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Check You to Bless You

2018-04-22 | 🔗
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Coming up on the matters tat every night where every night you a villain hardness for every night. You curled up at a ball, clad herself to sleep. God was watching, you said, get what about it. Release:
hey everybody- I'm excited to have this opportunity to share this word with you. I believe it is a right on time word. The message is checked you to bless, you don't get it twisted. What's this The takes away something that you tears. It can make you better. I learned so much as a pastor. You know I've been conducted. I did my first funeral when I was seventeen years old. Ninety nineteen years old, the boy was seventy. I preached my first funeral deal for
it's a sixty I've been preaching a lot of funerals in my life. I know exactly what to say. I know exactly what to do been there done. That know how to bring the family, and I know how to handle the situation, but it's different when you're on the other side of the casket, and when I was on the other side of the casket. I got a revelation that a lot of things that people say to you when you are grieving are not really helpful. In fact they are quite irritating. I was shocked at the things that people said to me well intended that get on my nerves. My mother had died in my arms and people came in and said god's going to give you double for your trouble. What does that mean? Am I going to get to mammals? Is something going happen to mammals? Are going to come out of that, as you won't have to know anything when you don't want a minority? I want my mother to get up. You know, wait till you see how god's god bless.
come out of this. Was it go? Get me a car and we'll get a car from a mother? What kind of values do you have the to trade?
in relationships for resources I was irritated. I was irritated with them. I was there, it was god, as you heal people through me. You bless people to me why. Why did you do this? I walked out of the church. Wet with sweat from preacher, went over and laid on top of her praying for as he got the razor and she's still dad, and I was confused why faith didn't work for me, I'm talking about the ugly place and I was angry. I was angry and I had to keep pestering angry and I had to keep preaching angry and keep my
for myself in working out when I got all, but I was angry with him because he had not responded in a predictable way during a medium term, cannot talk to some real told him about moments. When you come feels as you, that work. Why you expected it to work You find yourself the level where your theology is challenged by your reality. What do you do when the allergy does not live up? When you cut off my group's in my arms and made me preach about how good you were.
Wow. You did it is like a month all I had to keep own teach him and preaching and encouraging I'm counselling and bearing people wow. I was grieving and angry and frustrated. I'm talking about this. While you are real people living tabled tend to the ten real people did not realise that the contract have contingency course. How could you cut me back. My churches exploding about war. What television for the first time, two thirds of the people
Above all, the way up or private get into building. This is a bad time to be gone through this Have you ever had a cutback at a bad time when another time you could have handled it better, but nah nah, nah, nah nah. I a lot wow that time arrested the pruning the Tat some people-
Why did you ask me on this guy's dead people? You hold you I just saw the real people who are you We were told you very real people. Let's talk, you told me all about their business. For those you can make the payments. My dream, wedding
the love of my life and they lived. But are you do when you cut back? Suddenly you will come, he says every branch and leave it bears fruit approve it occurred it that it may bring for more fruit, but before I can get the more, I have to survive. The cutting and the healing. Cause it's hard to be fruitful, while you're in pain is to be fruitful.
so the bible says to the woman in sorrow and prevail. Show you bring forth children. This is your desire should be to your husband, but the desire and the sovereign will happen. At the same. You don't see women in labour, where Meg negligence, the most women in labour, don't even like you, the my wife, turned into the grinch of christmas past as a baby baby here comes another one, because I was watching the you tube into making a noise, My bike. There comes a mother, complex it. She said
I don't know that. I say what does he says at the end of your prevail? The desire to be fruitful will return. Healing is a process, no matter what the intent of the cut is, it is still trauma to the planet is going to get brown and ugly is going to look like it's nah. But after it has endured this stage, it will spring forth again. I don't know, but I feel like a proper sign that somebody you been through a cutback you've been in the ugly place, you're wondering if you're ever go so bad that you'll leave as whether your skull brown you wondering if ever going to be great again, and the lord told me that, you about,
by a by a bot. That means stick it out. What is ugly figured out what is pretty sticking out? What is grade sticking out what is wow strict about what they like out? They have stuck it out with that. Stick it out what your god, the because the conference's iffy iffy about me see. This is what I begin to wrestle with. In my mind, Jesus in the text spends more time talking about the relationship between the branch and the bomb. Then he does the branch in the fruit, and this is what the lord showed me the
with this new era of christianity is that we have produce branches who are having a relationship with the fruit. They are now the relationship with the fruits. Give me the promises. Given Lessons of god. Give me that much more. I love that much more, but you see it is not about having a relationship with the fruit. It's about having a relationship with the buyer. He says you can make it with.
