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2019-05-19 | 🔗
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Coming up on the back instead everybody likes anybody who wants to make you look good? Nobody in Israel is attracted to anybody who's competing against you. So how can you compete against your companion and then wonder why they're not attracted to being around you being around you? It's stressful. I got off work and I gotta work that all the time they only I'm has records eggs common and
you are watching. The potter set, the enemy is after your family and our bishop wants to show you how to fight back and get the big three. In order to do that, you might see clearly listen to this method and things clear The first thing I want to talk about is cross roads, crossroads. And the loss of control. now, when I start done about crossroads in the book, when I deal with it, I call them intersections places in life. It is elections are will. Let me explain this way. One sunday, a lady brought a young son down to the altar and describe this in the book, She brought him down to the altar and said: do something with it. he's driving me crazy
I don't understand what in the world is going on with this boy he's just, He was wonderfully withdrawn, so good, he with a precious child. Just doing everything I needed to do and all of a sudden he decides like he's lost, is picking. And she did what most chris. do when they have a problem, they spiritual as everything and they start saying things like he's demon possessed. Maybe you can tell a demon item because we we spirits, alas, whatever we do understand, but when you do that, you often alienate the person that you seek to help. This is why a situation when issue but is a demon when it's him. You have a circumstance we gotta be asked for me
you alienate the artist to create a dilemma. You create a crisis where, where there's not an environment that promotes healing and restoration, because you're spiritual once the dangerous spiritual, the bible said, and all that getting get an understanding and what we really want from all of us want from anybody, and everybody is somebody who understands us so much understand this critical is important to you understand your understanding. That's what about that? The and all that getting get in
withstanding it is I get a car, he didn't say, get a house it is. I get a bit late. If I get a rolls royce events I get a condo is a get, an understanding. You can keep a marriage without a car. You can keep it with a house. You can keep it in without a vacation home. You cannot keep it without an understanding. You need and understand. You can raise a child without private school. You can raise a child without nike shoes. You can raise a child without custom glasses, but you cannot raise a child without an understanding. You have to have an understanding of the chemistry of the child in your house and all that getting get an understanding in order to get understanding. You gotta do more things and then you do talking we have two fresh to speak and our families. We speak things in a moment that it takes twenty years for somebody to get over
You can say something when you are in a position of authority that can damage somebody for twenty years. Your mouth can be more damaging than anything that you ever did in your life to speak against. The that you understand later, and sometimes ansari is not a good eraser. I must say that again, sometimes I'm sorry is not a good eraser use that I'm sorry once you cuss me out five times. You said I'm sorry in three minutes. If I said anything you know, you said something that offended me up in here. The. the problem with this man and you might think invented and all those who tell him he's, got all of these issues and the boys looking at me like. Then she looked at her and I guess she didn't get it shouldn't Twelve thirty. You, though, anyone
To obstinately rebellious and everything, but I'm looking at his mother, she didn't get it from trying to jog her and understand where this fall. She's gone to. and the boys legitimately like as soon as I get from carbon. I'm gonna, get out of here too, lebanon as quickly, and I can't I'm going to leave and get out her. He loves her but he's leaving her because it is Possible for a man to leave a woman, he loves whether he is whether she is his mother or his wife or his sister or his anti or big mamma. He can love you and still leave you. He's leaving her because they can't deal with their he's, leaving her because even com, he's leaving her because even Confusion he's leaving her because we dealing with
Issues that she doesn't seem to be able to relate to leaving her because she's putting pressure on him to stay the way he was. When, in reality, nobody can stay the way they were when they come To a classroom What does he do? What should I realize, because she at one stage in her life, maybe thirty something, and he that another stage, maybe twelve or thirteen sheet, and understand that she has tabled out at a time that he is still unstable and so she's expecting him to be who he was to her. But his life has become more complicated problem.
