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2022-06-09 | 🔗

On today's show, Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys chat about Cooper Kupp's new contract, how the Rams further reinforce the idea that the salary cap isn't real, more on the Deshaun Watson situation, the NHL playoffs, the NBA playoffs and how crazy the atmosphere in Boston is going to be on Friday night after Klay Thompson and Draymond Green's comments after game 3, and check in on the LIV leaderboard. Joining the progrum to chat about tonight's Rangers and Lightning playoff game, is Stanley Cup Champion, co-host of That's Hockey Talk, Mike Rupp (19:13-46:49). Next, NFL Insider and friend of the show, Ian Rapoport joins the progrum to chat about the salary cap debate considering what the Rams have done, what to expect from the Deshaun Watson situation, and much more (1:01:11-1:27:24). Later, NBA Champion, current Guard for the Chicago Bulls, Alex Caruso, joins the show to chat about his offseason, his relationship with LeBron, what and NBA offseason looks like, his thoughts on the league as a whole right now, and who he thinks is going to win the NBA Finals (1:27:26-2:06:33). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show, and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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Hello, beautiful painful areas, thursday germ nights, two thousand, and twenty two in this point show shall begin of your fantastic. We can't thank you enough for watching along here in the afternoon on the eastern standard time, maybe the morning in pacific standard time than all the other times, and you can do the math and thereby we appreciate you so so much today show is you git with us walked off happening. Why? Seventy minutes, because the new york rangers we'll jake The tear bay lightning in a two two series back in the world's most famous arena, madison square gordon that my group will join us hosted that's hockey. Dock workers earn it Joe network, former stanley cup, child beer, erupt,
will join us in a second now to talk about the details of this new cooper cup. Deal aaron donalds deal. What's going over to John watson, Vienna fell things being sold things. That being so, I guess somebody allegedly the the sixers josh Harris or something it has been reported that he was going to make a five billion dollar offer to win the denver. rocco's in his blind option that had taken place. He didn't think they'll be enough. When it was told that was going to be enough to win them. Both robson walton terms in what they for six five billion offer gets the deal. Now there was details of this, as it was being described by mike florio pro football talk, that georgia hush harris decided that he didn't want to run up the price either with old, robson Walton, because he is going to be in the market for team in the future. So why set right now. What we are saying is there the aims of adobe foresail. Soon after seeing the four point, six five billion dollar inject cash to pocket. exchange of happened, what the Denver broncos was being report second, our one twenty p m
easter? Then? Third, our guess what why first armor on his first time? Oh, don't think ever met this person in real life only on the internet It's caruso why Chicago bulls, former nba champion with the lakers of it is. He was potentially put into jail? Has he had some lingering dope in his travel bad while going through an airport that believes is where we became acquaintances? since java them yesterday on the phone before this, I think we're gonna have a great about them, and how could we not with what happened last night in despicable Boston, massachusetts, oh, and also- boston com and made here at the toxic table can thank you. Boys
for being here every single day corner you that downtown by mate half erode yesterday net, a win from connecticut that went on tim. The damage is interesting. Eight thousand re twits, that's weight of the video of owen dumping on you, such good poise, confidence, and then finding the right time for abyss direction duncan year. After all, the years of shit that you have talked on the state of connecticut s, it felt like he was speaking for a lot of people in the world. Certain rejoicing you get dumped on like that. You were openly and have commented on the situation of saying this is what life is like when you live under the rebel, because you take a lot of shot yourself in your always playing some deef, I'm proud of you, my slots, and I always will you know if I shooting on the kid I'm going to produce more owens, then you're welcome, connecticut your whole entire states cottage angel right now, and I can't help about myself on the back for doing that
congrats. Thank you guys. I don't need your applause. I just need you know the governor connecticut maybe the senator to say thank you because his state might not soft gone for other. You are potentially on trial, run for governor of connecticut known them. Boys, I still absolutely despised, always will always have, but you know it's gotta turn around if there are more owens down there and hopefully that will continue to be kind of the ammo of kinetic. So. This leads perfectly into a new england issue that happened last evening sharing nice made. I know, you're gonna love this turned eggs, one half of the hammer We can't wait to get your take on this situation. Last night, the people in tv, your lies in london, in new england fan base known to be in our very gentle and welcoming family, absolutely known, to be not very into the
sports at all. Not passionate now you know more, like laissez faire, so what happened last night at tv garden came, you're, surprise came out Surprise to all of us all. I was superb to hear about this, as I was watching the game in Boston, Massachusetts with mass halls in new england humans. I turn it believe. My ears fuck you dream on what was ever fuck you to other people who how cool there was kids in the round clay thompson do address it after his best game of the finals. He fucking said await ago, Boston, rail classy, with kids in the industry. Dream. On greens, wife said my kids were there austin screamin fuck you to their dad com, a bit torrent, stitch Jesus. Do you anything to say for the despicable actions
Those that were in garden. Last night supporting your boston celtics a you're hanging flag right in front of the desperate in front of you. You, associated with that despicable scots thing rode up noxious fan base. That normally is never like. We had now at all your thoughts on- maybe this big, your change, for the boston celtics in Boston fans in general. I think you will go down as one of the greatest performances by boston fans in the history of the fan. Right below that is probably easier for Tom Brady and then both the shit out of a messenger you walked out when the clock started in the game begun I mean, what do you want? Ok, zambia, finals wrought in some fuckin regular season game where
things going on dream on: try to pull jail, embrowns pants down, you think it want to see some grown man gone. Is the golden state? Would never do that? I said I would two or three by foreign posts. They would never do that difference. Bus drivers are by before dots and unfortunately, physical states, not god, no dogs, you I'd use dots, tyranny, cats out exactly what he gave money more, whose you're, para gatos, I gotta completely off track their answers. Thus the environment by the way- and I am not quite thompson dream on green, whom he would assume would love that stuff. But who knows, any those guys. I love that shit and I think there's a lot of people of that shit, so immediately and those people by the way, I think, the people I love that should feel as if they were sporting competition more than
we else, and I don't know if that's the accurate picture is letting you know how to act, in a manner that the Boston fans acted last night in wood, I can feel very comfortable acting feels if they love there any more than you love there It's almost part of the dna, it's the pay, the celtics and especially with how old that team is and how old that region is. I think the the backlash and the oath talking about it by players that have to go play another game there and fraud. It is one of the worst decisions of all time. What honestly, when it comes to competitive edge, I think about what you said one of the best performance is by the. Boss, insult experience feel as if they are in the game over there fan base it does it by the way, but whenever you have a family is like that makes a team better make sports better. See, entertainment level better, makes everything better. Every team is wishing for. That's not me, not with the absurdities. Ok, maybe people
but do it in a much. I don't have seahawks vans. Arnold think they're swearing herbs and shore, but this is the way it plucking goes. Yes, I mean, I just said the f word there like in some four places they are gonna, damn all wish, dream on in clay, on friday, night and arrogant. Take pride, they're gonna feel as if they are winning the game for their celtics. I think everybody Get that I do not I our standard. I guess like grandstand, front of other people's kids that you're scaring opens up like that but also I feel a competitive was there is not more move because boston That is a challenge and it is friday, india is a final stir. This isn't like champions of banner is on the line right now: friday. There's no reason to gas at boston people even more. We tried to to do less that every single day bigger most like what you saw it when you have back it's like to carry around you remember.
Was given double birds in the first round of the final say: tat was one of the better part of the entire player. This is exactly what the celtic vans are trying to do. This is what their intentions are. That's why they're in unison and you told me this earlier when Jimmy butler walked off the court, now I find good series between you and I would like to add that they feel is, in our view, You said that they would do that, probably to step up propaganda aspect for staff to relate assume, but they are again. They are out, in nothing and idle. ok, maybe less, swearing for some people, but we you did not get rid of that at all. We need more that in sports actually need more people coming together. Around a team that web since their city, we need more but bonding they're, probably much different than each other having moment in an arena where you're high five in a random- and I know what happens in church, may god be with you god be with you. I may be with you and I got it
but very rarely, is there ever a time where people they don't know each other ever come together and celebrate together. We need not get rid of it now: boss and people. always gonna, be that way the eye ass. They have been since the beginning of time. I believe in war always be that way. Just like would pittsburgh. You're gonna get a very hey when you're this, what you get from pittsburgh, baltimore people saying they're, like ohio people saint, I mean it's just like I don't know be trying to get that out of sports at all either. I think we should be promoting and I like it, I like very much and I love Stephanie but we may not china get that. I suppose we need poor. That is fortunately, after all said, fuck boston quantities that from the same region aware that thing was happening at just how they speaks or about. What's your point, I get it felt like a final. you sound like all like the actually. This does mean someone else. I think it's bullshit, like those guys they love that you feed off, that if your plane and that game you kid me like there's no named after the fact you can maybe say whatever, but, like you start here in that
there's no way that isn't but providing enhancing the moment and over the edge it just like you said, like it mean for them to say something where you think there's can shut up, I'm not saying it's gone, Daily gets can be a bloodbath justly announcer manuel were not really much. Clauses in our noble make on society is gonna, be law, yes, fraud, a guy ferries in their work noise in their only came up blocking hank, put up a goddamn humphrey butler culpable brilliant everybody that sitting around the there on the wood is hoping a ball comes to that in its. they are hoping it doesn't come in the form of a blind side brightened explosion, robbing it in some the time or your baby going on having something height, fucking so a little bit catches that seizes the moment immediately stay directly on poverty. and then hands about jordan pool. I mean, like home, run back It has been on a quite a fucking here
study proved to do even more so, but yet there only gonna get louder on friday in I soon, as can be for let her words can be flying around from those fan base, and I know them kids, but is also the kids The council also chatting there now the watchman. Listen, we come from the same place. I love. When fans do love it love it. I hate when fuckin boston, fence, doing ok, we need to stop enabling these Boston sky. bags. Okay, we ve been doing it since the beginning of time. Paul revere, while wasn't here. Ok, forget pilgrims, ah donny, get me started on the fucking boss increase bad people. I a long time, detective Sullivan gal What a corrupt guy there he buried louis yeah
it was a corner. The list goes on and on regarded fucking stop somewhere. We can enable this right. I can't believe you're right if we This guy morale shore, if we're just gonna, love it happening. We are the problem. Doktor Phyllis told so many parents. I give reason this isn't it I mean you're, the one enabling it you're, the one enabling it and you say that speech I just gave about like loving it in this. Boston is in its why we item onboard problem you so yeah. We all have been for far too long. We tried to stand on Are you guys can't fuckin swear? Don't you dare thought not further kids you're used to Javier food gay last word has already start that he's dead. That's that's rip! Ok, I'm fucking!
