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To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29 What does it mean to be converted? It means to be fundamentally transformed from one thing to another. Whatever you’re facing can be conquered when you convert potential to practice.
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The greatness of melody. He always remember cattle fodder this morning deprives greatness. How you go, God says a mood sue me. God says: super com, not mental children. You will not be the case, so the lights chess.
Crown hobble yourself, sir, the better you re going to raise you, because I come from another kingdom and is not of this world. see we're talking number two out of their perspective and we always talk out of our perspectives. What we think about anyway, how we feel about every day how we forget about anything, is always a result of our life experience our point of view. Our perspectives are shaped by pass our backgrounds and what we have seen and we come to a conclusion whether it is the right one or not, it is Conclusion, that is the sum total of our perspectives and our experiences.
That's why only to control me with your opinion, because I realized that your opinion is concocted out of your experiences, and I also know that your experience is not the only experiences at the table, so you did to dominate me with your idea, because I have a different idea. Could I have a different perspectives? Jesus disciples headed perspective. Jesus who came down from Heaven had I heavenly perspective that perspective was go up. His perspective once go now and we are seeing. the wrestling of perspectives number three. Peter in their taxes. I am ready for you.
I'm ready. three. And he's right, ultimately, He did that. So he's gone wrong with the end since he's raw. What the beginning. The beginning was, I have already. I am ready some, I say: I'm ready. Think about how many times you pull God, you are ready. I'm ready to be married, ready to take on another job, ready for promotion. I'm ready to open up my business ready this kind of programme. You took Churchill's a big ready.
But not the preparation of bringing ready been rather takes time. Haven't you can't be ready just cause, you want it warning that make ready for having at their tracks that make ready for he says I brought it about. Jesus reverses, shut. but Father cop crows. Three times you will have the badly. You ready. You ready- and I wanted to. I want to spread of men of all this. The pain of potential. it is shameful. Being what I don't have the potential to be,
but what is painful is now that I have the potential to be too bad for you, but I built, but I'm not ready for them till they preach this message. I will speak directly to somebody who talked about gifted you were and how talented you where and how much potential, yet you ve never been able to get it together. You were great, You got the skills to be an entrepreneur. You have the skills to be a great creature. You have. This could be a great why you have the scale we agree, but all that time I put together has not got new there now you're better, not because the devil has permitted you. You are better because your potentials. You're, pretty.
Because you say about now. I should refer this. By now, I should be better than this by now. I thought I would have my degree, but now I thought I would be married by now. I thought I would own my own place and you do have the potential, but you are not ready, And he tells them why these not ready. this has the EU. Say it wouldn't want you,
Protection for people in the bag. What watch? If you didn't, have potential you fight curious right now, if you did not have the potential raven he's fighting, you is because you are the potential about everybody, this potential to give it searches, appraiser, pray, Gub, Gub, Gub, Gub, Gub, Gub potential travel, only those who would be real potential no visa. Somehow. But who are you the fact that the double now he'll live up to his? Yet I was, I had some holy ghost embryo wholly go said, the river he's after your money, the real reason for your please the way that exactly your joy, the rhythm is up for your career is how well so gave us as we call them. Sob and Simon Salmon side has to have you.
as I said to us, wait he was to bring you to your knees. He wouldn t like that potential. He wants to break down. He was shadow you he was. He was afraid he wants you to commit suicide. He was he wants you to give up. He was a collapse. It was glad he was prepared. He wants to describe it was my life was really give up said he wants to destroy. You pray you, this fight to hold another level. This is love. Peter fighting was stated. This is the key to fighting the prayer, the plan, the prayer, the plan, the prayer. The plan has a plan, God has a prayer had been very much superior sweet, but you know why you stay here, praying for you expected increase in your life. Now
I don't know about. It sounds crazy. How can you be talking about increase when everybody in the world is talk about decrease every myself about downsizing? Everybody is talking about the economy. Everybody said about that. That's what sets us apart from their oh yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, because we have a god that will bless you. The Bible said that in the days of name and all the leprous dad, but name and recovered, you wanna be that exceptions to the rule that beats the arts rises against adversity, just cause. It happens next door. Does that mean that it has to happen to you, and I want you, keep your faith we lose.
