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Blessed by the Blood

2021-03-07 | 🔗
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Coming out on the butter stage, without the camp. He went outside all that so that we This is a big word, we have come down to the thirteen chapter and then the writer carefully most to us, the Jesus TAT without the cap, and I want you to take the time to understand that Jesus did not do all he did so that he could get into a building. He do everything that he did so he could get out, because if you could
to my poor wall. You have imprison him. It was never his wheel to be trapped in a building Do me a better housing, but God leads have a house to Libya, because earth is
puts too is a strong he's too big to be held in what you bill and every now, and then God will said something like this to shake. You from think it is about a bit about building is not about a bit about a bill. We build the veiled and for you build a building forgot God will be to seek the simple we have all power Bilbil place for God. He's got is too slow to implement the way supposed to be no problem at all. Your doubts of bigger than all you'll be bigger than all your reservations. These admitted he holds all power. His everything belongs to order all the age of it. All of them have got the bull. Not only can we speak today, though, he could command. The demons.
Well you'll, go, but about what MRS truth about him dying outside of the camp. One. You must realise that he. Loves: Jerusalem, all Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how off what I have gathered you as a hint of her checks, but she would not He well overdue ruse he whipped overtures, but when he got ready to die he bad outside observers. You must realise that his bed of the right to the tab, Let you know that he dad outside of the care, so you would spend all your life trying to get into.
Key step out of the incarceration of religiosity religion will always incarcerated relationship will always library he rests with the religious, their religion. Before there was a persecuted The sentence we're not the one who persecuted it was a religious people persecuted because his relationship was an indictment, gives a religion. These are due priority so that you can, in principle with big swelling words and long speeches he said, but if you really want to pray go into your secret cloud outbreak as religious never wants to go and the secret it always wants to be opulent, it wants to be out front, it wants to be a front of the people, it was to be traditional was to teach its traditions.
But the bubbles at your traditions have made the word of God of no effect you our concern about what they got all what they got into a mess retreated women's lobby. Use will be the time to say that I have made over the area is going to try to see how their hearty remit will always be. A barrister face. A relationship of religion is all you have to hold on to. Would you don't have relations the fact that the right of deals us that he died outside of the camp is an indictment of gets a care. It is an indictment. Guess again he said I'm through with you. You came home in no way, I'm too big your walls debate to be fit, in your loss,.
So on the Sabbath day. Deal Well, I'm not supposed to the woman with diesel blood touch me remember. Rebooted allows there. She shouldn't touch Let me show you owe me with this: I didn't come all the way that came to fulfil it, Would you fulfil the journeys with regard to get ready to take you to another dimension? Are you ready for the one I won't get rid of fake? You is beyond your walls. You need to get over your walls. You got to get a wall took it, it was not till they do all the various. We got a red, its grip. Do we say a prayer? Dig it's gotta stay for a day. We got aware: why have we got
all this discussion about whether we should have turgid or whether we should be in a bit of a tub about what would Jesus do out or milk is Jesus? Never soldier vehicles never saw to that oversaw stained glass window teaches you ever heard of quasi cheese. Has ever heard of praise to Jesus, never saw a church when they started building churches. Jesus big go over a hundred years, Jesus all the desert as a church, Tita Sub printed on people's pole, the pulpit tat you may have nothing to do with the need to call on the priest. I don't need a suitable and a freeze on the pre preacher. My shower terrified me he'd, had outside of the chair
the wall. religiosity shattered. The norms of those it thought this was sacred, that was sacred, shouted the rupee than the rate religious routines and rituals. Are people shot at all that? That's what I think that's why they sought to kill him because he shouted the theology. He shouted the traditions he sat there. He sat at what they believe he sat back on, so he sat there would be about God disrupt the pet Evan. God will soon so that this rug
I believe, the region where the conditions are right. Now we got my grandmother was too big for british global say it moves, go control, everything, the democratic right by the gas deliveries shut, you all you can legislate and some do not ready for bridging. Oh, you don't want to watch it make. I will bring you to your name. I will make you have to believe I will make you deserve it. I will make you have to call on our bull appeal parties. I will cover your cruise ship. I will disrupt killed. My cup kill beside me. There is no that's what we're talking about we're talking about Jesus who died without the cab dad without
camp, he went outside all of that so but we might have. This is a big word access he dad outside of it preacher, so we can have access to. the wall. I couldn't give ear the outside the wall, so that they do that before the hypocrite and align the porter tailor the fictitious horsemonger, but you were to be able to get to. That is the wall. I could reach too, but he put himself. He bled novelty,
I would just like teach in this debate, as happened this summer. I haven't got happens so go have about your couch sums. What happened to your kitchen sons gonna happen, what you're trying to make profit. So what happens when you sit alongside the? Why you started your wasn't so bad outside too, so that we would have access Low lambs were to be killed outside of the camps. Lambs were to be offered up outside the camp. There was a space points for land to be offered up the crucifix it of Jesus Christ was a burnt offering. A bird offering his assent, offering dad for this.
