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Favor aint Fair

2020-06-14 | 🔗
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Coming up on the there's tat you were jealous pass, I went. Trouble with the things that should clearly Up your pass, isn't it
The creation of the high up your future, for whatever the building has got a real dig out. Real now tell somebody movement, real scholars. When thou radios trouble wait, I all coming into a relationship with god through our relationship to Israel. Here we have a jew bail. kristen society, and there is an interlinking between judaism and christianity. Are you following me? I told you about boys, bring a type of price and how Was separated from commonwealth of Israel and was and an outcast answers you, my boy as do a covenant: marriage boy,
rings or into covenant relationship like price reached out and got us when we were gentiles and brought us into covenant. Relationship with god be called them. relationship with Jesus Christ So when you look at ruth you're, looking another of the church and over the next year, governments are some things that I want to show you that happened to rule that it'd be happening new We started out afar off. She was in the corner, the feel she was gleaming boy, S, soul, her when she was a far off and he beckoned for her. He beckoned for her and an emerald bypass opportunity to preach on these points because it there's something to be said for being beckon, but about what s. It is hard for me to do in a massive temptation to me a preacher, but I will resist the temptation. Exalts the complexity of the text and avoid a very significant issue of we did backing for labour back for her and with what
by giving a boy she comes from the background to the forefront, comes into a place of blessings where she begins to become more prominent when god beckons, for you he brings you from obscurity that notoriety and you become more prominent because a hand of the lord is on your life. Can you say that it begins to bless you in a significant way and all of a sudden she comes into this blessing. Now look look at what boyer says as she come forward. He said: there's a woman over in a corner of the field. She's going to be coming behind, you represent a minute they're reaping in the field, they're gathering harvest. He says when she gets there. levin tour just leave some handfuls drops of blessings Fifthly, them lay in their own purpose. He spoke about or not to sure never even heard what you say, but became a recipient of something that, let me say this here. You don't know the word that god has spoken over your life, goddess
pagans of things that you didn't even hear and all of a sudden things change, and you don't even know how they train. All you know is that you've come to the background from the background to the forefront and you find yourself gleaming so, but can you imagine route going behind the percent of my goodness is look at all of this. The picture is italy alone. The grail somebody's already picked this? the place where gases how'd, you said you didn't real and vineyards such didn't row. I'm gonna simplify the process for you to get the blessing I'm going to take the work out of your success, I'm not a budget! that somebody else's don't do the work and you're gonna receive in greece. at all. You have to do is just respond.
Backing of the holy spirit come in the direction. I would you, when I tell you to come this way as you seek to obey me. You're gonna find yourself coming in the blessings that you don't even understand, because I have left some things, but just for you and you don't have to be jealous of anybody, because what god have left for you know about it can believe it, but you just some. I say it s so years. Come simply gives to glean and fools on purpose now what You need to understand that there is a correlation between the blessings of god and the purpose of god. God bless you, so you can break. God bless you with what ever nicholas, as you will be a pharmacist talents,
If two saying they give to preach what everybody is that he blessed with a very good looks at no make no difference. What did it? Then he bless you where there was a purpose there. Wasn't it china papers that should apply to all of those things are tools just routine claim a new you into a place of for once that area shoulder to fail. His purpose in your life in florence comes from god.
And fluids from god talks about the power to persuade moves. Are that comes from god and he strategically gives it to you, because god has a purpose for your life. The anime was to steal the purpose. He may not steal the wheat, but he's trying to steal the purpose, and what good is it for you to harvest the wheat if you've lost the purpose of god in your life? The blessing you've got right now is not for you
it is for the rest of the reason you got the gift saying it's enough for you. It is for the glory of god, the anointing, the priests of the gospel, his love for you. It is for the glory of god, the religion, your moved into the position of your job. It is for the glory of god, god didn't have to give you that job to feed. You got to feed you with no job. He put you on an assignment. It is for the glory of god. The you pick up the wider world. as you miss the point, you must take up your purpose. Would you pick up your provision for provision without purpose would not give you fulfil meant. The only way you become fulfil is when you did the provision and you understand the purpose and you stand in the presence of god, recognising what is done in your life. Are you following me
blessings fall, they just happen there you're poem localities The law is too. There are some people in this room right now things this fellow just struck me. You re launched how you can do you, you can just do it. other people find it difficult, but for you you can do it. God, Perhaps it will do so you and you can, do you not know their people we'll go to school, trying to be able to Like you sing natural. Taking class spending money to do what god just dropped There are people who wish they had the creativity, the god just dropped on you. and you were well receiving.
