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Find Your Wings

2018-01-21 | 🔗
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Through the whole year of pouring out to other people, I use this to come to get back into you. Don't just get one expert, you get many experts to learn what they want to teach us how to do. It is just absolutely incredible. I really feel like they thought about every type of leader at some type of way, make plans to take your leadership to the next level by registering at pastors and leaders, dot org. We can't wait to see what god has in store for you in twenty eighteen. Coming. on the matters tat push.
The will push, it looks cool, but he will push. There is always something just beyond your scary place that will make you realize that, had you not confronted the thing that scares you, would Never.
Found low. Everybody decided to have this opportunity to share the word of the lord with you. The flower fades, the grass withers, but the word of the lord is go stand for ever we ve been teaching and explaining in helping you to explore how to build your visit had a really filled it from the ground. Up this Deposit into the series is so revolutionary is revelations. It really coordinator was mugged, loophole sore. The message is entitled van your wings. It's an exodus lighting want these seats.
And I'm going to show you some of us. It stirs it s until the eagle its cannot rests and some types of vehicles push the eagle out of the nest pursue out of them ass I walked across. I want to union carbide at work for five years, they laid me off. The day I got laid off. I can still see myself walking through the parking lot
it was. I was crying I was crying. I said, oh my god, what am I going to do? I got a wife and two kids and I was pushed. I was pushed cod. Push, he will push, it looks cruel, but he will push disturbing, but he will push pushed out of the best I can eat. Look when you get Chateau de Lis, you are now in an environment of discomfort of uncertainty.
God will always pushing to your scary place You'll never know how great he is until you have been pushed into. You're I don't mean nervous place, your scare replace meme mean as and shaken scare me. The mother, who has carried these aids- and sat on limb and nurtured them them now looks clean because she now pushes. How did the mess it puts out of the best settings to say the messages on the cliff which cause the fall over the edge it's too far back. She will lower down her wings.
I have allowed the eagle it's too clamour on her wings soar into the air with them and drop them? This is what the text means. They that wait upon the law. show renew their strength they saw
The wings like eagles, these are not your wings. These are the wings that somebody lures, so that you can get to a level that you could never get to by yourself. If you think about it. Most of us are here today because something bigger than us lower, it's wins so that we could mount to all wings are going to the places that we would have never gotten to not lower their wage. So if you're waiting on the lord one of the sides awaiting essential shall mount up. oh winnings, like eagles. These the eagles, carry you and your destiny. Think about the people. They got you
to carry you into your destiny, think about the people that came to know like to carry you your destiny. That's you never want to get the job you, mother, what I've got the opportunity you never would have found yourself. You never want to follow the ostrich. You that's a little less that you came from, but somebody came along and lower their wings, so they took a milder ways. Like said it was me that did it it was me that did it it was me
the sturgeon mess. It was me that got you out of your comfort zone. It was me that expose you to what you used to be afraid of. It was me that brought you to the next dimension. It was not them. It was me I'll use, different people at different times in different ways to come into your life, but it's still me doing the work. All the while God said I used Joseph to build than this Joseph gone before Israel, they wouldn't ahead, but we begin to Egypt got hills Joseph.
Real that mess he use payroll to feed the nest will use people that building that lack. I wish I had a witness. I was I had a win win. What god will use people who you feed? You have not used Joseph to plead to build the best use pharoah to feed than this. He use moses freight masts, god said use moses to print, that nest toll moses, called out later until framework. People go,
I heard your eight tooth scraping I'd, heard the cry of my people: go down there and disrupt the situation, because I'm going to bring you out whenever god is getting ready to do something major in your life, there will always be. Disruptive. Disruptive is always a sign that god is setting you up for progression. You can't have progression without disruption as long as you're comfortable in the nes you'll never find your wings you do not belong in this Best, you belong in the air The problem is these little incomes have never been used and I believe it
they are, the muscles- have never been developed because you cannot. Wing muscles in a mist. So the mother He's taken them up in their drops, they don't fly, they freak The. They freak out past. it. I miss they, don't get it together. She'll get another kid ketchup. Let em catch rev taken back up again him and problem and everything
god is going to do with your life- will happen in this place right your destiny. Is it misplace why you're entering its place right here? Your power is in this place and the process of flappin and fallen. And and followed him flappin and fall in the eagle. It starts. I must stress. Is the equally top, it would say it was good.
