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Come Back Around Full Circle

2021-10-17 | 🔗
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Ro circles. Because, God is a god of circles and cycles, there is a god of circles. And he's got a cycles. That's, why did you call the wheel in the middle we'll imagine that a wheel in the middle of a will. He is telling us that God is a god of circles I gave my wife a wedding ring. It is a circle, a circle
our presence in turn into having no beginning or an alarm has a beginning, and it has an end. But if you drawn into a circle it has neither beginning or in the circle is symbolic of eternity. It is a symbol of God. He is, he is dead. or the beginning. He is all that he is continuous. David, proud to France is beginning to look Couldn't find and we look forward, he could find it he's it from our last thing to have a lasting, though our God is going around in a circle. I can't friend the beginning. If you will allow me, I could find the beginning, but you're not aligned your circle from everlasting. the everlasting thou I got. I work out myself to death trend of France beginning because you are eternal, little boy? Everlasting unchanging? God is a god of circles, and God is a gun
Cycles because God is a god of circles what he stepped out on nothing and said: let there be something he spoke out of his own business and everything he spoke came round in circles. we created for the earth came out in circles and it started spinning Around and around the sun in circles and the solar system. Just a circle in a circle in a circle in a circle and easy consent. It is a wheel in the Middle we'll element we'll and the circles. Herman, the cycles the cycles make up the seasons and the seasons only change because of the circle and the only reason this winter is because this the circles, the cycles and the cycles create the seasons,
and if there were no circles there would be no cycles and if the cycles there will be, seasons. the same jigs us urgently so come back around in a circle, come back around force The power of the standing begins with circles in cycles the evening on the morning, what's the first day, it was only the first day because of circles. Circles make days? that's why Open up a watch, a regular watch is, if you open it up and take the face of it, it's a bunch of circles because circle Like tat the spring, The circle creates term and the evening in the morning with a first Never have you have twelve o clock. If you wait long enough is gone, back around again. full circle and this same Jesus.
that you see a fan, They sat in like manner because God is a god of circles, he is a goddess cycles. He is a goddess I'm very this strange, not listen to replace in between freezes. You know how these in between season, whereas hot one day they call limits, and you don't want to put one and you look up at his reign in and then you come back and you got you got on a jacket value needle shorts and you don't know what to do, because whether strange between season. And God is a God circles and cycles and seasons they have been through the cross. but they have not quite head pinnacles at the start
Between where it god we're got worse and worse, God is going and their standing. Looking back at his less citing that's attacks, that's the text. It is circles. is cycles season. It feel on this ban, but God it's gotta circles in cycles, seasons. You can overcome uranium. You remember when the children of Israel came to Jericho. Joshua ahead, take a bunch of farmers and fight But a man who had chariots riding on the roof pop a wall, so they couldn't clad. God told on how the defeated he's just go around in circles. Just take us our whole wall. and they go and get some rest
I've been on the seventh day, go around seven time and when you do the seventh tat blow the trumpet, because seventy income, Region and you ve completed the circle, which is the end of the cycle, and the wall came down from your wall. It's coming down. Your affliction is coming down. Your poverty is common. There you're crisis coming down, because you're gonna walk around the struggle for the last time, and we walk around the circle for the last time everything dissidents, candid and your face is coming down. Is going to break? Is going to break the finance
He's gonna break is coming down that physical, this is gonna break is going to come down. You have got for the last talking about circles cycles. And see all the problem with the woman with Israel is she got stuck in the cycle. Free got the woman a circle. And then he gave the circle of cycle. And she had the circle, but she broke the cycle. Because she was supposed to have a regular menstrual cycle for a certain amount of days and it was supposed to stop, but she said up in the middle of the cycle.
It was bleeding to death because she kept stop moving in the cycle and she was going to die And she crawl. Toward Jesus Because there's was they didn't cycle? Were life starts to hemorrhage when you start. There's somebody listening every right now that you ve been stuck in a cycle. and that they should have been over, you still bleeding. What about something that shut up at all is still bleeding you become frank. and she lost all her mother. You become broke. And she lost all of her com
and courage and her friends and she was about to lose consciousness because she was stuck in a cycle. That should have been less gazing at what should have been over you're, stuck at his last citing. And you ve got to go because you have an appointment with destiny and there's somebody who Do you believe me over something that happened ten years ago, she'll bleeding over something that happened three years ago, still bleeding over something that happened when you were twelve or fifteen or eight or seven They never j like the one that what this is all right.
