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Coming Into Your Calling

2018-06-17 | 🔗
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Coming out on, the back our state or your rights, and when you are fearful, follow me just keep on solidly when you confused, when you don't understand, www intimidated, follow me what's office for guidance is about
at the hello everybody. I hear people talking all the time about, god is calling, and god is calling this and god is calling this one. A god is calling that one. But the real question is: have you answered the call It doesn't matter how much it calls a view about answering and if you don't understand exactly what it takes to come into your colleague the message, is come into your falling, because I believe that that is exactly what god. What should I do too come in through not one from your call takeovers
This Jesus walkers, do Galileo. And he sees two men fisher. And he says to them. follow me. And I will make you fishers of men. I love this tax. I love this tax because, on the surface, is a bible story. but as you dig deeper into it, it is a life lesson that will change your life. What he really say what our So you you
Operating in one dimension,. you were fishers of men who were fits of the fish but I have to respond to my call. I will make you this of men and other, You're doing the right thing in the wrong place. but when I get through ongoing this shift to and take the, skills from europe yes a new dimension. everything you withdrew was giving you ready for everything you're about to go to do the right thing in the world. The men should not only am I go, save you, I'm going to save your skill set I going to see why you will at what you will.
when I go to the next committee so that we could flow into your destiny to slap it you're screwing. The swallow me and I'll make you. two different things. Follow me. That's your job. Makes you there's gaza. you have to let yourself fixes a mere. All you gotta do is following, If you follow me, the pursuit of me. It would change you.
You asking the law to change you, that's not a yoke. Yes, all you do is pursue to pursue will automatically change the will do the change Well said,. immediately they draw the minutes this, going about their missile call of god. The gets an initial response from a true experience. We got, we don't to really true three assess regarding the more I thought about the camp The version that makes you give up a man you can see, see about the current version that requires our reaction. we want to be a third, we don't want
I. I will say it immediately: they dropped the nets. Follow him. And what I want you to see is what they do: immediately, council trays gradually Peter bro, tis nets? In a moment He picked him up again. Have you ever. The grab something, but you picked it up again And now you got the man and Jesus
the. as all on the boat to give Over and over again here challenging peter. The move from being a fisher. fish to fishermen, Because, sometimes god sees things anew. that you don't see yourself and and and You keep goin back to what you see. And the keeps calling you. To what he says to me, this text is about patients. The It's a girl who can what's a man.
Who rides on a boat with nets. I can preach on a boat with men. I can rebuke storms on a boat with nets and even though he used him with his nets. He kept calling him from his methods that my sister is life. He used to them with his nets. But he kept challenging him to come from these nets. I follow me. And I will make you. Sisters and lit follow me and I'm gonna change. Ilium ever gonna know what they did. It. You never know what moment did it the steps of a good,
ordered by the more no which step I did it. you're gonna be like able to go. What would me until your lot Little by little an appeal away? Your insecurity peel Fear your intimidation, you don't look at me Add courage and you're not even going to know where it came from going to look up and going to have confidence that places that you weren't secure
I believe, even know when I gave it to you, but one day, you're going to stand up and speak in front of the people you used to run for when I get to peel into the very people that you denied me for you are going to stand up in front of them and preach to them and say let the house of Israel know that this same Jesus, whom ye have crucified the lord of Christ, but follow me. I know you're going to deny me. I know you're going to betray me. I know you're going to lie and say you don't know me. I long ago curse around people and act like I didn't do in your life. What I did to alive. I know you're going to hit the rock so bad that you're going to want to give up all the ministry, but whatever body was to put you out, I'm still going to call you back and tell them the freedom to do the
The new I'm gonna have a relationship. and a relationship is more than an experience. See what I read to you was an experience, but what Frequently, who is a relationship. A wedding is an experience. A marriage is a relationship, a baby is an experience. Right is a relationship. People move for experiences. but god is calling you to relationships And that means that sometimes going will be dropping by that and sometimes I'm going to behold, I'm in it and sometimes I will be faithful and sometimes inconsistent. Some families will be so committed, then cut somebody's offer. You
In the same guy who go to Kosovo's Alamo Jesus follow me when you're strong, and when you grow up and when you do when you're right and will your fearful follow me just keep on following me when you are confused when you don't understand when you're intimidated, follow me so that you will be all religious and holy calling down fire from Heaven, and sometimes you will be hard about it. Okay, I'm scared to come out, but do it all the time
This was a son and at that point, that all about
The I think, one of the powerful things they exploded the whole woman. Now I was number one, the number to a male mailman, the I'm just amazed at how this conference brings so many women together, she's from atlanta new york and we became sisters, instantly change the fishes, but it got bad and it got dark and it got so bad that the peter who was bowl at one point in the relationship that love Jesus and the match were crushed out everybody and walked away the peter that Jesus had invested three years elementary in quit. The church said: I'm sick of this ago. Efficient aggro, efficient,
same as I'm goin on the draken spree. Jesus is crucified, everything's amiss. Maybe one then to address three is kate trust, mobile church people of crazy. when a british that push Come ashore. Pussy comes so every to walk in our water he's too primacy, from one dimension into the mix here. Succumb to his re, sir understanding of his identity. I and he went back to being who he was and he started well, his
Yeah he's still gotta he's still got them and he brought him in. There was nothing in them, pull them out again and he brought them in and it was meant to them? They drew him out again and he brought him in and there was nothing Wait, wait! Wait! I know, I know how to do this to him out again and pull him back. And there was another- then see some Got will let you fail
At what you know, you're good at because he's got to break down your plaid. They didn t know how to do it. I want you to know that without you can do nothing and he will shut the door. You can get a job in a pot factory. You take everything. Nobody, I tell you everything down. I've still said and I'll make people let's all night and come up with. Not here experience, Proof of this-
Still, he was still turn tat when. Jesus we talk about this issue, same place where he had called it ever. Has come, allow full circle, do those called watered down by the sea shore. faced with What truth issued for that is what you gotta do is max.