because we're gonna walk, that's what we're gonna walk out, that we're gonna, walk it by faith and it's not gonna be my site. It's not gonna, be my feelings. I we're not walking according to the press or the newspaper or the stock market, a Wall Street we're walking according to the word of God, because we, the people of God,
oh yeah. Oh, yes, oh yes, oh yes, but I have a plan. The enemy has a plan for you, gotta have a prayer for you and the enemy has a plan. At God has a prayer Vienna. We have a plan, I gotta have a prayer. You ain't got the fight, neither one of us, because the battle is not yours, it belongs to. God said I got about prayer to overcome this plan. Now. That's where the fight is because there is no problem about cup say that has the view very. My cpu sweet but pray for you. That's paid, leave out had barely be fed with Thou wilt thou art not hope you are. He knew his prayer was greater than cited. He said with converted,
so my site is gonna. Work on allowed is gonna. Work is gonna. Work is gonna work. I've been applied right now, but it's gonna work is gonna, work is gonna, work is gonna. Work is gonna work when Thou art converted. Andrea, released into the atmosphere, while Europe Patrick
I got this press release. Catalytic converter, I gotta let this trial the supply, some other residue that left out inside of you, but when I get to work it out you when I get outta here when I get to try and when I get to take it into the store when thou about of Israel from Bergamo Wilt, thou, wilt, thou, wilt, thou, wilt, thou wilt, thou well well well, well, well, well, well, well, converted.
For everyone. Rather than. Whither are converted. you re ready now You got potential, but you're not ready, but when I get to work it out couples when I get to take the new testament trout with our converted. four of them, Converted means I'm gone what's wrong with you. and make it right with you, I won't take- was broken in the EU and make it work for you, I'm not take where you got off and you Create an all ramp Thou art, Ferdy literally going to change the very since
who you are without converted converted Jeff, When the conversion Dante, the government don't take the cake out of it. Cause I had got hot enough yet Women is converted when it is a shame, is feel milk and eggs a flower, but it had got hot enough when it gets hot about its fear will be that, but it's not gonna be that is holy. Sayings is gonna. Go to metamorphosis. It's gonna come out differently, it'll be able to stand on its own. If you take it out to food is called fall, but if you let us say that all of its course stand on its own say, stop just converted.
Say just converted converted just confirmed it it's Friday when you bring good birdie somebody who do you before runs xenophobia and they expect you to act like you, you back. They don't know that you already but to the fire. It may look like me, but it's not me, beg provided. Somebody sat up in bed. I'm alone said to me: more towards members into got converts. So, just because people follow you
that mean they're converted. just because they sing and shout Doesn't mean they're converted? Oh, it's the conversion of the soul when you are converted, your potential we'll be utilised Full use you just because you follow. You have to be converted. you have to be converted if it's all for you to go to church consumer averted. is is not is not. Is not your generation its conversion. It's not your age issue, conversion,
No, I don't want to talk to me. It's a convergent. You know you go to church, but you have not had a convergent. It's really, because if we work abroad, if you would be hungry for the word, you would be hungry for true, you would be a hungry for worship. You would be a hungry, vibrate re that you're. Ok with it is you're, a follower. Have you had some experiences with it proper water? You could also beers form But that's not the question the question:
Have you been, could do better. Please you gotta frequently does what the question is. Have you been? Have you ever read it? It was the blood of life, but change your somebody bill. What nobody's looking have you a big brother? What do you put other threats place would cover tat like the rest of us, but I haven't really big regretted. That's all. I can tell you that I owe you a very firm it. There's no give about it win, Thou art converted Strengthen Barbara. among those freedoms, gonna go a little further.
