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PMS 2.0 689 - Gronk Officially Retires, Deshaun Watson Settles, Dr. Myron Rolle, Elliotte Friedman, Ian Rapoport, & Dan Rapaport

2022-06-21 | 🔗

On today's show, Pat and the boys chat about the breaking news that Deshaun Watson is going to settle in 20 of his 24 current cases, and what impact that has on his upcoming punishment, and the breaking news that Rob Gronkowski has officially retired from the Buccaneers at age 33. Joining the program to chat about his new book, is former NFL player, Rhodes Scholar, Brain Surgeon at Harvard Medical Center, Dr. Myron Rolle, for an incredible conversation (16:59-46:02). Later, the preeminent NHL Insider, Elliotte Friedman joins the progrum to chat about the NHL Finals, what he's hearing about the offseason trade market, where Pasta is going, and much more (1:04:00-1:24:56). Later, Ian Rapoport joins the progrum to dive a little deeper into what Deshaun Watson settling means in a larger sense and if this will have an impact on the impending suspension for Watson (1:24:58-1:33:04). Lastly, PGA Insider for Golf Digest, Dan Rapaport joins the show to chat about where we're at right now with LIV versus the PGA Tour, and if the names are going to continue to move over (1:33:06-1:38:42). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show, and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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It is tuesday june twenty first, two thousand twenty two, a sports show with massive stars now less ride. That's right, big news coming out of the nfl right before we went, live here at youtube: dot com forward, slash the pat mcafee show and sirius Xm generally to mad sports, radio, mad dog up for a whole thing there already for a long time? Congratulations! Breaking news before we came live on air we found out via our emir of his twitter account. Deshawn watson has settled twenty of twenty four cases again stem going into the seas in here now we don't know what the settlement price is. We have no idea what happened with the other four, why they did not settle and also that twenty six. So is there too missing from that? Or did we just have stats and facts wrong until this who's gonna put out so all, but for
been settled for to shine watts in which you would have to think this. We good news for deshaun watson, in browns one just like ten fifteen years ago. The entire world would probably say: oh settlement means worst possible news for the person doing the settlement now we're in a world. I believe- and I might be misreading the entire thing, but now we're in a world where it's like commission, as happened before. Does this mean he's definitely guilty? Something rather probably happened. It didn't mean that it was going to put end up down the court all of them going to get guilty pleas on. It maybe who knows what the evidence and everything that was happening before so? I did the truth was easily be out there for a long long time for us to find and pick through, but there is already been a narrative painted that we all will judge dish on watson vastly different, I believe, going forward the nfl appreciates this move cleveland browns will appreciate this move. I bet your browns fans workers it move and to be honest, as a society,
getting you know. Every Piece of information is coming out. It was just like getting more and more heartbreaking. Almost can't believe this. Happening putting somebody in the biggest league on earth and they did this and they're getting the biggest contract in the nfl. So I don't know how this came to be. We don't know why this didn't happen like a year and a half ago, when everybody would have expected this to happen. We don't know why the alternative was Joe's, where we learn all this stuff and we don't know what happened with the other four cases that are still pending and ongoing with a civil trial happening, I believe, starting in march. only twenty three or something like that the current, so massive news coming out of this tuesday. twenty first Met at Boston, connor tone digs is here as well tone. I led off with you pal. What does is due for the rest of the eighty north. What does this mean for the pending suspension and how long This is in the works for maybe two years. I what I this great question,
it does for the FC north I think we No, until the suspension comes out, whether its six games maybe year, whatever as far as the suspension goes, I think it's good or it's good for the nfl, because No new information is going to be coming out or anything like that. Do not going to get blindsided by anything. You would think so, like they're, not suspension and then some on something else going to come out where they look horrendous fur, for if it is too little too much or whatever. So I think it may it gives the nfl, maybe a clearer picture on the suspension. Maybe I would think, but also with four still happening. that mean are mere off. Has another update two terms in amounts: the settlements will remain confidential, okay Andy, I remember allegedly in the pastor, was almost a I do. An agreement, but deshaun watson,
wanted to be able to speak about it as opposed to not being able to speak about it because he has contended he's innocent since the very beginning. So the terms and amounts of sediments will remain confidential. Busby, at the first point of ashley solace in three other plaintiffs are continuing to move forward. The nfl investigation is also still ongoing okay. So the original filer too, busby said? I'm keep it we're already come this far, there's been a lot. Information has been learned. I think this point a lot. people that have heard some of the information and stories that I have believe he is. You know a predator, so she's going to keep going. What this also end up as a annual settlement in the end, who knows, but this been something at the end of our road has been waiting for like a year now we thought, would it much sooner than fight in fighting and fighting and then us hearing rusty hardin go on the radio two weeks ago and say: well, you know. Actually if you go in there and get a massage.
And you happen to explode children from your penis, but you don't pay any extra for that particular act. It's just part of themselves and what you did, sir, is not illegal. And although people might morally dis disapprove but legally. That is. That is not a problem at all and and was like this is what geez that affects this time. This is been what it is it the whole situation worse. So I wonder if, because the shop was so adamant about his innocence and not doing any plus lawyer, who's never lost, I don't think, never lost like. I never like something absurd. That is a now design. you tell me that was there every time are you guys said alright give you Whoop woo that'll be an extra thirty five before bucks. Anything like that. It sounds like it was always everything in it work for our good have to wait until you, so many that we are doing is suggesting.
In public, and everybody was like what are you talking about. He was out we get settled the uk has. Maybe my france is going to have low crack in it every once in a while, because that might have been an already agreed to turn beforehand that I might not have even referred to whatever the case. I think it is As the lawyer started getting some heat, then, every day it felt like it just kept going at this point. I think sue robinson, the new third party, judge for the Well, that is the person hear the hero from the nfl defending the John watson, how much has been only should be in the interval laying down the case for what does on watson's penalties should be in the she takes it all that information than she calculates the punishment. Then tells Roger Goodell what she thinks: the punishment then Roderick adele can add to it or subtract from using the readings. The way from the recommended penalty or adds recommend a penalty is like
guess, issue is just a recommendation is not really while the ruling she does make a ruling class case cases. help. You ever see a nobel but they're, going to image that ultimately doesn't have any power, so that is quite a interesting. That's interesting thing here is now. Does this? How does this make her view? The entire Situation for south doesn't she's a former federal judge, she's, always been there done that with this whole thing? What's condition and of being that's that's what all eyes were sitting on everybody's assuming its whom we like grip for July. Fourth, right there it was July. Second, probably when his name is going to come out well, that is what the interesting part cut. I mean when you look at the it's like in terms of the suspension. Like you mentioned, I kid I don't think so I'm getting everyone's kind on the same page with the sean watson at this point in time, It was kind of some grey area, but like do you think him settling in, we, it might be bullshit, but the nfl said they were looking for a season suspension like does how much does impact, are you not like? I really don't, I think, the damn
he's kind of already done and granted it's not like a personal thing for sue, robinson or anything. But, like All that has just a view too interesting. We now, then, maybe back whenever back in the it. You know what I mean like back in the day. Settlements were happening, but they were never broadcast because there's only like what six channels, so they were picking and choosing what was happening. Then, as the settlement we kind of got ties into their own settlements happens. I think not just in this type of situation. By the way business situation. Settlements are happening like at all times. It just automatically be an announcement to feed on this We have a different viewpoint upon now, but in this case I think, if you don't know how it is that, whereas if you, if you would have settled from the beginning that then be in that situation, but now it is to the point where
If everything's out of the bottle like it's, I you know, I don't think anyone's still thinking. Oh tougher to Shawn watson like, I think it's kind of universal how everyone feels, but what happens at stadiums you think whenever he gives me terribly brutal tariffs can get eviscerated. I mean we saw what happened with big ben, and this was wasn't even close to the extent two thousand and ten was when the big Ben stuff happened, and you know we talked about this last week. People are coming after us for talking about this. The show wants in cases where were you when big Ben was go. I was in league, I dunno. Conaway guys here we didn't have a show ya like I wish I wish we did. We would have child about it, but the day retired, twelve years later I mean what about hashtag big re pushed trying to buy something about? Nobody really gave Ben is no people did. This is one of those things where, when this time, the thing happens in your life, your life, is going to be different forever. Whenever you put yourself in a situation where this happens, your life is going to be different forever and I
as sean has just had to got to a point mentally. Where he's going to get past the weed he obviously just tries out the he isolates himself or somehow, but forever. This is going to be talked about the cleveland browns are going to have to. The dog band. Now the I guess the only other alternative is what he would have. six twenty six twenty six, all trials in one them all is that what which is that what they were going to think about that that's what they were thinking about doing from the beginning, starting in march, though so it first one in march, possibly going for the next, not settling, though so, there's them choosing not to settle as the case this is mounting was was it like, we'll go we'll go, call me out and learn the quorum heritage. Twenty six twenty six was that I thought they were going to do as it was continue to come out baby. I guys I can't remember cause it was coming like it was coming in at fifteen would've fifteen, sixteen sitter sister, each one of them, probably six weeks long start doing them.
It's a few years ago, we don't hear anything for my innocence or whatever I eighteen, twenty twenty one, twenty two last for eighteen Oh for more twenty, two, twenty three, twenty four twenty six and then in the new york times there it's six in seventeen months they're so was his plan from the beginning, just going be like it was the only option at any right. Was the only options on the field and did it get to, and then it gets a point where someone was. I can't just shone in public eye. article two hundred and eight other change. If you go through, about him laying low in the dog pound of stuff, like that. He did say that here, after the movies and some cleveland, browns fans, bottom him and his girlfriend or wife or whatever some big big things popcorn. So like there'll there'll, be hiker. Okay have some popcorn, better enough, you'll be alright, you're, cleveland brown. Now it's about your worst fear of joking.
