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2022-06-07 | 🔗

Today's show is absolutely LOADED. Joining Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys are four incredible guests. First, Super Bowl Champion, 7x Pro Bowler, 4x All-Pro, member of the 2010's All-Decade team, one of the greatest Cornerbacks of all-time, Darrelle Revis joins the show to chat about his career as a whole, getting his funk back, his relationship with the Jets, and much more in an incredible conversation (19:51-56:20). Next, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport joins the progrum to give us updates on everything going on around the league as 12 teams have officially reported (57:02-1:13:18). Later, Senior NFL reporter and author of The Monday Morning Quarterback, Albert Breer joins the show to chat about how he compiles everything for MMQB, when he thinks a punishment for Deshaun Watson is coming, when he thinks we might get some movement on Baker Mayfield and Jimmy Garoppolo, being a direct competitor with Peter King after being hand picked to replace him at MMQB, and much more (1:13:56-1:45:29). Lastly, friend of the progrum, President of the UFC, Dana White joins the show to chat about this weekend's UFC 275 card and what we can expect, his thoughts on the PGA Tour/LIV Golf and how it's similar to what he has to deal with with other fight leagues, the possibility of Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic in the future, and much more (1:45:31-2:04:09).

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Cargo bears actually kick out, shooting it may actually on mandatory made practice because they were abusing in beaten. the rules at the nfl is put in place. Every team do it by by ending Chicago bears just couldn't do it, so they got one of their practices wiped off the entire second bad boys are in the bill. The gop can't stop us now yeah. I wonder how I wonder how he is doing with the boys up there, pads on and maybe they're calling around every other team gonna go about pads on. You guys got pads on those no paths and may rule right over the nfl ba, probably looked into the nfl, looked into it. They probably poured cameras by the way from the this facility from the practice fields and said pads on right here, gotcha minus practice everybody else. As who knows what that means for the chicago bears, they did get to go early that extra week because of a new head coach. So maybe they got confused on a number of weeks into the thing because they
the extra week at the beginning with the new head coach. Let's assume that was the case, but without being said, bears the practice. Nobody else does bears already losing this added elsie. Our team bonding their bowling today, so they're getting together, good type, bonding together. If we try to make it up to the boys, I apologize. I run your heads into each other a lot earlier than everybody else was allowed, or do so because city became a real thing. They put an actual rules and, I said, fuck those rules. This is the monsters of midway or not. I would it with one thousand percent think they want We gotta time because there had gaucho they give extra weak they probably there entire oji aids, a phases draw. out exactly how everybody else's is with accounting for the week in advance that they had, which is just an add on to the begin phase as opposed to an advance phases about past everybody else, soon. That's what happened there, not complete stooges or try to run their players into the ground, but
from that lotta teams. new fields. This week we are pumped about it. Does that means the nfl at Boston. Connor is only ninety three days or if ario was right there. Ninety three gas right now about six twenty, but ninety three days from the nfl as excitement and joy at Ty schmidt, the other member of the talks, Everyone except boston, cornerstone, digs you've been wanting to say something. While you laid out some good options for the bears. You've got option d. Where flu was like this team, fucking stinks, we didn't get as many bad practices. We possibly can. Let's roll the dice. Thank you foxy. What does that mean the word If the alliance is what I read wow can we ever had finished reading board because you'll be on hard, knocks everybody's going to know exactly what your game plan is, because Mc Dc is going to be tasked with editing that and giving a final leave it in there maryland gives me a lot of coffee for that. now a days days, has become an editor producer director, a final screener and head coach of evil.
One thing that hasn't been good in two hundred years, you're kind of seven and win a playoff game? Maybe, but who knows if the bears will be able to do the same? I believe the bears have the worst odds in the nfc north. The detroit lions have the third best odds. Obviously the vikings at second and I, the green bay as the only minus one minus yeah minus one? Seventy yeah they're the bucks or monastery twenty? I guess they are way past everybody in the nfc south and the bills minus one, eighty, because the sorry, ass patriots plus four hundred win the nfc east, what it was that colts while the reason why the cultural minus one of five for the abc south in iranian imaginary, there's no reason for you know. talk about this or draw any spotlight to this, because we do the fact that nashville to draw any type chip on the shoulder. There are the number one team in the abc gonna glanced at ninety players on the rostovs right yeah.
Thirty some players go through. I are forty. Some players got three are that we didn't even know any the players on their team basically engraved somehow got them to be the number one team, ty array of the the now, obviously they lose to citizens. United bangles, you became a wagon. There are going to be awesome watch this year, but nobody need software course being minus one o five to one if these out, you know why the culture minus one o five, so whenever you south potter wise words, because sports book John Shirin, more specific, whenever you watch it called soon last year is a good day of this team is unbelievable. This team is that look at the difference they got all prose all over the place. The orphans line, maybe the best sovereigns line, all football. They can empty beacon lit a running back now. The waters for weapons, maybe a little bit like there, but they got some young starts special teams, absolute guys there they are stacked across the board. What did they not have cornerstone and maybe she'll near
fact: an astronaut Blaine quarterback, adding reincarnate a court Regulations are made him sick to his stomach. He almost vomited without much matt ryan is similar to paint manner. They got a gun. Now those accepted the fuckin top gun cases quartermaster. The annapolis calls their pain of a lot of money Ryan's already up the boys on often several walk through insane hey this shit. I fucking continent Nobody responded well butler and the boys on defence, and it was nice to see a quarter back around the troops and say this: The way this thing goes because I I believe, that's how the defence has been operating for a few years. Now now ryan's doing the same on accountability. They dont on different saw the ball, the planned down disappointments issue, my modest water, far those sports boats, who might be time travellers good thing. So, oddly closing too percent right. So often they do that I wonder if they got a little inside scooper, what's potentially happening in the future in their potent
It's a minus one, oh five. They know what I've been feeling and that's what Matt Ryan's going to turn into a squad, but this is a first for many people are more than eight about what these boys are about. How we worry you should we worry, I'm not sure you you, like gallic noddy attic us like, while he done ropes, pagers, have the superbowl favours the gpa, favouring division, we're not worried about the court, but I thought it was more so about the fact that you know that you lose a j brown. They get robber woods whose common often injury, thereby we rely on a rookie wide receiver trail embarks to kind of care. The often they lost a few office of lime, and I mean I love that is not what it is, but I think that all those who arrive out. I think that it is right to do that. So did I chose path by the way in about ten minutes? Will have our throw rivers join us law? Oh shit, riva, silent fire Support the paths just changed focal yeah good. Seventy eight. Years. It was a real time.
eighteen? What team is gonna pay him to one you d or to your deal fully guaranteed? That's gonna be worth more than anybody else in what did its corner vision. We, like all thank god so cover half the fears being covered by just go and put him out of their work. Able to do everything else. He's teammates benefited mightily from his teams. Benefited mightily from it The last time I was on a field. Within the same time, he wanted S. Beak. How big a gargantuan followed I believe everybody ran past me and I got blocked also you guys would know better than any of us, but I was reading his wikipedia about his high school exploits as well. Like I mean in the state championship, I think his sophomore year scored five touchdowns like had an interception blocked upon why all this and then basketball. What think one? state championships, like he's lying AL, equip worries from bunch adults. I mean they. The sports life dolls and he became
the bad suppressed db in the damn game for a long time and held it down all by himself he's vastly different than every other corner that gets compared to him. Now guess deal plays in the same fashion. I wish I knew more about db world. But there's not a lot of derail reverses that have ever been in the nfl and we could talk to them about nine minutes or so has gone into the new york jets ring of honor ring of honor this year. I believe in december or no november, him manning Wood and brick shaw. Ferguson. All three are gone in the season, so the jets are, you know what did johnson say? We got quarterback. We got new team, we're going to put in some alumni they're good. It wasn't always terrible, but had some good players, let's go ahead and do this whole thing. I can't wait. three of us and second, our we got in rapport Ok, yeah he's from probably off golf course out its actual has on the world? What does he know? What does he not know? Well, ass game will hopefully get up. Didn't albert brill will join us. Our brain rights the Monday morning, quarterback for sports illustrated ready. He mentioned our Russell wilson. Let's ride coverage in his thing sent a bunch. People that don't norman
watch our stuff to our video. Now that, obviously I think we created, maybe some new fans. Thank you. Albert Albert certainly heard a lot of people that did not like the way we cover sports here. So thank you, our albert albert, but I believe he watches and listens to some of our stuff. So I can't wait to chat with him. He obviously got hand. A call them or blog from Peter king in our peter king. is direct competition. They both released the same thing on Monday morning yeah and we are very lucky that we get to read for both of them, but I'll be excited to hear our prayers process who he knows what he doesn't know and what's potentially down the pipe albert yeah. I mean I would think for something like that too, like he's not technically an insider, but all every week that those come out- and there are a bunch of nuggets that it seems like no one else knows other than him and peter king boy, and they just say stuff yeah, oh yeah, like that'll, be rumors I hear rumours and we want to talk about. It does just rumours now, allegedly, we were doing doing an alleged report yesterday, wildlife,
russell wilson five year. Two hundred fifty million dollars was just projected by some reporter who was speculating not reporting like deposits or nothin has not been talked about on this shell, but definitely in the off the outright way to get ahead of the web page is actually very arduous. That was why didn't you blah, but you brought your yes, so There have been other situations where the internet, where people have who are reporters are insiders, have special, it upon something and then is either been taken by them or by other people. As a report of something and am term, we have to talk about it because it's pretty big name a pretty big numbers, for instance Russell allegedly was asking amber broncos with two years left on this contract to one of these signed that we remember celebration was embarrassed here. Two years left on that deal Luckily, the asking press you to be five years to fifty million sets. Fifty million
indeed every single year for five years, which is going right now for quarterbacks and what of the three years resource improbably underpaid. Then you take it or leave it so there being reported as a report. It was just speculation by reporter who has in information. Okay. So maybe we could do that, but parsonic Boston, bruins, right, winger is being traded to the pittsburgh penguins. This offseason is going to say this one seems a little bit more credible. It seems like it's. Basically a done deal. Read it on twitter. I read it on. Twitter has the same exact thing, but I mean you know: hockey's been dead for a couple of weeks now, so I guess, but actually ranger sampled, a night game for tampa, be able to make this thing all square through four, because they are too weak breaking came out. A little bit cold in new york rangers won. The first two games is that how this thing's going to go with new york and be able to steal one down in the storm or are they going to come back home? two. We shall see this evening but parson.
Come into the penguins great pride ouch did I'd scalp cared a guy lockmanville, especially loves pasta. Saunders mass choose: now you don't know about blossom. Like he's really now there are so many people in madeira has again. Are you talking about potato boston? We? How poor I should find out is weak in Boston,
margo, MR duly said, pours the most pint of guinea's in the continental united states. No big deal one! That's we're talking about their with past the thing in pittsburgh. Don't worry north and a bunch of dying people well got plenty of their point where it is a matter of lower pittsburgh. Ass lot, pirogue easing lie road use, people in the czech republic and slovakia like Paul. I was passing out david great, you, like you know, rubber autonomous encroaching might come back. I geometry. Nobody knows. That means we have hairs ass. It is coming to the fence. That's all that matters are that's. kids out tomorrow night. What are you talking about? I bypass the commonest about us That is something that a reporter speculating upon but is being reported as europe. work from an insider? That's right! Those are things that those are the little potholes on the road a day to day sports coverage that we are going to continue to try to avoid yeah. But that's
Using talk about resourcing, gets you know five years to fifty, or do you think, Lamar, jackson and herbert? a warrant, borough borrowing, tyler Murray and are you awake it is all the more so in the mar. There's a video their surface on the internet of him, or one knee in slides, thrown about fifty right now. I don't believe it jackson was one saying hey. This is incredibly impressive, throw, I believe you ever recorded. This said them jackson's- got an absolute cannon from the fifty one need Dan won me up in slides completion, any answer unbelievable display of accuracy and arm strength. Although the internet help themselves and say. We have seen a hundred people do something much worn by some in this, but the thing about it is Lamar. Jackson's always been in buried about his arm. I think that's all the haters try to pinpoint look at least eight that guy right, I can just way on a me. That's more the thing that could see, because I have seen guys friends, align m de bes wide receivers, other court
that's great playing football, but a great thrown a football taken, any throw the ball through the rights from the fifty into the back? I mean that is something that a lot of great strong armed humans can accomplish normally exe baseball players are come over to football, whether their big pictures. Big arms, but they have. I read a defense. I have no clue what's going on, they have no touch no finesse, but they can throw the ball forever. Lamar jackson is working on his past game. I don't know why the internet is godly, so rude a bottle yeah I dunno either being rude, especially because you know just last year, I'm used to getting you know film, throwing a duck. I mean. That's a perfect ball right there, I'm just glad they posted the one that has a nice ball and a guy out just I guess, yeah now grant I couldn't zoom in close enough gas quality seemed to be a potato right right. Wingers ravens teenagers, easter now if the team doesn't like that team wins mandatory minicamp that starts today. Are they one of the twelve teams that start today? No, it does not look like it. So he's got. Time seems like it.
I know a couple of days yeah for going back to baltimore aaron rodgers. I believe he will be chatting with the press yup. I think it's today. I believe so. Yes, I believe he'll be meeting with them. I can't wait to hear what those conversations are like. What has he learned about the offense and the team? he's coming back for at least a day or two z impressed by the how about the floor fresh out of the wedding that mcveigh was at, getting marriage relate them Veronica, while negotiating deal with Aaron Donald era Donald has become the highest paid defensive. And fell player in the history of congratulations to Aaron Donald who was completely he's what's retirement before negotiating here are in a change of his deal. Basically ian rapoport reported that items have reworked all world detect oil and diamonds. Three in contract years. To give him a massive forty million dollar raised through two thousand twenty four
give him the highest paid don t you be in nfl history. At thirty one years old, he gets ninety five million dollars threats through two thousand twenty four. in negotiating this deal, the rams opened up so an add on any years. Allegedly at this point there might be five voided years at the end of this thing would just be a seven year now five million dollar, deal with five two years at the end, so they can just pay, ass, the deal's idea. If they're not do I'll, be interested to see how they work does give it, but they ended up open two million dollars salary gaps base for next year, while renegotiating a deal that pays the highest paid defensive, nfl player in the history, the game, after paying matthew stafford others on that team and a wide margin amount of money above every other person, our position group, which goes back. through the same old story that we ve been talking for a long time, sailor, caps brigades,
our real until everybody just understands that nobody buys in on that you're going continue to see the rich get richer and everybody else try to battle in the way that used to be how you'd battle you bill through the draft you pick and choose who paid to get paid elsewhere. Sure you got all online? You have back up some back so that next year, you can't get caught in any situations? Instead, change- is paying thereby surmounting home by member here it's our money, we don't need the pets. You can do this you do. This will put some voted years on the back end that will take some of the signing bonus hit boom boom boom you're the highest paid guy. Somehow we saved a million dollars, it's a win, win you're, not the time we're getting another one ring that you said last year: let's do it again, it's amazing what some of these teams are able to accomplish yeah. It feels like the notion that we always hear is just like hey guess what like they are going to have to pay the piper sometime but like they have all their key guys for the next like what three four years who set like they there's. No proof that you can't just kick the can
and down the road into eternity like they can just keep reworking all this shit. Like will do you actually to pay the piper at some point out of you. Do Everybody centrality do, and I don't think you do right? That's tell us if you do all the people that are doing it because they're living in there for years trying to writer, aren't they living in their fears over there. We don't live in our fears, no way nobody lives in our fears on this show, but there are people who lives in their fears because they just don't want to pay people. There are two voided years at the end of this for two thousand and twenty twenty five and twenty twenty six and I wonder what those numbers are for. The whole thing here spout track now. Is this real so we know as israel question only trust no tracked ma am media contract, spoke track, four together field. He's riper three years: ninety five million dollars, forty six and a half million guarantee that signing bonus, which, by the way that is just gonna move another eighteen and a half million next march to void years at the end for the cap, it's too
sixty five million dollars in practical terms, kapital four million next year as positive, anti six twenty, thirty, eight million twenty. Four. Thirty one million five another ten million last year, do not matter fees to retire, he'll be twenty six, not on not picture on the tweet is twenty years. Finally, yes, it's three extra years on an agenda that thing. So it's a five year deal. That's actually to your deal. He's not a real extension. Rhetoric is being reported just as a contract reworked. but they are, but it sounds like it is. Actually, it's offer gaze. If anybody wants worked seller gap, they can absolutely worked sattler gap, for instance, I was running a team and I got a chance to chat. Parson, that's about to join us And he alluded to the fact that he had any sense, and a juice left her let's move from shed around. Let's get him on the team. Ladies and gentlemen, a man, the change football for almost a decade. People living on the river silent- it was The two year deals wanna greatest businessmen in it, three, the nfl. This
coming season. He will go into the new york jets ring of honour all pro probable super bowl champion, founder rivers, island, ladies and gentlemen, legendary corner. darrelle revis summer, going go about how you doing guys? Hey, I'm good man, I'm gonna, let you know the last time you and I were on something at the same time. You want to fucking sp, you know, so I dunno. If that's going to happen again for this one, this conversation, but Maybe that's the case. We ve all been big fans of yours, western pennsylvania, guys gonna become an absolute goat and king. We pretty appreciate. You taken time, beg you and you saw my bad and I remember you remember that play vividly when you up on the bottom reggie west virginia pit.