Terrible about love you like me, Nobody came about a foot you're like tat everything you have such a poor people has been cast. So an Jesus is eaten cook fish. She saw as only hollows again, We really need. This Jesus where's hauser working Three.
All of a sudden peter leaks off the boat. He leaks off the boat. A star swimmin shore. And the weirdest thing about when Peter leaps off the boat is time We finally had caught some fish. The truth is allowed in the catch to fish. You saw them how to drop that lead to catch the fifth. That's, So I knew how to pull What do you want? It is one day to come, Jesus women, I worked But Jesus leaded what cleaner left. All of us. Women for jews,
You got a toy Jesus torpedoed. The mental models I'd like to hear a great amount of fish, but by that time no longer wanted the fish he wanted. Jesus now fischer of fish has led off the boat full of fish jason, a man called you. And while he's swimmin, because it gives the better smiles because glasses for every thing you gave up.
To follow me. I will restored to you in the next dimension. Everything you If you, given to press loving, you will have to work for catching warship to scan. It is prepared, bliss, wait mona prepared man. To come to a prepared bliss, no, I know because he left the boat, not because he left the net, but because he left the fish. I told you, you were never a picture of fish. I call you to be a fish.
Men and I had to put you in Who you choose either way. the fish all once decades. The result, say z? This thing, where you're from what and was dead trembled was labus said I was upset. He leaked from one dimensional the minutes into the nets.
case into the midst of medicine. I wonder: do you know how good disease somebody get ready to leap into the next image after a long struggle of tasted it and not tasted of ever having it and not have a little, sometimes up and sometimes down sometimes together. Sometimes I do the. into the mix. Students like the most about the texas throughout the rest of the bible. You never see pillar. On the boat again.
He never goes fishing again. The rest of the journey everytime, you seem pretty he's preacher. On the day, because he's deliberately inaugural address for the birth of the new testament out of all the apostles, the guy who was criminal, people's fears and custom full so ended up one of the first, the first C4 possible of the new testament church, delivering a message because, Three thousand people to get say round his neck? This man was never in the boat, Was it in his mouth
when he opened his mouth to preach about when he opened his mouth to fritz Thousands of souls gut these were as start commonly Jesus. I'm talking about purpose, I'm talking about this today. I'm talking about dimensions, I'm telling you what you keep goin back to his bid me too and what is calling you too, is before you. Not all pure futile days,. Walter feudal, shell, Ok, you don't run up and down. The only thing I about is that to leap, what god has for you, the lord
told me the two. Swell well. while you were wearing, complain and cry and feel sorry for yourself. And russell around, with the mediocrity of where you came from. While you bathe the abyss of fear and intimidation. Swell fish, while Make excuses for why you cannot come I swear. my return? I gotta stop there, but it's a real joy to share the word of along with you or of other fishermen responded quickly withdrew skull, but when life gets tough like them, they went back to their nets by to their own way.
Have you been struggling in your favor that have gone back to your nets? No, that god has not taken by calling off of your life. You still watch you regardless about badly you, but for how long? It's really got to finish with you yet put down your medicine, let god rest Oh, you took a personal call. You debate, I'd like to take one more moment and just like all those global partners is the members who are helping me because I'm your faithful giving to this ministry, laws are being changed as we speak, and people are hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ, some of them for the very first have to become a partner of our global partners. Stop just takes the letters gps There is no doubt whatever that is too to eight lab five: zero You can also visitors at tv, J partners, thought or thank your partners
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One of the things I like about this is that it defies any category as it relates to black women brown, women, white women, young women, older women, will all find some reflection at the masterclass of themselves. Don't come if you're a woman full of excuses, because this will leave you with no excuse. You've got the burning and you got the anointing, but you don't have the structure, and so many many times, you're locked out twenty years and end up wandering in the wilderness for forty years, when you got to the promise land in a year had you had an opportunity to sit with somebody who did it and they showed you how to avoid some of the pitfalls and the delays that are set. But there are some of us at all ages who don't have time to make mistakes? Very few of us will ever get an opportunity to sit in the room with somebody who's, a master of the few.
Reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life before the seeing you next time on the potter stout. the.
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