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PMS 2.0 674 - Lord Stanley's Cup IN STUDIO, Dan Orlovsky, Mike Rupp, Adam Thielen, & AJ Hawk

2022-05-31 | 🔗

On today’s show Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys talk about having the beauty Lordo Stanley Cup in studio, the top stories in the NFL, recap their Memorial Day weekends, and everything else happening in the sports world. Joining the progrum in the first hour is NFL Vet, ESPN analyst, analyst for a few MNF games this upcoming season, and host of NFL Live, Dan Orlovsky, to chat about his NFL quarterback list “who you can win with” and “who you win because of” for the upcoming season, quarterbacks and OTAs, and more (24:13-58:22). Later in hour two, Stanley Cup Champion, 13 year Veteran, Ohioan, and a man who was a goon on the ice, Mike Rupper, chats with Pat, AJ, and the boys about Lordo Stanley Cup and the NHL playoffs (1:26:18-2:02:35). In hour three, the boys are joined by 2x Pro Bowl Vikings’ Wide Receiver, an undrafted stud going into his 10th NFL season, Adam Thielen, to chat about his Thielen Foundation Home Run & Softball Game tonight, his upcoming season with the Vikings, learning a new offense, and more (2:02:45-2:29:33). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all of you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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Experience the power of five g with t mobile, with faster five g speeds nationwide. You can upload your favorite video super fast or game on the girl plus t mobile has more five g, far more places, so you can stay connected. What matters most almost anywhere switch to t mobile today, the legal advice mobile hasn't workers largest liking. It passes based on media combined. Like he's going to announce it blows, petersen torrent is due to find you speak, which went to anyone see likewise coverage in excess details. A team of that come to day married thirty percent. Two thousand and two in this order fell shellfish. Can't I get for John as user back on board size. The back these behind incredible, more all day weekend. I know we took the day off yesterday we do apologize. I was getting answers, but I think we celebrate the weekend. Improper fashion perspective was born.
The place that we all better. Remember that there are bad ass is walking amongst us who are willing to go fight for us, and yesterday, obviously, we took a couple moments to remind ourselves that there's people they died, never came home for dinner, fighting for the greater good of all the in. Although the power hungry faults in a war hawks making, the decisions may not always be on the same page of all of us, every single military person, I've ever had a drink with our conversation with they were serving the country in which they chose to sign up for their military. So we would like to say thank you to everybody, and yesterday I hope we all took a moment to kind of think about that. you know, sacrifice in some folks have made for us now. Moving on big, weaken of sports exports happening tonight in today's show will be a show that will go into the annals of the history of this programme. Championship programme, because, It's not only the top
table here today. I touch made up lasting connor one half of the hammer cowboys cowboy digs easier. The other half of the hammer cowboys is bracken canada, stuff is still does he tries to we emerge as an american citizen. Hopefully, a new bachelor lawyers makes this all a much easier process. All the boys in the backer here and joining us law of this. studio. What's the that is the actual Actually here, don't there is all types of increase with things are, you can fake on the internet, Tom Brady master that george area the matches mastered, it roger said about space all the way and the lamb bone. Anything like that. The other day, that is, actually, lord stanley cup. That is what
the champions of the this year will get this year and have been receiving since nineteen o. Three I see your montreal probably even earlier than eyes. Unbelievable. It's amazing. The tube the one person who travels with stanley cup he can enter, they might great humbly pastimes vocalize or anything at all. I wanna travelin he's. Thirty looks amazing map from the jails, your great people. We can't thank you enough. It feels good, the championship, just in our residents feels good to be able to look in touch this thing, the think I hate. Is we care for
I scorpions and answering I'm gonna, fuckin way that ain't ever gonna happen. So, let's go pat him. A temporary lighting taken on new york ranges about into the king s home last night. Put up five ottawa, no one was an empty that men in west obviously adamant in colorado, platinum, the west. I was just told by sea of avail rocky aficionado alongside nick broader ha sporran, that's gonna be electrifying to watch the east. We thought a bay in the rangers all This can be. The better galway has been decide who gets go fight for Lord Stockton. These top, whose right here in front of your face now boss, garner the boston broods, never going to win this again? What does it feel like to be around this anomaly? That's never going back to Boston aids, w backed by a symbolic. You said there is an energy that radiates from this cop. I can feel it assumes a came into the office. The entire mood shifted, a meme brood. probably happened in Boston next year. So say it again. I assume, but its awesome inhabited,
scar. It's nice Really, Why jazz. Three big yeah. So we learn a little but of the entire guess. Thirteen years is where each team lives on each layer of the cake, that is the stanley cup, so the detroit redwings are bought, get moved up and top. Where does he may have the players? Thirteen years twenty six years, thirty nine years either the matter out? That's how many jobs more than the penguins more than the problem is not that we believe are wrestling says we're given a closer look on this thing, a little bit of an eye to the cup there. It just up around top whenever there is only sixteen or whatever.
Pass it amongst each other, basically for like six years delights in Detroit detroit droids, and then you get down real hockey. Modern era flock is nowhere to be found, no actually had to get the yard the status of the year, the lucky thing even on here, any more other day, art We are all over. This thing unbelievable: it's amazing, there's cup of bruins in there now gold nights, your team new franchise. So you don't answer unexpected. I do see the one piece of cop laughed I believe lock out year. It just says cop was not war would arouse. Thank borrowers. Grandma Jerusalem puts donors name on cybercrime psychiatrist. I observed ass, it I'm sorry, I don't know the knights everyone, but stoner deserves beyond the cup. Nicky states net, morocco, Couple thing spelled wrong when the cup can't get perfection perfected, I guess a couple different times, but I the human aspect of others trophy is the best part of it. It is celebrated is passed around. This thing is actually people.
From its flowed down rivers before, but imposing more I've heard legendary tales about what this spectacular championship. Trophies but I think the fact that it is all basically etched on with a hammer and everything makes it even more special frankie. I saw you guys six, the maid nicer resisting showed up, and obviously I want to keep it as a surprise for you, but phil going himself and tell you last last night: it was common area relating to sleep. Last night known this son of a bitch is coming through the office in studio. A market This has been the gracefully for all my life. I saw top gun maverick last stanley cup this morning. Ma am rock armoured diamond or nice normal day. Why respect? I am they're, not even the lotus situation going on. There he's all the way out, their top gun, allegedly great, everybody that is talk it set its amazed gap. Every person I've met that either isn't it you know,
super military person talking also need to see by standing up for tom cruise everywhere, call five showed in twenty five. At least what you think. because there is little better. Why wouldn't have been forty five minutes standing owes it? Is that what you did affords it everybody in your theatre, clapboard I got to help other immediately, could lose either stake, but I could see why people would give it a standing. Oh it deserves it, that's a shit, you been to a movie theater cinema may want to some over theatres were dead a long time ago, biggest box office in the history of memorial day weekend or something movie theater drove away, but whose whose, although moving in the same way as urban. He deserves our respect. He deserved that monetary tribute had to pull coin in his pocket, but it was terrible experience. The seat was broke. It is now the shoe popcorn and year their talk and earn a movie they're. Getting up and down the aisle trying to go places in the football games, sit out, shut up and watch the movie. I do like the fact that there are getting it for movie theater, so you
disasters on the biggest screen. Imagine you know right. Not your basic ass tv would have been great. Not in your basement. All you need to see it in a theater. Basically what they said. Then you want. You said that no need, but it is amazing. It is amazing, you so sure way towards our see at the house. Absolutely wait for the home. You haven't you hate movie, theatres, so confess, tat movie laughed after, or rather you should read having around here, but I will I'm going to the theater. I am also the hay movie theater dad I can watch issued at my house now, but when tc says: hey, listen, you need to see this on the biggest spoken screw impossible, ass, loud ass possible so in autumn you ve never strike me before. I will do you remember when, like years ago, tc was given a speech on the set of this, particularly whenever their battles recovered. Basically talk about how we are going to save the fucking movie. Industry have guy fuckin world on your bullshit
turns out. He was with me I'll, be here at that time was not. I knew what people say miles. Teller also really go to that. The eurozone milestones on believe really, let's go out a much bottom other than the fact he threw me out of the bus then got behind the driver seat the bus of over me, a backdoor reality it up in a different language, and that's so one more. Let's make sure the netherlands or barony was well god ever good said that we set on his way out with a big as you romeo bus, but they're saying this may be a career saving, career, changing and entire new world, for all time is less honest. He does not make the movie the movie is about Tom Tom is the movie. John am also great role, and this will really johnny and they have a kind of these partners. They did. They put him on this same those place. Should my bag you guys were johnny ammonia for the Saint Louis blows
now you're gonna be claimed more than forty maroon was he wasn't even more imperative? There aren't any ways we will. Try not by lord families, got this entire time. But how could you always? How can you ask that shot this show? is doing this right now, what a joke couldn't even get SAM burns is pot from the period of eight hours watch a shrine tournament this past week and cunning get his game when a party we know, whereas tournament winning pot from the french, which is amazing, anti ensconced, scheffler going out there in battle and actual, is SAM burns. Two hours, downtime snapshot overtime, makes a incredible pot from the french. Ok, if it don't go in private up the green cynicism and think about by water wind for him. Gonna get
a pot, even those kind of the impetuous just like after the beijing championship to champion was being pitch. I dont understand our relationship with pda. I know the fuck it any gel. We I lord sadly gobbling exact causes a year ago. I was this even plausible. I have no idea, it really is more beautiful person I mean z down. There are best trophy and sports, etc, etc. But when you actually get to fuckin laid eyes on this thing, it's ugly it really is. I don't be disrespectful thousand eight hours? There now use the best european sports. I mean that we naturally have to say don't tell me the lombardy they give to those they give one of the owner. They give one wonders. Eighty one in the locker room, lombardy has never seen. You did jerry the cards, but soccer lombardy purporting to be pissed yeah, the sort of somebody who cares little rinkitink peace, a mail last coming back to america, and I was pure gold but
yeah I mean this is the one I mean this standing at a staggering flood, set something out even now thing. Is you its massive that top thing to just a thought that all the legends have you. shit out of oil makes it even more important, I think, more impressive? They do not add layers tat cake. You just gotta get shuffled out of it. I sense which is sweet is now the red rooms with down forever now I'll, be in all things cabinet the added layers, the anchor b seven fourteen day make the next year where it came out, and it was not like eight and a half feet on the ice that be pretty be pretty good. I'm staring right at the pittsburgh penguins going back to back right, you're far my face, which has happened numerous times around here as That is amazing. I think that's like the lombardy that you know Jim or say has it is little museum, a rear for one, not little the museums, huge damage to president have this in their gas there, If this thing is ever auction up
jimerson going have the stanley cup. Honestly, I'm surprised it already has an app. What no way might without that now came flocking on he's. Gonna keep his eyes on Jimmy can't pull in your museum of We think that you fuckin have, but it doesn't have the legends that this this thing has all the games legends on it still. Basically, you no oars on here have on your everybody's on here, and if I got one moment they were the ones who wasting it and lifting it. The tradition, the prestige, everything about it up, we're very thankful that it's like see and robbers name on their like and he's gonna be on there for the next year out a while until that things out there, like he's gonna, be on this thing for the next forty years. So whenever you, you know, happened upon a stanley cup, so breaking your former stanley cup champion your name on a list right there. I consider that on their actually thank you. There's a mask got on here, while who Thank you. I want him has a mask ADI, though
coyote with the tongue apparent carrier parties around audibly horror, the hounds on nobody should be worth Annie. Sport from what I've been told, harvey the hand should be the one, its variety guy noise Maybe you know to my icebox: do the icebergs the pay savvy very? What was planned middle back all the ice, and now we're icebox blocking lay people. I met the bomb bay on how good I don't think gordon made armenia now may LEO's, while think those same people, but the entire. The this miracle, he argued tat dna jail for allowing this to happen. I you know I was the person from africa. Those here before the stanley cup is an eyelid response. That guy's mediately are running, and I went out for him says we're going to browse for thirty years, that which is awesome blocked. As you know, we ve been trying to go to brussels for a long time.
