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A Second Chance At A Blessing

2023-07-23 | 🔗
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Really to me this dismantling? It was not a great leader. Ok, he didn't balance his his love and any was very first and letting the other brothers know that that's my favor one right. There were what about swiss cheese? Is I don't feel some kind of worry about that yeah, I'm going through some kind of way, and they got so besides themselves that they they started hating him. And decided to kill him, Weird threw him at a pit in lieu of killing him and
Is called of many colors into blood and animals blurred and brought it up and would Jacob starts talking about? You dig it up by the roots you you mess with the root of the fat. You mess with the root, the promise of future the legacy of the reason jacob love there see. There was a reason why Jacob love Joseph so, but because Love is mother rights. The love of his life. He had worked for two years to get this woman Joseph, was the love of their connection, I every time he looked at Joseph he's, always mama. And there they have jumped up a war, they have built up a wall, they have up rooted here. They have these paper last. If they broken him down, they put him in a situation at an end and Jacob disrespected as a father
with me, he felt the sea because all of his tat, you told me he was dead. You lied to me for years. There are people listen to me right now who relate to this? because you were lad to four years for years. You didn't know you didn't know who your daddy was for years for years. You didn't know what happened for years it about what happened between grandma and grow. For years. She didn't know the real source of the data. Didn't tell you and it's a hard thing when you've been lied to for years. Your heart, your self esteem and your identity and these decisions have consequences. I want you to write that down. The seasons have consequences, decisions have consequence. It is not just about prayer, and annoying yourself was all decisions have consequences. The citizens have consequences. Elections have consequences.
each has consequences You get married to approve them, I have grown that I could do what I want to do. That's good on the short side on the logs that that decision will have consequences. You so the parents, a thing or two, but now you gotta, live with that thing. To come about When somebody's decisions have consequences, just because you say that mean that diseases don't have consequences, you can be saved and filled up with the holy ghost. But if you go out here and get on thirty and you start going one hundred and eighty miles an hour, the seasons have consequences. So when you get arrested, don't blame it on the devil with a lot of we spiritualized things things as demonic, demonic that demonic at all. They are the consequences of diseases and you could dance all over the church. But if you don't change of seasons, you can't change your consequences.
In the fall I'll, be flying with the spirit, but if you go hope we keep doing what you were doing before your life is still going to be where it was, we can to create declare a blessing all we want to. But if you don't learn how to budget your checkbook and balance your savings account and handle your finances, then all the the blessing of Abraham it is coming up on me. He going to do you any good, because, whatever comes upon, you is going to go to the ball. I will kill you joy preacher like that, This is a consequence. It that's why it's it's good to be slow to make decisions. it's good to be slow to make the. Is it don't let about a rush you in making a decision that you have to live with further Your life Jacob was this respected. As a father, his consequential patriarchal curse,
as a result of the pain he has- and you have to stand that about, but I wonder, I wonder, could sum of Jacob dying rather be fuelled by his own gill. Ok, First of all, and we're going to look at this we're going to go to the description, we're going to look at this a little deeper and admit it in the Torah, it clearly says that window, two boys simeon and leave went out and decided to bargain with the man is schekem and tell him they needed to be circumscribed. What they did is told Second, you can have our sister and marry her if you live. All the men in your country get circumcised and they did it now. Listen brothers. It probably happened website.
All of us have produced because our soda one of us. That is those replied, wellgood bills, its cuba sisters, we'll be back it about it, but this is brothers. Conversation talk about having babies. Baby is the brothers top back to it. I am about to do it. Okay, you're, going to live a lonely life man. If I have to So all of the meeting got circumcised and why, They were feeling and hurting. they came in and killed god. I don't have time to get into this part to be, but god always hates people who take advantage of other people's weaknesses.
This is, this is, for years now gone call center, but I'm just going to throw it out here at the reason god hated. The amalekites is that The markets were known for permanent and taken advantage of other people's disadvantage. That's why, later in the bible. When David comes back and amalekites have taken all the women and children, the captured, the weakest part, the people could fight back there. I have to thank god I hated the bibles that god remembered ama like a god hated amulet any time you take advantage of somebody's weakness. god is always on the side of the press. So, while these men are sore and prime recover, they came q law level.