your ball yeah yeah. I know you did you guys watch that the next day and film as much as we did, we want to apply the navy twenty times. Next, laser pointers on everybody rebus. Why aren't you fuckin tackling it? Well, walk there. Why aren't you stand? You couldn't get back? You big, I think, thirteen guys on that way to europe darting guys whether it was amazing. Inevitably amazing, I'm sorry you had to be back in and out by a ball, and I have to give had its day was there at the time who drew up the play? when it actually do it on the back yard, broadest parks and energy force in actually to play with posed to be a throwback to their kindred, who actually, who actually blood, both the guys Gaza, its angel If you remember to play, I couldn't really are child the pope, I kinda- was
You know he was. A legal mandate fails largely going at the border, but he made a great blot to re blocks on you're defenders- and now I just down the line and do the best. I don't try to run out about boy. I play it, was good potentially see me coming out that going scare you I got blocked. You know I thought maybe run out of bounds. I was I was like two wanting to have a pretty good. I I've got a pretty good. You know nobody knows you're, amazing and in that tackle by their king above it modern or potentially to see these that I just would like letter by. We watch it in slow motion the next. They both of em rich wrought, asking git read one of these. I would have if I could have one, why did you not that I think dinner killed him. I believe what you want to ask me for that right into the whole team one unless before that are now There was there. We were nominated for it
but we actually think we came second in the polls, they get the guy from boys state. The statue of liberty play. You guys want a boy to stare. Yeah, you know at the helm of the great play drawn up is where I think he actually proposed. Who is decided that the teaching the ice one a keg. Was he proposed to us this disease? You have no chance, you know it's yours it off, but what are you up to these days? It feels like- and I might be wrong with this, but one done with football. Did you kind of just drift away from the game that you feel jaded from the game, or do you just kind of this? this kind of what your answer just kind of children and away from it all. You know me. It was really the focus on my mental health. You know and you not take up he retired is a lot. You have to decompress there's a lot of things off. I tried to get into a wise
try to cope with you no plan for so long in Almaty. A guy right now? Really you know players in irritably is already focusing on. You know that it's a hell whether there is depressing stressing- I mean I played in a big- you not played in a big gap I played in new york city a monotonous, so lot of pressure. Other these going on is a major city. So you know for me: I just really just jotted step away. When the game- and I really cannot get back into practice, living in town to collect my thoughts in time to see what the next step what was it like when you are in the middle of the rivers? Island run their because everybody's exe, adaptation of you is that you are a if, if this guy gets one catch basically in riva, silent everyone he's going to talk about that and I know not just at the time. Sixteen games, that's all sure thing I guess that just looming over your head, like the expectation, is what drove you I assume, or is that just naturally how you did your business when you were in a league of pat for me,
really, you know being a super fan of football, applying a grown up to you know why bury sanders. You know the cowboys door neurons and not a foreigner is what you know going to call in actually have an opportunity plan to browse. You know I was just because As I was coming into the league. You know there are a lot of talks about you know the shut down corner and not existing no more, and I took that. I took that personal. I took it to heart, and I remember it was my first probable always love milan, Next, the jam valleys in unison, having to barely a bunch of questions like? What do I need to do to be your level? Basically, you know champ. during that time is really just gas needed the torch and say it like a, young blood is your time up. I seed awaited you're progressing italy
and me I'm a path towards do you in At that moment, I just felt like I needed to basically continued the legacy to shut down corner alive. You know at that point because in the media. There was a lot of stuff saying There is no shut down corners anymore and in it was actually the league was actually changing at its found going into a more passing office, cyprus situation, so you know. I just welcomed me that it was my time up and I needed to represent all the lake, legacy of shut down corners, the male blights, the dealer sanders Adele brains on the run what's in the world, and I just taken too hard to say what is my time on the chart, shut down anybody that does that blows up in front of me Why is it so much different than everything else? Just athletically? You have to be superior, intellect to be superior. What is it about the shutdown corner, that's different, and why
people. We assume that that was gonna be gone from the game whenever there is passing getting involved. A really big because it brawling geared more to the office decided of the football innocence and You know. Office coordinators in quarterbacks and receivers can entitlements. Also can actually have a lot flexibility in the past and game. I mean even planet ages. I mean it was so difficult to to actually guy to play chess with them chess board, because you know yet. radio at the helm being a general but also a mean we ve been and gave where you know they come out an empty set and they have so many. There are so many options, man it's about a ball and then Actually, when you start you naughty, Up on that they're not going to do they go into a borderline set in?
our focus on that, but but but to really as your question. Was it really? You noted corner position is really just to be a student. It again I mean I have no work still so, where I am there were realizing. I break em down ass day, a man you know by randy mars, wax I breakin now so it really be and is doing it again. It take. It sounds really breakdown in gaza breakdown and tendencies to really help skills that are being duty is also you just gotta be very late at the corner back was issued I mean you gotta, be able to run fast with these guys is some of the best players in world in receiver position and their they're pretty fast break with a pretty stronger, nurse Marty's learner, pretty explosives, though you know for me- is being very studious emma job there really true. Do you know make sure I was prepared, every sunday
who was somebody and by the way, thank you for all this insight. This is fucking awesome. Who was somebody it's theo and randy, You'd, be a great person. I think to get like opinion on this, who is, body that you did not daring to keep you up. anybody know anxiety or anything like that, because I know they felt that way about you right When will this island run was happening like I, we got. fifteen games this year, because there's good chance that europe, Its quarter will say I dont even throw it toward rivers, which means by the way you still gotta, be on every fuckin play that doesn't mean that you get to taking place out because they do but didn't buy. Keep you up or was it the other way around? You think. I think I'll. Go above ways, you know, I think it's you notice, They tom Brady one from the floor back position, palm I'll, say from there.
I a receiver position, I would probably say randy rennie moss, I would probably say to realise as well steve smith. I would give we say these nerve. What's gonna name I mean is this is the list of guys and even if one I'm not name in all obama, most respect for our little, because you know that between all of em. I call the superhuman. You know we were superhero superhuman. We have you know of your plan against these men. No he's not tall this. This is randy moss with restraining muscle is about six five and a half, so You know what you're dealing with some guys and receivers they come with. You know a certain gifting. You know these smith was was or so explosive back you no kind of like a book in the states where he got pissed off man,
Your blogger I passed around so you know you just gotta respect everybody across the border. Our offices are wall was also say. My fellow DR, be two thousand semi calvin johnson is well I'll, be tough. Jobs always had to go, go up against. week in week out in some of those. Some of those games. I came out where looking at it is, it is like I just shut. First I. How did I do there is, but Actually you know not only the prince who was just you know: grain getting plans, but about a court. You now so you know students it again plan really seen through in really executing is best. That is a good along amazing. We were able do some great things. I think we are like the number one defence and also the number three deepened. are the new york jets won the heydaze in two thousand and eight slash, two thousand and nine, and one thousand and eleven show
which is out of re group, a guys who came to work every day was ready to you know really focused of which ass we had. you'll be going into the jets ring of honour their sauces and well well deserved? I assume all is wide receivers that got a chance to visit rebus island offices. I share the same sentiments about you that you just talk about super humans in all things wherever you talked about the defence coordinator and a great game plan as outsider as somebody who maybe doesn't have the best football? like here whenever comes to, like guys, have played the league in shit like that and watch film for votes, I'm living I assume the game plans were alright. Ten of us got shit to do a man not rebus you're just do, and this was that not what it was was it. just like hey you're taken their die, you got guy or was it was more than what that? Maybe a new one, fully understand. Ah you know, I think, when, when one
ex actually, when it works I was actually hired You know we had a meeting, we had individual player meetings and I think our meeting I can say- and this is really gone his inside- you know that the facility by vigo, no regular dumbing down and, as you know, basically designed Is there like? He believes that the best corner and fell at the time Men are He's gonna help me strive to be that in innocence, and I was Basically, our kind of meeting in our conversation he said are sticks up. You know they out on the film every time you watch it, don't practice bones and stop it. you know I gotta get predator to direct rise, deepest gains to actually We're gonna highlight you know me me as being a corner bag and maybe one or both because of players, trot astronomy, one of them where's the lady. At the time there now
Great, you know I just felt like I took on that task. I didn't really want to, because I felt we had a lot of pieces on only deepen society all that weaken Actually I can just play one side. I can play the left side and if we own yoko marty Well, that is, it was a great determined this really does added weight. Patsy Bhutan himself. I really think that I had a really travel, but when eight, when it came- that doesn't mean you know. had the wing games and we had to make some adjust we had to move from China? peace is around it can isolate. It me to be a one sided. Other in It's in Gaza, which would actually you know, rex again, Rex ran ability to bleed. can do other things in his game, I was gonna. Do you not think team is really loved at the time because it made the meda gave a little bit more fine for us,
Everybody would do their job and we would use. We will run out am like rex, rhine was like the guy who would empower olive. Is players sound like you, the exact same for you, I gotta go to do some aspirin with them green room talking to him off air was fucking us. I mean I I wish I could apply for the reasons which I think would have enjoyed the hell out of it out derail rivers founder of revis island and you talked about being the number one defense. Therefore, like five years with the jets, do you see you're gonna jets ring of honor. You keep in touch with the jets, possession. How do you feel about where they're at right now and when you think about the future, yeah I built so many relationships, an organisation so why? At this point I think you know I'm I'm an alumni ambassadors, for managers represent. You know to organ organization. Is this? This is too much stability. I, which
enjoy, but yeah we stay in contact with what a bunch of people in the building. And ah you know, we don't know the future in two thousand we got a lot of things by an army spoke about the ring of honour Johnson, we had an interview. We woody johnson mark sanchez, nick mangold and also break british augustine. So you know would he came by is really congratulate us all on all sides, so goddamn it You know all and in terms of maybe things. You know we can talk about an organization move forward. If I'm actually want to be a partner not but mamma mamma, foreign thing is that you know a lot of game of football. Passionate about it. and I love winter and ass, the biggest I really love winning an arm. It will weaken. So some things around in a building which are I have a lotta respect for got for everyone in a building from the scouting No,
Everybody up in executive powers, this is well you know. Where's, the really you know make a change knows is done, the change, mainly our jobs, in a lot of positions in a lot of ways, and I think we I believe that you're not a quarter past quarterback position is the most important You know right now. At the moment we have that wilson in You know those very high expectations. Warm. everybody else on the team, but you know we. This bill that noise, our time is striking, and hopefully you nobility champion you're doing the work we can win. Our second superbowl top dervish pay, half the hay raves, very true about that. That's a big city top the visionary ugly, their airports around you. You said you still love football. Are you coaching, do keeping contact with any the debates that are in the league right now in is the shut our corner stoa thing in vienna, voted, you bastard george, do you think you know?
I believe I believe there is still shut down corners. Yes, I still get into the game. I want falcons around and I watched games that pigeons begins, I watch by yeah. I believe there is a long list, the guys that are really great Are you have jalen ramsey right now? You stuffing gilmore, one, the deepest where a few years back wherever the patriots amro course with been closed with having you more even when he was with the buffalo bill, so the good guy. Howard down here in miami theirs after the war yeah browser dubious you, have a great gyros out alexander and green bay,
so you have a life, is a lot of good guys out there right now that are really represent position very well. I love the watch play blake level. I love a man so especially the libyan. Will you know we're here. you're out on in earlier years, nos one, a wine guys know as well as me, man is, is the very term taciturn job, and you're doing a great job. Don't fathers job represent in a fair return, fabs job, a representative. She is well so must assess all about eighty kind of fox it up the day. You know somebody's gonna blame for a bomb that isn't necessarily Debbie's, followed or save these fodder. Coverages fault is that something that even you now I'm going to say this. Cause, an argument somewhere origin like you,
what mount rushmore corner in the history of the nfl I'll set. You don't have to say. Okay, you do your thing mount rushmore quarter in the history of the nfl. When you watch some of the games, do you have any idea whose fault it is whenever should happens, or is that something that only inside a team you think you know. Yeah yeah. If you watch a gaming, you see you see the rough delight. His ear first get up here. You you You can count a really. If you look at the report, you can counter really see life. The mistake, the error or miscommunication at times in you know obviously us for db thoughts. That's problem, the worst billy you can add walking off after it feel garden. You know you up It is our line in deep thought. You light would happen. You know in yeah. You have that type of communication as well no, they were in a three about one said, and you know that, receiver. He did it.
Grout did Our neighbours shake route in the middle of building and you know maybe the linebacker or safety bid on it. He's going to touch down so yeah you Those are there, you know, there's nasty, inner workings of the gains, but all you can judge can shouted do is make adjustments, but those are those are the place where you know those nightmares for you. What do you think about him? Are you try to readjust them in the future? I said you're them out rushmore corner in history. The nfl was that uncomfortable awkward. You hate that conversation, because feel out dive into this. I dive into this little bit so in this way, data day sports media world. kay there's this conversation wants you become like unbelievably good in its I recognise that everybody thinks you're really good, then only by does is pick apart. Why you're not the greatest, so they stop complex, People want you get really good.
it becomes why you're no longer the greater in somebody else is the greatest? Your name gets caught up in their conversational time on the internet. I know how tapped and you are about corners in the history of the game? Do you appreciate the fact a conversation in is that something you take very personal. It people say that you aren't, because of how much you gave to the game. you're able to accomplish eyes. You know. Sometimes you know it is like you have a folklore Or europe is like a mad because of the dirty work that you had actually due to two to be successful. And I mean at one point that was our dna. I mean body on Sunday knew that it did at the time fantasy, always actually are coming into play. It isn't just created in a sense, so you know I was at the moment.