Probably fantastic beaten ever been. Everybody says it's great faint, ass. The islanders think that there are others. Absolutist thanks are about its southern aim on their smelled wrong, never gonna be on again and why I forgot it lets I've into a manifesto how's our ways we can the good, very weak and whenever you god I need some girl, many a man I know. So what we didn't talk about. One arrives in bosnia. The net was the cement bottom chair with like air force's. When I'm doing my dolls swing, I think there's a couple that, like tweets money, a little bit then got my our cereal one bite in started, pining away honour, my knee has sworn not low, but on the left side got little bit of a visible, limp right now, kara, I think it will go away soon, but
gray weekend. I mean other good night, showing it turns out from believable net great great housed over your. How leave my lord orville couple. Italians came in from plum, miss gray weekend have de facto you want back, commissioner up around like northern michigan values, whether what do we do now going wrong. What the hell you guys are just like the lie: kick them off the playlist level. What is that about? Why itself, foxy time in northern machine age, a rock will join us in a second, our rubber will join us in a third our to talk about his name being an edge. I had no idea how long this gonna be here how long has therefore, is what they say: baker so they can stay as long as you want. so loud here for its own europe. Doesn't you know rub, doesn't get to know which keep us in here for rubber would like A couple stories- a rubber is hard about this particular there's, dense and
play. Every single. Yet I knew knows that, could that be from a vat can want to use blackmail drunk run around the capital of our country and throwing it and per ponds in such good. Maybe maybe is it Whenever adamant in grand play baseball with Elam body. Is that what happened? I can't wait to hear will talk to my group superbowl champion and the third, our adam Feelin will join us. It's real five eastern timing, youtube comforts eyes deeper met. We show an article just came out about him feel rejuvenated ten years into his career here, new cultures and often minded head coach kind of changes. The way he's veal in everything body feels good. Getting tired. You know, Jim, he works on he'll, be fine and saw. How can we to chat with him and catch up with him on this steel, and on only ass great, an active in a while running into whether in military is right. Now I actually asked one like hey. I just read article by you: feelin rejuvenated reminded me that you're still guide hems option for ever been in our blinders workload. Over here we do apologize. He sent me picture of it
schedule? Basically not what was happening, but his times, rivas open, three or five eastern mozilla based merely on time open, can wait to chat with them about the vikings new head coach nuvibe over there make a run the embassy, nor are they, allow our society definitely be a wave energy right new activity. They got that stadium that just had the com does every and optimism that are beyond their homes. Car sodium should be a mate. It won't be carson as well. I suppose devotee you need to be positive, possum, maybe four fuck a one minute. You right ass wrong, positive. The odyssey north odds are currently at the
cars, minus one. Seventy, the vikings plus two, eighty lions plus eight fifty above the bare lying fair picture for our show that we are here for a long time. Figures here, boy, sausages, dip in acting in their anger, started bar packers at minus one, seventy just because they have aaron rodgers. Now the roster is a good one. You lose your best weapon, how they make up for that they drafted or body, nor creation of arts, and my leave so that'll happen, but the odds sports books like now we're not gonna. Let him by make and the money off of us because they have the back to back empty, be escorted back there, but the vikings plus two, eighty, not bad
grave at all great value, especially after the steel in conversation. I might lay low child reminded me, but it's just one of those things where no matter how good the vikings are they'll find a way to lose a couple games. They should now that the name when the division, new coach, the environment, you're, so new coach- that's great. They might me I've been watching for fucking thirty years seen obeyed. They might a couple games here, you said this precedent here they make good. the boy? I wouldn't be surprised if made by us last year, but They just seemed always gonna give away a couple that nation, which is why the backers- or we are only a few years removed from her cousins, gone down in new orleans cholera
pushing the person off catch. Such I went to play off, came against new orleans ain't seen this post. What is your wardrobe risk, gonna retired to rest came back again, then your breeze actually retires. After breaking a record of pushing sled, now he's added NBC of our errant and took him massive shot. I lay laval errant in I mean friend, of the sharia, western pennsylvania guy, absolute laval, airing to what you said about drew breaks, was quite astronomer cases not as popular as is his eyes love does. He think he is any act out when it doesn't go the way he would like for it to go. That's of our errant and andrew breeze short stay with NBC. Now I don't have the violence and as an history, what your brains out assume this quote came from a much longer quote where the virus complemented your breezes accomplishment on a football field, but the trooper is situation with tv. Fair,
god foxes announced and I'm one team, cavern burghardt, gregg, olsen, aaron Andrews tom reality, and I believe that it and thereby thought maybe your breeze was aiming for that when you are talking about an embassy trade with fox there's lots greg also deserve what will drew breeze. We do in this up common season tbd. I think a lot of people, you know I mean if you, if his again what say what you want about drew breeze, but it is, If you actually right. You have said a lot of things you want in europe, and I had reason to- and you know, like lavoro speak in my language here. I'm thinkin he's the same guy. Who knows what's going on if his ego wasn't at what it is just private everything we see like Gruber
and if you really did want to call games like he would go, do be the number two booth like the number three booth or such like that, but I don't think he wants to do that and I think people are outraged to say this is his last opportunity. That is crazy. That's crazy! That absolutely crazy! This is is last opportunity to be in sports media world. If he wants is like, is he drew breeze dying next year, as you would have five years from now. He goes on upon check. Armor trip. Does my water comes back? A completely different person has a whole new, add two personality. What, if he's like the best comedian about time, some easy, and if Elvis I drew the guy who has a lot of our records, are old records? We dont want your round with this new personality knew you we want ojo, not new drew. Is that going to happen? No, but it would be nice a kind of see why drew breeze all the records in the world, the unifil used to stop games celebrating its riah, every networks used to stop games in the middle drives would be happening. Completion would take place. Stop the game,
stop everything wrath go hand, drew the ball shake his and thank him. Accomplishments do have three lap wouldn't going to commercial, combat wheel continue this drive on the other side. Why does magically wide open on those place? SK as scheme in the way he looked off. Defenders launch give a gala fuckers mars, not nonetheless, what has taken place which are a breeze. None of it makes sense in the bar, I think he's probably you know guessing what he thinks. I think a lot of people are getting this in things are, maybe he knows him personally, but it is fascinating that drew breeze and just been handed A massive setting used to whatever call you wanted to give, because I drew isn't under the protection of s: dot, hi, dot el dot d any morning, and things are starting to get drew you now We were right all as we don't be put me in that now drew reveries val tied, I that Erika
I would cite leads, offers and say what you want about it's like you and I will the fire drew's eyes when he delivered that ball like it was on purpose, but thing, but jason witten was handed money for, but without ever being on television before Jason went helpful, poplar great person, everything like that, but you just handed like the third biggest game of the week. I can break his game of the week. Just Here you go, drew bright ease. I am vastly confused about how this is all on forty four job. We're gonna think that he thinks you're, ok, role same thing aikman, yet, like I had a better career than roma maybe not one as many titles as ate, but I have way more rigorous and he does like he probably looked at himself in that aspect of the. U know media world so he's not one of the four number one analyse where two of em are recorded, but why do you not think, like these executives love the happy hour rang for it Tom Brady deal came out because in a car
call on a quarterly earnings call they couldn't you have what we got a deal with tom rates of. What's real invalidated by us. Have that I think says everything spoken. Vine roman worries me when you lose Joe enjoys everything I'll, be ok but got sombre. If I may now they do, I don't it's candle, then it comes out outside your things as agents and other people losing their mind, then follow up happens. Gallia everything we said was percent accurate, only saying that in the conversation, so they can say it like. You would think that the executives would want to be like. Yet we are democrats, bert, yet robberies newbridge feels like us on acting now, just pride love, you know, man who is she three signed with years been whose covering nfl going all coming I'd like he's on television, anymore when you turn on the sba he's out working talking doing? Is they all he's become the official football guru sure go recognition. Ladies and gentlemen, and if a vet
spirit legend there, who was begun, our you, you think you could have somewhere maryland cap, so your boys would rooted by maryland play another crossteam out. You can start doing. I don't know not that I asked them having to the game you who, who they rerouting foreign, they were like Marilyn. I why, like our friends, our so greatness, I think we're I'm just trying to get Diana had light gray. Why I understand, I'm so sorry easy, especially among children. The you have you and your wife do an incredible amount of logic: smasher them are you for us now now enough right enough wasn't but you'd listen. This is this. Is parenting wrapped up in a nutshell, so we are friends. You live in charleston, south carolina
so we go down there really every memorial day week, indigo hang out with, then they got kids the same ages are so we go down there. It's a ton of fine kid, your plane in the pool where our plan, my body, has a boat that he took us down a cue island like a really cool call that book there, The flight on Monday morning, memorial dick my kids, wanted to go to the cross national championship, so we get home, they want two with our friends their struggle, exhausted right all day bring whatever we get home last night. Finally, from the title game, at like seven hundred and forty five, my boys Lenny, let's shower you got to get to bed, you haven't slept in like four days going to be exhausted. Kids so mad that they went to bed at eight p m and not eight thirty beer
the fund that we have for the four days it was wiped away because they were so tat, come every little chat about what like could be for them every year or both down a key while and in europe in the process of change. you need to send the scared straight central present. Some reason let these guys in jail ya. Do that. That is where you kids need. It sounds like you, don't you think that last night he was like you know all the things we thankful for You do have not what you don't have. How can we gotta find something to complain about? One complete? I was that our that, damn that's good daddy, you don't know very often is you need to know. mary it that's right, you stop! a third those, you thought you had a triple kid. That's bullshit dad is on television somewhat in five hours a day. Okay, so just gonna bet shut up. You didn't do that. If you want me to go- and I well know if you like it so
how's around to this We can run a little italian boy. This word is weaker for energy. I think I like that kid. He just walked round or more or cut grass on loving important work with our company, labour- I guess yeah, but if you want to do he signed up for air, your lines having eleven years old is when you get out cut the grass roots is that what you're? How are your kids, ways tat. They got one more summer of freedom and then need a little chad had come back. You wanna go to leads across national championship. Viewing this isn't a scholarship programme. There is a grassy got voice
That's also a soccer by you just taken shots at a bunch of quarterbacks in vienna. Fill you do so at what point? Was it an eight fifteen? Last night after you got to do with your kids, you know what I'm gonna do. I just talked about time draws in his heart. Is hell got barnett wrangle, the kids up early morning, flight southwest terrible flying had to fly in the back? Is we got forty five kids? You know what I mean so then I get this lash will champion of game. Marilyn did their think. What did their thing? He added. again, then I call on our lady. It's a fund sport watch your guns I'm not really, I should like maryland is awesome. So I guess it was kind of fun to check that out. But you know four Sorry, I can't watch out, needs dip in that sport of the future ice cover the future, never gonna be the present. I like that. It's happening when sports are happening more of a low before so first of all its eight more physical way more physical sport in soccer champions.
wait and more scoring thing soccer. The closest thing physicality we have to football. We give you like the physical ass in back of the game of football. then there that brings, that is more excitement and scoring than soccer so like if you're into soccer settings on all that, I'm from the hoofs August Well, it's boring, but if you like it physicality of football, but you want scoring soccer, it's incredible. that's it. I did get some a similar sport that it has right. I mean I wish there was more into hockey like I try to get a document is not. I think it because I don't like wash ing ton as a kid. I get buddy of mine is a dire rangers. France hauser rangers famed for the night last night, but must be the last engineer, but I have you ever seen: fuckin lord stanley cup, to look at this thing.
you got that matter back guys got gloves. Gotta keep eyes on this at all times. These we my run out here with a dense, do Joe Dan I'll do that thing is sick, much better and any lacrosse drove a tangle of a ship out of it well known ass, an all out of those whether we were told actually got wanted to do such a thing, but never never, never say never, but why paddy maroon damp a lightning get it when I think I'm get invited or potential celebration be born of beers unalaska match. I do understand. The tough dynamic does hold my legs, I'm goin up an unjust war, suck it out in english, strong, that's what I'm gonna do with those sailing radio. I wish you wouldn't want. We ever straws. Restaurants, no go plastics shot! Newspapers are you? Don't you see turns out? You know we're gonna get in this conversation, but I didn't up with a cross so much like you're saying about hockey. I they grow up with across parliament
Protect aim was entertaining the games are entertained boxes at abounds. I don't understand whose like. Why is it that person's ball elaborate us too the out of bounds exactly like dollar. I don't. If it's a shot. If someone does not arrive years taken. It goes out, abandoned its. These aren't going, as this may help in the back yard, in old, all old old old game aged avenues, rules that often actually change maria, but they don't cheesy abounds. Ok, why respected congrats may rest baby likely topical off a kid in place, for the tariffs is right. We here is not the other one complain and after a g like a dream weekend, ire Let's talk about you trolling the internet, though So what are we put out these tweets? Ok, whatever you put out these tweets, you know like hey, I'm a piss. Of this fan base. When I do this, but boy I'm making people happy you put dac prescott a basic category, alongside collar murray, of
you can win with now. This is obviously a vastly different group, then the wind, because of but whenever you talkin about winning with when you pay deck in baker. in carson in in on the same list. I think you're gonna get a lot of people pissed off about things. You agree just don't care about that. To no first of all, cars not on the list. I actually out of respect for of what's happened over the last two seasons. Carson isn't Andy when, because of or when, with less will close, we'll see things wow, while by the way I'm so new matter. I better go back. I thought those carson I fucked up there. That's all
Why so much better! You do not go beyond this list. You should have it on the other, less a bunch of bullshit. If you ask me anyone's guided day- and I think I think we're Matt isn't his age like in and what not like he's a quarter back. That's the reason the corpse got him were tabled. you ve lost your wise you're, really good, though, when a lotta with it, I don't know if the coach said hey, we need Matt ryan, because our roster isn't that great in here. So good that will win good amount of games because he's on our team, aren't you the deck prescott thing to all because that's where market spears, these guys pant using a bundle. Oughta do look here. There's a fax jack pressed Let's look at the crowd crop chronological kind of time line of his career rookie year played again stone. I just thought going the game will see like
played really good, but he also one of the greatest options of lines that year in the last twenty years in the unifil I mean is often line, was absolute phenomena. Sure was solid. following you. I think, third league is play started to decline. Puts the team started to get picked away up, talent, wise lastly, Marco marie some of their skill position on office. Then they go get a Mari american. For constant deck search to play, much better football goes into your foreplay good football, but not ridiculous football. They were waiting to tunnel games because jack prescott was carrying a body Ten deep, your bottom ten run game really good players around. Then we two the season to get injured, obviously doesn't matter. Last year everyone says what they were in the playoffs Do they want six in six against outside your division? I don't believe in the whole, like you quarter I've winced at all that stuff. I'm just telling you fine and I said,
for two years, find me the stretch of gains that cowboys one when Schmidt's wasn't playing or zeke didn't. Or more cooper didn't play or the deepens gave a thirty and they went like three and one is jack played so ridiculously well, it doesn't exist. Ok, so you're over the dac prescott, eight or ten saying I'm in there he brought the bunch electrodes eminent number. One often like for two years until he got hurt or whatever with that twelve year old is often corner. Color thrives values that we advocate, but again But that's not me haiti. Yes, there were records broken but, like outrageous number of those stats were one we're gown and in the fourth quarter, does it make em about fire garlic uncle jack, my or does it make him about player is good player. I said this a thousand times. I think jack is really good player
I just don't want someone do tell me it's remarked question: how do you know what extract structure games happened? Did we come to you for these sites? Things quarterback guru come to that prescott, just little packer, wouldn't beggar feel that in this day and to others to just look back dumping you're gonna make you is said to her he's much. So you think use there. It is again easy. what about you. What a bunch of games, because of is that what you believe that just words them out? Will you believe, let's go to the next one, because I've let's go to the next one cuba's you and because of this is your last josh Alan start, job borrow stuff: Lamar jackson, great honour of your end on twitter, patch, bob's, derek car aright, in herbert bert watson, Russell wilson, aaron rodgers Tom Brady matter. stafford. What you're saying is dead.
Car doesn't get enough respect because you believe he puts a team on his back. That's why you put him in this list, and I assume that is the one that everybody was turned up in arms with on this particular list. Yeah There's been three things: I've seen everybody be so emotional about on this one. Yes, dear car, but I've been Derek. Garlic. all your carson someone's got to, and then he threw a left handed interception zero, european six, zero yards away? Division rival, fourth quarter, so I didn't hear a word about him after that, from you are you done These guys aren't you watch employee and the like yeah. This is going to be the right I finally get to deck. United to the first question, I wanted to say: whatever you give your opinion, and I will see you whenever you give an opinion. I listen there. butler, gives an opinion on the secondary I listed, or anything really different, saw the ball imo. Listen now these start speaking on the often subject either Let's see we say when used,
big about border, a lot of us like We must listen. So whenever you have these little, you know emotional attachments. Two different guys in your words are match up with their play. You can call the question your legitimacy as quarterback goodwill, and I dont want do that if the watch Carson play. But now I soon that's a lot of people, do what you haven't. Dare car on year in deck prescott on the other one. Ok, so I'm explained the whole stance on the deck prescott situation. car one. I think we have evidence of the last two years when that roster has been depleted at moments for their defences. Just got an absolute guided, derek car place such a level that they are, will to undo windings because he plays at such a level. That is happen. Dear car did,
What dear car has played himself honoured outlets? Ok, we get more respect their car at everybody in the animal world did more respect their car guru of the football darrow loves. You saw the film says this. What you need, the we duly noted by us dead, where lay the respected thing, would be. Everyone brought up what the shy watson has played and like two years or whatever is listen talent wise, I doubt you shot. Watson is, is on par with basic Everybody on that list. He has the jeanne ability to be on this list. I am come please be aware of the office. that is attached to his name off the field. I'm speaking on the field, third thing was learned more like this list is too big and one of the things I mention this off season is, you can ask me the top five quarterbacks neanderthal are indeed asked the top five teens and see the blue, It has grown in so
I want my pushed back to those peoples. Is your new contacts, Xavier new contract I'll, do eleven about the five new contract. staff I'm not goin in like two or three years anyway, the three of them I'm guessing. So the list is going to be smaller, just because those three veterans are on there. The thing I must stop asking. I maws not don't fuck, carson wentz thing is this: the first of all, when I hear, and we like pound table stances, we television. I was right, two thousand nineteen I dead on her. Why get weaken team play officer on the line he picked out played deck prescott took esteemed carried a bad football teams. The playoffs so like they do. That was right, two thousand in twenty. It went so real
I wasn't into doesn't twenty don't carson? What's the greatest quarterback ever closer nineteen, I was right dude, twenty one. I thought he would be in the big p conversation given what if he's connection with frank in the team and the ross during all that stuff. I problem the undervalued two things. One lack of skilled position, talent in india, at the real receiver position, caught up to them a little bit and then to join them I guess she's. Not, I guess is not good off the field in some situations and that that kind of impact it is planned to feel ok, so he's all reckless with the ball, you think there's any chance that he can change that for the commission. Here we go. He sprang both his ankles, honest by appear now he's not going to change that. He was gonna change. It would have been last year because it was the team to like it was the
the perfect situation to do that, that's just a player that he is and you're gonna write eyes like the arizona game. Last year, you're gonna buy loads like the last the two weeks of the season, but that's just the player that he is. I probably leaned, into more the optimists aspect of his talent. And That's why I didn't I didn't plan on burying our talk about parson wants is a bad time, because we ve done carson. His good play, though, which way you talking about his optimism is on It is also to watch him whatever he's playing like very good in it. Groove. It feels like can smart decisions and going it's also be, could become a god for the commanders. God move on now is somewhat baker. Matron, guy that you said you could win win it is the german power, your colleague at years beyond that developing to pay five or six million dollars contract, is currently at eighteen point nine. So there can further browns to pick up thirteen or fourteen million dollars?