what power views trail got them the freedom to tony. Would you look so little about freedom? Ok, that's a week fuck, it is still in america and if you don't want to stand so the dollar's get there. Ok, you don't want to be in the final screaming that people in the NBA find those in the world series in their scam. God doesn't know either pasta not suffer petsmart near the middle of the problem. Not daddy love field, bossy, great he's, probably come into, but that's what I'm saying is older workers. You like boss, he's gonna bet screaming and, being you know, the greatest fans and the country than someone is when all these games stunt gerard. You raised I should like to tricks of the trade in ivory coast. They would have thought they would have, but you know if they,
do, you know I did what you thought about raising the pop up people shot, I don't think so, plus if I was in whose yours or what forty save the warriors did, that there are their whole entire team would have been crying. They wouldn't needed. You know on limited tissues on the side of the boat, so they were trying to raise. The moves. Boston has the more I thought a bigger deem. It only helps us. We get it. So these are enjoying that sorry, sorry, godly, cheating, only cost concord advantage, pat okay. Now, if we want our ten foot through on one in ten for one only other where to get rid of the shooting team that actually affect, let alone warm ups to Eurostat, probably put up hundred shots on this tend for. Do you think they would break break break is via shoe. The more I guess and then in due course pass nets with zol things. Are you guys do, though, that I think leads to towns point of now? You know what thompson was is real, professed
boss, patsy long ago, when a game they needed right now to do once we get all. We just did sixteen minutes on that. We covered both sides pretty in depth. I mean that's why they show goes out whenever one word, the I dont know how people are upset about its pocket. Sportsmen when I look at you, you're allowed to just accidently elbow somebody rate in the fucking mouth. You allow the union known and rising like this competition. environment, I not that you should now Now people say where's line than you know. there's the line of watch How does it after all? I think we all now. I think we all know where lies everybody understands it in an you now. If they cross, that I think it becomes a problem which boston will, I haven't a pass from the box to know as a recent religious lines, step up there in Boston but like distant a fuck somebody anything
I gotta get happens in every study and I think that I've ever billion that's what makes no sense is they act like they ve, never fuckin heard this before liking. I'm not think dream on basically set on his show that he always more solid. Families here that my kids are here in it, but, like you got any these guys play big bigtime college, while the student. Second fans are a billion times. Worse than the nba fans like they filed arson, Why has it not higher arena standing? Then it was all its awesome to watch, but I'm just saying in terms of like a fuck, you is rolling off your shoulder a lot more than these bricks in college. You are really good. when personal, unlike it look and stuff open and that kind of stuff, like all those guys, avert a fox camp. I forget who was telling the story after work, It's I apologize to
The show that had this. If somebody figures it out there be great- I guess Kobe bryant wishes mentioning dates to some guy in the court and the guy. You know what it was. I looked it up. It was like all his cousins and family members. By so called me was just like telling about his eyes entire family, like how much research is done, like the shit. happens on the court. I assume is next brain tat, pretty intense as well. I don't know the basketball community in the basque or basle culture as well as we should be like this, because I think that some we'll talk thou like two hours I'll ask is it feels like it is quite a the nba players hate the fancier like hate him right. It's become like a new thing: we, how come there able to do this? Why they do and that's why they do, and that is because they had the without fans years where they re boy was much more open. Remember, whenever only like, at thirty percent somebody's arenas in Teams are scattered out. They had more space to sit down. The sun were much more wide open, guys, we're gonna to do whatever they wanted to do and all these arenas I should
was very nice for a lot of these guys. We have only played in front of thousands and thousands of people right on top of the court Is it because it get comfortable without em? Is it because when something it's always been. An issue could remember you. My media thought back like all Russell S. Broken utah like member became an entire. We also westbrook with some other place and then like carried someplace. don't carry says he likes it. Didn't I resent you liked it. I think he has displayed up there. They usually understands it. It was re young in new york, rang like there is a cause. It's a much more amid setting. I think there is better plainly? Only sport were the fans or that close and have that can access and know not bearing no, no, nothing no pads, helmut like in hockey hockey that I was what we like the half away from where we could bang on glass weakening the finger and stuff, but there's other barrier yeah, that's their arena. Essentially in the nba like this, often their joining now is a man who.
we'll be able to tell me this- is my fault or not. I want to play off game was play off that we want to their sat on your seats on the ice. Yeah pence large tried pay the rough I'm right through the crack of the glass right in front of me, china, station with them. Like a linear barclay, Download b, waited a power play, showed him the money via and showed him a couple hundred dollars. Whatever I pulled out, we had not gone to the casino, yet that's right down and lots of money. So I had they're gonna take that decision has been taken. I worry about everything risk casino in pittsburgh is losing casino by you. to go in there? You have a losing weekend. You don't want that. You just are tipping the person on the corner, which is the rivers disease you go in there. They give twenty hundred whatever you want to lose. Keep me and then you just go to pittsburgh. Incited pittsburgh, gods, I'd, say: you're welcome! You can do this if you dont, probably we can nonetheless, ref called a penalty was in
two seconds later, all against the january next schiff we're trying to get him at the at the whistle right there face of verona shift carpet campaign and look when I got the penalty and then to stave off of me, I don't want to think like. Me thinking on that important that I can but now to learn more about the game that mother fucker. Done that just ass. If to join us now, stanley cup champion a might be, it would give us a little clarity on that situations. That isn't, gentlemen. Also that's opted talk and digital network in absolute stud, my I I don't know which for real why's that you spoke to, but did he ever mustache was a bill? Mccurry began he was probably wanted to fuck me: go you member of the old bill mccleery while bill. That was with the when try to me yeah, this was a bill. Did you try to greece up greece, the parliament building? This is what our ability did to you. While you are sitting on the bench right, you're, gonna, fucking.
All right said so, like you're, going out there in your like trying to be doing best for the steel city in the skies like fuck you I'll find you right now that that's what he said right there I knew that story to right now. That's an interesting story, but yeah is probably your fault, if I have to say I'm so sorry why did we gave up go on that one cereal score I don't know. I don't know, that's a good goodbye downwards like blow the whistle in stares at me. Andrew seconds on bali mic. So We are aware of your fuckin head. I wasn't making it a big deal there like. I was unlike showcasing everybody. It was just an intimate conversation because he was right in front of us at the time and there is a cracked wasn't like us making a show out of it, so he only did it for me
It is like. Oh, my god, I might add important. I fuck depends butler Let's talk about railway, now imagine that was in my way. We look back at this thing. Get the accurate information on who was fine. And if they support on a viable you're, not new work aim was might be minus one on the ice agree rubber, let's dive into the hockey world right now. Obviously, new york and damper plain and back and madison square garden would dive into that. I want to talk. but the rumours that are hitting the internet. Boss, embrowns, are dead. Plaster knock is common to the pittsburgh penguins. It's gonna began to sydney impostor. right. There is our one law. We are gonna, be a lord factory for the foreseeable future. What's going on, is that going to happen and that's a big deal right? This is a big off season, conversation that, if
soft season if there is not some some traction in some grounds being covered with boss in ruins. It David past or knock about an extension here. you don't get top and players like that they hit the market or are available if data, Passionate is, is gonna set, argue roll on fire, I've already with us talking wailed any danica. Yesterday we had stolen about some things. I think the devil's with joy, while over that they throw the secondary raw taken. This year's draft probably throw together nice little young players has some pieces teams will do whatever heard everybody's going to try to get David passion actual boosting the way this goes. I this last weeks been tough, its offer, boss and gone. You know that did, you see good to see what happened yesterday, kind of there's gonna need by
You know it's way as far as bruce cassidy like. Maybe this is maybe this is then trying to salvage. So here's the thing that we just heard desalvo better go down. sweeney. The boss ruins gm wired; his meeting seasons and two weeks ago, with birth capacity it burst These coming out insane he told me my job is safe. weeks later, gets can't solve boston dog just completely written two in the lines that you ve been through that path. I would assume that football the same thing. We have our exit meetings as players with coaches with gm with gm and some happened there right. So maybe this is like. Alright, we don't albert runs coming back. Maybe they had something to do with it. I called you James then also country, if David passionate, isn't gonna be talking extension with we gotta figure this shit out. So I don't know I'm not trying to say that birds gases, the problem- may be
the end of the road. As far as approaches influence on his group. What they're, trying to They are trying to salvage something you're gonna be tops led was that sees? I didn't. Do this ever again numerous times mom silence for the boston brewing while they go in life, full rebuild, improbable, irrelevancy, the trees version, the truth? They had brad marcia boy. What that past him? He went into the indices,
meeting with a coach and said I everybody else, it must then be passed. The came in and they said. Why aren't you talk of essential caesar? I fucking hate their coach and they're gonna leave fire the coach and bus assets. I hate the gm now he's a penguin says the Teresa Martian got healthy, took trained the best brains, while the charter guitar, I saw him, was now and debutante. How was the gully just quit right through to measure you push news run? nor was the size I rather ouida. There's a lot There's a lotta layers decided was patient enough. Sorry tuesday moment pass.
