was raised, create
if the par three in the middle of the fairway as well. I like that he has a golf course that says yes, we'll set up to be the exact course a you will be playing on. Even if we need to use the middle of the fairway to be a par three put a tee box there. We will do such a thing: Tom Brady, looking fantastic in apparatus already golf gear, I believe they're having a sale. Currently, I saw him tweet that for the first time, there's a sale on the variety gear right now he's swing. Now you know in that drone shot. Slow motion turns out thing over ball. First ground get that ball flight looked beautiful and then it had a little bit too much, but I think it would rain off the back of the green. If it wasn't perfectly, you know online by way of holding one tom Brady's ready to go, but that's not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is the actual roasting that takes place whenever these match things happened last year they obviously when Aaron was
playing against tom, and he is a d shambo in phil- was there, I believe, then they put them on a a little for box. They were trying to get people to talk shit to they were trying to get each other talk shit. They think that's a big part of it because everybody has said hey if these golfers going to play against each other. We want to hear them unfiltered. We want to hear them actually talking like they would talk as opposed to the miked up bullshit that we normally get so now it's become almost like a roast and people I got expecting aid. This is the deal. This is how this whole thing goes ground. The men did an article aaron rodgers called patrick mahomes kermit. The frog oh and aaron rodgers said we're talking about the shit talk. Will we be able to handle it in the matches just become synonymous with an attempt at shit? Talk, whether it's good or bad. Both have happened. Both being you know, interesting parts of the coverage of the match were from the older aaron said:
plain there was actual real trash. Talk, dies trash talking about how that there's a lot of that shit talking. You knew who they were around the lake. Now it's more body body social media followed each other means all. These are Mogi shit sought the same. When you talk about current the frog and just trying to shit. Talk me in time a couple: grizzled vets come on I have some prepared material- is written by bill bird braun, regular, some shit, that's not gonna be able to hang with tommy, and I that's real that I feel I should talk back in the day was much more savage ruthless aim. Had zero rules or filter I think he's also like alluding to the fact that a lot of times you hated your opponents, a lot more than opponents tend to hate each other now more animosity. I think, before the game and not as
It's buddy buddy afterwards, prob yeah. Everybody wants to be friends, social media, to see all this shit, their hashtag, and you see what I do with hashtags. I just put them up as hashtag. The idea, though, is all bullshit. This era you weren't you, you asked me if I'm worried that Josh Allen, a bachelor homes are going, get my get the fuck outta here, gregg allman bankers know what the answer is. No and tom would say the same thing. There was more quotes from this article, though it got a little personal Josh Allen says you know. Once tom script from his team runs out of jokes, I don't think he's going to be able to really think on his feet. Like that Allen said, I've got a lot of practice and whatnot the cuff stuff. I think errands a little bit better in that aspect, Tom's going to have his little note card out there and he's going to run out. Eventually, I don't think he's going to know what to do. Josh Allen, ma'am. Yes, me too. I love this Josh Allen
beloved, lies, teammates, he's a shit idea in defence please do it like he already has this stuff like he gets it I think Josh and I think the point where twelve holes, I believe, I'm not sure I dunno what the rules are. Would they be scrambling will be alternating shot? Will it be everybody's best shot best score, not one official offers. I know it's not. Eighteen, I think it's like twelve Josh Allen and Aaron are going to have some great back and forth from what I see from Josh Allen and what I've heard from people that play with him. awesome. He is like he seems to two. I would. implore Josh hour to really really explore the space just go yeah. We need to do because I promise you and will be game and will be up it. You will always try to come up with
something more ruthless, so you can create some great tv here guys. Yes, I implore you to explore the space see how far you could really take. This Josh come prepared is what you just said: Josh was talking about tomtom and prepared with a note card of lines, Tom answered that as well. He said I can confirm nor deny anything along those lines, but he said I will come prepared like I, Always do to gulf shit talk so different. Bro football shit talk. Usually pro football should talk, you have to back them up. Josh really has in back much up on the football field, needs perimeter and, let's be honest, especially point against me, Patrick I played a lot of great games.