Cyrodiil deal in your eyes are using the teams. Gonna do that origin. You think that this is just going to continue to wait on all the way in the training camp, maybe even into the season pending a deshaun watson punishment that we could have came on a friday news dump just last week, and they said the investigation is wrapping up, I think what happens with the sean is a bearing on situation. They signed a copy, preset beggar. My field does not think that ever played for depleting browns, so That does not an option, I was a team, I would do it and I done said that you know it's you. team again, seattle, potentially care bay. Potentially the carolina panthers might be point on it tat is this: if your cleveland, what is the hold up, if you? beggars, not playing That means you are on the hook, no matter what for eighty million dollars, if you fire and you have to pay in the eighteen million dollars cut your pain. eighty million dollars for absolutely nothing. Where is it
you do trade him and I think things are where this you're gonna get some form of impact for maybe six round pick an some type of any financial, six cushion because a team is gonna, eat some of his salary self. I think of your team. It's a little bit like the carson stuff. From last year you gotta figure out what's goin on off the field in the personality, and is he still be the competitive, do, but also maybe not be as abrasive in moments publicly If I were those teams, if I was a team that is looking for a potential spot started this year like might make, my position is still greater I'll pay you back and see. What's up stream, it went black as well. I'm see! Ok, I remember back up poyser. What are you doing my job tsars now he browser the top. Those guys where's your technology. time. Somebody's in backroom some happens
I feel that I should like it does feels are took place here. Lies you say something a glass I'm are interesting, shut down, I saw them you follow along. You. Have a hundred kids get a vacation on a summer. We appreciate you keep it up with. What's going on over here, congrats can gratifies upon any type of viewing plot. That's very nice, not true that you just said that forget it but think they're making very that's a deal dan world, but my I watch our time and then one mom, my boy always take negroes distant national issues guys lifted. I got your modem. I bodies is that it gives a baseball team in connecticut, fearful toward highschool number one right, even the stable door locked in it, some guy. What boys I lay down the crop for the brand blocking hat
for their brand shirt, and I cannot confirm that I think for the brain shorts. I don't know if there with black black black yes women across the world. We world, we need bit more about the process. Go hey I'll, come back soon is more in future. question for me and then the boys have a couple. Damn we procedure didn't time here from a kitchen. It appears one quarterbacks backs, are protease, saw this conversation on a couple of quarterbacks. But if you're this has become a new trend. Now, do you calvin expert. I this entire process of quarterbacks not wanted to do. Ok, if there in a system they know in a building, they know for a long time. What do you think this is more so than just quarterbacks? It's only all players that live in a city. Their teams are kind of taking advantage of their offices a little bit more than they had the past year. it's a little bit of everything, certainly covered kind of made. Everybody realise there is more, maybe more of it and efficiency to be able to work. You can
kind of have the opportunity to be a part of the team in and continue to be, a part of meetings virtually while still being at all maybe you don't live in a city that you plan. I also most These quarterbacks, if not all, either have Their own work out set up somewhere with their receivers, where they're all going to a certain location or their receivers are coming into whether quarterback lives are there all going to were needed. It receives our. So I think that's a little bit. You know, you know that, wait. You much has kind of made out of it. I also say this do like the de practices are very different. Nowadays, you know it's. The strain on the body is a little bit less in march. April brought me than it used to be so the whole oki like air borders, not be an odious? Everyone has made a big deal out of my students. Erin tom kyler Lamar. I think basically stafford item. This effort is what lamar not being there is. What
does Lamar need to be there in. We don't play a game for four months what I consider and say, maybe because I think europe is going to be very different without the and been a lotta I guess non positive step out of their organization. You know when it comes to. You may be directly tied, given the relationship of the past few months rather than all the others. Have you relax council did I think most people underestimate how long trenck life in is fairly it's like do you start, as you know really the third week in July and if you're on a good team, your gun until at least mid january, if not february, its exhausting mental. Not only that it's like can not learn more from this guru. That is only caring about my body, my well being as opposed to an entire team structure. Not the trend. Couches aren't good, In the found, the saying feels like
This has been something of players have talked about for a long time like not gonna voluntary, stop this you're, not gonna voluntary, and then everybody gonna shamed in going to the voluntary stuff. Now it feels like more players are taken out and there's a lot of great quarterbacks at our energies seems at all couple on get channel about the boys, have a couple questions for you Dan. Is that? Ok, I love it. along weaken. This guy had acted in here. Answering our questions, society idea speaking and I think a lot of people are taken shots rogers because he has in the last couple years you think it's different for a guy like came when most of the guys he's gonna be throwing to this year are rookies or is it safe? like he's good enough where, when he gets there like they're gonna, have plenty of time the kind of put everything together. I think, play it on my placement, this time of it like, first of all, if your crucial watson, so everyone really gets an understanding. It intact, speak to the lurid, the two of like. What's it like to go in when you're watching you go into your off season in may and june, and you
basically learning how to crawl. You know Where do I stand in the huddle you and I Different locations by the way, you know what it there's: three receivers in the game versus to receivers in the game and people. think that a small thing it is, but it still takes refuge to do this. Iranian need to be their position it was get frustrated and then your hearing, ok, what the formation tell me where so Anders theirs hundreds of variables attaching the formation selects. Let him learn that stuff. For we ever ask him to do football, seventy one. So where do you live with the formation? What's that call does this tagging this play call change at burner post from. Were imposed on a normal split, which is maybe up in numbers jets. Romania too, so there are so many different things that young receiver needs to just learn before even worse, arise being mere because all that's gonna happen right now. Areas there are, my opinions is one
errands gonna get frustrated because it too time for these guys to learn it and then too Young do. Watson is gonna, become some overwhelmed with information. You'll, never be able to know what he's like physically until now, steer because his brain is is so consumed by information? I think it's like. Let's really give these due to the foundation, so erin come soon. You can say hey on this road. I know the paper says this, but against it coverage see the way on seeing it. Instead of doing you know, maybe in lean out you turned back inside then watch that oh ok, I know what you're talking about so I just it is again a way bigger deal than it really is being made out to be a way better deal than it really grasp. Do I not not not bad thing if they're together, I soon the hang out at some point, but also talking if the whole thing's going to fail, because of it is just such a like
right now, conversation training came so long, isn't it I mean I feel a guys are able to build up the law of any in the summer and training camp, but everything ideologies starting get laughed at, almost god cornered. Yet there now that managers come into his second year is not competing for a jolly human with them. Yeah. Well, that's right! That's what I need to know is that now that it is team is ill different because last year is kind of like you know, glad to be there, but now it's you know his showed a run. Do you think that Canada, I'll the patriots as a whole going into camp, and do you think you'll have more say because he has that one year of experience in. Daimios office I think he definitely has more say signal languages that type of plaice and matches the type of player were it's like a daily basis right and you almost after earn your trinity share your. You point on whatever play, might be or or or
concept it my dear what you guys want to do on a daily basis and you ve got to urge that it seems that way that belgium runs this program like that, I honestly believe that the great majority of people in new england believed it was gonna, be MAC jones. Last year, anyway, I think you know: what's u they got around him and realized how Marty was how maturing was how competitive was that they thought can it be his team last year anyway. Obviously his play lessons. This is what I would say where we're MAC jones is greatest. Growth needs to from one like real being good at sir down situations. When you can't be knowing it is such a good job of making formations look the same and action post nap the same, but it's not necessarily you know there's a lot of standing with the basel, quarterback and feeling good like aren't. I gotta me like. I think they don't know what I'm doing. I know what they're doing so much
the third down stuff, you know where, where can you you just gotta, dropped back and play football, and no one's gonna be open necessarily easily, so you got two makes some really difficult rose. or move. I think data. Beware math! Can if he does makes that his greatest growth, and then I gotta stay healthy on the perimeter. You know that those receivers that they have had to stay healthy for the great majority the year and is it so big worry that Bilbil jack's offers corner absolutely I I In that way, you just spit on a history of football tops good gracious greatest children industry. You think he just doesn't have a clue. What he's doing those diva now say he doesn't have a clue. What makes you say their say as I always do as it bilbil just now. I d always do that prescott came to point. If I compare they'll belgic has no idea. What he's doing no clue in the cross is
compared to hockey does is doomed to failure beautiful. It is pretty it's broken to cut off do it's pretty things been there done that, basically everything all over the country? Clearly, everyone what's that must be from the north these different, stuffing Grady, higher, great. I mean that with east from Detroit dad. You know, that's not not chat, evelyn raw, not very right, why ours was what was thigh from our great state. Never been there got around rightly dancing suddenly claude rate, their great state right. I mean one fuckin hawk I've heard of price of billions of dollars, cork right, pet anger right break break, I did. I ever feel you wanted the glide christians in story, rockwork, one time that add without love, love
who doesn't love glide muddling sounds like now, he's gonna world, like literally nice, two thousand and eleven the sounds like compliant This is this. Is the year that patients not not playing right the neck, two thousand and eleven asking the year my keys were just bored, so my keys were born on Wednesday. Remember we try getting wider. Thirty would play. My kids were born on Wednesday morning ripped allotted my wife's belly. Let's go kids don t get out Oh, they were born wednesday morning, wednesday night. I fly back to indeed whatever, whatever silk we're going down a play. Jacksonville I like it faster and unlike sitting down with clyde about what to call what the knock on the game only listen clyde. if we are backed up in the endzone, not a favorite spot of mine for facts like near the goal line, don't call any sprint out to the left on third death. No, no print out to the left on third down appear. What any other call you play? Don't call Speranza left on third down very first third down.