The blessing of the lord. They just dropped on her work but when you first begin what we ve got the awesome financial blessings that just that just dropped. I remember when I first got to say people just walk up to the lord lead. You all my heart. Have you ever had the lord major in my heart and you get one holy handshakes, and it would have suddenly in it. You know, I don't mean, and only it has suddenly us in europe- and europe is oh, my god, she's will fight you d. How did you know that was just and tat? I was gonna do something and it was right in the middle ages, fellow just just
except on a check k, a refund check. You forgot you ever made a deposit just on the attack. Here comes a check for just enough to get you through what you're going through edit just happened to. You just fell in your lap if it fell into all of us, whoa, yes, Florida! Thank you. Can you imagine how happy ruth was, after coming out of a famine, to see wheat just being dropped or alive? That's why you ought not let anybody intimidate you about praising god, because you don't know what I came from to get to where I am so. When you see me rejoicing, thankful, you're used to, we are not used to this get used to. It always be thankful for what the lord has done in your life raft trip with these people
You see, run and all over the church and jumping climate, as we all know what their praise him got about, whether this emotional you just crazy about is that most of the buildings, all foreign you find the fires David and make your emotional escaped arrive to come here to make your emotional and if you re the three kids by yourself and got kids, all splits in a pleasant may carry most I'll. Just be self righteous, you don't know what people been through. I got his hand, an implicit people that it is living right out of the hand of god, if god in the hands of the next miracle, they wouldn't be ably, but god keeps on doing things for them. They pray that, like the brazen obligated to pray that they must weigh them at all, because it done them a favour, they would make it because unless you do me a favor does do me a favor just drop some things. You just do me a favor. I can't help it. I can stop. It fears this one up at my face. I get happen rather than about myself because they gave me a favor. That's what it, if that's, what you paid for the charge us a favour:
Take it most, don't forget this. This is very important, and I'm gonna say it just I want to say that I can say it real, impressive and intellectual, but I must say it just just like that a corner favour a fair, it is, not fair, that rules was able to receive what other women had to work for That was just the
I say that for the benefit of those of you who are recipients of god's favour- and I said what I want to explain to you- why we would all like to talk about the way the credible of you believe, and they always your business within your face. The fact that this rob some stuff you want at all to get on top and stop primates stop at all by yourself, some friends about trade and so the next time they lived image all funding.
Look if you find it, I know it. I know it is ridiculous that it would make no sense, does what it in the back of your prize, but would you rather have you thought about it? I can't explain it, but I gotta find somebody failed over this dreadful, but my utmost sometime when you didn't happen
I start praising god. even though why you got yourself sitting in the service of? Let me explain why what happens? You know something I don't know I never even those reacts in your head is confuse these procedures. Here knows he just drop somewhere else. You walked into it yet, but has always been haven't. Seen. Haven't things may be released, LISA Lisa, that's why we can stop it his gps partnership coming.
two agree with god's reaching out to people in need, showing them that god care personal commitment and keeping my worth being a part of something bigger than me. My gps partnership means that, when bishop jakes ministers anywhere in the world on to the I have a unique capacity to reach all people- of all races and all colors and all kinds. The love of Jesus Christ, but without your partnership, my vision does in my heart. It is when I touch you that it is worth when gps partners make the decision to bless others, tioga hurting and help save the loss themselves if they got any places them in ways. They ve never could have imagined, joint He Jake's global partner system or increase your partnership today gps, we are changing lives together.
levels what you get steps All of them are steps, but they all different levels. There all steps that all the same size, but their own different levels. There are also blessings. There are levels ministry All ministers but not the same level. The levels of the moment,
the voting, but not on the same level. The levels of victory is our victory, but it's not. On the same level, there are levels of peace, it's all peace, but it's different level. Some peace, passeth all understanding, some peace of mind, boggling peace. You can't even explain how you got it. There are levels of joy contentment, this happiness, this delirious excited holy ghost ranked uranium should take over your sphere there. In god, there are always levels, a provision. if you're here, you're homeless, and you have no house staying in a shelter. There is still there, new provisions, it may not be on the level
that's your wanted to bring, but not a person in this room. They can't say you're somewhere on the steps of a blessing from the law, you're just a different level, and that's why you see millionaires air force base. What about the way away from me? Neither one of them- I am the poor man- is just as happy kobe got a coat as for which way it is because they got tired of this talk because both of them cried, and god delivered the. What I'm trying to get you to see is this one thing in the third chapter of ruth is a transitional chapter this making the transition from From living
Offer handfuls the misuse of the lord showed me something years ago. He said: the wilderness, when Israel was in the wilderness Performed a lot of miracles, because of their weak condition. He a lot of miracles. He failed without labour. They got healing without work shading, for the heat, the guy for the night. It was gods, welfare problem. three, and the reason that welfare me works is because welfare was never meant to ever be permanent it was meant to sustain you threw up until a period of adversity, shortage
it was from bad interests or sustain permanent blessing, where you're not always waiting on somebody to shake your hand, because if you have to live off of people shaking your head, you become a beggar in the kingdom and you start looking around for people and you start manipulating people, because you need them to shake your head and make it, and that is not god's will to keep you waiting for somebody to get through with something. So you can have it. I appreciate everything anybody ever brought for me, but I do not want to spend the rest of my life living off of what somebody else dropped for me. What mouse show it? I want my own laundry. I want my own money, the thing in order to get well. Let me explain: this route is gleaming pitch and other folk stuff.
