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Beauty And The Beast

2021-10-03 | 🔗
To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29 All of us have a little beauty and a little beast within. Life is filled with good and bad. But no matter the circumstance, all God to mold it all for your good.
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Why you gotta blessing at all day. You have appearance of one you have of beauty at all. They are the fat. You ve got a version of what is the best and other areas. The words had you been to leave us out at sea, sick of the purity of people out there who you were potential, but nobody sees you have given, but nobody sees that you have something that God has given you, but nobody sees at not. You know.
Real love just downright feel hated. and the Bible says its genesis. Twenty about thirty one and with the Lord Solvent LEO was aided. He opened her womb, but Rachel was What I like about is, God, is a great equalize. I don't care what you brought, God will always give you something that compensate for what you didn't get. I was at a witness out there. Somebody knows I didn't get this, but God gave me that I didn't get the store, but God open up that door. I didn't see this breakthrough, but God gave me a mother breakthrough. We got far how they were treating Dora. That's right! I'm gonna give you some. That makes special, there's not a word and watch me right now that didn't give you something that would make a special day later,
how they school and I don't care what they say, the Buddhist shot at the barber shop and I don't care what they filled the blog sites about how they treat you when you're goin off open up your wool, I command you to birth, your dream at your pages and those things seem impossible euro. I have to compare your self with anybody else. There vanity and their bidding gave you somethin added to you find out what he gave. You start Strutton videos of what God gave you you'll never realised that in spite of being loveless through a powerful god, just open up your work, this open up your business God just open up your my god. Just open up your intelligence got just open up your beast. If you please,
that Cyprus and Leah conceived and bear a sub we call this very room would push it. Surely the Lord have looked upon my affliction and now therefore check this out. Maybe in fact, given this baby Maybe my husband will love that's the dynamics of this text. Is that with this one, for the next four children is planned, Have a child one of them whether Familiar or whether it's me by their all current attempts to find out who she is defined, I have a bow. You know: I'm not ass, beautiful, ass, a sister, but can't you see that I have all gives the contrast between the two is absolutely obvious is obvious, rights has his love and rights.
Rachel, the pigeon Jacob willing toward a novice? To be women, How will it must? bring me a delay in the of a man whose eyes were somewhere different from where his body was, but I know that there are some sisters out there who know what it is to have his body, but not have beauty and the beast D. What bothers me is that I can see why me would be envious of rates. I could see her away the bed big,
Rachel, which she had what Rachel wishes. She was the beauty and wish she was the one that was beloved and wishing she had all the talent and wishing she had this about the other. That's, why fell computer it, but tat does not say that leave it big right. So it is that right show is obvious. Why is Rachel somebody jealous of you and you wonder why they were jealous, have you people proud of fighting, and you wonder why they fought you, because you they didn't understand how hard it was for you to be. You wish somebody out there who understood the fairly a big under attack, even when you are vulnerable at, is crazy, because a president who is with a view, looks like that have more than you
one thing about hate, haters, never prejudice, it will dispute itself. It was this It will distribute itself anywhere amongst everybody at any time in any way, and you are not exempt from being it is just to be hated by somebody. You admired it, it's terrible to be hated and envious, but somebody that yours, its top to walk into a room where I thought we were sisters. I thought we were friends and I thought I, for us you why the world? What a wallet Rachel be envious of a girl like Leah Leah was Ganglia, Leah was uncoordinated, leave could hardly see meal was tangled.
Problem Lee was loved Leah had been mistreated by her father Leah had been abused by but why would you be jealous of leave them paying that leader had gone for what they did. She go for. Leah was fruitful, want to speak to rejected women everywhere, God is opening up your want to make you fruitful. It weighs where you have been ignored and you have been ostracize but, to the text we put it. You're, no pack, God gave me something what thing I love about, what about leave everybody without everything you always give everybody something, but nobody would have everything at least had her blessing Leah head her blessing and rights without a stop is not sadness What's she doing,
for me because the truth of the matter Rachel, maybe try. As you may have long here, and she may be built like a cop bottle, as she may stop traffic when she walked. Doubtless actually my head, but of all the media and she may have the scorn of this women, but Rachel was still baron. Rachel was beautiful, but Rachel was Baron. You see LEO was fruitful, but she was loveless. Rachel was loved, but she was fruitless. Jacob was bless, but labor was abusing him and each of them had a story complicated. I want to talk to people, Who have a complicated store or one? You got a blessing.
And although you have a barrenness. You have a beauty at all. There you ve got a burden One is the best of times and it is the worst a cat you down and to leave out and c c c the complexities of the beauty and the peace. How want to preach to you, because, as the poor people think and that, if they had more money, they be happy, but I know which people- and I know that money that necessarily make here. and sometimes you can have so much light becomes so complicated. You get rid of all of it. Just to have some piece of man and ask me home.