When I go a bit further, he tells us that it is just this too, points I want to show you will quickly be the number one is chosen provision. You remember what I said throughout the first, and I tell you to take me with you. Don't drink your purse, don't take scrip Dante, everything don't take a sword. He said Digital, I'd, give anything. They said nothing. This is your early days. I did everything you had to do nothing provided every I sent your purse. That's your money. I said the sword gesture to France as Central Bank special provision. Everything you needed to get where you were gone, I provide, did you lack any thing, nothing Lloyd,
says but MA. Now this is take your purse with you, take your script with In other words, I am with you. This is important committee camera that this is important. The stronger you get, the less he does. Let me sum, let me show you the example. He gave me two too to illustrate the point the younger a baby is the more you do for them. You wash em you. the problem you clean up your freedom, wow you home You set em up your whole they're here, the old Hey kid. The less you have to do, for the babies
Five and you still have the bay them. it is reported to have you got a change. there's something wrong with it. The older they give the less you have to do. When the children of Israel will going through the wilderness? God fed them, He's a man down from Heaven. They went from from the hand of free to eating from the hand of God gossip, down from Heaven. He bid them. He took care of everything, but when they got to. to the promised land, the bottles it the man had ceased, When a man stop, God said to prepare virtual. Three bays you'll crossed his sword. In other words, Do what I used to do for you, but over about stronger, now
properly prepared for what I'm going to do. You still gotta get provisions but you're good to be more involved Not going to do baby food miracles. Full grown up believers. I hope that everybody, I'm almost done. so we all are waiting for him to do like you used to do. But how much is given How much is given To whom, whom much is given so he said, take your purse with you. This is gonna. Cautious, up, you're gonna have to invest in yourself. You, you can't just pray
on me to do it? You are going to have to get involved in the process because Europe, older now, I'm still to provide, but I'm going to pay through you and not to you. Astrology stuff right there. I've got provide through you. I'm gonna require your participation, provision in order text you when getting ready to take you before I just open doors. You just have to be at the right place at the right tat. It just happened. He's not gonna, be like that anymore. You're gonna have to be intentional. Take your bag. Take your purse. Take your souls and I
Jesus law weighing up to and he stopped talking. So they said you still don't understand what I'm talking about. You count Machel swords and I'm talking to you about the king and he ceased from speaking to them. How I got one more point. I want to share my fifth point. My final point is promise. And a simple is very, very simple got says: you're gonna know you converted by the facts to have on other people
God has its you to wines that you might become. What is important is not what people God is preparing, Hugh or what's next today, give any amount, and you will receive the rights of passage CD and the destiny declaration cards as far as part of a global or your gift of ninety dollars or more, you will receive the destiny, demands, art print and bookmark the destiny book, as well as the destiny collection on you, SB, writes a passage, cd and Destiny declaration cards. Don't wait all or go online, and this incredible bundle can be yours today. This is the right path.
Dry and above all, will guide you make a very sad that there is a difference between though the clay is found on the role it has been to enough that it has become. It is on the wheel where the shaping of could stop avoiding the spin, because you'll never be what he had in man and for your Willie shop hinted sprints. All of a sudden, a lump of clay, begins to look like something. Silent sermons of God.
everything that change fundamentally from one to another is conferred the law? Are you boy became the higher? God will exalts mad my lab fragile, but God will exult Jesus disciples had a perspective. Gee, that's ok! Bout from Heaven had I haven't made perspective that respect there was go up. His perspective must go now. You got the scales for me an entrepreneur on you have the scales premier, great creature, but all that time I put together has not got you there. Now you because your potential have given you pray. You can't just pray and wait for me to do it. You are going to have to get involved in the process because you're older now, I'm still going to provide, but I'm going to provide through you and not to you when you are right it. What I take it, you do air water and you think you are worth reinvent the inaccurate youth. What about you.
That is what has really. Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing next time on Pakistan.
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