I made a deal with with with with without as boyfriend, he had made a deal These farmers came along. See them. Because in the big deal Jacob never got over the, but but but but the thing It stands out to me when I studied it closely in the talks, It says Jake explicitly and says that, while they were doing it, Jacob said nothing. what he you do. It is not complicit. Is silence. part of the reason of his pain, France transferred his guilt into their hatred I talked to me now sometimes when. You know you are complicit you
oh deal with your all complicity of the issue, because you a boy, the other person big confront the fact that instead, the black man speak up when you cut off by the way. If, if Joseph was based Why didn't you go down there and look for him. So, while you're blaming them for killing Joseph? I don't read where you went to look for him as a man. You just accepted that he was dead. You didn't go see you didn't ask for his body, you didn't have a burial, you didn't have a funeral, you didn't have a service. How in the world, can you sit up there and blame simeone and Lieber for something that you weren't man enough to investigate. Free there while we're dealing with jack of reactor at the guilt, and let us not forget that Jacob was deceitful farce.
And what he is crossing in semi libra. He was guilty of himself. He tricked so out of his birthright. He put on insults, garbo deceive us to get this blessing and was always the sea for his mother? Rebecca was the sea for her uncle labor was also deceitful. This is a generational. So what we are looking at tonight is how, cancel culture. What it means a contemporary tat, but I mean it this way. How do you and saw a culture that running through your friend.
How did you break free of something that you can see? There has been modeled in front of you. It's been demonstrated in front of you, your momma had to babble too much mouth, your grandma, because everybody out your lucy barked away. Everybody at that by herself- and here you come seventeen years old, acted just like your family. There are certain things that have to be broken in your life and, if you don't break them off of your life, you will find yourself a victim of a culture that exists in your family. There's a culture of your family. There's a culture in your company, the culture in your workplace, that the way things get done, there's a culture in a church and every now and then there's a toxic culture and if you're not careful what was modeled in front of you, you become now covered or you want bursley, but when I become it, you're ready to stop me
Come on come on come on, come on now, see what I'm saying. so there are a lot of dynamics playing out here, all not excusing, simeon and Levi, but I'm saying they get their bodies sales. If you have a two mentality with god, you don't understand who, god is? You ought to have a want to ministry with god? Can you imagine coming home to your wife, saying I don't have to kiss you
we still gotta be married where that gets your lap. How do I know you don't have to but you're supposed to want to, because love is about giving and love is about sewing and laws about love. It's about understanding reciprocity. It's not just give me, god give me god give me got it. Don't ask me for anything. The real love makes you want to give something that makes you want to do something makes you want to say something has little kids come up with a momma drawing and don't nobody know what it is, but mama and god, but she pins it up on the refrigerator, because love will find something to give. It must express itself or it's not legitimate. If everybody tells you they love you and they don't ever give you anything be suspicious, and it is in this environment that the two sons of Jacob simeon and leave at dawn as brethren, took each man.
his sword- bears the sword that Jacob s about on his death bed came The city boldly hello. All the males, We're warmer roper, they feel Ya know get it back, The man in the country, as a slew hamor, who did it my father and son of his son with the sword programmes house went out. The sounds of jacob came upon the sleigh, as The city, because they had the their sister, they for soup are their asses which was in the city, was in the field. They robbed them better Other well at all, children and there was to be captive as.
All that was how they wrecked the place sake absurd to similar live labour. Ye have troubled me to make me to stake, among them evidence of the man about canaanites at the parasites and being view number? They shall gather themselves together against me and slay me and I shall be destroyed. I and my house Jacob scared. Jacob is scared that they have gotten into something that they can get outta and that all the surrounding nations will rise up against him and kill him, but they didn't. So why is he still angry on his deathbed?
He's still angry with, and they said, should he be with our sister as with a harlot and the scandal stops here. I want you to see the back story behind Jacob now being all lay in the bed and he still angry. I use deal angry. The Jacob who found the house and saw a ladder descend from heaven- Angels are seen, as this issue is still angry. Jacob, who wrestle with an angel to the breaking a bay, is still angry Jacob who found out his name was Israel and he was a prince and had prevail with god. He prevail with god, but he didn't prevail.
This own temper. You dance in an angry talk him in time but still angry lay hands on people, but still angry Jacob. You don't understand Jacob got a blessing. He got a blessing. from an angel actually appear following manifestation of cries in old testament. He got the blessing. But he couldn't get rid of the burden of his own anger at I'm teaching tonight. Not just over two will understand another bible story. I'm teaching tonight so You will see what a manage range will do to your destiny. Now, move and simeon cursed in front of their brethren
They may have with this curse. The reason this is important is because either on a drink, absorbs represent The proud now breaking inherit, like they should inherit. because they are moving up under a curse and the mad a blessing. You see how problems produce problems, produce problems, produce problems and it keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, and now their steel up under the curse into exodus. Thirty, two verse: twenty three to thirty go right. There exodus thirty, two worth twenty three thirty: this is hundreds of years past, hundreds of years pass no mass of victory. No.
