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Faith In a Crisis

2021-07-11 | 🔗
To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/973/29 We live in an era that preaches skepticism as truth and apathy as fact. But Jesus teaches us another fact: that our unshaking faith in God is in the uncontested path to truth. Now is the time to come back to belief: for all things are possible for you if you only believe.
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Coming out on the matters tat. Every now she's us will show up oh god, passive, robotic, quick golf there right now, there's only one person, just you He was just, as you are In fact we are in the middle of a crisis, it is a price crisis, no bombs policy, no pigs had been release, no disaster is depicted, no chaos is obvious, but yet it is,
faith crisis, because these twelve men who started out walking with joy, I also believe they walked out. Their jobs have believed they walked away from their families. Till they walked away from the familiar and they believe they travel. But Why? to us, because I mean they thought they understood him, they thought he was bringing the king looked. They thought he would overthrow the roman empire. They thought he would be their king honor. They thought that they would get a seat beside him. They thought they would make up his parliament. They thought they would make up his congress. Vapor
It would have positions of power they do half way through the process started. Talk in this strange taught that made them stare at one another come about if you destroy the tipple in three days. I raise it again said the grain of wheat fall into the ground and dad about alone, but if it that it bring former through positive about the wasn't give time about, there was time above us, interminable was intolerable. Dan was Tom about daddy, kept talking about that. It will be, whereas you talkin about that, this was not their plan, it was not in their perspective, it was not in their per view. It was not
their preparation. It was not in their understanding, they didn't understand why Jesus kept talking about death, they merman about it in the garden, get seventy out there in the woods looked like he was talking to me that will pass this bitter cup for me not my wheel, but bad be done and there in the garden of get seventy, where his soul was pressed into blood. Grubs came out of the pause of his skin. They watched him didn't understanding, fell, asleep, accuse confused about it. Many was murmuring about death, he was murmuring about death and the pressure was mounting on the politics where multi mounting the Pharisees were against them in the sad to see where gives them, but they weren't afraid, because Jesus had power, they seen him walk a water. They had seen him he'll think they had seen him raise. That did they had seen him turn water into why they had seen him open up a blind
as a part of me. If they move any help, would be apprehended Jesus, he opened not his mouth, he didn't say a word. He let them take care. We have to let them take spoken one tab and the ground not them to the ground. Speaker we and the ground had not them. He had about power, he couldn't resist, but he didn't do anything. He turned into this lamp like individual that they would not familiar with, and he didn't say, mumbling word it may bring him around like he was a little boy from Georgia. Buttonholed judge with all these nets to morale they beat him lackey, was a slave until his entrails were hanging inside out and then after they had. With TIM, they put a cross on his back and married made carried the cross outside the city to a place called.
Gothic and their own Golgotha heel he had to carry the cross. The heel lack a slave toward a peek at the top of the mountain, where there was so much uncertainty that nobody knew for sure what was going to happen, but it did not look good most, so the disciples ran away and Peter he went to cross. It said I was never with it. I was never with them. I will not with it because Peter was afraid and rightfully so, because they were getting ready to do. It would get ready to kill Jesus. And now push had come, the should only one disciple sit, I'm gonna die with him, and that was too Thomas said we must go. I must go with Thomas Tom. I know you call doubting Thomas you. You got a name
everybody is doubting Thomas. He had been confirmed and convince committed in his faith. He believed he uses and he was prepared to go to Jerusalem with teeth, but the pressure swelled and it got worse- and I picked me up so barely one wickedness They script him of his clothes and he went like a land to the shares, any never fought back and he never said anything and they didn't do any of those miraculously they had seen him do.
Over and over again, it was ass if he had lost his power and he lay down on the cross. No man took his life, he laid down on a wooden cross and they nailed his hands to the cross and plants. Pewter lack a waterfall. The roman soldiers lift the hammer and slammed down on the nail him blood flew everywhere. And again the town blood flew everywhere. They cross his feet. Together, I believe, symbolic of the Jews and Gentiles come together under one gospel they put about together.