Well, I don't know, is india. I said I was made. That was my. That was my first point, so I apologise to fight Firstly, we do not have an that's what we're gonna do today, which others too many moments. I now let me let me say this, though, with bruce capacity is a good goats greatcoats, whose numbers are credible. Nick you went over some of those numbers on. That's hardly talk last night when you talk about winning percentage and stuff. He's done, he'll get hired again. This is not, and this is not to say this guy's a few hours. not the guy's thinks he's gonna get higher duties, a good told it just then he got to the point where, if you can't squeeze the group against, We, the group anymore, I signed a move on, I think that's what's happened, happens a lot of different places and a lot of different sports? You just kind of your juice runs out. Your stories run out your novation runs out. The player and bigger contract out lives it in its time. Let's go somewhere else
P s. I think you meant appear s machine which John taffir injurious to the world is the thing that kept track at all the bottles zeal, because all the bartender fuckin steal it ground. That's right: haven't we just go down to a real problem in pittsburgh? In absolutely, did you have raised it was good luck, the bronze somewhat tonight rubber. What we did that not detail! We get there swagger back or the rangers too tired. I think I on the game. The broadcasts have been good. By the way, but I think on the game. I heard that the rangers had had more than one day off since may? Third, an entire by They want a weaker something off because they swept couple of em to sweeps there. Whenever you think about that, exhausted levels, as the rangers have to be at an end, The bay lightning maybe be giving passed at rest period of having a week offer whatever was, is damaged. go on, and motor boat. The rangers right out of this thing, or is it going continue to be kind of how mice advantage
I have no idea which way this is gonna. Go back we ve seen, arrange your team in the first two games that looked a certain way and we saw Tampa team that they look completely different. from games, one hundred to two games three, and so I have no idea but if I had to say who I think has the edge your move forward, I would say it's tampa because it experience their game management. There veteran leadership, they just find ways and, quite frankly, last two games, man. They look like the funniest system. Champions, and so I think they ve started a really grab behold. The thing in the big thing also is the got shot line up for the rangers. They got barclay goods row. They ve got ryan strong, a gay They got filipino, who these guys are banged up, so you don't feel people's party that kid line with our alexey laugh. Readier couple
cargo and he's their son herself there without their number to centre lines drawn, would play last game if there it's actually without order weakened, number three centre and fear peter who that line has been huge for this team idling, it looks great for them. I don't like it looks great by eight this team has been dominate home once they start playing. Babo riley, I am asking you to place, goes by now. is that slight their renegade in pittsburgh. It does the same kind of thing, not my grandma worth. What's what am I gonna think? I know it sounds like: what's it sound like huts That's it the mental part, though that's the key coming, come the audience and mental I don't know so yeah
didn't, leave anyone or are you? Are you part of fritz harmony or whatever observer and sometimes but eight so that its length sell us on a brilliant for the rangers? They're gonna have to find it here. It's gonna, be tough man, it's gonna, be tough. Sled exists this this tampa team. They had that sweep over the floor to pay. theirs. They had the time off. They started off the series, not so good. They found themselves again longer vassal ascii said known ass, the one thing that drove me not in- and this is the thing I gotta know- ranger fat. You remember you re by the end of the season eagerly. This too. The pans right. We thought that was going to combat, invite eager in almost did didn't anna up so through the first two games that I missed you, is you got laundry veslovsky subaltern tamper baskets and in the world eager number two at the other end, amnesty fans, ranger fence, start yelling eagle.
was better my war. Why would I do that here? Like this? Guy might Bassi might be the best bullied ever play the game don't give him or munition, and this is found his game, so I don't know, hopefully it I must do to night. They lay off. Those chairs has let the boys do their think. We'll need me more shit on our plane. You don't need you guys to make that I pissed off in absolutely stone I still see what happened to signal khakis down and shut the fuck up due to their mostly. I do not believe you impaired, whatever song that was too Ma am Are you kidding you lost? It is today
has picked up like all those genes. That's been use on the show. So it's not a doubt is the one thing you guys know is: I'm always run in my mouth. What brown I went to many stealer games there when I play for the penguins. That is one course moments. I see no words when that shit start coming across it. Nice field, I tell you like it, gets a juices flow highlights a people just get in the old rules of the nfl, basically hit the address running the you got jacket. segment is running, see tee city is running the jumbotron, while it's going and everybody in pittsburgh. Sorry, bout that, let's go in and out of the game ha anywhere t J t days bought into comply like when the players by into a two it's a big deal, can in t J and the boys are out there? They start talking to immediate it's a laser vine. We're in the play asked. Penguins and we didn't know, what's gonna happen and they brought it out again. The play
ass, not tell you. Why are you like? It was fucking cool, like was it was set out and get something you can overly use if you're the penguins, because you can like not see staying like once in awhile grab it like a huge moments, but it's big man ass one, the coolest little rally cries. I think it's sport. I don't got enough pens games They drop it in their everyone's lala massa moment. Thou be fuckin electrifying too, when they have all like laughter, Taos gone pens by the parties on agriculture? you know, you know, who's got a really got round was always you guys can help reduce the use of truth. your giants I'd go dabble dave opera back, so this dude is banned. at every ranger. We all seem to be desired. He just got hired rub. It is a good idea yesterday bring em, so they play that has a tune go there,
bob bump bump on the man they do that an amnesty every time they I'd like you know a lot of times. It was just talk. They had some former giants and different guys come with you so they play that's all right. Some going up in April that dude on, and he can't looks like the economy looks like go on Roger. What do you mean you kind of look sake me or looks like I do. The mont blanc our boy pocket. I give you a cue yacu sire Jesus Christ, He looks I get you a little bit, maybe, but always they put on. On the jumble drop it am, I see the place, those bananas, the team when they got a great record. This guy's been a really basely every every home game, and I think there suddenly one glass at a great start to his prayers rise again sake on bartley. So if you like, he's gotta swagger bachelor s, who knows what that means for the giants? Aside back into this game,
like big conversation in the garden was that the francis grew in fact raymond in call him a bitch and stuff in front of kids knowledge of we talked about this because we are sitting so close. Like fans do sit close penalty box right behind the ban, funds are very close and hockey, but that barriers, a big deal is certain notorious places that are like much worse than others like opposite the bossing celtics home games in the garden or around the legal base. Like it's gonna be a nightmare. Whenever we go up there, I just expected happens: Indiana well. Is it like the energy as well. Yeah? There is in our fisheries, obviously a place now where's, despite the trash continued see there. In others in a if you think, fairly fairly member. That was their I'm pretty sure. Nick wasn't
the tide army fan fallen in the laws. You by your boy said the infamous clipper, the dial reaching over the penalty boxes, turpentine, domey and tied domey sportsmen, water bottle and fair fell into the penalty box and and Tell me just beat the shit honorary, so you guys guys look out because it some real classics are obviously it's. I don't suppose there is this. Is this is my thing: everybody's everybody's brave is yelling at the zoo, with and by the time Ok, so that fuckin thing there are also new shit. Your pants right leg in that this fans, yell anytime, I guess most word- a water lean search, more glass, gives ok, so black, he did it with water. He wasn't that security or the boy to wait till you got another clip of the guy, gets this obviously received got a whole car, a dumped on his head and always stand up and he's he's gonna be tommy. Tough guy were tied. All me.
Hanging over the glass last gives way he basically for all than the lions gauge entitlements. gets on now and the bees the wheels often and itself, yeah demi their times it usually around the penalty boxes, kind of that area rights you take. Apparently you got the other behold upside they're, not gonna young through the gap like you, try the greece that this the hand of a referee like their yellow through the sides there trying to get to your initiative So then the referees gotta get in there an issue of office officials which are generally kind of older gentlemen. They gotta go break this up, like is not split. It's usually around the penalty box. When you got there black people yelling from stop him, I don't know you can always the one good thing in hockey is that you always got the glass they're, so you can pretend you don't hear them where the view that a rank them yesterday, the Did you see this orangutan yesterday, thou o what it yet, let's run it lets
Wait until you see this, I was what your game came onto the internet. Are unaware probably read it. I did like four days ago came on its just yesterday, and I got it. It's me texted me from one of the boys. I think conversation with somebody tie was asking questions and I was watch. This video now just get more more uncomfortable and, as I have done, I ask in his pleasure the buzzer was like the foxes, I was trying to mouth, arrange tat. This video hit the internet. What I feel like with tied domey that person look at this shit. Rubber poem come here, comer bitch yeah, take a shirt off bingo immediately slip that thing over your head. What are you doing? No gonna save it. This was an affliction hold onto does love already. This thing starting up is the yankees get negative, als there and then he's got his foot around is he's got nowhere to go to arms and reform our right now, just fool
I wonder what this person did. Was it not a snack was somebody else is it to show shot for some other ass all turns its openly drip tones. That's all big sidewise is that there are those it yeah. Is to go on where he grew. the hand. I think he gets to the hand any goes the the persons hand or the arm per suppose it any its is for, because the fight is foot and then read mrs by saying just lots of Gaza? Yes, I thought, and then spoke indonesia was it. He just walked back in a cage and ngos. They now get out exactly have also think about what we just saw. Though, like you have a grown man, it looks like somebody since trying to help him get foxy build rip strength. Do that groups doing that, to visit that that rang it s not even budging, there's no like there's no fight, there's no issues both hold it still in this dude body is parallel to the ground like this is no
This market does even look at these. Try it's fucking with him right now. If you want some, you want some and then says I give you a little bit more like come on. I'm issued shopper single lay their efforts. Signalized that you hated tat. Bats comes in here. Markers starts. Getting one gets under way that that's acting partners was much braver. Little better get going! Turkey has not been sideways. That's all posted up both of his bottom fever leverage humbly pay their asked it how into that that everything I watched much of the animal point. I was of the apes, the apes shit. I watch Just watching them in the wild take food in the like the water and like clean it and then like peel it just like us and them and throw it out, it was even just leaving the way that the way that the way the monkeys, bananas, it's like we ve, been doing it wrong forever.
