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A Crash Course in Fatherhoood

2020-06-21 | 🔗
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Coming up, The pattern tat most go to church today. And this is what my heart and they The idea of faith. But to really sacrifice and fully engage There are many men in his church who have never really consider. Giving you all to Jesus. So this is a class cos And fatherhood pass. The show pause, has come the shove he's got.
Responsibilities at work? He's got people looking at him with expectations, people who look up take em. He has some authority which is important for man, because when a man has no authority, he has no potency. We gotta have power over something. I would you take up our away. You ve taken our strength away. So yeah job about singing. I am woman, hear me war because you may war alone, because In fields gives us potency and he's gotta go over here, but his daughter is so The crash course that every father must take
At one time or another, in your life is a test of priorities. We do have torn The point this. And that. Which one would you go to. This is not about making her recitals. This is not about ballet practice. This is not about choir rehearsal. All of that's wonderful, all of that's good, but he might have messed up all of that, but the girl is dying and she is dying for the like of. His attention, because you can be winning over here, at the expense of losing over there I bring this to you today because concern that most men,
go to church today, most of them, go to church without changing their priorities. They go to church. As all schools they do that normal. They have proposed to do, but I'm sorry I I forgot how you get your pants down every though I would have had to stitch man. I have saved the bans anyway. I met mood today. You just gotta deal with. Most men go to church today. And this is also my heart And they like the idea of faith. But to really sacrifice and fully engage. There are many men in his church who have never really consider
giving you all to Jesus. You have never really consider really clean up your. I am really been a real christian. What you are either church, You pay the church But you don't really play or method. Ever really, she got a really read the Bible. You go to church, for whatever reason it gives you some you know is cool. To really become a man, a player No prince. We're never consider Lily. Jesus. Some guy.
Measures to respond to the word, I will respond to the message. I won't respond to the ministry that I want to say that God has to live something to get you away from what you do to focus on what, because there is one thing that we will get a horse for when suddenly love is really die and you got two and has got a teacher brothers. What will it take to get before you come out of your suitable crystal to really be the love of God,
This guy. And God uses it to move away from what he does. About quickly a job about leaving Terry Wynn, I'm told About that, when push comes to shove, everybody least around you I know that they are ultimately more important, That's what you do Number two hours teaches us: patients. Because he is bringing Jesus? To his daughter, now, let me tell you speaking on behalf of a father, Who drove the car off the edge one one wheel off? The edge of the driveway Windsor Rita was having a baby with.
After some we go hard after it. I don't want anything in my way get out of my way. I gotta me I'm on my way to the little gotta go. Spare me the bee spiritual advocated my way I gotta go I'm spiritual love Jesus, but if they get in my way, I will have to urge you. This is important when a man think some is important enough, that you would you says about because most Valley, we won't admit to everybody that we got any trouble, is probably give that I would without giving it a virtue. Is this woman. If you are not locked door only Jesus alone, I gotta go what do you do when you had a ploy somebody rubs. Because we have to have a plan
If you're, smart man, you gotta plan right now,. You got a plan. Legal did the how they got a plan, how you gonna work it out it out a plan to go pick you up, you gotta play. What are you gonna? Do you gotta play and if it s what the plan we go, but matter this wanted the player but be ranked. Recovery must pass the test of number two Since. He has to stand and wait For there is one movement: no applause clause the floor and get healing, and then I gotta have a debate about who touch Jesus. Why so tat covered the ground? They did not. I got a bad days us, but it s all his proofs. And every father.
Has learned to be patient. Even when you plans don't go, Generous teaches us patients. It teaches us that they that weight upon the Lord. So remove their strength. It teaches us to hold our peace in a bad situation. Teaches us how to deal with little disappoint. Teaches us what to do when we who need to be in control, are out of control. And there's nothing you're saying to me I say to myself. And yet I was teaches us patience to those places- because things what's wrong for him: it was Just ass, she was sick
wow. Jesus was distracted. You have to have a daughter to understand what that means. His daughter It was waiting while he was fitted into. While he was getting ready to get together. This word said: she's dead. You're too late at Vienna Good Day you too many times is over she's dead. Monsieur hope you should go in. There quicker, usually responded quickly. You should have been she's dead.