I slammed down again and was they had got him fast and fixed firmly to a wooden cross crawl said he had made himself a classic. I created a mountain, he had hollowed out, they lifted him up on the cross and they have you and they stretched it were, and there the saviour of the universe, lay on the Cross Strip neck. It powerless competent murmuring, almost sounding delirious, uttering things. It made no sense at those. Talking to his mother, behold behold changing languages eli! You learn, love us about my son for cadmium,
What it would be like to be a disciple of Jesus and hear Jesus, say Eli la la us about the Duma. Why has asked? Why should I stay of God live faith contour, crushing blow crisis and uncertainty? What in the world are we going to do. How do I go back home and tell em? Maybe he was a new body was maybe You couldn't do what I thought it could do. I saw him do it, but then, when we needed to do most What how am I gonna tell mouth, but how do I? when my wife was with three? following a royal somebody who, down like a criminal on across.
A measure that Cyprus ran to a room here, because they say that they killed, pastor, they'll, kill us too Themselves up in room- I heard the Judas hung himself in the pot as few they didn't go see, but it was rumoured that he committed suicide.
And there were rumours, said, suggest somebody might have broken into his gray and taken his body and Thomas had decided on at this. I don't know how to think how not to believe I dont know where to go. I don't know what to say. Why did he do somewhat any stop? If I didn't stop it, why did you stop away? Let this happen? Why did he let this happen to himself? Why did you let this happen to me? Why did you let this happen me if you ve ever had a faith crisis? This is where you talk. I did what I did.
It was almost half what what Mamma I ve got was on the sand, whether my daughter go. Have governments say why did I lose my job? Without God I don't know. Maybe it's not real, maybe of work. Maybe it's not true. Scepticism has leaked into the boat. Scepticism has come into the room. Scepticism has evaded the premise. That's why we're Jesus got up from the grey. He came to the room where ten disciples were one was dead, committed, suicide and the other one was stuck in scepticism. The ten were locked up for fear of the Jews, they had not lost faith, but they were afraid of the tools. And the Bible says that you Jesus came to the room. He came through the door right through the door and appeared under them in the room. I know they got all God. This is a goals, but then a fish and spirits carried
I have to go through the door. A man about the fishermen's could do things like this. He did it. Wild Thomas was gone. Thomas was not in the room when Jesus for shoulder he was out someplace. Trying to figure out whether you believe that- Maybe I should go back to the church and maybe us in Vienna, because this is not working and I might get killed. And I don't know where fish that can go back to you- Rousillon, Adele fitted up a role, and I want to talk to somebody who feels like you don't fit anywhere. You too much of the world to be in the church to into the church to be in the world, and so you paste back and forth.
Sure you don't fit anywhere in, you believe is solely with, but you got some doubt you got some worry and your faith is in a crisis. Faith is, if you think your life is not on. Maybe not I don't you think.
The devil, is using your pages of crisis. Now the word worship means worth sure, but we think of worship. We always think of raising our heads of copying. I hear the late prostrated a floor and that's an aspect of worship that is rooted in the lead and worried that means worth ship. How much you a word to me now my tab, Norma, offering all put together by empty my bank account could really fully express how much work, but I refuse to turn my back on their opportunity like you're, nothing of my life like yours, we worry of my life when everything I got. You gave it to be not just my stuff.
I've read my energy strip, the activity, a mob limbs, my kidneys, functional, my heart beating. Well, I'm sorry he s supply at all about leads. What shall I read Lord for all of its benefits toward me, so what our text. The gives to espouse a conversation between Jesus and Thomas. It's because Thomas has decided To climb up the stairs and go into the building, Sit out, he was there, but he would really with him. He was there Miss Milner them tell a story that Jesus had been by just just a moment ago. Jesus came back what I'll get out here, she's dead.