We heard, but to be thirty years, is to be stuck in a cycle and the hemorrhage in a bleeding and make sure untouchable, but I feel glad you ve come around full circle. And that's what I hear the text today. It is not merely the intermediate nebulous Indus script stage between two designated points. It is that they stop the cycle because they were still stuck in the circle at his last citing, which would have.
broke the season that would have brought Pentecost if they want to stay there, gazing at where he was, they would have missed where he was waiting in the person of the holy ghost. You see. God was about to do something in Jerusalem and they could not afford to be stuck looking at a cloud when there was maybe a cloud of glory to come down and enveloped the room. They were looking at clouds, but God was getting ready to sin. A sound from Heaven and a mighty rushing win and carbon tones were appeared over them and God was going to sit on women feel them with the Holy Spirit of God itself.
I did was according to move the physician who takes the give the detail Mary Asian, that it was a hundred and twenty people made up of the disciples and mysterious women amongst all the mysterious women, because the woman had no name they they they didn't even to the women Year Ban of Galilee women there. No one address. Many many times in the kingdom, nobody addresses the me. The women. That's why I started. Women are loose because the church thrived off of the existence of women, but did not address the needs of of women. They are the most.
Various women they keep the church gone and keep the doors open and keep the giving and keep everything taken care of. They are the people who go out to the polls and vote. They are the people who bring in bacon and fry up in a pan, and yet the mysterious women are not even named in the text they asylum. There were women amongst them. Remember that there. women amongst nobody address him, but there were women amongst them know about and call their name, but there were women about they listed out. The twelve apostles may bad name by name bad name, and when it came to women they put them in category three and there were women amongst them. The mysterious women are circles with cycle They hold the mystery of creation in their body there. hold the matrix of life.
as their cycle is April, checks You were the praise, you heard. The words should be related to the presence of God and a few moments you wanna hear the word of God. All of that is being managed to you. But what have you been registered back?
This is the opportunity for you to participate. Nobody can do this for you, you don't have to be able to saying you, don't have to be able upridged, you have to be able to have values and the value of God in your life and value. His word have value his presence. This is your opportunity to participate. Everything else has largely been spectator, but now you can participate and all this at embraces had drawn from this word on a different level. Because do you know what you saw into the word? You harvest more back out of the word than people who just watching the word like the watching a movie. I want to challenge you to so under this word because to me all about the God has given me a word for you, peace areas. Women. Mingled amongst these men.
They come into the upper room, to wait on the promise of the farm there waiting or what God is going to do MAX. Just like you. waving. What God is going to do next, sometimes without a job waving, cod is going to do next. Sometimes. Teaching at all waiting on what God is going to do that sometimes dealing with your children at home, waiting on what is going to do next, watching the news looking at the politics looking at the crazy about looking at the killing of looking at the sure why what is going to do next I was proud to make you think God and forgot known you had forgotten
Your presence and your dreams and forgotten you agony, forgot your labour law, but that has not forgotten me in practice. Told me to tell you that everything is going to come back around. fools and if the very thing that you also anything they slipped away or any deterioration or any rusting or any mitigation of circumstances, a situation I want you to declare right now is coming back. Around falls
say loud and clear, it's coming back around on full circle, he's coming back around is coming back; around is coming back; around is coming back; around is coming back; around is coming back; around is coming back; around is coming back; around is coming back around is coming back around full circle, glad you should acutely when you had the chance. You kill me while I was still a few used to kill me while I was there in my prayers use. You kill me where I was when I was looking at where they exist for me, because this product back and forth and ten days a week. Ten days he showed himself alive, look tells us before
Dave with many infallible crews and ten days waited in the upper room. Forty plus ten, it's fifty Pentecost, this fifty and wouldn't Pinta costs was fully come and they were in one place with one accord. Something happened.