People who wish they were beautiful, but ass, a beautiful people who commit suicide, and I see illiterate people who wish they were intellectual. And I see intellectual people who are smart as you could be, but miserable as you could be at the Centre Party, got something in the story, but everybody has a deficit and everybody has a defect and everybody has a problem. Bobby endless story. You see ass their obese. You thought when I started talking. I was talking about LEO being the bees and Rachel ring the beauty Udall really here that context or what I'm saying I'm saying that everybody has little beauty and everybody has a little beast if it were not. For that reality, I would be standing perhaps tending right now, every one of you is hated by somebody jealous
People are jealous envious of you because of something you have that they both have been totally oblivious to the beasts of the boys but sit. So Shoulda. Yes, Silva looks good, but on this so that you ve got something eating at you that you can't even talk about that. Hits you at the core of your spirit that contaminates every success at every moment in your life, trying to tell you that we build a has placed in everybody's handsome beauty bathroom, but it's your beast. What is the thing in your life that doesn't work? That is it glamorous? There has been a task that has been asked to says: what is the thing that you keep back up the room that nobody sees
What is the thing in your life? A breaks, your heart and drabs, you to your knees. You never put your based on the reservation. you'd never put your based on is to grant you know the patrol diesel, Facebook, Twitter or Tik Tok. Everywhere we want everybody to see your beauty, you'd, never pulse the bad pitcher you'd. Never posts are paying. You never pose a problem. We always want to show everybody. Our beauty here comes Rachel, but I want to talk to you about the beast. Because I have come to learn but it is not your beauty that makes great issue beast. It is a lot of things that went right.
Those who are less today to log into things what role the most beautiful part of you, the most fruitful part of you, doesn't come from the most beautiful part of you. The most fruitful part of you comes from the bear in place, and I want the baron woman saying to lift your hands sing your soul. I want the baron woman to wipe the tears out of her face, A break out and start singing give us all, because Lage, because God created and I want the woman who's been used Bills are authorised to,
spare that maybe you'd better go through that, and maybe it was terrible. Maybe it was top. Maybe it was rough marry. You had the choir yourself to sweep. Maybe the only thing that you could trust to haul. You was a pillar that you had to whole baby you. What do? I want a job at last phrase last open to watch yourself at raise your kids school. Maybe your raise your grandchildren it! Maybe you have everything you which had they been life has not been so beautiful by you. What
is the priestly thing that bring us out of this outbreak before God, because we want the Lord of the Lord have respect for our own into the red I wanted to receive it. I want him to receive your offering. I wanted to receive tat, we are offering it made. we are offering it up of God.
That means he's going value waited. So I give him from a sincere employees, and I give him as honest reflection of the level of blessing. That's all my life, where there is a small, as would also by or whether I give him kingdoms at the cedars of love, an idea about the level of the blessing of the law on my life about offer it up data. It is obviously it is honesty. It is my previous that bless this area is being asked for, and criticise and said, down to the last time and private forgot how you gonna make it. It is those make tough and make a promise made to fight and make you
I make use tat. It is peace that make should drop down on the floor at worship God, while somebody else's Travis shawl their nails. You ain't got nothing to lose. You was now far down these blasts, a God appeals salvation, because you had not been for the law. That was one of its while, but average luckily, with hedge and ever to look like Jacob love you and every time I look like Rachel was just a jealous vindictive envious, so called open ups. Did you open up summits, and then you opened up supplements and then Open up somewhere,
now. Let us say it. I will bless alone at all times to stand now why we had Judah, because Judah meets praise at every NEA rebuild to stop and painful stuff rejects off resize, whatever they want to be right. Now, two birds, Judah. Let our praise come out of your mouth, not a price cut out. You'll live up, Bab God, the price
but she could stop your mouth and praise because they meant for evil does not me. They got, did not make it and it's amazing all through the relationship between Rachel and leave. You would think Rachel was a disadvantage for when she had all the ports and all the privileges and all the opportunities she went to all the parties and Jacob spent most of his time with her so much so that when one point Leah had to make a deal with Rachel Ticket Jacob,
spend the night with her. Every time he be, a girl was fruitful, again sit. There are some of you who have so much goin for you that when you have a chance to have a guard encounter, you don't know how to be fruitful cause. You don't want to so your hair and you don't want to mess appeal nail, but every now and then there are some other people who don't have anything to lose and when you see a moment, This and when you see glory like this, have when you see presents like this, and when you see power like this, you know how to cease. You know how to lay prostrated the floor. You know how to open up your mouth. You ve got the praise because he was the only figure had gone for you. He was thing you're out of your way that brought you do the fire at the flat the fly at a time when it will pass through the fire I'll be with you
when you got a fire I'll be there. Would you like to be with you? You know that we would have been for the low levels of tat. You would have been so all about you, praise, clap your hands! You boys, because the blast you away, they were the beauty and the bees.
