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Come Empty

2020-11-15 | 🔗
To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29 We cannot come to Jesus with our spiritual hands full of our accomplishments, titles, and egos and also expect to have the capacity to receive His blessings. However, when we come to Him empty-handed, we’re able to receive all of Him!
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Coming up on the planet- that this goes out. the people who have the rabbit, this indescribable freely, that you don't even understand how to explain yourself that you have just seen so much heard so much at once so much enrietta, let's see so much lose it read so many texts and seen so many things tweeted and see so many things in your personal life and financial like it either public life in our preference lies the view that so many people would call in asking for advice. A break up and encouragement to. The point is not that I don't care but ass. It was your mother and I didn't I set up
I want you to want that. to sink into your head. That, God is saying, is bad enough. Well, I guess you and you see my when it gets bad enough. You'll see my glory when it gets bad above the output of the windows, seven and poor, you oughta Bessie, you don't have ruled enough to receive, but but but but what you're talking about play? You talk about you, a godsend berry
say this for radical people. This is not for your average ordinary superficial Sunday morning, person who just happens to have clicked into the broadcasts it you do you with a full and around and you were an enemy. This is not, for you know, that's radical people or bacteria corner as per the wall, and you don't have no eyes but to believe God, because here believe you're going on. They feel openly god you're going down. If you don't believe you ve moved about, if you'd openly, God, you won't lose everything. You're gonna viewed openly. You'll never get out of the talk to somebody who's in enough trouble to hear this message. There's somebody all adults, too, good
this lesson. Some of you got too much to give this matter some of you to your ticket this vessel. Some of you are to fool to give this message: God is best experienced from a place of vulnerability All of this teaching rebuilt on praise and more servant and how to get glory out, o God and all killed for people. one out of trouble Becomes where'd you less credible for the world to come along. go back from your neighbours, but it is not very tall, Gotta go, but that is not what I really came to preach about. Sometimes We start talking about making room for good,
When we start talking about economic impact- and we started talking about God and Finance- is our talk about how some time you're you're you're valley is in deep enough to get garter? it ray, and sometimes you have to take in your valley in order to attract God, because when God comes he's, gonna come with such force that your little problem in deep enough to get him to flow in Europe. But I don't have time for a programme that today not another there that that's for another Sunday was going to write down. To take note that sometimes only way to get out of trouble is to get people the trouble to be desperate the receiver, because if you were ass well, you won't get there. You have to be desperate enough petroleum. Your thing is, I got nothing to lose. I've gone down everywhere that tunnel
how it is that thing this set of tracks- God it is it is, it is a fact kill. It is the best of me that attracts it is not just a bit is not agree. It is that's how money is black Guccio somewhere down your soul? somewhere down in your, so you gotta above to have a experience. to be vulnerable enough to have a free, the Express Jesus, a need to teach you how to walk when you walk in Oakland Creed is only when you walk in a water. You have to be well about forgot ticket drawn up by the text. Has this woman's attention and he says goodbye
from your neighbors one thing that we broke. It is another thing to enable a shoe broke down talking funny. go where they look at all ready notice and that the law is not very good at the Housemaid Spain. They already know that you haven't had a man like you in particular, now ready motors, that's gotta, says TAT was that you need something. And he didn't tell you to beg for the purposes of ask- remember give it to you. He said this well, just boring would you hear the word it's like Caesar's bar at the grave. This won't take long. This does. Let me borrow it just go to some this situation. Naturally, and right now will not last
you two state power, a solution, because after awhile ever think, you're laws just go come back. Everything that got away is gonna, come running back. Everybody who walked off is gonna, come knocking out. You know, there's a temporary situation Go to your neighbors knocking on doors. With your sums that they are about to take so out into the neighbourhood. Now When you borrow something it has to have value nobody, this list at me right now goes up to a bag. Lady and ask her for level You know about it goes into a trash can, as I want to buy us. Some food
I said that there is perceived by you in order to go after it and what God says the values is vessels. God says we values. Source. Brussels. When everybody else values, content. Gotta, go borrow vessels, everybody else goes to dream and markets and they buy perfume. Gotta go back perfume bottles, Like all our peoples, a bottle want the blades just give me the keys. Hello, I shall double Sharia.
