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Believing Matters

2021-12-05 | 🔗
To get where you are going, God will hold up the mirror of faith to test your belief and sharpen it into a weapon forged in iron. Belief matters to God! To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29
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leaving is, are all we take away. The guy he's not make it pass, is not pregnant tabs and came back is nothing of it applies not printed. The word not intellectual lives have been leaving is our only waited? The enemy comes again, what you believe and what you know about God because say that those it is with the money that we serve them. So, if that's, how I see it entered into the world through an ideology idea becomes against what God? It's been in order to pigs. What I'll see him in the world? We have to go from ITALY to be leaving your fate has to be built on some of the solid rock. I want you to see that believing is pivotal point of what the EU, as a Christian as a believer as a person of fate as a child with a key, and so, if there's anything that the enemy was to attack, he wants to attack what you really now
Intellectualism is extremely important, as research should never be discounted. You wanna, be a smart issue can be learnt Oh, you can read, all you can develop, value can evolve. All you can that's very important. believing is our only way the God mounted. Actually I've been leaving is our only its only is not, I think it is not present. goodbye. It's not sing of inquiries about preacher. The word believing is only gave way. The guy in the first place in the book of Genesis starts with, I believe, The regional seen in Israel We believe at the root of the forbidden fruit is unbelief.
That not really have got questioning what God says is an attempt to tear down the belief system that was constructed that allowed They had the guard so that even doesn't other products physically move them out of the garden. He tries to move them away from what they believe because if it moves away from what they believe been, will automatically moved about the guard yacht. What I'm saying. so he comes against what you know about God, prime oh you should eat either, because if you eat you gonna be just my blood, you would know, as God now he's questioning girls integrity like God is trying to stop him from doing something because, God is intimidated by you,
what arrogance, what utter arrogance, what other stupidity and yet he is attacking. He is attacking not their bodies. he is attacking their belief system. The enemy is not your body he's your belief system. Now I gotta talk to your body, but all. We are talking your body to break down. your belief system, so how soon entered into the world through an ideology idea they come guess what God said Billy in order to pick What how soon in the world we have to go from I believe, to be leaving. for God now Fritz is so simple: why don't we you re a wavering man. He could still
Are there so that the present, whether their bright bright with the school it didn't go to school, like some intellectual. It doesn't make any difference whether their three or three hundred God, it's fixed it, but we all must become like children. Our faith and dared to believe him knowing is important and learning is important and growing is important. You don't want me to your own understanding. You You? You don't want to lean on what you know, because what you know It's always involving comments about. for several very when I went to school Peter was the nice planet? clearly this rather than one planet at all. It was just because they know more knowledge is always changing. Ideas always trade. Your belief system has to be built
this solid and something this table, and something gets proven had something this true and something that you trust the your belief system has to be built. Oh god, not church, not denominate Since you ever hear what I'm saying creatures. telly evangelists knots culture spread through my give people. My guards are all kinds of stuff they may gods out of their children. You make gods are really they all of these things will shake. All of these. Things will crumble, but your whole bats are being built, all nothing less been Jesus Christ and his rights and not yours. He is not yours, but he is not yours, but he is not man, but he is not your Mama's, but he is right not your grandfather's, but he is right to Europe.
It has to be built on some that solid rock, so that you become a bobbing baptism. It is preferable to charge a God Christchurch abroad. Prophecy church got gotta, go on genes, naming cooperated well whatever you might call yourself. If you ain't nothin else at the very minimum, you must be what they first called us. I believe so What about you, son of a believer. If I am a believer, what does a believer? Do labour big mediums, so it has to start with, believes that you can come up here to accept price slain in the people burst into tears, and some people get goose pimples some people. feel nothing at all. It is not any emotion you're looking for it is a change to your belief system, thereby it's all thought repentance with many tears and founded. Not this is not about emotions. You can turn
the clear falsehood move got everything people that could just cried we'll have every time they wanted attention, they start crack gossip, I'm not gonna, be psyched out cause. You could look at where how you look at how you believe is also repentance with many tears and founded, not the reason he couldn't find it. He was seeking changed his emotions and repentance, to change your mind told you change your mind, so you can change your emotions all day long, but if you don't change or man how many of you have a handsome, I promise you hang on. Never do it. No more, I'm never going to double zero biblical google. It really we're broke budget bearded again they they heavy bosses. They might even felt boldly Moser, but they didn't change there.