It took Rachel a long time to stop being jealous of Leah, because just because something is beautiful, on the outside doesn't mean that it's not Beazley on the UN's Wanna talk has come to a close to the women who have beautiful things of asset and beautiful clothes and beautiful cars and beautiful houses and beautiful lands and beautiful Reza maize and beautiful opportunities. But down on the inside, there is peace when the door is close. When the garage door goes down. When you get off work and you take off your heels and you wash off you make up and you take off your eye lashes.
And you shake down here. You deal with your own kind of beast and is weird as it may sell people look at your beauty and think you gotta go in all, and they don't know that beneath you haven't going on at work or at the university why the country Club, or in the community or in the choir oil, in the Czechs beneath all that voice you got and all that singing you got All of that no issue make they don't know. Did you catch all kind of beast? And sometimes you are envious of people that don't make sense, because people case c or beast, but here Rachel you Gaucho beast, but I got good news for you because in the fullness of time the Bible says that God opened up Rachel.
And even Rachel conceived. I wanna prophesied. Somebody. It's been a long period of Baroness Ashton. Oh Peter, to bring this advantage alone
period a wondered, whippings, we're gonna work up EU allow period two thousand and turn in a long period of whispered. Magog drive the wet with tears. Messing up yet make up he's been alone tat being ostracised did that is better tat have happened that do yourself is tat. You had to negotiate for yourself. Take the car for yourself fight the mechanics for yourself. A deal with the contracted by yourself is tat everything that happened. You had to do it by yourself, but I promise you that you are coming to see that is gonna break the crash, although you arrive at said he's gonna break the bandage all they arrive. I said God he's gonna, do what you couldn't do before. God is girl, begged aware no way at when he makes that way. Pay that didn't work. I said that pay.
That didn't work. I said the thing that didn't work: it's a package and Rachel had prayed and birth shows its tiny call back and forth. Rachel has Joseph and Leah has her sobs and then Leah has done, and then Leah offers Upperhand made and then Rachel offers up her hand Laden and after a while they had all of these sons and these daughters, and they had twelve sons and a daughter, and it's only been that we realise that God was in control of the chaos. All the while you see, Layman's house was a set up, because what gave a shake up distinction from
Graham and as it is at a bar, has produced a seed after his body was day. God gave them a seed, so strong that when it hit Sarah warm, it brought it back to life and she birth Isaac and as a pass the sea. But it was shaken calling to multiply the seed, and if there had not been conflict in his house, he would not have ed twelve children, but it was the paint it set that produce twelve sums that produce twelve traps. That cost is real to be a nation. All of the nationality of Israel was predicated on the conflict that went on between beauty,
And the peace as I close, I want to tell you that my might make sense right back and it might be painful right now. Life might be complicated, but have put you in a beauty and be situated, he's working else he's working for Yoke,
His work and for his divine purpose at what gets through work it out you gotta see it was good for me what's good. For me, it was the beast was good for me because truth of the matter is it's not your beauty. That draft greatness issue beast it's it's it's it's! Your beast issue based make should go back to school It should be said MIKE should take an extra job to get up a down payment to buy your own house is obese. It makes you stand up on their own two feet and say: if you don't love me, I'm a low must issue obese. It gives you the tenacity to wipe your face and teach or dollars your sons how to stand up and be strong in his.
Yo Beauty, because a shoe to be successful, it is set to be sleeping in the background That's why, when women ran to the top, that's live with a shudder, glass ceilings, that's love when they call could impart that's. Why would they want movements and organizations, they don't say she's a building? Now they say bad girl is a beast because it is never your beauty to your desktop. It is always the obvious.
Success disputing which you seem begins to manifest only answer. When I'm fighting we will you give to be near Mount. You will receive woman now at last and ninety day, devotional journey. This is your seen from the rich for you gifted eighty five dollars more. You will also received a woman now I'd lose legacy collection from the already alarming generation to generation. For you give one hundred and twenty dollars a more, you will also receive the woman, Thou art, loosed Bible and powerful woman three book election. This is for people who are serious about governmental. Another round of Galbraith: don't wait collar going line in this incredible bundle can be yours today.
Social media to extremism is like oxygen to fire. We ve created tools better, ripping apart the social fabric of society. I see a fading away generally scorn ever be replaced with our top tweet, so you walk away with cliches, but no wisdom. I don't want to leave this work without making sure that what our fathers to Paris is passed to you or hundred hours. The video uploaded permit five hundred million tweets per day, no civil discourse of cooperation. This information. How did we get to this point? I want to say something about moves.
I want to say something that becomes a feel for the next two hundred years and lives on in your mouth and the mouth. Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the Pakistan.
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