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Dedication to Destiny

2020-12-27 | 🔗
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What do you need to be more dedicated to in order to win? Most people have never throw their whole weight anything ever most people have never plug in the work for their dream. That ten thousand, I would not know they wanted a credit. They won't ray. What does about rework the way? That's more do what those both do, and they will blame God for their old flight lazy in pubs system, so that we will have to do is to challenge you. What is it about? You bet is comes system that you're willing to be created to, because that's all we can use for destiny reaping the prison that helped him through the Prism number one. The Bible says the Lord was within the law. It was with it.
David company in the prison, he said, if you are in agreement with you,. I don't know who I'm teaching today. But the Lord's it with you. You heard the sound of a car with you, This allows it with you, Before another woman, these about it. I'm still in the house with you, I'm still.
Open doors, were you I'm still gonna make ways for you. I will not leave you buy yourself, see, don't appreciate who you are the man that sets out do with you in the prison, not just in church, not just on Sunday morning, not just what the praise team saying, not just what everybody picnic rob, not what people are happy and sub Gaza that with you, when it doesn't look profitable to be with you. I am with you, that's what separates me from February. Both you call friends even when there is no opportunity to do so at present for your card, you praise them for your starts. You pray for your beautiful praises for not leave me. Thank you for being with what the hell was that you were with me.
With on practice by abolishing alone is with me The moment is with me:
maybe sleeping on the floor, but the loan is with me. I might be some kind of trouble right now, but the Lord is what am I have on my breasts, but the loaded with maybe down, but the lorries which goes, but the law is stable. But more is with me. I don't know what I'm talking to the web was widely and twenty nine people, whether we could not be women. Twenty point, if you wanna get we're gonna get with me alone, is worth. If they want to fight me. Did you may get it he's all mass? That's how I feel about it. You know that should now that's that's what they pay. What you don't like what you don't like this, so one alone with a number two.
He showed in mercy, mercy, sure do look good. When justice, I just he showed him mercy. You showed mercy hammers. I don't understand how people who need mercy. Give me some Marsalis his mercies our new morning. He saw them,
That's why they have a body praise ago, because he saw reverse all, have a praise. I don't I don't mind kindly my God would be. According to my fears, I wanna be cut all, but a pillar, so criminal shot, not privacy, but when I think of the good will of all that, we certainly burst its own members. number three. Favour with the warden.
gave in favour with the ward You gave in favour with the warden, I believe this global make. Folks, like you, you you think it's just cause you so charismatic. Now, God will make boats like you. He gave him favour with the war. You won't like you vote. I, like you, God is going to give you a favor but what the purchasing power.
Everybody, let me go on mobile, differ with this. I'm almost we're gonna be the thing kids we about Joseph is that he was dedicated in deficit. Stood a beer dedicated and part of this house because he was upset because boys. Dedicated imprisoned. He's Rawdon the prison. The image is one in the prison.
Abuse are proud about, barely make you see, while you are in the situation, because gospel gets a go way out of this situation that Europe does not just reveal, it himself changing situations. Sometimes God uses the situation. Will change do so what gets me about emissaries dedicated a deficit in prison? He steel serving. He's still leading he's still help me he's still giving had he not been dedicated a deficit, he would have never reached his destiny, had he got bitter or depressed or discards.
Last time I was dedicated, it didn't work, I'm not going to do it anymore. I'm not going out there like that. I'm not going out like that! I'm not going to do it. He would have died in prison. But he was dedicated. A deficit To be dedicated to church, not grown. Can you be dedicated to a job? You think that's believe you. I love you, so you wanna get dedicated when you get the promoted. No. You will be dedicated mountains, arguable git, to propose. I'm helping somebody, I don't know who it is. Programme of Kosovo will be evident. impulse, another external reaction must be dedicated because he's dedicated.