Jesus, oh Jesus, is dead. We took him down his rigour motors written body down off the crow. We saw his congealed blood the blood. Water came out of his sad when the roman soldiers previously, which means that the blood it begin, the coagulated separate itself in such a matter that you could have dinner Father clear from the bloody. What dead we wrapped him and one it strips of which showed him into chosen, are made these grave. He was rolled a stone in front of me. No, he was gone. He was stiff and was gone with co. You gonna tell me that he was here I believe that, and let us touch my added to his sad and feel the meal prince in his hair Fifthly, I won't believe it to us as well.
As soon as he opened his big mouth, to say how much it will cost for him to believe Jesus showed up. This is the moment in the text where Most fall apart because I didn't understand TAT Jesus would come for the ten, but to turn around and come back for the one from one Who don't even believe in you who, Now too, who has allowed the scepticism of the world? Who invaders pigeon the boy but he's not even sure, he's one of northern Cyprus. Yeah. You come back for one got to prison because I have been there
I have been wondering what everybody to a better the parlour was it worth it? I know what it is to be the world that it came back and showed up, and it was not because my paypal role- and it was not because my life was good and it was not because I was so moral and it was not because I was so wholly, but it was because he is so merciful and his mercy knew every morning and his grey saw about that. Every now and then she's us will show up. Just one oppressive, robotic, quick ballplayer right now, and there were only one person just knew. Which he was just for you, You are important to him, even in your doubts and even in your period, even
I believe I leave with any certainty and even in your ambiguity and even in the fact that you go back and forth an up and down and even in european decisiveness and even in your confusing you are so important to him that he will show up for one a table for what he will come to a table. For one sees us appeared in Rome almost as if he were making an encore. Fair yeah per person. One person who didn't even believe me.
I understand why was short for one believe of both for one who didn't even believe, but then again maybe Thomas was modern unbeliever, because even in spite of his struggles, he still came to the rule. It sounds more like he was struggling at his phrase more than that he had lost his fate very well said one thing with his mouth, but his answers will say something else, because because he came the church. He was more about. It came to Turkey, we talk about the past about came, he was down the brotherhood, but he came to check the very back. He climbed lives. Steps came in at rule and argued as a sign that he was a sure I don't
Who am after, but I'm after somebody, you been kicking up a fuss and making a lot of noise, but down only is that God has got a hook in your mouth and he's drawing toward him and you flippant and profit like every fish. Does when you're gonna look in your mouth and this pull him in the latter, because you are important to him and Jesus came to pay Thomas a visit, and then he gave him the opportunity that would change the trajectory of Islam. It is an opportunity that EU leaders have the grace to be able to give because most leaders will show you the crowds. The levels it will show you the successes. About a leaders. It will show you the degrees. The leaders will show you the trophies.
