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Coming out On the matters tat, you ve got a sub sorrel mare. If you give me your god of exceptional woman ever get me, you gotta excessive absolve. If you get me, you got an accepts that a war, everyone pastor, quite eggs, common in you. I watching the potter sets today's message. What truly black eye bishops speaks about? What it means to be accepted
greatness on the implied today, you learn how to walk so take a look coming up on sunday, I really didn't have a work, a star. Going through my bible and said lord, I need I need a word for your people were to feed your people, and I was. Reading through the word of god. In this text, leaked out at me is not. This shows son. Oh, that's, nice was important about them keep reading. It is this Joseph son, but the text I'm takes visualize moment see what is being said here. Jesus has appeared in the senegal to the religious people. to the clear this is a time this
Today, this is our challenge, the way they saw their faith. These challenges, the way we view their god. He challenged their routines at the ritual isms doctrines of the ideas. God not challenging the whirl challenging the religious. This is the first rate, the gate. This is the first moment any challenges, not the world about the centres must be about rosemont the whole mongers. He challenges the religious. If you on emancipator you're getting ready to liberate, you should start with the ones that are the most hopeless and he starts. The religious sanctimonious the self righteous.
The holier than thou. The aristocracy of the kingdom. He challenges them because It's taken their religion out of this historical contexts or his prophetic call understanding and brought it into the present tense of this moment and religious people get challenged when their faith must be proven in the moment. We'd love to talk about the history. We love to talk about the destiny, but we shy away from them out we preach about? What used to be we shout about. What's going to be, and we live in right now is at stake. Is the scripture fulfilled right now like this. This is it
The problem was that the problem was they did not recognize what god was going in the present moment of their love. When I ask you, do you recognize what got a story in the present moment of your life. Do you recognize your standing in the midst of? Do you understand what you got here, you know what's going on or have you relegated you're gone to the quarters of your life either what he did for you yesterday or what is going to do for you to morrow and not recognize what he's doing for you right now. Right now, In the midst of your normal, see,. In the midst of your ordinary, this god is doing something right now, but do you see it. And if I would challenge issued to see it, could you handle it. He says this day is this scripture fulfilled in your ad? He didn't get in any trouble. Reading the scripture they love to. Have you read the scriptures
if walls for historical scriptures do not inform your contemporary life people a flag with historical context of god michelangelo great paintings on cathedrals and anthems. We love it. Handel's messiah, we love it. We love all the historical relevance of god, but when you have a god that is contemporary in the moment, you face right now: no, no! No! No! No we'll either do it at Heaven or will study what he did in the past, but we shy away from god invading this present moment lead a god who can invade my present moment. I don't need a god who invade from my yesterday and not tomorrow. I need a god that can invade not right now in this moment this day this scripture fulfilled in your say, and so Jesus did this, I love I did it. I was there and, in fact about things tat to tell you is powerful
because the book said is over bad This is services. Class dismiss. Why do you wear the servant foreman? Who payment? We read this group to shut the fuck up Class dismiss the sad. And the bible says they marveled at his words. The profundity up its words, the power This word excellence This word they were shot at his word the boat basis manner in which he spoke, the articulated with which he declared the infallible immutable. Everlasting eternal word of god and the church was shot. They move.
his words because he had done an exceptional thing? he declared it and articulated and defined it. He had brought it into a contemporaries setting avail the marveled at it, but modeling isn't believing it. You can be impressed would not be changed. You can be inspired and not be moved. You can get these principles and she'll box and all of that kind of stuff. I go right back to be who you were before. they marveled at it, but then they weren't move. And the reason they were not moved is because they then him back in the context of their understanding by saying is not this Joseph
Read one sentence is what stops people from doing great things, for god,. Because people always want to incarcerate, you. And to how they understand you to be good god, I'm preacher,
I preach that right now I dropped a sweat and I'm preaching the house, the always dragging you back into how they see you, the everytime. You want to step into the vanity and into the supernatural context of what god has called you to be. There's always some little person some little idea, so many lamer, so many naysayers, some little gossiper trouble Haider. Hussain child. Don't pay no attention to her. I knew her when the is not this Joseph's. Could god have mercy. If we don't answer this question will,
But never do anything exceptional. who's. The. because you just like your daddy, is Not this Joseph son. Well, the truth of the matter: now It would not Joseph so he was only begun- the son of god, but Joseph was the father. They saw. and they define him by what they saw in this. It is not this Joseph song and
Incarcerated him to walk into the realm of their understanding. Is not this Joseph son, What are they say about you, the stopping you? will you be limited two how other people defiantly. Will you spend the rest of your life liven up their ideas of who you are. Do you have the courage to break them all This sum in the bay- for the status quo. It is not for the ordinary it is not for the routine or the ritualistic. This is for jailbreak p.