The game break break burden six spring. Now to the left- and I just sat around my god- bless clyde, I told you talk, guess what happened on the play will happen. Rain reception, gliders right, we're, gonna, we're gonna faces rearing. First, why nobody dies we're gonna want you. Dumping I'm downhill Kleiner hate that I'm not an athlete don calls round brought the less browser left, throw pact we lost, no big deal. I haven't, I think someone put back that house me and I can do I believe that by I think so. Yeah bridge Frank those last gave the right. We went at kenwood, probably don't get luck last year, the way we don't get. Angela yeah so like that. not return eyes. I just assume that was given in the world. It is not about a sacrilege campaign. Nobody in the in the locker room was like sakharov. We're just try to keep our jobs where you talkin about and then
it takes them back or allowing thirteen, the lasting nothing, but a sucking for injury luck. This guy's just try and I get a lazy, aspirin career as far as past. I really thought that that year with what you are able to do with our team, it was really a proposal you into the thick is probably has spread out at last question here from those things we proceed, you dad dad speaking, have spread out sane and athletes a core back. Let me give you a hypothetical, ok, say: quarterbacks taken number two overall rocky season happens can season their number third in cuba. Are they go to a probable and then a terrible coach, a terrible, terrible environment and lock room ruins him for couple years, and it goes and sits behind one of the best quarterbacks in the league on a super bowl contender and then Another team gives him a content to be their started. Where would you put him on your win with when without core backless
to thank you for the answer. That number will have that much time your beard looks majestic. Thank you. great. You look like Zac brown, what'd you ass, a friend s second best behind the hundred days, we cannot grant it on. I think measured for briski would would fall into the category of the unknown right now, because we don't know what kind of what is going to be put in place as good as uganda, and now one year in chicago is, I think, he's when, when with guy a visa when because of guy
Damn aerial! May we? U win with that day, can't I worry for pure still really. Does that very good? I cannot see what that looks like special with them saying can pick it wasn't draft just sit around for a long time who knows can take place around me and of how we will continue to list of this man break it down. For us, remember dan. Your thoughts have why so, it's think about that. Whenever we just trying to troll the internet with some of the shit we're doing, I am not. I'm draw and is trying to do. My job is: was anybody the world bank, but It lays down their loss joining us now, an incredible man who, our cultural national championship. A super championship, erotica championship, covered survivor, but he has now been in samara. Possessing no has here is inadequate. Ohio. Ladies and gentlemen, I have seen this thing. I did what
this come about. How long have you known that this was gonna, be in studio just a few days, and just as we see it fulfils day here for the first time, it is also quite a coincidence but see a fulfil the part of the arrangement of getting this thing. In here tax remember said? Would you want stanley cup in studio? If you could, I said scuse me the actual stanley cup. Yes, possible? Yes, bo dear tuesday, may thirty first, two thousand twenty two or similar capture with two gentlemen in matt in the back one where's gloves. Whenever you pick this thing, I had it with my bare hands, not a picture, or hoisted, unless you wanted a j, no other waste, unless you want it, but you can touch it. If you haven't one gatt round, they warmer, I like it, it's normal like do they go around during the poison, is like a promotional thing with it. I believe this thing is always on a move from what we heard lot of planes is thing here too many
we are sending our biggest case, they carry around right here. The case is not hungry, I hope their armed the well. I'll tell you what we learned a lot about. The travelling of the lord somebody's got to hear much everytime station to be had about it, but this things always on the road. This thing always on the radio. I believe we should have first class seed everywhere judgment. I dont know if it always does, which is all interesting, because I've been yarn about lord sailors cup come back on principle for a long time is things all over time. Things are replacing. It should be by the way, because it is glory, is it is beautiful the eastern conference as paddy fuckin maroon and attain the may lightning square and off against the cat eat wearing new york rangers and in the west. The avalanche take all make David in the authors and much of the high line affair. Who will go home and bomb beers, auditors, stanley cup tbd? That's why they travel with it by the way it makes her by knows what their fight for its real makes it how long until they run out a room with all the names
It's funny. You say that we have a full lesson in this thing from organic. Michael was flowing hair who travels with this area, thirteen years, one way, The cake is moved up and then it gets becomes the name of the team in the year as opposed to the coaches players front office, in a way that is deemed eligible good enough to be on the stanley cup. So each year, thirteen years by twenty six. Thirty nine point. Fifty two point sixty five billion. Then he got there- I mean so the redwings, for instance, all around the top that you're saying you Detroit Detroit. Detroit then sixty five years, not jack. All italy, no shit lie by nature redwings on anyway
that's how it works at that operates. We just learn that everything is hand chisel entering an open, so you see the human of it all back. They re training like the next person in lima. How many people are qualified to do that by the couple back in the day. Could spell shit, got word smell wrong back at the data, so q and a middle a box than the one. We know what the hell implying is always more con. Man peoples, they still exist the idea that moran dudes bob suffocate open it. Maybe we think school about events, we gaze you'd better over the next ten got their stay in the car sales up. Here, though, about the move that thing right up there, so they're gonna reaches or mike so now reaches everybody's fuckin name every year as they move it up one right: every thirteen years now,
just them of the band of the band. They don't reaches a lorry for the names of these pop up and then take the other band off on the top ah same size. All this, it's not getting smaller as it goes up like I'm feeling its apparent this is, the same size, every single one of those things you won't get any bigger mike how many families my tears, unbelievable. I set off with a ready sitting. Dumping lies. I tell vastly differing vastly different lettuce between jumpy and my personal incredible to itself. Might how many trips existing take doorn play. Officers is all year on the road it sounded. over three hundred days a year, we do one hundred days with the winning team. Each member of the team gets to have a day with a cup wherever they live in the world. Hockey such an international game that any given somewhere, we are literally around the world then you travel with it everywhere, not all that no way be dead, but most of the parties, though, use internet the party here and there
like was how his houses, the homes were there. When I hear he's from the ninety four seven were with it remarries pool, I ve been there. Yet we got it out fairly quickly, but he did happen about. One of that kind was on that magical run. Were you with him for that? He was on they made I became an overt can fan because of what he was doing. What the cup, where you are you just ass? If he's a lot of talk about this, where you were, the vets can only I dont have headphones on her very tardy merely by east dynamite, ova mean, oh, he was so they mean from the night. They wanted vague as to that's it around there and then bring it back to the sea and just having a lot of
with the community in the fans and Emily daddy is awesome. Neighbours are some of the goblet a lot of fun, but he treated the cup with respect. That was also on our part. That's what's out governing sparse back for the capital city crosbie. Obviously, obviously, sunni crosbie asked about what ought to sit through with this year's practices. You work is dangles around it. Is it any stores? With this thing you did I flew and on a military chopper into halifax with it landed in them. The downtown coronet of massive parade through the streets of halifax and my Madame party back. It is summer house with his friends and family. While one of us have seen thing you ve seen down, but this thing that what's up scene,
again. Things are pretty good. We live in a world where care, but you gotta camera thrilled things like that can happen. You haven't how long you been known as twenty three years as the report of the times where there was anything might like these stanley cup celebrations are really bad things like from the good old days back in the day. It's beautiful, though a J, and I think that dance in it. You know we talk about this in the first hour, but feels alive? You know what I mean I like it feels like. It is something that is alive and evolving. If that makes sense, I don't have it makes sense. Absolutely makes sense having it's called it. I mean I would assume there can always continue to do this. This tradition, where every player that every person, I guess that's part of it, gives to take it for a day. I think it's it's what they did up several trophy if they made one like that, It might be a replica Its sale wants, lay out a screenshot could be what you're fucking
good. I want your son, yeah, what's in there Bobby or divided nora, a hidden games march, nineteen my guy nineteen o seven the time in the thing than the thing your hundred year eyes dive into something by their. Thank you to stand for fighting for you every day, our steps in our eyes on her passion, grip and are still too thickness trying to win you try bring you back. saucer, which might have done many labs around. I think with this. Given that got these or
No, yes, my buys with this thing out if he had been there, not as jean marie s elite, which is a bar, will amuse yeah. Ok, so maybe also overstate. Maybe we ready with anyone ever mapping out over the case was somewhat the nfl journey. Father of the sba is reporting. The teams are looking to spend five to six billion dollars on baker mayfield. Daniel loves you, so maybe they'll give up a six round pick for Maybe we'll pay less money. There were paying much whiskey and will give up some less than six round pick, which is upon her almost kicker tippit baker maisie appears to be taking the solid and just stacking chips. I would assume it's not easy for him to be quiet through all this hobbies. Pan about. What is so high as it is your turn, our back on baker there'll be passed in major. You think
I don't know honestly. I think people are torn still. They want to see what the sharm looks like on the field. I guess and also what happens with all this off the field stuff, but yeah. Like you, I live in a high was not a ton of brown stands around me. It's mostly bank was obviously always has been, but now with job room, what they done. I think even more people jump jumped on the bandwagon, but I think People yet have kind of moved on around rum rounds and ass, the entire fell by layer, peace, a gun, ok and what you're flavour has run out. The split that come out arrayed in their back pocket poor. Another one on rapid, there's, cheaper, do is literally what people doing an event of this situation. Is that same because the Sharm watson's getting the biggest deal of all time, but the new gum is in there and until that flavour runs out, they will move on. That's why you can't help, but you know what kind of applaud folks where they try to get as much money as possible, because this could end at any time for anybody moving
Donald set of this was to end. Not I sleep, easy I'd, be at peace. If my career was over there, some contracts up to ask him figured out Aaron Donald speaking with that I am athlete podcast. I don't know if it was, I am athlete tonight or the I'm athlete podcast, maybe the vote and also that it came in the nfl predicting the play about eight years when the you propose, makes them want to run it back contract needs to be worked on first, if not he's at peace. with moving on there. Donald is an absolute stud Obviously, the pittsburgh eye has been lifting, since he was eleven people talk about him being the greatest player in the nfl, maybe the greatest player of all time. The way you change games, I was a super bowl champion- he's very well paid, but there's a contract that he has to deal with? What the rams there's no way they want him just gliding, often and sunset after what they re accomplished in finally, getting you quarterback matthew, stafford right,
there's no way they're going to let him go, and I saw something once again: pay this year is nothing compared to what like the high state. Offenders are so yeah he's contract they're gonna have to step up its also great. negotiating tactics. I believe, like hey, I've done everything I proved that I'm most dominant dude in a league for a long time, I'm cool, what sort of the team ass to be. Ok, these two hundred percent seriously, we need I'll make sure that he does not anywhere. So, let's find a way to make him had ever to restructure and something to deal with not all, are our tar
gone up here. How good gal companies it is he in his prime I'm your authorities in this branch, the cleanest, rather the next ten years, without much he works out. The way you works out, you know, like I think, is prime- is getting extended. I assume instagram videos vandam just to an end on stuff. What do very well, we ll be able to make money post football with the connections. He's probably made he's Aaron Donaldson get into any conversation I want to get into because of the duty is good of a football players. I love the fact that he is completely ok with what are you not I want you make it fucking worth my while out you make it worth my while mcveigh huh. Why do you want me to come back, pull up on back? I'm? Ok, we have two and they have. No other option may absolutely have to make it worth is why I'll go right down? I am ass. Light of your brand of marshal had happened thing. I do this germ we'll get millions of years. Design and absolute freak show actually make it worse by while you want to come back, lie
enshrining camp against two three hundred powders. Every single day of my life, a modest bookshop. I've already submitted my legacy, I'm all a famous I've done everything I wonder, do told my daddy can retire. I hang up the boats that took care of my family. You want me to keep down, make it work by while sean like the work, not goddamn, mocking just bought a new house to what one he's got. A bees is agent now says who maybe he's gonna get him the best contracted a vast size, but don t sports. It doesn't mean in tiny abram s. Sure, though these agar manage eighty he was registered with the p? A big it raised are keys is obliges us thinking, aid, these planets, maize, absolutely amazing, but jail in brown. The boston celtics design with honest sports, aaron Donald Harrison, but don t sports are cited here. Are these negotiations go? Who is the acting negotiator.
Congo is bright. Business man by the way right, we ve all seen the way he annexes business. Are they just gonna acquire other agencies like a lot of agencies, do where they just buy up like actually fifteen agencies, in my case now, you're with us now representing us is, I would die he's gonna do I tbd. But I don't know it's gonna get a great deal if darndest ports on a deal, it's gonna be a great deal. Caserne dogmas already said: if it's not I won't play on board, not playing in? Nobody wants to see why they usually make only for two and a half or fourteen to five a lot of money by the way did somebody that is. I hope he's doing it by the way our colonies calling less need. The gm
ass. We go figure something out with my boy errand sire. I don't even look I'll be ass. His mask heavier raised in person to in its own only negotiates impulse gloucester like a handshake. They opened up new boots mechanics army taking back on heavy amazing. It changes. Cambric member low, weighing down into the representation game of J c, has gone in the representation game. it's always like hired in acquired? Almost talent runs it agents and stuff. Call me a deal walkin in molasses office amphilochian here for everyone believe when this all but signs obituaries fade, wrote recovery have to pay errand, donald verity, don't have them only calls out dell's bright, I'm going back to the rams. I dont know. If he's going to the court's cause, I did see, he was five bilbil check so may
come on in new england. Maybe he goes to green bay. They got choosy hand over the time you bring me don temple rather can do that either the ordinary, modelled on a shared one, that sounds like that would be. A good combination aaron rodgers. No doubt that junior, I think, there will be very happy there with what the floor would do with them. Man, be. It could be found a watch. I hope there will exploring that well. I'm sure they all right that I'm sure that's what's grandma backers are doing and looking into he has been linked to them, but is it one of those things do or their saint he's gonna miss the first, how many months in season they know. I agree. I agree in their lives, but we have. They did bring him it. They do. Buffalo, unfortunately, makes a lot of sense to prosper in a room. Lots of people are wondering if Antonio brow was gonna play football, not sure he actually answer that it thank control football.
Last weekend down and lana in his answer was. This is also important to you. Would you say, pursued over there, the game where you can't play forever? I think I'm a great blurred had not everything in a game. We can see you playing next season nod or play yourself. Look in the media play so don't blame yourself, where's mom gets there hey, don't why you're closer, I dont think intaglio bronze by next year, although he has everything he said is truth by the way he has. Optimist everything you could potentially accomplish in the interval? Just like? What's wrong about their donno? You talk about within tonia brown. Now brain it is. That's it vastly different than what errand donalds what have been, but his resume as numbers his job ships like if he was to be done and don't point yourself. Oh look multiply he'll be in all of them discussion, five years from knowledge, yeah. I would imagine I've looked at his back. His whole career stats, but I
I tell you what I'll be. I'm gonna play myself on board, not hope that may be but I'll play players to get really do hey one hundred and forty four thousand men. It still union tonia bronze back. In order for four thousand minutes, absolutely not buddy, I mean tell me the week ten. Sometimes I can only autobiography refocus wherein the Someone colleague be, let's get, does ankle surgery done and what's going around superbowl I was waiting until you came on a day to chat about this. did you see the masterpiece? the champion of the internet. That conner put into the world last night at eight twenty p m eastern standard time announcing the fact that a hundred days from that exact moment, nfl football would be kicking off on a thursday night on NBC, I believe, with the bills
taking on the chief lan arms rounds, taking on the chief spill, ran on yeah, exactly hills, our ramstein nine days, a figure it out. What you put on the last night deserves to be it up. four out of five zero to show me robes on how to move around in there. I blame you say: Does he really sell out there like super super? birds closed on your vocal cords, I'm so incredibly proudly you for pointing that out there on your brains of beautiful, we ve been waiting for football for much longer than a hundred days, just good to finally it this marked go into double digit. It feels like it is right around the corner, a J, your thoughts on a video that he put out there. Maybe that's what we send for the sports enemies. I mean, I think, I? U market, to try to make sure. I said that to them at the end of this year, when we send our clips in for sports Emmy nominations, but now you gotta get back into this. I mean obviously very creative, like you said, a unique brain that we need to
can alone about more. I feel like, but kind of He said it was a bath. Talk used to those bad hooker desert zones is a season to cover, not only in season. There has given up that's in that they are united, dry race bordering on his head, tat, teaser, it I'll do it. It's been a while, since I've seen the bath talk, is it still growing on the torrent or not is serious recession I operate are either sees. No one knows these rules. Economy has researchers cards a common setting out what he sees. What kind I like that. There's more of these, these videos out there of you, like I urge minus, plays, as do the legislative area for people again sit down. I didn't see it. I think it's a mast. five thousand views, thus far on a competent and social media platforms deserves we heard by millions of millions more rigour, Ladies and gentlemen, the announcement that we were just a hundred days away from the nfl kicking off from your favorite
number one ever in a play, booking number, probably seven or eight honour in your art one after this, though later on in boston car, but sound good, sound nada mike mike. What the hell are you doing back there? That's unbelievable, come that happens every time we set something never happens. Actually what something terrible, always brought up on twitter. That's what he's doing here, because we listen to appreciate were we celebrated how sound what the hell's my doing back their allowances. Micro, fundamentalism, lazy
one hundred forty four thousand may still one hundred forty four thousand remain the health one. Forty four thousand made a to g when you watch the voice play in daylight, sunsets sometimes can change in yards in vague game dry and one hundred forty four thousand. How do you manage success in the sea is hit? How about how about how about so measuring for this dread and about age that had to take a while? Did it a little bit to go a bit further is doubly worth I gotta text,
like maybe one hundred and twenty two or one thousand two hundred and twenty two yesterday, I forget, the plan was to put it out by eight twenty, because exactly a hundred nation, a matter if you go by his town down or everybody else's countdown. They were both on the same page at eight maybe I'm so that was the right time to put it out. I back to them to miss the hat. I thought that deadline was gonna. Miss gizzard, lot editing and is on a singing that there's a cry of incredibly brownie days are tracking minute. Thirty of tracking is like it takes so much time and he He killed a man and he lost his goddamn plea to canada. Heart is one in there and want to work exactly memorial day house now about driving. It was bad news from the back yard.
for that I mean that there is rocker sober logger rip whatever make our own song was the commerce history we have before us, because the the ground music. We have to keep it no longer we created that our selves, we did it. We had reckoned attack the sharks. The jets are giving us a copyright. Shy gallery does get your full fuck. It ain't sayin honour, because what we just a question of your rated america used. You created that song. So, yes, I did who'd. You have seen in the background montoni any five hundred and five hundred. I also just how the couple people were nice pipes around that. I know that just you know the child in his work however, they die with, whereas if they come from the video or the audio, the whole thing I come from rent. It's a play on broadway now is from The video was from the film rent
that they are made to obey motion picture? We had no chance get now. Embody I've never seen a force. I just thought of something and then either. Actually, I just I just knew the song from thank you too Radford sparring got our record that strike already just complainant right now and if we were like you know some of these people on the internet that try to get other people to give be attacked for doing it. We'll just but the entire rent movie and then try to monetizing argued, are money we, the whole movies people through fucking ass. trees. They claim them for jobs that it has had a slight and we should send the cliff from theirs rocker signing rip. Anybody saw naked areas would my satirical and that we had a very long airily liard heritage. The call to strike down core gets a writ. We, by the way did Johnny Depp went
it has not been announced in the jurors ants, that reminds me of the innovative group like that is they're, not gonna, want that one point the next day have making other date. Some point court a mature, but I do know that probably stanley cup, some kind of eager for tat, said the same. Every chance we get a jack you're say something a lord salaries, couplets era jointly nice enough. I have nothing to say today that magenta recite, actually subtlety unwanted scott as such, we could say to ask about jack Johnson, be perseverance, sometimes say some autonomous music, so it can here. Jack would actually probably have said if I sat here in gave in to your peer pressure, to try to give an inspirational now needs to start on paper I can hear you now you go first
already dead. No, he didn't first twenty day. Will you give the fact in top a motivational speech or not, did please I'm holding off like a ties Is it matter mike you? As this we hear about your new? That's my matzoh wanted turned off the shower earlier, might yet
We think these guys are thinking they they debate any idea there sign up we're coming in here. I think that this is in the new top about the still like to call on all your dentist major pocket stanley cup, please I'll math lily. Not I'm not! Do you disuse these days like that you or are you stanley cup, and this is what should be informed catholic like you all wars, but it in its don't be an asshole here, a sack shit, the avalanche. My one one last opportunity to say something nice to lord stanley cup. Why hold these headphones like a stage, a j off? You will take this opportunity or not. I do now.