If you're in four is still a lot, I feel like we're, probably desensitized by the number being twenty six or twenty four for as long as it was, but to even sit there for trials in one summer is hot, so Johnny depp amber heard was about six weeks and they had a recessionary cause. That's right, fire the pair for a while, but I think amber amber did in the middle of that thing. But whenever is that the standard for those she start doing about its twenty four weeks. That's what tat here, six montier often and that's just it- of course, just so happened to be able to line those up concurrently death. I don't understand how this the thing didn't happen, but I I know what the what I just to do it just every in lawyers, like oh yeah a lot of courage hours your strength go wherever shouldn't. One of them will go. Don't you worry about that? You on the other side of that you'll, be, brown football. You won't be able about a morbid anymore. You there will be some people that think you
innocent, because I paid attention three years with it. You know what I mean like I. I don't know what other option there ever was at this. It doesn't if there was any and now do you think that any of the if there are such a similar case, where one of the sixty it's you she got a massage in the last seventeen months like alleged, there might be other I come forward now because if they see that he's settling it's like, okay, maybe there's a chance that you know I could either continue on with the lawsuit like the other four or I can at least stay Case on how I felt- because I assume some are probably still scared- it's just like- and I don't mean to bring this up because this person is moved past and has a much better place now. Well. When tiger was going through his thing remember: denny's waitresses were coming out. It was like every cat. It was like every cranny every day somebody will at a gas station one time we stopped to get a handwash and he maybe maybe maybe absolutely at the time it is it. Is it your right, though,
We hope everybody learns from this whole thing up. The world is a better place now and for that is a lot that is a lot, still unpack. Who knows It plays out the show and watch it makes a decision here that everybody would have expected a year or two ago, but what will sue robinson recommend the judge exactly roger goodell, now I don't know what it. What do you think the nflpa is even talk him down. Do you think that just going in and season and there's going to go from there, yes or what? I don't know enough about how court cases go. I did watch judge Judy for a good amount of time. Normally one of those things is only two thousand bucks for blah blah blah, I'm not paying at all and judge goes. Actually. You know it's going to be eight hundred dollars because, as the actual amount that you aid blah blah blah you go in there. I wonder if that's the game plan, that's why the nfl is going in for a full season in the nfl acknowledged, gone for a fine and then they'll be back. against each other, the entire time and then
ashley robinson swings this the hammer says here's my recommendation and it walks that thing up: roger goodell, yeah. Cuz, their whole argument is like the robert kraft situation and some of the other situations put like this. If you brought that up, because I didn't want everybody's transgression the past, but there is some precedent of what happened in the nfl when something not bodily twenty. sex, is vastly different here. Then a lot of things that have happened in the past that that's a lot of very serious allegations. I do I want to be in a chair that has to cause no matter what you do is going to be wrong. You give one season and there's a people that aren't happy by you think he should be able come back next season that you know I mean there is not a right answer in this at all, in all eyes are on that dog pound as they promised him one million dollars and salary next year and will find out here and what tended one or one million dollars a year on instruction. Wonder what they thought this suspension was going to be that's a pretty!
it's a pretty like okay. So this one is one million dollars. That's where the salary cap, obviously from the salary cap, then the next year jumps to like fifty million or forty million or something then the next year after that, after that, so our by no suspension or game checks like that kind of yeah, that's what you're missing out on. They were pretty into the stuff that he wrote to them right cause. Wasn't that We talked about last week where he actually like had a statement to the browns about what their possibly could come of this, and how many there possibly could be in that was kind where, if he was not as with them. They could just void his entire salary and it has- and then Andrew brandt told us that his insight has said this year and the next year of the contract are basically locked in regardless, no matter what you just said, yeah, I guess to the last two or three years have the ability to be opted out of that. Will we see the show it's in play football in the next two years.
I think yes right yeah. Definitely so because people were comparing it to the Ben Roethlisberger case. If you look at it now, this was granted twelve years ago. Ben had two accusations: one went to court in a civil suit and was settled and he was suspended. Six games that was later reduced to four. So do simple math. He should probably get twelve times for forty. Eight. Probably four free games. It's okay, There are never gonna get. I dont know I was gonna play next year. There are big he's gonna play the sub coming, so then it's a baker, mayfield jacoby, brissett situation, a million dollars guaranteed and Justine Anderson said yesterday is baker, take a pay cut to go play somewhere else, because that's what is going to take or is he going to take his eighteen million just start for the browns and make it uncomfortable, maybe be the start of may be doubled, resell burma, maybe you'll be back for governments at glee when that is
twenty seen over there just a year removed from making the playoffs and beat the steelers in the in the playoffs, after not winning forever. Have you ever go retired, madame suitable Helen, dog tat, made their bed joining us now joining us now is a man that not only was oh, damn good on the football field he made to the nfl was drafted in the sixth round, but that's after taking a year off being an absolute sensation, he would go on to become a Rhodes scholar wow what a neurosurgeon ge season and go to oxford while playing offer floris state the tendency, titans and the steelers harvard neurosurgeon? Now of the book the two that way, how a philosophy of small improvements took me to oxford? The nfl in euro surgery is out now
Ladies and gentlemen, Dr Michael Mann, I don't have doc. How are you doing well? Well, look at that you got a goddamn book up over your shoulder. Dude, let's go hey, let's go! Oh did you man? This is a. Could you have ever imagined all of this? I mean I assume at some point you Do you know dreams and aspirations, which is why you were your ass off and everything like that, but there's no way you could I just read up. Did you hear me read off your accolades, that is That is not what not one human normally accomplishes right. That's like a family. That's I gave a town, not one human did you ever did you ever imagine is doc. Could you ve ever imagined it? You know. Probably not. My parents were incredible, credible visionaries for me and my brother
women from the bahamas and really laying it out for us to say, look if you want to achieve something great in this in this in this country and in this world, you need to focus on your school focus in education. Be good citizens good here, and endorse will open up for you and, as I'm sure, glad at the school through life through football meeting, different people forming networks immersed myself and culture and trying to just be the best of us, can be doors open up to write a book and to inspire people and motivated to mentor and now do brain surgery at harvard university so it's just been a phenomenal ride and I'm very very grateful yeah what you just said there yeah the motivate people and inspire inspired, write a book in brain surgery yeah, like obviously it's unbelievable you're, a special dude. I hope you are, if you obviously remain humble because you are doing brain surgery by open, hope, point, you look in the mirror and say
bad motherfucker, I'm by the book here in the present way, how a philosophy of small improvements took me to oxford the nfl in neurosurgery. Out now I read in the the the did. You write this this bio thing that I got. papa pay. This is one of the most. I don't we, looks gay? Not my thing read a lot of tweets, though so normally the type of language that I read in the word choices that I read very elementary as a what's that readers scale, the scholastic readers program. Normally fourth great stuff this is one of the most well written outlining it allowed who'd you say: did Spielberg having steve gang right. The s leaving Tang right does that its unbelievably well put together, but here how you found your two percent way that you ve taken your life was from florida state university, defensive coordinator, making andrews and he's the bear bright tree any
someone in alabama or clemson is working just as hard as you? I need you to be two percent better than them in some way, and you've got taken that to your entire life, one thing from a coach and practice any. Enjoy entire life. What does that because you know like the coach right now or one percent better. Every day, I've heard What do the two percent better? How do you Actually, peace, that together is that just mentally saying I need to get a little bit better, but one put a number on it. How do you decide what the hell? The number is, and is that number changing literally every single day, because two percent, the net is two percent added the day before bigger than the two percent there was one week ago, so need to figure this out. For me, eyes would be great if you could break it down for me mind because I've been wondering for some time now, has a really good question so you're right, it started from coach angeles. He was the originator of this. This thought this idea to all my teammates. He wanted us to get a little bit better every day,
practice, whether be our stamina. Our ability to disguise was packages are both as a high point football, whatever it was to get a little bit better had those more incremental grouse, because if you get a hundred per cent tomorrow's almost impractical. No really can do that we wanted to feel real, manageable, realistic, but this stop process right. It's a life, as I mentioned, and now I use it in my professional life as a physician, a personal life as a father as a husband. My relational life, my spiritual life just trying to extend the days and when each day, and so we say two percent number two is that as important as just a manageable small bias that you take. If you can do something just a little bit better and just move forward, just a little bit more, you focus more on you progress, then new deficit to focus more on your growth. And was going on around you to me. It quiets down the background. Noise allows you to focus and lock in to your purpose your goal. Whatever always be a better nurse,
I've always wanted to be a better community advocate I've always wanted to be a better son. better brother, better husband to my wife, doing all these things, but if felt like I was rushed in out of pace by moving to. last too soon too quick but if I just take small steps and self reflect everyday at each day and say you know what I did. Or today I communicated a bit better today. I read it it more today. I pray little bit more today I worked out a little bit more. Whatever the case may be. You look back a month months a year from now and you can see the growth you made. You see the steps you made. You know your there's, never self so ass. We wrote about this book and were excited to share with everyone I can't wait for people to read and learn about it because it gives people Stu doesnt mean whenever you will also welcome back,
I was at the house- was some rains virtually right now? We obviously understand you having gone already because your great doktor, so you won't even needed- do for us to say that, but I think that having the two percent thing them reflecting it gives people purpose right gives you like a goal, because I for friends of mine that maybe got out of the nfl, and I dunno its happens, with doctors and stuff like that, but whenever they wake up with nothing, agenda, no plan, no goal: that's what I'd buy, starts a spiral right so in the two percent way. Also The big advocate of like having a purpose with your day. pushing something and really looking forward to things so that you can not worry about the lack of shit going on your life and have not having any purpose. Almost four filament, I think they comes from it all. Fulfil reward no question. We have these loaves and our brain pat. We have a frontal lobe ride or separate, or whatever. We also linda glow right in his limber globe is a front of his country.
Is there a reward system right? you do something well, if you achieve a goal, if you meet a task, if you accomplish something is excited excitatory neurotransmitters to get released, make you feel really good. Give you that you for feeling and even a small when a small town on the back, a small step forward is enough for you to feel real good and feel satisfied as you made. That reward you driving into that purpose like you're speaking about it, gives your your days, a sense of order and structure, and, as you mentioned guys who have finished plan, some They lack that structure, lack that sort of focus and what's next, damn so having that two percent process that you can systematically walk through life and move, forward in whatever you want to be physician, outstanding, entertainer personality, sin lawyer, law enforcement officer. Whatever may be, you have the designed to do it, you can do a well and I and we really try to push them as do in this book self fired up. That's awesome.
