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Draw It Out Of Me

2020-02-09 | 🔗
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Coming up Potter's tat, I came all the way from Dallas texas to prophesied of somebody who must stop. God is about to give you another chance to take its. You got it. You get tat. Everybody incited to have this opportunity to assure the word of the lord with you deserve. Just a glimpse of some of the many amazing experiences our head in kenya.
The message is called draw it out with me out of exodus chapter two verse one through ten. There is a greatness on the inside of you, god will use your trials and your frustrations to draw out what he styled inside and with great dismay, come in seed for so long disperse small beginnings. Take this will bless your life. These good to expose you been hidden, but now god is getting ready to expose you. Pessimism coming out. Man he's getting Exposed man no integrated expose me. I can tell about the kind of double that have to fight lula.
bring new devils and when you see new devils, this a sign you're on your way to the next in this stage the stage of exposure. god knows that moses- and this is very important gotten- that Moses headline All he could learn being exposed to the people he was exposed to. There was nothing wrong with the people who are exposed to. They were good people. They were praying people because God said that they ve been praying for deliver There were wonderful people, but he had learned all he could learn being exposed to the usual Oh god took him out of his environment now of development and peace. into a place at the brook weather pharaoh's daughter could see him.
Now you gotta hebrew baby expose, to say rose door. An egyptian woman. Are you following me today, When she reached into the water and drew him out, somebody So I draw it out of me, though they egyptian hands, pull that hebrew baby up out of the water Of what it was used to and expand to a whole different dimension. When we reach over top of our cultural barriers,. And I suppose, to people who do things differently from us. It is because God is getting ready to take you beyond. your normal. Are you ready for this
so I say no more business as usual. been exposed to something else, took the baby, this power, other water and in the palace, All of a sudden he had masses and mammies and people bathing him and settling in the school and god with exposing him the things that he couldn't afford that he didn't expect. But god sent the provision for the vision. Is there anybody in here with a great reason if you got great, prison, expect great provision. later the vision, the greater the provision and go.
Send him interface roles, house and Pharoah pay the bill for moses to be exposed This Moses steal a hebrew. Now he hadn't gotten who either way came from, but he exists oh to an egyptian mentality, because god, I knew that Moses could not fulfill his destiny. With a slave mentality forward for god, is getting ready to do in Moses. His life Moses could be one wrapped about. Yes, your balls, a miracle you're so you're? So you. anything else. Balls They kill your shoes in a minute, balls got me somebody with some that's tat tall with their backs. Like TAT said. Let me
yeah. Somebody highlights allows me that are illegal would have still talking with the sentence if we had not looked up one day and so would have another way to do this. I didn't know you could get up better look at what spread at my wings like he spread his wings and I've got to run in rio, I wonder if I might be able to get up enough win to, god will expose you too. And when you see it, some passion bound inside of you. I want
You something right now stop following leaders who will change these people, who are determined to do the same way for fifty years. You some. dad
And that, where to people that are moved, move. This church this city. This may signal this country here. That's why. I don't mind getting older. I mind, didn't stiff.
That's what we came from america inside a kid you rat or wage baby you're dead, there's. This is getting ready to get right in a genuine and touch People is that you better leave of chickens alone. You better leave a chicken find somebody who's going somewhere. get away from a bit beech leaves those chickens alone. Read it spreads elites.
Getting ready to fly you're going to the next dimension. Leave those tickets alone. Brothers leave the chickens alone. Leave the chickens alone get away from them. They don't want to go anywhere. Just leave them chickens alone. The bachelor ministry protest regular wanes. As I say, the.
when Moses first attempted to discover his destiny. He saw an egyptian, bruce fighting. and he went out and got in the fight to kill a man and had to go away. The importance of failure. You can't fly if you are afraid to fail, this was on the backside of the desert for forty years. thought his life was over. Maybe, with walking around in his failure. Somebody who had been walking around in your failure, because We have a bunch of people count you out because made a mistake.
They'll write you off because made a mistake. Bill always refer back to some. You did ten years ago. They think you'll never be cause, you made a mistake of penalties, by me, but they covet bears up and you got stir up some stuff, while I'm here today they were preach about people who fail. So about moses, the murder
about Jeremiah the ex jail bird. There are all kinds of messages about ruth who wasn't a ballot truth that are both bite. So they've got all kinds of grace for pow. They've got great for everybody who failed in the bible, but now grays for people who fail get the chat. I know you don't like it, but I must do the. The guy, This will produce Yes, others chance man, all your church freedoms are here. Who pay less able bodied mo. That's me that a second chance.
all the view that what everybody thinks about you get up at one another moment and think about it until about thank god. He gave me another chance. The Appeared onto mouse in a book. This step, but I'm about to give you another.