He didn't really win the important ones he's one of the few of the other ones, but not really important. Once I've been doing this too long to finish the damn law, this via Greg orman from Tom Brady, take a shot Josh and patrick moms patch mom soup from could check the issue that has lost some very important games in Tom Brady's eyes. You just can't handle it these boys or attack, and each other, the four men at the top and the football mountain argo and at each other right now, a jane we're all watchin along tuesday. Yes, it's a night time. Thank you. I believe this is only a lot eastern I thought it was Wednesday they're, probably Wednesday wednesday. Now it's probably thursday is Wednesday wednesday. It's wednesday, wednesday, wednesday thursday final start wednesday. We have, we have about this story his day of is it
we went to june first, meanwhile lens the way. Ok, it's wednesday so wednesday? We have a guest talk about this day of Yeah and that just not even better okay, well yeah. That makes a lot more sense. That wednesday is going to be the Wednesday huh who's who's coming on Wednesday, jj watt, our support of the the match. What wednesday lies? Why, when I first well? Why? Why wednesday? Talking about the magic wednesday on Wednesday june, one skate hell jarrow, the other one jj watt? Yes, he will be on that tj. Why
how's. My hair was that the one I just just get in there don't really explore this. May I just get JT article again, justin timberlake, now thomas justin timberlake just sold his entire. I hope so. Justin timberlake just sold his entire song catalog. That does not include his future songs for one hundred million dollar Jt O'Brien just got one hundred and fifty million dollars for his podcast library deal. Gotta, be something to that like. If you said a billion, I would believe it there has. There has to be falsely reported, because I'm bringing sexy back yup One may be just that song. We have like two to three songs, dudley solitude some music collected ass, it might be just like live audio rights usage or something like that undermine our seems life or just termer. Like can't wait to meet him,
It's all hell, ladies and gentlemen. Joining us now is a man. from the world of the soccer Hazan. I call on over there. You know states Galway who represented internationally for us long before it became a very normal and cool thing to do I knew jersey holds a world cup record with fifteen saves in one match every other goal. We can eat shit. Ladies and gentlemen, let's go to what's happening. How are you Thank you! So much for coming on the show dude. How are you doing I'm better in a while it has it's been a long time you're supposed to tattoo something on my finger. You didn't bring your tattoo gun. It ended up. Backfiring I mean, but here we are still chatting all these years later, there's still time to do that, I'm still here for it,
okay, that's! We can still do that because you have your own count, your tats, but your entire body, almost inked up at this point right, yeah we're getting there we're getting close is that strictly because of the soccer world gus one of our guys, your tone digs with the last world cup. He said: everybody was sleeves and he's like I'm gonna get a sleeve. He got to the end of his forearm and didn't make it this next world cup will get him in there. It feels like the soccer world is. tat it is. Is that do not talk about that, and why is that you think I Why is it always is the culture locker the kids out tattoo, so you just try and keep up trendsetters. I suppose when you want overseas the boy It wasn't normal for united states players to go over there. You are luck and guy tat. We got the working got going over there. Soccer is becoming a big thing. I grew up playing soccer, says planet, especially with you in region, one new jersey. Here we go. Let's do this thing.
quite an experience and obviously your life. Now you get a chance to chat about, and everybody knows you, but it feels like soccer is taking off a lot more than it was in the past. Is this always been a vision, and do you feel that in the soccer world I know it certainly generation last, probably ten years, it's it's gotten mainstream. You know I I felt there was. There was a couple of players before me, but certainly I was a part of some guys it went over there and help to to carry that mantle, but listen, it's mega pop man, you know all you have friends all over sports. What I have I have friends who are who you know in their off season from the mba they go over to paris, so they go over to barcelona. You know to trade jersey with someone who go to london, yeah yeah, professional players investing in improbably team so like it's really really popular now, what's it like, when you first go over there and he first started playing for americans, is it a wake up call like do they take things more serious or more physical, like what's the difference?
yeah. It's a huge difference to grow question. It's like one, your american! So you don't belong sayyar automatically by mid April. And you know you hear about- is a major media. Teammates media in france or in a wholly different support. Cholera differ named fans, the media, but but certainly teammates you'll get tested, if you prove yourself, but again you know as a teammate, if someone's in a locked room next to you, they can help you respect you know fairly quickly, the rest of demands? It stop you gotta! It's it's you gotta. year after year after year, if viewer, if you europe, player from germany or something you're to get you get the one crown king American, you gotta keep keep. Now? Their entire lives are basically spended. Clubs like from a child, it's almost like a you're going to boot camp to become a professional soccer player for our club ever since you're. A kid like school is also something that's happening. Did you
spirits. I did you think, like america will never do this. Did you think, like for america to catch up? We? They have our get the get our guys and like gio, reyna impulse. Get our guys into these camps, because it feels like we're way behind in the way They treat software verse away. We do yeah systematically This is completely different systematically like this, there is no other sport this. Just isn't. You know like cricket and rugby, and a couple people play everybody soccer, and so you know all of us, the sports grown up right, so you can imagine it doesn't We work in the american system like, if you put me in a academy, At ten years old and new jersey are black. No, no! No! I wanna play basketball or baseball in the spring. Like I would. I would have fought back against where is kids in england in europe to like yeah? If soccer everything years old? That's all they want to do so. It's a dick! system is hard to replicate because again, there's no other does nor the sports. You can't say this, but I can wear about the win.
