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Break The Flow

2019-03-24 | 🔗
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Everybody I decided to have the opportunity. I really really excited to have this opportunity to share this word with you. I'm excited about the message. A message is called break. The flow. That is the message I am not the messenger. My daughter, pesticide jake's roberts is a messenger. She was one of our speakers. The previous international pastors and leadership conference, and Her message. So profound and so powerful impact in an amazing way. But she herself is also a message to every piquet to every family whose raising a child to every group a person who has had a dark place,
as you, listen at her preach. She is as much as she is saying. A voice crying in the wilderness, telling you what that is about. Do with your that, unfortunately, break plays a great honor. zip to summit introduced to others past Sarah jakes, the job until you find yourself in moments like Elijah and Elisha, that we recognize. I saw this so much differently, that the end of the flow is just as challenging as creating the flow. In the first place. The end of the interval flow. As a is preparing to to be taken up in the world, but when he knows that he's gonna be at home this day, he's gonna be called home, and so he is dealing with the process of his life. Changing.
And I realize that he is rejecting you guys are bible scholars. You know the takes better than I do. I really that when he is pushing eliza away that he's having to do but the fact that alliance shows now going to be connected to him. The way that he wants was that their flow is ending. and I wonder how many pastors and hammer leaders are in this room. Who are having to deal with the end of the flow. as they once knew it. I thought I could pick hated them. Maybe we were being rejected that maybe we didn't understand fully where and now I realize that my dad couldn't fully tell us where we think, because he was trying to figure out where he fit the flow that he knew what and thinking he was becoming a stronger flow, and sometimes when you're becoming a stronger flowed, you don't know what people think
You're not even. leaving your wife, not even your best Then not even here. till you're not answered the call. I know that this is what god is called me to do. I just didn't know that it was gonna cost, so much for the floating in a life is been with them. Like he's served him, he took Therefore he was there when he caught fire down from Heaven. He saw him perform miracles. He saw him profits he saw him stand in front of kings, and yet this is a different flow that he's about to see Elijah in this is a different flow, and it is not lost on me that in this world, As we stretch ourselves and prepare,
To lay hold of what god has called us to really create an impact that some of us are going to have to have people Be in our lives, even if we don't know exactly where they fit in we're, going to have to be honest and vulnerable enough to let them come even when we don't know where we're going. Husbands, wives, Listen, I'm trying to flow in another room on china fly, with more strengthened china flow with more focused, I'm trying to make an impact My life I'm trying to make an impact. I want people to know that I will here in the only thing about that is that I just don't know where you anymore. Elijah rejects eliza over and over again, he said stay in deal,
for the lord is sending me onto bethel, and he says no, I'm go wherever you go and they make to the bathroom uses, stay and bethel form going on to jericho. He says it over and over again
And I realized that loyalty is not manipulation. Loyalty is a character trait, because Elisha decided when I was going to serve you that I was going to serve you whether you were flowing in a direction I understood or flowing, in a way that I didn't fit, I'm going to be with you, whether you like it or not, because that's who I am and that's what I'm called to do when your life. So even when you don't know where aspect that's: okay, because adler worth it I'm supposed to be there praying for you, I'm supposed to be there covering, for you. You've been wondering and waiting for somebody to tell you where you think god said: if you're really caught, I won't have to tell you what you've pictured just be there anyway, if you're really caught I'll, never have to tell you that I need you you'll see that I need you before. I open my mouth, where my real people in this room, not the people looking for a come up, not the people, looking to be saying that people who say I'm call to you.