I do know from like an elite mind to people your brain, down like hey. This is how better humans as a whole and we where's, the medulla, oblongata or break an entire thing. Is that a real thing, well, then you've got the module as part of your brainstem. That's the last part of the brainstem before your brain turns into your spinal cord, and it has a lot different credo nerves and their control is your ability to swallow. Billet said to speak some a year, major cortical spinal tracks run through their so very important by the brain. For short, china to my modelled on the gaza how'd. You find time to write this book. We are talking about this when your brain surgeon, obviously your hours There are very long, and then you get a couple days off then you're back on then you're back off. You're off time to spend time to write a book. I've heard from people writing a book is measurable. Now I don't know brain surgery and Israel as well or whatever the case. But how did you find time to do this and are you are
we're regimented guy every single day is it like. Are you are you and what a robot, but are pretty systematic with every single day like mark wabigoon, the rock in them, what the blow things that my programme aired harvard provided that we have some time for research. We have no clinical response. for about a year, or so so doing time. I just over and africa in zambia doing pediatric nursery, I went back home to the bahamas. Was it a care being, the poorest guyana, trinidad macerates eager eyes, help uplift neurosurgical care there, but that wasn't. in a four, a m to seven p m sort of work, and so it gave me time to really just dedicate each day, maybe an hour or two hours. Writing things down putting pen to paper and also that I wrote wrote. Some of these stocks as I mentioned in this book years ago- and I saved my word documents so when I was I have to write a book except pull them, and I can know what I had in front of me and Jose would put it together that way. So I had a lot of support and thankfully I had a little bit of
with this research here in these elective years. The sort of you know really put my thoughts to be vulnerable on paper and oh, please, buyer somebody! No! I read books when I was younger than courses but gifted hands, fire me to want to do no surgery. He planted the seed of being a black neurosurgeon and that really open up the way Well. For me, exposing me to that even knowing that some are in answer on other guys like football before me. I know I want yet the league, but I knew that wasn't it and goal, and so thinking about that carson story. Reading then, to fit knowing that unlocked my future. Hopefully my book and others can Do that for some young person who may see themselves in my story, man, hey you're going to be president someday. Do you know that that's awesome That's all right. I guess born bought, nod na james at that change, openly majors president's someday, you just sound everything. You said: there's never a flawed, never a flood in
the thing that you wrote to describe the book. We read through it great work writing that I was like you know. We didn't district, Let your work writing that you talked about our plane in front of like seventy eighty thousand people has actually benefited you whenever you're doing brain surgery or whatever, because pressure that that is felt is that something that happens in the surgery world that maybe the doctors Ready for as much as somebody who has played in time games and how do normal surgeons get through that end, like is that because when you mentioned that I'm like at what happens if a doctor has been to school for, however many years take, however much money? in the big moment, whole shit, you kind of got to be, you got to be person that that had it good. You can naturally just jump in there and did the nerves get you ever and how do you call those down yet as a great point in I think so, has helped me tremendously in this walk a physician and death pressure aspects of it. You know you get into the brain where you are
one millimetre to the left in in to speech center one millimetre to the right, and you can affect how some here's way, dude, I'm not fucking in there no way do seriously the I'm or just my only guy you're, just you it's always somebody's life right here you go go on at the amount of pressure that is next level. I'm sorry I cut you off one's brain is a beautiful thing and that one day you come to harvard- and you come to Boston, I'd love to take you to the hospital you can scrub into the case at a place we'll get some sign consent, and now you can see the actual brain pulsating render funny was a beautiful thing. But yes, it is, is life or death, right in front of you- and you know, there's some very intricate structure, Is that really can take someone's meaning meaningful life and their ability to function in daily life. So when you're able to go back to your football days when your
and against him tebow and the florida gators. You know and and they're driving on you when you think about look your backs on the wall you're in the tight zone. You have to make this stop you calm yourself down, take a few heartbeats. You know: relax you self and go back to your fundamentals of the same sort of prices that I've used now only get into some bleed We get a little seizure during the case, or maybe we the vessel that we shouldn't have come down, go back to your phone metals and remember that this patient on the table. They expect you to do well and perform at your optimum, so you have to say their life. Do everything everyone in the room has to do that notches. He was a surgeon scrub tax, these are circulating nurse everyone. I'd the same page as a team, environment and so being Lastly, I have help me now I'll, be in a position, switch to an er surgeon hell, yes, explaining nice,
adorable god hey this is I do believe. If you know I don't need, I don't need to go into the surgery room. You guys send me a harvard shirt, though I wear it out. Where is the dual arm and got right here right, yeah yeah yup right over there yeah yeah that's about right, and then this is the which one of the how come. I'm always told that I'm only using like twenty percent of my brain or something is that real and how do I get the rest of it? The fucking operate and stop being so lazy in which part of it is being lazy. Just so I know Are you right or left handed? That's one question. I got that right handed, but bat left a bad left in baseball, but I am right handed okay little bit everything where your speech, Probably in the left side, you know you left part of your brain and so yeah in the fair frontal lobe s where your speech would be produced right around their right and then you have. Your are simple open. The back is your visual cortex and back there. Yet the amsterdam controls you know. How are you see things
then your temporal lobe down in the bottom there, if you can and down just a little bit know a little bit more forward and temporal. Oh, that's a little bit more memory right and speech there as well shout out that, this one here, the big tongues back, that's your cerebellum, and that that controls your coordination, your valentino and sort of how you how you can punt the football so well, but it all goes down at his your foot that the cerebellum is really important shot after the fucking sara. What's going on this side, nothing going on this! I also super low. That's also all part of the occipital lobe, it's all, even though he had that hemisphere in the middle that sort of fisher that splits in the middle. Your sorella was on the back
and what is this is this the part of my brain that they sam not using right now, unless I go into acid or I was doing any than other stuff- is that this part of the brain? The rights on a successor, re frontal lobe is, is what we call the bodies natural airbag? You don't really needed, as special reluctant it can now ever, I will say the important part of frontal lobe, especially with you and I and another athletes for cte that is where proteins are deposited right in the frontal lobe, because it affects executive functioning person, our decision making I can get suicidality get aggression violence so when a steady brains, Aaron Hernandez and other guys who have had seats eat a lot of the deposits happened in the frontal lobe itself as a common area, where you see it the damage, hey! Are you going to dive it? That feels like that's your intersection right
no question I love to I mean I love football. Obviously I still watch it and I love to have a foot into that and a foot into my science. What I do in the operating room and I've been called to talk to the charges in a rams and it caused my team. The titans spoken, florida state university of arizona about covid and about two medical conditions that can happen when you play football. So I love the intersection audi between in what I do for a day daily life and and also that the chapter of my I did. I just I just left, been an athlete side. Honestly, if you and obviously you know this, because you have a lot of friends played football still, which I'm assuming there's not a lot of doctors that have a lot of friends or in football. I've had I've been around those types, the doctors that they actually make fun of the football, the sports gus a lot. I understand that you know that more than I do that my things are said. Probably in that group, even
you can hold your own if somebody was able to create some sort of something to slow that down, I mean I've had teammates that have had at least fifteen concussions. I mean and they're just sitting on deck. You know they're just like waiting and very scared about what the future is. Somebody clarity on that and hopefully help out the future as opposed to it. Being viewed as something that's going to take down this. we all love if there was something that could help the gladiators that played the sport that we love? I think we We are grateful, and so you know I know you know that as well. It be done if we can get there from neuroscience appointed here. You know I've. I believe a hundred percent we were consumers at my fingers, multi disciplinary sort of approach to try to fact change and city from neurosurgeons garages exports. Ecologist all from elements, and one thing that I tell formerly It's a mind when they asked me: what can I do to help my brain right. I tell him one
what a vitamin e I think, that's important, pumpkin seeds, all these different vitamin e, rich foods, I say, get a lot of rest. What is vitamin e I've never heard of this? How come this? The first time, I'm hearing of this vitamin e, I'm sorry hold on okay and he's bored mocha is important right, so you can get that from from coffee is right. You got it! You gotta go getting a rest. The people often think that you gotta grind time, but when you rest this glimpse lymphatic them that sort of takes away the metabolic wasted drains away when you sleep and its most active, when you do get good quality wrestlers important thing hydra. It is important that so you gotta stay state, tanked, outright blood volume body, fluid gotta, keep it. so that nutrients and minerals can get to your brain tissue, and then I say so my teammates all the time I should do, maybe ten, minutes of brain teasers. Crossword puzzles some sort of activity for your brain for your minds to keep it active to keep a moving just like any muscle. So I give that advice. All the time sounds my boys, because I
important. Yet these young men, who are of given their life to this sport, and you seen the degeneration processes that have happened, so early in some of these players that we're trying to avoid that they need to preserve life are I remember that a community and their of their families to it and we need to keep their going and the stories are worth being heard too. I think every ex player has a story that could make them money if they figure out how the hell are. You but that's a conversation for another day. The brain is actually a muscle that I can work and make better no question, we gotta think on narrow plasticity right, so you can have different cells that learn and re work and require find, ways to learn. Let's take, for instance, we have you have strokes, for instance, and sometimes the strokes can cause brain to be law set a centrally, but the cells at border, where the cells that just died, cells can say you know what I'm going to learn, how to speak,
how to see this way or see that way, not the boy you do that, but now I'm going to take over that role, a sort of learning it takes some time nor prestige. they happened overnight, but the brain is. A beautiful thing is better than any computer madmen computer. We can think of I love going into it. I love operating on and, hopefully, saving lives the process of of my enjoyment of the science for sure yeah, hell yeah, I'm enjoying the hell. Has this conversation about what's inside my ears here and I'm learning a lot, I need you and everybody that's listening to know that After my role was the one that said, the brain is smart in any ai or anything that does not know that was not so that was that was my role at harvard neurosurgeon. That was, you sorry cause. The ai is listening to us right now, so they are not going to be happy with what you just said, or she or she, your sexist lambda. How dare you
If that's your problem, what do you mean? You saw your question for DR hey. We appreciate this. This isn't the political conversation that we never have on the show I get to hear enough of, although incredibly interested in the brain, because you only have one you know in the eye mine way too much and it never shuts down? So I would like to learn about it a little bit more and I only know one neurosurgeon yeah, believe it or not got a good doctor role. How hard was it when you have something like kobe, where it's kind of all hands on deck, and that is necessarily what you're trying to do with the you do neurosurgery, but like how hard was it when so most of your time, was dedicated to that you're feel like you had to kind of like double up. I assume there's like a path that you have to stay on here to make sure you're on top of your ship. But how difficult was it housing. The two when called game, yes very difficult, question. You know I think our hospital mass general there, the main feeder,
we're everywhere else in the new england area and people just came to us and if they had coded it as a spectacle of it, we're walking through the doors, sometimes being role through the doors and we need a more is it so, the elected surgery is that we had planned as neurosurgeons, orthopedics or beguine plastic, no matter what you did that was put on hold and we need a bodies actually to man, the surge clinics, so that you can try aspect doesn't take care of them. It was a steep learning curve to try to figure out this respiratory illness learn about it, learn what infectious the council's. I needed was sort of imaging unnecessary. Had a flip patients prone know how to think about covered to protect myself get. My wife was pray, at the time, so I want to make sure I wasn't passing anything on to her and our unborn child at the time. So what again, I think helped me during that moment was football and I keep going back to it learning how to be flexible adaptable how to adjust on the fly? Knowing that, yes, I came in into brain surgery spine surgery, but
I need it now we're all needed in emergency department to help out with his very vulnerable situation so difficult time now, thankfully, were back to him. thermal paste or a hospital where we're able to do surgeries that we love and I'm able to help people in the science that you know I've grown to to to be a part of. So it's exciting, you just brought it up there and I don't mean to change subjects too much, but I feel as somebody who you know, hopefully I'll, be able to have a child someday and when I do feel like it should be mandatory that every kid has to play in a team sport like I I honestly the people that I've met that haven't played in a team sport. I almost immediately recognize whenever a situation arises like hey, not everything's, gonna work out for you like not everything is going to be awesome. There's going to terrible times or you going to rely on other people, you have to trust people to do stuff. I feel like team sports really teach things that I think are vital. To the success of the yeoman. Now I'm just saying that study,
I grew up in all team sports, but it's nice to hear you talking about it as well, because that's from a completely different, you know, places society almost doesn't do sports at all. I think that is I'm happy to hear you. What about team sport like that, though, communication I understand when you know you're being told a good instruction, maybe in a firm voice, but sift through some of them may be course language and gets to how's this person trying to of me and then knowing how to loose right. You to know how to lose and how to balance back from that. Not all brain surgery or spine surgery ends up well right. Some outcomes are poor. Some less desired and in its difficult time and sometimes it's life or death, then those instances, but you have find a resolve within. You got to find a way to be better the next time, because the next patient is expecting you're up
they are expecting you to deliver their not expecting you to still wallow in sorrow from the past, a feat that she does head and so yes, I agree. Team sports helps you be better human? A better civilian, a better leave for sure I better. all around? I think it has so much value, and so I some amazing all the time, especially the ones who do participate in sports. You know keep it up take what you're learning in practice in a way Romano again feel because it translate to what you I do the next chapter of your life, the next phase of life when you going to have a viable impact in a community doktor. Speaking of inaction. Actually you play the nfl became brain surgeon iron author, you gonna like go to space next and I like it, made us how may blameworthy yeah yeah. I've always thought about how policy can help and I don't know if it's you know it's,
in the bahamas and caribbean mush or, if it's here, but how can you effect, change and many lives? Many generations, and I must show that some public for sure what, but I feel that there's after nursery or you know, whenever neurosurgery is down with me, that there could be an opera need to try to effect change through. You know, I've been systematic changes you just shifting the way people think about health or access to health, equitable, timely access to health about those individuals on the margins, they're educated, so there's resources to do what they need to do. I know my family my story, origin story, coming from the bahamas, send coming to this great country. america having this opportunity, to do. Well it just the doors opened up for me because I grind it. I worked hard. I had great support systems. I had a few breaks here and there, but damages presented and not everyone has it, and I just want to try to provide that for the most people as possible and if it's new,
It does to a large organization that can spread that sort of goodness around the world that would be that'll be sent, as that may be the accepted, but I think we're a ways away from that hell. Yeah, I'm still in love with the brain, hell, yeah, hell yeah. We need you on the brain for at least until you correct cd yeah. I got doctor. I've also studied a lot of medicine in my day and the one thing that I've noticed in my studies on you talked about. You know taking criticism stuff like that, but when you're going through your residency and specifically surgical residency. Is it is competitive, competitive as I've noticed between you and the other residents, you know trying to get surgeries. Tension from the lead, doctors and stuff, like that it'll. Definitely it it can be. It can be difficult when you're trying to manage personalities, but at the end of the day you try to figure out how you're going to help this patient the best they possibly can.
