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Dancing in the Desert

2020-10-11 | 🔗
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And out of the desert grows these palm trees for shame. Do you need shade, they said under the treaty. and there they rested, that's going to bring you into a place of rest. from Shea Tree is waiting for you to lay down you're gonna drink from up. Well, you didn't. Rest,
And how do I get to rest? You will find their place of rest when you learn how to dance and the desk attracted to the centre piece so which intend to many accoutrements, but I am attracted to the fact that Miriam my one brought her territory to the desert. and then she would at this particular moment beat timber. All of the women would begin to dance. Josephus a historian says that bodies were littered all up: a gifts, the banks of the Red Sea,
Out of the water did so the women started dancing. They were dancing on the day. I thought that's what you saw, what saw what was best an old topper. You tells foods with that's what I'm telling you to balance in the desert. That's what I'm telling you to dance in the desert, because, while you dancing your devils die while you dancing your diseases or die while you're dancing, your debt is dying.
You'd better go enemies die when men of grammar tambourine she did not just do it out of she. Did it out a warfare, because when you praise God he is magnified and the boy you praise him, but boy he'll work for you, so what you seek to bring it out? They'll just looked at him, but grant temporary staff. Do you play they were dancing.
doesn't little did they know that when these women started praising God, they would set off catastrophic series of events. With water, remember, when God told the woman look at me? I have said so flow rivers. One something's gonna happen to you. Praise something's gonna happen to you speak up. Something happened to you grab your team.
Green in the middle you does it as they refuse to be depressed, and I refuse to cry- and I refuse to walk around this house look at all, say I will read my term rain and devil damsel Papa you dance Gimme, some holy goes down a father, a middle with their, not one of them escaped the book.
Doubt was one hundred percent. Not one may live to tell what happen, because we got here. I will destroy any meetings. I was told I haven't you and care how gases Gus's have a down, and the Red Sea caused in, but the see close did not just to destroy prairies It also closed so None of the lesser troops could follow. The pursuit. Point number two point: number three: so that when the children of Israel got into the middle of the desert they could
Go go, go too far by Giscard does to teach us about separation so the text models of the water still flowing out of this dance. the Bible says that there were three Into the wilderness and where they were three days into the wilderness, they came to a place of water. when they got down to drink the water was bitter bitter to snub dismay meditates too bad. It was dangerous to drink and the people cried out
Whenever the people crowd, the leader is always miserable. The people cried out against Moses, We put right. And the only thing you can do as a leader is when the people crowd to you Moses, turn around the Gaza. We all you can do is echo. The job of the minister is to echo the voice of God to the people and echo the voice of the people. and so Moses is echoing to God what the people said lackey calls to the people. What God because Moses stands between the people got, he tells them. What gods
details god what they say, that freedom thing Frederick and he answered with a tree. I want to talk to the people who pay. For something and the answer doesn't look like the question. you get down on your knees and you pay. Aid for water and he answered with a tree. This might be the most important moment in all of the scriptures because this is a moment of saint vacation, this is, the moment we went from separation to sing vacation. This the moment
not only- is God trying to answer their craving. He is let us get a peekaboo. a glimpse. A Jesus. Just a glimpse is this again, see you remember what Jesus toll the one well if you rigour, the water that I have you will never first again He did a water commercial further samaritan woman. He did a taste ass. He say anything drink and what you drink and you always come back as something wrong with your water. But if you, because the water that you will never thirst again, they prayed for water freeze exactly this water. Let us not wait for what I got ass it with the tree, the tree of the type of cavalry.
