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2020-05-31 | 🔗
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Coming out on the partner states Where do we find great people? Where do we find great people? Where do we find great leaders? We don't great leaders. What we do is we go right leader. We look at the people around us. I will do what visas did we take people that others all those that religion rejected? We see things and then the other people do not see why we pool more than they ever thought possible the force. We're taking notes is thus that will sound simple, but I promise you it is is important change what you believe it is possible to change what you believe us
possible some of your right now, you're talking yourself out of the very thing that God has promised for you. You're, telling herself all the reasons why you can't, when our God says you can straight with a story. Years ago our family went to this family camp, where we all the kids and adults I was in this poor. What the gentlemen that I found out later was actually the inventor of the vortex football and the course ball very intelligent, person, and he didn't other time and he channel, Richard are, he said, we're just talking in your two guys, and you know how guys are like a dairy like okay I'll do whatever you say. You know, you know we don't know each other I bet you can't hold your breath underwater for a minute. We just madam. I pull out your watch body and watched the guy go, and so he daddy,
That is what you said on the count of three go until I went under water and other security really easy. I'd never tried that before I had no idea how difficult it was to hold your breath for a minute at about thirty seconds. I can hear him saying your thirty seconds. I thought this is bad. Thirty, five seconds, I thought I might die forty seconds. I started casting my sins, just in case we dedicating my life to Jesus. You know you never ever know about fifty. Second sure, though I am I like, The splashing before my eyes, at fifty five checkers, my lungs pulled in like this. I almost went dark at sixty ones. Exploded, bloated water are dead and he said not bad for your first time. Then this guy looked at me and said. I bet you this
time you can actually do over double the amount of time. I looked at him. The first time you tell me, I can't do a minute. The second time he's telling me I can do over two minutes had no idea. How close I want to see in Jesus face to face. What I found out later is this. Guy now was an executive coach to signals in this was an exercise we often do with them, and he said I promised you can do over double the time. But what you have to do is here to listen to me and do everything that I tell you to do what I want to do this. Climate. George you're breed in fourteen and what you're gonna do is expand the capacity for oxygen and your love Then, when you go underwater, what I want you to do is not around like this, like you are doing, but, relax and listened to every word that I say, and every time you wanna come on, don't come up because there's more The new you realize don't come
there's more end. You dont come up. There's more n you. He said at some point your life to do this, and thus just your body telling you that you need more oxygen, but your, but your brain does not, know what your body is capable of. U dont come up at that point. I want you to blow a little bit of oxygen out. That's going to trick your brain into thinking, you're about to. You're blunder relaxed for a little while longer, and then, when you can't do it anymore, open up your eyes, fines, floating in the water and watch shit for ten seconds and I distract your mind. You get ten seconds more out of it so I went under the water three seconds you and I'm doing. Ok, forty five seconds any kept saying, don't come up, there's more and you dont come up. There's born you dont come up. There is more in you at forty five Second, I'm still in the water after a minute, my lungs too, pulled in store
the blow air out and are relaxed after a while, I looked a little thing floating in there. What I didn't realize is the whole time he was lying to me when I was at thirty seconds. According to him, I was actually at about forty five seconds when I would He told me when I was at a minute. I was actually about a minute in thirty seconds this. Time. I did this the first time I almost died at one minute. Second time I did it. I went to many some forty five seconds. If you for that. I don't think I can go to the sector, We cannot call what your body can endure.
Let me say it again: you cannot understand what you are capable of was taken to us. Level. Your brain cannot understand what your God can do, our God who can do exceedingly abundantly. More than you could ask imagine you need a change, what you believe as possible that there is a Does this order? Now in your mind, you are so we can gain market. You approve, to be true if you think that We have enough staff, you will prove to be true Thank you cannot release your new product by the summer. You will prove that true the new ministry. If you think we cannot leave our people to be more generous, I just have much the wheel who is going to struggle financially you'll, be right in that mindset. Don't you make excuses
Tell me what you don't have you have everything you need to do everything God called you. Do don't make it? We have enough money wriggle out of stock. We will have to make this excuses. You can make excuses, listen to me, you can make excuses or you can make progress. Cannot make both. Somebody here need to change the way you're thinking change. What you believe is possible. Whenever ministry, whenever an organization hits a ceiling, a barrier number, strange what you believe as possible. Number two. This is important You're gonna want to change how you how people to grow, change you in power, the people around you to grow, limit tell your story, because all of you have one version of the story or another. You start your business and you ve got
Forty thousand dollars a year of revenue and you got an employee, that's capable with forty thousand dollars a year, a revenue, but when you grow up, Four hundred thousand dollars a year that employ It does not grow with you and suddenly the out the organization outgrows that employment same thing in your ministry. You gotta kill ministry and your voluntary. Incredible and she's really really faithful when you have twenty kids coming every week, but suddenly you brought a forty chose. The organization is outgrown her capacity. Do you know somebody like I'm talking about right now, raise your hand if there what you do not pointed them. That would not be polite. But we all know somebody like that when this happens to enough people around you and your organization The organization outpace is the growth of your people. Eventually, your people become the lead to progress, Let me say it again: this is so important
organization places the growth, the leadership growth, the development of your people. Eventually, the people become the lead to the organization. What do we know about the potential of whatever organization? Is that you're leaving principle of your organization, always rests on the strength of its people. The future is based on the potential of the people around you, so you say: ok, where do we find great people? Where do we find great people? Where do we find great leaders? We don't
great leaders. What we do is we build right leaders. We look at the people around us. We do what Jesus did we take people that others all those that religion rejected. We see things and then the other people do not see why we put more than they ever thought possible. We don't just find great leaders. What do we do? We right leader thought we Bishop rebuild them. That was my pastors philosophy. He said people grow best while the game, we're gonna put him in a game the first time I preached I'd, never preach before he called me on a Saturday night. So, like ten o clock is a depression tomorrow. So are you sick what's wrong signal I decided a long time are going to have you preach the Sunday as a while you're, not telling me until the night before he said, because I obviously does not love. He said you have no idea how much loved that is. I don't get it.