it's common in crossroads. When you talk to a man when it comes to a crossroad, comes to a dangerous place in his life, whether he's a young man or an older man, there are several crossroads or intersections in his life and, if you're, raising him loving him training him mentoring him in any way connected with him. If you don't discern that that man, that boy that coworker that have been preacher is at an intersection, you can do a lot of bilateral damage because you don't understand. What's going on in a lie, destroy warm given boys, not bad he's confused. He gets stuck there and what happens to him at thirteen because even that transitional states where everything is centred around perform. Once a reward response stimuli Emily. Have internally, has fear Emma enough,
to measure up enough. He stuck in the mere all the time. How does he look he's checking himself out. How does he compete? How does he made of? How can you get points? test wrong is given him an issue, his parental in full It has given him an issue the church, is given him an issue and he's trying to balance himself to an intersection in life and these go to it again and about thirty, five more years, thirty, thirty, five more years, thirty years thirty, Thirdly, more years he's got hit another intersection middle, crisis. He could be having a problem in every possible. You have is not about you, Everything is not about you,
what he needs from you. This point number two he needs to be a help meet right, this to competing. or completing strengths competing or Pleading strips here as such when god made the woman he made the woman in the man. She was in him. the mouths of male and female, created, heed them and called his name Adam so the woman woman just created when she was brought for she was created in him. All her never came out of it. as we have x, and why chromosomes we're all tangled up we're different its words? They everything and you have you know the other side in you, This about their when we get to him
some folks got too much a worldly, the fad unstable above at another point. But the moment says that the woman is to be helped me to him. Ok, helpmeet help me is to complete. That means that you are supposed to have strengths in different places. So when you find out that you are strong in an area that he is not strong, be your son, your husband. Personally work, Are you strong enough? to me the point that out. Or are you using your differences to to? petition. Rather Completion,
though in the world, can you be one hear a talking about what a man you you know even come home balances, chick. We feel safe sanctify with the holy ghost here out. I hand handle these checks. This business everything here be shut down, We all turned to you and say, and when are you going to get your lame overweight self out there in quebec graphic from the odyssey that the funding for a minute know? What I'm really trying to say is that you have streams in different places it'd be the other way around. He might be the one writing that says you might be the one cutting the grip. However, it works for you. You have streams in different places because
We ve got design that when a man finds a woman who complete seem rather than competes with him, she becomes a safe place for him to rest, because what ultimately where's any brother grove is always having to compete. You company, at work. He will compete at church. You come home now you got to compete in here, codes about who make the most money, and here I'm the one bringing an automatic. Now we got to have a contest at home, Come pleading each other rather than competing with with each other, is critical, because anytime, you complete somebody whether it's in a management situation or marriage situation anytime, a boss who, incidentally, is in a position of power walks over to somebody who has submitted to the position of power and fear When I help you do your job. What
We need to do that, would help you to be more effective at your job, because I'm here at your disposal as a resource, whatever you need to help things be more functional for you, I'm here to make that happen. The moment the boss does that he ceases to be antagonistic. He stops all kinds of problems and creates a safe and safe environment between the two of us and everybody lacks anybody who wants to make you look good. Nobody in this room is attracted to anybody who's competing against you. So how can you compete against your companion and then wonder why they're not attracted to being around you being around you? It's stressful. I got off work and I gotta work at home. So what you want, what a good person with power is, is strong enough to be good at what they do, but confident enough in who they are that they'll use their strength to make you look good.
Whenever they do that, they they empower you whether it's a mouse or whether it's a companion, they empower you and you gravity to them. You all of us all of us are attracted to people that empowers A goal and purpose in life under Christ is to love and to help one another and that the submission of gps together we can touch lives, helping the hurting and encouraging the hopeless feeding the hungry and so much more visit. T D, J partners stop a war and find out how you can help impact the lives of generations to come. We are all one global Touching the world with gobs love, the one thing that the wine has in common with the saviour than we have in common is will.
is that in order to reach our ultimate state, our strength, our full strength and potential, we must all go through crushing because you're, either coming out of a crushing or you're headed for a crushing or you try to understand the question or you're stuck on a question either way. This word is for you let me have a communication is more than confrontation. This is so important. Do not think that Ass, you communicate that, because you confrontational that you have communication com
We do not compete. Communicating with me it's possible for you to confront me and still not have communication, and we off, I m telling you you need to communicate. We tell an apparent newly to communicate with your children found that have gone on with them, but we don't tell them how to communicate. We tell couples you need to communicate with each other, but we don't tell them how to communicate. So. What we generally do is confronting each other rather than community and confrontation, doesn't not always lead up to communication impact. Confrontation with men can shut down all hopes of communication, so you came home with no five pages on communication and you ran up to roger said. You know what right I need to talk to you, and I need to talk to you about what you do and how you all you do is shut him. Bow of confrontation is communication.
It ought to be. Some fellows run an appeal with ten dollar than cornwall. For this, when you communicate, you must understand. We communicate very differently. I won't pay. If John, I was, if I, want to tail john thinking. Doing a great job. just appreciate him back here in the ministry and him come serbian, honest post. I wanted all right right now, I can do it now apart. I can be preacher I walked past them. and I guarantee you. He knows what I said.
am I right. Do knows exactly what I said and I never open mouth non. Verbal communication is huge. With a man, It is not, then he's not talking is there. he's talking another language we communicate as much as you do. We just go about it differently. Just one for this illustration mark on, just to the obedient broke up Thank you and your nose kill all your future. This is why, but I'm just born, or for the moment now.