you know when you're, not a leap place like like harvard where people are coming from dartmouth, Princeton they're, all sort of sir they all come with. You know a lab and they come with research papers of ten fifteen times public in some of the best journals around the world. come to him as this but to black jock who's like? Oh, you look like where we are. You really neurosurgeons of gonna have to prove your work each time, but I love that pressure and I love those moments. I love being tested being tried, doctoral road. You know what you're going to do here road, you know, if you can do here, would have a and b fails what his seat, what are the other options It's a hit it every single time, because I know those questions are coming anticipated anticipate a flat ride if you're lined up at a certain part of the number. I know what I do when I says I just out cherish those moments to be able to step forward and say I'm here, I'm here as a representative
If I'm here, somebody who can be a conduit for other people who look like me to be the next neurosurgeon at harvard it's exciting to hold that role, and so It's been a great ride and I've enjoyed my colleagues, my attendings. This hospital is one of the best we get some of the most complex pathologies people It's from all over the world. So I'm seeing some of the most rare tumor is the most rare spinal deformities. it's just as fascinating to be able to work on that sort of stuff, while we're all very thankful that you're representing our sports in such a beauty. Fashion obviously an anomaly, and hopefully in the Future walpi, I think, is what you're saying and what the two that way in living your life by it. You can make every day a little bit better than the day before I appreciate. How are you for your time doc I soon going to save a life is after noon. So thank you for taking a small bright. Chitchat with us and make us seem a lot smarter than we actually are? Thank you. appreciate all the time a vitamin e mocha hydration rest, ten
ten minutes cement brain can become. Hell yeah. Thank you, lose the german doctor. Martin voted for w w we as turning up the heat at summer, slam witness the beast: Brok, lesson are challenged. The head of the table, roman reigns in, alas, man standing match for the undisputed w w we universal championship. It's going down biggest party of the summer, which means all your favorite superstars we'll go head to head, including Becky lynch riddle, south rawlins Bobby lashley be the bell air drew I can tire liv, morgan, and many more summer. Slam streams live Saturday July, 30th at eight pm, dot m eastern exclusively on peacock. Obviously the remix, you're done by to me, touchy and lady being in sierra leone. So I do believe that, let's ride, whenever its first played in that role,
stadium at five thousand two hundred and eighty feet above sea level. It is going to break the internet Let's ride with a broncos pick. We do not know we eagerly watch along just like everybody else, the let's ride that these boys picked everything Well, that is the one that giddy ups us right into an hour of. credible sports conversation that toxic able attachment at boston conner after half of the hammer cowboys ten digs digs here and like everybody to take a minute and think about how much smarter doktor, my is and all of us eight eight times for thirty two graver. In order to showcase the woods of doctor? Are that bad, though, that quick? He is so much smarter than every human I have encountered in some time, andrew probably hold his own. In the conversation, two different mats are two different combos. It's like an architectural engineering thing and then doc
your brain is just like the doctor diagnosis things whenever they're chit chatting. So it's a breakdown that a follow up. conclusion. The engineers use a mass of words and can piece things together and beautiful fashion. I'm right here in the middle, but that one is always a good combo to get into. I think I feel much better. about myself. After chatting, after my own role than most other guess. We have on this. yeah I'm unique talking about doing brain surgery, moon stuff, a millimeter like how intelligent you have to be to do all of that is having grant, like you said: lock, is probably pretty smart but like there's how many falcon he is literally ease want of one thousand percent tax com. you got to get some things go on the unofficial that doesn't involve future nfl players become neurosurgeons, neurosurgeon snow, doubling
I don't have that going to come around a lot, but when it does, we will have to talk about it and when we do so will be incredibly proud of if you having a fucking neurosurgeon harvard unravelling- Shit, my it has. The nhl got that no zombie. I got that no, this yellow they got that no one does yeah the last drop that no they don't. Maybe they don't who? Who I don't know taylor twellman on E S, p, n, a fucking, neurosurg, warm and pound and a lot of drums these days, but he's not powered in the medical trial. We know that's for sure. What does that mean? You know that there is people incredibly upset about brooks capita going over to the live golf tour just three years ago he chatted about money, not mattering. His happiness is what matters most to him and three years later. He is taking a deal with live with
was broken by sky sports and telegraph in Joe promptly and beautiful fashion says the four time major winner will reporting. mike, is live debut at next week's tournament in portland, or again now we have travelled about live and how bad everybody has got about this. It is now got near the point where reporting about which players are going to live here, described as defecting defective, Now there is multiple definitions of defect. Most of them involve being like a traitor to a country It also does say like going to a rival or something like that, so a foresight to forsake one cause party or nation for another, often because of the change in ideology to leave one situation such as a job often go over to a rival defect. Now we had deep into the definition is divine. This particular definition a defect, because everyone that I thought was a very talking about leaving a country? That's in war to go to another side,
the way was being described, was obviously tension, a strategy by people- and I think it's all interesting, because. from the beginning. We've chatted about the live. Golf tour. I understood the people are upset about thing. that have been done in the country in which the money coming for this week but said come Then I would assume you still upset about from the things that they've done and don't want to accept their benefit, or their input in anything are involved in every single company that you're using right now, basically and I'm not saying that it's all just saudi money? But if you walking, through the beginnings of the company that hired Schefter, who put out the defect tweet and how that it came to be. I think we're going to be alarmed if you look in where money is coming from most of the companies
if you utilize on your day to day, to make your day better. You are going to be alarmed, and I started thinking about this, like normally the worst situations and the worst places and whenever the history conversations talked about, the reason why we talk about them being the worst is because they were bigger and the reason why there ever to become bigger is because the money that they gunnar in money doesn't just peer. They don't wait on fire like that money its round and goes in other places, and we shall put around if you were to look at where money comes from fraud, every single place there is a a ninety five percent chance, it's going to come from a terrible place. So what we have been saying since the beginning- is a don't love that leads. The golfers are the first people to be the great commended on how terrible of humans they are whenever a round of investment happens for a company that we use in their certainly taken money from a place that isn't great, with human rights in people and their celebrated for it. So I don't like that. The athletes are getting attacked by people that have done
business in this particular fashion for a long time and also made a lot more money. Great The guy who is obviously leading the charge with live the one who is in charge of getting the players in a person who has tried to change the way. The pda has been forced time the pj by the way, not paying their players. Shit in their somehow taken the moral high ground over everybody else when the companies that they are showing their broadcasts on have probably taken money from an incredibly terrible place. If you talk about hypocrisy, it is, all time high, whenever doing this, I don't think that people should feel bad for being upset about what how a country acts. Feeling, as if what country has done or any of these countries has done, is unacceptable because think we're getting to a place in society where more people want stand to make the world a much better place, but I feel like in the reality of the world, there is theirs a lot of people that have their view of let's
make sure we make this world is fair and as good as possible to everybody in reality. There's a lot of powerful places out there outside of our bubble. That are not like that. So, if you're going to like qatar these were the world cup. Is it just came out, but if you're not married and you have sex on your trip to the world cup you're going to go to for seven years, that, like a free country that sounds, a country that does a lot of good things. promote the shit out of qatar, the but people took a big page it from them. Airlines not stop talking about free phone. Everything like that, every single big thing has potentially taking money at some point from a terrible terrible place in our I don't know how and why the athletes are first ones to be attacked for this. When its continued here with brooks chapter making a move today now brooks captain
is obviously contradicting what he said three years ago about money, not mattering and he's just here to chase pagers and his happiness, and all that a lot happening three years by the way. It also it's one hundred and some million dollars. That's enough, Greg norman, the man who is running this entire thing asked, The question to the p g, a tour in a tweet about everything what is the peach age or have twenty three sponsors doing forty plus a billion dollars worth of business with saudi arabia? Why is it ok, the sponsors Well, Jay Monahan go to each and every one of those twenty three companies burn them and ban them. I think that's a great question yeah and by the way, forty billion dollars in business is a lot more than we all expected it can be in the billions forty plus billy with twenty three of the sponsors of the not least this one percent accurate. Who knows but saudi money is basically in every single, publicly traded company, every single one of them. Basically, in our stock market, states, doing business with saudi Arabia every single week. Everything today. So if we're just
in the grandstand you know about against athletes being morally perhaps more whatever the fuck. That term is. Are we we do it for everything else, and if we do, what is the one with two trillion dollars are sitting opposite. Did you state, within their just with them forever, Well, I don't know what the right answer is, but I don't like that. It's just the gulf Getting attacked in just the app getting attacked when it's, a braided and literally every other aspect of business. I just don't I don't fully comprehend it. Especially when it is the media who you know, like the a lot of these guys who are still playing in the p g. A r are saying you know every everywhere they go. This is all they're getting talked about like it really is. The media, Really started off in making these guys like big time, fail. The media is tweeting on a saudi platform. Rapidly I mean it hasn't soda, but so radio benefits directly off of the amount of tweets that happened in the amount of action that happens on tweets. Do the advertising any amount of impressions and everything that they can sell the people, so are you