I told you three weeks ago: you wouldn't this love for three weeks now: you're not going to sleep for one, That's how much I love, and so he put me up there and I preached and the crowd was very responsive, very responsive. I said something about God million before you were born in their like aim. So I was. What little fidessa best response? I had all day, so I dont get a little bed. I don't know what to say God before you were born today. Does not this one didn't. I still don't know how to do. Right was a w. Well before you were born, and I made a mistake. I had momentum and they were with me, before your board that I've got you before you and your daddy's pass
positive put his head face and we want back into his office afterwards. They put arm around me. So well, you'll do better. Time. You put him in a game. You put him in the game. Look at the people that all around you- strange how you develop a new empower people. I you to do, is this: don't just tell people what to do but give them and power to create. How do you keep great people how to develop, people you don't just make them doers, let them be leaders you give them forty,
You don't just villa good tasks to do this. You give the project you give them the freedom to create that's what Jesus did when you think about it. When This gave us the Great Commission. What did you do go and all the world. That's the where this make disciples, that's the what notice. He did not give us the how because the how the bishop does is different than the whole, but I do and both are effective and both are important. They gave us the what in the world even gave us the why? But it did not do as he trusted to contain. School the message: in the current context, the authority to do the. What wherever we warn, however, we chose to do it, that's what Jesus did. So when you look at the people around you, if you want to develop them Just say people as a means to do your tasks.
Let's giving them something to do as a means to develop the people. Don't give them tasks but give them afford. You may want to drop this down if you're taking notes go again, tasks. You will create followers. But if you delegate of four to you, create leaders. In times of trouble is really not company that you need it sound wisdom. So this is not just about being lonely in trouble. This is about getting inside and time to trouble, because you are you really feeling alone, because you think in inciting yourself. I do that some have this like a group and western and you wheels would get our eyes and they be spent in a rubber, would be burnt and burning guess what you're not give any work any time you played the same
five times, not thinking you worry anytime, you we're here said the same thing over and over again. What do I do about this? Oh, my god, what would do if I don't do sometimes is about thirty one or two at first I was thinking, but if I keep repeating it, I've just worry and you're never gonna get the answers. You need My worry. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your candor thank you for your bomber ability. Thank you for your strengths. Thank you. So much in upper make an investment into was. It is therefore appreciate and is definite making a difference is really open. Your eyes toward the Lord wants you to do in your life and with others because you're, albeit one that has caused you to do your calling people like me to be a leading into what that guy had called me to do not think so much
number three humbug, but to give you the most spiritual thing, you heard all day change how you create systems, change, how you create systems, here's what I want you to think about oh just think about everybody. You know those who are women and those who are losing those who our success and those who are unsuccessful and what's happening, Voters has almost everybody's got the same goals: everyone, It wants to win everyone was to be held in everybody, It was the organisation to grow. Everybody wants to reach more people where the same goal, but we are very different results. Why? is that because goals don't determine success Systems determine success. James, clear set it this way in his book on habit. She said you:
Rise to the level of your goals you fall the level of your systems, systems matter. Every growing organization, what is a system a system very simply is a set of principles or proceed there's that determine how something is done. It's a set of principles or pursue. First that determine how something is done illustrated by talking about two different chicken restaurants. One second restaurant was my child favorite. This is not the real name of the restaurant. I'm gonna call grandma's chicken, not the real name. Grandma chicken was by using beyond measure bestirred implies. Take you ve ever had gravy little grandma walk around with a basket and give you out, for you rose with honey on a credible customer service. We were there all the time, Amazing amazing, amazing motion widens grandma chicken in decades. Finally, I'm with my family
Tom, and I saw you are not going to believe how amazing this restaurant is get ready kid. This is gonna blow your minds I walked in and Grandma Chicken and unfortunately, this one didn't look good, wasn't clean the environment, wasn't great, but I didn't care. I, the food would be good. We walked up to the counter and nobody. There. We were for a little while we made some noise and finally, a very annoyed. Looking teenage girl came out. Looking like we're just interrupted Private time reluctantly took out water. It took a lot time to be delivered when it came to us, the food was unfortunately not great should messed up on the order. There was no grandma with three biscuits were to be found in the whole building when I went into the From my feet stuck to the floor, the bachelor was filled,
Fourthly- and you know whatever the was a, it makes, you wonder if the kitchens taken care of. Only about it, I'm sorry about what does it just about grandma's chicken you're late or saw without another grandma's check. Other town or so excited to go into it, and unfortunately it was almost the exact same scenario that service food was very good. Building wasn't cared for bad it There is, then, one day we walked into a newer chicken organization, one that we have never been to before. This now very popular is called Sheikh filet. My first time into a chick fillet was a very different experience. The building pop the environment look like they have been waiting for months for the first person to come in there with excitement. We were greeted by people became in the door. We took our six kids.