I agree. No massive success. In fact the tribe of Simeon ultimately converge with other people and became part of the loss traps disappeared, untraceable can't find and not sustain, simeon, never got it back. not as the sentiments modest children's children's children, not children's toys. It's wait a minute. We not. genesis anymore, we're an exodus if we're an exodus ex sit us ex. If exodus is where us exits If this is worth us exits, we with slaves for four hundred years, and we have been in For thirty years, so we know at least four hundred and thirty years have gone by four and thirty years are about, bore no four.
thirty years is over ten generations. Another common out from captivity. We're moses I'm good, let me see how it goes. Yeah, I'm good. Okay, yeah, okay, and now they're coming out of captivity, we're moses and we were, about to see the breaking of occurs. The reason I want you to see it is because it is possible- It's a is possible I want you to understand. It is possible to get a second chance at a blessing. Private allowed. It is possible to get us entrance at birth, This is the situated. Moses has been in his own mess he's been resolved. How god uses messed up people.
You are a lotta bishop right now you ought to be served right now. You know what, because you messed up, isn't it amazing how god uses messed up people? What I love about old testament theology is that it shows us how messed up they were. the new programme will come along. These were mere what we are mere black persons with. God. Couldn't use people that all messed up at the store resolve messed up and there are contradictions in their life and yet some kind of way god's purpose prevails over my pay.
I say that again, god's purpose prevails over my pay and if you're sitting there tonight and you're been in pain and your bed wounded, have you been ostracized as you been raped? Have you been overlooked? Have you been pursued? You was expected to be blessed, that's not going to be how your story and your latter day so be greater than your former day. I speak to you right now in the name of Jesus that you have a god that is able to give you a second chance at a blessing, or you would just take ten suckers and praise him for a second chance, the okay. So now we gotta we gotta go back to work now. Boo.
The. Now this is what has happened. Moses. has been raised in and with the fray in the palace. For forty years. Moses is this some do who brought them the land of egypt. And he has no routes with them. every time you try me somebody that you are now rooted in it becomes difficult. For trust to be sustained There are no routes. I said unto them who
have any go. Let them break it off, so they gave it may this they were being tested at the party line, and there came up Ok, that's what Seven year old, I don't know I just walked persecuted at the kitchen door. Cable nice grieved, this jump out, the freeze, a bottle: stupid. Have luck with big Iraq's output and upon a calf came out. Come do. and we know that so that the people were method for air and made the mecca under their same Their enemies stood at the gate and calm and said. who is on the smaller side, let him come unto me leave us all by god. This is my trade. The twelve tribes were gathered around
hold still left open there, who is on them Oh, it's. Luba said I'm going to drop Brian right here, and I came to tell somebody that night you get Japan right here. You know what I'm saying to your bread crust all your life. Let me stop the crust all your life. You always have to take a back seat to everybody else, but god said this is your chance is of the lord's supper, a hot iron the go back tomorrow? Who is on the lord's side scripted? And he said who is uncle? Lord said, let him come unto me at all. The saws of.
That's right all the libor gathered themselves together unto him. They said we're on the lower side, and I said to him that serve the lord god of Israel, put every man his sword by his side and go in and out from the gate throughout the day. slow, Remove his brother had remained his companion and every man is labour and will be reversed. The curse. with the same thing that brought the curse,
The first donna won't talk to me. You won't talk to me not to talk to you and I want to talk to the gods could take what was working. I did see turn it around. I bet it worked for you who am I talking to them and the children of leave out bid or poured into the word abodes. Is there the people that they about three thousand men. For moses has said, consecrate yourself today to the lord, even the man upon his sword and upon his brother that maybe so He may bestow upon you a.
One here is where you're on his word: god bestowed on them a blessing that they couldn't get from their father, that they couldn't get from their mother, that they couldn't get from the brethren that they couldn't get in captivity that they couldn't get for pharaoh. But god has decided to bless your title. That god has decided to bless. Me said the neighbor, god has decided to bless me. Tell your other neighbor! God has decided to bless me. Tell your haters! God has decided to bless me.
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Disruptive thinking, disruptive errors of fact are essential for such a time as is shattered experiences fresh ideas
Into this is where we first are introduced to our god. He was supporter and we were the first part. If there's anything guarded me, it's got to be because I know that the best web browser is the rooting system has to be built. The battle make. It demands, for your own domain, The sea we go in making demands of people that we don't have enough, the man to make demands, and so
you want to build a rota system of stability out, loyalty of connectivity, of understanding and transparency. All of that is your underground work that has to be built. Do you know why? So when something goes wrong, you have something to hold onto you understand what I'm saying: ok. So, for example, you can go to mid life crisis. I've got a mid life crisis. You can go to menopause, we can withstand it. If we had routes. Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life? We look forward to seeing you next time on the potters to the.
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