Who will not wait to be released, but you want to break out of the dungeon of media opportune and step into the realm of exceptionalism. This is your moment. It is now or never. If you don't do it now, you're not going to do it at all. You have to make up your mind whether you are going to be jealous of song or not. This is the moment and the quest for these is not this joseph song and what is your answer I am not.
I think I know who you think I am and not who you think I am. I am not who you think I am. How dare you define me by your understanding? I am not who you say I am. Is not this josephson? What is your answer Joseph saw. He raised. but I am not trying to where I came from. I am not bow. raise. It raise me. I will read it. I lot of
One of the things I like about this is that it defies any category as it relates to black women brown, women, white women, young women, older women, will all find some reflection at the masterclass of themselves. Don't come if you're a woman full of excuses, because this will leave you with no excuse. You've got the burning and you've got the anointing, but you don't have the structure, and so many many times, you're locked out twenty years wandering in the wilderness for forty years, when you get to go to the promised land in a year, had you had an opportunity to sit with somebody who did it and they showed you how to avoid some of the pitfalls and the delays that are set. But there are some of us at all ages who don't have time to make mistakes? Very few of us will ever get an opportunity to sit in the room with somebody who's a master. The this day
I feel in europe, So they ve again, they begin the banter with Jesus. They say we. We hear all of these great things that you're doin. Why don't? Why? Don't you do them here, and Jesus said it is written that It is without honour in his own country,. The first question is about this: Joseph song says you belong to. And Jesus is the reason I cannot do mighty works is because a profit is without honour in his own country. This the fight between Ordinary miss and exceptionalism. Why could profit not do great works in his own country? A profit is without honour in his own country without,
A profit is not is without honor. He does not seem correctly in his own country. Why is it because their view of him on his view of him, determine their level to receive from him. and they say the only thing that limiting me from exceptionalism is how you see. I want to talk a minute about exceptionalism y'all, doing okay. This good I want to. I want to talk about. Exceptionalism. Exceptionalism is a concept, it's a secular concept that says any group or society or country, or people or persons who have been endowed with a certain level of creativity, uniqueness or power.
In spite of the environment from which they were extrapolated, they fit the definition of exceptionalism. successful labelling does not necessarily mean superiority in it. If not ever get it. It's not arrogance, it does not say I am better then, Tears. It just refuses to be incarcerated above the parameters of my things. Don't confuse them there, the narrow, while the toilets, Nationalism and superiority, but you gotta understand that live you don't have to be arrogant or beast. Superior or big, condescending to be exceptional. exceptionalism says that that I am Defined by my environment approach,
without honour in his own country. Exceptionalism say is that I am not incarcerated, but how you met me. Exceptionalism say is that I was raised and Joseph house, but I am not Joseph son exceptionalism, later in history, we accept The the concept of exceptionalism married itself to america. and there the term call american exceptionalism. I want explained the sum total of this up. Just give me a minute American exceptionalism lends itself to that. The ology that america who broke away from great britain and came To establish this country refuse to be just another, Three months appears up its era, but chose to be exceptional and to stand out from the prince of its day? American exceptionalism does not originally and should not imply american superiority.
But rather fares. in a world. That is moving back horse. We will move by train. We will build steam engines and move our people from one end of the country to the other. Exceptional technology and because america saw itself as exceptional for three hundred years, most of Things that you called normal were in fact it's look at the thing that I took you back three hundred years. It would disappear. The fabrics would fall off or your body the die. Some colors that were not available three hundred years ago that the I assume that you were the tec, gee that's your custom to them precisely that feels that technology, the odd,
albeit for transportation. The communication all disappears in ordinary this x. Exceptionalism? Is the birthplace of creativity. Exceptionalism, says a break. The trans break the rules. I will not be incarcerated by the limitation of the thinking of the people around me. Exceptionalism goes beyond the physical, it goes to the mentality with which you think. Except civil ism is what we are focusing on. The data. Is there not just exceptionalism this american acceptable is, but we are putting that concept in the context of this text to say this is not just some. I will not live up, to your lower expectations of hawaii. We'll do things that have never been done before.