Just about to lose them everybody's aghast and says, is cool. I get this. I meant for bad to get worse. Because I'm gonna be your daughter's doctor. I'm gonna, be hers, erected and allowed your back to get worse so
who could discover what I'm worth in your life. I want you to see me struck my stuff. That is, you will just closely. Even would it looks like your life is out of control when I get to work it out. You gonna, rejoice, like you. Never rejoice before, because I got this cannot teach. This is more, a thesis is more. Would you terms about until gods got? This has got worse? Gods got this situation is out of control, but gods got the hell is going to move the gods got this tool which gods got. This is all the world, but that's got this year embarrassed and this race, but God do well, but God this really will, but God we trust that this, your friends, but God this better barrister, people that were proud of you feel tat moment tat. I just
and your power The enemy them out the points of view. If we can get you to think the rights that you will think yourself to worry syntactic. That uses not only to rob you of the moment but to stop you from the creativity to escape. This means in your worn down because of what you say about enemy wants to kill me was my web said you will have challenges
You are so focused on what's wrong with your method, one, never out of focus, and would you get God's work it bring through the focus to focus on what I tol you do what you ask me, because when you did I my Father has taught me a lot about responsibility is meddling. A person s. Looking to you, that's a mine. You want to be like you. Being a father also told me a lot about love, loving imperfection in people. We realise that Turkey is not perfect And he also realise that people in perfect so has extended the. I saw people had dealt with them on a daily basis, Is also so, you need being a father and
Just coming home to you and give you love and putting the arms around you and give me elsewhere love your Superman, enable do anything, even though you know I had a tough day at work. Super man greatest day ever as is the greatest spilling their here. To a father, Father can see them from it. The father of a righteous child has great joy, a man who fathers are why son rejoices in him proverbs twenty three twenty four hours. It's a power of
You got two: maybe people with you forget the job to strip the people. There would be no doubt about what is going to see this with you, Gives to the house the mourners. Are there. So there the crowd of people mornin. The truth is only takes a few people know roll them the father. Peter James of Job Jesus, they all go into the room,
Leave the mourners outside. That's the first separation. So Jesus Peter, Jane, John MOM and dad you can come closer. So they come in the room. And then there all morning and says she's sleep. And they started laughing, I'm going to laugh
Council about the opportunity to be God is taken any time you think God is joke. You cancel out the opportunity to witness this handiwork time. You believe what you see, you believe what he said. You can t believe to be an immature. This is a classic case wanted to put some bottle. He cannot handle the next level. Then he had to put them out or do you just can't believe report says a preacher. Somebody who see most men think that the object of life
In the room. I get all these it if I could just get in the room If I could just blew If I could to sit at the table with you, if I could have been the women got one day and we'll get in the room. The problem is not getting in the room. It's staying in the room are the men who got in a room that they couldn't stay in your problems. We'll go through in a room character, we'll let you stay, it is enough to be on that level is, do you have the character, the tenacity, the fight, the work ethic, then TAT Woody. Stay in the room
So that's it! I'm just talking here. Why don't you just tell the visitors didn't have to stand up no more and your lament scimitar. You mean you, putting me out of the room you put Peter James and John your insides. You put your committee, your border, do you put mom. The end is built sooner or later. Every father and mother. Has to learn. To give your children, privacy will go,
sooner or later you have to put that embellish port and leave them alone. We ve got a trust that God will guard enough to raise. You play the stuff you deliver. Do you gotta see? No, let us say the old tears. I commend this place, which is. I believe that I can do this. Do this, leave you Jesus the sum paid out of me. You did everything you could do you said everything you have said you open every boy you could open. You did everything. You know you got a level below and it gives us this course
even though he flung too I want to warn fathers about in the rooms stay. You played your way in the ten new states, Political figures, often Build a task that them elected. But then the build a test. Perform the function of the office sometimes you better give me in did your stay in here And I have been in about a family. We ve everybody out, and Witness. God reveals is power. Before with no witnesses, God reveals is power. Think about this for a minute
How many times have you pray for Healy. And God healed. But don't know when How many times have you pray for these to get better
and it got better, but you don't know where you just look around. I'm feeling better, then she's, the kids about that, because God does not leave your input to display this power. When God is worded, bring you out, he can bring you out without a witness. He can bring you out so fast. You know, even though how he got up tantalizing our we'll work, all by itself. The will of God to the treaty is dead. You see there. She saw to what I said. She will sleep and yet his what're you doin, taken to get to know the dead people came, he's my spirit. He said you were so I said it that one ass labor tell about those words. Lives is war. There was, there was tat, was pretty emerges Stanley you feed? Can you imagine.
When the test was over. When the test was over. And Jesus Open the door. With little J J. Little did you. Look maybe. The zoo. On a cold they will have come on, I should come down Lord, If you want a razor. Why did you let her that. Here's my problem. If, God is amiss,. And he knows all things.
And everyone members have all power. And he can do anything, And if he's on the present. And that means whose everywhere. If you didn't do anything. Why do we need this year. How come. And if he knows everything Didn't know that talking about woman was going. Let the girl. And, if he's on the present one they- have to go. When he was already there. As my course. I cannot figure out why. Does God lived, go wrong.
When he already knows he's gonna fix it. Why didn't you just leave it well. A man who says it was just a test.
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I'm on a plane, I can't fly a plane at it as long as the pilots. Don't come out of that door white as a sheet. But the very fabric of other thought. We got a problem. I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm worried about it as a driver. As leader you can read on your children to be spent, because when you announced that press you represent the whole world, This is a great opportunity to teach them about like that come out of. Nowhere children a lot, a light lets it. How did the academy confines? So you begin the children. This is the price of our friend as this. Caesar that we're going through right now we're going to lean and trust God
Because those circumstances during the first phase to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. Seeing next time on Pakistan.
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