the soccer lombardi in qatar network away again when it comes over north hey. This team has a shot right am I am I completely delusional in thinking this I feel like we have the talent in the vibe in the culture to maybe make a run in. Why am I completely wrong? And why does every single european fan of the show tweet me tell me on the damage human of all time. Every time I say, I feel it is teams different. Do you believe that well you're slightly delusional, but not for that opinion. Ass now listen! It's it's so obviously Do I think the things tat I think their young and their and our brash and are hungry. I do, I think they have the abyss. We want the best teams, their fate fulfil a potential mare. Workouts hard- it's hardly get out of it, It is hard alone winning another three four games. it's it's a it'll, be tough.
you haven't? We ve had the greatest go with its ever played the world cup sites, where you got a record fifty incentives one day, Belge cop Jem, forget it. You are on fire, stand on a goddamn ahead out their dim. How can these boys can do? Let's assume they will let's go in this thing? We thing they are all or not somebody's weaken championship. the champions league, liverpool goes to win their third trophy, hopefully on saturday, after in villa stone or allied come. I will deliver bull, can't win for them with man, city scoring three goals and like five minutes european soccer? hey. You talked about all the other athletes and are getting in there. I feel like america with the deal that they have saturday mornings you wake up. You watch ass, you get invested. Is there or a trophy to be won every single weekend in how many of these like, like this one, this weekend, matters right? This one is the big one. The granddaddy seven hundred million people will be watching this. One yeah
The champions league final is like in the premier league, as you know, is everything to these players, and you- and you know you go thirty- eight games and if you're the best then you're crown champion in other champions league is the best in europe and it is so much prestige behind the trophy so yeah liverpool can win this and be crowned, kings of europe, again monument them What are the portland timbers gonna get invited created. What audience when is when is the emma last wanna get invited in the champions league there ever going to be a day with that's gonna happen to him or probably roblee, never unless they moved to europe. Without it what about the euros as another thing? The oriental closing words like We'Re- the cock. A calf champions did not want to go title four title because we want the they they want your. How can we get invited any of these things?
yeah it's just this regional geographic thing going on but yeah. I said it with a petition people, I'm sure, there's a way. Hey is messi going to come to the mls and if messi comes in other guys come is the mls potentially ever going to be like a ledge at soccer league in the world, especially if we're having good showings at the world cup and everything like that and does it have to become a good league for america to get the respect you think worldwide yeah look at mls, has grown leaps and bounds, say what it is a very, very much a top leave, but what I would say we ve seen a lot dancer. The question. We see a lot of Snow superstars come to america he's gonna come that's resumed richer. Honestly, outsiders, from Barcelona to miami it will like nothing. We ve ever seen this guy. I swear to you, he's a god. I have witnessed it up with a guess. I've seen people
day and he walked on water. The fans there that's gonna, surround if he goes to miami it'll be like since paler its cause, I honestly it's crazy. If that happens, so when you're watching them, it's just like. Oh, that guy's different, you said walking on water, the balls just on a string, it's easy and can bend the body embarrass you. Have you been embarrassed by methi we played twice and I don't think you score, but yeah yeah he's he's he's he's a joke. I mean he's he's great at him and Rinaldo for me are the greatest players of all time and yeah. It's on a string. You can't get away from. We had this game it was great, it was like number one and super mario brothers when it got the star and he bulked up and he was brambly could run through everything yes of game. we played messi and we worked all week and how we're going to get them to players around as soon as the whistle blew nobody could touch her body will stay away from because that
Thus there he's the blue shall answer it is they who have shown their entire things done? Disappearances, gonna, p s, I do not believe in Barcelona. Marthy in miami would be fucking alike sure why make it happen. Let's go bats. Vulcan did the deal donegal. Let's go get all thing than were you ever offered a team to play for not an entire team? You know they just kind of brought me in, but we have some good times in colorado. Did you it was, it big of a difference? Was it mental? preparing for the games like whenever you're over there forever tenor, man, you or whoever and you're in those games preparing? Is it the same preparation only done in the imo, lest you feel like you're, more of a leader now more of a star near my last, because is it different for you at all coming back and play, It was all those things I thought you I'll get more and more of a leader, more of course, on the franchise. But migration was I think when you do it for twenty years, it's impossible to prepare any different. You know I mean