Like women receive, and I know you don't bother me to break it, but then they like humans, we we, pure from that standpoint, we usually bruise up the tops mash up, and yet they reverse it in a thing, just like perfect getting pinching, they reverse our pincher here, absolute, the army's embracing and then what doesn't it rang it in exhibit here and indianapolis, and we talked about this before, but I feel like wrapper for the first time a diner. You look, I'm right, nor I there look at you, act. There's an actual connection and I made eye contact one. Therefore, it would be an all plants, prove right, an icon where make eye contact, poop right there after work- and I am sorry but it looks like you do in life and there to tell you that you are concerned. I asked on that that writing blocking hates himself
he's just pagan for someone who's coming really as they set about learning zone he's in that way to small I mean that around ten has his gauges five times the wanted the indianapolis do. I feel bad for that. Guy really do his, but to be clear. none of those things are anything to fuck with. I watch one sanctuary, one where you have to go in actually shake the hand the leader of the group, to get into the area, and then, if you shook the hand like you could go either where member them building it up as if it was like a very tense moments like will you accepted in the in the cage or not. It was a new personnel going bring them. Food had I say sorry or like aloud to the person and there like now give you a little but dont back down. You have to you. To remain the euro stronger. I might get the fuck out of here. Inevitably, the we there no no connect forget it knock it into
Your question mickey states for all rougher right off the bat you're, just real, quick ziyadi, did some research back here. We found at the referees for the game that we went to that you try to ride. It was west, kali all what about you and I think it was actually west who made the call, but also our working, that game was our body temple dial one minute reach out now be like hey, I fear remember, but was their time like how will give me a ball park? Your wise, when was the thirteenth eighteen, thirteen twenty eating We're in a figure this out, because I know you know Why- I'm not- I don't have many referees numbers, but I do have west macaulay and if it does it, do you want right from what I've had is. What, unless is the best in the book, this guy they have a highlight, might be. You must really be resolved. He's like that arguably right, yeah he's off duty is the one that does that
It is now you said if I mention it is far better like finnish he's an absolutely showman guards. Who knows what it might make it perfectly sir, this example wins this game me to dump you'll, be happy to hear that I've been trying to advise copy. Games, one in two that it was the rangers, but you now in aids in you don't want to hear it and I think it goes back to tamper with camp three too. I wouldn't want to do this again, but not now- My silence for companies see that is no always see. Guy bolts, pow I've been saying: go boards this whole matter some years back, every question through dump. You up to this is my favorite go and yeah I mean I I do council. What's what you been up to? and I have a nobody hold up here in the great white north pal, sound and a blue eyes, you drank it without no bide lights up there,
I'm drinking starlight. Now while that may be modelled on more specifically, mode. Why don t we perceived merely mission brow, even though the fake ones? This is good news to you. ah ex road, yeah yeah. What allowed world rubber we appreciate for another job has been one as well. We'll see. I think it goes seven now so I just wanna go seven games and we're talking about last night. You should be room for tampa because you got there's three teams laughed. You got two invites the pat mcafee pat magazine crew has to invite the stanley cup parties one b, in colorado want be an tampa. So unless we can work, some new york rangers
relationship usually robots and we walk? No. He whenever the things I have said about the rangers out his entire thing, I will never be able to do that. You're. Just like the king, Cigars began again and acts as a guy can't do it but I dont know if we ve been invited either those we have kind of just publicly said in asia, but if you keep saying that enough, it or other public pressure right little public, petty, like that's on its course for europe for europe, the airport. In my you talked about games, seven supposed to be an amnesty same night, beavers gotta concert, isn't it shall obviously gonna give way and make them play back to back a game? Seven, and I soon beavers not move and for their age. I don't know man, that's a great question. I saw that now my how the hell do this up you all by its ribs
a joke, beavers bigley, spans good boys. It ass the matthews you're saying well, hey the good thing is it that leaves never show up for game. Seven summit babes nonchalant that night, I don't know man under the way is always about you and I could see beads. I concede beads, moving something because he is a big hockey fan. he loves? You loves his hockey's girl, canadian, like dom's here and now now. Don't know, I think it's going to go. Gonna go seven cyclical had that storyline double give him some sweet tickets. Gas have games seven stanley cup of the eastern conference finals, a man who is babes, grandma by Laszlo, less less copies boy, responder ruin that relationship with the other job. When a memory buried him up against the glass I might come back and that might come back and bite the energy of the brons water, I was just one of the unpredictable
Ugly worthier certainly was, ladies and gentlemen, my group or thank you body, hitting the road t mobile your road trip covered with your been screaming hour after hour of your favorite podcast shearing road trip, snaps with fairly friends or uploading, that important work presentation you forgot about with t mobile superfast upload speed, you'll be covered by more five g bars in more places. Plus t mobile covers the most interstate miles in america. With five g t mobile has america's largest marching at sea fight to devise coverage in excess details. A t mobile that come from article J J watch live got this morning: data
seems to plant is best off hundred twenty five million dollar still sitting there for him. He did. He turned back around. Is that what you're, gonna p dot k w m is winning also need for names of assigned the fuckin screens that live need? The names does have no idea who it is also the names of the teams, maybe underneath the name put the team name, cuz, just just love, what I've glory of the orange asses we're doing. It has on fire. They were on fire there towards the tops. The entire thing strike force struck, ball I haven't seen any of it: production value that good, I value, maybe not for care, but up there had cameras everywhere same exacting, british commentators, I've never heard of had the same feel and teller tracers on the ball. Light blue, like a little bit more color. You know dennis quaid that there's a war, bring gulf the life in a voice over other live gulf tournament that he did fast.
By it all, but masses going lived, chit chat about the which they found on mars for over a year, I have seen that there go and love to talk about european general, their commissioning a new study to finally, Finally, what that's like David doing- I saw this the other day nasa has agreed to look you ip and you are what are they then doing? Isn't that what their job has been, what the fuck do that's technically! Their job is to try to figure out what's out there or is it is it is what else is going to do it and we're doin? sporting, I guess and then run into some people wanting to leave us longing around the international space station like Hell, you're, not keeping an eye on you. I hope is that which is. I have no idea what we have rights erosion. No, it's a keeper, the keys, the color. Do you think that which was felt not a black away? Further, I was I was like you. They are not talking about the which wrote. What are you
let us move on here. Let's talk about breaking way, but their tone. What you're other alien that was through the fence on this dossier. what your thoughts on that law. Three foot rat bastard, I might have found himself in a place aided now lives in. I think its tone. Three. I think there's definitely video and its possible somebody wherein, like chuckie, he's costume as well, you think that things, how in the three four put it back up? How does it for free? I guess it is a zoo, so that fence has to be very, very, very, very tall. Lisa think seven feet tall barbara to sustained and upstream. as a windshield amory around and downhill scott card or build. It does have a car door. Doesn't mistake. Nonaligned should turn around their little goes back up there. is it wearing tights. I think that's a scandal. I think it has access to what we have Will I get a little furry? Do fur is related to the queen's aliens? Well,
whereby saw me that was just drawn those fine at speed. A fucking sat come on what some people in these drones. heard of your also not allowed to fucking liar drawn by a hydrogen, ok yeah, especially to clear the early yeah yeah. This thing men. Have you seen this ajay yeah? That's gotta be a drone Ah, yes, thereby tell me like You have always pretty small that well, that's and they all to exact thing. They have all been tiny. I think the shape of a vague. What we need are being out that big old animal long you in that shot to be blind one of these programmes and probably go they probably do route. I don t know but a balloon just with olenin galilee Israel's super verse, strong helium bullet, and that this is on air pollution. The flies over those things like mars, like that. I live in flight over that's like the oldest its experiment of all time right now, so that is I've. I've lost thing a lot and the wife has gone into
by god. You want I want now to now. We had ass death traps I'm not gonna be the amish others sky debts are? It is past weekend there is like six of them within ten miles of my house because they were flying over the memorial for the tournament. The gall term are going on and the good, your blood or whatever to their land in fields around us man. I don't know if I have the balls to do, do not in what happens. If you know, god just goes, I'm gonna tell me did at any time to hear governor Do you know about them in a fuckin balloon? Am I try, and here was a- would have gotten your car there's a mothership tornado by you last night and you see at athens or high level rays, bobcats levels to that thing. Did you see that I've seen that now all did in we're all yours, you look a lot o grids, ho jon and allow for how we do so they do say they deserve. It is your time
At least I ve been to some ass. Our stories you're in the interval, not at all that stuff is invested more important than the animal gay. If that little three foot, the seven what rat bastard card or looking thing is real. That's conversation the needs we had. He asked what is a copper in what zoo is that so tat I think someone twitters whose amarillo I'm real, marilla mothers, sardine area, takes a trick renewed databases. He said I seen a rat Promise do it cooper design the largest gas
the contract in the history of wide receivers in the nfl three or seventy five million guaranteed three eighty million dollars in toto it's an extension- is five years on that issue, their plane, a low salary cap gymnastic with cash over cap situation, because cranky has all the money you're obviously led the nfl in receptions with one hundred and seventy eight receiving yards, two thousand four hundred and twenty five yards after catch, which doesn't get talk better by talks about ground of assumptions receiving odds and touchdowns, which Thirdly, it is well twenty two yards after catch eight hundred forty six light, the nfl and all for those that's last season became the superbowl m. He is absolute? dialogue. This guy is a study, is normally the yak leader doesn't have the depot touchdowns and everything like that. So to be able to be this big of a play maker dalton, He obviously signed a new contract, the highest guaranteed contract and the history. Why does he in the fell in a matthew, stafford,
josie, basically saying thank you to detroit alleging rife answer. Yes, sir. I loved this great news for the rams, and it continues to prove our point that the salary cap is a fool gaze This elegant might be real to the broke owners. Can you broke ass? Billionaires? Ok, you can't do anything, but the wealthy There are those who have cash on hand, the ability to put the money. in india. S brow, I believe, to hold onto the guarantees. They will continue to profit and benefit from this. Just promptly has with the lambs cup in absolute game. Reykir is with the way for these three more years, as is matthew saffron. You assume Sean Mcgaughey. Is well what assigning age hawk? I mean he. We super thankful that matthew stafford came there. They seemed ever a great role. From day one we hear about them. When commented facility forty five in the morning going over and watching every possible rep. They can and studying the defences, so