We in a relationship above Buffy is multilingual, I'm gonna talk to her in english. She laughed, spend spanish, french or some and I want you choose We need to talk this up. see also whenever I need you you're, never there for me also as good as the eye can see. What's funnier if you're a stay at church, all the time when I couldn't get together on asante sana, Kcc york, noise, she also clarified to Bristol. What's up with you, and I know what you're talking about what what's up with these kids and you're, always taking care of the kids, you got a husband huskily wholesaler.
I don't know what the whatever it is, she's passionate about it she's excited about it, she's sincere about it, but it doesn't say again with me because she's speaking another language, that's what goes on in your relationship. The woman is speaking one language, the man is speaking another and it creates a problem. Now. Here's the issue was supposed to that market wearing because methods, but she is bilingual. She knows what I say. But she's bottling will because she's getting classes, but
I have to learn. English genre shows up in spanish as your major languages and she's also understands friends to take, but there are no classes because for what I'm trying to teach you is not about speaking spanish is not about speaking french or english. I want to know the women here. Do you speak man, the man? You could be losing communication with your son or your husband, because we're talking different languages and by the way follow it will help you to learn how to speak a little warming up in the head. The number for the eight o'clock- I tell you, I will get you there, I'm here the.
Comin The crisis, through college common the crisis through knowledge. The crisis will never we call to competition, cordial manipulation we too knowledge what how do I get this kind of knowledge that tells me to crisis. You get coming they're, gonna, say god. You know what I received a touch, but I'm not there. Yet I'm not seeing things. Clearly, I'm not seeing things clearly and I go the crisis, because I am saying things through the lens of what I went through before, and so every time I see things through the lens of what I went through before I get a distorted perception. If I'd take, give glass love right now and ass mere mobile over my sweaty face and put them back all he'll be able to see, but it won't be good,
You know why, because we see it through this much of what I put on it and most of us are saying: life and parenting and children and business and finance as an all relations through the smoke. What god watch Out of the heart of a man is an honest: open relationship with him. Where the man is able to come into the presence of god, with his woman actin like the holy spirit where he can come into the presence of god and say the truth. You know what better. But I must reach it. I must go. look. New law must re, see things buddies, blurry open an opportunity for me in this. We could get limb without women given in it.
It would be amazing if men could have a revival moment.
Without laden with somebody who's a toddler, I hope you heard that part that he was talking about. That sure was you that was you see by the time you get to preach in the parts of my message that you want to get you ruined my whole message, because you are so stuck in your own dysfunction, the if you would allow the holy spirit to touch him without you trying to push your point and allow the holy spirit to create a safe place where he can go and get in the presence of god and say lord. I don't know what happened. I was saying it this way, but now I'm seeing it that way and I'm going through a crisis right now and I just want to know- is it possible for a man to get a second touch if a man could get in the presence of god and open up his heart and say I need a second to say, but I'm going through some stuff right now said. I love you, but I've been playing around with support naga for, say I love to laugh, but I've been looking at this secretary with a brand new set. I say I love the law, not been stressing out and are about to flip out and say my love, the lord, but I've been playing some games on the bow low and I need some laughs if people would leave a man alone with god.
every man, god ever touched in a mighty way with left alone with him and was left alone with god and there rustled a man with him to the breaking of day and able and was call to god alone. and move on the backside of the desert, left alone with god saw a burning, bush, and god said moses, moses and Adam was hiding behind fig leaves when god said not to eve. He said to Adam Adam, where art thou he didn't open her mouth she shut up and Adam said I was naked. heard that louis I was a friend he wasn't Let it be a voice. I was fred. He myself
And so I'm going to ask you something this morning and I think it's a very important question and it's a very difficult question: do you, as a man have to come out from under your families,. And say you know what see better than I used to. but I see men walking, ass trees, touch me, I hope you fail as challenges at view by what my father has said today, the word of god, is designed to stretch your faith. If you are inspired to trust god, more
You take action after hearing this message, then the word of god is doing it's job. I pray that you accept the challenge and make a move of faith like you have never done before. Remember you are one act of faith away from stepping into your destiny. Today we are asking for your support by becoming a global partner system, member gp as partners commit to supporting this broadcast and humanitarian efforts. We conduct around the world and we know that people that bless god's work become bless themselves. Partners also receives special gibson discounts in exclusive opportunities to connect with us join us today by taxing the letters jp, as in any given amount to two eight nine five zero. You can also
is it as online at tj partner. Is that your trust in god and fight back to find out that the things are never going to stop coming at you? That, finally, brings you to the point that you are. I'm not sure I want to get up out of the bed in the morning. If all I got to face is another fight for your gift to the ministry of any amount, you will receive bishop jakes, victorious teaching fight back on cd, as well as family prayer and conversation starters. Thirty contact people gravitate toward people that complete them rather than compete with them. You were meant to be good at what I'm not good at, because you complete my weeks and when your gift is one hundred dollars or more, we will add the triumphant five methods
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