Bessie s face shot. Curiosity, oh really really Why? What does he do well, he does everything you know and that stuff that was the hard part, the certain place. You can kind of pin down and get like a bit of a rhythm on how they, how to do things. He was whom he could eat any ban made about you did anybody, like the ball, come off their foot differently than other people like incredibly strong legs, or anything like that whenever you would see it in ozma s, yet I do not expect that yeah what a hardest shot was a didier drogba. You know he played for chelsea. He was an animal man and left foot right foot. You just hit the leather. the policy just trying to get away, but like it, does any like not that terrible seconds it yourself scared to death of a guy kicking a ball. These penalties feel like this is how every soccer game that matters and now did you get serious, a great penalty, golly, a good penalty goalie? What's the strategy there, I wasn't
the air was, but I joined with the police cause. It's like to be the hero and attractive doesn't go your way out as if it's your fault you now, so I think that battle? Goalkeeper? Yes, you know don't get much much. wow it's about kind of that was kind of our our time to shine but yeah. I agree with you most of these big games. They start to go to penalties towards them for sure. Well, you know in football, in the big games you gotta be able to run the ball and stop the run. big games thought go. You can stop. Apparently only ITALY's one stop off to war. Right is, that's all. That's it. At least one always gone is that true, if we go back always going to t at least one wanna, but most Our guides on TIM there's a bit of a lot of talk about the us men's national team. Having like an a team and and kind of like a b team and like not always in the biggest games. Does it feel like they trot out their core unquote best players are most talented blair's that are planned over in europe and stuff like that. Is What all your thoughts on it,
nothing is probably the case the the the games are so many games, and so I kind of manage he puts his team out and be another channel from Europe and then two days later they have a game. So it's physiological difficult. So then they then have to travel again down to central america and play a game himself. You know but and the quick turnaround happens? It's so hard. These guys one high intensity, thirteen k again and then Estonia with flights and amanda try recover, so even though that we might be the best player it might happen. can do them play on a and the tuesday again, because just don't have it to move some here, you're mentor, you woke up two guys, like you know. Tony me, all I know is that guy's popped in everybody's head for a while and key keller stirred like people, your friends and your peers. they had been torn always everything in the early nineties. Unlike a sound,
Metro stars were now the rebels and the second goalkeeper Antonio, his daughter emma he he took me under his wing is brilliant to me. But, like you want to talk about looking up to somebody, then all of a sudden, like that, your roommate on the road. It was crazy and then, of course, when I got the national team the keller was the number one goalkeeper. So yeah mana taught me a lot. Some good friends of mine yeah. The mindset of goalies is interesting right. You guys get compared to other sports, like pitchers golfers. I think, like you're kind of an isolated position that do something vastly different than the rest of the sport vastly different than the rest of the sport that goalkeeper room, probably a pretty big deal for the goalkeeper. That is a starter. yeah do a people often talk about it, that they lie in the full ship, because We are second goalkeeper in order to play got two options. He beheld the other guy messes up or gets injured. never ever ever, want to wish injury on anybody. Sallies one option so
doorkeeper, I always hoped the guy's gonna, because there is no other way for me to play You know a lot of people say like I'll just to go in this, all that, but the gumby. tim with man, city getting holland. Is anybody going to be able to touch this team next season? it's crazy. We talk about this every week, it's going be like well, the arguments can be to touch them as little gerda tee, o so far behind you look at the points total of that little manchester city have had over the last three or four years. It's like like a hundred point difference from ever teams, but with hollis, scary man, scared. I just gets scores. Gulls refund, on agreement already scores goals for fun like