you want to stay to darth vader tendency football law. Right. You have. That is a shirt jars. Certain I am on my maker. yeah, that's right through the door but later of fantasy football turns our already here, because you know a lot of hennessy football. You know players would. Ah you know they were actually sit there receiver down during that we give them the play against the just deepened so you know in any new known off season when you go places you if you would hear it by august meyer We were now. You know we played you guys or whatever I get time I just take. You know I've done instead work for lord thing, but while I was in the air where you know it was technology, the involvement of the latter there was a Stats were
now you can really focus on dvds. Past attempts by may pass attempts to turn. for much more, what about ratings at the time which is still born. I said his day, so I mean it. If you read me in a certain way, you know I was I was gonna do starting of all the nose, gonna stats really shut up in a recent arrests without a guy's as well. And you know that the those knows things still never once it is day I know wreckers or maybe we broke in sergeant. I think you know when you Sometimes we retire and you have to pay back everything in life in you hear some things that you have We saw a tunnel vision. You hear summit I believe in you know- I think there was it. There is a fact that always the the greatest season for corner
of our time in two thousand and nine and stuff. So once you start here these things, if you do have a sister proudly, you feel proud of it, but You know the ultimate day for me was wasted of wind championships. You know I want to stay. If you have five times when one tat you had five thousand, I didn't you. yeah, still a record in so is it no for me, a big you guys were programmer come from from of high school where job. As my data, which so long. I saw gilbert We have a lot of other players. Are I'm sorry for missing, buys name but yeah, mean there's, there's a sense of pride meeting from my school to to. Actually, wind championships and I wanted to do what the new york just as well. I think that's why I believe that he dragged me in the first round, because
you know the winning attitude. I would into the organization. Who is really all about for me as this is the wind bare legged. I had paternity to win. Wait, wait! Wait! What's on breaking into your patriots. forty, nine, and now that was now dream come true. You now for me, in a sense of just All the hard work in actually be arrival to him so many times in boozing to him some each, but at least we have here, is some so many nightmare that still have some thirty day like this, I'm interception it They are or whatever, but it's so hard to pick Tom Brady, often end I had so much fun. Battling in china to lie is enchanted ring the best out of it. Other eyes best we thought. So. Will you talk about the more rushmore? Stop I mean if people want to put me put me in that
harmonization on this incredible it. If we were different opinions. They are entitled to their pay and as far as well, I think you know my resume speaks for innocence in I'm just really I'm really proper ball expenses. Everything I could possibly do when it was my time here, ass, a legendary two thousand some answer you do like tv or no, not really I really know why you re on united states auction on his neck. The idea of being abused I don't know you know. I, like I told you before a biologist decompress they not take now. I'm getting a more fun I can give my flow back in. Ah, I dont know what within the next year, It will be for me I'll, be there be a lot of opportunities and options for me. So I just got aware mounting a really. You know
I got no look. I just met sir Charles barkley. The other day in airports. We exchange numbers and everything. In a first question he asked who like a deep, laid off and unlike the asset we are a little bit, but I see that we have not got your phone back. Do the sport is better. Ok, we'll be better. Or I love you exploiters caution the only one that leaves the game, because most nfl guys, let alone mount rushmore does most. Guys wherever they leave the game, it's somewhere wasn't there decision is the first time ever, That may be. Somebody said no more so first whenever you're away from the game and everything so a lot of guys go through that I'm fucking pumped, I'm telling you this is good news for everybody to be celebrated. Thou do for all your fuckin work, listen. I want to say this too much to massive. I mean you ran right, fuckin by me on the aspects that has ever bob ass than your workmen, because the amount of work that had to go into that
by just, as is the darth. you're a fancy for boy by disease? Are there not throw the ball this way. But if you're One of those place where there isn't a plank somebody's gonna try to get something on railway. This quarterback. Why receiver? So you do to live up to your own hype every single week. The amount of work and stress, I'm happy You're gonna be able to be celebrated, pow very happy for you, man, the boys have a couple since worries that ok, here's georgia, draw you mentioned, can see in the game change to a more offensive style. during your career, and we see all these receivers come in now and seems like have a thousand yard seasons their rookie year. Do you think it's harder for quarterback Stu to play now than it was maybe like ten years ago, figures there is more challenging yes for for a secondary to to play the position in the sense of you know there's always rule changes. You know the passing affairs is even though
you know, I think, a little bit on my way out now is deciding to retire, you know, there was always questions about. You know the pass interference, rules and How can we best play? You know, receivers across the board, so you know is very tough. You know the very strict with certainty when it comes to the present fares rule. What are you know? You're you're right I mean I mean even about all of us on here. I think you know I was being fans of sport. you know we watch very sanders carried about you, not thirty, forty forty times a game seen around. That is ok about them. boys, are the game and see the ten year? Guy but that of being now a passing league and and you know I tell you and everything needs gap, their secondary. I mean you need six society. In the same year,
If you need it, you need, you need a lot of depth. I remember even flam, you know, put a johnson and under rex ryan and and we doctor or secondary. We had at least about thirteen fourteen guys within our corners answer. These within our be wrong because in some guys that play their role. They play special teams as well, where we we have passed. It is on these events, where we might ask exercise indeed these actually on the football field. So this with this, There was a lot ability to be able to learn from either side. It filled we can disguise a lot of things on defence it is really go from there because it we look it is a weak. I got there can lock down across the board even our nickel back even down back we got a guy second lot, locker we had Jim Leonard, whose obviously the deepest coordinator, university of causing so I'll be becomes. A head goes very soul.
Are we on Gaza, Jim Leonard, knew who needed it is in and out. We are, hey guys who just came with their heads on it, and we were ready to lock up by art in our front seven What was really great? We had david errors, some other gases calvin pays and on auto we had barge add as well you're going to miss some guys, but you love. Everybody. You've said this before yeah yep yeah, the overall man we we just, we just looked at our diet. There's say we need a lease above we had about One thing I was not in our dd room, so in earnest In today's game you deeds is tat. You d be wrong. Because a passing league, now I mean, got your quarterbacks doin, sixty seventy time, the game, deadly disgust or nuts, You see our data car in oakland, many storm or body guards. Maybe you gotta start you d be roma. Las vegas can be passed. He said
We are going through a lot of shit right now. You say a little bit right at the top. The last question here. We can't thank you enough for your time. Guy economy I draw you mentioned, you still have a lot of friends in the jets building of a reached out to you too kind a mentor sauce gardener at all. Just because it took him out. before overall he's kind of a he's a bit, a corner, but obviously there is no one better mentor and the new year we spoke. I spoke to size, was here, settled? I think it was about a week later after he was drafted with overall, so yeah we we we have each other's number. Are we just want to continue to communicate as best we can? There's a lot other debbie's, on a jets in just secondary, lose whose reach out restart as well. So for me as it is really just gonna audiences New phase for me is a new
for me as well. It is I'm trying to you know figure out. Maybe my next chapter life and days at I'm doing but For years we have, as you know it The relationship is he's. Gonna began his by starting smoking. It appeared on a relationship is seen ass, a writer. You see that see how much you're getting. How much did you focus on jam was at mass on every single piece was at the biggest party to train boxing Neither did you do anything for you, train I wouldn't expect yeah yeah yeah. I've done a lot over my career. I've done a lot of kickboxing arm I think I was by the main thing really kickboxing at hand placement as your actually jamming guys are checked.
the dublin alone little little variety a little bit, but for the most part I think kickboxing was kind of my main priority in my main gig unnecessarily. Really trying to an placement that was must demonstrate you know, My weakness was playing off coverage. What are you know their insanity of us trying to try to reach perfection? Is I've worked on a lot of men coverages. Well, so where are you this guy's in a lot of ways when I'm playing off biology for you to figure it out, it's probably third or fourth quarter and is probably too late against, probably all of them yeah, probably I'd, probably why now you're receiver, so my club lamp raspberries that is length, even figure out detail, so yeah my mother, my strong point was with plan press coverage, pressmen savage and really just give net receivers space and really
as challenging him always throughout again. Did you talk you did you talk at all recent required on river silent other, I never really thought tries because you know you know why I felt that it was too much energy waste others. Too much time in it. If someone's it's a jar with mere talk charged. Me then try out of me I will speak up whatever I say, but for the most part, cottages really advantages. Really august. I you know my check needed and really I mean guys- are really do not easy to their not easy to cover. I mean they're, really, not I gotta give them a lot of credit. I mean we're back peddling backwards, sometime a narrow run at full speed at you. Sixteen seventeen eighteen miles an hour backpedaling
sterical had finally break off at any point, in your emphasis on your feet, fought not not now not really now, anyway, because anything anything in the body well. You know about my lord body malfunctions all the time. I tell you that it does not inspire us. Do you know you you get charlie wall. You get daylight that every once in a while, but yeah. You do down on a day to day some time so yeah you for your contribution, to the game. Thank you for coming on your can't wait to see more of you. Hopefully around and The best man enjoy your tuesday beg. You saw most guys greeting Ladies and gentlemen, the founder of river silent around did you know did, you can invest them. Crypto currencies through your retirement account. That's right without
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survivor age, a hot agent, rebus absolute dialogue on the field. I asked you get see a little bit of that in abuja, wouldn't interesting due to it. I don't know him personally, but captain respect. He ran right by me and my team. It can you do that to a lot of names here, five touchdowns I suppose they championship breakdown, aired heinz field bible. That's good. I say, as a good data choose the score five touched, I dont think it was abnormal. That would probably have everything else really happening on regular basis, just a great athlete joining us, the complete opposite.
is that a man who is an insider about the athletes AJ, your haircut, looks even better to route golfer senior nfl insider for the league and nfl dot com. Ladies and gentlemen, hosts a weekly wrap up with rap sheet and friends as being the friends he'd be enraptured rapoport that kind of got some ricochet shots and a burial there. But the sentence sounded great sorry, nothing! You can do about it. You do not look that athletic. I might be wrong, though, you'll be wrong. I got a great hands nice soft good for shipping good for catching a baseball and throw Adrian, our about ass adrian are about to ask. I literally saw come: can you throw a ball in catch a, but can you throw a football in catch of football I certainly can I played by three sports in high school. Thank you very much story. Gripe to play. Try to play baseball colombia was not good enough.
And up as a lightweight road for four years and was also not very good, but I did placed on lesser spoken can't can use well in catch throw in. I got some game. Ok are listen. Happily, I can't I can't kick a lot of things them. While everybody socks kicking and then everybody says getting so easy. I was so easy, then why are you suck at around like that? You get character, none the less! Let's move on in this aaron Donald deal was negotiated at sean mcveigh wedding and what are the actual numbers for this in tell us why the salary cap should be thought about at all with any decision that mainly nfl at this point it starts with the when this deal was done, because I thought that you We were talking about, maybe coming on yesterday around two hundred and thirty eastern time. I was very happy about that, because I thought that he was going to come in and sign around like two hundred and forty five,
so we get it mid, show all and then an end up being, like four thirty gives you wanted the catch you work out so often, but but I might have witnessed, I gotta put its weed out another we'll come back. There would come back No, I think this was basically most we done, probably by thursday or friday. Some things, they were trying to figure out the last year like what happens if he retires. How do you deal with the salary cuts? How can you make it makes sense for the rooms in the latter? Dear so wasn't totally done, but I would say, by thursday friday are probably had a good sense. This was happening show when knowing that ends they go to the wedding. All I can think about just selfishly of course, is: I hope it does get out at the wedding, because then I wouldn't get to break it, and I would be very sad scumbag, but you know I didn't sell. That was the winner and then, as far as sorry, cap goes its back.
It's not it's, not the lettuce. Bides names like the rams have done. Is they keep pushing it into a future and its eventually they're going to have to pay. Well now tell it clean, jovial everyone when an amateur everyone keeps with the same thing about the saint to now, for I will say this about the rams to do what the rams have done, which is to pay top dollar for your very, very best players, which is matthew, stafford, which is aaron donald cooper, cop propaganda get a huge extension J was no booms, megan, twelve million. You have You hit on your knees and lay round dropping and they have crushed it, so they make it work by drafting late round players fantastically. Not all teams do that. that's how they went in with your every doubt that right, donald would retire in this in the rams, wouldn't come to the table and Jim what he wanted? Yes, yes, I I feel
there was some yesterday sometimes yesterday, appeal, like while he was there we're going to retire like lower hopefully moments covering this like pretty closely. I thought he was going to retire. There were definitely moments because he is a different dude like we said before, he has literally accomplished everything. Thirty one if we were to say I'm good, you know like he wanted to be paid top down wanted to raise if the rams weren't gonna do it like. I think he would have been ok retiring and I think that was real. I didn't come to that You think that was real. That's awesome! That's great leverage to have a really comfortable People call me the greatest football player on earth call superbowl champion. call There are a lot of money call, I believe, he's married. You an agent was something like that. I think they are going to continue to have great success off the field. Call on good you already, Some continue fight against two to three men. Every single sunday for you, I'm on it
top dollar and they were able to make it work. Why was the potentially going to retire because they didn't think they were going to be able to work it into the fake salary cap? go on now, because I think it s a while to this contract was really unprecedented. Like we'll talk, like new money and extensions based on how they dollars or in the future and what's guaranteed, this was no new year's, so you literally cannot calculate the wiles, though, didn't digital for years on end here. Those are fake. Those don't count. Those Those are just salaries recycling why we asked what are they gonna say what you just said say there five eight years for the sound work. They count against the capital, not actual money. You know it's like member when tastes him he'll got that each contracting? Nobody lost your mind. Yes, we do for years hundred sixty million or something like that was dozing avoidable,
the gears, by the way that was back when you were reporting those numbers as the actual numbers, remember that it was like no. No here's the actual deal. This is what we're actually talking about this. It is easy to figure out, because there are no new years. It is just a raise an and he and overlying you're my left undone. Five years left on his deal. He had three years left, it's a threerd you, but three years avoided money on the back end with a two year deal of guarantee. There's two years avoided money on the back in which don't count. So basically, what this deal is its two years for sixty five What a great tool is a lot of words lie: geiger lobby at ensuring that starting new paragraph you and tell us terrible thing on the paragraph break, while they were salad then you going on it. It is a lot of words out. I was there
tat there. S got his love, babylonia taught riots in there. You know I thought france authorizing the todd. Absolutely didn't deals done by yours, but it's all set We know it. You know any was tie your question, for yeah rapture fears is saying it's all. Thank you we know it. Hats off against red I don't know if you have any more information that and than we do with this book, like the de watson situation. Is that still kind of just dislike book club down at or now that there are new accusations. Like does that kind of just unwrapped? This whole thing again, I dont think its close the way the nfl was viewing it was, their investigation was coming to a close. Usually dijon. Watson is the last in the usual subjects as the last person it attributes that happened, the tools you two or three weeks ago in Houston. For several days the nfl, then. Obviously we have the two new offshoots twenty three and twenty four
the innovative remained in contact with him, because what they do is they basic cross check the information they have, but the destination, wasn't closed so I mean the innovators looked into every lawsuit. They voted every allegation. They have talked to the genre in about every hour. Asian and every question after him, so that is continuing now, so I dont believe it's over now believe any decision has been made but like this is why There is no rush to do anything into really have to in case something. This comes out and is who is important, open your eyes to something in case you have to discuss for the contract. Potential here from the grave and brands and shown watson with its twenty fourth allegation- I guess was the matter I have not heard any discussion of of avoided contract at all, have not heard that as part of the discussion
connor, go ahead! Well, yeah rap sheet! Debo samuel is reporting to many kim. So can you confirm that for six weeks we talked about a story that was absolutely nothing and when do you think we can expect a deal? down between the nitrogen him The best case for the forty niners is that we all wasted a lot of time, but let me just add for those people Maybe listening to me right now who do operate a daily. You know and radio shouldered depots them. It was pretty good do for about six weeks. Deborah Sammy was great for can't conversation fodder, but we don t everything to deal is gonna get done here. Oars issues, timing, thing I'd still to see what ends up happening here right like they very clear about now wanting to trade him, and I believe that, because rarely region the gm say I would be done to trade. I'm not trading and then actually doing right. Your people talk around things, but that was pretty clear. The forty nine years have done a couple of things
They ve been talking you in the last couple days trying to get him to come in, So he comes in many camp. He does not get find a hundred thousand dollars, which is good because people alike, fine avoids, come with the missing the for medical or just a ninety five thousand dollars in funds. As all that I believe, due to failure to practice clause. The guaranteed money would be We need to give our verdict same inside of a thousand hours, but it's much more. right? I mean it's much much more for most contracts, rightly, Well for him, they're not gonna cut him, so it doesn't matter. But yes, it does for a lot of people. Would it would change some things, but so what the forty honours I think have done is try to say to him. we are not going to use you as a running back. They drafted a running back in the third round. They have a couple of good players running backs coming back from last year: I think they'd like to use them on the gadget place, but not give it to him between the tackles fifteen times. That is something that actually speaks maybe louder than a new contract. So what
actually does he want more? Does he want to be paid as receiver orders? You want less, carries and not to deploy iranian both wants to be paid as a receiver. Any doesn't look like this contract is great, but he doesn't want to be as only contract them, we see what happens to running backs like they get beat up, and he doesn't it's actually like really forward thinking and smart. I give really is, I agree I concur completely, but if they would pay for him, to be a top wide receiver and then sprinkle a little running back juice on there as well. I think all would be aid. While you see a deal, get done here and now It is now They got a lot of work to do to get a done. I think it is possible, but it's not one of those roads, their gods. It's gonna get done just wait. Two or three like I'm not it is a real. It's really really hard. One has now tyler- think
yeah. I'm a quarter by contracts generally get done and they ve been very clear about, including on your shall, I believe, right yet that is one I think, there's a couple other really good players that we talked about it like cooper, cop, probably eventually. The deal, mcafee, others a couple other really good ones, quite ass and nelson. My turn course learn their term recurrent talkin Jimmy Jimmy Jane, who knows, He was like you I don't use from man for many camp, is that because they have done for them, don't you know you to me? I don't even think that this in tray lances deems that what it is now? I think it's just that there's a couple reasons. One amity was gonna do anyway, like you still ray, having from the us
there's a like how lovely mass users ivory, azure beer, you act as if they don't have doctors and trainers and physical therapists at the minors, which sounds like a doll in getting is reinforced, shorter elsewhere, probably right move any was right when he I think you wanna go round on the on the rehab and I think he's seen his own people so delayed to have him and out there and then everyone asking questions like it's it's weird situation. I know they still like to trade him I know it's still. Probably I imagine would like to be a starting quarterback somewhere, not of the fight for his job. It was better to stay away until they figure this thing out, this. Is the guy right here, two percent, this is a clear sign of that. I might be crazy. I might be crazy, but am I still think there is a chance? Let's say your upload gets cleared.