areas that open up the flood gates that cause Heaven and earth to kiss that caused the eternity and time of something happen way. Eternity came down back, take them come that will be done. Suddenly there was a sound but may have a lack of money. Rushing we and something that we have never seen recorded report. Cloven tongues appear lack of the far. We don't think this anywhere else in the Bible or a merry rushing win and call them. Towns appeared like other set upon each of them and they were all fill with the holy. Can you imagine what it was like to be? Their hundred twenty men in general and friend yourself overcome The power of the holy ghost can
Imagine what it was like to be in that room and here a sound from it and it was quite an earthquake and it was quite rightly, and it wouldn't quite tender. It was lack a mighty rushing whim, but it wasn't aware it was win, but nothing was blue what it was like. I have a matter, Russia. It was like a matter burning far, but it would not fight with like it was lack of light because they had never seen any paying racket. Reform of the cap in a round In this way they ve been around the nordic around the pay gap and they have never experienced this in their life. All feel with the holy ghost. and the man had nothing compared to. It was not like the marble. Transfiguration.
It was not like Jesus walk in a water; it was not likely brazen letters from the day. It was not like anything in their repertoire of experiences. There was nothing in the past that they were looking back at. That would prepare them for what got was about to do and caught Toby did to you. He's gonna. Do something in your life, this unprecedented that you don't have a point of reference for that. You cannot even describe it to anybody, because it is not quite going to be lack any thing that you have ever had in do in your life before any. If I'm talking to you, give him a praise and if I'm talking to you, clap your hands and if I'm talking meal give gods of glory it. If I'm talking to you, this will not be like that. It will not be that it would not be what was it would not be. What used to be? What is going to do you not even when I have a word for it you're just going to say it was because came upon, came up
Oh and I were filled with all this. That's true to repay, it came up on them, that's outside, they were treated with a legal. at two hundred and three of them. Were shocked because it no point of reference for What's happening in the room. Did you notice when it mentioned the mysterious women it says the mysterious? Is this? The women came up Along with them and marry the mother of Jesus. Is Mary, not a woman. Why issue a distinct can, quite apart from the other women.
I'm glad you, as we cannot tell me. A hundred and nineteen people had something in limit room. For the first time that they had had happened before the holy ghost came up on them and they were all field with the holy ghost. But there was only one. out of a hundred and twenty who has something to compare it to. Mary. Europe is highly favoured amongst women you should bring forth a son. name shall be called Jesus
Spirit of the Lord came up on her and she was feel we have come. I've had prepared a closed Mary was only woman. out of all of them in the only person in the room who fear. This is familiar. Had the holy ghost come up on me, the forward, that's how he came, and she is only woman in history who got to carry her baby twice. When the holy ghost came upon her and she
Was filled with the holy ghost is look at me. It's all come back or AL full circle I get Baby back that which is within me, is, feed? What are you trying to tell me. Every thing you lost. Every thing you cry about about debate. Why me.
everything who stared Is it hid behind a cloud where you could not go everything the guts in the cycle of life. Everything seems unjust and unfair. An unfavourable, an unkind. God said: if you keep on working with me, it's all going to come back around full.
I know what it means. I'm just email me, I didn't open. Your mail are just too limited. of products delivery boy, bringing you offer package, I didn't open up the boats. I just wanted to your house. But whatever it looks like you lost. and whatever that looks like has Gone away and whatever you been staring at say, May not ever her bed again. God said why standing here gazing this same thing, you lost is coming back around again full circle, everything that the devil stole.
From you is coming back around full circle, it was just a season, it was just a cycle, it was just a circle, And while they were all speaking in town and praising gotta, see said have had this feeling before out of the hundred and twenty people in the world. I'm the only one who has had the holy ghost come up on me and men feel walked out of the room, cheering Jesus and another for good. says, is coming back to you and another form on the next level.
don't stare at the form that left prepare for the form
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Some things can only come from God, and she said I am a woman of a sorrowful spirit, but have poured out my soul before the Lord. She said, I'm a praying woman sit. The thing that brings peace to pain is making your request made known, unto God.
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