when you as the coop her cup. I know I mentioned on the show when they talk to him after one of their games Sunday night. Whatever was, I don't know when at what he explained exactly the coverage, What they were doing, what we are supposed to do, what I was most do my adjustment and he was so nonchalant and just casual about, like ok, yeah, I understand what you do, that the ball foremost ethical when he gave her answer that, I think, is what led was learning about human matthew, stafford watching film at five p m every single morning, because, somebody had to speak like Matthew, stafford speaking the same language as cooper cup, which is the most efficient and beneficial weapon that you can have in football is when the waters, even the quarterback, don't saying to each other and thereby no exactly what's going on here, the office does have. One goal is about to happen. The otherwise receivers might not have a clue. What about what can happen running back got no idea was about to happen, but you ability to make an audible on the fly, because what you say film oxygen unpracticed rule, which has seen the walk through without its travis kelsey patch bombs, that right
where they see something in what the play was designed to do tat because you know if we do that again, I'm just gonna stay straight as opposed to drop, and I think it's wide open, and then all of a sudden in the middle of again to do and at this historic stories. I can shut the fuck up measure in an aaron rodgers told the story about the voluntary items where these look at each other, and I guess we're doing this cooper cup and sat for the report. less than a year- and I think it's me of all the amount of time that they spend together gather these items or to the kind of show that governments and became covers zero. Then safeguarded crashed down and we got I took by out, proposed or something I got forget the exact breakdown neurons and write what lucky fine for the ram I'm not saying lucky, because too up and put in all the work and everything I get on the same lucky, because there's no way anybody predicted cooped up to four can be what he is. in vienna vel other than cooper pick in his family congrats
the highs guarantee in the history of water. She was it's fucking us all in the greatest part about the entire things. With this doll extension in the cooper, copper extension actually created capra by now, or obi jaguar obi jail. It's going to be able to bring him in they obviously signed on robinson in the off season is a study and they saw a van jefferson, it's crazy when it came to guaranteed money. He is now at seventy. Five million are guaranteed, which is three years time. We kill. Seventy two point: two dates Seventy two vandam sixty five point: six million and of democracy, are we going to earn all the bonuses and incentives and his entire thing, but whenever that contracting you, remember a shilling pants, oh yeah, the divided steel without was big and dig six round buffalo. Somehow he was now we're thinking megan. Now as to why this brother, I reckon it's a trade in a big payday from miami and now to pick up on top of it. These numbers We also yodel yoda. We debo decay debo samuel, terry, seventy five guaranteed
Now who's. Next, two topics I just came out a super bowl, and this is what the teams are saying to the players. There's a decade met calf's agent is telling about new standard this. What going rate is for a number one or whatever indicate my calves. Agents goes dickie mecca exactly ass. He came this guy's big. This guy is made he's gotten better every single year he made this team better he's beloved. he loves this place. He got quite you guys are able to train them like there was no converse. in there, but the teams back and say the gotta get paid. That was super bowl and he lay Deanna fell in the triple crown of yards receptions, ain't that stance and yards after catch, so when you can present that ok to us we will pay the same exact. That's what the team will say, exactly what the team will say, but I think the once in a while deceivers are like now this how goes now. This is what
what it cost to play ball with good water seaver. Yet that when you his numbers I mean. A hundred and seventy eight receptions that so many catches one year on the year like as long it big if cooper cup can stay somewhat healthy. I mean how do you stop this office honestly? What are you supposed to do? They have so many weapons in this guy alone, I feel like create so many issues for defenses asses. I the rams rams either doing it right now took him again down the road. Is people want to say, but guess what its work in my mouth have been able to sign a four year. One hundred and sixty million dollar deal cooper cup to a five year, in ten million dollar deal errand, three year. Ninety five million dollar deal Bobby. do a five year. Fifty million deal Alan evans in three years, forty six and a half million dollar deal this tweet coming from feel, creates all this off season after winning a super bowl and they haven't even brought back Toby J, get which they will end up doing who they found it the pay him money last year, the south cap
only real through the owners that don't have as much money as the other owners and want to use it as an excuse. The cash ever capping a nation and Andrew Brandt gave to us. Yesterday is great news. The teams that have owners with a lot of money on end can gradually Denver broncos who are private, given this game very soon. gm ziegler, who is allegedly been known as it goes with the writers? and tat in patent, be able this dream for him as well suited in order that the ability with all the money it's like you know you There are more. Does it your cousin in law, whatever the fuck, it is, does it ever nellie weaken disease, access model here, a witch they do to front. We vehemently like four hundred million dollars every off season, robbins like for you, What are we using one? Eight hundred, then there is the nfl israeli way of luck. What do we need to do that? Those forever like that, why new money coming, two teams itself, citing, I believe,
that's the rails, be able take evangel situation. Knowing that delay is up for grabs right now go ahead, don't you guys are diverted the next programme to be, if you don't think, DK or debo reveries gonna get that this year more than that next year, just jefferson professor, whose ownership in minnesota, because now we can start recent again ask yourself: how much is that big money? author team, so we must have tons of cash he's been in order. A long time and is how many doomed like we are? The dumbest show we are, the dumbest show on record every single day you nobody knows that we know how, but also with the next level this is how much money does the owner actually have anymore If you'll be able, assign justin jefferson do a deal will be able to do but these things we could happen would be a liquid enough to do that. Now we have to get into the fire. chances are we you do know where the investors are worthy investments are. Is this money? Cash is money held up in real estate money held up in the stock krypton.
Well isn't it once was. I think it is back on its way up their congrats decrypting. I think I don't believe you know joining us. Now is a man or no more We know we won't get this guy works for the phone has no idea what's going on when it comes to cellar, get better use a senior nfl instead of for the league and anna vote outcome, hosted the weekly rapid. Ravishing friends, ass being the friends he'd be interrupted ways: germany and rapport wrapped. I seen that good morning. Football trotted out in euro link. This morning the anna I was like well somebody's making a very compelling case that everything that has been said on the outside of this- that sattler cap is a big for gaze. We need to send in euro link out there to read a memo in? Let everybody now that seller cap is real wages, now, after learning cash over cap situation yesterday for major bran, who the most money fluid like you the actual cash. That's
changes all game right that legitimately changes everything. I thank you. First of all, I would like get a whole nice saying monopoly. Let me explain what the seller cap is, but didn't exactly see, see at tat. Lack of you shall, I d like it was more kind of like understood. You know, would have been just two too aggressive to do like hey, pat in us, you just kind of did it assuming you would see? Well knew that I did say yes and I'm innocent actors up on it. We are added in everything, conversation about tat, because I feel that every single one that happens around all things now we do want. phone network every single day, so anybody in time. The nearer link is ass out there in a hoodie look in sudan, allowing he might have been plugged in yet what I did at the time. That's why he's wearing the hoodie? Does the plot major manure personable, so yeah you do not have to hurry on an argument what he said. You're gonna get my hat properly said
where you haven't michael lefty pitcher. It's never liked straight zephyrs shaking her head nothing so, although I feel like I have a normal had, but obviously maybe not at the whole time, What about an ugly shaped had not known while possible walker being a truce andrew. I can't hear question no getting grass wrong. There is There was a linebacker named train howard, who is a restricted free agent, linebacker play for the rest I say played because yesterday he got waved, and so he is- point: five: something million dollar salary vanished and he now no longer makes it in his own waivers today. The reason why that happen was because the you're getting ready to sign cooper to that three year. Extension worth about, seventy five million or a little more, sandy new money average right. So There are ways to work around the sour got. There are ways to push money into the future, which is what the ram
I've done what the packers have done, as they were a lot of the really good teams have done, but there are consequences, because you have to make everything square and the bill comes do and the bill yesterday was cuttings linebacker, whose actually really good special teams. not as exciting as cooper cup, but it is real now offences steam player. I fucking appreciate his dedication. To johnny hacker, but the entire los angeles ran specialities, that happens. Every year people get caught, cabbages happened The time we're saying strictly is that number is just like a recommendation almost for the un, They don't have a lot of money on hand for them. Does it have a lot of money like cranky like robson walton, like these people that are able to put their seed money into s grow in April front the money. Basically, Pay? Forty or sixty one and a half million dollars right now seeking kick that thing on voting years, four, five, six years like in its own way, going to great players who you know our
fizzle out. I'd be like this while that only the goober wealthy owners, which all over wealthy draw billionaires their offline honour on planes living very well, but for this loophole it feels like it's only the big money owners- I can do it in my wrong right in thinking I don't believe you are right in that because I feel like most of the opt out is the almost all the owners are at a point where they can do that. Basically, every owner by now, because the money so big tv money, so big brown, the owners have that cash should, theoretically, almost everybody could do it night about the richest owners. dave temper? The propeller would angles. The bank chargers: can you take alone out like use? The team is like collateral out of that work. The mill I got a lean on the boy was, I don't think you couldn't he'll think you could do that you're right there are some teams
have traditionally not done. You know conversions. Where you take the interview you take these, they salary turning to assign money. She spread it out. You pushed into future. There are sometimes out of trees. Can we not done that either philosophically, because they want to have their credit card do eventually or because they just cannot spend the money. Like I mean the bangles, don't do it. The chiefs haven't pushed a lot of money to the future at all the cardinal, haven't done it you're seventeen haven't done it. And surely, though it all comes, do when I believe teams like the rams have smartly done said, the sour caps. Could it be so big, though, when the dead when he comes. Do it's not gonna matter that much for us? What also comes, do that's only if the player doesn't work out or see it. the way through if the paranormal it comes, eventually, like the saints right now this year are pings, every million. I forget how much but its many for drew break.