In mid, may know nothin like two weeks, but in early august. What if it comes to cabin, is the better quarterback and drank, and they have to start so. I just I'm still keeping, nor is it they can't radon. He didn't led him to the fire. Flash of light the championship fantasy super bowl. I mean that mother fucker has been there yeah, so there's no crime in having a developing, really talented quarterback. Just wait a little bit longer like a man for camp. You think he would have the person back in a mini budgets, is gonna. Stand there anyway also means. I'm gonna give me that an ok, so dont report about people, macedonians stuff in place. Well, I understand we got nothing to do in journalism guy at the time he not so much a question but more of a requester. We have an idea in this offense that broncos country,
less was was probably eighteen. Three and arrests, baby creation creation can you find out that was a restoration, a broncos creation for us. I will, will definitely find out. I've actually wondered the same. I've been you're! A sad melodic was now you're law. Just like us that citizens that's what it may now. I I made in the nice way so anyway, but just us even thinking that, like all the rest create ever the brok as great that we're assholes immediately. If you have any, can aid Zebedee contacts inside our team, three I've I've contacts Multiple figure this out penetrated, and I was I was on. I was on the same page with you guys, though, when it came to the the social media post, they do such a good job in denver, and I was like oh no, no, no, no
oh yeah, they want a widely that matters. I forgot about this. How do they do great work there in a lot of the social media teams do great work, but also, let's look out for the players, But why is a terrible? How about you? the nfl, the actual nfl social media at the rope. And if anything, that these guys are for god, you probably don't get buried at all, but are doing whatever they can for the nfl and then Somebody says I upload files inscribe here until of you, and I need your video instead and then Put on top of it, I just one see how long they stand a fuckin forever you're the other. Well, that's what they would do. You know where you can, gonna run that up to paul well, whether be great I'll talk to my people. That seems like a funny internet gag, hires, wires, owl out I'll. Tell them figure funny. If that helps not other great urban It might work, but there are definitely misses where it seems like they're, just saying: oh fuck, the players were just making. Please contact the players always concert. Let's remember that. Okay, you don't have to bury people to have good content. I believe
something we approve, except for one. This guy Gonzalez fucking lies toward me. You're to someone to your africa. These guys, sorry about anyway, you're the best man we personality great, seeing you again. it's a new I'm going to get back to work today once yeah, okay, yeah. We see that potter right behind you. Just waiting knocking, some might think putting a lot. It has helped literally zero, and I'm learning that as well. Ladies and gentlemen, ian Rapoport, thank you rap sheet and we go right into our briefs. Watch sports ocean else This is real. Sharp. This annul shall vulgarity try to get out. I love talk and because he tries give away what he knows in some of his answers, but it can't help himself who nor manager. yeah, and he obviously feels very good about breaking news via twitter. So so make sure he doesn't break anything on here. Bottling make sure you follow him at Perhaps you actually calmly
and say that about you reduce makes me think, like an allocation of minors are bullies all trail heads of that sort of thing. stoke know he's wrong he's wrong. They would be, he would be at the mandatory minicamp if there was any thought of him playing for them this year joining us now. Author of the money morning. Quarterback sports illustrated absolute stud formerly of the ball Global did not know that. Ladies and gentlemen, I will bring some guys. It's up. Are you a mass all? I don't know that I didn't yeah yeah- I am, I am a also AJ knows agent knows that I got a member recruiting class on my wall behind me, actually who's that all claret I fancy louder. I raised a rally fresh. You're right there for him. National right of congratulation
as as it was your asshole and an ohioan. I couldn't even fathom what this conversation is going to look like this might be the most toxic thing of all time. I can't wait to dive into it. I we're we're just chatting there. You know within any incomes on our show a lot, we're very thankful for it and he's an insider. That's his job boom he's trying to get news trying to break news. He's got two phones, he never stops. He likes pez dispensers in Harry potter, but, most importantly likes a good scoop. Okay, that's what ian rapoport sends you for you. Are you doing the same game? You just wait like an entire week for that Monday morning. Quarterback. How does your whole thing go? It's a little different! I mean I would say it's a little bit more and like, I would say, depth like with I do like sobering like the rustle wilson? Trade ends like fight like hell to get the scoop there, and to be the first one to put it out that he's going to the broncos. I I am like basic.
working the whole time on background to make sure I can tell everybody exactly how it happened. How can I have to be ready for it to happen ahead of time? This armenians, jobs are alike. I have to be ready for it to happen ahead of time, so I can sound informed when I'm talking about it before it happens. So I'd say like our jobs or a meaning and used to work together to so I am gaiety in haiti. Because how can you hate the short? Oh, my god, okay, everybody seems like he and I didn't know he was that short, though noticeably shorter. oh yeah, using notice. They treat him a little differently on informing me that reserve or we will Oh yeah wasn't energy like when he and I did succeed together. This isn't even alive.
he had to spend on a box. I guess you're sent all our friends our guy on average about that are even more. That's basil, ohio with asia. Your question albert. What are you? What are you working on right now? Dare to explain to us? What may and like the next big breaking story or you you know, what's going on with baker, do you know what's going on with possibly with the shot watching what's happening out there yeah sean thing sort of its dominating a lot of the conversation. I would say that I'm having and I think no one really knows what the number of games is going to be, and I think the what happened over the course of last week. This interesting, I, like the twenty fourth case. The twenty fourth case wasn't, as acted I think as the twenty third and I think that there is an important new wants in the way these things have happened in that. I think
the expectation from a week from the brow of the twentyth are lost. Who could come? I latest wine is at least a little bit of a surprise to the Lee. I'm not sure that the sean told the brows, and I think there going to be some questions about. You know how it front dijon I I don't know whether he was completely up front or a hit up hit, hid the fact that this That happened at all, but I think that's a pretty big thing and then I'm here, Tyler's contract, Lamar's contract. Those are big ones to follow, the gradual wilson guest until next year. And then I think, of course, like debo Samuel, nick, both like some other things, go on san francisco and, of course you know a day there too, the quarterback trade market should be interesting. I'd say once we get past the off season programmes are users on the phones all day in whose giving is our Four, given you thoughts on other situations from what they ve heard. Or how do you
and how do you get these relationships of people to be like yeah I'll break I was gonna, be the guy that we get into, because that's, his game is right. I mean the relationship game. Is the game right at this point yeah, I would say, like I build the relationships the same way. I build my personal relationships and I mean That means being indianapolis up till four in the morning. Some time travelling around camp to camp in the summer, it means being at owners meetings. It just means you're, building relationships, the same way you build relationships and having running conversations. What people the same way, you would have run in conversations with people in your personal life, and I, Opera, this, why do you like I said this to a couple: a college, kids yesterday, if you go to somebody you haven't talked to in two years and ask them something even if you know them,
we're, probably not going to give you anything right like they're, probably gonna, be like? Why is this guy hitting me up now or if you've had a running conversation with somebody or you've already established that relationship then the more willing to. Let me more willing to help you in those sorts of situation. So that's the way I have always done it like I. I the relationships. The same now build build relationships. My personal I've seen a lot of times. I me hey, who are the guys you trust most from high school in college, guys, you saw you face down a ditch right like so sometimes that sort of thing I end with greece it's okay, you know you've I've seen you know, you know we, then the Roy Roy l to the o g has seen kendall yeah. All I got into succession now, but I know you don't have enough time covering the nfl war. Water, so so many references I went to high school with is one of the stars of succession jeremy, strong that canada has can't do what you want to high school with that guy he's a mascot yup
him and Chris evans him salmon. Captain America almost a year, so yeah germany's a year older than me, and Chris Evans a year younger than either saying the same thing by the way that you're saying right now, they're saying I our breyer half an hour s, what's paychecks with them what's eyes, full in february, outside of bosses public icicle to us now privatized all risk amazon who was on here that had cookies at nine, so he was up and there was an interesting bow on hill women and made sense, but it was certainly a I didn't know. People actually were doing that we're fighting for mexican pizzas on wednesday, so fifty cents and stuff on absolutely did and so Peter king did. I get this right. Peter king left Monday morning, quarterback handed it to you. You were chosen by him by sports, illustrated the now he's your number one competition utah
we're doing the same thing every single week now you're, both so talented. So I think every you broadly share the debt, I would assume demos the exact same reading, both among parents and shore probably have some breyer maniacs and he's probably got some piquet for fanatics if people or whatever the governor but both we already, both from due to communicate with each other how's the friendship you guys in how did that whole transition go? I didn't women. I don't like this, for you guys broiling, think, like the people who I hate you follow you closer than the people who, like you, that's the way. It is for you guys to write yeah a lot lot. Yeah, I mean that's the only reason why this thing has to succeed. All the people who hate me like you seem to know everything that I've ever said or written or anything else. Yeah peter arm Sophia actually hired me was the one who recruited me from nfl network in sixteen and amount of hiring men, and he- and I had talked about the idea- why is a contract being up in two years and what he handed off to me and it wasn't like
most of the time. I was sort of understood that if I did a good job that I'd be in position for that and on weekend, you know what I didn't know is that I will be in direct competition with them just an interesting but I'm great friends appear he's been awesome to me and he's been also so many young people in our business. And I would say, like I am so much better for like having to compete with him. Every week like I have to be on my toes every single week, as I know, is going to have some good and I guess like anything else like, Titian always makes me better. a what venue. Do you get the most information that combine pro days senior bowl? Where do you think you can get the most work done in your your field of work I would say. combines good
those combine, you just have more casual conversations with people and the like. So much business gets done there. Like. I don't know, I mean I am sure you guys know this, but almost to the general public knows that. So such a small percentage of, like what's happening, combine is actually like guys running fortys and when the vertical jump and all that different stuff, like there's a tonic, off to set up the nfl off season that goes on there. You know it's also. The place where going to have operated conversations with people will help you sort of understand the way things are going to go in the weeks to come. so commas go just because the one of that we're everybody's in one place owners meetings. It's like even the big owners meeting that meeting that's only head coaches and general managers. combine the one where every assistant coaches there every scouts there if you're, going to have conversations with these guys at ten in the morning you're going to have conversations with these guys at one in the morning and so like you're able to kind of, I guess
like sort of build, an understanding for where the league is going, and that's also like where you build your relationship. So in your texting was somebody to later they know ye. Are you know what I mean like an it takes years and years and years to get people to trust you and the combine like one of the places where that trust his bill? While we're happy it happens in this city who die, keep it in the art of war. It I'm one hundred, I am one hundred that behind you guys on that screw dallas screw our people in india in ours. say it louder, for the people want to run away screw dallas, okay! Well, I just need you to get to the one in the morning. Don't forget to remind folks and every monday, if you have to play the second monday of each month, you do what you gotta do and remind I heard andy's stepping up to they're, going to close south street, for the car yeah. We heard that we looked at that south street sought the right one. I think georgia's oriental right street. The shuttle weight is it, which was as which was the straight that they had the was,
like that, what you could do like of what That thing is where you fly like the zip line. They say that the giant zip line during super bowl week. What was that? What street was the sos? There was a bunch of illinois, georgia and south everything was shut down for the super bowl. Basically, the entire block was shut down, thereby walks from what you have just read the one that has that incredible statue of the guy on the line. Et cetera onward, where the lights and then it goes right to the convention's senators bars on their like that's the one I think that is, but so Whitaker may gossip, hey they'll, make it awesome phone it'll be great. They want fans to go to that thing is out there. Looking for you, that's what they're looking to do. Yeah I mean like the whole thing, is about getting better fan, engagement and turning it into more of an event which is like everything now said the same thing as the draft that the idea is to make it more of a fan of vat and that's why they did relating to put more fans in the stands, because they want people to travel in from other places and the other
we get people to travel in from other places, to put more events around the actual that, so are you going to have those conversations, though albert sorry, to cut you off if others, if these fans start coming out, Stay counts. The world robbers work gives done coaches and gm might not feel comfortable. That's what I get so pissed all J one. What that's why you get so pissed off when people right about where these things are happening, because when people write about these things that are actually rising, it's all I saw so and so and so, and so it was a house acts like then those guys are gonna stop going there. You know, I mean, like shreds at a meeting at seven o five pm with a gm at tony's, spread the place down here? He told us that on the air, and then he did follow up with a text like shown is said exactly where I guess, there's people that are showing up out here. It's like yeah, that's just I mean that's. The key do not say where these people are going because they will stop going there if you make it public, especially if you ve got every time
I can hear you from across the midwest drive in love, haven't heard that in a long time to albert you mentioned your relationship with Peter king, do you ever like gift community stay with him about what you guys are writing about, especially if you worked on room. I'm assuming you have similar sources are some people that you are mutual acquaintances like. Do you ever worry about, like oh shit, we're gonna end up writing the same stuff on Monday know because I mean like we're sort of in direct competition with each other and there's going to be times when it's like inevitable that that's going to happen. You know like when, when something big happens in the league, whether it's a trade or you know, I even like during the season like no something wild happens in a game at the clock like it like. I know it's my job to. Do better than he is doing it that day. That's all you know in and we like we'll talk. the back end, you know about stuff, goes like I have a full understanding now of like how hard it is to to do what he's done and I'm still astounded that he still doing it and do a sixties like the ability to stay.