let's get richer man. It is it's it's going to be frightened yeah. Maybe they are going to be a fucking wagon high boys. Maybe one championship champions league know they might win Johnson you're going to do it. They might do shit, you don't know anything dump of all, I'm sorry to say, there's a wrong time to do this, but lawn city might be the team next year take in liverpool or reale this weekend too ah I want to say liverpool, but sixty three games, which you know in does the most games you can play repentance climb a fork competitions, which means sixty three load a max and the way they play high intensity. High press high line man, I got a lot of stake, got a lot of miles on their legs. So now no don't do doctors, as you read everything Now. Listen, I think liverpool than france, acid underclass of notice
In fact there look like, I hope they went. I do too, though, your brain, though the complete opposite yeah yeah, but we'll see I'd, be like. Oh, no, that's bad! I got it wrong. Around girl he's getting deported due to a team of horses d made that he's also didn't get out a country for mad. Half day allows we change them. Sweetie, you do here and it's all it's all happen. You're gonna be a dim. Obviously we talked about pollute, thinking, kind of the. U S, team kind of goin on these different run. Is this like the new standard now like other kids that are pretty young or they also going to be like prolific and everyone else on the team, or will it kind of plateau often go back to what it used to be? now this sort of sort of standard who, like you have to be, you have to be good enough to go over to a european club and at that age
were seen. It was even more often you know, certainly over the last five or ten years so the standards set yeah. I do, but it's also a good thing, because I think because of those guys we're seeing a bunch of other young american town get scouted and bought and brought over there, which, with its kind, how we started the discussion, the respect that There are four young american players is going up. So that's a good thing when we win the soccer lombardy in qatar, are they
it's going to shit their pants, the rest of the world, how mad will everybody be to just so I know yeah it would it would turn a sport upside down. I can assure you that I can't go. I can't fucking turn the world upside down about it's our game. Now you guys are too long. After now, I wish tim was around whenever we were doing this temple you're still covering the game. I was your plan for everything you've done, but sorry about it's, our fucking game and it's soccer yeah die speaking of guitar sam. Is there any way these guys can train to like acclimate their bodies be playing in one hundred and seventy five degree heat, and also how many of these guys are pissed off that it's in qatar and you know they're not playing games in like paris or you know one of these other countries? Well, I think I think too The stadiums are air, conditioned will be in their winter selves istanbul. We have here Look when you, when you make it to world cup up my tie that now the technical, it's it's literally everything
soccer player ever dreams of? So these guys, even if your backyard. They wouldn't care where it is. So you know just the fact that they'll be able to hang their hat on the fact that they went to a world cup played in a world cup, especially doesn't matter where it is before we do that you get out of here, and we can't thank you enough for your time. You're awesome to hey. I was big fan, obviously, for a long time getting to meet you. You kind of dodged me on the tattoo thing, but fucking it's been fantastic, I'd, be remiss I'd, be remiss. If I didn't ask, did you ever think about kicking footballs? Obviously you have a goal for everton in the premier league. It's a fucking full field, rightful rifle pad to feel so good, I feel so good coming off the foot watching it fly. It's like oh shit that could that could potentially go in that it actually going in, and a premier league game had to be bananas. Strong leg ever think about kicking a ball, or in did you talk about that day, a little bit, yeah well I'll start back to front you and another friend of mine, and I felt it
spanish way too many variables. I can kick a ball hundreds dont, really matter where it goes laws I get it up and distance on it. Everything's fine got it way too many variables for to kick a football. So no. yeah. It would be honest. I got gotta go but there was gale force winds and I've never never take the border for my life, so I don't know what happened, but it goes. History, somehow to a first attempt ever at a shudder at you tried before now. That's I get what I know I I couldn't know I I can breach. I never in a shotgun reach. What It must certainly does drop kick their became the thing for ghali's in areas like the side winding plant. That became the thing. Did you bounced through all those, or did you always have a specific motion that you have answered your kid? It's kind of adapting to look at, but