Who has the right to play there anymore. Wildly worked out pretty good about justice contractors, we're like, and they have to now account for they cannot spend that cap space because drew breezes dead. Money is on the cap. So the question I do do owners care about possible dead money in the future. I guess into any owners really care unless I hold on edge every gazillion girl drew play. How does entire contract any regard? Yes, the miser deadline He put out his contract because it all comes do so. Basically, they put you in the future personal future, so much so that the future extended to beyond when he was playing. So basically what breeze data remember last year that the last year that breeze played. He took his salary down to like a million right like the minimum. Malcolm's jenkins, Malcolm Jenkins, did the same thing believe our mac,
the same thing. It's a way to minimize the cap hit, but they're still dead money, so it still counts of what that money basically means is you just can't spend it? Do you get a little bit less than everyone else, because you have to account for drew breezes hit for inside I was at that was voided ears on the end that they can just a void and get rid of correction not actual money hundred wasn't up. Nobody gets actual money from those voided years, but it does count against the cap so the contract was another, it was, and it wasn't. oh my god, or any contracts over up them like. How do you do you see here doing? Is this the motto movie? Forty think these big. We know rockers four point by point: sick bill, is this going to be the motto you gotta? Have this cash on hand it feels like it is Firstly, if you really want to compete and want you're, the rams have been like
weird way, like it's kind of cool that they won, because they ve been such a curiosity. They do things, show different and now that they ve won. I do feel like it's so little message. Teams like you may want to think doing things this way and the ways that the way that the rams do it as they make their trades. They value great players over lottery tickets, which your first round picks. They dont mind putting money into the future. They dont my and saying what made a mistake on tat girl? I made a mistake on jargon: send those eyes away focus on the guys we have to deal with the cat like they take big swings, an idea. feel like their teams in the unavailable. Drowning awoke, if the rams did this a really good. We should think about doing this because we can and then just manage it, how they ve done. Tat saw the sarcastic Now, here s a little bit,
always inner door, there's a loophole towards surviving this europe. Like the credit card, like to paying the minimum payment on the credit card. Eventually they're going to come, calling and you're gonna be like as spam. Or is it really the credit card company? Ok, oh well! this is really hard to imagine a kid. They don't really dinah goes there till the next gm acknowledge that She hasn't, though, you guys, who fear that guides reggie like met like the bangles and the who are going to gonna have to do this in the immediate future to give guys borough and die herbert. What they're gonna need like is our chance to their absence because they're not gonna, be able to facilitate what these guys are going to do. And in future contracts know they can afford it. They can afford One great thing about the tv contracts is that it's so much money that everyone has money so they made philosophically believe in doing these cap conversions restructuring, deals, pushing money into future allotted teams again ata teams, don't the book
didn't until Tom Brady came- was like our if we are to change the way we do things though, sadly, not all teams do it the chargers and the bangles can offer lord, their mega mega mega million quarterback contracts that are coming, but it is I honestly, don't know the answer about whether they're going to say like was put money into the future, whether we can just do it the way we ve always done fastening because I'll be in to see like five years from now. If the owners are don't do this in that one per club meeting get so long, that they shut down this loophole. You see that happening or no, I I action think about this. As far as like the only You know what this is not healthy. I guess you'd say I don't know if that's the right word for this is not healthy. For all of us to just keep pushing money into the sure, let's figure out a way to make this not happen. Like teams could look at the same
angles, susan bond eyes? That's got it basically everything if these only meetings anyway, so the bankers, but against today be like ballots mike. That's my brown. there's ever like ever like thirty two to I'm always like, the dangles, then, who else you know, but I do think about that because, like bears, you know it is a lot. yes a lot of times the bears, but I do wonder if owners will be like this is not good for any of us. Let's make it so it doesn't happen traffic I'd. Go for the players open continues to happen, the great players at least now there is obviously always gonna be cap. Casualties which I don't love is one of those guys are my friends, my like seeing people make money and get paid for all their hard work gunnar, he arrives you because you know the money actually matters now. Do you see a lot more places kind of becoming like a jury, worlder patriots place where they're going to move their stadium in kind of building up around it, and also are the can
your screwed now is it sounds like their game pushed back on the movement of their stadium? First, on the commanders thing, I got a really interesting wash imposed article yesterday and most of the second half of the on this, commanders jackdaw, real issue, most of the culture from state representatives who are saying after hearing this we're not really gonna talk about the stadium in virginia l is probably not very good for the commanders and will see whether stadium actually is it that was I was probably pretty alarming. The answered. The other question is yes, because its I may he doesn't it. Making them falling here's my thoughts to turn on my place on, like you, Jack knew the firestorm. Those gonna come after that. Knowing him, I'm sorry, I'm sure. That's why he did media and was ready for
had to come out later and you use, he was fighting or whatever yet I was. It has quite a mess yesterday the other question the teams are going to try to do that. That is why he saw the chicago bears. Where were they purchase land in Arlington heights like last year? If they to move the stadium there. That's the goal own, your own land, build a patriots place or what the rams have around it own. All that make a lot of money and then everybody gets wretch which the ruddy rich but richer. So fascinating, I wanna know the hustle here or the business? But isn't this? Isn't it to the communities where stadium here? We're gonna bring a bunch visits to the community, then the owners say also really cool thing? We're him too what about our own hotels and restaurants in our own casino in our own stores, Hellboy community is what right you know like
Isn't that a threat? That's an interesting name, that's being. But if you are now why Do not do that like that picture place is ass. It is absolutely enable casino I think it goes on there. I mean it is great business. It's easy for by travels in their green bay, has a similar type operation cremation. really cool one, also yeah two hundred million a year in realistic around the the packers stadium debts, the lot aaron rodgers contracts, jerry seventy million every home game from there shit from visa on gender and there, and there still I mean I'm- has afterwards seven I do is around the star. Their practice facility cannot do the same thing so who actually have to places to pour money from cattle in texans, carefully happy
where's ways answer they are. I would, as I would assume, that taxes are not happy. I'm an artist to which you referred to is the fact that they have now been added to the de shown watson lawsuits, because of allegedly according to a near times, article written by jenny brunt is legit giving two watson in india when I believe one of the misuse of came out an instrument with some of his information. I believe that's what it was referred to. I know I'll take. This is great for them. I don't I'm curious. What it all means- and I dont know enough right now to say like how meaning what is like? How are they gonna be roped into debt? judge or are they not gonna be? But if the only thing the wood, the only thing that happens. Is everyone had to read that headline very bad? I cannot imagine any what's happened,
I don't like it it's the off season. This is a very serious allegations in its in a lot of different avenue, now at this point and he has the largest guarantee contract in the history of the nfl team's quarterback in the face of a franchise. That means there's so much that goes into this. We have to talk about this. Feels like in this. Is me just talking about from my own personal perspective, there's a lot, a legit, allegedly let all the cadets pretty good water. You never driver you never do yet it has grown up for sure We had one found no, but every once in a while. Never but we know that instead of a similar feeling right, that's what the first time I drank liquid death. I was like All this feels like back summer, writer The hose ice, cold war is that liquid denizen niceness thousands thing for me added so cold, so called the rest of us. I don't want it
go with the wrong way and the topic, but I, like my water, lukewarm temperature stress, but he also taste delicious, and I do of liquid doubts, have a bunch of my office good decision light while you prior paid for that, but we are not in actually can together a little liquid death The whole idea of train remember use a greater than all eaten boots and remember. My slave in his private plants have asked us phone railway network. You aren't allowed have your phone, for we have already rounded, has got some angle, Why why that is too? Why she's, like all itself, is what leads us to believe what's happening? Currently, pow, that's gonna win the world works. We apologise when a happy about it got age of what we think of their own blown away. I have no idea. This stuff happened was a tube situation that I'm gonna. Where are we talking about china? And what do you do you, man get yourself on your story right?