Up all night on sunday nights during the season and to have the stamina to do that, like forty, five years is frightened. credible. So we don't It's not like we plan anything out but like on the back end like if he has something good I'll, shoot him attacks and say good job on this you're saying the same same thing. If I, if I do something that he likes, though I would say it's like more just, you know acknowledging when somebody else did a good job on the back and which I think it's a healthy competition cause. You know I want to rip his face off and we're in it and he wants to rip my face off and we're in it, but we've been able to maintain a good relationship. You know, regardless of all that, while you're trying,
the space, often reading you say, began still got fast. We are saying here that former rapporteur two dozen obsolete acts as you gotta do actually ripping anybody's face. We now have is the problem of society. There is a lot of people say and stuff, and that cannot be in the same as what they meant. You don't owe me, hopefully, aka, cancel for that comment. Now, when I came my shop and try to rub irrational face, I found what you gonna do. Illiteracy, I don't have to take very bad strength, so you're up all night are on sunday you not sleeping that's a terrible night for like is it stood in the audio and when you think about no during the siege now I mean the options aside that but at but during the season, sort of inevitable, because, like that column like it's nine ten thousand words- and I really going to sunday with without a lot of its time, because how anybody wants to hear about on Monday morning, as has happened in the games and so I ve got a sort of a just as I go, and we I can actions as I go and
so you know you get out of the one o clock aims, and you think this is the big stories like ok I'll, start working on this and then something crazier happens at four o clock or something really wild happens at eight o clock, you got to adjust, and so that's why you know pretty much. Every week you might have staying up till four five in the morning and that's challenging especially young kids, but like I've, sort of like taught myself like to go on like two or three hours sleep on Monday and then just kind of get myself through the day, get myself through the Monday night game and then, when I wake up tuesday morning, I'm sort of reset all the way back. I think I learned on home improvement. He can't make up for sleep lost the day before and can make it there's no such thing as makeup. You might be more tired, but he ain't going back to one hundred, even though your warp says no, you aren't. I mean I go like I'll. Try you try, like. I gotta go for a run to try to like get the blood flowing, but nothing really I mean now. Even that might work
like an hour and then you sit down and it's like. Oh I'm, still just dog ass, tires. Eighty nine thousand words. You said how many scrolls is that who's reading? That, too, is how many scrolls well, you know what I try to do, though, like I know I know like not as people read the whole thing you do not do you know that other people are taking? No, I know that year and like I try to give everybody something like so especially during the season I'm trying to hit every game. I am trying to have something on every game. In there this unique, indifferent and like and I know like- and we know this from the numbers- and this goes back to one peter- was there and they studied the analytics on and on how his column was consumed like a lot the times it's like people scroll down. They just want the notes you now it's, not if the leaders and about their team but the idea is to kind of like give an overarching view of the league and, like a thirty thousand foot view of the lie, whether it's in season or out of season and so yeah you're, a local writer, huh
you're a national local writer. You have to write about fucking team in a local fashion, a little bit yeah, what you have to understand, what people care about two eyes: it s the biggest thing like I'm trying to light so it We got a car like the so sometimes stuff get served up tee and it's like I did that historically guy metal, but the russia wilson trade like that was obvious, like that weak, that's what I was going to be coming out of the draft like I picked, the says I thought the most interesting team. I love what the eagles there are other weeks. Were you just got a kind of like think of something like what's gonna interests, everybody so this week. I d carson once like, so that that was like sort of more I think this is sort of an interesting story, because this is a guy who was a high draft pick as three fanbases. That would have trust in this ad it's a quarterback. You know so I am sorry to have to I guess, with a pig's big parts of it might be like. What's the most was the highest person,
people going to care about, and then after that, yeah yeah africa have an idea of what like each fan base, might want to read about any. Why try to engage every one of them at least every few weeks, because you don't want to like the guy warwick lose jacksonville and cause. I didn't say something about them for weeks in a row, so that's sort of the way that you like or try to locate the day. dressing. Up like clans, gonna gapes. Now they beat quarterback that you're talkin about India knocked the court's out of the playoffs so braun very loves coarser once follow up. Thank you putting us in that, you know, are let's ride. Video was in there. That's why I realize fantastic by the way. You will appreciate that. That's all we do every hour, We do real, or I think I'll put you guys in there are few tat. I always check our ship a fee when I'm doing that like because of the internet such while. We appreciate that, Thank you so much guided our what
like you're you're go to your fallback team or group of players. You can write about. If you don't have anything. I know this is always gonna be good. the cowboys yeah, like the cowboys. I would say I wonder what are the ones that both the needle getting everybody dry, everyone catches about it right like every we better about it like. Why are you hammering the cowboys, and then you know what happens? They turn the tv they click the store in the story, they click the thing on social media that says cowboys on it like it is humans. Us astronomy is true. We do I mean we were actually told her. You talk but talk cowboys the this, that's what we were told by somebody one time it was like. Well, we're not gonna. Do that and then it's not about cowboys. You look at the numbers. It's like. Well, there's a reason that there is a form of that not the cowboys do numbers and that what we can at the beginning. You said the people, the age of the most soon watch my stuff. It feels like that is the cow. Yes, almost imo. At this point, the airline-
their caught back like their clicking on the story, so they can bitch in the back end about you. Having done the store, I won't let you read the comments oh, I haven't, read either read comment now on twitter, it's hard to avoid, so I will sometimes I'll scroll. Through the comments on twitter, story like. I don't think I've read the comments and, like fifteen smart, I stop doing that. Alongside our veteran game, pique I gave a game guy got along the lot of new england are saying protrusions. The policy is not just something that you knows. Gonna start that way and then judge your problem. Take the reins one week or what are you hearing what's so interesting about this is like that. I think a lot of it like his base bill wanting to create content? woody back into the building they by so many people last five or six years, and so for example, like Eliot, wolf, their number two in personnel right and He got to gm interviews this. season he's in lisbon, the number two and three different places, and yet
like this, you that the scout macro becomes the replacement for Dave, ziegler and the same thing sort of happen on offense, where I think the reason I build didn't go for the obvious choice here and o Brien was that he was afraid if he brought bill o brien back from alabama. He would lose any year like a girl bride knocked out of the park with mac. Then our like now we're going to lose him, we're going to be right back to square one. Is that the right way to do hiring? I would argue, maybe not, but They are rebuilding the orphans behind me, patricia who is working with the offensive line and is the de facto for now run. Game coordinator and Joe judge is coat coaching the quarterbacks and is the de facto passing coordinator, and I think those guys are being forthright when they say, like a decision really hasn't been made on who's going to be the play caller, I wouldn't rule out bill being the play caller either if he doesn't think that things are where they need to be in august. I would love to, meeting
Bring in Joe and Matt sit him down. I was hoping one of you would pull away from the other personally, both instinct You can't make it do thundered omen and in training camps we like to thundered them conversation. How the camps will you travel to albert last year I think I did twenty five barcelona bus our view. What are you doing here? I so I like driving through the mid west. So Eric is like there is an obvious I went to school out there and everything else so out are usually fly into a midwife city either on the east side of the west side, so I may fly to cleveland and then drive west or fly like minneapolis, dr ease. And so I I'll do drive across the midwest y'all. Do l a cause? Three teams there with the cowboys there now and then generally I'll, do something on these powers, so I dropped is much like actually like driving like. I don't like this measure. The way airports are now
I would rather be able like control my schedule that way where I can leave when I want to leave and if somebody wants to meet with me later in the day and do that I can accommodate them other actually like to drive as much of it is. I can, but I want to reinforce nowadays when one or airports like nowadays, albert god, awful I haven't been- why me I'm aid, I paid nine hundred bucks to fly, to the owners. Meetings in atlanta from Boston Ass a couple weeks ago I mean like and the way that they're cancelling flights now to you guys been through this, so bad yeah, yeah, so bad. So we went on vacation in march right and they have like every every day they got three flights from boston to palm beach, and so by the flights whatever a couple months ahead of time, my wife and my three kids are flying down to florida and they cancel the other two flights and
put us on like the eight pm, what you can't do with little kids. You know so now, all of a sudden this. Why we book two months in advance, you gotta fly through new york to get to to pump. So it's just all this stuff is like It's a disaster flying nowadays year, absolute disaster, either you're mad about the mask a man on the road, ass death How was your trip? I mean it's over now, yeah, you don't need to wear a mask anymore, so we're good. We do. We say it over the what You say not me, I'm a same three were I said what you trying to do Let us just say it outright. Three words. We don't have to wear a mask anymore. That's a lot of words! That's too many words that wasn't theory. What does that? I mean? Eighty, nine thousand words. You think you don't understand how to count for what you were just kind of implying towards right there. We then at your word, if you don't lose, what do you do you good now? like
honestly like through the whole thing I was more of a whatever yet tell me to do I'll. Do it like. I don't I somebody asked me a couple weeks ago, like am I still wearing among planes, and I said no am I but I don't really have a good strong opinion either way like whatever Tell me to do I'll do so what we wanted. She says we be covered yeah. That sounds. That sounds like you are what, like usa, one cope with the world at this point. We should we should view this as a world fight, because now not every. Countries, although back and people will still passing information at is a terrible thing, but that was a long fight. It was a long was that was a long fight and I feel like since we're on the other side of not listening, it's going to be around and there are a lot of tear it was terrible. It was the worst thing that I've ever expert. I assume I dunno if anybody will ever be able to for the rest of my life. I've no idea if anything will be able to be comparable to what covered
shut down the whole world. No sports, no life, nothing! The entire world talking about judson indiana Pittsburgh no done up the entire fucking globe had thing to do. There was nothing yet here I am pigeon about having to fly with a connection doesn't allow another side of it. Though there is a lot of problems here, supply chain. Obviously, working, however, then goes I mean if it is ratified the entire world, but feels like we're back we all tat was what does that we be given, so we should be celebrating. I then, if I see if I hear about new regulations burglars, unlike what do they know that we don't know, because if we're getting back into this I'd like to know is I'd like to not die, you know that is something to be pretty cool like to continue live, be covered thrive two years with continue to do so, but
it's hard to hear that here, but if you are a great way to become dire connor, I are sorry. It's own decks. Go ahead! Pal yeah, our correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like you did a kind of a piece on colbert after the last his final draft and that I've seen you do some stuff on omar khan. Do you think the anti johnson, and make a patrick both get contracts before the season. I think one of a maybe what you read on our market is in asia You know I think almost gonna be somebody who delegated understands the big picture, and like he's, been involved in every facet of the organization. Like he's been in a war with all with the owner and at the ownership level on certain things. so I think he's got like a really solid understanding. The way that everything works- and as our understanding and like my tomlins gotta, be the guy out front, which is why one of Kevin Colbert biggest strikes is going different because all mars and a scout, the way that you care
and came up his escape it that's why they had hired any wider. It's fun is like mink bianti. I would be anti probably not just because I The receiver market has gone crazy. I think they're going to try with manka, speak to me, like mink us, maybe a little bit more realistic because the safety, the price of safety's Still. I can that fifteen sixteen range where ya like, most incorrect getting eighteen million a year if you're bianti johnson is smart move for you to take a little bit last thursday in pittsburgh, or is it to try? I have a great year and then your chances in free agency next year, like my guess, would be the equation for deontay johnson might be a little bit different than it is for minka albert. We appreciate you joining us man. What do you think? Pop's next contract news: do you think a trade maybe what's going on with Jimmy g baker, all that stuff? You think any of that happens anytime soon. I think Also, I think the she's gonna happen in July.
ok, that punishment. That's a punishment happening and lively. The punishment happens in July because the discovery deadlines june thirtieth- that's the big one. That, though, the ayatollahs waiting for I think fishermen happened. I think they did. The sanctions come in July. and then I would say to you once we get past next week. You're gonna, hear more about baker and you're gonna hear more about Jimmy browns had been willing to take on like a pretty big portion of baker, Salvador my understanding as their will and they ve already like off. They take on nine or ten million dollars of his money. So The question can be: they want to go a little further than that Jimmy it just about getting him to the point where we can throw again, and so, if you can demonstrate he can throw at the end of the month, wishes sort of the target I think the dynamic, a change with him a little bit too and people same teams are interested in both of those guys caroline as the one that I think carolinas
the approach they taken here, as we want to get a look at sam donald Bene: mackadoo office. We want to get a look at mackerel, how he comes along coming from a simplistic college off beds, and then we're going to reassess after we're done what the off season programme. So that's why I'm sam like in about week and a half carolina, seattle, like those too I think going to have probably better overall idea where they are a quarterback and that's when I think of talks yeah resume between weathered san francisco and carolina play and carolina seattle and san francisco, whatever it is like the combination, those teams are, I think, some of those talks probably get candle at the end of next week. Our two done. Law and got it if we had a hard out at fifty two zero zero, not your fault, my fault, the national question leading into it because it got lost in the conversation soon as you I've done. It was fifty one, fifty nine, our two dont boom. We send it to break, that's called hosting.
I bought it earlier. Sorry, I'm sorry did I did I blow the clock there. Now I did by asking you a question with forty seconds left to a hard out. That's bad, hosting a good hosting get back, throw a pick, throw touchdown on the other side. I've been told, I've been told. I can be a little. I could probably be a little more concise with my words to know you've, given us great answers. We appreciate that that, like don't you this one hundred percent, my fault, but the reason why I chimed in there like I was throwing up on your answer was because we had half a second, but we appreciate your information. Are you have given us answers that we have been able to find the july the sean watson punishment from the nfl big news I bought you each other. jimmy conversation, because the weakening have posed and so many gaps in our seas and things for teams evaluate the quarterback great peace information there. I appreciate the hell out of you: I will I appreciate you pat. They found me on mass hole that to ohio state, I could not even fathom how com, or is it a prank
My fun fact was my fun fact was that a the books behind AJ are fake, like I think you told me that oh there's one real book, maybe you do get a little bit too long when that chocolate. We appreciate the hell out of me and hopefully you'll come back on again. Thanks guys. I appreciate, ladies and gentlemen, monday morning, quarterback author for sports illustrated I joining us now, a man who was run a company from a couple million dollars up to a five billion dollar valuation and absolute stuff a business man, international relations, so much so that this weekend, you see to seventy five is actually hosting its first ever interview in southeast asia. Singapore they've been there four times before this will make the fifth it'll be the biggest the baddest, with a light heavyweight championship on the line as the marquee fight. Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the usa, Dana white Dana, what's up now or not the fear
I don't I read in the: u s: e g, seventy five congrats on having first ever paper view in southeast asia. That's what we're here. What's up my note, we might have just say that we have one of the best in turn. Programmes in all of sports and forty eight and turns here now before the summer, and yesterday I hope the all like you're not to have been here for like a week and whenever and where the big topics of discussion yesterday. At the interim meeting. Was you and what you red and on what you built ass. You know how all these kids look up to you. It was pretty cold in here. So congratulations to you. I thought I'd share that with you Thank you for that. That's awesome! What did you say? Guy wears tank top little bit of a climb to save be a little bit more perfect. Now I appreciate that so much as a thank you to all your interns to like nothing but love, and hopefully they take advantage of the opportunity to be in the? U f, c: okay, that's a huge, I urge your company goes only companies? I think that a really you know, founders
basically still around some bad motherfuckers go in there awesome and tell them all. Thank you. I would like to ask what you thought here that he's got a big fuckin brain pga towards you kept. With this. At all. You know it's going over. This, what is ok, J tore. Since then, time, I guess they never paid any their golfers percent pay their own travel, their own hotel, theirs deals. You basically just get made. What are in winning, and I guess the we're just like a million bucks for the top, like sixty golfers in everything like that this lived, he's coming back? by saudi arabia, and paying guys hundred twenty five million two hundred million dollars fell. Mickelson was offered to come off from their tore, they're good kevin mass sergio, garcia, there's like four five millions that are big names with allotted anti money, the pga toward doesn't have and the majors here in amerika are allowing those golfers come back and gulf in the majors as well, which is basically the always The matters and golf legacy for the top does do you
there's a way that the mediator can keep up here in your business? There's there's companies a pop up all the time, there's one well, it's alright there's been numerous ones. A pop up. Do you keep an eye on that, and how do you combat against it? How do you, combating gets it is pga tore completely like panicked right now, you think, with this job it's fascinating, I mean everybody's, making a move right now to get into sports. I mean sports, but sports business has been growing since the eighties. Since I first started diving into it and looking into you know getting involved in the sports world and from of the athletes drew to sponsorship to television rights, the list goes on and on how the numbers just keep going through the roof, and me was looking yesterday in two thousand and one the the the broncos soul definitely hurt for like four and a half billion yeah, and I was looking at like the boston celtics sold for three hundred and eighty six million
back in two thousand and one I meet out. Every one of these teams are worth a minimum of two I doubt that there's a lot of money and sports sport, we, learn through the pandemic. How import life's work? We argue us them and what it means to a society and there's. No doubt if you look at what we're doing over in the Middle east to allow the mouth with that for like a year, but but something that we're done. Got thrown out of the middle east with Abu Dhabi. yeah the middle east is. Are you not? I know right now. Are you nuts lord of money within the euro area to be involved in a lot of these major sports phil. I know you know down below that deal with double dhabi, whether building basketball court all over africa and in all kinds of crazy shit. Go not the sports business just keeps go like this,
the people of our competitors. You know nobody's gonna competitors, but its goods good for the marketplace good for everybody. Dana doesn't newly like this ever have like how do they ever show any profit? Their pain it'll make two hundred mil another guy. One hundred and twenty five note do they ever have to turn a profit yeah. That's interesting! I don't know what it's like boxing we're gonna these boxing. I support on these these flights. Were you here that this guy? item forty male disguised, better, even those guys who make money that I make money they're all heard, not one sports die in its efforts. I'll, be all gonna go out, you're gonna build real businesses, and and other guys we're gonna, be a flash in the pan or pay like something out of it? We saudi arabia was very plain. They want to be involved. They want the other, though tourism. Now you guys want starving people out you. I think I think they're just put put.
