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Faith That Crosses The Line

2022-08-14 | 🔗
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Coming out And the patterns tat got religion, you can sit still, but if we got faith they got a phone call, faith is a verb requires. Active requires full requires that you do so take up your paid work. Give me your to prison loaves of bread, powers of basel place. You forgot, he got his way. He's The way. Why. who was in the midst of all this out dollar. To read this chaos. She makes the decision to go attitudes.
Now you have to understand, you think the miracle is in the healing of the door, but the miracle start in the fact that this woman had to cross. So many lies to come to choose. She had to travel such a distance to come to Jesus. But this was about this geographical distance. It was also play a logical distance. She called from a public takes society. There has not even heard of job over this woman comes across all of the theological of she being a a cable night woman. Having me phoenician phoenician city, she is alienated from the commonwealth of Israel. She is not raised the traditions of the hebrews shears tat. You re judaism, she is not exposed to the Torah
I don't know I don't know I don't know, I don't know how she heard about Jesus but wow. He was knocking on the door in the tower and sit down. She must have got whiff of his glory. It will flip his grace. The bible, said or tasted see that the lord is good and cheaper to get a little taste of soapy taste of Jesus was stronger than a belly full of her idol gods. A taste of Jesus was stronger that all the traditions that wrapped around one taste of Jesus was strong enough to make her leave her sick, deranged daughter at home and travel for miles to a stranger and she's, a gentile woman and she's, the polytheistic woman, and she is or whether there'll be repealed, as it relates to understanding the sanctity of god, and yet she traveled the way he was.
Most of the time we see Jesus, he is coming to us, but some of the greatest miracle that the bible occur. When we come to him Think about the woman at the well Jesus, what god headed in her direction, but she came where he was, and I want to say to you today that are watching online. You that are studying would be come a little closer. But god is not promising. That is always going to knock on your door, then, in order to give the kind of breakthrough that you lead, you may have to move to get it. You may have,
To travel to get it, you might have to walk to get it, you might have to be alone to get it. You may have to walk away from trouble to get it. That woman looks a little irresponsible because her daughter is grievously vexed with a devil. As far as we know, she left her home alone, but she do she got Jesus, it would be worth it, and sometimes you have to look a little irresponsible to get what you're out to get from god, but to travel the distance just to get to jesus- or I don't know who I'm talking to, but I'm talking to somebody then sometimes you gotta put some work in it. Sometimes you have to travel to get it. Sometimes you have to go out of your way to get it. Sometimes you have to cross the line to get it step over your tradition, step over what you heard step over what you better, because faith will crawl so long. That will ask god for faith: if you're not going to move, faith will make a man with a withered hand, stretched forth his hair he'd make a woman with asia blood crawl across the floor. Faithful would make a woman who has been with that man and now she's sleeping with somebody drop water pots and say come see a man. This radical is an actual word, is not allowed it's a verb. If you've got paper, you gotta move it without religion. You can sit still, but if you got paid forgot to boot because faith is a verb, it requires access. It requires movement. He requires that you do so take up your bed and walk. Give me your two fish and five loaves of bread, gobo Barroso basil phase required to take action. I wish I was talking with somebody at night that was radical enough to take action and make up in your mind. They probably have to go out of my way of going out of my way. If I have to be ridiculed over the bigots about it. Mcveigh was talking about because I love my daughter at all. I know what I'm doing, because I said something in is Jesus that I can't let him get away until I've had a personal experience with him. He brushed by my neighborhood, but I'm not satisfied to get close to him and not have an encounter with him and are going where he is, even though the law says that
Miriam. So not all sister but were related she stepped over here is because, according to the Torah she shouldn't, I had no dealings with Jesus being a jew samaritan. Woman teaches you that People are my people, mobile and even the even the Torah said that she was exempt from being a part of the commonwealth of israel when she comes to where Jesus is he at all I have dealing with you. about the review go back. See. If you are the latest courage, you will never get what you want from me. Because anybody else would have Jesus word for it and left and say: well, he insulted me, I'm not gone. He said I am not sent but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
In other words, you from be eligible to receive what you ask me for, if not that are exempt from being able. What would you about eligible that's what do not sit but to the laws of the house of Israel and then. She calls in law. She called law, but he had been to her. but the fact that she called law stands up in the face of all the traditions of background. The fact this called lowered meant that she had a revelation that more than a good man there. More than a profit betty- sure Lord. I wish you said lord bethell