The costs will be and is designed to give you a new belief system which you build your life around. Not just your habits not just going to church on Sunday. But you build your life around. You make your diseases around it. You make your choices, the rabbit you get married around it. What I'm going to do it? What I'm going to be based on that belief system? that's sovereign, absolute belief system the Bahamas. You have won them as a sovereign, even though they were separated by mouse wheel. Under the rule of law in the Bahamas if they would, rather than on the left in London, they were driving on the left in the Bahamas because they were imitating theirs.
the wheel of London be done in the Bahamas. Now we'll be done on earth as it is an avid so with haven't becomes sovereign. You want to imitate what's going on in Heaven in your life, Nor do I believe his TAT really wants your belief. Is to embrace gobs integrity, not my integrity,. Abraham became we're gonna talk about more about him and emitted by Abraham became. The friend of because we believe God he believe gods. Integrity Do you believe, gods, integrity godsend?
I'm not a man that should allow the sum available, as a group have not spoken, it shall not perform. It have not said it should not make it good business got word is not temporary ideology is not about embracing. The culture is not about the latest spared they have gone. Oh it's about embracing what God has done and believing that his integrity is absolute, Will you big Jesus perform more miracles? Did he bit messages? Is did the miracles that you might be me. the miracles mean anything to God. It was the. A mechanism to get you to believe? Oh yeah you're what Let us, for example, Jesus, wait. Let's go
Jesus raise leather from the dead in John Chapter eleven. When he knows no matter how many pansy raises lead from the dead letters Bilbil. No one would lose your word and stop or from dying the browser goods problem from Vienna hungry again, we ve been miracle so that you might know, yellow you what I'm saying so you might believe so. Jesus wait. Let's ladders, let's buried them. Shows up at the house would be eaten ticket we would rather cry. As this show me where you laden down now, knows, but rather to to be absolutely the body is to be present
with the Lord Jesus. It's not fair because level, bad dreams. using Lazarus death as an frustrated Jesus had been worried about leather bag. He didn't go raise him up. He spoke the word only love what a bit risen from the dead man was set up. gold rises from the bed. Now, knows that man die even Marian Barber. Do they would see her, but given the resurrection, so let levers tat. He left Love was whoa Lazarus UP got a gun. this happened in the gulf and so on. Chapter eleven, but but go to gas from Saint John Chapter,
we will always dramas happen that eleven the crab the land the tall Mary run. However, these are both freak out. The families going crazy Jesus rose stole away. Lenses raises from the bed now in John Chapter Twelve, Matters has been raised from the dead, sitting at the pigs with Jesus here comes unbelievers around at the I will say that John Toil, worse mad mean a large crowd of Jews found out that brings us was bare Kay. Only because, not only because of him, but all see Lazarus whom he had raised problems our good, so the cheap my plans to kill labourers as well lovers. What's the problem
out of a meeting of the jewels were going over to Jesus so The whole purpose of love what about the only purpose, but one of them Raising levels from the bed was that they might believe the purpose of the miracle is not the miracle if it gives your bread you're gonna get hungry again. If it gives alive, you got back again. If he hears your body is not those top death. All of this is just so that you might be me so I sat up a believer in other word, worse of maize worth sure, but we think of worship. We always think of raising. I have a copy of the late prostrated a floor. That's an aspect of worship. But is rooted in the lead, the word that means worth how much you work for me,
Now my tab, nor by offering all put together brought him to my bank, account, couldn't really fully express how much worse but I refuse to turn my back only opportunity, like fear that thing in my life, like yours, z, worry about life. everything I got to be able to be not just must stop. My breath, like, energy strategy, activity above limbs, my fitness one. Should my heart really well, I'm sleep here, supply at all about leaves what's up onto the Lord for all of its benefits toward me, private job, fourteen twenty, eight, pretty bad
let's go. You have heard how I set up for you go away and come again to you. If you love me, ye would rejoice because I see it go onto the father, for my father is greater than that and now I have told you before I come to pass that with it, is called the pass ye. My Billy he set up