Honey, I'm life is changing, our ministry is growing, I don't know where appid, but what I do know is some call to you, and our business is booming. It's taking all. I don't know where I fit, but what I do know is some cards. You are used to be the secretary now it doesn't make any sense for me to be that, but guess what I'm still card to you. I am your wife, I am your husband and when god called Xu, he caught all of us. I will not forget the moment when I felt the glory following this marriage and I will live until I see the glory fall again to my pi case. They weren't rejecting this. They just didn't know that the flow was going to change their rhythm. I'm trying to
he'll something in this room and no one me being here represents. I know why god had me do within this season. I know Somebody needed a sign that they weren't going lose their chat. I need some by a new that somebody needed help because they had been lost in translation and they ve been trying to help their families on this and that I'm not really the change and I'm not really trying to be shady and that china reject you. I just don't know who I am in this flow. I just don't know who I am in this season, and so I am asking those of you who recognise that the way you used to flow is coming to an end, and I'm asking you to. Let us be there anyway,. I'm asking you to not push us away. Even if you don't know what we can do, even if you don't know where we fit. I'm asking that
just allow was to be along on the journey and Asking those of you who want the attention and the acknowledgement for being called to recognise that it's not about that anyway, That what is really about is making sure that women, look aubrey beside themselves that they see somebody who could be with them whether they reached that. Ex level of flow or not better, Important that they look over and see someone who's, not judging the pace in which their flow one, because they recognise just how much strength it took for them to flow in the first place. It is the end of the flow you now, when you are coming to the end of a flow. When you experience what Elijah's is experiencing
got a lie, show pulling on him and he's got Heaven pulling him up. One thing: poland him this way. And you ve got another thing. People want to be poured out, but they don't want to be put off once I had to tell you that if you European border than don't worry about me import at present go in and opponents level, whereas the whole year. And be employed on an mba import up. At the same time, that's how I know Company they go to the next level, cannot pay like I do wonder to get to the next level so
and had to pull me up. They give me more with the more debt so that I can lay hold in have resorted to take care of what's going on, me you're supposed to be being put on. That's it However, I hope that's validation, confirmation for somebody. That's you. It's supposed to be being poured over import up at the same time year year,. yeah yeah kuznets. God is gonna reach down and poor you what I need to know that their. Wait on you that when a poor you up to the next level, you're going to be able to today there are like They cannot column lightweight obvious, why wake states one up. put out one book and no one report I want,
it'll pull out. One will put out one book that nobody buys. I want you to open up a church and wonder if anybody's comment. I want to pull you up when you have so much weight on you that you wonder if you should have even started in the first place. You want to talk about effort to impact pull on me god, so you can pull me up, because if you pull on me and know you're going to pull something. Madam me and when you put that thing gotten me, I know what's going to show you that I can be pulled up again, I gotta say it till I see
because you're letting people pull on you make you forget that I'm only pulling on you to pour out of you, and once I see what I put in you, then I can elevate you to the next level. The three things everybody beans in order to survive, food, shelter and clean water. But for some those can be hard to come by the global partner system. Initiative was created to help us reach every nation. Through our international humanitarian outreach medicare. We provide food clothes, clean water and medicine to areas around the world, visit t d, J partners, dot org to become a part of our global partner system. Every mother has a dream for her child, but when the unexpected happens it can like god, is forgotten.
I'm so far gone. It was crazy. I was sleeping on the bus stops. I started stealing from my mom took for me to end up in jail. So we warp prepare for that and it affected, Oh family. There was there. But even when you're crushed by the pressures of life, got still turns pressure into power, And when he walked in the house for the first time after all those years, I just cried because god had been killed, every thing that our family has for this restoration of his life, how guy, We'll come to him and said: I see you and I'm still listening to you and I've got plan for your life and I'm gonna meet you right here and it's right now. That's what happened
good leadership, can take people to join together. Fight together, live the bishop td, Jakes bishop, walter thomas queer rochelle dr ne pas harris cynthia Marshall and miles mcpherson the registry today pastors and leaders that all at pl now two eight nine pfizer the fella that Elijah had to allow eliza to come with him and serve him even when he didn't know exactly how to be served he allowed him to follow him as he went as you flowed.
To this journey to glory, and I loved because you're going back and forth in and the sons of the prophet know that he's gonna be taken away, and yet there still flowing and yet Elisha is still serving he's serving, even though sometimes serving is just being there. tat, sometimes serving is just being president. I just wanted to show up for you. I just want to be there with you when you transition. I just wanted you to know that you weren't there by yourself and so Elijah serves Elijah, even though their headed into this, in addition and listen. This is my. I got just a few short minutes. This is all I want you to remember. So Elijah is headed towards the jordan garlic industry. And that's he's heading two, the jordan there are.
Fifty men of the sons of profit who are there and their state, they're, looking at him ass, he journeys to the jordan, as he is focused on passing through jordan. He has to do it with an audience. He has to do with people watching and wondering and criticising. And talking and wondering in criticising. Cause I've been called to cross the jordan, but come on honest. I don't know how to do it. And I got to do with an audience. And I have to do with people watch him, but I know that up in court, and so what I do is I walked towards the jordan, even though I dont know how I'm going to cross it.