I came over what the members billions the dollars and infrastructure for tourism over there. How do you get people to show up and come up with an unbelievable golf terms with, with with with big name players and put on sporting events and content shit like that data. You ve got to meet more people, then we ever well, especially in positions of power when you're doing yes, island and sing bore I'm sure you're having to meet people and let them know what you're looking to do, what you're thinking doing how much of it ways on you about what they're trying to become. first, what they may be worth as a country. You know cause that's a big, that's a big conversation everybody's like now granted the people that are tweeting that they hated somebody's getting into business for Saudi arabia's tweeting from a phone that was probably created through some sort of illegal labour. That was happening while wearing nike shoes and where applause I can't get out, so it's a whole there's a mess of contradiction. That happens in a lot of things, but there is a just. I think like saying that there are some fucked up shit that potentially happen there. How much
Do you get to know about here about and how much that is in the conversation of these countries being like, hey we're trying to it that's where we are and what we are when europe global business like we are, we're gonna do men do each other all over the world at the a boy every time. Somebody does something mean to each other. You won't have a business guy. We have all different types, the nest. Realities, religions, it open, well from all over the world. We have different groups of people, we'll be battling with each other for a thousand years that just it's the way but the world works caught up in all the bullshit, and you know we run a global business. not everybody. The world is a very young, perfect place. Everybody got used to it.
We wish? You wasn't right and we all know she was. We all wish it was a perfect world, but that does not reality. That's not! Sometimes it gets forgotten about. Don't you from reality, and and and The world is never going to be a profit we're all do the best we can do in trying to at the most of you know, you can't run and fucking boycott every area, I have often day something happens. Going on in europe, die running around trying to save the world to evolve. Yeah keeps waiting. I think you almost got cancer for that macaroni milkshake syrup yeah. How cool was it, though, that you do have a sport that the globe loves, because I think a lot of things that happen can help bring the globe together and that never gets talked about all that ever
talked about as like. I can't do that because these people these papers, I what about their citizens, those sharing a common bond with people on the other side of the fucking world, like that's, a pretty one thing to realize: I think it when you go singapore, southeast asia, how long live like like twenty three hours jeez twenty three hours opposite side of the globe. I assume it operates in a much different fashion than here, but there'll be a pact out arena. There are people watching the same things that were watching on. He has been plus in its common bond. Like that's cool, that's cool power, or that you have. I think, one of the things that try to deal with and we all have our own political views whatever they might be. Personally, I try to keep all that shit out of it. in the light of that, even though it covered when we decided to go through covert and get it. You never heard me talking probably during the event you the turn out Other cattle on tv and hear about and all the other bullshit that was going on, during not words,
well, we all come together. You know as a fan of one side or the other, and we re. And we could only enjoy this in others, but we have our watching a sporting about and it takes us away from. The ship is going on my life and we try to do the best job we could through called it and every other time you know what women, whereas some horrible tragedy happens. You know we addressed it at the beginning of this year, I hope that you know and give our thoughts and prayers to the people, and then we move right into the show and let you escape from the bullshit that's going on in your life. It's it's called a celebration of sport and somehow that got like forgotten about in this whole world. It's like sport. became an avenue for you know all these other, which bodily very important to the world very serious to the world, but also like not Everybody wants a year what other, like just this d, get away,
is being forgotten about on every I on know, here at learn sports, so well you're on all who promised I've not themselves no value on. You know about that but it was never going to happen in the. U s army that agent data this weekend. You have see to seventy five there's a lot of great fight on the card, but can you described? Do you people what this pro huska guy made is like? I know he's fighting over to share, which is absolute legend chair in the game. But what does this by gonna be like yeah, nor the great fight, obviously you're lucky does robot has been a lot of talk about. You know global they come down? not being able to get back on its feet.
Go to the ground with them. We disagree. This guy's got a ninety six percent finish rate and he's an absolute savage trying to be an incredible fight. Valentina shevchenko, one of the greatest female fighters of all time, is taking on santos. I dunno. If you guys, watch the feature for this fight. It's it's a very, very good fights and santos is actually a great opponent fought for the more credible about initiatives will be shown by giovanni on Jake you're, probably the greatest female. Of all time- and this is the reason hey. What's that arena going to be like? Is it an arena? Stadium how'd, you go about picking and it's sold out. I mean we, we sold this thing out, so it's going to Is that not all, though you know there is a very useful, lock wider than the americans or the or the british, but
yes, can be fought. Why is that you think you think they're judging and analyzing it as like something they want to break down, or why do you think that is? I don't know it's interesting, because I actually gone to a couple of pride events. Were these guys would have you know sixty five thousand do a hundred thousand people inside the super dough you could hear a pin, drop, a lonely corner a guy from up in the nose bleed that was so quiet, it'll be like the acts or whatever they that a different type of fair pay, those those elbows to the face there. The first that first aid backs where, whatever you, what you do- building arena next to your office is basically I would appetite we. We bought the building that store and turn it into an arena. Wait. I will deal with another fuck epidemic again right over there that we own that's on our grounds that we can
right. I respect that so much whenever you think being in singapore for the fifth time. is there anywhere you haven't been where you're looking ago? Is that those conversations happen all year all year round? Is it like things just pop in this area. We should do that. Is there anything you're thinking up we're going to paris, We now live lives now prefer presently you up what is it? What is it September slipped over? Third, I mean that's gonna, be tough middle socket football season, football season, favorite, polluters- we're right, we already did a summary- is that the opening we can one is that I'm raises the third labour. Are that's a cut down, weakens all reflected in ok. Can you give us good spot? Let's not. You can wait: you're gonna, go no reliable, got prepared, well in summary, it out, because, with the figure out there
now, we're talking hell, yeah, not really Jim Abell. Back to a four hundred and eighty seven million. You already got his milk help I'll help Thus, while a wise pellet named wheezy, F, baby said too much money enough money Okay, so we will try to save everything we possibly can our guide said she met Dana, like pat mentioned, you guys have basically at this point, been damn near everywhere in the world, but when you do go to these like new international markets, does it take more time matchmaking putting that card together, like you feel a little bit more pressure cause? It's like people are already watching, but like all, we need this like that to be fucking insane, not great question, but now I mean every week
We were very focused them and aware of matchmaking, it's all about the matchmaking. It's it's! What keeps this business go like this? It's the ability to go out and find the best how the world put on the best flights that you could possibly makes up till every week. We worry about that not just when we go into new territory. A big names then linger die rumoured. You know big nantes, ay I from ohio, steeper, and who's that other guy. All John, you say that the internet is cooking right now, Dana that's good news for your business, good news, for you. Shall we snoop around not anymore or what you think you're. Obviously, France is gone we have new surgery. So the thing that possibly make sense, depending on how fast he's gonna be back, would be repaid versus John johnson
the words, the vision and the one are wiser ones that pass. We were worried about it and what I would like to take up. This is where you and John jones business, but not a problem there. What what did I mean? You got a big fight like that? It's either beggar surmount were not gay, hey or the other, we can be able to set up a sort of that money for us economy, the guy Did you ever see the bad mother fucker about being put up again, because that whole entire europe motion for that was unbelievable? I agree. I don't know it possibly us! Oh ok, is there a certain people that you would put into a bad as mother, fucker division in like ok? Here we go. This is what we do and how would that we're going? Well, you know if you ask that question it's crazy, how many of the guys actually want about so yeah, something to think about. I haven't thought about something
Well, maybe we could drop it in your own john jago para summit, because your world and its awesome last question here: Dana weakened Thank you enough gods on data, not so much a question. I just heard a clip of you the other day talking about your goal. When you go into a casino, and then I heard pat talking about the other day as well- and I did you know where you to have the same mindset. You said you go in there for hundred hundred, not there for drinks and other for anything else you put on fifty thousand dollar down on ireland. If you win that an you do you want on two thousand dollars. Ethical tat always tells us you can places when you're allowed to walk away with chips, people four hundred percent, because the problem is but where are you from going to vegas what you're bodies and you literally, taking him out of money that you're willing to lose whether it's one thousand one thousand five hundred two thousand to get to the casino to sit down at the table. With your buddies, you start drinking talking, nobody's paying attention, you're not play Y Y, you lose your grand or well we're gonna go out all of the club. I go into it,
you go when with a hundred dollars and you were a hundred hundred dollars, you just doubled your money, you can get up and leave, but nobody does hats, you're, you're, the guy whatcha two years ago. I do. rick. Why rebooted Dana you count guards? What are you doing? The drug use the girl leave when you were the whole system to it? I negotiated he'll. Before I go in, I play Let me tell you wanna tell everybody right now, if you're real way- and you play a bit more- you really don't apply, don't play in does he know unless thou except procedures house sees us palace is the only place that can really handle big way? Treat you write takes care, the customers. Does everything that way, and if you guys really want to do it, you guys should come out here, one of these times I'll. Take you to see. This is what my and then those who are against among us how to answer my bringing hundreds
that's another. What night you got the dominant one would have you want I'll help you deal over while you're at it I'll do whatever you're doing our ideal ass. We can't thank you enough. Good luck with two seventy five this weekend, the first paper view in If the east asia you're the absolute man we'll see you soon tell others in turns, we said: what's up we'll go pick you up, it's not a great reader. Ladies and gentleman, Dana White, we're talking about something that I can't wait to see the first video. I wonder if they're going to put them all over each other and the on top of each other, how can echo what if it is in get a little further. Soon I matrix broncos broken broncos country country,
What do you get? What music appertained wrought, blah blah blah that he has asked that the amazing let's do is rough some future time. I don't think so. Alright, this will definitely not I'm, not one hundred sure. Maybe maybe we don't know we don't know. What should we do because Russell and sierra were at a party and they didn't know future was there and they had it, and they left believe that the babysitter was a fellow sick. Maybe some people weren't wearing their masks. He was the only time I've seen them in public, where they weren't like holding hands and lovey dovey actual. Why, What this is somehow I broke all noticed. Sound this has happened over the some say erratic charity event or something in future was like a surprise performer and they were unaware and they left media have the final say: those feelings, your future
now what a lovely, what difference which monitors? That's how it was list none of us now she was how rustles giant now raspy stood up and said I sierra less rise. What? What do you say? Hey, sierra, less raw logan, more is a change. Is that what are you? What, if he's, really upset? I was now yeah future just showed up what was thought is sierra less raw say parts say somebody love, say: sierra, less raw. Ok, what if they're going to be calm, its exact hazy era. Less raw like I was enough excited I mean gary negatives, can't do it. What are you ready, J hawks Wikipedia? I have.
he won then one day dream of working for Gary the anyways. None of you deserve the work precariously suffer me boxing. Maybe ma'am for how much would you pay to work for guarantee getting closer to the sun, get a chance to pay a lot? but if you watch our candidate toy banker It's gonna happen, junior that that's precisely how much my losing twenty thousand dollars now when european, why can't? I beg you to morrow to hand, we leave yeah? Maybe I mean that's what you hope happens when a five card, twenty one perfected. On that hand, that's going to be a heartbreaker yeah, I'm guessing Dana plays one on one with the dealer like jordan, you don't wanna didn't want some sloppy senator base hit, not eighty well, John, I lola blackjack, happen in my house for my birthday.
some terrible decisions being made around the table sometimes but weren't around. Then they win. Look at me. Look I'm smart. I want band yes he's snake bit, but guess what the ties gondoliers petty, not just kind of katy. Recently, an italian coasts, J b, kill two hours, No, I won't get up what they our story. What's goin on air some hours attacking the dogs last night, he told him. Are you guys come down here and we'll get? why what they do hoot back, I dunno. If it came down, I bet he hit him with a baseball bat to figure out nearest dollar. Jb he's got good baseball bat swing, he does shoot basketball, he could throw a football. He used to be all city quarterbacks right with that. They said he I once we expect in the global killers, my fucking, the fire we expect who expect What does mercosur devaluations fish
who told here in these in our european regions, breakdown quarterback? Why what's up I'll liked stand when Gavi got into like the technical aspects of cuba play like footwork joy. He knows the stuff like, though the inn visual coating, all the tiny things that make me a terrible coach or what make J b a great coat, delivery is just something that some people who do the hiring will never be able to keep up with, but I do believe J b does love the football and know the full power. Absolute is very passionate about football, which is courtesy, loves. If I mean cuts duco you gotta make old way. No ordway Gretzky loves hockey. You can show that promotion, beers and thereby undershot. He loves edmonton. I think a lot to me last night with the announcement, the starters. The oil kings or whatever legendary that hair cut this. Is doing it right now awesome missy is awesome. He is he's. Fantastic is good for you
as his way talking, it was good to have juanito up there. I didn't know he was: is he from Edmonton? No, that's just where he played and had a majority of his success. Okay yeah cause they got a lotta gretzky records. There admitting those people probably losing their mind that fucking old weiner is just sitting up in the concourse right. Is that arena chain? Oh yeah, they love it. Like he's a national hero. Obviously he's everything. That's awesome can't wait for pos. Not to be a bit more banquet hall. I watched a game. Those guys are so good in so doing. fat ass, your it's unbelievable watching so fast. That's the thing like You look at these times that are left plan right now. Well vehement in us very quick and easy come easy gather. MIKE smith, Hell will hang around. I am I gonna pay pal. You was stand on his head, like actually unlike goals. Oliver, I my I like you like this-
speed, is the difference between a team that make it themes at all. It is very obvious, like day or much fun that colorado team flies now. Must the tampa doesn't and the new york doesn't, but the tea that make it are the teams that fly as I still you know. Maybe the pens are going to have to pick up wash knock right, winger on the boston bruins. After pretty much confirmed, yeah joe insider for the angel network, told us pause I counted. Pittsburgh bang on the rubber also said you know. Last year like I mentioned crazy, but I really wish I could care more about this, but you know the celtics are in the finals. I really worry about hockey. Next hockey season during Y pos is coming to hockey tie that's how I that's just how it works. That shows what university university of Denver. I believe, won a national title, and now the abs just swept them to go to the stanley cup, so I guess ebi is pretty upset. Detroit is not hockey talk everyone.
Why should that be the troy? Everyone wants to be hockey completely. Never never! Never never sat or ever ever ever ever ever ever has up and said Yes, no error on earth to ever say hey. We never get to do this. Actually most words and phrases and sentences have been concocted at some point by a human in the history of language. I remember the first time that's ever been to. I want to be Detroit. That's what you guys are saying whenever you and you know what caesar pizza stinks
well says we're love remedies, middle ages, news. So I cannot slander, though Caesar's I must say that arrive dollar take away thing, he's happy, doktor, scott terror. Ronnie. Do you put prettier college dollar that pizza unita dollar regularly with utter not marrying outside? Our goes like this break. The pizza was by emphasising crazy branford our ninety nine ranch dressing on every ways now that I'm a doll bosses did they say cardboard die fast, is way way bearing most house dominoes and re dominoes, also from Michigan we're we're pizza time the italians air miles we get it he's nervous
but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs, but he keeps on forgetting what he wrote. Then the whole crowd goes so loud. He obeys his mouth, but the words won't come out that step. reality, Jerry Jesus, go back to the show office tilbury there. Well, turns out may be met life, stadiums and attitudes towards so we all know that what is needed here, John wayne Gacy still alive. He does not Levin Detroit, another job, my guest That's waterloo, merla values, not least entered shit. You got jail. I believe so yeah get em before I think so. guard, shot him in the back. The head ass offsets sounds like a classic baden switch and he's actually out there well like loud once: east asia, who
I now attitude and go out there. You know that's all What happened to the lady in that did the run and shit and they had an island and everything and the one guy committed suicide. While the other lady, that's like what that documentary gets into which document where the end about, I think it was about kingsland, it might have been Epstein and at the end, reveal how they knew each other and gives lanes fox reading that entire thing kind of fell off a boat sheds a completely different life she fell off about. He did he die he thought has got to keep. You know. Maybe some fell boy. I've seen none no doubt in my mind, and then they casually dragged the ice secret agent that he has a grenade together. All small, yes, there are largely it's all spies. Trying to garner blackmail the world nuts that little black book is about and they're alive for sure does. Put plastic surgery on the face in their offices,
he was the stranded on Saturday. I break as he got a new plastic surgery. Is why that stuff happens. We think in our own, where a hard not to believe what we just wait, which was planned misinformation. We just said, and people tell us is that, but it's hard to believe sums, after what other stuff does even yuan yuan's asking like hey where's all the info. You know what's going on here, those guards in prison. Now, nurse was beyond duty. I beg you. Ain't gonna have arisen, darts course not high. They clarify yard. That's going on such a worrying about it because I saw them in jail in my head- durham like well, I guess airplane jail, I you so I locked up a lot here. Watch it that was good. I've been seeing on you too pops up low before me like job they put people in their almost like undercover people may go into these open pod.