some of you before it happens, it's it I've given you proposition so that when the prophecy come surpass your faith will be increased and that you might believe he said the only reason I'm tellin you what's gonna happen before it happens, so that when it happens and I get up from the dead and I rise again that Europe pays might be strengthened and that he might believe not so you can dance not so you can beat your tambourine. Not so you can start acquire not so you can shout figure, make up brimstone your faith. No God says what I want from you above everything else is believe it bans in praising him a bit tambourines a night, but every bet lead you to believe me. You might drop your temporary on the floor where a faith fight when a faithful, we're afraid fight when a faithful right now we're afraid, fight and what you believe matter, not how you feel that how you heard not how you are opposed to the not what you like. That's not what you like about. What's it like Libya, what matters most is what you believe, I believe, is where I believe what he said. I believe that it is able. I believe that he loves me. I believe that he knows what's best for me. If I had known that, if you allow me, I heard it must go work, but my good that we glowering tribulation Haaa said were her patience. Patience experience at experience both hope make this a lot of say. Look up. I say believing matters
Hebrews eleven one to six tells us again now. Faith is confidence in what we hope for an assurance about what we do not see. Women, let's go back to that faith, is confidence, if what we hope for an assurance about what we do not. I don't pay for what I can see. I don't we pay for. What I could do must sell me faith when I don't have any other evidence. Is the Bible, seven kingly phrases and substance of things It is the evidence of things not see it is evident. What is your evidence is admissible in court? I believe I believe, believe it. This is what the ancients work commended for bad faith. We
that the universe was formed at gods command. So that what is what made out of what is feasible. What you're worried about is what visible or gone. I won't talk back to me most of what you pray about is what is visible. But what I understand what may what is visible is invisible. I saw it you broke the spirit you can in the flesh You know what I'm saying.
Sprout woman that was both over eighty years and could not lift up, or so he did not feel he just gave her a new belief system. He said what thou art routes from daddy permanently. At the moment she heard that she was loose. She mediately changed her behaviour strike not preserve. What to think about yourself. That's got you bought, would over what you got bored order has got to triple the ball, but you could use the truth at the truth. Shall set you free? I don't know I'm talking to the bay, but somebody's gonna get a break through. I don't care what you see what they tell what you believe. This of what their elbows work amid the boy not that bad. Only by play label brought a better, the bomb bay he was committed as wages with God,
well of is offerings back. Free able steel speaks even though he is dead, he does about by praising was taken from this life so that, not experienced that he could not be found. because God had taken away for before you, he was committed as one who play he's got. Everybody knew what to please, God, if we want to please God makes a boy's books about type. I don't know why I want to please I want to please god I want to please God be with you. I want to please God, I wanna, please God, please God, please God, please, God,
I love it so saying. Take it out of me if I do not believe that the Eu Law and take it out of me, I want to please God, haven't always, please God help its appointed. If I have little doubt but more to please, You have the guts to please God he that Hungary is a purse at the rights of the child. We feel nobly. That is why, just he, then, how does a third after righteous this shall be feel you have the war. How many people Please people is another success without pay, it is it is it
it is possible to please go without pray. I don't care. What you are you are you could breathe. I don't care how audio church I don't care, how big the checking of July, but oh, my god, I better quit appeals about almost fairies over another. Both let us without pay it is. possible, please God, because anyone who comes a must. that that rewards those who. Sleep from your heart. Seek him sick. I tell you, I think you are life is sick. I must go God
Pursuit of God I haven't such fully. His above my thought is way my way, but I came to see you seek every sobered, give it not also be opened on the other, God we could live. I see the crowd seekers see. That's seekers, see the muddy seekers, but God, because such debates tat got speakers, take people out of their faith, the more they slew
you are honestly see after him can go a bit further now all of us must set up. You know whether to go any further. Somebody to sound, I believe me, the more we started talking about this valve is being pushed out of the room, this beer, The start of your mind is being pushed out of your spirit. Is big pushed out of your behavior. I believe said again, It got raise lab, probably bed. That's a good people to believe it got problems where the rights of children
what we thought we buy believe that God has been working. All the private good show, God what's so, but leaves us together was the good so that all straight was they get you away from shouting that's been upset to cover the tat didn't drug because they deal with must take its place that it ought to be. I'll call you Where do you want a row? I thought about the room. Would you cover the hospital pay out a common? Will you got what they thought a covered by leave contribution that,
but to me haven't see, haven't heard that it into the heart of a one stop for me, but it had been revealed the be his Spirit, the Spirit not only come with me. The spirit convinces me. This created me: what's this, For me, what's possible, have you received relieving padlock and see what's up
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