And I walked towards change, even though I don't know how I'm gonna get alone and I walked into the catholic. Even though I don't know it, the marriage is going to be safe and working towards the jordan, because I'm trusting that, if that caused me to the jordan that he is going to create a way for me to cross it. I don't know how he's going to do with. I don't even know why he would do it when someone like me, but I do know, is that he told me I must go towards the jordan. Somebody say break the flow you got to break the flow. You got break the flow hammock and crossed the jordan. I'm gonna have to break the floor How is the logic to get passed? I'm going to have to break
buffalo flow. How am I going to change this marriage? I'm going to have to break the flow it's been flowing in one direction for too long, but I messed around and received a word at the pastors and leadership conference that, let me know I'm going to have to break the flow. I'm tired of talking about the book it's time for me to write it. I got to break the flow of talking about it and now it's time to be about it, I'm here to break the flow, I feel the presence of god messing up the current that has been messing up your purpose. I feel the presence of god breaking the flow in this atmosphere forgot. I was a church girl, don't let the cute clothes, for you know how to break some pillows atmosphere around. I know how to go to war with the enemy. I was somebody in this room remembered the current that they're from the flow at the enemy came to break the flow of depression and my household. How am I going to do it? I'm anointed to do it baby what he called me into this world. He gave me the power to break the flow, the yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah, the baby. The baby name is rambo. I get nervous the don't do that that can handle that oregon and I got one more point left. We might lose the whole room. That's what you want to do That's what I want to do A larger. His mantle.
It was right in front of their eyes. The thing that he would use to break the flow was right in front of the fifty man's ass.
Bryn when him the whole entire time, you thought I was using it as a cover up this man, oh baby, as a weapon and get angry and then and I get a corner. One man saw well led up the drawn and standing on my way to have a man a popular by man. You gotta man right, don't pull out baby right now, when my mental, not about a mega church. My man, not about a million dollar, can't ride my man so about breaking the love. Tat then call my name and that my marriage, why? When the way like to bring the right where I will write the love song right now and then a weapon to baby, that's not gonna break the law.
And that of get people exciting, but if you Hey Star worshipping emeralds
It's even an impartation from Heaven like when you go back. You know exactly what jordan you need to cross and you didn't know how you were going to do it, but you're going backwards from there to the world, and I'm going back when my stream, I'm going back when my courage with wisdom, I'm going back more anointed than I was to become a knight said, because I was a single rid of that mess around with a stronger river and then the ambitious slide that all my life, the.
A larger performed, a lot of mere most of them involve practicing and calling fire down from Heaven. He helped the widow to continue eating at a time that she thought she lost it all. She read erected a boy's life, But this miracle imparting the jordan river is unique, because this really this miracle involved his hands and dismantle. I hear got saying this time for you to get your hands dirty. But if you're gonna break the flow you're gonna have to be willing to not just have that mantle on you, but to use that mantle to break something
put your community off with your family off with your businesses off of your children of your marriage. Is he took the mantle and he wrote it up. He struck his tracks. He truck something my daddy has given his whole life to ministry, but he was breaking the flow. He was breaking the law. He was breaking. he was broken the flower and he was trying to show you how to break the flow to
that when you grab the mantle and you rolled it up, you could strike it, something don't let my daddy put this conference on and for you to go back and let that Jordan river keep flowing in your life. When you know the promised land is on the other side of it, the promised land as joshua the promised land was on the other side of the jordan being part of when my savior stepped into the jordan to be baptized happened, parted, open and glad said. This is my son, whom I am well pleased. He broke the flow until that happens open, and that's all. I want you to know when this room is that you can break the flow until I hadn't opened up over your ministry until Heaven opens up over your life. I came to break the flow god. Here is my anointing, and here are my hands. God show me how to make an effort to impact, because I have been open over my life break to break the flow.
You are anointed to do it. You are anointed when you registered, but now you have the tools necessary to stop that thing from flowing and blocking your path. I hear god saying the only thing that is stopping you is the fact that you have not struck the water. You have not given it your best shot but satan. I rebuke you, you have no power over this house. You have no power over this ministry. I wish somebody would start killing to war with the devil, like you're, not afraid of his flats and you're, not afraid of his plans, I'm trying to strike something with this thing, I'm not trying to look cute, I'm not trying to be popular at the time ago to stop there, but hey. I want to give a shout out to all the millennials is a lot of old folks believe this is an old photo. I want you to be there at the international passengers that leadership conference April, twenty fifth to the twenty seventh Tampa florida. If you are going to take the torch gotta be with us to get it as the torch. Is your turn? It's your time. It's your opportunity! You
the lead, a revolution, to get an opportunity ready to give you the tour come on BP capacity. Is a leadership conference, go to pastors and leaders, dot, org and spent some time and together we can
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