technology, who he is when she said help me that is acknowledging who see She has put him in his proper perspective. You got the power, No, I got the problem to solve. A public meeting that, god is the power There's another group of people that have trouble it really that they have a problem, but this woman was not leader. She was not to ever get to admit that she needed so now. You have to be hopeful about to say up me. how to be discerning enough to call him lord. She knew who he was. as you know, who she was. In front of all of these spectators, who didn't even want her around. The bible says that the disciples say
croghan, thrace, super away should ABA set up. Do. These amendments set surrounded Jesus, we're just the way they Just in the way of what I was about to do and most of the people that surround the man of god are just in the way, there's so much protocol and routine and ritual there just in the way and below me, it always like to exercise big power, so they could feel important. The reality is, I didn't have nothing to do with it. The reality is she didn't walk that far to see them. The reality is even if she did come to see them, they probably couldn't help, but required about us. Because what the real power it is a loser, but enough to make you think that is yours. What is not
It is like sperm and besides somebody who can saying can make you think you can say what you came since she was never crying out for them. She was crying out there. but I do feel disciples you'll trusty, If your board of elders, you'll dig boy that has nothing to do with area. They were this millions surrounding visas. The bigger the way of a mic. Oh stop a minute and law dont. Let me have a stand in the way of somebody's mirror. Don't let my stand in the way of your divine purpose
don't let my need to be acknowledged, stand in the way of somebody give a breakthrough: somebody's gotta, sick, little girl that meets a breakthrough and don't let my become so puffed up. Then I could easily send away what I could be easily anyway. It is easy to see the way what you paid work with no way said the way they said she cried love She crossed over the top, all of it everything they threw at us. She crossed over top of that, I'm not sick, but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and she crossed over there. What are you willing to cross over to get what you want from the lord. We live in the world today, the world and the world in the world today, People are so easily discourage better miracle is conveyed it. They don't come up,
it's not good renew. They don't come in. Somebody said bessy at church beta. it they don't like the room, they don't come so about the whereby they don't come. Instead, they woke up. These are the same people who stand in line four hours for ticket to a football game. But was then allowed for three minutes to give a healy. this woman, had travelled all the way up the coast with Got a whole too those who talk, frank, yeah. I, how. I don't know. What's worse, the rejection of the south. We have to move, we ve got some.
would you have a crisis, only one who could fix it, says weapon. I know you are used Play some about children like they would Beth tell about me yes, sir they gave me. You got that its very black god did hear you. he he does. He play it by ear is about a habit that I cut out here. That bar is not short, but I I say just because I did the same thing that me that I didn't hear you let's all of this outbreak before god, because we want the Lord the lord, to have respect unto my pray. I wanted to read. I wanted
received I wanted, to receive your offering. I want him to to receive your task. We are offering, it doesn't mean it has to take it. We are offering it of the gods. That means he's going value waited. So I give play him from a sincere and place him reflection, the level of electric, that's all my life, whether it's as small as the widow's mite or whether I give him the kingdoms at the cedars of lebanon, idea about the level of the blessing of the lord of my life and I'll offer it up to him. It is my honesty. It is.
Obviously it is really is that less than I was driving up the door of dollar two other there at all live up above dollars. I get confused, sometimes go up and I was on the right road, but I was sure I got mad at madrid, pierre system, because it Same nothing at all. I had to keep on driving the silence. I want. Reinsurance, I wanted to say you on the right road. Getting close to your destination. I wanted her to I was on the right track, but she said nothing at all. She did speak again till it was time to make a
perhaps god doesn't say anything until it's time to make a turn, and you have to keep on walking by faith in the solids of god. I dunno what targets to deny, but of god I stand up and keep our rabbit. If god I've said nothing, people welcome. God. I keep a preacher. we ve got say people building other people too. God, I said nothing keyboard. hatred. It
I don't do what you were doing before, because when you get to the tide, he'll tell you it three more miles. You will make a right hand turn. Don't mistake. His silence for not caring. In essence, Jesus was trying to tell her my hands are tied. He says I tried not to answer you, but you crossed over the line, and then I explain to you that I have my cup but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, but she crossed over the line. What kind of faith is this you've got? Woman that you keep cross over the last. You see we set up a radical Jesus and he respects of radical people. This was a radical woman,
She was a spiritual woman. She. What do you want? A wholly woman, she, a godly woman, the by got a radical woman. It was radical because up stepping over them. And you must understand that faith will always call salon. Of course. I know I am not a part of the laws. Sheep will be Israel, but google, chrome, good luck. I know I know utah speaker me But I going nowhere I'm across that law. and problem. He broke it down. Real blunt. Have you ever had people? You tried to tell him to go, as my old foes would say. Well now you drive but they won't go away. Families will to a real way- It is not me is not for me.