is burrow. vessels my mom and another type of vessel. he says I want you to get empty, and get your miracle take. It does have a bustle brain. We pool vessel bravely pre causes full bravely was for they must be paid to be eligible. Ah you empty, If you got one idea left lobby of true enough,
if you got a plan b, a backup plan of a contingency plan, a plan c, you not enough, I want Here again, vessels that are empty. These are the Holy Spirit. Set me over into the text is not so much for the text itself. It is not the text itself that I am contemplating its attacks against the times. that we are living at because we are living in sometimes right now of emptiness. I wonder if this everybody, but we may thus been feelin end. I must take the time to make a distinction between being empty, and tired,
you are just tired. You get some sleep you wake up in the morning. You feel better, but if you will not resolve it is a body who woke up failing as bad as it did with your life is glad that empty And this message goes out my god People who have been this indescribable feeling that you don't even understand how to explain yourself that you have just said. so much heard so much it and
Not so much in red so much, it seems so much moves and read so many texts and seen so many things tweeted and see so many things happening in your personal life and your financial, like it either public life in our professional life. Then you it's not many people, big, call ammonia, asking for advice for help and advice. Encouragement to the point is not that I don't care, but I saw it was your mama and I didn't set up. I want to talk to some people who are just a few empty might be. but said just empty people. Do you paid even find a word to articulate how you ve been feeling, because you about used to describe in yourself as if you're contents were gone because you ve never been drain, like you,
drain. You feeling I want to challenge you to continue to support the ministry, because you know as well as I do that the industry is not about queues at his thought about benches and it's not about stained glass windows of technology or any of the things we see around us. This is not Lynn. History Ministry is word reaching ear touching me: airports. Touching mass, that's ministry, there's nothing about this situation that can circumvent the ministry from reaching. Not only you view with you and you, but people all over the world by the power of God. If you are
faith is invigorated. If your man is renewed pupil watch this broadcasts of his change, your life and any kind of way. The battle have to tell you that is a good ground about I'll, have to encourage you to so because you're too much of a Christian got out of the opportunity to pour out supernatural blessings of your life, because we are coming to a time that, if God does it do it, it doesn't get that the jobs God values. Use os When you fool not with the overflowing, not what you got all kind of creative impact in energy that values you the most. When you. And to use a God creates empty.
When will we women living in the book of Genesis, women with when he reached down and to their family and he for men from the surface of the earth, he formed an empty vessel yeah yeah yeah yeah. He was careful, he didn't format for he formed an empty. I wanted it to be empty, so we have such a blow into dust of Aristotle, clay pot and all empty personal call about how they lose made of red tape and found them. And then, when I made him, then God was attracted to it. Don't call me I'm so their guardians, we see the master himself hope it over top of an empty, that's all,
as if he were an eagle hovering over the aid as if we were about to have something God came down from eternity stepped over hovered over an empty vessel and he was so attractive to that a kiss the empty vessel, and when he kissed city Blue, this mouth, the breath of life, he became a living. So I don't know I'm preacher too, but God is getting ready to kill. Somebody is getting ready to kiss somebody who were walking around for the last three weeks with an indescribable.
this down. Inside of you avoid a vacuum, but nothing seems to feel you're watching tv, but you're distracted. You miss them at the news, but only half listen about it. You're going through the motions you can't even remember for tourism with this Thursday is. Is this Friday of this Tuesday is attracted to empty
and so he hovered over the empty vessel. They ruined Julia the breadth of glass and became a living soul laid on. As we turn the pages of the Bible. We will see what God kills models as on the mountain top because form a tabernacle at both this form, the tabernacle and once again the tabernacle all formed the gas. It fill it with furniture and he began to feel that which was an empty with furniture and then when they made the holy of Holies got said. If you make the Holy of holies and you're making empty how come in and then it will go away and the glory was calls a comma glory, because I feel I preach, God is attracted to empty. The question is not all you fool enough. The question is: are you empty enough? Because what God wants to come into his presence, not people who got it all together? Not people got the hair; all God wants people to come into his presence who empty and even if you are empty and failure on. Let me say this way just got set on local feature to your hungry Michael fee, to take your thirsty, because I am a god that is attractive to empty views. When I got him uncle Mamma said.