Respect for the avalanche, get your brain are doomed yet well, why has got talk, despairing, unbelievable schedule, price of people, a mutiny, yeah guire you're welcome lord stanley cup, for I guess, shooting you from the toxicity I couldn't came through the headphones. We apologise for the disrespect this pocket alive. Stooge gave you and you don't deserve, as you like. A first newbury last, like lord stanley cup, is as former lordy down as lord o lord b, o lord earlier, Mr Cobb.
Are you sure you don't owe stupor you're calling me out? Why cause it's open? The cup of making you just do: what can we take it? Easy fuck god damn it is respect for what you are doing here, talk it over recent might be. My bike is needed anyway. Just like joyance is above the law making. Man after we have witnessed. This is not their normal right away is showing a back. I mean there is somebody bordeaux sitting right here, though in you decide not to say to you are you gonna do regret? Is that now forever? you're. Here this day hawk you were for the coming year. I might only two thousand man who I would love to see me. compiler man, whose name is on.
Lord stanley cup, this same captain age? They are deciding spit on earlier. This man's name is on. It will be firmly sixty five. here, ladies and gentlemen, stanley cup champion Do you today, the cop man? I woke up saying that new, sad and no, this is unbelievable. Did I got the company I ve got the fucking job, how lock your honor lore, those dearly loved, came in this morning, eleven o clock or whatever, like a man, we saw your name on that. One of the first things we look for was your name. Are there still on their still beautiful? Did you Just hang out with this was the year. Was the stanley cup glove guy there with your? Whenever you have a good time might be out: yes, There's a crew abide over the years spent a few different topics. birth and other always great man
observation mission begin. These guys out showed itself some stories. I may they gas door go lore shore, lousy ones, earned, offer flock and shot in the arm, and I said well, social media change at all. You know. Does many good stories were used to open up a little bit good guy, Here, though, with lord stanley cup gather arson. yeah? So everyone gets there their day or the twenty four hours with the cap, and I got mine it. The man some will never forget. Man is so courts are the key to everything everything he could possibly think of doing geyser they had the ability. Do that thing is like you, people some people, even though at the cop is right, but they see this coming into a restaurant or establish meant, and it's like its it. show stopper. I mean you see it right there like. That thing is just something about it. I don't think you even know why
in your life what tax go around here this egg, so it's pretty sat on a much smaller scale. You know I'll walk. I walked around the bahamas. With this thing on people's I was an actual champion, and I am I mean, don't get me wrong, but actually and found it if we were to walk, I think is that we want and what this thing with lord, what have been freed didn't you do get like prepare your whole life. I soon that twenty four hours, how long vance do you have to have they schedule it, and what did You do with your twenty four hours of lord, oh here, yeah so arm now It's! I was a rookie. Why was sometimes you can get? Maybe some of the better guys, the captain's? Maybe they get low bit longer right, but I was pretty pretty well slotted in his eye. You got twenty four hours. I got the boy, you know you're, everybody, everybody is gonna, get it's gotta, be the better, and so are you always fire, because it's like where it's coming from
not so they're or here is that yes, that's gonna, be overhearing czech republic and then we're gonna get it anymore comes back stateside, that's gonna, say Looking like it's gonna be right here. For you see you charted make all these arrangements and schedules schedules mean people have died these extravagant parties need bands, and yet you just everybody, the man's anything in your life do some stuff for the public as well in many ways, so ya, gotta Cleveland. It was kind of final, because I At the time there was a show called at a jail cool shots and it was a show where we know it. They had. They follow me around for the kind of dogma there. The cup so sputnik is like I was young, I didn't have my own house yet out just turned kind of when I was right in the house during the season. So my cup party was it my pet. Its house, it back in cleveland and so they are in a welcome when the morning woke up in the more and they are like got that
cop came in there like all along, we gonna get the cameras. Can you can you? really, that's all receiving the call for the first time on my written redoing. That's ok! So they go out. It's like this dogmatic, see the the It is out of date there like just wait out by the cur and that the tv show I just look at my watch on life. Look down the street yeah. I was awful so then the cup the cup comes into sierra fabricate and try to get all excited again after we already our lives off. We first saw, but it was ass, a man ever you know you We had just gone Do all the things right. I went back to my high school where a big thing high school, rather the sports programmes, and that man like me, and all the people that have it sends a minor or supporters. I should say growing.
Man I do know, how dare you never gonna make it without the people around you there supporting yourself. I did take it. clayton brown. Straining again, I was That is our losers operate. I thought I'd drop I just let him know what a little taste now, it was cool and went through rockandrollhalloffame fame. We had a big party at night time. So it was. It was ass though it was quite the experience without named any names like other any crazy stories. You ve heard about like someone that I don't know did so. The gender, the copper had something crazy happen where there is the hardest thing they are. So so these guys, like it's pretty incredible when you get on the talk about it now Oh my gosh they're going. What's all the while the the would cause? It's not like that. The people bob. I did not take care of the competent material. They might get miles the handlers zilch solve what
that's what they're up don't they have a spot, place, and what are you going to do to get started by? What is it coffee silversmith, who does all the names on the cap is out with denmark's talkin about zilch its argument thanks always does it does names at the reason that isn't mike, where they their we're pears and stuff like the course of a summer when you guys gonna get a repair where I may add a they do all the names on it. They take it apart. They do any work on the gets. A lot of wear and tear over the summer is my cooking attests to, and they also make all the miniature trophies it might cause all whether you understand they cut the prince of wales. The car smythe. They make all those people recent gave him to the team to give your tell me that baby. Lord! I know you are my got us. Girls want war about, that's so so we all got. We all got like one of those two railways, the cool part on the part of with it is when I got the cup
was coming from my they page rebellious handed over in check, and there is something I might begin. The story a little bit messed up, padding wanted to maximize his time with the stanley cup, so he chartered a helicopter and went to maybe what it was like with richard smell, like or whatever in slovakia. So he went over how out there in apparently what I was told as they were hoisting the cop into helicopter, someone dropped it and a cracked. The of the bull, so it had this crack in it. So when I got the cop there, I got he just why we have no time to get the same, fix or set up all my copy, not normally hold one hand on the base. One hand inside the cops is like I try to hold it on the neck, a little bit so you'd, you don't like, got usually use you guys thrown around like that's right, but I yet I put on my desktop
when I was at the brow strange gap and we have all these dudes common up there. I felt like the most non athlete in the world scene. These do just chiseled, no shahrazad come now just grab in this thing thrown at around like doesn't like yeah. I think we need to by that I mean not you, no matter how all this up Buddy lasted, but you hear some stories. Man there's been spent. The bottom or pools has been stuff yeah you do not have a drink and out of it with dogs eating their their food out of it. clean all this thing out, but it's it's amazing. Did you? Did you only rule? Do you tell you what you can do with it? I therefore go with their disliking I'll, be common sense. I'm sure that these guys can tell you, there's probably been situations in the past where they ve learned from and its Gee holidays. I guess there's someone aroun for someone else right by tat. You know most of the time it psyche these these benders. For
parties. They get to a certain point in each should probably cups gonna go away, for, though bet you'd ally says why sized dream wine tat. There's three more players list: landmines, we're gonna get you back. The viking jittery goes out and we all see the picture is an incredible photo of you. A nice grew out of the topic that I believe we have that in the back. Both we class is due by the way your glass fire, like you realize your mother saying, looks like it is cookies in green spark choice. I respect that move. Did you drink out of it as well, or did you only the ice cream? yeah. I know you, don't worry. It's obviously said the knight of the cop there you guys reject,
jumping out of educating our dangerous or beers Buddy, I do more at the party, it's more in our beers This just loaded I put bears and I'm Bulwana people want to have joint. Rinkitink s all thing with the cop manic thy mother. Even that now our blue zone is bad luck. What does that it here? That's that's that the member is. We had. It was game, seven and when I came ended it was craziness re like what we want to copy new jersey and remember that night. I was just so crazy that at the end of the night, unlike holy shit, I I never. drank out a bit like that. Drink out of it, and I like it was just so what's going on and so we have have plenty of opportunities later on Gaza, after that. That's the best man like the days right after the cup so everything you do it you know it's basically fives six. Whoever can stay and involve the longest until guys
the part into their own towns, but, like you to stay, there is absolute better one night after another, two years going around and do whatever you want to do what you get plenty of opportunities to drink. I look up, then. We need to be a part of that once again to everyone's addition, Henry you not by our party are probably maroon gave me the advice from the show your days the other day. I am also avoid making everyone use floated. their sunday. You guys we get around a kid down here and I will see what happens so I don't know what that what that means that, like I should take him up on that research is like a hey, we're friends, now I'm saying is you gotta come? your basis here. Where are you now? We already know that with the family here were they J? You got one lesson you got for. You got for tickets to a cup party K, one colorado threatened
You got that right, hey the frostbite thank even illegal apologize. That's right! I have a duty to apologize for spring. Honest thing from ohio now, you're at you in here representing what you can still those numbers zoo number two roads so guiding around your second take it. So we re you got a fine. We gotta find a path through edmunds in and a path through near rangers, now, you got all your basis covered near could be the go. It could be out yet pms stanley cup, we want. We want that, while the guy right out why I want both ways that's all we want to do can't unless you want it, bore the marks of you. If you do,
behind glass here and now he was gonna sit right here. This all show like you, can't sit there. I will, literally speaking the entire time, can't do either gives eyes on it, because if we go to hoist this thing, I mean I got my stomach through this glass and his hair. Did you see this guy's here rubber? But it's always been really great flow of harry. Can you can't do that? Real, quick foxy? Look at these guys hit, not my my sufferings, a keeper of making here right now, but that's that's even a better made the what it's better. That's been spectacular for years, while a nice, that's a nice land right there, hey mike, what's talked about you real quick, I don't know if he can hear me or not. I think we turned up some you're married in a cup that you with the cup all time. This is full time job best relationship.
twenty two lord laws order mammography here that you're always what did know how many of you are that this forebears myself and fill and then how imperial help out in the summer how he does sector in the season to buy this forest. Now? What do you do? Ass? You, like nurses, reading we re ass, cunning, on the road week off the road Oh nine average about doing your plus days, you're on the road. I made my way your service for having. Now I hear that the one that we always here to do with this, thing going through the airport like I'll tell you that it goes through it. Like regular skill, why does things those things but large use more? Why credible one allow us like now jeremy run, have brought it up with this. Not why have was me we're rubber July there, my yeats, stuck in europe, we're trying to get back your player in america, canada, or vice versa, we're trying to get over to europe and get stuck. We
think changed after nine eleven. As we all know, we don't have the control we use travelling lies, and so once we added to the airline, we have trusted either job, and- and I was we all knew- travel lot doesn't always work at the way you want what he, put that thing on the arm, walking right, always worthy of inquiry. That way in an airport with his cup. Why? Why why? In order with tears, I preach in it for wheeler. Will we learn this earlier today? What you're talking about what you're learning to hear not say what really really put us all in a blunder whenever we heard this news about? What's going on the lord? Oh just travel around
I couldn't. I compare. The airlines are heard this thing's bananas. Will you stay at best western without getting isolated, best hotels in the world to place it like get fifty dollar rob motel ago? Does that get its own? But now I get the bad it states in the trunk, shorn orders orange, not trunk, of a car now draw surrounded drunk recovery. That comes into the hotel room, others we don't leave in the car, exact asia, lord who's gonna voice voice. This year ranges big waving, caroline informal, twenty thousand kane you out, time linking grass there. My sleeve can't be lighting a bit on like a five six day kind of crews low, but Joe it's get reality. Who do you see your damn begging on against the avalanche of than we definitely have a stanley cup celebration or no bob? I, Have jaguar tamper wherein the cup from it
getting jostle, I'm stuck with it. I think that this is a theme that you know, though they assume thing. Is we always talk about sports right, like that rests verses rest, and I am a little concerned- that david sitting around the little bit a little so, maybe the most start. The series on time, which obviously game one is tomorrow night by steam is just there. There is something different man like the sacrifices these guys make there complete animals, man if they ve won the last two years, and they just got this this way about them, guys, leaving the ice common back banged up in just do whatever it takes to wind. So gotta be a great match up your boy, historic in verses of ass, a let's eat, while to basle tenders in the world is we're good battle, but I just think that that the tap has got that pedigree. I think they'll get it done again. Rubber? Who would be the most surprising team out of those left, they want it all.