He has not dedicated because Things are going good. Has not allowed external circumstances to define internal character, he's just identity Then came the purse even dedicate all his life. What he said he's all. What he's there he's really there What he's given he's really given? What are you serve, really serve regardless? This is who we don't. like change, who you are. you gotta be consistent, and even when life is chaotic,. because now I see why God shows Joseph, he could trust
Stu, chose Joseph because he could trust him Joseph ends up the prince Age Does this consistent. TAT God twas shoe. Present now pay. Nobody there. to say the boy. God bless his people. He can try Can I trust you with power seekers, power.
Its trust in you money at the problem, has to do what I want to challenge you to continue to support the ministry because you know as well as I do that the ministry is not about punitive, has thought about bridges and it's not about stained glass windows of technology or any of the things we see around us. This is not really. Street ministry is worth reaching ear power, That's me We are appalled, touching less that's methods and there's nothing about this situation that can circumvent the ministry from reaching. Not only you with you with you with you, but people all over the world power. If you off,
Is it bigger rated if your man is renewed? If you watch this broadcasts of his change, your life and having cut away the battle have to tell you that its round about I'll have to encourage you to so because you're too much of a christian chief got out of the opportunity to pour out supernatural blessings of your life, because we are coming to a time that, if God does it, do it didn't give that the jobs? but we have not last I'm not prisoners to convey to encouraging us to challenge you. What is it about? You bet is consistent. But you're willing to be dedicated to. Because that's all we can use for destiny. Joseph down in jail, interpreted other people, dreams.
And gonna for people as they may be, This does not happen. You go get out in three days you're gonna get out and you Went back to the gate, three days to this other joker, you going to be dead. You faking you phoning, you don't know who you are. You didn't bring nothing you trying to sleep in on somebody else's annoyed. In three days you going to be dead. The butler gets out, I'm forgets Joseph. But Josephine Steel, dedicated. the bomb? Forgive him for two years He's going to take a decade take a burger.
Shut down, everything that you doing right now, it's going to take us to get it established and its solid and where you fully respected on the next level and where you going to expect it to take some time to years he spent, about the people who need help. but that two things the proofs biased bound to the brow, will rise again. Daunted. It may take a long time, but if you just keep going right, if you just turn round a big dedicated, if you keep going right, you can overcome everything you can move wake. You could go back to college. You get your doctor if you just keep God can only bless what you our consistent about: dedication to destiny
This is my opportunity to dedicate my way onto the Lord and say you know what almost stop being up and down back and forward flippant flip now and I'm gonna be consistent, even though my life is not. Even though this year would not be consistent, even my friends will be consistent and my family work, because this it must spouse what be consistent. Everything around they may not be consistent. These are the areas that I vow, I'm gonna hold two. I will not drop this. I may drops a mouse. So a bubble, but now to put what the deuce.
We still worried about that when I went to mercy as where the mercy back another part of mercy and put them at the mercy of the Putin and embracing go together. Lord have mercy this right here. This right here, Jesus this year with a lot this guy. We want what we gonna walk this out, if I don't say, but ten dollars a week, we got walk this out of our labour to wondered, if not only by two hundred pounds to have a calories down a week. We don't want this out. If I don't take my one class a year with a walk, this fits my dear. I will put this law put this a lot, because if I put this a lot like now by the time, I get the walk to be exactly where I need to be.
Second, fil home after some. Amount to some amount to some amount to some women locked down to get it, I'm willing to be stable, they get it. I'm willing to dedicate myself toward it. Not wait. No you to give me, You gotta give me that will be chasing you slip up behind you plan to get out of your good in the hope, tat some of it about this myself, whatever it takes to pay the price level, although body when I get it is probably won't bring about you Bobby.
Tat. We ve been set amount to some. Do this. Do I'm gonna? Do I'm gonna do it, but I do want amounted to about doing what they all right. I will go with things: go wrong, I'm gonna! Do this, I'm not be consistent. Lord, you can count on me for this less alone at all tat his play. So what can we do.