I've on error. Now I would, I say the girl has done a very good job of chronicling the situation I slipped away from work for two weeks: imbalances That's not your involved. There. That's like how did that go by the way did use every phone, but no internet. So, every time you go to www check, if you weren't able send a tweet what happened, I able to do a lot of things, but I didn't do anything and you wonder like if, if ever that happens, which I hope no one ever has not happened to them, or does that for themselves, what whatever the case may be bottling I rise out himself. This is him you did a man's gave dad and then it became a big deal, goods go there's a great great description of everything somehow anyway, like as you would What's my endeavour to weaker was so now I mean I kept thinking like people would It's like contact me. I know you're, not working, but here's this news and basically no
one time in two weeks. It happened almost never everybody. Does I up? Is that guy's not workin, call someone else robin Israel only How about you got? You gonna got targeted when everybody go their house be alone that had happened you or by just expected, that's a shaman indigenous. Did you respond on the other side? They come back, but what did you say? Do I I did you I'm back post on the twitter and then I think there were like two stories that that guy like right after announcing our was like a fellow. Where was, I would not say the greatest two weeks in my life. We must do. Let's get back to you this, though the disarm watson stuff, it feels like personally couple weeks ago, you know a lot of like a alleged is alleged to happen. There was two indictment it did not come. It was jury heard. Testimony heard evidence more than we had heard by This is all alarming. It's very serious. We can't wait to hear are not can't wait.
who here is this goes and we urge. Accordingly, we want justice to be served now like Hard, not just be like really feels like this. There is a predator doesn't like it and I guess that's what the pr in Geneva. Rent is and what the Users attorney was burned eyes because being violated by doing this entire time. But how the nfl in the brat. Have they have you heard anything from the nfl or the or the browns about all these new, the because the browser to be sitting there like? What did we, you know today, like this, the more we learn and more, we here and it's all allegations and accuracy and might be twenty four different trials were here, which will you allow everything I dep an amber, wouldn't hear a lot. Learn a lot. Do the islands or the nfl, is there anybody in there? That's like this can happen any long like what is there ever gonna be a time this that they tell the like? You have to go you you have to leave the way
handle this or if it is not good for anybody, and I want to know but the commissioner's example a which is basically paley, taking him off the field and putting him somewhere else which happen Adrian petersen is how to do a couple different players over the years that is designed or is used for stopping players from playing games, whether criminal charges pending as of right. Now there are no criminal charges against a shovel. Many many legal charges, but no criminal charges, and there's no games so suspended players are allowed to practice. He is obviously not suspended those in duties under investigation if he is suspended. If there is some sort of significant
discipline, then he will be a belief allowed to practice of history serves like down. Dragons is allowed to practise in he's starting the season suspended, so the way it is set up, he will still be there on the field practicing and the only sort of decision that the league would have to make would be when games com is this wrapped up, or is it not and because its civil rather than criminal, at least judging from history? It sounds like you, be able to play, but we do not know that for sure. Ok, it's I woods. It's not on the other woman thing member. We talked about a couple weeks: aware and roger did ok. Man said the investigation is coming to a close right. when these new allegations came caesar, being looked into so I would say, is still on the back end on the back nine, as you would say, but I dont think it's over because I believe the league.
is vested in these new claims as well and talking to show matson about it as well. Nine! My mind's eye butts it is it's very serious. I mean this is yeah. I hate talk about overtake us out terrible the accusations are but also suck. This consented to go into shot. I mean our know. How do you just? Does he not read any this? He language, no rather orders and private on twitter and on insecure suppose that I jus knowledge Ask you about. Ask you up cooper cup thing because it felt like you wanted to break the news, but you didn't know other details. You said like coming soon feels like there will be a deal with cooper cup nor of twenty million, amongst all the other high paid. Why does in the nfl velvety right fully deserves How long? I knew you alluded to this. I think, like a week ago with us or maybe earlier in the week with us, I forget the exact time you can pick up deal probably come and zoom how long
but in the works and seventy five million guaranteed is the most all time at the position. That's great news that's how they pitched too grouper cup whenever they sort of on this deal the receiver. Contracts are like impossible to figure out, because you have like that's entirely, kill it thirty, but the last year or so big figuring out wary is among the highest paid his heart, but he did very well. This is a really good deal for him. I think as far as when this was going on sky, so, probably like a week in a half, maybe too before the errand donald deal was done. They started working on cooper, capsule, basically simultaneously. I had a pretty good Hence I would say yesterday morning I was gonna happen and then, when I reported what I did, which was you know the two sides to make significant progress. A deal could come today. It was basically with the understanding that a deal was coming probably tonight, but was
quite finished interest. Judging from all the factors are far along was that a deal was happening. I started reported like right, then, rather than give eager like young, appeared star as yet you I get scope there. It can. I wanna get scrupulous a good play by you. You that's a clear words up. That's like the classic put the eyeballs out when supper was about to happen, and then, although it does happen this letter by no, we knew about this beforehand. Can't thank you enough. Jonas, what's coming next. Next week we got another round of mandatory. Many camps will see if there's any hold out. they're, ok? Well, oh baby, jimmy exiled from their camps? That's a brilliant windsor! That's a break! We're not me, I'm just quoting that guy's brother economy excuse from many camps, Kenny, more nodded many camp. I believe here was Kenny add many camp I'll. Do it
A new contract I'll go through this act, those good stuff about dares letter by one I appreciate that I tried to my research. I thought this thing. When I look back surgery, I did, but anyway, tarzan, good news allegedly like that? That's what day it is actually good news because they found was affecting his ankle. It's like this is great news. He might be we are witnessing a boy football with a functioning ankle therapy grin it's been a little bit since he was fully healthy so yeah, so no no baker in cleveland, which makes I know it's sort of exile, but it just makes no sense to have someone awkwardly standing there on the sidelines email not beyond the team, you may or may not be the starting quarterback I dont know, gonna go or not, and then everyone wants to talk to a man teammates your kind of like talking to him, but you know know he's gonna, be there and then, oh by the way to sean's there like feels like the right move to say just hang on home dear thing, and the figure it out- and we need you to play this year and we might by offering my trade. You have you.
Why does your right or now is tell we gonna be the guy if such janshah, I would say both around the table, there's arguments we made for both for baker to me, being starting quarterback is probably the most important things, If that is only option, I would say makes sense if he has another option like maybe like the panthers than that makes more sense. we'd procedure and you're the best body have a great day. I'm surprised you not call for new york, often- and I I played earlier collage viewers I drove the ball absolutely everywhere, except those posts to be so. I die a ninety which was awful but modest. I conjure up, to be honest, look at you. I think we also want ten one twenties, eventually walk, and so you get ninety, that's amazing. Look at you been on our agenda. I twenty shrugs. I've been feels a little
hurt full but you're not totally wrong, so allow it. Now you play a lot, so we would hope that you will continue to go south of a handle, but they are not a good day, get a ninety, not badly german, yet greater it's on here, ladies and gentlemen, I interrupt guy who's been in jail, and that is why I will now he's champion in texas, a member of the chicago bulls and absolute stallion. Pies honor tourists, so what'd, I log into our talkin about happy, endings, illegalities of them and all that stuff aloes. Those agreed in throw goes a great sixty seconds prior to get me, jump started under the so well it's great to have you. Thank you. So much for joining us, I thought I spent enough time separating you from the explosion is about. I guess not. I guess buffer was now not big enough room. I can you take him. The screen rockwork. gee, I don't know man
I'm doing great. How are you I'm pretty good do number. It's time you don't do grey area, honour life, the faint ass big when last night way, because those of us- and I was big time real amenity- bear me to journey. They know I'm upon the first time guessed. What for some gas on the show. Ladies and gentlemen, a member of the chicago bulls out too much better, hi how you dont man ass the offices and what are you up to where you down in texas in Chicago? What's going on vietnam, doughnuts axis about house and arson nazis and saw him down you just workin out playing off my dog downward taxes. Kids, do yours golf or you remembered in country clubs is any success that we need to talk about a potential call that happened today
No no official system in the steps are in order. I just you know, there's there's some. The first step is taken place, we're your two and three in There will be no cell baffled this stage in the nba he's point in time for the first time coming up in a month from now came to see him out there. He just moved Austin. He told me all day. I got me with somebody see if I can become a member at this point. You can't you fuck announced or if you could just pay the money you're their owner say what the deal is. Ism supersede course, nice amidst the nice course it's one of the issues were nice ones and arson. Spanish oaks, country club you know the attic the toward a day. They gather the other risk. They got a guy who's, other cooking, cooking, a bunch of meat on whole, seven, this brisket hoping and she sausage just about how they got the bigger the seal of approval for the earth, the boy and raise taxes, goods,
yeah as soon as we can get this stuff. You know that the process a little hurried up excited to get out there. take advantage of a shot spanish ask if this thing dies out. Strews attacks, this guy's gonna be playing golf and for the world about a month from now how's your game. Your player, I assume you are stick great athlete we leave tosh previously raised some like amid eighty sky right right out of season haven't played a lot. You know come off of research, we were were come in. Come in fresh I did pop often ethel eighty one. Yesterday, wool yeah. I raised my roused. The regional I rose, that's not the median, though the media's, probably they middys. who didn't only play with a guinea or teammates any good, I played was aquifers play was there. He is new to a couple years amber me so athletic, given like a year to has in fact been eighty two matters:
wanna geysers is one of our reserve players is here I play with him a bunch and then I play with men in the bubble. I play a bunch, listen they are coups. In a couple of our assistance MR cook, overturn a covert kind of swift, the gulf into the nba. I know a bunch of people soap, and allow more just because of those the only thing you could do for a year and a half ok. So this is a good time limitation starting point here that the bubble obviously had no fans. Then it became like sure fans the guys get comfortable without fans there and with more space around the court, and now fans have been completely integrated back into the sport. Is there a beef when players and fancies that just a normal thing, because what happened last night, dream on incur played the light? This is classy in its boston, like that's gonna last, and what do you mean what you say, anything that is their sums, because you guys are more intimate with the fans and any other sport idea in that's a real relationship that we feel like we only learned
when it goes bad. Is there conversation wrongly about that I mean you know it's. It's just right now, right as the final was boston, hasn't been their power many years you know their fate traditionally pretty rowdy. I don't think that's like a new thing. If you follow me the bali everybody knows Boston little. any lorries, they they get. They get their beers every game in order for like that, they did not hold back put I'm in the bubble with fine just because it was almost like. You know glorified pick up to a point, because there's no fans reiser feels like a little bit like the summer, but they were abolished.