word. I got more towards that side. Winding motion, as I got later in my career yeah, why does it chop the bonds you've had more accuracy or he felt like it, flew further up everything, you do you got more distance and accuracy in the distance, so yeah just it just helps the attacks and, as you know, goalkeeper goalkeepers. Now there asked You know in terms of plan out back in and attacking so how's your legs. Now, after having just bomb dolls gone the tariff within these bad epps I ask because you're fucking doing this yeah I mean you're asking for it. I can't get my leg up that I was yeah. Well, you're, the man we appreciate you joining us good luck. Deliverable deliverable this weekend can't wait to get in the world cup stuff and thank you for stopping by and being for an absolute legend Thank you guys great to see you man, gentlemen. Boston I, what thinking broken
I thought you had those fingers savers interests. Have this savers loughborough is broken cracked nah, that's because Didier drogba that gentleman Jim hour, because we are frank writer just like Al Bundy, a bad dude. I'm sure, frank, knows frank. May I I saw frank squibb. I saw some of the game. I know the abs lost in overtime, which is the heartbreaker that dude that I can go on coast to coast. Somehow scoring are you serious asked us to start over. Patrick did was to go out for three yards to go on to win the game winner he's got the slickest mitts on the a lot more than Mc David. We actually just heard that, but I understand mackinnon a couple of irishmen: that's really taken over a fucking hockey there, that's a shame for hockey talk neck. It's our game, really electrifying goals. As of late, somebody scored from what three quarters I dare to tie or the Senate oversight any
Stanley cup playoffs get somebody shirts are three quarters. The ice top chat over the shoulder the goalie, what the fuck afterwards to tie it. That was insane and then that team would go on to win so the goalies, obviously very thankful, and let's move on. Let's not talk about it. That happens when somebody goes coast to coast. Mc David had this one. He He quadrupled dick to everybody on the team and then the goalie got it as well. I think that's why patty maroon was touch of hockey's. Have a pretty good run right into the rocky real shane is dead on his show. You know, it'd be nice to both go by most dafs. We want tabs and you lose. It sounds like we're? Still certainly? Can we get talking Jackie Johnson, some goddamn ice time? Maybe he has got some time well. Is it the big and he's come on your knees with me over. I am what tampa go bogus go back, so they went to unroll right,
night. Why was this a statute? And I was told by bruce brown before on the show Patty maroon has one fourteen straight play off series, pretty sign this guy up, yet you want discontinuity, louis american hockey, player fuckin guy. Yes, please Bruno Boston. He's right that boats for another year after this year. Maybe
boston brought it back enough for now pittsburgh that we need patty murray is coming to hockey. Town steve Eli knows him well his career being over yeah fun than ever. See you play hockey again. It was a lot of fun. You're electrifying, your physical. He got the angles you can shoot, go off into a wasteland that is never on t v. Valle WI doesn't actually know him at all a day poster one and all the cups wants to be left alive. Nick knows that patty maroon is the reason why they want. It sounds like he's the x factor in the two thousand and twenty era. can bring him paris and Greg monroe. He's gotta be on a fucking line with stoner and Mc Jesus next year in vegas. So let's make Jesus's cover the pittsburgh as well. I dunno, so they have to bring him to pittsburgh because Malcolm's coming to boston, don't you can dare sorry once it's happening of their gaze at this worse, get appoint its processing. So more colors,
exactly he's only going to play in the fucking golden black bro sidney crosby you go to gunnar was stone or yeah me gave the idea of mechanisms. Let's do it. I know right market all the fluff on players. They have a dude, a fucking oscar de la hoya, and I know that guy and pool who are you
you did and you are not a champion pool player. I've learned a lot about oscar de la hoya. His billiard skills, through watching you play brooklyn at three, am against a couple of locals. If you beat oscar de la hoya, that guy has brought me even picking up a goddamn snack when we were playing the bigo I was fucking locked in, I was shaping shots. I was doing the whole entire thing, oscar de la hoya and billiards at a bar in long island. When february he was playing with the assistant coach for the islanders and I am not kidding. His name is Jon gruden and it was jon gruden and oscar de la hoya. Verse me in one of my bass, the lads and we have read there ass. How did Austria do pretty good not far from good enough? conocida de billions by either it like.