One of the has as the rangers but ass you think I'd meeting, will be a bigger surprised me lights because of what I, since doing, right now, like Here's a snapshot of what happens is doing for the casual fan. That's that's pain. Attention here, an end for the family doesn't like Aki I've. Just tony right now you this opportunity for what is happening, especially and in both eastern conference western conference, but go watch the western conference files watch kind of Mc David, please if you're never gonna watch on here, you never have watchdog here you. This is like other sports. That's five pay attention to the site, is looking at him alone said: do right what you're like yeah like you're legitimately, seeing Michael orton type stuff? Have and here you see Tom Brady type stuff. I mean what connor is doing right now. You is out of this world like it's, not anything that we ve seen less. Let's use an example, so the cost
my trophy for the play of envy p there's been years where the constant winner has Twenty four points. Twenty five points throughout the entire blouse conor already has twenty five right now through two rounds. Rice he's here, what the way he's operating this guy could be on page four. Fifty plus points in the play off any there's did what he is doing. We have never seen we we have never seen before or in a law in time so colonel once in a lifetime opportunity in the star power out now western conference with wood. The explosive team I beg indiana jealousies. Long was colorado now, all of a sudden, oh yeah, another neither side with them and voices Leon, dry side of rabbits, and so they get these two studies that are absolutely lighten up, so there's so much to watch and so entertaining you have no idea what you're gonna go, but I think Colorado is probably most people's favorite to win, so that would
leave me the belongs in the same way. You say it here, J? I would say that probably admitting, as the top is upheld battle, but what they're doing right now and minutes there there, there sudden hockey world on fire so who no longer die from the rangers. He also has a shit on the points. I guess he had done the badger he there. He appears to have the popular string is well he's. I other thing state or two. He gonna great in front of us is an interesting these awkward on this right in its he's he's ass, a man. I love the way this guy places too funny story in this. Why not the way the placer going? He was fairly quiet round, one against pittsburgh and on all four guys member this clip live then game six. He added take away against lui dumay right and goes down their makes. A nice move what he hits the posts
comes back to the bench. In our times we see players now and all sports plowed the ipads right. They want to dissect what happened there, and so he sits on the bench he pulls out. The ipad increase cried, her is body like these guys are boys right said next and he grabbed the ipad out because hands and just block and throws it s in it, cottage roared glides, the rangers. I told you about it later and he's gonna love. When the players go to the eye, it's almost like this- this security, blanket for them like just play and- and I asked him about lakers criterion in he- goes paraphrasing just said, you know what he was just like have cares. Man play the game, you're mika, like don't play, go, do your thing. You know, and I love that stuff Mika. Now
patrick ipad repose and throw now make it goes out, gets four points in game. Six, three points in game. Seven now is driving the bosphorus rangers team. I love that she had disco play the game and we're seeing some awesome. The real ones come out right now. He's he's appeared beyond stop boy in ireland. I feel too. I want the king, the beat us the winning or nigh. Would I would right now there are the only for their one of the four that we do not get to drink gotta. To top it all up, our means, a fuck fuck, the rangers. The division rival can't have it can have it won't, have it nick us closer for either up right now that he's wearing a top gun suit. I was amazing. I saw that as he does it could make. When did this happen? You pull showed us very much talk about our servants. Thank you, asia. Europe. Hey. Can you come with a lot of energy after the song weekend and we don't want to have to talk about it, but
Britain lord knows had sought our moral would you rather how you doing in china up words Was it touch with your dirty hands? You need to put gloves from early age, girls wearing loves you should we do. I got some all highlights one s: rights, rights of this thing for breakfast in ohio is little higher throwback bob bob babbitt's happens all the time: stanley carbs first serious about its do not lay out. So I all right, they're all away through bags and love your at bottom evans right there, but follow up. Oh I not bob evans. Ohio is I'll bet. It's it's a reserve and columbus
Y know on this. Priority has expanded into a national brand. Articles of people in the area is a rather is from radio needy and violent, or we gave you a lot of that. I did not know the body not know you guys started out there like little gods country out there for you guys to, and I can grasp the bob seven hundred eighty eight bob evans in a united fashion. Eighty in a hundred years now get up its satellites, alva business yeah I bought should be pop french does is the little good. The biscuits are very good. They got a good reason. Jeez, above and evans, I mean really good god. It was really a tree really make any questions. Questions role, rob rocky doc, wednesday night muscle,
a single tat. The Nathan mckinnon was asked about climate David, be the best player in the world. Any games some glowing. Compliments and spoke very highly of amanda would make David was asked about mckinnon and the avalanche you to really say much about. Nay. He just kind of talk about the team is contact hunger colorado is labelle shade there or these guys not just knock air and educate the latter on the ice. I I don't know through. I doubt if that's intentional, As far as that play I'm afraid that you can submit the mckenna wants to take it that, where the video what's take it that way set that up for nadine sure nate will take it and run with it. So this time of year, it's like you just want any kind of motivation, extra motivation right so yeah, it's it's
it's funny, because that is going to be like the big match up right. It's it's controversies, Nate, but there are some other superstars in the series I think room said there, but they had no sobbed about me in all less. Let's not forget about global car like what this guy is it all ends? dry site or through all this stuff. To do. I was I was to the heart of kind of david. This whole time in saying that it's Michael Jordan s stuff in inherently on dry cycles, playing with a one. Basically one for these got the same minor points is connor, so there's a tunnel weapons yeah like any this time a year, man, you just look for any kind of kind of bulletin board or just any kind of fuss motivation and you can use even if you gotta manipulator, guides member when we watch everyone is watching last answered the same shed, Michael Jordan was like. I took that personally, all thought, maybe nightmare. It's gonna be washed out, be like you know, why this guy, I'm gonna, take it to a man. I love that stuff.
Pat moreau, nay said you fuckin stated There is also another one of these. We heard him say the toads walked in what you written dinner, just like the utah jazz couch did Michael Jordan. Its impact A great maroon that Maybe I can get you a damn things. I'd say: pay great good fortune pop up guys, it's diamond! You want these pilots gonna start these chips of spied on the shoulder to see who can bring home all war, though it always conversation about Michael Jordan, stuff happening around league with all these different players, that's cool, because we outlined the guy is our way out of his up. because he's not playing right. Now I mean yeah. This is this. Is the next waste still here? It's still here, if you still Dominic sit still here, he still dominant but there's going to be a time where this is going to turn into yell. This is be the league of our continent,
if it's not already authority, I cannot pass and in that direction. But you know you guys all know. It's been nate nick that's your share interest here. Innate instead are best boys. They train in the summer, so I think big reason why they begin it's gonna, so down, his careers crises he's got they all sparring partner was sidney crosbie up there in that coal harbour nova scotia. They bene push nature for a number of years. Now I'm just give the game away Jesus that more self centered us. Be nice for pittsburgh. What's gonna put the bed, the boys have a lot of questions for you and I don't always turn this in a bang on stop buddies of denmark and go alone. Other crosbie dot are the penguins dead. What's going on, we gonna game same way next year, and I would like to be a team go in there to beat the shit out of the brewing as opposed to potential flips items. Looking ahead now
now that the press, the pans, are still there cannot be created here. There's enough to make sense of this aid is that these networks, right there, you trade of the pay I'm like. Did you say that the job created debates on me? I say we gotta get created it's not good years. Out years, all you have to be created through the payments staples that they have Sid's dominance. Almost no one is still one of the top. Largely J cancels out there just in jars, burger, goats and we're going to be created I dont know: are they gonna weary saw these reassign brain rest? I dont know each other by the way he left a lot of money on the table. So if your pen span this guy wants to be and whispered more than shot, so you got letting in alcohol. I dont know what they're gonna do, but even if they brought these two guys back
They still need to do more because they ve run it back with that same group for a few years and it hasn't work. So I think when I say creative is right, are you gonna bring them back at a certain rate? They can allow you to do other things. Are you gonna to move on from one of them, and what are you gonna do with that? found money in that cap space and in the nuts where they would be creative is. Is it a phrase, a free agent? Is it a hockey trade and trade for some assets. I don't know but they're they're gonna be in the back span. They're gonna be the mixer play acting they're gonna. Keep that streak alive. I have no doubt about that girl. You teach me. I escaped I'd, love to go, serve the pittsburgh penguins because we can already see I got dangles? I may look at my sauce. Get on dangling PA. Stick inches away from bordeaux stole stanley covering burial, therefore careful man just having a little bit
in order to steer look out, nor can they buy Stu? That's all sub mortal where freedom, I feel, I feel I feel with providing order at all costs be ass. I had never forget you. The universe Lord, I wouldn't forgive me etched in no it's market with the stick, nor I resisting robber. How are these Laura thirty five pounds at eight thirty, four, nine, ninety five, thirty excel verified?
Actually I walk out the over fifty or big get charged is now. We know how every the trunk is for rain cause. Is the trusted rubber there? Any truth in the rumours that make Jesus is probably going to wind up in vegas, maybe get traded, Jackie aces so that they can you no kind of due to do the hockey world a favor and get him in stone or on the same line. They can bring laurel back home to vegas where people logs probably not going to happen here's, the thing, here's the thing with corner and admit to know I've been to this for a while? It is that you mention is kind of monster The kind of get over the top right try to find the right team. The support connor- and I thought this year that if there was going to be a first round exit or a very
underwhelming performance by oilers. I thought they'd be really tough conversations in the summer and ones in which made talking about hey we're gonna get out. That ball role in his far's, maybe parting ways, and this isn't working out and all those things in your resolution once a year when you have, though, the world's best player I am for your butt. Today our past this, I think, there's bought some more time near palm fragments and maybe times now by its. I think this was that this has been a big success here for the oilers I think this kind of locked up conor here for four another, more years: diet, boss in commerce, the arab, her one name that is actually on Lord o is bread martian and he just had a surgery. That's gonna. Have him out for six months is what you are talking about when you're saying guys pointed through injuries and how bad is this actual The eye you know like this is these: are things wits
marshy stuff than this guy's disguised absolute nails and the way you play the game in place or injuries and he's mean you saw in the places where they needed someone to step up. Who was it? It's gonna be sixty three every single time, so get him healthy, get him prepared. Hey did you see, though I saw the clip David passion acts. Instagram hasta passes there around dad check today, our yesterday, with that with David cried, always says doorway goes David. We come back to boston next year and it is did the smile smile salmon, which matter speak, scorn gauze, invoking, beggars, cranky marshy, whoever ski going on elsewhere in Boston crises already on their way may again. Miss, though miss, though miss
what's a day, marshy bree pretty substantially early amazon, but they'll be ok man. I think how do I, though, with something it's gonna take six months to come back from like that? Is it's in saying that is hockey should be promoting the yes, you know- and I know are by trying to keep it super. Quite it's a lower body, injury, it's an upper body, injury and it shows the season and others go for six months, actually for what he was playing through like I think people would respect that and appreciate that a little bit more for the sport, don't you yeah. I always find that it's always instance island when, when he did not doubt and seen in all seen what was happening. for me. I like it, like I say, for example, are minimal We just stop carolina catalyzed than his last night game. Seven they're gonna probably have ours. I should like today, probably just like an off day tomorrow that can have logger clean out exit kind of interviews and stuff, like that, that's where you can see the stop, come out this player
their side and I've got to go back to boston. Remember when in Boston, one the call back in a lab two thousand love and solar energy, her young trees, bourgeois this guy I got Gosh you guys, member that he had like a broken ribs. He had a punctured here like a puncture, long or something out nazi. I like I yet have surgery at all these, Things are all the guys are used to any age, no another guys not to watch you guys. the southern last night, rhine lingering of that The rangers this dude is not man he's not very big, he's a heart and soul guy. He goes out there in the game member. He he miss time in raw why he had that head
on ricard recounted knocked were Callao hurry. I shot him had he also. He also got hurt. He was out on us, come back in short than the series throughout the playoffs many times, and he left a game ass. They couldn't wait. I'm left forego the lock room, comes back block and shouting and taken heads making heads like I did ass the stuff they get. You go and man. I love that somebody right regional hear about it, so it's a total works at all, and I know you the gazed and ships. I didn't want people to believe all this guy's got this go on living out player targeting that yeah you're, the only sports, its that's doing that. Still, I think in twenty twenty two, because all teams that are announcing the injuries of these guys been playin through that. I think our entire society would hold up in high regard billing holy shit. He's got beat, due about time they get what. because our teams dead, among other things, by nuns like while most will not talk about them, their old news, anyone's amicably six months, this guy's gonna be out, and he was a problem that everybody was talking got word about this guy. What about this? flying around doing something
Finally, he carefully walk in Israel is able skate, did all it Insane last question: we are forty rubber. We can't thank you enough for joining us. The data we have lords The lord, how you, lord of oil therapy, answer unhappy gorgeous just fucking star. A job in John rubber, mckinnon, mcclaren, Mc David Veslovsky there, the favourites to win a con smith is: are you taking any longer shots on anyone else? Who could sneak up a potentially when the cons? Might who So immediately? I guess it for further the gambling world out there. If you want to, I don't also be a launch. I think the longshot would be Taking the rangers to win the cop is, generally speaking, the cause. My fur laugh and BP comes from the winning team, although in two thousand three, when we want in new jersey the J s chair for the goals and refer for anaheim wine
in the losing team re. So we don't, as I always like that for the most part, so I would say eager historic and if the rangers are gonna win the cop that guy without a doubt my opinion is going to jump to win the accounts might, but if you and for maybe some other favoured teams oh yeah, I would probably say on all right star what it will also take an airline guide. You gotta go off like one of the themes you not expecting. I don't know if it's Edmonton, there's gonna be corner if, if it's its avalanche avalanche it's gonna be johnson, it's gonna be named mechanic. Probably so he added the sleepers, I think, would have to be I'd say: maybe samples, ankles
stand. Coastguard could buy vic anal vassal of seeking a way tap. A wins. Veslovsky is gonna when it might minute raiders when, as disturbance going away, we appreciation for join us. We can't wait to watch. That's architects mar night a pm eastern youtube outcome for such that's architect. Thank you for all your coverage of the energy. This season ass. We get in the most important days of the injustice and ahead bout. the essen enjoy. The cup enjoy the cup there they have enjoyed bob evans in any of the fifty states. Thank you enough, ladies and gentlemen, laura stanley cup champion microphone. Did you know that you can invest in crypto currencies through your retirement account, that's right with trust capital. You can buy and sell crypto currencies from crypto irate and get all the same tax advantages as a traditional irish. I trust
capital allows you to invest in over two dozen of the most popular crypto currencies and, unlike the stock market, you can buy and sell twenty four hours a day. Setting up an ira is free, and I trust has no account opening fees and no monthly fees, but I trust capital you can get all the tax benefits of a retirement account, while investing in crypto sign up today and receive a one hundred dollar funding bonus when you open and find an account does it. I trust capital dot com to start investing today, taxes, invitations apply, these apply, crypto currencies or speculative investment would risk of loss. I trust capital ink does not provide legal investment or tax advice, consult with a qualified legal investment or tax professional joining a thousand other personnel by likes. Yes, Has charity softball gain an home under derby happening there.
