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Defying The Urge To Quit

2020-01-12 | 🔗
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the potter state to get to that to get up on my feet to up to carry on that fact to love to live to get out the bed. With my fears, my badge, my anxieties, my insecurities: what does the triad I am, and I had to fight with family at many times I laid in bed, I couldn't go to sleep. Our society went through the portal Important
you learn to him, do something to stand up to some Think of what Paul rights too timid, in writing to the young man. Says, because for young people Look, it's tough; they underestimate How is to do with. That's why they jump up and say I can do this and I could do that and I could pass through that church and I could wear that shirt and I could get married and I can do this and I could have is he lie to say I can till you try it. I am shocked at the things I jumped on another estimated one of them being ice.
Is a lot tougher than I expected it to me now? I know why my mother told me to be in a hurry. To get grown is not as good as you think it is I get it now. I wouldn't have an then. If I couldn't be fourteen, I was fourteen and a half. When you got sixteen, I'm sixteen and I have those abs sixty out of sixteen air. You don't see anybody saying I'm fifty and a half's, not one person. Do you mean how old are you I'm forty two and a half the.
You brought that half or three quarters of five sixty. Sometimes you reduced to the lowest common denominator and just save my in my where in them. Mother, It's a lot tougher than it looks to all you, young girls, who are writing all of these stars. Talking about, I want you to be my baby batter. Take the news flash be a mother is not cool or easy or convenient; it is tough. It is wrong. There is no retirement at the end for married mothers, not,
it benefits the. Hey writes to and says I fight. Let me now bear me is not ease.
Is not for the faint of heart is not in my suit. You can get shoot flat me, but they won't make you stand like me, fought a good fight, baby and fighters in the slap somebody into my fought, a good fight. The fought my way up. I fought to get to work to get up on my feet. To stand up to carry on, I fought to love to live to get out the bed. With my fears, my bad, my anxieties, my insecurities, I fought back by the betrayal, but I had to fight with family at many times I laid in bed. I couldn't go to sleep. I was firing web traffic.
The. Hence I have some, I told my thought, a good fight That such a good site, when I look at what other people can say, what they call a side is what I call my whole perception of what a site is has been revolutionized. The latter five. Following could fight, the man tells the young man cooks. You might not have seen it the glamour.
You saw the hearings, we he'll be media, but let me tell you what to do fight the sites. Accepted I lost a lot of stuff. I lost a lot of friends. I lost a lot of strength. I lost a lot of curry. I lost a lot of time. I lost a lot of money, but I kept my leave. I was still leaving. I was relieving. I was believing the
Took three people to keep the faith, keep the faith if you lose a job, keep the faith if it loses a spouse, keep the faith if you're bearing your child, keep the faith. If you have to downsize, keep the faith. If you had the ball, there was your mom and keep the faith. If you actually and keep the faith evaporates, the bus keep the faith in the club. Keep the faith. If you get sick, keep the faith. If you lose your kidneys, keep the faith he got heart trouble. Keep the faith might not get to go hard but forgot to keep your fafsa. and is says, Oh man. says to the young man. I finished. course.
I am concerned. because we are living in a world that has, Become comfortable, we're going to school. and getting an incomplete. The dame Of living life of incomplete. Three or four sets of families. Three or four sets a kids on to stay. Forget women. Forgive women to stay.
To be a superhero. Nobody can count on you. Just get out. To do. Nobody can count on you. Past happy. they used to come in love and say leaving them, because, if beaten me, although I'm leaving him because he he he abused my children and leaving him a bit because he's homicidal now they come in mouth as they say, I'm leaving cuz, I'm not happy. You're not.
Hey told you, it was gonna, be the. What does that have to do with the you know in your life? That is happy. All of that. You because you're happy. I believe, a mob churchill supply. Let me take up today. People join in the church means nothing. If I had fifty percent of the people who join this church came in a given sunday, we would have traffic backed all the way up to him. You.
E bay ways me not following through they get on committees. They get to know why they get in the arthropod. They never follow through on anything. I used to never have everything that I didn't open up: the doors. I don't know what it was wednesday night bible class. I would open up the door to the church for a membership all and they'd be coming in two or three hundred at a time. Remember. Sometimes I do something I do to do. If you don't come, you ve, probably another communist leader, may make it. You lie in church.
That's who have really drawing the two have commitment that you take. My churches haven't church, and I am a member, and I'm supposed to be their responsibility does not come. Do. People work when you pay them. So you do these people money to be dependable. And the worst part about it is She pond you'll, find somebody who follows do and if you keep look in your found. Somebody.
Who stays with you. But to the person who keeps quitting: You have to live with that infection That you carry that propensity to never pulse I finished my course. I didn't finish yours. I didn't finish yours, I didn't finish so. I didn't financial and I'm not into your business. I'm not trying to get in your business. People who are trying to finish their costs are not nosey.