They were little at the time. Six. Kids, like imagine, six drunk squirrels, climbing all over us, A lady came that was grandma looking and she's, very appropriately, Billy always said, would you like for me to take your baby take them we'll come back Tuesday. She took my baby, All right put her this little. I got my baby, a boon we good. With about formally purse we set down the food was delivered. It was amazing though they were, on us as if we're out of full service restaurant. Customer service was so extraordinary. I saw on the countertop a picture of the personnel of the franchise own. Paul was sitting at a table talking to a lady and I had to interrupt him. I apologize, I said You need to know this, I'm sorry what remaining, but whatever
you pay those people double what they are fantastic. This is the best of the best of the best of the best. They are incredible, bless them do whatever it takes to keep them. He looked up at me too. Oh my gosh, I've seen you leadership. Events here I'm so glad that we are able to serve. You well and then gave me ten free, cube entrepreneurship bullet sandwiches who about it expressed my gratitude and talk. Trudell is many people they could about their fantastic customer service. A gentleman by the name of Dan Kathy, who runs the organization evidently somehow heard about my blog so about. Seven days later, I have written note with twenty Q. On four free sandwiches. Let me ask you a question on going somewhere with this.
Loaded, fruitful. And if you ever say thank you. What is the response? My pleasure. My pleasure? What I want you to notice is that the systems are so strong. All the way down to the response to it expression of gratitude. We respond A system systematized with a my pleasure, To say this: if you're taking knows what do we know about good systems strong systems, make good people work. Great rig. Systems, both great people look bad to take that girl out a grandma of chicken? You put and it should follow systems and suddenly she looks much better What do we know about systems
systems create behaviors behaviors become habits. Let's drive outcomes, system that creates behaviors. This is what we do. This is what we value. Suddenly those behaviors become habits, Albert Dr Outcomes,. Now. I want to speak to those of you who say, but this spiritual, where's pressure or to put it Where's the work was a war is a virtual worlds. Gardeners but the God created, God created solar system. For some of you, the most spiritual thing you can do is get organised because of your faithful with a little. Trust me with much.
What do you do when you had a ceiling? what do you do when up until right and then a flattens out what you believe as possible. The change, how you empower people to grow. You change how you create systems and then what you believe about yourself, you change what you believe about yourself. Let me talk to you about my insecurities back when I used to preach. I would always vomit in a bucket before I would preach. Vomit but the name of the Father, Sun and holy ghost environment. Above I don't do that anymore, now, throw them on now. If I swallowed I'm going to go, little secret, so No but rock the house down with content and priests
Bishop Noll brought the house down. There's one thing: you didn't tell you for those of you who are new to preaching. If you forget what you're going to say. Next, just repeat the last thing: you said slowly and walked back to your nose. You just repeat the last thing that you said slowly And you walk back to your notes, can you pick it up? At sister? That's just a little secret they're, just little secret little secret, for you write that down. So what I do every time before I print is this: if you ever, to our broadcast location and you watch we preach. I don't I don't I don't. Like it doesn't happen, but I take one big step forward before the camera comes on and my mind. What I'm doing is I'm stepping out of my insecurities. I'm stuck stepping out of my work, I'm starving.
I fear, and I'm stepping into the authority and the annoying of the office for which God created me to stuck into Somebody here all you need to do to fulfil what God. Cause you to do is take one step out of yourself in through the authority and the annoying for which you were created once you step forward you step into it, you step into it, you step into it, Tell you more reasons. Why was in secure? I was brought onto staff by my past or denominational system, I was half way through Cimeters Seminary seminary. I was always halfway through seminary when I went before the ordaining board of this denominational system. There was a whole group of people that went before the board to be ordained and there was one,
That was rejected me, I was the only one that was rejected my ideas were to wild. I was too crazy, passionate about it and I was rejected got my GEO prison and that I've been to Church Bishop Jones wherever you are, that would have been the charred. My GEO Prizm cried. All the way home, mostly because I was rejected kind of cuz, I was going to jail, prison and was rejected, but that's a whole nother story. And I'm driving home, and I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me. I said there you're, not who other say you are you who besides, you on, and I say your pal. I say you upon there's somebody here need to stop list under whereby also saying about you started. Those voices change what you believe about yourself, don't listen to it. More n you this morning.
Crying, cannot comprehend what your God can do, there's more
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