sweeting is what I just don't know. You know. it's an awesome thing that we know more than we've ever known in the past can't just selectively take information and pick and choose? What's not good and what is good, and if we are going to do that, then you're argue. is basically sitting on a location of sand, because it's tough to take serious whenever you're, not for everything, so anxious I don't I don't I do not like the players getting attacked. I don't like it now. I don't love what has happened in these countries. We think that I'm backing what has gone on Isaak nodded, I'm just I don't like the completely ass backwards cover of golfers getting money from these places and how- businesses most of them. Do these people work for get their money, and not to address. I dont know why this is the case. I have no idea why we ve got to this point here, but since the well with hardly live in
phil was one of those like elder statesmen. Who was one of the first, I should go to live in this whole thing. Was you know if I have a chance to change a pdf tore? How can I say no to that, and now they are changing the pierre to our, where I think what is it, the fed ex cop, the time fifty players will be playing in their own turn, it's a yeah, so three tournaments in the fall, allegedly that was announced this morning for those that are in the top sixty official world golf rankings so now the live. Golf tour has pitch to the. the gr. The office official world golf rankings if they would calculate and take live. offers rounds into comparison for official rankings I, golfer, who plays incredibly well in windsor. Become the number one gee our goal for that's what lives. Looking for great norman says, you makes it compelling case. The p J now has found an extra seventy five million dollars sitting around to be able to give the player for three new term and centre? it's been announced, this upcoming fall
so obviously the what the archaic vj torna, not pay any of their players any contracts and have the players I to pay out of own pocket to travel and stay and golf even if they win or do not win. That is Jeanne feels like in are going to have to possess, not right, if the captor goes- and I don't think anybody didn't expect brooks kept- everyone has gone- has been inspected pink, like brooks step the only eat we're talking about this off air It wasn't even really on the pj tour. He played like one event a year that wasn't a major. He even openly said. I'm just here to play his bro, whatever it just, goes out there and gulfs. So him going over. There. People are acting like they were surprised, because what three years ago about money and happiness, and maybe it's gotten to a point in his life where he was like yeah money can't give me happiness actually now what never be the case, but maybe you know something
if changed in three years, I just the the I the the reaction is just in my eyes: it's tough to take serious from people just it's tough for me to take serious, but I guess I shouldn't, because these people are making the world a better place, It boggles our minds or whatever, when fans, normally seems like they always side with the organization like in football and stuff, like that, it seems like siding with the organization which is the pda tore verses, these individual players. I don't think so that by the way I don't either some people on twitter are massive sorry. If they were loving. Oh there is tweets that on twitter, what's happening is not what's happening in real life, which is a lot which we know yeah, which follows up to even more of the point like the reality verse. One really cares yeah exactly like in reality. It's much different though so I just hope we get point where we all make the team, our anger for real change and
I just selective you know because Once you get selective, then the people are on the opposite, side of you can just say what about I this doesn't matter. Oh it does matter Oh so, there's a marriage as much as this. Why are you trying to take this up? Are you're not trying to take that out Well, we don't have enough time or effort- that's been around for like thirty forty fifty sixty years, though in why, now you know where this is a potentially because all the media, people that have to if, in competition are telling you to believe that is a potential. What you think you know, that's all you would act right now, that's basically how it goes. they're saying more names are coming. If the came out said it is of false. I am not joining live tour because he was training this morning. People said fits it might go over after one. U s open, he said I'm here with the p g, a tour or whatever I mean he just a few million bucks, so for a rainy age champion going into the periods tour events, but if everybody's going to go. I don't know how you don't think everybody's going to the go.
from and hundreds of millions of dollars. I know, but I feel like he can still compete in majors like that think because we saw on sunday at the? U s open like that ain't. A fucking live golf tourney, The? U s that a major that all the guys who are playing their understand that there's more, and I think it is kind of just the it's the guys who not necessarily in the twilight of their current, like the young guys, who still have a stake in the game and like actually want to build a legacy in and all that kind of stuff, like the kind of faces golf right. Now, those your guys, like, I don't think, they're going anywhere. Why dammit, because because guess what in ten? In fact? years three hundred million dollars to infinite five years, though, that's probably still there if this is still around like what, if you're winning golf tournament over here, like your sponsor if good, you know, I mean bible as well, and they like You have to think about the long term. Success of live, will it be around while the pigeon
four be able to adapt. They are already bringing out seventy five, more million dollars in cash money just like that. They just found it where's that money going for by the way reading the pockets is, for there are calling the golfers morally, whatever I can not just the money through the the the professional be professional. Maybe the pj tour will be able to change and nobody will want to go to live right because they won't have to so maybe livers just say a splash in the pan or whatever here for the, three four years, if it isn't around and five years from now the conversation be about guys who were offered six hundred million dollars to do this turned it down played for this, they made ten million etc eleven million, which, by the way great money to play golf, none of us were saying, that's not, but I don't know how many times you offered to at one hundred and fifty million dollars. Hundred million dollars that that is a insane amount of cash to any human being out there absolute. Well,
the super e that have just grown up in it. Don't have that. If you did not- and you grew like actually wandering about a check and what's going on happen next week and whenever I go to buy something at a store that credit card balances and that whole awkward situation that takes place. Whenever you see a check that says like one hundred and fifteen million or one hundred and twenty million guaranteed in front of you. I think it's going to be africa continues. They know, say if they beat him majors as well. Personally, now now If you're about to say it's not just about the money, the tradition, the history and everything like that, is that what you're going to go? I was talking about the freedom that the live tour we'll play wherever you already weeks way less work. Do you really do in three days or intimidation out of their my saturday night on a plane somewhere wherever you want to go shopping on start fifty feller holes? That's why the people who bashing pike My only problem and not with the money or them going to player there, or what I saw, I think somebody said last week is that you can't,
all the guys play against each other in one place. Now you now have to like, like I liked, being able to watch the tour, because know every all the best guys were at one place. So if it now is like ten to twelve more the top guys go over there. It's going to be like well what the page eight or tour tone over here fine I'm want to guys get paid. You guys lose money are weak. The weak sacrificer entire beings. This too If the collection, seventy five million dollars at least pockets of these players, don't get a fucking thing of selfish. When I turn the tv on a sunday, I wanna see all the best players in one place: fuck what they I love watching golf on a weekend. Yeah it does Let me read through a nap or two on saturday and sunday, I'm not sure that the lived or whatever be able to get that they can. I figure that whole thing out That is a man from a totally different sport. One that is in the middle of a championship right now insider information for
national hockey league for how long necked comedy years this guy been doing a few decades longer than I can count. Canadian sports journalists hockey reporter for It's not an analyst for nhl network he's a panelists on hockey night in canada, is where football night in america got it's name, ladies and gentlemen, Elliot Friedman, you look awesome. What's up, you know. First of all, this was an honor, I'm really flattered, and of my buddies, were all watching right now, so the elliot, if you're going to come on this show, you can't be a phony your you can't clean up your hair. He can't but your sideburns, your hotel beds, gotta be unmade. If I'll be on this show? You got to be real cuz. This shulkin a phony a mile away. This works, and I appreciate your friends- the lads probably delivered to right remarks there. Your hair looks unbelievable, we would never known, and it wasn't kept dj- get back when you're on tv. Is that what you go with? I do that
I try to do a different one, every show and You know there's people who like theirs, they send me tweets there late, You know you look like you just stepped out of a wind tunnel words stuff than that. Stop, I'm not sure I can repeat- and you know it do you like them all right, cuz, you want the audience to feel included. and that you're there in on the joke so and ayo f, o neill, who is a former great player. He tat Let me the other night before game again, three said elliott, for believe sake, they cut down those cyber, and I said it's like a play off beer Jeff, we're not going anywhere. It will to keep those things, drowned, use blowdryer. Another. No. This is all natural cat. This is one. Ah, not just on the eyes, went into goddamn. Thank you for John is how long you been in the energy. I bet
Can I I think this is eighteen years I've been a sports reporter. Overall, I think thirty. I think this is my thirty year. so you're a better time. I I while old and creaky. I guess that's the fairest way to say it now, just experience and wise and obviously, as an insider, the longer you're in the game, the better have you been kind of the hockey boom- that's almost taking place over the last year with the new contract rights here in the united. If america? Can you tell in canada you can? You can definitely tell like, like it's a great game? I'm not a big! Please, please, like sport guy, I don't like comparing hockey other sports. I I really went when people say will hockey's burden. Basketball for this are as follows: baron football for this- I I hate that stuff I love all sports, but I think it's a great game and I think that we gotta do. Is we gotta get people? the building to see it.