The sake is trying to finish what they started. I don't have time to worry about. What's going on in your house, I'm so busy trying to manage. What's going on in the guts of the wherever you run out, that's where he runs as long as you act like you don't run out, you don't give him the what if you open up and say I'm out of it, I don't know what to do. I can't bring it together. I can't handle it. The
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The casual pal got into trouble remain this phone from my flair. He had to pray, he had to go through some tough times. He said I got so depressed. I got so discouraged. I wanted to die. I pray after seeing people get heal and deliver ways, people from the dead and couldn't get the thought out of my own flesh, the contradictions of being powerful, outwardly and conflict that it wasn't enough to make ill quit and still have fetish for cause with a god who said no to his own practice. We got to talk to one of your better outside than you are on the inside. I could get rid of your thorn, but I've got a bear. This is so good. I will give my own say the imo get. This is amazing.
Good, you can be fixed and other people's lives. You know exactly what they ought to do. Even Jesus with friendship. He goes to the garden at the ceremony. This is no about it's just. This is tougher. The body he labored impertinent to sweat what blood sweat poured through his skin sam Get out of this kid, I kid his children, Get on a horse. And am away. Take a camel. and ran away from a cross.
Jesus said: Daddy, We have never seen the pot is so quiet. three times he pray. How can I finish. Its own way out of me. Is anybody in here who have pray lord. They are a way, Get out It's. b. We is not going to solve
Being me is not what is cracked up to be that quit. Finally, this is not my wheel, that's where that's where it is that's a whole day, not my wheel. Not my way my preferences, not my pleasure. Master. not what I wanted, not what I liked, but than bigger I will be a mama but thankless task,
they are good mama anyway,. To a distracted, husband. good wife anyway,. To a whole wife asked still be protecting us. Square in this house is the go on a job that is full a hill and chaos and smile every morning and do my job. Because it is not about them, it's Me.
Defy the urge and oh what an urge it is to quit: quit school, quit jobs quit life, quit friends quit church whoa whoa. What an urge it is to quit. Politics puppeteering preaching: I don't care what did he dentistry medicine nursing, oh, what is it he quit.
ten strangers prey can get a hold of me and do what is in front of me this Not burger king and you do not get to have it. yeah If people say stick it out, stick it on the trigger to stick it out. Stick it out. Stick it out, stick around stick it out. Take it out, stick it out, kick keep doin what you can You might be in that and if you don't get supernatural debt cancellation,
Then take natural that translates, keep on and on and on and on and throw in. almost finish. If I'm preaching the right, mrs say some to be living here, I want to pay Isn't it about Derek and I'll be gone, Derek derek derek number: twenty eight derek written in the olympics in barcelona with the whole world, watching the trained and prepared
this moment, probably little skinny shorts with the wind flat. cut down in the position when it started running. On an olympic who would have thought tat. This black boy would make it totally. People there from all over the world and is teddy was cheered him and he was run it. He ran the first lap. He did real good. He was Coming around a little in the second lap, he was doing real good until he pulled his achilles heel and he went down and hook the crowd gasp. He went down. They will come in with the stretches to kill him.
And he started hoping to see he was hampered in pain. And it was, it was kind of stupid because. Of chess women. All right, it's fun path, and it was still happen. And crime. This was what. Try Well, daddy. came out. There He got upon the dennis. It was happen. The voice was over
Everybody else called due to finish line. And is that it will pull in. So maybe I'll stop. It is not about women. S amount furnished with tanks all night with legs across the finnish, and I came to tell you too small. A ted talk like this. So anymore
You may not come in first. You may not get a trophy. You may not be honoured. or recognise Or even appreciated.
This is not about the film about a god who is alpha and omega the beginning and the end it may not be pretty. It may not look cool. You may not make the front page of the paper they may all be talking about that. They all may be sad you're, not a failure rejected, but the lord should be out here this morning that failure people on the hopper, the hopper, if you're, all out a little while the.
If you do.
the urge to quit the past it's time to start twenty twenty strong. It doesn't matter which sets itself against. You were created to rise above today for your gift of any amount. You will receive a twenty twenty one, canada and rise above the powerful to dvd teaching or as in people, whereas in canada and rise above bishop jakes will teach you how to achieve your greatest victory by defying the urge to quit. I could feel the urge- and I can still defy- and by leaving the past behind you, that the don't wait, call or go online today, it's time for you to rise above that say about that.
You are impacting so many lives in so many places in so many through through so many generations as well. You are a blessing and thanks for thanks for foreign out your heart in your mind, your spirit and not holding it all to yourself, so that others, less remit is relevant. Thank you anything you Jim, you can't change, and what I wanna do is where the discussions.
Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your line. We look forward to seeing you next time on the palestine. The.
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