Do the fable boy s, she's kits and other full stop living off. they may or may not gonna hold to that girl. She's got stop at that stage. once a member whipped. Level and, quite frankly, some of you have spent twenty years stuck on the step. A white know somebody two drops utmost, so you could have now. Are you with me and the law has been good and the last australian lord bless the lord made away and you got through it and all of that, but god didn't take you through everything he took you through Deliver you oughta boy, pull you
If you are dollar tree, start your life over just so that you can be a second class sanctified citizen running behind life, trying to get the scraps from other people's blessing. The devil is alive after you've been through hell and high water god. I've got something better for you start believing you won't start receiving it. The drop this little ball. Here's where church stock. We start in the wilderness. Just receiving whale welfare of faith, what route to make what may? when we had to make linked to understand, is a little more. mama was a little girl.
You clean and behind the reapers- and you got favour and you'll be of bliss But if you can receive this, during I I want to show you some if you, if you will just listen, that's what I want to tell. you will understand that, clean. the reapers in a feel that
Mean for you to all those of us who fail is you're the whole feel they didn't know what was going to give a fail, and some of you are satisfied just to get full somebody else when it is god's whale for you to get. The whole right here is where our fate runs into the biggest problem, because the problem with the church ruth is that you have become satisfied to get there. foolish and everybody else leaves behind I'm trying to tell you
Why are you all is not? Well, god was to take you, I'm trying to tell you that god has got another level. Betty was to pull you up to a vague and break you from the welfare system of this tension. Whatever drops, god, I've gotta bring you from stewardship, intolerance, ship and you're, going to hear the young they see ever touched with role, famine everywhere this drug She lost her husband. She bit. The death and destruction should happen have to lose. She followed naomi, just think now. Now, why do you? pass, You have a ridiculous pass hell, I will read
Trouble, I wouldn't do things that should kill you up your pass is the case of the height of your future, for whenever the building is not real, they dig out real love came tell somebody he'd been dug real. That's always as your window. Radio struggle wait. I'll bet, Ruth the more bite woman came in Bethlehem marry one of the richest man in bethlehem. ended up own and feel that she was reap behind
no fear what I'm saying as she said, no with the prince everything however, the instruction to the women that were once fish understand how god will transition your life radically is hard to get believers to believe. If you heard what I was telling you, you would take your shoes off because god is about to open up something in your life you're brutal
suburb right now? That seems absurd trouble. If you got a little bit of fade, he's the god of a little bit for your gift of any amount. You'll receive the powerful teaching guide of a little bit. The bible says that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains. It doesn't matter if your struggle seems way bigger than you.
If god is powerful and will see you through for your gift of seventy dollars or more, you will also receive the favor ain't, fair series and an inspirational bundle, including a magnet art print and stationery set your we're right. At the back of that, I want to preach to you about a god, whoever call or go online today. Our god is the god of a little bit as long as we care
as much as we can do whatever means we can. We will continue here at the potter's house to get the word of god to you in your house. In your life. We don't have to have the stuff to ask Jesus. We can have our faith anytime anywhere, whether through your phone, whether it's coming to your ipad, whether you go to your tv set, is still the word of god. He said I am the lord thy god. I change not the face of pneumonia. I change not in the face of times I've changed, not the face of obama's change. You can change the name, I'd change, the laws of god, and besides me, there is no other, and I want to challenge to right now. Your soul is something that does not change a stable, solid. That's absolute sure that you put your foot on it and it won't break away, is the word of god feel free to reach out to us
social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life will afford to sing. next time on the planet. The.
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