so the whirl, but he didn't dal where his predecessors, every little who was us poor, shadow of Jesus, bad on older, on a sacrifice inside the, whose obey was shadows of the former. Things are passed away to distinguish himself from his place. all this, he bad outside of the camp. When women are setting up for movie saying they don't have the actors play the rolls whether in set up. so they have set ups. These people were acted like you who are posted and stand them in your position You will have to use your creative energy during a set up. when everything is set up, they don't bring the stars out till everything set up winners
but I've been rendered a row, the debris, the store all lands at all little bullets, and although they were, but with that which was torpid, this cup, which was in part, is done away with, with set with stage was set at everything was in order. That's where they brought out the stocking density outside of the cat was is so that we would have no continuing city. That means that if you're gonna love with God, we gotta be fluid You were the praise you heard. The word should be written into the presence of God and a few moments when I hear the word of God, all of them,
as being ministered to you. But what have you ministered back? This is the opportunity for you to participate. Nobody can do this for you, you don't have to be able to see you don't have to build a bridge. You have to be able to have values and support. you ve got in your life and value. His word have value his presence. This is your opportunity to participate. Everything else has largely been spectator but participate all this and embraces draw from this word on a different level because do you know what you stole into the word? You harbours more back out of the word. The people were just watching the word like watching a movie. I challenge you to so under this word, because I believe, above all, about the God has given me a word for you. Your point
Is your offer him? Therefore, let us all for no less we're done all four of remains. I don't have to accept it for me, your pocketbook, this though they just just. Forty years does offer one she offered it. I've been accepted, it is possible to offer something, does not accept it. By him, therefore, let us all for the sacrifice. I'm not sure it's going to get there, I'm sure it's got to come by him, but I am offering him the sacrifice of praise in a minute. The sacrifice of praise
All we have, you were thirteen, but back in two thousand and seven the sacrifice was bullets and goats. That sees not praise is my go. My praises, my bullet. My praise is my lab. La praise is a living thing As once it let everything will have read as one of the problems that the great cannot praise, because you are forbidden to For a bit animal to go you opera life to light
Do you have to offer to be living sacrifice living sacrifice by him? Therefore, let us offer this sacrifice afraid. Now, praise is a sacrifice, ok, not all praises, but what he will accept is the sacrifice, a phrase: if he don't hurt don't move. If you don't see such a move, so a lot of his lips with that were given, doesn't move God, because our lives are saying some
Let our hearts to validate we're, not really could make to it, and sometimes de LUCA, because this disease, what really moves God? It's when you broken and your praise you're hurting, and your praise. You go into a tough time and the appraisal useless stay at home and he appraisal anytime. You offer him the sacrifice of Pre Jesus offers it up to the farm because he's touched by Do you feel about everything you give got something that you have? emotional attachment to like you simply we're going to die. Take all my job lowered. I don't want no more take. My cigarettes take my course take August of way law. Take it away, take it away latte. The way these take on this dilemma would take it. Take it away
a lot of other you don't wanna, you don't want it either. what really blesses God is when you give him some, you still haven't attachment jolly go away, go about to get down deep. What really burst its I wouldn't do suddenly you don't love will you love some and you give it? right. like Abraham like a gang were behaviour. He loved. Her sir put out is easy for
somebody to put out some, they have no attachment, but Abraham slept with her and hills or she cared is he heard her thoughts were secrets? Her two's refuse. He was bound to the bottom. The sacrifice of praise. The one I got away. No. You said that you didn't even rainbow.