Amy became so back to being a mere games? You ok! Now I gotta guard damien willard solo supervision of focus up, but I wanted to the family. Russian. My marriage and the family actions is what it is. You're gonna get that any sport you just can't always human football, because there's no eighty thousand sixty thousand people in, your fifty yards away fulfilled. Why do you think we see some more? I earlier, I guess because social media, whatever it could always be happening now. Would you see it more, but is it partly because they sell every seat possible like you're hurt sit here and by random that paid fifty grand to have the seeds between later the press. The little booth, in the earlier branch, like you guys are having to sit here. To be honest, some places I really hate plan just because, like that, lastly, on the bench, you literally or knocking knees with whoever replace you pay money for that baseline, see far right next to the bench like
The EU has done do over their neil miller, like Alan Johnson, and you're in here like trying to focus, play a game that there's a couple: arenas bosses level phoenix as one of gold of states, one where you just like you literally in the fans lap. Other than that, I really don't know. I really don't Surely you can put whatever you want, like their fans, are going to do what they do. You kind of, like that's kind of part of like comes with the territory right, like you got to be a professional athlete. You got to deal with that, but yet the ones the ones at the end of the bench for the ones that than the really bug me ones nexus were civil. Those ones are there. Those are what the showcase her superstar caesar whenever there at every arena. opposite of the heart era, psych, four or five, and they charge like hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. For this, but you can get on tv and be on tv, Would you whenever you want to do
the credit market, something if you wanna be granting opportunity big specially for all caruso, maybe get yourselves and the courts. I want to know what I did. You know you're gonna make the nba. Did you because I feel like my take on the obey is much, Our community deserts obviously less guys on the team, but also it's almost like you know whether somebody's gonna be in the nba. Not did you know your answer, I how many of these guys have known since you were a kid blame not, really knows I was. I was only bloomer. My career is kind of like ice was a leg. Rumours when do you want, and the college I was like. I played a little bit. We weren't very good late in the letter. No professional prospect but even then, like you know, I had to go to jail. A whole year, and I had to play two way. I think I think, probably after the summer league, where I kind of like jumped onto the scene miles playing with the with the lakers,
that was kind, when I like figured it out, if they all I'm just gonna, keep working, low better, all eventually make it? When I was it like you, nor was it like. A toxin retreated a country. I wasn't mcdonalds. I don't really know until I knew you know until they like. Let me have the contract in a pin seiners alike. boss on signing an embryo is not intended that now allow the court and even got it. How was it play with broad? in the late does it seem like you were beloved by that entire squad in obvious. The name automatically draws reactions from people because he has been a restart agencies like thirteen fourteen years old, unable to handle to handle it. All was your relationship like with them, and how would you describe him and maybe people would necessarily say or see from the outside looking in
yeah? I have a great relationship with him. You know everyone sees the the basketball stuff right. You know you see the plays and then I'll use the passes and stuff. We had a really good chemistry on the chord of g reading you know taken advantage of other teams, something that he does at the highest level mostly level and then I'm I'm pretty good at it better than my play more years. I get into my belt, but we had connection. And then ass. The core man is just one of the guys in only ease group chat, just like everybody else is. Actually I was like he's. A really big jokester, like you can kind of tell little bit through, like his social media, is like he's kind of a goofball of it. He just has like a big ass kid. You know what he just happens to be the the brainy acted he is in the business world would like best. My wife is just another guy in the team. Cracks jokes shows up issued around all the other stuff. Obviously, I'm a low, biased as easily help me what
Having said that, I was like you know: I hold him in high regard with you. I think I mean from the outside. Looking and people are always gonna hate greatness unless this kind of how it is you know, there's people that he tom for some reason, when there is really no reason to know it's, one of those things were. the tv lovelier. You now want to see you You like to see the broad end up playing with his son here. In a couple years, I think that we ask, be cool. You forget, he's got a couple of times and the way he's gone you might be able to play with universal. Do duty free Van easy is an animal. He figured it out wherever the code is whatever the health and wellness he's is just really smart guy in general, nobody among them credit for our smarty, is house just in life. Got a great brain and he's figured out how to keep his body in top shaven in his discipline. To do this is ridiculous.
what happens, is what you're you going into next year. Year, six you feeling older. I know you had to risk injury to kept you out a little bit, we're all very bummed about it, but are you starting have to do anything different for your body? Cuz? It dmpa is so much running so much running lotta games, mentally. It's probably exhausting, have you changer adapting little braun help you with that at all, because it feels like that is biggest. What to be able to maintain the level that is maintained for all these like decades? Now, at this point, for sure I being around. You know I was in for those those two years, on the contrary that we win the championship in the year, after just being around professionals like guys, I've spent a decade. Pleasant you know danny green rondeau, Dwight howard eddie. rub off on it. You know when you see them in their before everybody else in the inner get no work in
Taking care of their bodies utilised in the dialogue in the recovery, it really taught me how to be a pro and then this year you know, I think I average somewhere around thirty minutes again and ass. The first time. You know my professional career, maybe says the jelly, but you know it doesn't compared to the nba just plain how many minutes so for me here was travel learning experience to figure out. You know I need to eat. You know what I need to sleep when I need to get my massage is when I need to decide the ice bath. So you know it's all, just don't learning as you know, our work for you everyone's different, but Does that mean learn how to be approved. Now twenty eight going in a six year, I think I'm pretty much know how to do it no more aside for the next five six years, and I am nevertheless ah stuff currie completely change the game, and you guys acknowledge that within a league, it's a whole new game now feels like some stuff is kind of arise.
come on that has seen now muscle he's the only shooter but the nba much different than it was what ten years ago, fifteen years ago and is only involving more when you watch him play and even when you watch go to stave play, do you think, like their teams, this. What teams going to try to do in the future? Or is he asean alien aims are gone away. I was watching random random highlights the key was just room. You know late to thousands before twenty tens and you got a sinner lately. I've been Wallis who does nothing but rebound watched us dunk and then you have a power forward who might shoot threes or more than likely shoot like fifty ft, jump shots and rebounds, and does all that the game is just so you know was different. If you dont have a five managing stubborn ensure freezer, you know at least one off the bench we can play a small five I've got a liner, no there's none of space and accordingly, I know it was. You said: stuff
ruin and ruining the game packaging, the game, the issue from thirty feet and he's making at it. Like a fifty percent. Clip of your garden just stretches the floor. Ass. You have a guy second garments, positions, the other guys I can switch you guys. I can do most. Will things down driven pass is really just its becoming more more position was national, like there's no traditional centres, there's no traditional small forest winger's. Where was like point guard brings the balls of ball up runs the play, shooting guard and small forward or kind of like scoring in the bigs, are setting screens and rebounded that it doesn't exist what you're? What you're off season look like? I know basketball players talk about, get together and play pick up, games with other prose or college people, and always a guest something that you like to work on every off season to try to improve as part of that mean that this point you know from for my background. You know going on drafted julie two way
the nba's like every year I had to like do something in the summer to try and get better right to learn to try and improve, because I was trying to make it to you. I was trying to make it in the league. Like the dna nervously. I think I, I have a little bit of a profession is complex. Tourists are now that you know. If I'm not doing so, I feel like I'm like being passed or something it s like. I guess that's the best you can have the pro earthly writers guess work on the discipline were on the drive like once you get it from there is this about shown up and in the work. So for me, every every off season, there's something that last year. Alright specific games now throw my notes on my phone or something and put it on my computer. To wear remember it's like all right. I remember that game. I did Xynz like okay. Now I remember like that's that's what I that's what I got to work on this summer,
is that it is eighty two gains a eunuch, remember something that happens in november. In April we can raise replay us. How do you feel about the sharing of shot dead? What we work on handled up. Those good stuff is really really. You still got a good day on the core yesterday Ellen coming up in a couple hours now, but I told you that this is part of the basque people. in all these us these in basketball, everybody that recently is deferred. Why? Every because it's just like theirs, There's no rules, therefore structure. You re just out there like like a kid again. We dislike open for the fun of it in there are some people who are good enough to translate that into the nba on its staff they will. Jason tatum There's some people were just now, god an ability to be other play like that all the time people like me play? Good role do with they're supposed to do. other game last season short open, runs play like I played the rex entering
How are you sick If you are just like six three or six bore you can Kennedy. These open gems enable I got the board Y yeah, that's the last and address lighted up honey. You think you think of this. When I give you a german someone baseload himself, recognising specially taxes, I don't know you plan against. Are you playing with anybody else? Review does not just work now we're doing an updated figure or do you work out. Jim go Austin, texas somewhere. Would you do that I will go with you actually didn t you tell, I thought was a haven for or not. You know like this. dna in m guy goes against the code of ethics that that I grew up with so just I mean, Hooper's just need to Jim. You know it's like you find in a random field and taking footballs into skylight. You just needed a baskets and lines and couple basketball, so middle schools in private schools, high schools,
and wherever you can get any fit in, it would be awesome just roll into one gym and all the sudden, the guys, just like that, dude's, twenty five or thirty right now Those work out so just a modest, ever level. There's levels to this shit, we're talkin out screws or the scarecrow both. How do you feel The ball is most like to play for such a legendary programme. Like the chicago bulls, not the lakers weren't, they the game and Ivan chicago bulls, one on alone, define wrong towards Europe's seas and I do believe what you feel about you feel about the balls and what was your time like their last year. It was good news to the city. I knew the everyone knows, the history, the bulls. Certainly, the last ask him only everybody learned ends analysis. You know the true history. That was those funded dune did you know before showed up her eyes, but just the other, affairs in general to adjust their good sports fans in chicago suitable citizens. They understand the game. They understand football based web ass. Well, I know what a good players will about players- leaders,
Couple again this year we are booed, doesn't play like shit knows. I was pretty fittingly is just one of those things. Where is that
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