I learned a long time ago, fifty percent of women has sought to fortify the prices have over when you sure you have never went to fight. You don't show up for I'm someone up for this, I'm showing up here. I read it for duty. I am to adding in the shadows for their freedom
I won't let the chance for what I may. Yes, let that's that's why you're tired, I never saw it every day, make alone did in everyday unpitied every day about separate arithmetic sway over that. You can count on me to take action on waste. Another decade complain about. He did love me who did raise me. Who did the rest? Who didn t know how I feel
Tell them to you. To get rid of me all of a sudden, a bundle. Furthermore, a broom nobody, interpreted and labelling, Don't you What you would call a bummer president, whether Joseph I was in the joy with him You put a good more he's pretty good heavy morbid good, imprisoned. he wouldn't mobile got to the palace. What are you in prison? that brought him to the palace so palsy, what a plus the butler said. Forget you! get out the best way you can. I got more problems right now, but
consistent. And it came and mountainous on this said the king has made you be washed up. Got a lie. That is free, just right so Go and cynically powerful suddenly this day,
Somebody is going to see that you have not see your years have not heard me that had it for your hard work, God is about to take you he's about to take you to another damage, your board, the sea. The key touch, a nervous, I'm going to see the king, I'm going to see the king, I'm going to see the k, I'm going to see the key. I'm going to see the king, I'm going to see the king, I'm going to see the key, I'm going to see the boy to see that I'm going to see tee, not dressed in pressing for all to see. The guy Who was it.
One chapter. Becomes. the head of the Treasury. Father lies of age. Thus, while believing killing this
because when you kill yourself, you kill yourself, you a merchant, you kill yourself over your path, but what you kill it is not. Europe is already happens. You'll kill your Pilcher twenty four hours ago in tat light you'll get your white pal I was. I had witnessed several hours have one upon my word. I wish I had a path that path. So it comes down to your part. Does gun have you here today. What do you need to be, what dedicated to.
In order to win due to most people, have never thrown their whole weight at anything ever. Most people have never put in the work for their dreams. but ten thousand I was known, although they wanted on credit. They will re what they're supposed to rework the way they do. What those about to do. they were playing God. Further old flight lazy, inconsistent aid available, I'd like it didn't come through, but the truth is you to come. that's been waiting on you waiting,
That is as soon as he will. I will. As soon as she does, I will. So here is the question: what is this about? What are you talking to? You and only you can answer there. What brain do you have that you have not fully been dedicated to that? You ve not drown. You All self comes system because upset? If you do it consistently, he'll bring it. You'll bring.
The Bible says: let the routine of the lords face so dont be redeemed and keep it a secret. Dont be redeemed, been undercover agent for the Lord God only knows secret agent. He leads you to say so think anything you get it anymore. You rethink audio boldly to dethrone, basically jinx dynamic message on receiving at the throne, of guys mercy and grief for you give the ninety others are more you'll also receive Bishop Jake's book fund. The start as well as why tonight a dvd collection ambitions, powerful new year's Eve services, for you give the one hundred and fifty dollars a more you'll receive our. I am seeing throw blanket the legs journal, glass, ornament and hope it Christmas collection, in addition to follow the star. Why tonight and boldly to the throne of God, says what got says I could do. I could be what God says: I could be called a go online to receive your bundle today.
What is solid, you are you protecting. Are your provider? Are you creative? Are you thoughtful? What about? You has matured to the point of having the God.
Because that will determine how? U story? Is that it's what matured tee is maturity is consistency. I go to work when I feel like it. I gotta work when I don't feel like I preach when I want to protect preach when I get on the plane when I want to get on the plane I get on the plane when I gotta get to play, I gotta do what I gotta do. If I got a walk. Gotta Walter hurts, but I gotta do what part of you has moved beyond your moved, because that is the only part of you get his cigar fact. Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the.
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