Not your people going under the stairs and get beat up and start yet not it's on a cover people just humans, they're, just doing it s like a social experiment in the jails. I forget the name of the sixty days, maybe days in I will not quite a bender. This is well. There was some idiots in their dialogue. You, your act in rome where you are That's why I would never do that jail knows, though, right like no, not everyone, not just the warden guards, don't even guard so now. Warden knows the cameras of yours there, but there there is always there. I guess her. I think they tell their own and walking around the fix their pity zis. I think tell the jail that it's like a reality, show about jails or something. I then my gauges coverage of it because the big fear in essex today as it is so Find out online tv show you give me out here and they d like the basket slice right now. Please give me the flock out here and then the warden or the camera crew, can't get out of the guards who don't know so I have to call the guy Do the whole thing. There's always
this little bit of buzz right before commercial is dispersed, gotta get there roads last on the other side fund. It does get shot. It's pretty good show their out. I've been that one for a bit I've seen some eclipse pop up like a top five flights from sixty days in or whatever it is pretty interesting. You do now you ever been in, like even the drunk tanker anything like we now it's a fucking word they put me in a cage. A glass case in the middle of all the everybody else, I was especially brown I don't know how anybody does I've, no clue I'll, let alone like what about your life and what could be happening politically in there? What you gotta do- and you know the reality t v of you going to win this person. I've ever witnessed, let alone all that shit. Just the sitting in the same place. Just for Have a man there's just They parts that than ain't. Nobody gonna piece of it, if you like me at all levels, I wonder eventually you just settle into that. No me or the boot. Not
you if you like that you have a ten year sentence at some point. You got it, you have them. I don't know. What does your brain just hey. This has got to assemble this zip yeah. I guess you just have to accept it. Like you just have to act as if they do about three months by the way, not years people in jail, so you just at their hundred twenty months casino like its under a hundred months. It's like ordinary milestone, as opposed to the ears yours years years years years years, be cut off. Stop buccaneer supermax out in colorado, we're like you. of amr is all too big high profile. People are no one's ever escaped from germany hear from them again right now, I talked to him and Allah. Do anything you're not allowed to see anybody either? So what do we do and are they even there? I guess That is why they they release like a haunts IRA book, manifest off their concerns, who isn't there when you that's how I found it
out in the woods in a cab dumbo like in these when ok school, shooters too, when you say these left a manifesto that stupid note, stop good gluck glorifying migration. Will you say they left is manifest of no it's. No, not a dresser arranged kid that red ramblings that he wrote down on a piece of paper. Stop calling it a manifesto like that. That always annoys yeah me too you're acting like there's some sophisticated beer that should be read rolling stones, put the boston bomber on the cover. Remember that I remember that I don't remember that oh yeah, the magazine did not banned. Ro? I stay in your actually work out, I'm seeing with decided mick Jagger just did just sell the name of the ban to the magazine, thoughts or is it in conjunction with caution and is good question? I have an idea skeletons. What was first the chicken or the egg. I think it was evolution, towers, Mitchell, the bam star
making the fit the old man got executives. that is all The band was first and then for sure the magazine was a nod not just to the rolling stones, but also to muddy waters, rolling stone, Bob Dylan's like a rolling stone. and as the euphemism rolling stone gathers no moss. you see things Jim forsake concert come to town can't where we go ablaze come any nervous, to see how we were not vegas gambler black jack was where's, deploy, think just the entire downtown. Isadora street uncommon puts us all museum at the museums of meridian concerts on GA james. Don't get to sing it all. Is james dolan opening for him, the knicks owner, I'm not sure if they're an awesome band, much of this in vienna. I know he's zizi top does he has banned
guy? Huey louis and the I believe, drummer I've lived accumulation of new Sarah That is not its bottom. Oh yeah, off baldos enough is down there, but jake an hour. Now still, I think, he's friends of bardell india. I believe, jailers Eric appeal and has always whose outbox kid yeah. Why one had light is at him wallflowers, say: bob's, eagerness, amr of all time. I believed you mercy said that before why you don't mozart, Yeah! I dunno I dunno Bob dylan enough as he written a lot of songs that other people have used. Yes, yeah. I figured that who do you think Lou comes. they all along washed out on me, luke, combs, bob dylan jimi hendrix. Did it actually it on I'd love a fucking, luke combs, all log, the water to it. Luke play golf: do that he's good golfer? They tag along the watchtower. Whoever asked that yeah bob Dylan wrote it yeah could call way to look at up
Thank you paul wagon with oh yeah. Well, you can just rip anybody's song stolen, probably get a pool, guarantees get a pool. What is that supposed to mean? He looks like he'd be, pull gone. One is look counts. We know this the one that broke my heart, he jugs beers, a lot punts beer, shotguns beers. I like that, he's good. I think he's good songwriter. Thanks guys that other guy big bearded guy, just intimidate, demonstrate corcyra stapletons eroded bunch sancho silently waste before he was errors, we can say I gotta nobody like that. Gaffer fucker one republic, their rights
His name is yeah from the show reality shit at her song. Later they signed data for song, like that. Guy he's got great hair. It's got this blonde hair. It goes he's probably four foot something I dunno. I have no idea: I've never seen them in person needs to the europe tour and follow them on instagram. I caught a couple There is some remark. this were unaware of much purpose, Governor ones are does matter which, where do we promised showing no response from him? He that's all land shows us how or why they got rid of that. You are I know I was the only person watching it fucking worth it rank a baronet. I no think so come on bad boy that a dogfight football seed gun wordplay and one republic song on the beach because they made the song for the movie. I believe you can make that song and half the second song top gun on the beach playing football with no rules got it from,
neither do I love them or less nabob handed out of nowhere. The guys in absolute genius, lovell lover thing by the judge rosa while we're gonna bankers this guy. Song land. It will not become back the tv, but maybe the app, maybe What a ninety nine peacock is an app things wrong. Yes, just w w e your movies and should watch the opposite yellows on their shows honor. They are on a first, our do nothing well. That's what David shows, what you mean so damn efforts on their riches on there are, they prefer puts us on their oh geez, ok down just learning about this. Honestly, I had no idea fuckin asshole bad guy there, not an embassy sports is embassies better than other anymore, and I like to think that gap just lorries honestly, I did not know that they don't even have tab for it. Yeah you gotta, do a little dumpster diving to find it, but go to sports and it's in there
boys on the left side, jobs today actually just watch a baseball game on peacock the other day it was great, is better than the apple coverage. Out with that I haven't seen any of the applicable complaints. I mean the camera angles are like really sweet and the cameras they have are super nice, but the the booth absolutely stinks to know who and who's doing it. It's good. people thou good piece of pizza. I know I am one of them might be. I know katie Nolan, does it every once in a while, but then they have like a rotating cast and I don't think, there's much cameras or the hemisphere yeah. I think so. Okay broadcast like most answer being broadcast in the attic. The cameras like are a little bit. Every kind of has something like the you know when guys score in the nfl, and they had that really nice camera in the endzone, like they're doing that one guys are on deck and stuff like that. So, like game is a little bit differently or watch in it, but I mean ultimately instincts but it's nice, you dont. If they are games on their, I watch the angels boiling. I should go game.
How is brought by the best taken up on planet earth a hand seek reminder that there is another united states, men soccer game this weekend in Austin Texas there. fraud. A june timing is bigger boycott as well. This can have learned a lot about canada lately aids, lads alike, million people. It sounds like people running canadian for a long time time what happened I disagree, learning more and more more more about it. What The team finally makes woke up and says actually would rather not playing were good for this country Chris. just on sunday, they sat down, is a war going on stadium, but my guy, norway, or on passes and ball. Possession games were taken as practice, but we plan break says Rick west had not He said no north head dont, even
about south. That son of a bitch is always wrong because Rick west TED always right. the canadian men's national team will not play the world cup warm up, games schedule tonight, bank, over against at home. By way of panama, the team is strike over player compensation issues Details tonight on sport cetera if a request that sweden about what you got going on here in deep shit, we request that he does not have heavy deep stuff. That's what I've been saying, nor that saw that east can't hold a flame. Had the western drinkers a derisory what they say. I've heard that before I reckon rico get a blind, anyways united states men's team is playing not boycott DR argon fans I got in Cincinnati ohio, I guess at age a couple weeks ago, biological
well, maybe in of course, but we wanted to you know how nobody out alongside seeking. If you want to go to the game, frati june tenth and support the future soccer lombardy champions area, reagan, Cake use, promo code. We are soccer w e a E s, o c c e r. You will get twenty percent off your tickets, to that particular? drivers, we can't guarantee there'll be a goal. No, no, no or even any shot at all on that might be one experiment. How long ago was going to be either, but we were how long the game is. We have no clue, but we need to support this team that is going to tour. represent our country. We are soccer twenty percent off and austin. Texas were called boy scout is gonna is going to be there, so that's worth the price of admission right there and probably elon and rogan exactly how about boom. Coolest place on earth
You can still get ten percent off all other tickets at the lincoln description here. Youtube com on slash such deeper magri shall write down below ten percent off it gets everything things our friends at seeking twenty percent awful tickets to the EU. states men's national team game against whoever their plan in Austin Texas on friday, with bremiker We are soccer or one word how your name was faceless opponents. Bingo is prolific buying or not sir ball in the field. Is it a pitch and at the very polite granada, this progress, scoring avenant granada socks. Exactly what more we might ask or ten see we share and would be upset. Don't beat the shit out of granada yeah. That's a tough sell to people that don't follow soccer on a regular basis if you're not beating the country of granada, which is beautiful, wonderful, but if you're the united states you're not beaten granada by ten to fifteen, I think you're going to lose a lot of americans that are a little bit stupid on the entire soccer thing. Bingo, that's happened, I'm still kind of bitter about prolific calling assault.
Like all our lot, asia can study was packed up. There was diagnosed with pictures of granada, it might be the falcon most beautiful place It is important to that's why soon, as you said, that actually tangle open upset like your will or will not be easy, but some right like granada, they sakharov regime beat the fuck out of going on yeah seriously, he's not wrong. If we don't, then it should be good, though you would take a plane in that nice weather three hundred and sixty five days a year, those David and dan okay, and if you want to go watch, the united states play granada yeah, He drank now promo code. We are soccer no spaces for twenty percent of all tickets to watch you s aged fourteen, dominate granada in the road. the population of a hundred thousand knows better, beat the road or centrally putting together a blow. My rhode island be granada. What seriously we. This guy, the country, the smaller than how many cities in america
two hundred thousand everything all small indianapolis, while sharing for much more obvious, more agreeable to physically need. It's just need eleven good ones. many points, that's what I mean my way: I don't know as much about soccer as you do wow, because my daughter just stepped up to eleven on eleven. Yes, ten and the goalie, what's called compere. Ok, can we play basically the same population as green bay? Wisconsin, it's a great place to spice boys. Soccer team is known as Paul. I love that it's a good and reasonably singing figures, avionic soccer, a big deal. I think there in the spice girls, I believe it was sporty and spicy really were in spicy spice yeah, how she doing she's good she's got the shuttle launch.
Isn't it. They were on the circles that netflix, oh posh, just a baby. They on there for a couple of episodes slashers that beckham is baby and scary, although a sporty skittish skin racist. Marsh was Victoria scary was america's got out? Yes, maybe melbury, scary spice, I was. I was well versed in educated by my lady about will we're watching I will now on the southern spicy smile why why she's scary space because he had all of them. What the group do. Somebody had to be, He asked the mahars by his engineer. You ever look: spies joining us now is our soccer aficionados currently being detained in the country that I'm learning more and more about by the day and starting to get more and more what the fuck yeah. The canadian sensation. Ladies and gentlemen, but I dont. What's up boys how's, that a stone.
they're back in. It is more than five years ago AJ wanted to add all gopi. I got a question about healthcare of utah, your peck bench and with all your steroid buddies. How quick do you get that thing fixed up that takes a bit, but it is free. The drawback is free, deserted diagnostic programme. There is a drawback. That's all Some, that's incredible! Universal health go away, go get two years bodies. Goods do I Let's go, it is by the way they should. I be as a world. We should figure that one out was that we try We should figure that one out every healthcare area, thereby the points to different countries that are currently doing it. There's always some on the other end, like gap, also much worse kinder than our situation. If you have any thing because the quality actors the time it takes blah blah blah blah blah. Every time is brought up. That's homage
I figured out how many brazilians of dollars have been put into whatever. Do we not figure that one out feels like one we figure out if elon just donates one hundred billion, then each hospital in the world you do. The math gets one billion dollars I don't think there's! This is going one hundred hospitals the world. I think there's more than one hundred ross, somebody tweeted that it was right. However, you remember that no but, like I said quicker than I ever would here. as the american at every moment, august imaginary line to just re on economic growth, but also about the united states, granada, we shoot me, I don't in about another minutes I get an incredibly beautiful country or whatever conor seem to have done his research. He said we should win by ten to fifteen violation of a hundred thousand two hundred thousand people. If we two granada. All systems are a problem. Integer yeah. You can't do that, can really get the cars not kind. If you lose that you are a bad granada yeah you
I'd say for not, they should be But who cares minority point in the less ambitious aims, though group? Who cares? What does it matter we care about is what they do in qatar, yeah, but think about this. usa team has never had this fourteen together. They have to learn how to play chemistry, chemistry, ok, well, is right on our planet, but all point thirteen different logs how this was applied to get let's everywhere, that's every teenager Why are we not competing with the world? We are. The were willing, but that we always vessel world cup, look like where this? U S, team, Don't tell me winning, like I say, group, I can trust you, your rational human. What's a successful, Our world cup run. Look like for us, get noted
groups in mind that there is a new air wailed? Those are all good sign of wales, able, whilst probably great people the follow up what they did to you Yeah yeah whale did a great man when one game in the knock hostage- six. Yes, Finally, at least We gonna win soccer lombardy. I talking about you're. Not or at least take a ninety. Eight minutes in the final lose in one zero here or there. It's not true man. Yes, argo! That's a group with doubts, because weren't pal cannon you just got wooing last year. I forget, I ran the ira carrying lodged by the way I mean, let's gas supply follow up,
Is Canada even unwell, copy, the more anymore, what's goin on their efforts and their good work? This shit pal you As Canada's team just starts, having work stoppages to fuck me back your lace, the boots up again ever go all we get are. Is there going to be or sounds like a good bar? it'll be scab. Is there going to be scabs, though you think? How have you heard anything up there about how that'll get settled or you're not paying attention at all yeah? No, the other work plan, skyblue telegraphic, half afraid. I'm a canadian soccer hold out situation how when gambling and addictions are on diamond. Are you getting hotter or colder now that you're back in canada, hockey's good ball was good last night? Need the celtics need the celtics? Here we go once that's morning. The rangers tamper tonight, both sixty men, come off I bet the Bible one. These guidelines, the wind, occurred throughout the boy ass, their they're gonna go
you think, god for us ran out rangers avalanche via a couple of one way: street serious gaps. James gives you had a west sustainable peace there. My only I mean. Are you draw that guy out there every fuckin get, the backup decent, give him a chance on time on my mike MIKE guys, forty one years old do in sweden. dives fire in the park. I give it a rest. He does beyond the ice, more than most goals, lock, stock and barrel with regard to public somebody else's up, I love that any job always normally head down stayed away past. They come back. So goes always made. Somebody else about this. He is a that was forty one years of this type. Boise let one from the other end put his arms ass. This football can certainly see the market because that tough
do as I see it. How about the fucking defence whoever shot that was like I'm. An escape does kind. I think, slop. That's like a high school type situation. Where did he think I could fuck you? see, one of those go in a year off like a dribble, are likely hit the ice and and dick we're bounds. Over short, never all the way in the air like two on the fly yeah. Your member soccer camps, you study at the back of the net on the flier. What I'm from our for your eyes? They do the same thing Does in the middle of a fuckin stanley cup, lay off yeah I get on five hacking. It has been doing hands. Do a handstand going to get off the record for most goals, given up on a play off, run ass, to be Now we re at a five shots and five and forty nine seconds and the third beard, which is his last game verse gave battle Alberta were to give up six in the first first game of the ass game,
A goals, rather than just keep scale adds value their stolen. The falcon. I don t think I is a hundred other than lui the many no less like all. Now that I know now that I know how the starting announcements go after watching best thing in the in the oil king locker mike smith, has held them. Hostages entire play off about this being his last gal. I am tired of hearing, saw somebody else and it gets like starting and that goes appoint. Might my last our motion, maybe someday might come back from ok, good angel, maybe Boston, may vegas vegas
He actually got our guy bring him home, bring him to vegas the guy we got. Fucking stinks. I doubt take MIKE smith theatrics out there I'd love to say what mike smith is. Over the last two months in which we all were introduced to this guy and have seen him play are the best if the players on earth this deep into the playoffs play true. This isn't just you know the also two of the best players in the world on his team. Why they didn't. They were only other things are stats. Problems are going to vote. It's gonna want in new mexico. Was this That is why one of the most go what's goin on. If you have recalled the shell before He was a boy dj, whistler, we're not mourn over there with you. One of you shall I, for one, have you got there shall before per cent are actually not all. We want one by one, want.