Shoot been an interesting post by career a lot about. Why do some things really out of use? Only talks about honour alone, just rope, wake where you brooklyn love smell of it from one Dana saying, but we don't know. We have no idea. I to know if countersign dares. Not that night I saw you play ample, where's that you've ever played poor, not the worst. I've definitely been worse, but like we were having fun with other lads you're out chill I mean I just saw a video of how good he is actually halfway through corner halfway through the game. You know I was running outside to join the sig crew. You know who are active dard, so I have my mind was that was it not only inside that mystical being that whooped corners ass in this video dude from this long ways in Heaven again, goddamn,
What can the angel hard hat on and say this every ball? It was the most people's only way of calming or shut everybody. It was so bad that was thought. He hit a ball. That time did they? Was it really oscar de la hoya different time than the present? This is this: is this like two saturday? Probably three am at this point. Maybe four: where is this brooklyn? Definitely three fucking bag. Yeah! Let's go around the table at night when it turns that way. Try to positive! I used to have a picture of that guy puzzle,
It is how he is that guy in a cooler to see that guy was a fucking shark, this guy right here he was way more yeah. He was white and you mean no, no he's all yellow this guy right here, with the face not being able to be seen every photo, that's taken of them and he has a blurry face, because this guy is a mythical creature that billiards he fucking random, shot we're due. I'm talking like wait, hold on hold on diddy diddy sign the waiver wisest facebook. It's jackass, because that's who not a human, it shows up way in nvidia, or this guy fucking floated into the box. Wow Evan and connor were playing and we're a little buzzed up. All these three He was this he floated up, stairs, ok and then he grabbed the stick. We got an extra whatever know somebody else. In august, play this stage, we're all pretty loose
chit chatting about everything and we knew the boys were dead. Southpaw just pocket it buries every shot, almost synonymous. He was a revolutionary war general like three hundred years ago. He just fucking comes back and plays boy that was a bad shot. He was just the other way cause. That's the last ball yeah. It was the aicpa these. There are three balls. I had a connor and foxy this point alternating shot to set nothing up, they die since, but this is I mean we won three before one three before it came down to the last ball, so we There came down the last I remember him missing every game of technically come down. yeah. He made every stripe before that, those insane what like tat, We could come down to the last ball every single time right now, because we have to drain the last boss. We had one ball left to nah yeah. It was a one ball game at the end, but also I mean there's no slot or congress probably point slop over the place.
What does that mean? He has plenty of like when you don't call your shaded, as you can and three balls go and that's what we were doing. Actually, when the the god or whoever the hell that guy's name when he showed up, he was like we're calling the shots and that's when reinforced like oh fuck art, he was real sure what is going on with oscar de la hoya. Bad children's really different, we're talking about the other guy, just say: I'm trying to figure out what ways oscar probably play at this place, for I am five. Eighty six, eighty seven, eighty nine, not yet another kind of our goal, but literally you don't seem. Never sleeps was passed. Not true only ones or we are the only ones walking around so called, shrinks. You're brooklyn, what's shreds well here, friday night, oh yeah, okay, here we there's a video from the evening of the guy calling slop on Connor, o connor, just
waxed the shit out of the ball man. I called that shot three bounces to guy says fuck off fuck off fuck off that way. You are not europe. We are up, get the fuck over there. Yes, no way that yeah, I think I was on my wife, didn't even know what was going on the take a fucking walk via the guy pull his pocket out and we'd con around make hold onto it for awhile sure felt like it. That's really what that guy does what I do know that they'll review. What is I was scared already back in the present joker areas. so they say come on I hammer. No, no I'm just saying that is in a fifteen minute know how much you dominate, but
I mean we told the story in those times how come car was to go over to the pool table is what the expectation level that was set. Like god, play poor or whatever else most people plan. Here we go cause. There was a lot of people around it at the time or we went over there. There's a lot of people saying next I mean it was like he had to a chop bored. I believed it like put your name on their see, see any act like it. It was a big thing like wanted to get in their battle against the locals. It's a guy! We get there, I mean you're putting balls in the hole it's a couple of scratches out there, where you didn't hit a single ball, there's a lot of slop that God even got in there. You were just kind of walking off and bullying the locals and doing your whole thing. You got us into trouble a couple of times because you were yelling at the ball and they were talking about how we're being loud about everybody. It's like you're, talking shit to each other, we're not talking shit year and then actually there was a man where we like
I mean we haven't even started? Talking shit, honest to say it was almost one of those moments where I feel like it brought the team together. It was awesome and there's a reason. There aren't a lot of people around that pulled there because me and foxy fucking sand impact. Anyway. I saw that guy over there before we walked over. I wouldn't have been as confident bearded guy with the blurry face. I mean he's a god. I don't know of what, but probably bull, you're awesome. You guys did take down the european pool shark, though we did we did. That was also the night we said good gambler like it was also the night somebody who's trying to steal. Our shit are jackass. Yes, there are jackets people just trapped. My sport coat. We left it at the table, but brit as these two girls Tat were obviously incredibly intoxicated. We watched them walk right to our table. They grabbed our jackets mentioned to stick em under their jackets anymore, actually walking out like
I thought it was like. Oh, they gotta be fucking with us. It was like three jackets. You gotta be fucking with us and then, as they were, continue to get closer to the door, it was like. Oh no there's only fourteen people in this bar like we can clearly see you stealing our shit, so we had to go up to like hey those are ours who I fuck you jackets yeah. What did that? The other night ended? That was what everybody was getting kicked out. You fucked up only quite like literally ten. Probably there that work working there. So You see everything that happens especially people, what we we saw them pick up our jackets and try to stick them under their jacket What are they gonna do sell that jacket? Fuck! That's all you're who talked about the deja having the worst like he played one. You are you trying to make this place works. Are you trying to make us how your whole guess that our fellow citizens, Is this a bar club, billiards hall? What is that's the bark bar with our with one day I'd put pool forever.