The exiled into a situation- they don't make you happy, but it's right. There is the sacrifice of praise and with you Broken and tariffs falling in the night that nobody can see. when you lay there with tears, running down your cheeks. a little hands of offer him the fruit, of your lips. You Without relationship the fruit of myths what you have left. With the relationship is over. That's fruit. That's food!
I can feel it in the world right now, There's somebody knows what I'm talking about. I'm not talking about a don't know. Somebody in Israel knows what I'm doesn't work to make tough decisions and decisions it rapidly. You didn't really mean what you really meant to do. You do with another direction, but. By him. Therefore, offer the sacrifice of praise. not with bitterness not with attitude not with. Animosity with anger, but with praise the food lips. The fruit of our lives, Catalonia and honest just a minute. The reason that God wants you to praise him out of your mouth is because Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouse speaker,
who can dance your feet in, say one thing and your heart ass, a mouse you can a bill hands and your man bill what you woke up when you get back home. But if you start talking about your mouth, whatever is in your heart is gonna come out of your mouth, so that want to hear you be ventilated wheel.
Are we gonna of stressing the emotional illness a mental depravity because we're all called up with me we meet? Was it hard to be ventilated out about now? You too quiet about you, feel you too quiet about. What's on its adding you too glad about what you beer with by yourself, you too quiet about what you hold. Only it's, so big, tough quality also be emasculate. The masculine is healthy, is detrimental, is destroying you. It turns into cancers, diseases and frustrations and animosity and Aneurysm Alzheimer's. Somebody else is because you have everything you will you appeal spirit got out of your mouth. You behave. Praise where praise God I get by without raised will stay right here and let the glory of the Lord could live. In that spirit, I beg you to tell me what have you to watch it ever? What have you this morning? Every? What have you to suffer every one of you, this view was of every one of you is going to open up your about baby right where you are my look silly, but right where you openly about the brazen rather praise. The breeze is a break
No, Robert always know continuing city I'll, never be understood. What I wanted to be understood. I've never behave like I wanted to be, never get what I wanted to give, but I've never get it.
this law is got to give you the pre magnify about you. Refuse to get to the stage of my life would be miserable this world to re with everybody a bit victor prime beginning lift my head at all, but about that I give it a brief, giving praise. I give you the praise. I give you gotta, give me the praise, that's why he bled out out. So you could lead out, so you can have access he blew out so that we can hear you he bled out. So the guilty could cut through the wall he blew out, so you can have access to public call upon his late. He bled out, for you, he said, is blood review bridge, for you is blood streaming down. He died within your reach. His blood is falling right. Now you right now right on your broken this right on your frustration. Sweeter broken hearted mother. He bled out for you. He blew out for you Mamma. If the kids don't go out, are you what absorbing jail? If what he bled out for you? He bled out. Nobody understands how you feel that the mob about other states, you feel about it, but he burst out he bled outside the cap. So you could build a heavy toll clock in the morning touch of his garment debate. Always people do you usually happens. You'll have to break it. You don't have to prepare boldly public road, a brave, and let me tell you something if you probably gaily here for you. If you wish you to do like a woman, the presence of the holy ghost bear you open. Your mouth is hot water, above all, whatever, whatever had you upset about what you know about it, you can worship
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Twenty twenty as very year, a year, long fight for you
with everybody's runnin away. That's once more people running at what we have to do is find people who want to move the country of the world forward with panoramic view of thought, the walls are gone, limitations or off is one thing I hear they for myself, but I take it out. As you read yourself, a higher he'll be climbed than it was before. All of this happened, so this kind of information is vitally important. feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life.
The same next time on Pakistan.
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