The trees, the rugged cross, the tree of the prophecy of the only thing that God had. That would turn the bitter waters of your. What will your life sweet? Moses? No, the problem is the water, but the answer is the tree where water is the tree. It is a foreshadowing of the cross. It doesn't look like it has anything to do with the problem, but God Toe Moses, to throw a tree. The one issue on double shall draw a tree at its touch. Today was a throw a tree at it. Draw a tree elbow room and tone through a tree added through free added. No, you need money, but through a tree I know you print about water, but through a tree added, so they through
A tree the bitter waters, a Mamma and the water turn sweet, the water that was bitter turn sweet by the inclusion of the tree? He'll make good arguments light, before you. All of this is in this text. The same way that Jesus took the water and turned why they threw a tree into the bitter water and turned it into sweet. The answer his tree on a heel, far away stood at all. Rugged cross Twas one tourist attraction- for maybe I'll be all rugged cross because you see the cross turn my bitter waters
sweet if you're watching me right now, I don't care if you better, because a drugs bitter, because a crab bitter, because a cocaine bitter because of abuse better because a molestation bitter because you strip it on a pole. I don't care what the bitterness is in your life. The tree will turn its sweet mysterious, cavalry they threw a tree and the water and it changed how, though, are loyal nor your family? Other potter's touch? What an extremely exe I think time with this and our lives. I know that some may say it is the worst of times, but all things considered for some of us, it may well
the best of times. With that in mind, I would encourage you. I would urge you. I would tell you to get happy about. Making a contribution to the porters touch. Is a wonderful investment and God will never? Oh you anything you can't beat in giving. So why don't you try donate now to the potter's touch and you'll learn how to dance in the When they got picked Elam, they came to a prepared blessing. Someone had been there before know. Somebody had been there before I can prove to you that somebody had been there before, because there were twelve whales, enable there were twelve. wills Emile. Now
rules are not natural experience. Not a lake is Mount upon its will. Somebody had to Doug, thereby to dig it but somebody big it so that when they got there, the well would already be there. I want to tell you that God will give you houses it. You didn't bill at vineyards that you didn't go. There's somebody speaking right now will so that when you get to the place the water will already be made. A god will sustain you now when they do the tree in the water they break, but they didn't pitch their tents there, but when they got to the twelve wells at evil, the babble said they stayed there aware they pitch their tits. Farewell, Professor God is going to give somebody sustainability.
not a one moment. One off experience, lava short term experience for you to look back on what wondrous attraction and always referred over the good old days it used to be God. It's gonna, give you a sustainable blessing. There were exactly twelve wills or water and give this my brothers and sisters there were forty palm trees. This sounds like a resort. There are forty palm tree at least forty at least forty might have been sixty sixty it we stand in the desert. Mother. The tree when in the water, but this one grew up out of the desert, And so we can see in trees. We keep
trees and we keeps in water a goddess teaching us something about trees and water, and out of the desert, grows these palm trees. For do you need shade Do you need shade, Have you been walking through the scorched bra place of a pandemic. rarely make ends meet the news every night stressed out and your wits in
do you need shade? They said under the palm trees and there they rested and the debt a prophecy terrorists prophesied. Is going to bring you a shake. A shake up, God is going to bring you into a place of rest. Some shade tree is waiting for you to lay down under the will.
It has already done. You have always done your way out of everything the enemy ever set against, but not this time cots I'm going to bring you into another man's labour. You got a drink from off. Well, you didn't dig, and I am going to give you shade from how much it costs due to be you, I'm goin. To premium and harassed- and you say how do I get to that rest- you The place of rest when learn how to dance and the death.
as long as you murmuring complain, you'll never find your palm trees. But the moment you to say I'm gonna, be a temporary and I'm going to beat the thing to the glory of God. and I'm going to worship God in the middle of the desert. I hear the sound of bells ringing of rejoicing. coming into your house. I hear the sound of endorsing coming into your desk I hear the sound of rejoicing coming into your hospital room. I hear the sound of rejoicing coming to your marriage I hear the sound of rejoicing coming into your business. The sound of its voice appraise break about.