The flint your maid turned round and might with a little bit, but I didn't put your fruit and you can still make it. Oh god, tat makes him without first priority. You can make it not feel good. You can make it the press, you can live out, but you can make it without the bar, and we have raised up an error of christianity, where we have to talk to you so much about fruit, that you got all kind of relationship with the promises of god. but not the god of the promise you want. Jesus do but more jesus. what he promises for you, but you to have a relationship with So you talk to him when things are going,
I don't know why you want them to go and you have a rib contract if he, if you abide in me, if you're bad, if you can stay unhappy, you can see is two years. I've still raise your hand if you can go. So yes,
sound levels. If I was thinking about the free, do, what's got lost yet move argue with your mama. They took the house, you cleared his bounds in rome, you're gonna do. painful moment in your life. You gotta say miss how you like me. Are you are you like
after you overcome all the issues that you pass exotic so the enemy warrant issued a bit about will you give to the ministry of any size? You will receive Bishop Jake's comforting to message, set anxious for nothing on cd and is calling for
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oh, he was a senior couple. I know you want to outgrow. You want to bump up what you will do. Do you want. The reports are less educated. Know. You've got to follow me. You've got to follow me through some stuff. We've got to go through the gal. We got to go through all the jericho. We got to go through all kinds of stuff. If you, if you are bad eliza, if you're serious If I could go down through the valley of the creek, if I could go to store still, you want, you can have it yet, but it is still there if use their walk, and when I get ready to go into the next dimension. I will give you a double course mass, but I'm not gonna give it to you just wanted me to try to talk. You stay at the time.
you could go back. They tried to pull you orbital school at a proper, but it does this by the time. I give you my mental. You won't what the mental you will want me now, I'm gonna, given to give you a more important than what I will open up the EU.
were a bad you now you can have a double portion of us now. Drop the mantle of you, because now you see the value of the man and not the mantle. now? I want to give you from fleet. More proved too much room. I'm sorry! I couldn't give it to you before, because I couldn't give that much power to a fool
let me now be to stay with me this. My word about, I got, you show us what you will and it shall be done on the you gotta give it to you because of your long civil because of your tenacity, the cover your commitment, because you been relentless because you followed me, would you didn't understand me because we certainly would you didn't like me, because the state would you feel if you can
I want to talk to some people things. I want you to get ready to rebound. I want you to understand that latter day, how big writer did your former they're gonna, get ready to put a later from roads to log road must prove its way than if you take me. Tell me exactly level talk about me. Well,
we let them say what real, why he? Let me be, but he didn't kill me bless me. I don't know who he made them bless the every night you supper for every night you play
for every night, you would do it hardness for every bite you curled up in a ball, wanted to cry yourself to sleep. God was watching you, god was watching over you every time you came to the church and praise god, even though you didn't even understand what was going on in the world. about you, this is what it is about to release. look at what is about to release look at what is about to release thought about.
Why was rumour survivors survivors make some more is at some stuff. He said you do believe me, you search. got a model What's a wheel, What's your wheel
I what what's wheel, do they understand what I'm saying useful ass? What's the wheel? Why did you do What's the power said change coming for again is it? he was walking and a bad I will say that your we'll, I was changing what why
I was saying that what was important to you when we started out all you want. It was my stuff, but I'm glad you stayed anyway. Now you ask what you will because now you're said not my will, but the abiding process is a transformation of your desires of what's important to you of what you value he says now at first she would power. I couldn't do influence before, because too much eagle.
but our gratitude to all other bears pulled all go out. Are you now? I could give you some? use, alas, what's wheel and it shall be done only what's this Erin is my father glorify that you bear much fruit now this this. This is a man's techs. You have the model number, no sexism, but this is a man's text here in his bed a glorified. He says the more fruitful you are, the more honor the devil
the father gets the out of you being because he's the one who put the sea that one to fruition- god is not far of you being blessed god doesn't man, you have been things he months. Things happen, the you, in fact he is when your prayers Would you get ready to tell them? What happened? You could tell him? god did got god,
I am so glad you joined us today. It's important that lingers understand that there is no spiritual growth without prominent, but pruning is uncomfortable. It's inconvenient. It may even say my fear, but it is absolutely necessary so that you can handle the next level a power and authority that god is calling you do. God is not bearing you he's planting the bible says, says after you have suffered a little while god himself were perfect, confirm, strengthen, establish you so press on and the faith god is checked to blush before we go. I want to thank all of my global partner system members, whose giving has made it possible for me to show the gospel around the world, and I am asking you if you are not a partner to become one today, simply text the letters gps to the numbers to a man, five zero, along with any giving amount board,
missed out, or everything got, which was bless. Take care after you've overcome all the issues that you pass anxiety. Diana. We wanted you to death about Will you give to the ministry of any size? You will receive Bishop Jake's comforting to message, set anxious for nothing on cd and is calling for on the,
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Ladies, I'm so excited to have this opportunity to tell you about the one loose master class, if you're a woman, this upwardly mobile in corporate america in the church in the kingdom of god or you're, opening a business you're finding yourself with new levels of stress pressure and demands. I want to give you a master class opportunity. The upbringing, the best of the best from every arena to come into one space, just to train you sharing their story, helping you to evolve into the one that you were created to be seats are limited. It will not be overwhelmingly huge. I'm going to have it right here at the potter's house, when I'm out of room amount of room
if you're a woman on a mission, and you need to be mentored and you need to see a model of what's next, whether it's entertainment, business and entrepreneurial pursuits, whether it's evangelistic or pastoral or first lady, is a woman, our loose master class- and it's got your name on It- do not miss this limited opportunity, to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. For the seeing you next time on the protestant The.
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