Evening for charity still buy tickets. For, ladies and gentlemen, minnesota native, a mayor that pay his own way into a regional combine to make it in the end, a felt. How did work out no gun in ten years now: opera, probable or water safer for the minnesota vikings? Ladies and gentlemen, the crafty athletic Adam Thielen, Are you guys? Don't tell my wife, I said this but I've always says. You're nice acts in the morning send it back to her, and I was more excited today for the tax from path Eighty ran a bit of to get back on the show. The boys, man we are soaks I've already now by the way. I now that I hear that, and you say that look for. Couple more brother tax matters in the morning. That's all it was this morning by the brother. all capital letters? And then I
response for low but abroad, because I'm such early rising automate has. I am, but there came a sunrise. You know me, I'm drunk, do I got all my work and they were response was was outside our guy. I read a headline about you. I completely forgot my gear. We have sought to deal in a long time said the text you came on we're very appreciative of you very appreciative of you Adam you rejuvenated go into your tended set as the headline is accurate assessment work. The word that conversation. We do it because you have an offensive minded head coach now, new energy in the building, all of the above. What is it using I think there's a lot of things I plan to it. You know I think I'm gonna take my body, I found a way to take care of my body. Little better diet, just how I train and get people around me to help me. You know continue to say: to make it one more year, you no one more year and and to feel good right, like I don't wanna come in this building every day and
after like just get through it. Right like I want you, wanna, be other, be myself on the field. Be a dog out their crafty. I think first, one last one out down touch you son but then, when I was in good hands, Why john away away double about honestly, I think I think it's there. You know it's all that and then and then the people in a locker room. You know coming to work every day, like I'm waken up before my alarm, legality alive, you can say that that their excited to go to work enough to wear that are waken up before their alarm. Like part of it, because I had three is about, though, like I'm a brave and get out of the house a little bit, but now, you know the leadership that they put in place year on the collapse collaborative effort of everybody got working together. I said the door a few times, but
There are people in this building that, like I've, been knew who they were, but I don't know how good they were their job until they until they brought in the new leadership, and people like that, really just allow them to be themselves and to do their job at a high level, so that's that Some of these people might be talking about today behind the scenes of the people. We would know cultures, players, yellow outlets, they wanna get any details just because I got from the viewpoint of the boss proudly, but but honestly, it's it's been like in any little each you take us, division are or section or or what you like that there's somebody was cottages popped up and just as is just kind of any lee and I ve been allowed to believe you know before, like they just gonna worked here right. They were just a person now, like manners, I wholly grab like you're, really helping this team be the best thing that could possibly be, and it's really what to see the new gm new had touch? Obviously, in any time you get a new
Leadership, there's always going to be people that I don't they seize the opportunity but seems like okay, we got to prove every we get the chance to prove people wrong or right now, there's a new chance and do this cousins told us that a man we after they were signed almost job. He said acts like this one. I think we need to do when you do a little bit different fields like is all the more hands on the. Maybe it has been talked about in the past. Have you sparing that even with an office of minded head coach has it jane The way you guys go about your work in maybe go about practice in a way the data days are set up in either. he's doing a great job of being a head coach in all honesty is called plays in doing all adding he's installing the office, but he's gonna phenomenal job, just being a hacker right, he's been there for everybody is not out there and we often has a great brags them, we ve all been around a right. If it's off, that's it go to a defence echoed usually it's like, depending on what you know of is a deepens echoed in the events as a great day he's in a grey boat
or- and it was a practice or or vice versa. So is that a great job is gonna, be all right in the middle of it lie. Hey like that. You know the office my other bucket, today, but I thought we were flying around without energy was energy. Was that about everybody was locked, in an that's. How we evaluate practice, so I think he's done a great job I would be in the middle man and an just a kind of just be in there to support both sides of the border and and disappointed. right and then bring people around her neck in that can really just dot You know. Maybe the stop that is not good at they're gonna he's gonna bring in somebody that make sure that they are we We don't leave. Any stones on turned out to sea went brand new offence. How is your ten years into this thing? Is this new business nor more? These? Are you guys using your office, his terminology? How that whole process going now is wild the most learning I've ever had to do. I'm I'm swim and a little bit but it's born again. That's part of the resignation right like I'm, excited, to come to work because I'm excited to learn a new office excited.
learn milburgh uninstall today, and you know it state. This system makes sense. Everything we do and makes sense everything looks alike axel. I feel like a lot You know the terminology makes sense there's a lot, though it's that time, like the formations alone right there, so many different ways that line is open and others many different words code words. Things like that work is day and you gotta know everybody. I know what to do so. A lot of learning to figure out ways is an old man to learn fast in and to try to figure out the little boy, Does it sound like o connor was gonna come in and set his like the culture he wants, like already on the right path, how it had become in so early, I guess it's gonna, get the respect of the team and seems like I was on the same page, yeah thing. It was like that that collateral. Effort. Right leg is not just him saying these things are not just came, bringing the energy or or teaching
no they're gonna get thirty guess that right leg it were not for doing things right away, but at the end of the day, they're gonna teach us that I told us, they're, gonna, they're gonna, say things down of. If we're get, maybe a little overwhelmed. They're gonna to test us they're see how we know and and how we can translated from the classroom too to the practice field. But I think I just elaborative message: everybody liked. You go in the training europe or you gonna end in the waiting room. ana meetings, like everybody saying the same thing in everybody's, got the same: five and an excitement and teaching coaching mentality is just issues. vibrated just catch alone, and that now, as a player, I want to be same way. I want to come to work with that that positive instead of of hey, I'm gonna help others as well in legacy. Everybody working together is how that how that happened so far, How are you learning you didn't flashcards and share? What do you do? I've got to say so, so what
Obviously like gonna wanna, be the guy like all back in the day, I had a walk up here about ways, but back in the day like in cars like I'd like the eye, You know where you're like super cool, because quisling now is fantastic today, they think we got access to quit their which basically its flight. Stars on your phone. So that's all that's the best. Where anytime I got like time on a plane whenever they got a sport up and then it would be like it'll save the play name and then then I could get ok, I'm busy. I got this route and that I can click on it and flip and show me the play so is like cause thing ever flashcards on your phone, just the most efficient flashcards of all time and probably sub in those questions for anything you want? past college or congrats quite out, employed roguish people make the flashcards online and- and I just want searched my test builder there
thank you to those people saying. Thank you president. I want to say that I would have been much better in college by added by private. No chance did redondo the vikings one day. I can you send us your place, so we know what you're supposed to do every single time we are currently on. I am very crabbed edam roper mark gouges zone, of course, absolutely eyes or any new things that it can be added to your game, the your excited about, or is it just taking advantage of things that you ve already showcases being fantastic? No, I think I think just been allotted to do my thing. You know I think, that's what they do best in this office. They find the guy's a really good at and they just let it go to work and, that's what I was excited about. I feel like sometimes some offences and I'm not sure throw anybody the boss, you ve done a lot of that today. You are an ornament. Eight different off and had a different office courtiers and ten years and I've been in my four different offences.
I've got it all and- and I just think, the one are the best. I just love letter. There gospel my place and miranda. If I were a really good, I need to say we have better. there's than them and go. No, I'm gonna work. So I'm excited about that before the boys have two questions for you can't. Thank you enough. Join us that hold the same one of your last, I'm fucking, unbelievable yeah, that's it Let's go, they had the best of their goal. Stop is he's crazy. or I forget you guys as I personally want, but so need you. I know your big coats fan and all, but we ve got you that aim this year. Tat is. I know you love this goal tat. I'm surprised you had opened up with it and and the blow the gallagher you, but I'm not going to put up with leaves, I forgot.
ok good. That's all what is that? What you get that who gave us? I can tell you my secrets- that's very nice. You send them up and put up on the goddamn stooge. We knew studio, colored man- that's that's gonna steelers won over here. Give kings won over there. I, like I respect, I presume that man rain on us was marvell grown ups or having seen the purple and gold flying around before and we're going to and the boys from you and our own stuff. Hell, yeah, a body that was sent right That's right size. Its eyes and tie through or met harvey, Are you sure that business I'm not a partner, but actually the owner went to school in the decade or so my guys, just small town people, crafty smart enough? These are fucking cowardly had set, so maybe one of the cleanest bodies that there is little, unlike in the nfl game pressure they,
Real comfy closes whether tat one is an unreal, You serious amazing sophie's than last time that, coarsely once their eyes. It once he went up veal, whereas go before you gotta be cool, superstar arms. You heard this guy eight that's is don't you said after ten years at eight opposite coordinators abandons appear like the last three years re up his courtiers, but there I was demosthenes so now is the first time. Unlike for years, you ve had to learn a brand new office right course. fuckin giddies route. You feel pretty good about fazio in right. Now, Well. Well we're about to go to manage very many canst thou wert were pretty close to sound the whole labour. so you are about done without is yes, thank you, Lord back in that summer. You know Gandhi again into your own training and then back into training camps for six weeks. We just gotta go all the way.
through it I'd say, The theme of this energy is awesome here, I'm sure vikings fans are actually bob that's gonna, packers owner autumn May I worried about the vikings issue lobby at about we have an incredible year. I know you will hear a dog every packers fan knows it more curious about the soft ball game. You got nine homerun derby, what kind of names we got there and I assume, are you the odds on favorite? I soon you fuckin softball miles and miles. Well, I say this: I'm a little worried about messner, my darling. So I might easy but give. But I was I a door and when I hear that does not go so, let's go. but there's gonna be some. You know just endeavours that he's good everything's he's gonna be out there dear, red our center, he was he you like he says he was like a baseball started out, could apply to the next,
lay says, though was he was the one you can ask we have you, that's why I would like to see. I would like I welcome real athletes. Are you like yeah you're, good at football, but I want to see what else you can do, how long you been doing this game. Honey is so this will be our second time duties, first time due to the way that we want to do it. The first time we did it. It was gonna like everything they had a big all star game. Further. independently that they were doing so. We gotta just joined, enforces butter first time, do an office first defence, all vikings blair's and should be a blast Let us not everybody, shows up, goes no guys are excited about. It was always harder wrangle. Thirty, forty guys to come back, As for your hundred degrees or some guys, we had. We had the entire day where the shit now tonight I need you to come place on potentially embarrass you have you strike out at this thing, it's gonna be all night. It's gonna be an even longer weekend with everybody come on. That's how you raising money, you're, making the world a better place is awesome, I'm sure everybody's pumped for the
it's illegal zone tickets is thing we are here the old foundation dot org. Obviously the last do a we plan deny itself say about. Obviously all the money that's been raised. We have been able to do a fundraiser for a few years, obviously would go in every day, so super. To be able to raise the money and- and it's gonna go right back to this community has done so much. wife and I obviously both be in from minnesota. Never let minister. I have it high school college in the fell, so excited get back here, Well, we're good man fail and you're a good man. I thought of the item emerged just jefferson and you guys are basically you know the best tandem in the nfl. I want receiver how much you guys just push each other and how many new things you bring in every year that kind of work on in the off season in kind of show one another. You know what you're kind of doing that embassies what he does on on sundays, obviously in and how dynamic for players, but man I can be more thankful for the timid,
he is no day in and day out man? He is always the one that common in the room dampen up everybody smile and having fun. and he's there to work. You know what he's on that field. It is, go time, also use these barriers. Push me an anti recent thanks. Some things, a lot of things about his day that then I'm trying to pick up in Why am I game and advice? do you know open book to him since day one answer I mean they, like I hate, say, and that word, but I love that part of the game not being an important I love being able to talk football against. For that rejuvenation ride like I just feel rejuvenated, because I love coming, the building, a low talking ball, I loved, help these young guys they have any questions. I tried to say too much does sometimes like raise gonna million miles an hour and I'm thinkin about everything. All the experts but I've had my psychotic got it then you know asked questions and now and then I'll get my input, but after the game a super
on an everyday super receptive right like there they they want to learn they want to get better. Justin's been like that, since they wanted and is. I use it is doing its best he's taken in it. Mention is using what what do you want to use and thinks that it can help us to be the best wearing me, the culture the idea of a give a favorite route to run, and if so, can you tell us my eyes. I said, but honestly honestly, I think it's issues gandhi. Now I love this alone. The balls in the air a moment of truth, I had a coach of my first nfl dollars always called at the moment of truth cats? Ride like what's gonna happen? bosnia. There's a couple defenders like who's gonna come down at the moment of truth and my They love just just run it I m going to track in the barn and in finding a way to come down, and you know I also love like why I'm so sorry about the system is, is making every look the same rightly. I want to make my goal ball. Come
dig rout girl right. I want those all look the same, so I love that challenges of just find a way to make everything up the salmon make itself on the events way. What is the vikings or fuck do everything he sire humphrey called like, isn't aided amazon like that's exactly what every building hopes it is like in there yeah it sounds like you guys have gotten their quickly. Obviously, it's a lot to do with the rostrum guys already have in place and guys like you that are there to lead, but I mean right. Now we know one can winter, you can't win Think of the offices of users oaken losing out I'll. Take you. Lose brow. Could your magic in your culture and just like they do here this fuckin guy taught you think this would have been naturally occurring with culture. Not do you think it is the art of your career I thought about this with a lot of guys they get in ITALY. They somehow get jade that they're just playing a game cause. They love the game on plainest board professionally. I'm so much fun then been This comes in potential. jaded just doing your job shown up doing a job, doing a job, then towards the end of it. There's almost like a prospective like all. This might be one of my last meetings when I last
axes going to to take it in. Do you think you? You would have naturally add that art or do you think it is the new challenge in? Maybe it is the back nine now that your ten years into this fuckin thing thinking realistically you, what are you thinking or is it this system that has been brought into the building has just made you turn into this human. That is just so thankful for every single day, their yachting as the people. I think I think life is about is about people man. I think I think it's how you three dollars, how they treat you. I think, when you We really have a good carter. You have to have great leadership in a coffee, a great leader. It has to be great leadership or, for that matter, of everybody talk in the same message everybody likes, generally caring about you. Individually and are treating you with respect When you do, that managed is contagious and it's like out. It's like wildfire a little bit away at in its off, so I think that we ve been able to do so quickly and, and- and you know it again like to ages boys, like also we had a great locker room. We have
bunch of great guys. We had a great leadership in the locker room already. So then, when you add that culture on top of that it, it just happens a little bit a little now I will say this time a year, you're always exciting ride your hours. Now, not everybody only lasted not only not revise some people that absolutely hate your that's all. I'm saying that you guys seem to be all in and enjoying the fact that, at a time that everybody hates yet I agree with that. But again like it's it's it's me there's? No there's nobody in the building that you're, like man like I gotta go to this meeting stewed. I gotta. I gotta go here in this room and do this. No no bad mouth, like I've, been around in our culture, in the past were not there. You know how college high school, like there's there there's been times in the past, where, like you go in your like to buy, I really don't want to go into that roamer or
some was talkin bad about another room and and it's like ass, that's top! That's a talk, the culture We just don't have that, and I know what I want russia that helps but modest, due to the enjoyment of freshness man just carry on fresh infra forever. That's what every great relationship as I'm happy. You guys got genius agenda. Reset it didn't go. It sounds magical last questionnaires even before you know why I'm leaving you think that Well, I don't even know the rules on just so hard. What my now, but I say I'm gonna be swinging you some day. Thus about. We actually said the fact that you can hit one of three words like three twenty, three, ten, probably pretty good about a baseball in us, our baseball bat softball fly we recently to be born in bosnia, minnetaki tonight. That's worth thinking, we hope you're doing to say I hope others that is, you were afraid. Irish, yes,
I've only got to show that we have to show that you do some big denied one will lead the damn share with the last question from town that gaddafi talk about mentoring like young, why receivers and stuff like that? You guys drafted Debbie's in the first and second round, you look for. Do you now giving them their rook welcome today and I fell rookie moment and then also tori them like hey, you could have done. This makes it harder for us stuff like that. Yeah. I love that far too. I love, I love the kind of back and forth. You know from from a deep deep. perspective only when we brought a guy like that. It appears in this building. Look not my lockers right next to my lockers right next to him out. the great golfer, so it's fun to be able to be on the course and and I'll be next in a locker to just pick his brain and same with these young guys. You know I'm going to be the one that If I run around nine, maybe I'll better, maybe they be amazon, say hey like say in their. Why did you do that? Why did you? Why did you break this way or why did you buy this move I love that part of the game to so I haven't had a whole lot. Reps together is kind of a weird time where are they
play integrate the rookies? Quite yet they kind just keep em separate right now and that training camp is when they start So I cannot let the blue so that we finally get to that and into really understand and get to know these guys. We can't wait to watch how's. Your golf came down entire you almost you almost said you don't wanna. Do well to homer darby kazoo chaperonage golf slap. You actually said that you must be feeling good about the links re now the game, feel real, good right now but we'll say this I was there. I played in I play in the ways bears an open. I played with brooks capua and like after the round gave me this like major compliment of life. You know that I was a good offer whatever like that. I could play if I you know, a time into it and I could play at the next level and and for literally a month after that I couldn't break eighty. Like I lost my day. I don't wanna like talk you much about my dog, guys, mental michael,
unbelievable, but I can't wait to see you guys. I hope you bring the whole crew it and I hope you do some shows from togs that places on billy the kid follow up. Don't know how many the boys don't think we're doing. Any shows that I get the thing with way with when the golf happens. Time change to makes it the way I mean a fourth, I think, there's gonna be some. The boys whereabouts are obviously we are going to have a good time. Let's not, and we want to highlight on day tuesday, wednesday I mean come on. people out. There are those days, everyone out there to signing agreements rather early physically did their Wednesday night things. I know, there's people their earlier, that we cannot change literally everything right now by I'll be there. I know others I'll, be there tuesday night playing golf and when they be challenged
the much change over the item I mean, if I need to get my knee backed up. You know I mean: are you gonna win this thing or no I've seniors thanks, though your gets its common you're dealing gulf? I mean I was probably what ten fifteen years down do actually come gives one a couple hours ago I soon there's some animals in there is well. I have it in me somewhere in order to realise gonna, find it meaning eight together and will allow a coat of mental coaching will be good for both of us, well. You got a compliment for brooks. Captain stand for a monk swing, don't tell anything else, but but Davis doubt- and I am tahoe tallow- makes my competitive juices come out far for self opened. Going to in the heart, but I say that every year so does ajay you to earn towards beyond in the past. I bet on to you in the wind. Has I think he absolutely can do? Let's go is there
what a blame in this thing- I guess he's a guy right now to is a full stick. He's gonna go pawing the tour. I saw. I knew that you made the pot below lot like it. That's what I want to say. We appreciate you join us. They will see you in zagreb Good luck and I can't wait to watch the highlights of you bombing balls you're, the man that money is so nice, so nice, Let me know when you're coming to a game, you gotta do that. You got it right. That sounds by close Well, I resolved story. I heard These great stories about I'll awesome that stadium is negative. Beginning of it. You know the whole thing in all things in the thing and the thing. what we were up like twenty the first minute and a half of the game and it was called. the entire time outside our ship. Didn't we achieved experiences made. I was not like our team at all we're very much a battle.