I wanted to ask if you're gonna be in albuquerque on the twelve word. We live is this: what day the week gonna be on a sunday. I believe now goes hardware store so as to put a lot of them? Well, it's premiums. then I'll, be there. It's not very live and it sounds like it's a house show these are great shows are these are what everybody says like the best show, because people can just do whatever the hell? They woke up and absurd. all right all right, sorry about a woman. What why? What do you mean? What is your problem would have reduced the you'll we talking about What was that last night he's playing cat cabinet scant in autumn he's from boys a hustler plant, possibly vulcan odom tricked you did. Where are the brother came back now, Well, he's alive daddy light. He said I am allies
and then ha deals made. Many goes collide. You amazon! You walked out oh did. I was saying I was sick, fuck bamboozle hustle, so there's no. Is there. No Elias then yeah! Well, you argue that these issues was younger brother tat hard. It is nay said, no vision in this information from the first I'm thirty, eight years old, it is somewhat difficult to keep track of. What is the oil is eliza all eyes and say not just as EU underlies you guys, obviously throw me off the scent a million times, but whoever is back now between zero and a wise. I just want to see attacking match with those two guys to take on it. when the while we go out. That's it goes. The brothers get back and good graces with each other at special. Why is it what's with the strife? Why are they to finalize disappeared? Now, there's a chance, it may be jealous of residual success, but these
Yours held on help and eliza come back can be proud of em. I do believe oily ride like seem shred together. Commodities is it your way, I'd like to see a list be, ass high ass, your pc has error. You do you're not embody league freak nation. Wide scale lay with news to care about fucking Zeke out on you, brother dialogue. Backer aren't easy. I think it is like a fool or europe figure, you're, not anything! I walk with lies you only. You can speak and walked with a line same damn time same blood bo
same dad me rather labour, not with those names they are rather tapping and I do believe offended Zeke eels from our down there's about ninety five percent chance they are zeke yield, Giuseppe the argo says. That is the ongoing this guy. That's day, you're discussed has gone out of global apologize to the blue country, place why apologizes, equal and eliza potato head who You just said what are you talking about? You can say what you just said on my phone, a guy. Well Give you permission. You said
is you're a fucking scumbag me too. That's why you can say that santiago in Santiago, iti yeah the name and this guy's grandstanding, about how good of a guy. He is all that grandstand about everything. I was just saying you're, not one hundred percent sure now about the thing that we've been talking about for the last week, that it was definitely santiago, unique yeah. Yesterday I ate a cookie, he came over. We go I'll, try to get a little better pulled in there. That's right reality, we haven't, they cried polly share. We can running back the pop up buddy. That's basically want to everyone that before africa have elephants one in new mexico. Really I want not energy. There, thanks for the call shot at once in Chicago. Yes,. abandoned phoenix arizona? What's goin on ten pound, five and phone lines go to five hundred are commies proper
mcafee, ten percent off your order in their switch. It was better and it was this I, like twenty percent off, he fucked it up. Now it's only ten percent off and that's on your ass. You need five hour energy to what's going on I bet in phoenix arizona, the boy. What is good brought? call? I can already tell me what's going on then dear, And so I'm a cardinal season ticket holder- I just wanted to call you an asthma hundred level quite in europe after the draft card fan? Call this part and so he can, you now, hopefully you gonna get the my other big, create employ article J J. Why? But you know you know, optimist I am as our game, so we need more weapons clip all you want to do with around kindly with all the weapons, so I've seen noticed. oh, go back, I'm playing call it booty with k one over a year and enemies. I learned about it. In line with you have been booker out, you scottsdale! Is there
possible, o thou becum comment, the cardinal you never enough, I personally them online, but that about my pay great, I will say boy We love you out here in arizona, la ha, you're, the man. If you guys ever, came out here and sit like a live show of the weekend, you guys would sell out man I'm telling you we are Have you out here. Thanks were always wrap in arizona on colleagues. I always done time back. We love you guys, man, thank you. forget about it. Let me know what you think meant. Thank you ban. We appreciate that. I love his optimism. Modern way that he has about all the arizona teams. Cairo, right that's eames dead. We by putting yourself the arena their next season well yeah, but the sunset I hope, if any, by five thousand people right very by bus everything we do in the future. I mean waste of money, will try to get you a good deal on about the cards in the sun's feels like for what the next five years at least, are going to be very, very, very end of this in the story came out via. I am athlete tonight.
Which is on serious ex embryo marshal was in serious exam studio. I've and allay sean mcgaughey It came on, the show in general about odell, beckham, jr crashes, wedding, yeah, that's right, odell, beckham, Jr, one of the players was not invited to the wedding because he had make this massive decision. After years and years and years of coaching in relationships, he decided only the captains of the team, then a couple of veterans that he has good relationships with it and boom I can do to shut up and java days. Mommy with that is much more. Swim version, gonzalo, run, adobe, J and now show mcveigh, then alluded to in fact very cross. My wedding ring cut back to play for us next year, but at wedding. I've kings rooms there, I could do this at the wedding on over the back of Judah. What the new zealand dance for cliff was never on the dance floor, goodbye button Opera is cliff good, a pouch, Obi J straight out and make these wedding nairobi J crash tests, This sounds like arizona would love it now floors. Also there maybe those chat with him
Green bay, wireless lorries will flow servicing corners, wife, one I'm a good times will show your toes irish seldom pretty steadily transport lad. Let's go you think I'd be james on dance or maybe you taught by the floor blurred we do he's skipper. Some sort of certain practices, was even area the brian a couple cocktails, six seven. You forgot, returned up at their wedding asia. I hope he didn't hope you had a good time hope you do too, but also because once a dance floor, he's probably got some nfl. Coaches are probably a little gun shy when it comes to dance. Work doesn't work out for every coach. What he's saying well, we know one guy who is coaching oversight deciding to death were then he looks back afterwards that shouldn't go decibel throughout the world west over there in ohio, guy a city was Where did he was supposed to be there with his wound? Kids back, I should
on the plane back home with his team, he didn't study these babies, that's right a threat and you other people Maybe try to a three year old, scalp, regular dance, move on my boy that I made labors. What are you doing here I thank you got me appreciate, the hell are you I'll. Be J, though, is still reagent, as is wholly jones. Others lot of weapons out there, July is the discharge. Decision is well worth all by our bread from vienna felt about you it's all about baker and jimmy up carolina. Seattle were in that game copy we privilege. Well, did you guys hang up on him yeah? What about? Well, it's not as bad as what the government did to him. So yeah your culture. Culture can score a lot more points now, so maybe go wise go get one of each. I mean best defense Have back surgery is probably breaking knows this come on.
very many camphor thee, indianapolis called stay one darius leonard, had backed surgery. knockers, jews decided I was building. Just because he was allowed years and didn't get hurt? Lt, as I hope it didn't happen throughout the year I'll be so pissed. If this happened at lt. As I do not know, I saw the tweet I'm through the group text, I did not get to read into it as much because we don't show, but what did happen from the courts on star linebacker dares leonard no second surgery on his ankle, but he has been having back here they require surgery. Operation is today you'll miss some camped on, but the themes expectations is ready for the regular cease I'll sell case regard. They wait so long, but had to just happened. wait until june, where he probably thought he could rehab it without surgery. This is from coach, frank reich talking to the media today it this might have Michael thomas situation, down in new orleans,
We can rehab it though it could rehab it though he can rehab it. Then you get to the date where hey. If we're not seeing any actual progression, we need to do surgery so then we'll rehab it and do it this way and is not going to need a second procedure on the ankle, but he is not here. However, he did have a procedure done on his back earlier today. Let's get ahead of it, not let it progress further and says. Olivia array of wish tv via frank, eggs press conference, on the first day of mandatory mitigate, that's obviously, terribleness. so this illness some camp time Buckley. It's not they're, not predicting he'll miss any regular season games you! Maybe we don't mean bastards no minor it right in that statement also was, my god we don't! Thank you. It wasn't like an actual timeline they're. Putting on that and your with to your point, backs and creep up like get right like gronk has been dealing with a letting brutal. It's never the same, and he flies like I was gonna hit. People from our next to his ankle looks really fucked up
ankles, good. now it's what he just acts as if why wouldn't you get another ankle surgery right now, if you're already going to go under, he wasn't at ot a's because of his ankle, so maybe it was, who said he wasn't there because of his ankle of three direct and seasonal ankle. We are, I said, no second surgery needed. So when did the first half, but if publicly they were saying it's because the ankle, but actually it was because of the back that students stories if they were saying it's because the ankle and then comes out. That is because the back of course line what could be both if you're her, if your ankles hurt you know your body compensates in other ways that definite could have some do this back I was worried about what this need by the way, with the hip back potentially
This is why I do a deal on the edge of the secondary. You know just in case you in dark wayne, gayle mark and pick up the slack in the other parts of the deep atomic an hour. I get a picking up the slack, but it's like this must be our year leon av seal, its core values, yonner body. Now the maniac Inspired here type player you Baxter On june seventh june, seven, his first ankle surgery was before training camp last. that's right, because he missed some can't became on our show one during off day, rioters signed a big deal, so pour. It was reported. These must in turn again because the ankle looks like him himself, Jesus Christ. good run. You mean missing ot a's because of his ankle yeah. So that means they're trying not to talk about the back, maybe or maybe the back. Wasn't until flaring are not known. Maybe it and knows that serious and just kept getting a little bit were yet maybe the backlog flared up or something
no one dares honoured underwater procedure on his back, an issue that arose in the off season. He saw surgeon out west right said not sure on the timetable now, but to my mind as long as these ready for the radio season, I'm not concerned the living array of wish tv amen, frank, this announced or you'll be back argos. Ok, I'm concerned he's. Ok, their desires are worried and frameworks. Nowhere near my note, The main argument: you have no reason to be were locked out. You're not now. Look back surgery, no big deal that hangs, you're just easy, pc another tuesday or that war I made days to season, starts gone and through ok, plenty of time. a J for surgery, the leonard drawbacks or nodded. That's not there's somebody, you know cause the head. Bernstein still now and then an advance drank just the backbone to rise and issues your entire there's so much to it, and then thing, especially
Striking everything in pat, like your back, is so vital. You see people get back Isn't it just like? Oh, you have a new life now, but you humidity, thirty five, that you came back from pretty quickly, so maybe he will too. I was just talking to MIKE those next. It was plain gas I love tee, for I was t2. I'd have to hit anybody either our enlargement only three months, not a religious, even if you now raise fuckin asshole dude sorry. What did you say? Ninety three days, three months like if he is out for eight weeks, it's still going to take them a little bit to like rams, backup and it'll be fine. He doesn't need he's always in shape, he's always in shade into camp last year, much and yeah near the carson. They didn't make the playoffs anyways. its. Let's wrap it up with this, as we get out here in this been a really good show hours for six months here. We're gonna break
at forward. Yes, for tuesday june, seventh, not bad pretty proud of us today, oh yeah pre products that are to cars. Grandparents are gonna play blackjack way to go. Shall I end with a bang. I gotta go Others things report on how much to keep whereby that you absolutely hate my commons, where, once and other boys competitive targets, you know that silent regarding calves from day one of many camp, including coach, dormant touch africa its role through their safety we'll make it a non issue for us in. zone or work michaelmas, then I'll leave where one he's fucking guarding caps, nobody can breathe that if all these college have been doing this for the last couple of years. I guess there's a couple nfl teams that have done as well. The lg is going to take a while to adjust to it. I believe personally, but the rules is the roles were not going to live in our fears we vehemently that we are about to people's safety and my thomas I wear one of these is well we're running. My head is: is a video just photo collage zoom in on Tom? If it's
play the video maggots enemies of he's on the right side, zoom in zagreb. He's wearing the gray. Guys bargain orangist case invite think shit is in sweet. He says everything by wants me I'll run this baseball. stop with the guardian cap on top of it right into your sternum. If you got a little bit of brum ha, you love this. I know you love this. Let's buy into the new science and the modern science, let's keep players safe, just like Tom wants to make obviously a great leader, and that is why he is doing this because he knows he has a I don't know. Maybe a good chunk of vets are different people in a team that will show up in not be wearing that things, though, is ok. It's going to nominate where this day, one we all know what this is I'm going to wear it. Stop ask me about it: let's just focus on football. I actually give I respect it. It also could be just gas and up the boys, thereby bitching about it all accountability. You know, there's a lot of shit talk that could potentially come from him wearing the guardian cap as post. Nobody else I loved,
My examined does I'm on board with because of his track record in the fact? Everybody seems a fucking love playing for nike coach he's the man I agree. I concur he's come back on Joseph I would like a memorial garden yeah. We need to get some of the winning. Some guardian. Caps were wearing when he comes on EU and I might just wear a mysterious masked the sound that will have a guardian cap in time. We'll get to offer. Maybe that's shall we appreciate your age. I thank you. Boys are too great. breyer. Dana white dwell rivers in rap port. What a day that's tuesday hope life is good. What still give way big daily. Pms hashtag PMS was today in tears. Many camp impairs pms bourgeois naw. That's too much damage definitely committing to it. You know what I mean. We need to be able to back out of this. If we have to complain, we can't give it to them.
if we give if we commit too much, is no way to back out of that eight nine hour flight Rita's pms granada, sucks at soccer lol, wow, that's all aggressive the games until friday. Maybe it s really the silent pms island, key amazon, cause that kinda sounds like lexie yeah, but I've talked about that as well, because canada is an island. Pms redesigning, asked her to the right now. wall is that son of a bitch who, as you say from these die from office? Now, I mean the thing I tell ya things just show up at my door. What the hell is that? How did you get that yours is Japan's years is vague, respected, dude
so I'm trying to hold up here for the picture don't do that to baby lauder how'd, you get a baby. Lord! Oh! Don't worry about it, I can't even hold the guy. That's a that's a fake baby! Lord and it's not thirty five times. That's a fake baby! Lot of women put away it's with experience. Don't know so good no dirt in this one either the anniversary this island say so. Nice is somebody put your cash tag in there they want to ten winners of five hundred bucks. Thanks sharon and baby Lord AJ, with your fake branded. What you do to welcome to three d print that, whereas yours or anybody, feel like you probably stolen. Are these titles and mortars? Everybody that we aren't. You are
energy. Are you ended up as my hashtag pms grievous island, some of the nice somebody put you cash tagging, then screech off from show you the best see you tomorrow. There's just one area with ice. your well feeling amazing already get back going. If you know me, you know I always come back way better than I was: let's go man Ankle feels amazing and can't wait to get back moving thanks for the text and of course, here we go we're good we're good the war were good, I'm glad to hear dares donor. I meet your fucking love tears. I hate that you have faith for gaze baby. Lord Bullshit, that's bar was more of an investigation in the stolen valor of a J through printing, a baby laura that we urge to have you any off cigar smart? I exaggerate. I beg you. I say that.
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