I will show you the ground is, it said, will show you the policies that sad will show you. There is whether that will show you the wool. Jesus said if I got a strip. If I gotta take all my stuff off and show you what they did to me, I will not leave this room and leave you wondering if I am a tentacle me because to be up and take is more important than to be beautiful when you, what would we must gain? Was unplugged
What you want with me, my face was not marred he said, but I want to show you that, in order to be authentic, you have to have some flaws and Simone's, and you can just what with me in my beauty, you have to work with me in my wounds and if I have to strip deleted, I want you to know they get me right here. And they got me right here- every issue that your hand and feel is come in come in feel that right there they got me right there and how let them get me, So you could see me get back up again. I went down so you could see me come back. So there was no matter what they put on you. You will always know that you have the power within yourself to get back up ray
your hands and feel the male prince said my aunt and touch me right here and fear whether President Assad have been paid this pipeline, he and Thomas Trail on his knee because he had a out he had an encounter with the God but felt safe enough to show his will. I don't want to follow you, everybody. They can show me the rules, because the calls of discipleship is across and you can't make me take up my cross. If you don't take up yours, I need to see you sweat some time and I need to see you, crafts and tat, and I need to see wrestle some time and I need to see you be scared. Some tat and I need to see uncertain
About me, do you murmured in the garden agus? Similarly, so I can understand that you understand what it's like to be Lee. Jesus meets the criteria of being my kinsman redeem. Because he is human above cried the garden, and yet he has got enough to create. A gardener suit and where it after the
erected, he is human love. Then he had to nurse at his mother's breath, but he is God enough to create the milk but flowed from it. He is human enough to down and all rugged cross and he's got enough to raise the tree. He knew would be the cruel to me not just months. I need a god. That's kinda, my questions, not confuse my uncertainty, because every now and then I must confess my faith goes into crisis
because my world goes into trouble and if those anybody out there whose gods trauma and the trauma has major wonder at the traumas, major uncertain and the traumas made you afraid, as a promise made, you indecisive and the traumas major doubt guarded doubt church that religion about theology doubt all causes to this. In this it is for you. It's been a bad period, it was cool with Jesus would do in the cool stuff, but then start doing bad stuff and fallen him I saw all right now not with you been shut down the street. Not when your whole community is angry. Not when you scared to go shout jogged, not get shot in your own apartment.
It was to have a programme work, your life to a man to have free when they lay draw. Your job is hard to have faith when you run out of money and you get another until you kids, it's hard to have faith when your mama does a new key. We go in the room to say goodbye to your mama, You sit in the parking lot at the hospital have faced with. Was that, and that is not the kind of at its fear that produces absolute faith. It produces questions a wish and follow. It makes you want Fourth, and so, whereas Mama's got well Mamma, to good worded where the dagger then Agnes.
A body always held, but other people in Ottawa understand debris. Doubting frightening trouble self right arm into this, because he's coming in your pay and in your anguish- and you don't have to address it up, and you too Of course creatures- and you don't have to say nice, christian stuff, you can come to him. May I say in Brussels and in New York said view the mill prince in your head. I think about you. I gotta trouble server. I got hurt serve with you. I got disappear
certainly, I got more determined at all this. At least, give me your hand, he led a doubting Thomas touch him any place, and it was not his clear, perfect.
Since the convinced Thomas Tall, you preachers, but only if you want to show, as is your good stuff, banning what makes a minister you, erudite kids, medic, visitation, articulately, a logical dissipations is not what changes laughs pledge to slash, as is show me where you hurt. Show me where you bleed, show me where you failed down, and he said I can call not further show me where you almost quit. Show me where you like to show me where you need smuggled. Surely, for your faith got so they were. You almost gave a solely with you lay over your daughter's caskets agreement. Show me that you can be touched,
This tax, may God, made space for questions, but we remove the enemy is planned, you'll triggers, but people moving overcome. The fears and keep moving for your gift of any amount. Yours
audio, efficient, Jake's, bold message, seated moving as well as this set of keep moving encouragement. Will you give them ninety dollars more learn how to reject everyday peace and accept that give the pleaded with a peer review on CD and DVD will also receive our fear this drama? Will you give the two twenty five twenty five or you can help us celebrate? The twentyth anniversary of the partners will receive a commemorative twenty fifth anniversary pin and the Potter South USB Flash drive in addition to everything we see here. My work called our goal in mind now and keep it move. In today social media to extremism is like oxygen to fire we ve created tools better ripping apart the social fabric of society,
I see a fading away, generals goin home and be replaced with our top tweeted, so you walk away with cliches, but no wisdom. I don't want to leave this world without making sure that what our fathers past is passed to you. Four hundred hours. This video uploaded permit five hundred million tweets per day, no civil dish, personal cooperation misinformation. How did we get to this point? I want to say something about moves. I want to say something that becomes a few for the next two hundred years and lives on in your mouth and the mouth feel free to reach to us on social media and share your story of how God is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing next time.
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