Once you see it, you love it. We have to more accessible to young people. Hockey's expensive, that's a big and we have. We have to make sure that more people can get in there. play it when they're young and that's all, the challenge for us? But look I need them. people that watch it the better and and I also think there's plenty of different ways to cover a tattoo we can always be more fun. But you know barkley on both networks last night calling my co worker. I call because, as the Tom Brady of canada and the vessel man in the country gotta. We need that stuff people, love I think so too. I think it's breaking through. I obviously, I honestly believe everybody's breakthrough plus since we can gamble on it and The most everybody ceases to play off in a play after such a faster version, the regular seas, and not that the regular season is an incredible To begin with, I was very lucky to grow up in pittsburgh. Love the sport of hockey, so I do see a continued girl now it sucks.
the finals real quick here before we dive the off season. Tampa bay came back and I thought they were potentially dead in colorado because of how fast the avalanche looked, verse out tampa, look are there in colorado last night, complete flip is this normal and aki is something that everybody should afford to, or do you think as your kind of just gonna have to find them? down the humidity of Tampa and what has happened in the past in these types of situations, where one that we show in all of these serious so far this year is that as the series goes on the better tampa gets they. They started three of their series now and in all three those series they won because as a got on, they were better than theron than the rangers and we'll see about colorado? So I'm not surprised to see this. I think, of serious, go on the lightning get better. The war thing one thing. I really like four I would be concerned about four colorado is just hey. If you give it camper,
struggled last night, I was talking to a coach today he said the only but he really likes campers golly. The only thing it. Concerns about camper is, is that when camphor gives up bowser has a bad day, body language is great and he worries about sometimes campers confidence. Game. If you saw last night once scored once they really started going and pumping them by it? He says: If you look at if you looking vasilevskiy for Tampa, you got, oct seven, nothing, but he was making big saves at the end of that game. He was like you got me tonight, but all I'll be back, and I think that those are the two things people gatt and the other thing is- were still waiting for mckinnon time. I still nathan mackinnon has to iraq in the series and if he does that's big for the avalanche hate to break them again in but patty maroon has arrived in the eight hour bracket, bigwig with
Dangles last night, baggy and top chaired how you doing on the block is odd, mean that was watch it felt like all of tampa got their motion back on MR fourteen one in playoff games or whatever? What is it about that place? Is it the weather? Is it the crowd? What is it about home ice advantage in that sport? You think? Well, I I think that you're, the one thing oh colorado, hadn't lost on the road ass until last night, they are the best road team in the plastic, then it chanced become the first team ever in an age of history. Since we went to expansion, nineteen sixty seven to go on getting on the road in the playoffs, and I thought that was pretty incredible. Then you know what you know. What I think I think Tampa overwhelmed the first two games, and I just think there who mature and they're too smart, and they I just said: ok we're going to fix something and one of the things they fix path. If you watch the game last night, are you watch it tomorrow? camp, I couldn't get out of their own with the park they could. colorado was swarming them.
Overwhelming them. So what they did lifted in the air and created races for it, and they want a lot of those races. It's a tiny thing, but at the last night it was a big thing. A lot we're going to carry out of the pocket of our zone as we were in trouble and flip it in the air and race for it that little dump and run type situation questions and me before the boys have some questions for you it. when patty maroon wins his fourth great stanley cup Will you guys and can the call him the best player of all time we say in american ones? for straight and more does an american, not even something gretzky was able to do. Mariano was unable to do said. Wasn't able to do this american out of ST louis first guy ever for straight styles? the captain of the insurance zack gonna, be just a head, canada, every single might talk and talk here. Now you think about give me he's going to get his attention if he wins his. Fourth. Not only is it four in a row but he's going to have his
stanley cups. Gretzky has gretzky hats, get the list and you're going to see stanley cups, one wayne Gretzky top maroon they're, going to be there going to be right there, and I tell tell you this- I got after the game last night, I got a dm from a fan and he, and to me, please Tell me my team is getting pat maroon next year to resign fifty five years old. I have waited too long to see my tea when the stanley cup, so you eating Guess what team that was it and there it is toronto, so they want maroon there next year so that they can finally win sorry about it. He stayed in america, he's coming to the pittsburgh penguins actually now this leads to the off season here and we know you're the insider. We have a joke in this, show that every wasn't really job it's my fact, but it has become a joke a little bit if you want to be no player in the nhl you have to play for the penguins
something you want to be an actual player to the top three players of all time. Pittsburgh bangs, no big deal kind of a big deal or is pasta go into pittsburgh? Are they doing full rebuild in boston fire. The couch you know, everything's everything started. Looking upside down is passed on his way out in. Why is he going to the pittsburgh penguins and with the pittsburgh penguin? gino mark and do not go to the capitals. What is half that is being shattered about now on the internet. How about the free agency? bargain once we start hearing some concrete shit okay. So this is what I think you're looking at here. So first of all, pastrnak the bruin we're going to have a meeting in early july, if the bruins are going to or going to prison, so free agency date. This year is July, thirteenth, that's the first day that the bruins are alive about the sign David Pastern, ought to an extension, the bruins going to meet with pastern act with him in early july, and I believe that time, they're gonna talk to him about extension.
I do believe, they're going to come at him with one. I think number one plan is working to sign David pastern act, but if all these rumours are true and paused, I've says I don't want to stay here, then I think they're going to trade and I think they could trade him know sooner rather than later, we'll see seek you want to maximize whatever you can do here. So I think that meeting in early July is tell where we're going here with David Boston he's going to if he's traded. I think the injured have enough to be able to make that the old they don't have. A lot of draft picks the one I have a ton of prospects are very relaxed. Crosby Crosby, no it's way sydney Let's do impostors I, how you doing that's a stanley cup factory? add patty maroon big rig team, you might,
give us laura before any. By takes the ice happened and have enough capital. You heard medallions way, there's another solution, bridging other solution to this ban. What what? If ok son, I'm going to put something in it for you here you talk what if David pasternak says you know what I I don't know off. I want to sign with you buddy now and I want to go test region cedar. Some do that could play it out now want that we if you want them now, I dunno now we don't know how long, how much will listen sidney. Crosby can only be the greatest player of all time. For how long and I write yeah well, how long are we going to take advantage of this guy being in pittsburgh? We need it here still part of the nhl elliott. yeah eli redwings, going to hire how about that one jace, they cannot tears. Gonna tell everyone shares. I saw everybody's waiting to see if you can a higher one of these two assistant coaches from from tampa.
I've helper in order to align, and so there there two guys that that ireland knows very well. I do I think Yzerman is interviewed, Barry Trotz! I do think it's possible. He interviewed peter de boer divorce vote to get hired in Dallas. I think he's ease look in some other young coaches as well, but I A lot of the smart money right now is on the two assistant coaches in tampa and tapir, and I do after champ knocked out, but I think he's interviewed older and younger and I'll tell you one about eyes. People are terrified of him, so I I've told this story before it scares people so earlier this year. That's what I called a guy, who I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure eisman interview The guy answered the phone says: I'm not answering any of your questions, I'm not even talking to you. I go. Why not? He goes Steve Yzerman finds out that you spoke to me. I've.
No shotted this job. So I'm not answering any questions and I beg you did not to use my name's devised means right already talked about the regulation. Do not talk about the wranglings. Please no way that's was devised. Resize ain't you got should all be afraid of. The rulings were used. Well, no, no! No! No! No it'd be scared to go to the Tampa lightning assistant, coach and big rigs come detroit too. Well done sorry about this elliott. This is a lot of stuff going on nick. Your questions for fridge. Fridge, got a follow up off a paths. Question two off the pittsburgh thing. There's a lot of turmoil this off season in pittsburgh. There was even questions of will ron hextall the gm keep his job, and now we've got geno Malkin needs a decision. He's a free agent or tesla tank is also a pending free agent. Have we heard any updates on those guys? Well, I I think with malkin. I think the biggest issue
was was dollars and I think they were kind of willing to agree on a term. I think they'd it really talked about, he would sign for three years to fit in same terms as crosby, but I just heard the money wasn't close, and I said I don't know where that's going to go holders. No, I do what I gotta tell a pack. I don't I don't know if I see that like like, like, I think, there's a chance flurries coming back pittsburgh, and well last year, flirt washington wanted flurry, really bad and he wouldn't give betrayed into the capitals because he was like I might. I might want to go back to pittsburgh. I don't think I could play for the capitals. That's good. Are a good decision.
So I don't know if I like, I do think there's be obviously depends on the numbers tang I heard the issue there was, they were up. Someone told me they thought they were about a million point to five a part a year. on the other two hundred million in the end, if not yet, where they now it's time, Now, it's exactly genoese anyway shit about really do you don't know that I know about this respect bridge with these sideburns right now in the final vote to freeze of annual aid is paid me David both were in the least gated, eight million bucks a zero rate. There was still a broad, a fork up some more tat. Disney part of the group. Let's get is ties, question elliot. Are we going to get like an actual hot stove where, like guys, might be getting trade? I'm a die hard golden knights fan I've been,
and for you know, since they got eliminated, we gotta fucking beef up that line with stoner. I dunno if it means shipping jackie aces out of town, because I didn't love when I saw him last year, but we actually I see some big name guys, maybe move team, the team possibly to vegas, to play on a line with donor. I always do say tat. I ve had people say to me that this summer could be crazy oh, because, because the cap is so tight because a lot of teams you know. Obviously, whenever was thirty- It seems that don't win like that. Look like one, but things really really interesting, seattle, The cap room didn't great beer, don't want to have a repeat of it, but there's a lot of other teams out there rude kind of look at it and would have said to me. The names are going to be tossed around this year, so there might be five players in the league who aren't mentioned in trade rumors, so you said it's going to be. It doesn't mean nothing's going to happen, but they said the talking is is crazy,
I just work teams are willing to consider doing is wild over there I think that it is just all sports generational, like the you, can't be perceived as being content with a team that isn't in nowadays, because social media, and because you think it's going to become more active and hot as opposed to the more conservative moving that is, happened in the past because normally it's what ten year contract eleven year deals there isn't much. Do you think that's going change just like every other sport? I do I do know one of the things that pat is that there's a number team's out there like San Jose, for example, there there I to a lot of their. There know for gm, is we too many long term deals like how are you going to what you gonna do about that? How are you going to prevent us from getting an unlocked, long term deals and there's other teams think about that all the time now, the superstars will always get their deals, but I think it all the time the teams talk about. Can we android now, the other thing
and jewish were coming at a covert and you gotta sell tickets, especially in places like canada, where the teams, didn't have fans for chunks of this year and lost money. You gotta, you gotta I have something that that fans want to watch and I think they're going to be active. For those reasons. Did you say boats a couple of times or on purpose How much you know us stooge, americans, love it, but there's an inverse invisible line between our country and yours and you guys just speak much than the how about god, a score than us? I got me. We measure pervasive time your question for elliot freedom since I assume, he's, knock and enjoy playing in front of two thousand people and night a chance. If flurry comes back, phil castles coming back onto
Well, you know I gotta tell you I I haven't heard that one, yet I you know I I can ask you know. The least I can do is like and ask them to send a note and see. If it's at all events, stanley painting, I gotta tell you- I didn't even think about that. One should not start thinking about Just what are we even trying to figure out is a bunch of bullshit. I thought you were supposed to have all the information well, I guess not filled pretzels or please. Next time you come in here, that is the deal. Okay, we got a deal. How come you guys just let that hotdog store go and feeling kind of ruin, his entire name, that was awesome Gaze rain. Wasn't it does. That was all one. What happened in the community their elliot? as a guy who loves a good hot, I didn't take it. I say he likes his hot dogs too, so it didn't bother me yeah me. Neither I guess that's a tough one too, because we're all like that it makes sense yeah and it feels like that's not true at all. I'm, not the hotdog guy. That is It appears that way, your body showing me bunch, bullshit I'll, call you
questionnaire for elliott, elliott, everyone and their mother on the bruins are out for about seven to eight months? Are they just not going to have a head coach this year, because no one wants to coach him or maybe are you thinking about on your hat in the ring and move in the boston and on the bruins I've I tell you if you want to finish thirty second and get the high prospect next year. Conduit aren't hiring me as a coach would be the best possible move. It's fucking hot, I think. They're doing, I think they're doing interviews this week. I still think that they're they're doing some. I I think the bruin you're gonna go like this is gonna couple guys already hired been had coaches before. I think inigo newer and different. That's the expected! David Quinn and Jim Montgomery, are the only two guys I they might be looking out have been head coach before you jane It hasn't been a head coach before I think. There's some their guys on their rate, our night lehman from prior providence has never been an angel had code before the one thing about the bruins. Is they seemed to be pretty confident that,
if they can tread water for a couple of months, all those guys are going to come back healthy and they're going to be fine and number one. Someone said to me the martians out six months. Someone said you really think that, though the marshlands going to let himself be out six months, who's to guarantee he'll be back or brad marshall he'll be flawed. Marsanne used to play brad marchand still play different style. Dr Bradman changes. Do you think he's going to be out six months? They said no way, he'll be back soon. He's a dog elliot. We hope we have you back sooner than brad marshawn gets back. We appreciate you so much for other hockey information. You look fantastic. will you let I enjoyed the stop. I bow. guys it's been an honor its really been. I admire what you guys have done a future of the business and a real honor to be invited here. Listen, we don't the canadian bullshit,
yeah, but we are very grateful that an icon, like you, stopped by your the best, ladies and gentlemen alia for joining us now, is a man who maybe has more information than we obviously have, because this settlement That deshawn watson made earlier today happened moments before he went live and we haven't been able to keep up with it all to do so. Thing senior felons side for the phone network, Emily dissolve hostess, weekly, wrap up with rap sheet and friends, us being the friends who'd been ruptured. Ladies and gentlemen, ian rapoport that something is going on. Thank you for joining us. Your last minute really appreciate it. No primary and got back from the beach. So I was able to find time in my third grade trip to the beach.