I came all the way from Dallas texas to prophesied of somebody who messed up. God is about to give you another chance to take its all before you put you back, tat got something wherever you announce, that's where he runs as long as you want out, you don't give him no place the one, but if you open up his hand out of it, I don't know what to do, and here I can read together. Can you weren't even philip, suddenly
women percent of released prisoners were arrested for a new crime within five years to our texas offenders, reentry initiative. You can help ex offenders move beyond their past to a greater level of purpose. More than ten thousand Suffered several pleaded the torpid successful transition back into society. You can be that missing piece to help reuniting families is a deeply partner that to become a part of our global partners system. Missus moon, that he was about to be rejected,
out of the womb of his past life, he was about to be drawn out. Somebody's they draw it out of me. Be renewed while you wait. Renewed while you wait, let me tell you, I got the guts. I'm getting ready to use your man like you. Never use the where well You want me to do lord. He said. See that wrought in your hand, though it down It threw it down to turn into a snake he's a piggy back up again to grab the by the tail turned to a stick again, So that waterways, over there yes for the water it turned to blood. Is it take your hand and stick it in your bosom, pulled it out
It was white with leprosy, he's it's too, back in again, it was here what nobody out there with moses, but don't. But god was renewing Moses strength because What Moses had done in private? about to use them to do. I was imprisoned here. If I, as a breach of living here, they showed over what I'm trying to say I bet your gods reviews reviews you in a mighty way behind closed doors, but god's about to bring you right down to the pharaohs so that when the witches try to show off he'll say wait a minute check. This out
Check this out that you practiced said your miracles gave up after you lock you up and is by far the most I am afraid, rose house. He was ready because they are they, Wait upon the lord to renew their strength, wait a minute what checksum everybody's until some test and some trials, and failures, but you feel your strength coming back, just wavered The. Waving real high, I feel come under a film of faith coming back I've seen my miracles coming by how little girl.
Two moses, from the background to the forefront. in a flash if. The men and women of god who have had a dream inside them. Some of you are passed us, but you ve, been, to release your full dream, What you say in your spirit is not like what, though the past, to see in their spirit. You don't. We criticise, but you're gonna have to stop worrying about what other people think and say see. The some of you are in leadership and in government and your style of leadership doesn't fit in with the other people's style of leadership, but you're going to have to go ahead and spread your way, because the greatness that god put Inside of you is about to come forward. When my wife
having our last chance, the doktor, told her when dexter was, do we had the date marked on the calendar, but about breed, weeks before the day came she told me: I was sleeping she's, a baby. She coming banks, disobey, yes, three get up honey I it why she says tat the summer say is tat. It can't be return this in the debate marked on the calendar. I said this
three weeks from the day. She's a baby. I don't care what the doctor see I'm the one is that this baby down inside of me at the one is that the baby inside there is the one that those wait. It's time you got some down inside of you, you oughta somebody. It's somebody else had another date on the calendar for you to come and greatness what that's what they were wrong. That's gonna work did that seven people and tell him it's time,
It is a sign of somebody tell em, is to make the wide over their business and tat is the way that sets limits limits business, thereby they wake up. It's time you pleaded in his life a woman, one neighbourhood. I wouldn't
Neighbourhood We ve been ministering and bringing food right in kenya, when you left the peoples, It started raining. Don't know what I'm talking about and they say it said it was strange that out of nowhere rain started coming and then I have a out into a rural area. We dedicated a whale there. One of my guys with me, he said, don't let it rain out here, because it was real draft. we got in the helicopter, we was flat back and as with flam by rain broke, Two sides and nairobi wrote a. ass, one of the king brothers, he said over here. We believe but the coming of rain.
is a sign of a blessing, and I said I don't understand it. Cause and you big a whale, but
comes up out of the ground I said, but when it starts right in the water comes now out of date, habits that what this is me he said when you get there sat down my people, things coming. It's you from every direction
the I'm out of time I've to stop there, but it has been such a joy to share the word of the lord with you, pray the message residents with you in a powerful way that it inspires, should motivation to be all that you can be, and I pray joy, the power of the cane experience
God is getting ready to turn your life. The journey with bishop t D, jakes on a life changing outreach in kenya that ended with two power packed messages delivered to more than three hundred thousand kenyans in nairobi, the for your gift to the ministry of any amount you'll receive the kenya experience, CD, dvd series or, as m p, three and m p four in canada, receive the renewing of your mind, receive a for your family for your gift of one hundred and twenty five dollars or more. You will receive africa a journey with t d, Jakes photobook, a beautiful necklace handmade by them aside and the kenya experience series. The now is your chance call or go online today
thank you sell match. We listen to the bishop almost every day every morning early and he's he's on our television and wearing their the house. We love it when you will have the vision you thank you so much for all being obedient to what I have called you do. Thank you. Thank you enough on nominal job. I feel like we all have a candle. We all have this light that were given to carry That light as your destiny, that's why I tell people exposure so important. If you see it that meeting,
it that means you can do it if you are not in the room where changes are occurring. You are the yard. Where consequences are you afraid reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We'll be seeing you next time on the part. the.
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