I wish I could remember that game, but I got knocked out by your guy day by day like out, holding avenant dear sam bran forgot it. And so he left the ball inside on, go I'll, kill the quarterback and left the ball inside and adjust saw. The whole thing comic got just the first time of urban knocked out my life. I was born Have you and areas talk sense No, but I heard you guys talkin about on the show one time didn't we was complimentary. I send you said: ok all good, I don't I The EU is ours magda. Let's keep it actually was knocked out as well to recall, I think, there's a chance that he had a stinger class at it, what about our? Not do he added by the world. I'm glad you're dead for no reason. My singer, that's another whole conversation about the entire thalia africa.
Feel and we appreciate value police. They conscious tat would see in thailand and we had earlier. I was not like our team at all. Either I mean we went in there. had to lead, never gave it up in a place, tat quite basic with all tat. It was crazy last autumn. He said SAM Bradford, through man, almost forgot about sam there every two years. the rams first egos and they could fling a man when frames health. He can absolutely slight what s the thing How can we lose three core? so easy to get what they got unlucky alot making putting a lot of it was unlucky. Honestly, They talk about, employing, bring, but remember this always able after he got there big contract, one of the greatest athletes out there, and then he would be throwing darts the people he had all these rams wreckers. I'm really play them. I think he's rookie year second year of the rams out in anglo still in put upon the jumbotron all the records that he had a fuckin like he was lighted up so good.
What you got here, you heard it on the sooner you happy to shoulder surgeries and college still is like what five one. When you go want, and I wanted to see one husband, he was the last guy before the pace: cocaine, there's stud Sometimes you get hurt like one month foretold, another factor there's gonna be a horse. Don't hurt anything else now when you're, like sometimes you know, something's her, you try to compensate in some measure may happen back right now are potentially prime suspects to hurt next, and especially now that it looks like you're going to tell her like sunday, so you're gonna get like seven practice rounds and before you start your real now, at the same time, you're gonna, their party self ones that you want to get their own ones.
I did not know those even an option now I'll be I'd, be burnt out before it started, but without their points, thirty one one that can play only. What do we even talking about when I send what they go out? Well, that's what they're doing this I will we go in the lake will do an embryo before do we shall have the lake in the background to the whole thing take the weak law for the shell, but maybe we got you're not wearing at the low you're? Not gonna, fuckin recognised and seen the glass as I know it I walked in this morning. It was weird nonsense. Attention pal talking. may your, the guy, you you, it sped onward stanley. Respect for lord are higher no offense. It still like them say. Thank you to Lord stanley. From common by before you get into your question, will take to the right here Scotch, maybe not
the text me and said it was an extremely k, not me as we the x, the cadillac is. What are you pose? An extra with is flatly pod whiskey and still do ass. He was bid made version. He said he hocker such messages rated my phone, while at the bathrooms, still open or on a majority and what happened and laws of window one go down on mars. I think of it is still around a thing. There's gotta pick slip this right. one very solid the sweet cannot set up in the back. No, that was budget has got a hook. To is what you do, and there is growth one. It does your J B, Louisiana father and you found onto the fathers you dot com, these products, mcafee actual use, pat twenty to receive
twenty percent off your or silver memorial day, sale going on Y, a five hour injured outcome. That's number! Five energy dot com protocol, pat twenty four twenty percent off- get up. They arrive in these packages. It's perfect! These pick it up on a way out of the door boat. Energy for at least five hours get you through your afternoon or through any part of life. They don't necessarily won't go through. Lays german joining a staff. J D in the we see an agenda has known or are we doing about? thank you to Lord Stanley. Thank you can't do anything in the north, They can generate oji anti vehicle call as post. Harold and, however, I got a bone. The pig withdrawal dig What are you pal shouldered? We're talking about your brain accomplishment, accomplishments and you're over here? Slandering is good name
Well, what did you say? I do it did not banned under chapters for twenty years. Laying the rock like until this army well enough for you to slander whose record Thank you, J b. Would you like turned to knowledge as the drew for that nah nah, nah town is like a labourer dude. All that was needed dinner that cover the gradient microwave. That sounds what is it? What's jerry you gotta get outta my fucking love J B, Louisiana pre, packed up that that, but he's right drew brees and gather produce, drew breeze didn't before I was in game, Want me to rear stranger ass for their fine, for the war is six for that. Some variety tat for you know that goes I think I got a couple hours during a while formations. Every year, three four swore overlong
walmart longboat, as I go round league make everybody Eightam. did out. Ozone is not my fault, that does it. That's. Nobody dared never said anything about. A stance is that while J b seti sick at the bullshit with you, so maybe enough for the bullshit with you guys, J b, as our life only play the last five years with his arm hey. How was he not handed a big time? Job gay the autism Lucy was a big com. Job Four point: eight america, by a lot of people, a lot of people and by what he was great in that studio. I thought personally today not think he was great like wouldn't you still be there? I guess you wanted it weakens wants to games. The whole thing is is very confusing, because did he tell me also games they, so we only got down. We will have a full slight against what do you want from us in and how come some other place than just? I assume the way that works is your drew breeze
we enjoy like being able to say we work with talk quarterbacks whenever we get executive meetings and staff for the happy hours in, although you may not have any talent will certainly just give you this can big time role in that I'll tv networks work. I thought, that's our sporting men know now it's been different, I feel, but being big time, name that it doesn't get you in, but you have to prove that you should either which I feel like he did to me and then you, but he's in the different he's in the wrong path like he wants to do games. You does wonder studio, which I understand. I completely understand. If it's a piglet, but he was created, there was no other places to do games or that's the thing like fox the gig debt gregg also is taking over before thompson. that was the only number one gig out the less I'm saying oh Gregson getting at shot right and then Tom Brady getting it whenever Tom Brady wants to have it or whatever spats think as you conversations was NBC, was going trade member
they're gonna trade, but drew would be right back in this situation next year. Possibly if he did that, if they gave if he had the great olsen role and then Tom come back and crews are ok here, I am again so drew's beef as well and we see not having any football games odin sunday night, but that's what doesn't make sense like on it, Brady's a little different because he hasn't proven themselves, but it does feel like, after waiting all these networks right, we can't take eyesight. Having have like a full slate gains. Really did we watch last monday. They football but it didn't have the option or were they just waiting for blocking troy? We also did know about cause where theo they like Joe, but out of this contract. But then we come to find out. They are actually just disney and fox, not that one day we did think that ok, we're tax and waited. Nobody also deal today. Think that mildly that their lives
Michael's. Ankles worth is gonna, be too rico andrew and cause we're going to keep it and that's what they saw drew whenever they signed droop, maybe while dvd be determined. The butter and Lamar era mean Laval errand to go beyond the something. Maybe quite a few people think they drew a pompous. Asshole Keziah mean that you know a lot of people like a couple. More co sign on that. Put him still good it. S really felt great europe does laboriously way would drew out of the eighties Madame wants, which is all take place. It is a problem with support from potentially, I don't feel this way about your brains, but there's people have encountered on to do feel that way. Lavarse court was. Did you see his quote?.
yes, I didn't see the laws bob there's a daisy nazar is accelerated, doesn't go away. You like words, want now to be far on darby right there. Acting out, though, is the academic like right now or what, but he put out that big tweed about. Maybe I do maybe on play. Maybe I play my body tournaments or whatever I just assumed robberies would be handed a very large role from one of these networks? I guess
but by america. Was that large role, because four point eight america's ignoble and show on television everything away for seventeen eighteen weeks during on him, leaving I'm bc thinking that is two games or one game. The anna fellows gonna be enough for them, don't you say? Never again, they have handed jobs, people there wasn't any available that what was available where everything was available Monday was available. Thursday was available. Sunday was available at one point must find Artie. It fought very talking a tom Brady that wasn't available. So that's already off the table. he's good enough to your point. He is good and he's a whole thing yeah exactly we have lots of an anti. We were just talking about how this normally go if they wanted to making it available for him like they would it's true breeze, he's gonna be a first bout hall famer, you know in self, apparently, that's probably why Jerusalem piss like wildfire with much worse. Razumihin me we're just handed primetime fuck adopter what droop Jamie as I was going to those twenty years now, europe, the workforce
who buys used to it, though we must work for ever he's an underdog. You shall speech you get to produce before they want football game here. Oh my god, a wall before I fly this, Your video man, maybe one month, robots how much time you! Thank you very much for your hundred days now about design and forty four thousand minutes and a hundred days by the user. Oh come up in life at some point in your face. carter why I think about that. we jeopardy is exactly where the pursuit, both maybe on the chase against beast power must be a milliner, maybe picture they I'll, say I'll, need the fuckin call front. Or I don't need the fucking. Fifty fifty idle, fuck? It need the double death. I don't fucking need the audience
Now there is now we're gonna get em. All had another one is its fourteen hundred forty minutes in a day. That's another good one. Now, obviously, if you just divided by a hundred four for men is what do we get to that They would have they a success. The hundred they count them was isoude. There's gonna be This can be more on milestones to the other failure there were and were in. The lab was also a pretty big day. I think that one kind of got- shoot aside a little excitedly you'd. Be that big a deal, but the idea
I'll, be down the hunt here they got the countdown fell. Guy I mean it started right right after the season ended. So I see some of these absolute much too it out. Like only twenty days, dora fell for poor, so shut our eyes. What were you at two thirteen and who also due to the fact that today, with forepaws sweet did fuck? can put something that show called tat. You talk about game shows the whole we're gonna run through the com. I dare you to show its resources. I don't see, no one click on here. It's the best, I have no idea how that thing got canceled our don't know survive in this particular climate, by not so hard mushrooms logic that show the first item on blue. I would never get that laugh and above it back just like I seen puppies, This weekend, jacket, four and a half, or one of your own way out is popery, says it all.
Stealing performance in particular as well. I have not seen this ok good, it's behind the scenes of the founding of the new one, with some things that have been left on the animals room floor. All some bits improve. These does have quite performed with one of which should have been in the media in the movie blindfold race, should have in a movie and crime is we can watch my wife cry and we'll watch every we were full. I can't wait to see the matter is that line after one of these bats pepper? It's like he had no idea what shall he was shooting at its awesome worthy when mortal showed up those on the sea. We get a lot of dogs where there's more dawns or theirs there's one particular scene in the jackass four and a half or whatever this one is Easily fifteen dogs on camera,
Ok, fifteen different dogs on camera. They. What do I get noticed society? Basically, it felt like, they just lobby and make it yeah data Four breakdown, ponies, thong bayonets, her usual, that's a horse and a lot of great what a great character upon his studies, arrest of visas and Russell mining industry. We man body slammed samuel arrest. I do not believe they tell me anything those operating in that I was. You know: johnny knots, violence, amazon, we're having a match johnny. Not so it ok, there's gonna be something hilarious that happens during this as things on voting live and four I was having the most one. I'd ever had mind, look so Michael goal set about. We may covered over moderator looking up in my pocket. Weak, but always cheeks from poverty is a higher. It was made. giant rat trap. My I think our era, though, is the jackass era. I think.
You won't like. When did they first, oh, come on the sea some twenty years later, they said twenty years now like two thousand two thousand want you doesn't do so? That's literally, like our generation, I think, like the carolina panthers schedule, release video, our generation. I feel a great jackass same exact thing like you have to be a certain age, do Whenever those assholes came on dutch television for us on mtv What a game changer every white, every white trash kid around america honestly jack S is what themselves in shopping, cart strand run in the bushes. We ever in the shopping, cart. Gonna know abortion. I didn't have more rigid in everybody did because of them. So I'm still thanks. That their will to try, to kill themselves distant, I'm entertainment for all of us. But there is no way you even begun on one of those sets ever now now now safe
not enough, it is and they do not care at all. It is in a show, a lot of that in this one before happens, really good things where the watch the one or do they make it in the movie like steel workers, ticket job they pull up. The porter party does not mean that those in a movie there is another poor party situation, though that is worth a watch and foreign patients spread I'll. Let you know they didn't to happen. They were all filming and when I see the massive explosion they go sprinting over to laugh in the face of the person like shooting something else, full sprint. Every one of them tired was amazed. actually means actively with exists. I'm so for them get out of your hammer down in fifteen twenty minutes. Maybe twenty five minutes actual price start streaming in ten minutes and then go live lot. And got this far off again.
At first sight to see the point, MR dupuis logging got big things or loves me: rubber, feelin, Lord, I ordered all mike and mac age a great job. They want to become a great show by you. Thank you greater gee from you guys ok, we totally opening is better. I think tomorrow, the good very good rest. Oh yeah, that's honestly tell you when you go to bed- and I beg me on my knees- gonna- feel so much better tomorrow and I think it will allay jazz. Listen. You could ask my Life. I've been given motivational speeches to this naval ass bore tomorrow. I guess it's just the shit. You don't owe me like. I could get this drain that just floating in their, so the pressure give experiences. So pressure of where it goes to his words pinching, I think need a drain, only gives any actual structural shit. I think I just needed drained that most of you knew drained. Did I can fuck and play with. It was given a little maybe go and get many call weatherford see what he thinks we cannot just wanted. Just,
separate, though in my fucking body should fuck you,
sorry cigars,
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