I was helping to minimise alright, so I'm got to do that thanks for coming back, let's dive into it yeah the show I'm watching is settled all before cases. Now people, reporting. That's twenty of twenty four. We thought twenty six cases, because two more were added. So in I mean that there are six cases that aren't resolved then. What are we missing here? Does this affect anything for sue robinson judgment of the ba and avail that she will take to roger to doubt. What have we learned that, basically, with this announcement of the sun, but that we all thought would baby happened two years ago, most did happen. going I mean when, where they are at right now, which is almost all of the cases, settled twenty of twenty four, I believe twenty of twenty four that have been officially filed, I believe the proper way to say that twenty of twenty four that have been officially filed This is like almost where
Things were when a trade to the de my army, dolphins, early went down like this could have happened when two years ago, but it was you know seven or eight months ago, whenever that was in october, before the trade deadline had he been traded to the dolphins. If that was about to go through, it would have been because he had. settled all these lawsuits. They were not quite there yet. The trade did not happen and where they are now, I would say, is significant and I'm not sure it'll actually affect the discipline that the nfl if some like I'll think whether or not to show walks and settles will alter what the punishment ends up being born? does mean is that whenever the punishment comes and we are expecting it before training camp so in the next say three to a month. It will mean that this is all wrapped up. It will mean whatever discipline. It is likely suspension. It will mean you know. The cases have been settled assuming these next four,
At some point get settled and then now will basically be it. He will serve whatever it is and then the league will go on. You know shit about fuck when it comes to this particular world, but all I can really. We not an information, is johnny depp amber heard libel, slain reared its fair. That was very public thousands six weeks long. So the fact that there is for official allegations against him with two essentially more on the way there still six very serious things that are all going to are those all going to go to civil trial in how long is that, that's months and months and months right at this point yeah I mean it is damon busby said today that the four cases have still not yet in settle- and they moving forward- and I think that is possible or not you. Obviously out of things will see. If that happens. I think the fact that you know four of these cases were twenty of these. It was today for remain. Unsettled means that these four could be settled would not,
surprise me. If they were eventually, I would say you know that makes and this is all a you in some ways this is. just to boil down they not important part of it, but in some ways it is a negotiation, because Money does change hands so we'll see they get there and are able to settle those final four cases to at least wrap up the civil part of it? So here's what this would mean legal. The criminal situation is over with two grand Where is the climbing to guide the civil situation is nearly over with twenty of twenty four settle it, the other four get settled at some point soon. There will be just the league Discipline is all we're waiting for. Ok, I think the reason is for this happening now, as opposed to back then did they plan it? the Shawn watson's camp cause. He has been steadfast from the beginning that he was innocent. Then we heard a little bit of what rusty harden was
when you want on their frati radio show then Houston explained why there was no indictment in everything like that. Why were they gonna go to twenty four civil cases was that the plan like what go to every single court. Did they think that it'll be able to get out of every day. Meeting the meeting to sean side or busby deshawn side to the shawn sides say we will go to court for every single. Wasn't settlement basically going to be the outcome regardless or was there thought that he was going to get a twenty four civil cases in a row yeah. I, that's hard to fathom- and I think settlement makes sense for a lot of reasons, and it makes sense in this case because you know, while each of the way each of the victims have separate stories, there are some some similarities. I would say between them, so you set a one for you know what I'd amount. That is not yet
then in a mountain navy, some stipulations that have not yet been made public. They don't make sense to settle all a woman. I know it's not about the money, but these are civil cases. That is what sat with the currency is for lack of a better way of saying. If her criminal, it is their job am not possible, it is their money or not in this case, obviously, there is. It was the upon him was was okay enough to settle. These, and we will see if the final four get settled but to your question, like I think, a settlement has always made sense. If everyone could, you know, find the right terms to do it in the fact that they got so close last october, at least had me thinking that this would be the eventual outcome we've learned a lot since last october about the sean and thing and they are not much or the quota public opinion, whatever change and I won That's why they decided to settle if it was just so much, it's against that was just like hey. This all seems to be boom boom boom. The
so happy about what happened, though, here right now. Api that had happened is all these are very serious allegations for terrible that somebody in the nfl is being a lender doing yeah, but I want to make sure people hear this out of context. They don't that's a case like it, but their desires good for all parties here. I think right I think so I mean assuming that you give them. If the victims accepted the settlement, then I would say take out face value and say that as an outcome that at least they are monetarily. Okay with nobody wants any of this to happen. I'm not saying any of this good, it is all bad in this. Doesn't we can change? We can carry yes, but the fact that you know they reach that means in some ways. It is ok for the victims. For deshawn watson and his side. This made sense. to move on now he is you're right, steadfast and proclaiming his innocence I know he has been very consistent throughout, but you know it least this
basically will end one chapter of this right assuming the other four get settled at some point soon. You know this will stop this right here and then after the discipline is served, be no more. I don't like to say, ends, but I dont know another way to describe it: no more in a house standing in situations to monitor this was simply an art We will continue to keep an eye on everything awaiting the nfl is rolling for how many games you will be suspended from the nfl. Contract in the history of the nfl, which is the biggest league on earth. after coming to a close, we'll see what happens in the next when we can't thank you enough for making time out of your beach day to chit chat with us about. The biggest story that has happened in a couple of months, ian rapoport. That now is a man who is a and solder for golf digest. I believe I made it the news this morning that at the meeting at the travelers
Jay Monahan said that there will be eight tournaments. This upcoming fall only the top fifty players of the o, w g r are able to play in any We have twenty million dollars in person which is more than any other tournaments. That's another hundred sixty million dollars they offered up for purses just like that, because a list but the pressure from the live. If the tournament feels like, while parties are benefiting from this with boring for has been friends with a us and champion. Basically, since he was in high school, then So did how you doing how you doing drama drama drama drama, but it's good for this tournaments with twenty million dollar just massive for all the right where's. This We come from. They just been sitting on this for the last fifty years, then so, I'm not entirely sure where the money comes from. I do want to clarify. So these eight events- it's not going to be this fall, is going to start next year and I actually think it's going to be someone from the tour reached out to say that it's going to be spread out
around the years not just going to be in the false there's going to be basically at the end of ex cop season, I qualify for eight events for the next year. That kind of eat fifty players which is living under forty eight players and then twenty or twenty five million dollar versus, which going to look a lot like the live event? So I think some of these will be new events that come up. Maybe they'll be somewhat some in the fall that'll be like around the world in australia and asia, but I think the other events will be probably more money into existing events so like some of the bigger events on the PJ talk as long as they don't have the majors, but they have big events like at riviera or like jack Nicklaus tournament, Arnold palmer's tournament, Instead of trying to start all new tournaments, they can sort of use the legacy of those tournaments. Writing the history, put money into them and make them bigger purses with less players and more more elevated than they already are. So are the golfers and a pj saying thank you to Greg norman, fell and Dustin Johnson and brooks capita and Kevin non sergio garcia, who said
This is why they are going to do what they are doing now, aside from getting nine figures guaranteed to them. They also that they want to change the agenda. This is Only done such a thing right. This is a massive change for the better or that all golfers or benefit from probably forever now definitely definitely the stars. I'll say the stars will definitely benefit and that's sort of the way I've described. This is like golf is sort of been hit in the face with a really cold unforgiving case of capitalism. Right, that's just what this is right, the guys who are between one hundred and two hundred and the world rankings prayer break offers. A lot of them are really nice guys, they're, just not bringing that much attention to the games, but those guys and benefiting kind of on the coattails of the other guys for a lotta years. That's sort of been the main thing about him. When tiger was there like a tiger, let the pj tour in two thousand percent on the Peter Doherty class, so he was basically paying the bills for guys now
is being funneled more and more onto the top, and that I've had a lot of players who I've talked to guys who aren't going, who they're just sitting back there and alive, in that same mean with the puck or because they're, just loving it they're sitting back there watching all this drama and they're like yeah we're just gonna get more money and eunice. That's really what it is. I mean if you're one of these young guys who's not going justin thomas collin morikawa methods Scottie scheffler you're, watching all this drama play out everyone's telling you how good of a guy you are for not really doing anything and you're going to get a lot richer. Not as rich somebody getting one hundred amazon gc they're, like do see a day where one of these young guns, who are trying to the page eight or because, if they protect the page eight or than their legacies, will be fairly and accurately judged against all the greater the past, which is a massive thing in the gulf world, but who you I think these guys are going to continue to say no to, nine figure. Signing bonuses whenever live, guys are going to continue to be able to play in the majors. Do you think that will become a thing with the people?