Spring bout, Baron woman doubt that this not concede all start rejoicing right now, a little sick, but there's gotta be a rejoicing coming in your life, a God is going to bring you into a resort time of rest time, peace, a time of provision and most of all, a place of sustainability and you'll be able to picture tit. There And sit down and rest because he has provided for you. I want to pray for you right now, you're in the desert. We are thus we all Twenty twenty has been addressed, place it has been a place of uncertainty. not quite into our promised land.
And hearing the reminders about ass behind us This has been a year that we as a people, particularly people of color,. Had been reminded of our bondage, like never before we have heard the sound of federal chasing us. Yet again we been reminded. The right to vote could be lost. We ve been reminded that we could still be hunted and shot down and kill. We been reminded that we could still be destroyed and how much we own and how smart we are has nothing to do with it. We had been this tax. gases, I'm going to bring it to a place of sustainability. I'm gonna break away from your fear and I'm gonna. get off your enemies, and I am
To give you arrest we need to do right now, throw apart, dance in the the debt and confusing enemy because I want you to know in the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis somebody's building Wales for you, you're gonna, common took place of abundance because changes in the atmosphere and all the people over the earth. I rejoice because only person who ought to be made is the devil. If you re drowned in the Red Sea, you oughta rejoice God is bridging the back of oppression moving away the curse of the memory of fear although the slaves would not have to spend the rest of their lives on the run.
That's why Merriam danced wasn't just a framework was dead. The threat of him, come up again was destroyed, God says I will wipe out the memory Of what horrified I got whales waitin on you, palm trees above you here. And if you got the faith to stand right in the desert and dance right now I got the power to bring. and took place of sustainability. I gotta get the power to give you. Equity. I got to break the yoke of Europe today and you will be many things which you will never be that again,
Too many tests, but you will never go back to that again. You will have much opposition, but you will never go back to be in favour, owes boy, that's why she s She bears because women are mammals She bears because she knew her sobs would not be born in captivity. She danced because she knew her. Nieces nephews would not have to make bricks and change. We should, dance over the possibility of a brighter tomorrow calling for women everywhere to lead us into the dance and led us into the water and led us into the prayer that breaks curse Tales Hale, you can have another generation.
Not another generation, you cannot do you love me ass. You cannot have migrant children. You came over here. My greek brandy bottle the women to TAT said the desert until yolks of broken at bears the halls of commerce advance all over the White House. I bans all over these bans all over the hospital would advance and thereby to several position exposure. Courage and knowledge all have a part in expressing the full potential they got is placed in you, today for your gift of any about you'll receive packing order as audio and video recorded lie that women our loosed in this, I saw message. Visual Jake shares for words that will serve as pillars of strength and encouragement for your spirits for your gift of ninety dollars. More,
also received a woman of Queer said, including a monk Joe Bag and Bishops new book. we women, pray exam in the lives of ten women in the Bible and change the world for praying? In addition for your gift of one In twenty dollars- and you can have the five Such women, though I lose legacy collection as audio and video women are loose Bible as well as the one the prayers and packing order by Bishop Tv Jake's, don't wait, call or go online, and this incredible bundle to be yours today. It's time to create a perspective of faith, they will die you for the rest of your life.
the Incas we're gonna go. I am God this is the beginning after the other big. I do not know who I am just like your strong doubts. We live in God. We want the water you have for us if we had to crawl Floyd. If we have to crap would if we have to press forward. If we have to read
forward. Commissar dance back, give us her praise back We humble ourselves in your presence. we drop our heads and humility. I will not leave this desert without my pants. I will not leave this. That's it my dad's without my son, without my daughter, without my house. Without my peace, and I don't care how ya gotta, fight forward paid out pray early in the morning pray before the break of day. sleep premium and talk of tongues
you will not curse what God has blessed, never again take a standstill So let the children of God, s right in her apartment, right into Grandmama, crazy it all you all to give up a day, in God bless you. May Heaven smile every you dance right in the middle of the desert
towards floor until streams come out of their until you find your palm trees and he found you. I pray you feel free to reach out to Athens media and share your story of how God is impacting your life will afford to sing next time On the Pakistan.
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