If the children spread to the doll, my god, he called a desperate bama adult it is not meet to give the children. Let me stop a minute and talk about the children's read. The children's bread takes me all the way back, The wilderness, when god sent mana down from there, the children's read reminds me they got, will feed me no matter where the children brad reminds me, I might be hungry right now, but god is breaking up suddenly got my neighbour the children's red. Miss me. Oh they're, just because I'm his child there's read from our problem. The children river above me that what god ass for me and for me this
It is about that. I read but is reserve gone are the restaurant. He walked up to a table and there was a little sign said reserved brother. I want to tell somebody that's watching me right now that god has a blessing, that's reserved for you. Mt, it is reserved for you. Children's rights is the children's rid. The netherlands is true. Of those rare power is the children's red fire is, it's rare, then ever since the tune. The hope is that children. Do you hear what I'm saying? Are you a child of the king.
All our logos also have a child between cubs was rights and comes with privileges comes with. Bree comes with bread like barbecue ribs, at a hole in the wall that comes with brie like hot bologna and a cares
And skilling the cubs would read to that. We have cubs were bread and Jesus called it, the children's bread he didn't. He said it is not meet to give the children's bread to the dogs. She didn't say she was hungry. She didn't say she wanted something ne, but Jesus calls heli bread. Oh my god, did you hear what I'm saying Jesus calls
Healing Britain have some bread, our father, retarded Heaven, how it would be that they backing them come that will be done on earth as it is able to give us this day. Give us this day. That's what I'm looking for give us this day. Our daily have sabrina. Are you going to do something you call it in you? Data healing got causing bread, you did Ass, a break through a god causing bread. You need a word, a direction and god causing bread. Would you have Sit down at the table and the bread was on the table, but it wouldn't near you and you have, say somebody pass the brute when I see you ve been breath It makes me want to say, pass the bread.
good god forgive you bring he's got give me brad my boy, they don't you cause. You got a brick us is about tabled. I just need you to pass the bread god. I was the children's bear. That's why you gotta be careful you around, because We cannot allow a table for the full of debris. I don't care? How rich there how influential they are just because they got well, maybe they got brains. you're gonna, throw yourself with people there. What should be because what you need You needed is bread. What you need when you needed is worrying whatever it is you re bran about is worrying.
And the lord wanted you to know, I got the bread. The question is: are you eligible for the bread and the last stood up in his face and said? No, this woman is not eligible for the bread she is coming from the coast of tyre and saddam, where you have left the territorial back. But she chased you: is there about prepared to change excited about out? There are prepared to go work, get out of your way. Wallner. To go to your bless, my soul. Herbert tenth, all almost tat ride through you? Do so more staff here too, you restore my joy. I must stand right,
here. Do you restore about these double standards, everybody else, but I will stand right, If you give me my daughter back, I was then right here till I get my business back. I feel a spirit of restoration at this place tonight and set up illustrator restoration tonight. Whatever trouble is going on in your house, get ready for it to be restored tonight, whatever has been on your heart, get ready for god to restore tonight. Whatever has been on your mind, get ready for god to restore. It tonight, spelt bread in the room tonight, my god. Somebody pass me some butter because I smell bread in the house tonight. Whatever the devils will stop you from stopping you from LA, but stopping you from pizza, stopping you from favorite one is stopping you from. God's got the bridge to scrap the bread to learn. If you can stop over your traditions,.
over your religion. Over your region over your territory,. over his silence and yes, over his objections. This woman. Yeah, I'm a doll. She understood the dull term meant not something that, whilst on all fours but without a covenant, I have a covenant with you you I have to do this for me, she's ever, even the dogs can eat the crimes that far from their masters, to look. This one sees that I got so much faith in you. There are the this way
Did the brute settle for chrome. Cause, I know whatever is in the cross, is in the breathe. it appears milk in the world open the crop Flower, this flower, the crowd. This body and the bridge the butter, the crowd is feeling of the brad. This feeling of the crop deliverance, there's deliverance of chrome, is theirs
Elaborate there's hope in the chrome or is it the bread? Is the the club go ahead and give your children the brand? Just let me sit at your lap. The bible called the lap dogs lapdogs would climb up at the laps of the master at this data with their mouth open. I want. Is your mouth open tonight? at would lay in the lap of the master with about open waiting The cross fell from the best. she said, I might believe it might be. A physician I might be a came about. Woman might have come from about ballots background, but I know how to open How do you know how to open your mouth? Most people don't know how to open their mouth to receive. What god has
They don't have to shout about it; they don't have to talk about the big over how to open up and receive. She said, maybe may know everything else, but no ultimate, my mouth, That's probably fall like that.
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