competition and raising the person of these eight events. I think I actually think the peter towards spine starting to take enough steps in the right direction, where these guys won't yours, but pressure to do it because, like If you look at the numbers, if you look at how much money you can make on Egypt, where, with all these new events and with them, that ex cop, which is only going up and up and up and there's all these new bonus programmes, now like that, the money is not going to be all that different. What are they ones guaranteed? So, yes, I guess a column worry color. You know. torres nea he wouldn't get his money from the egypt tour, but like injuries, aren't that risk in golf, guys know. they're going to be around for twenty thirty years, they're not willing to risk the reputational hit if they feel okay, maybe I'm giving up ten million dollars and not fifty million dollars, b. I think you know what you said earlier is one hundred percent right, that this is not the PJ tore off the tires. They realize that they can't just coast and they're going to have to listen to some of these guys when they say look. Give us more money. Give us this giveaway
and now they're starting to get the answers that they want. I think this for golf, then- and I can't thank you enough for joining us in all your pouring has been fantastic, even though I assume there is some people over your head asking you not to report everything the way they reporting them. So we appreciate the hell out of you are kind of floating in the water. What I can yeah you gotta do what you gotta do cause you're friends with a lot of these guys, but the league did a basically major your business, is in the middle of real competition right now, so I can see how it plays out camp actin up there, thanks most lays down a direct while we're on with damn rap board learning that piece of information about the PJ tour answering lives fighting this entire gulf supremacy game, there has been news out of the nfl, a man who has been described as having toilet seats
perhaps a man that we have called a nimble clydesdale. a man who was a ninja on the field while being taller faster. More powerful than everybody else has officially retired from the eta felt. Now this would be his second retirement, but this one seems like it's a little bit more staff the fast. The one from the past rob with officially retiring from the nfl via a jordan schultz report. Tweet now. The future first ballot hall of famer won four super bowls, while earning a spot on the nfl as hundredth anniversary team in the two thousand and ten all decade team, an all time, great eventually hangs him up at thirty three years. congrats the growl chapters of these greer, both whenever he came into the unofficial, denuding patriots inserted dominance quickly without in fast. He was how quick he was in this. while I do being on a completely different level than anybody would ever give him the credit for that
when he retires dabbles in the sports media world does well comes back with tampa It's a legendary tale about him training with different shirts one day, so he tells Tampa he's been working. His ass off loses, in the twenty pounds. To get back in shape, then goes score, two touchdowns in another super bowl in an entire another city, congratulations to western pennsylvania, high school, grad, buffalo native rob, we're lucky to watch grown, play, we're all very lucky to kindness, grant be drunk, can never change from being drunk and drunk and around at all times. the for the guy, can't wait to see what he does next mean. Probably goes down as the greatest of all time, even though didn't say as long as some other guy, he was an nfl as he's one of the only active players I want on the all time, hundredth anime grocery team. He was after what tom wearing a jacket. Then it comes back out and plays and there's other tight ends that have incredible numbers and have done great things. Gronkowski just
road greater, as well as the number one option for Tom Brady, basically throughout entirely of his career. There is obviously george ghetto and kelsey in debt gap in Gonzales everybody from the past. I don't want to leave anybody. Author gates is obviously in the conversation and in the mercedes lewis, is about eighteen years at end, but I think person The way I view him as the best football player I've seen live because of what he's been able to do and how big, how fucking big he is first compared to everybody else, he's definitely decorated out of all those guys that you just listed, you won four super he scored in every single super bowl that he played into. I believe I, except for the rams he set them up at the one yard line too we now have to shoulder their joy. Touchdown. I've got scored that camp I mean he was obviously already for the patriot and the biggest moments rob brancusi. I made the biggest place again Now, obviously, Julian edelman has that scoop. atlanta that people remember forever, but it failed
I get the big games, whether it's just the play or if you're, clenching or something Tom Brady was looking for rob gronkowski Tom Brady, greatest quarterback of all, probably not greatest quarterback of time, If you didn't have rob gronkowski in his life, I assume he will go on to say that at some point in all they're drunk is super relax and chill and haha. I've heard the way he practices a hundred miles an hour forego finishing every single fucking rep he's admiral a bracket is off the field and on the field on a big fan of the big, the bitching I'm happy, hopefully happiness and contentment in retiring for good and doing his thing in his neck. Congrats, the fucking drama, Obviously there are other guys, but I think he was like one of those eyes who really accelerated like what the top tier tight ends are doing right now, we're like he is an incredible blocker. you could also split him out wide and like Emmy. He, like I
Jimmy graham kelsey, some of those other guys who are around there but like he really did like accelerate. What a lot of these guys are doing, obviously immense amount of credit for belichick and Josh mcdaniels whenever they decided remember when he was lined up go on, and then they would just point them out, yeah I got you who you put on the corner now, but I backer on them, know on whatever was tat. They were just I c'mon it'll be one on one and it was an immediate, well growing sport that has a small body we're just going to throw it up high. If it's a big box he can shake them and get inside of it. It's a safety, what has run a little out so it can body emancipated. I mean it was an unstoppable at the goal line- and I assume tom brady- had thoughts about it and gronk had thoughts about it. What we can use in bill in time and then even towards the end, their down in tat. the way he had been used is like perfect. It felt like He was the guy at all times and a joy a while I'm going to miss him on. I feel like wrong. Comparable was
like shock in the NBA bingo Nevertheless, on about his grace play of all time most, but on stop about honesty, and I think some obviously against the colts. He has some legendary moments course, but I've seen him pick up one of my friends, all the way to toss him club all the way to the sideline to wasn't scared it already that's why I thought with the rhine block, obviously and pass catch him, but he as me, does. He got hurt his ability to come back from the banks. Surgeries and the elbow and the knee was incredible, Grim caskeys instagram has made it official his state, If we can zoom in there in college. I was asked to write about a dream job opportunity that I to pursue and where the location would be. Every time I had to go right about my future, no matter what a pic being a professional football player for that Though we had to pick the location, so I
thought that I wanted to play in Tampa bay for the Tampa bay buccaneers. For many reasons, the sunny weather being number one. I can I forgot about writing this report until two years ago, when I had the opportunity to join the Tampa bay buccaneers, and let me tell you that journey in tampa for the last two years has blown away what I originally wrote about in college big time and for this. I would thank the entire hole. The whole entire first class buccaneers organization for an amazing ride. Trusting to come back to play and help build a championship team. I will not be going back into my retirement home, walk from football again with my head held high. Knowing I gave it everything. I had good bad everytime time left out on the field. The front If some relationships I've made will last forever- and I appreciate every single one of my teammates in coaches- for giving everything they had as well from its arm at that football winning another championship and now back to chilling out. Thank you to all in years, fans the crew with did you guys know this is possible brought it every game. Thank you for all. You do cheers next.
we'll be sailing the seas, o r, o no hired captain gronk being apart. Here we go harsh tom and now grog they're, both retired no mention of the patriots, there was no argue, retires bedroom. He did not speak now. Look here, I'm just going to talk about the sample like yours, it's just like. What's on how to do because there retired from the patriots a couple different times and left the patriots, whatever the case happy for today's videos, today's show is sponsored by the best ticket app on planet earth and shown on video. This is your weekly reminder that listeners of the show get ten percent off at the lake. In our description, the stanley cup finals are still going on thanks to the boats, go boat, baseballs what baseball does plus there are concerts happening all summer, long get tickets.
To it all on seeking their seeding chart will make sure you're doing the best value every single time. Just to hit the link in the description of this show next time you buys and take its mailed it advocates or the talk employees right before you read the divers road perform it. It was the first two words instead of saying the second words they show, and I didn't uk rings of governance. While there is video and then he got so disappointed kind of ruin, the mood of the entire ruin, my mood for sure I mean I love talking about baseball in your ear, but hey team sports, sometimes you're going to fuck up you get a bounce back. You can't let that second weren't affect the third draw. The way you kind of did know I rolled through. There's no fucking deal. There's a defeatist attitude. Entire thing has no defeatist attitude While how could you feel like a the whenever you deaf fucking seek she can?
for a long time meal named anthropology guilty reality. Legend yanked has this guy and three years Probably by the end of this year, baby I saw a highlight on the internet, this guy you're hot you put a highlight on the internet and pittsburgh pirate. No longer pittsburgh potter dogma in his first game here accorded the heart is thrown ball from like an inferior position. Ever her he's got laid absolute things Evan. hours mighty seven short stay. I might need movie, I feel, but why six seven as fucking nice, that's big back issues and bending over a lot, you need that guy, just standing up catching fly balls. He may put them at first. yeah Robin who's good athlete very good wasted, go pull them out center for very catcher in those times,
Yeah snow destroys new candles candles there ain't going to let app yeah jason kendall's back with the team right yeah, I think so. they are. Not the seller. They're not in the cellar were about to sell this guy will be fucking done. Alright, that's shows. We talked about lots of a weird brain conversation, pretty good brain convo, very good lot of breaking news yup Today was a big time day golf dove de cannes, lions tour. We did line out for each stop by there is my young embracing rap sheet before yesterday forecasts wow, that's just a joke. Alright, look at go I'll. Do you have any idea about how the tuesday area,
take screenshot right now or now or now, I suppose, or now. Say something nice to somebody put your cash tag in there and you can a ten winners of five hundred and ninety nine, but while they fifty wonders why, Maybe twenty one item Fifty. Why me I'd fifteen wonders of five hundred and ninety nine bucks will be randomly selected for those that have screenshot from just moments ago their cash jack. and said something nice to somebody. It is a l of is there we need a little bit more positively. Let's continue to try to live on as lives, because guess what you only get one shot at this so be nice. People, let's keep moving, will see a mini honor with more sports talk in a jay
it'll be off the fucking vacation. He takes every time a lunch or off on friday, we're kind of bumps. I guess we just kinda went after him and then were taken off a day. No, he just took off day last week and the week before that. you're right we're not taking six day weekends, like some interns do just one day, but we are taken off one day. Then we have a that's july. Fourth, I pre planned that doesn't count and we got a deal. Go that whole deal going on greater. Blossoming yeah Iser fell off, so I sister act, more europe s, hasta PMS hell, the tuesday does that's what it was that I object
an incredible wednesday as well cheers.
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