we will break out of the box will break out of the rules. I will not leave my wife and only go as far as my mother, the I will go further than my mother dear. I will go further than my father dear. I will be going beyond what my grandmother be it because I will not be limited to the house, was born in. I will be acceptable now when they asked him is not this Joseph's They really were thrown off. How did you get to talk like that. Your birthday of the carpenter standing place you like european folks. I, like your relatives,. Like your neighbour. What are you doin drive and that kind of car. You may you going to school.
to Joseph song. How dare you open up your business stay in your place? You, Joseph sir, you're supposed to be something of a hammer. Rather than males stand, your play, I saw where you came from is not this Joseph son only You can answer. the question before you is? Will you be ordinary then, with the pack. one with the wolves. Are we I'll be exceptional, not superior. Just exceptional. The word to exceptional is accept. You can't be exceptional if you Have the word accept, except it happened to everybody. The
They all live that way
They all think that way they all fail. Privy to that, oh my god, are you going to be one of them? Or are you going to be exceptional? I think I'm not sure, but I think there are some exceptional people in this church that all the exceptional people identify yourself this morning, the oh, my god. I feel something this place is going to have somebody say everybody except me, everybody except me: you can fill in the blank anyway, you want to everybody except me, everybody stayed except me. Everybody quit except me, everybody faded. Except me, everybody committed suicide. Except me, everybody that, except me, everybody lost their mind except me, everybody quit!
another exceptional people give god a break, the yeah yeah. I want you to be bold. I want you to be radical. I want you to be tenacious and walk over to somebody look up straight and say goodbye to him and tell him I am exceptional yeah. If you get me, you ve got other sets of man. If you get me, you gotta, exceptional woman. If you get me, you got an acceptable job. If you get me, you gotta, except civil war, leopard some subtle people give god applies for gave us who is acceptable, I m a conversation with ordinary.
An exceptional, an ordinary, always have a conflict and its exceptional people dwell in the midst of ordinary people have always but a big pamphlet, clodagh get along with people who think mary. When you make you think exceptional plot, a reason. Why don't you try to strike? We speak different languages, you wicked mary, I'm talking accepts it I'll, send people back, and so he said to them.
I will not stay in my place, the I will not male males and swing hammers. I will not live up to their reputation of some former ancestor of your interpretation of how you see somebody who looks like me dresses like me, a watch like me, except pseudo friends, set up a rule breaker. I don't have to wear a nobody's name but Jake's that all the everyone could enjoy, except for him. It was the that was a mighty way from my father. God created you to be exceptional in every way.
Having a life of mediocrity is beneath your calling as a child of the king down a lab both the low expectations of you to set limitation. On what dad has said you can do if god is placed in it, I mean your spirit in you are willing to lying yourself with him. There isn't any devil, inhale that can keep it from coming to pass. Allow god to set the standard in every aspect of your life, and it will be impossible to be anything but exceptional. Oh before we go. I want to thank all of our partners for their faithful, giving your giving allows us to broadcast the message of the gospel in america and around the world. If you would like to become a member of our global partners system, just text the letters gps, and your giving a map to the numbers, two, Eight nine five zero. You can also visit us at td, J partners, dot org. Thank you
That place and find the courage to overcome average through t d, jakes series exceptionalism so much further. If you were last the god of the church to go to the church of god to watch the ministry of any size, you will receive exceptionalism a two dvd set in the midst of your ordinary. This god is doing something right now. The gift is one hundred dollars more. We will add a custom leather journal plus the blessed in favorite mug. If you want have the life you want to live, if you are not connected, you are paralyzed. Maybe that's why you're not respected, because you can't be respected if you're not the choose to be ordinary or exceptional, that many people want action in every area of your life. The in Canada visit us online or call to order your digital downloads. Today.
There was also another point that was all about
I think one of them how awful things that exploded a whole woman, thou art was number one model. The number two mom, I'm just amazed at how this hand, once more, he saw many women together with you. We became sisters and shame I'm trials.
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