Can we borrow You you want one baby Mama
your way of key skills. We mama me over to your house. Can we u empty? Talk about Toy House powerhouse made about me. The boys went out at all, they gathered was empty and they kept parliament backed mother's house, bring an empty vessel one right after another, the Bible that tell us how many they brought, but the babble does tell us that the oil didn't begin flow intended frown empty is glory that God will only release own somebody who comes into his presence, and you come out of the concepts ass. God said you just right for me, because what I've been waiting on you to do is run out and what other way don't you to do is run out of people call run out of people. Trust I have run out of people to explain yourself to run out of people were far be it away melody you run out of yourself and went out. What was it you run out of your education had run out of your way too late. I run out of your rather poets grip and win. Win win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, you get a good, I mean you and I'm gonna feel you with a glowing like you never had before. Somebody shall coming empty mama
power. Some of you lived spa house. They bombardment and person by a person like power in empty, because my God is so big. It is a question can be supplied. The question is: do we have enough empty to attract God strategic little by little House by house? Maybe about me? But let me get enough if it reminds me of what Jesus Theatre Worthy laid, the disciples bless. Poland will go to Jerusalem as it don't start Preachin. Until you hear the babble saying that, although these disciples worry in the upper room, they had not been feel with the holy ghost win the day. A Pinta calls once come: they were in one place with one accord. Suddenly the cable from like a mad rush, we call them appear, lack, has set upon each of them and they all with the holy ghost. If you want to feel you gotta come here, if we want, God bless, you gotta come. If you are, God help ya. Gotta come in payment. If we want to deliver, you gotta come about, if that's what you or whether they will allow when you finally getting paid with you with a pretty, was fully they. Why, at one place with one that came out of it like a mad arresting, we call in terms of pay and lack of day. Why Mama
excuse me, marble excuse me, marble see other private cars. There was seventy, so just imagine that the two boys might have knocked on seven there. How does that get above empty vessel get up again, and I will say that after they had gathered enough, if the vessels Mamma said come and go
Magala City folks, I understand what it means for Mamma say about it. We ve you'll leave no opening markets. Are you I never that no power slap your day, but it's nice totalitarian. This is a problem. We gotta be shut up every here that cabin is uncomfortable but the holocaust bad. It's that something is about to flow. Want somebody that pay thirty seconds praise for the view that the paper neighbours we all go your way, God was to be with you. This is a private moment between you and the dog. God only go outside witness.
When the door was shut, when the folds of rigour when people come at all The door was shut no way out with the door was shut. That's what God begin Nick, you move, they brought the empty vessels.
To the part of all she already hair. She knew it was a pot of oil, a pot of or is measurable. It is finite shit how much all as it is part of what is a part of oil against all of these empty vessels. So she took a part of oil. How much was it it was possible and she picked it up when the pot begin to poor. The oil begin the flaw it was a pot tissue reported, then the abortion, so you think you know, What you got but but,
but you know what you ve got to your point and always just save it. You don't know what a guy you you got is in the process of pouring you. You think you know what you can do you don't know what you can do until you have to point out in your poor. You multiply is when you poor, you got increase its when the poor that you go from five. I put it to somewhere between big straight up vertical and big turned over horizontal as all begin flow. It begin the multiply and as well as they had an empty vessel or continue to flow so that all is not flowing in proportion to its container is flowing in proportion to the emptiness of what's in front of it. We didn't want fear tat. I might add that the more you put in front of him, the boy he'll be given the floor.
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