idiot are super excited to get over. There also called connor, because Connor d t b's downtown boy he's gone out like every single nightmare. Oh my god, he must be a fucking wizard couple of walls down to a fight, the tables on fighting ass. You are championing vital, billiards charlie. Good game that you, like everybody's canada, that you didn't. I've gotta get what I think really. You should be good right. Good hand, eye dexterity, nigh more explosive leaving our
it's my body has failed me it's done now, but that's all a mindset hurt for pool, though a lot of fat guys are good at bull shit, nine year old guy beat the fuck out of foxy, and my arm doesn't even go backwards anymore. What's that corner with that said things you don't have to be in good shape to be a good pool player there yeah she's his hardest race. Tony look so good. He looks older. I didn't even think that was a shot at how fat you are you're, a bad guy. That thought. Isn't that great, I said the one alluded was going through it. I believe. That's not all good, don't take this. You can really take that personally, no but
I don't I mean I have a piece of shit. Your fault you get out of here. This one has more positive self. Talk won't be better than who I have to be careful that you're telling yourself you're listening pal okay, that was a great fucking. You ballplayer remember that by far the worst in the league he won the one football player would have been an ivy league football long time ago. Come on to those days. Aren't that long ago, toys like twelve years ago yet perfect time to come back london, great by your laundry are now that some I see now go right over the billiards with your life pink, keep betting straight pool pose
If the game goes from terrible to have pool table at your house, though, it's fucking terrible to waste, hey welcome to the house ornament that will be with this house passed down, because it's ten thousand pounds forced into getting a pool table and they try to pitch. It were like we'll even leave the pool table for you mike very nice, young, John naive, and then I get in the house and Michael, I never use it. This room would be better suited to do something else. This out here the crane is going to take a while to knock your wall down all mother, fucker circe yeah. It's here forever. Basically it's that guy, I kind of got into this, but it is good to go more on everyone's once a year, or so you know somebody else place. It has a deer thing After you, it seems like you, ve, never played before the night a comic book
I put him down, pool build two. Why did you say that about ten decks by the way was the fact that don't know the very like geez? Louise has really you know in my head: okay,
or the bad person in this situation is bullshit, because ty was not time that it was alluding to. I didn't even think of it in my head. Whenever you are popping over there, I was like what the fuck is wrong with corner and then all of a sudden he goes on to the person that took that as a charlatan dig. So you are obviously the one is the bad person that took the shot to begin that day, bad guy the eyes mouth, that's absurd. I came to tony's defense, oh you're, your era that I was up for. Have you made it a shot? Then you defended him what a fucking for? Oh, where oh, where has it gone or is not the wrong? Thank you, mother, fuck, who it is, I'm sorry I know you're acting that way. It's because the way contracted through dies. My face a lot of time, you're, the one who said it not me. I actually said it more. You put a little underline on it and then
era inquiry. Actually this is too connected to what your body, it usually locked, corrode zadig Stu. I agree. anyways tomorrow will be better and why was oscar day or who ever brought into because he was he was a billiards bar on long island alongside the islanders assistant, coach, boston, corner and another ladder, his fuckin. the table? Without god, damn right can grow, car thank erika. Now you think after accomplishing such a feat. You at all, be little and put down others for any reason at all. I never was so maybe tomorrow we start anew with you not attend
in town digs all the time. Nobody, that's unbelievable, never have never. One bosses feel good friday. I've never once been toxic on friday. How about it already being friday tomorrow that this week is owned by it? Has let's fucking. Do next week. How many do so? Well that are boring. Eight hours me, I dunno the exact man. What a day for your corner great day great day, we did some journalism today as well. I'm proud of it we'll be back tomorrow, can't thank you all enough hammer
in fifteen minutes dot, com, comfort, such evidence see them by chance.
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