for me. It was good to me that I was. It was good for me that you let me now, I'm so glad you I'm so glad you never know what I did know that I could stay this added, no active, so bad. This, I didn't know I could make it built, is added. Nor was this this powerful. This rapid me to everybody who has ever been a scary, plays, got appraise right. I said everybody who's ever better. This way
We ve got a special treat for you today by company daily Jake's films is coming together with lifetime. To present to you, faith under far its powerful is life. Changing the antoinette tat story played by tony braxton. Take a look The name the times purpose just to surrender so everybody. I want you to check out this powerful power fulfilled its little bill lifetime judge where the twenty seventh you would not want to miss the faith of the fire. Like you like time for this great opportunity to church,
it's the world You couldn't be senator, in a criminals, replace I would be pestering this search. If I had, drove them too. I didn't know, I could do this. I didn't know I can do this. Seven members and smithers. I didn't know I could do this. I didn't know we point without You and said I going to texts I. And my mom.
Lift her house and our staff lift our city to come. well place. We had never leave before everything we're talking about in your life, will always occur in a place of spastic fear. Spastic. Nervous. I wanna know yeah.
yeah, I don't do they allowed. You will not find your wings into you. Go to your scary place! That's where you begin to get the strength and the rhythm to say. I don't have to go down in this I have to go down this. I can use the thing that was taken me
We need to bear in mind that if I put myself in a light position, what was what gets me? What forbade see this? This dimension The in the scary place comes when you dare to break the law. I have to be willing to break the law. Whatever lol. Holes do must be broken. Or you could not escape see the law that holds us down is the law of gravity.
This was ringing today, Gravity is that pool stay where you start. Try to get away you belong right here. Gravity always pulls you back. There is a gravitational pull And the lives of every person in this room and every person watching on your screen there, the gravitational pull that whenever you try to get up. Always pull you back. Down the Jews Have you ever heard people say like every time I try to do something positive, all hell breaks loose and it's just not right cause. I admit good. That looks like it keeps pulling me by your right and there is a pull pulling you back And it is a law That whole shoe back some
to where you started. Stay at your place. You don't need an education stay in your place. What you're doing premise start a business stay in your place, you're too old stay at your place. You're too fat stay at your place. You too black stay at your place, youtube why there is always a law that you have to break. it's the same law than the Wright brothers brook. It's a law of gravity this law watts. To a certain level.
but there is a higher law, the law of oral amendments. Then, if I give it to us, I can break through it just something that mamma the breakthrough. They buried it breakthrough at my prayers breakthrough. Why go down this road, tibet? I wanna talk to civil law breakers, then a rented, a break everett pay than ever. Tell you that I will break this law this. My mama this! This love, my grandmama. This low got my great uncle. What would be the generation rights is not failed to exploit. It is great that is four hundred years. Israel
but lol. four hundred years, ten generations. Ten generations, We hope in the mornin evermore anonymously. Ten generations. Every time I saw the sun bore the sun was shining own slaves.
One might be able to be. They call it the pass over man, it was a knight was applied to the poles and the fear that the job as he said when I see that I will pass, although you more than when they got up, they d, get up to make bricks. They they get up to make payrolls bad. They get up to my competent public players. That body. When I got up they stopped and said this is this, is god said, I'm gonna break you ways preach until there is a great new creature. You play that like crazy, you. Why I'll tell you this
applause. You are never. more alive. Did you. Or whether you are you're scared, replace. Your head is never as clear as is when you're in? scary place your strength. It's, never a strong as it is with you in your scary place. If I wanted to It s about I'd, say in place that is challenging for you, but I'm a break about so you'll scary place, the place that makes you want to watch your pants, the place that won't. Let you sleep good at night. The place of uncertainty and insecurity, then, is the place where you find your wings, not
Hers, yours, not theirs. Yours, not! He is yours. Whenever I was writing a book sit with me, the second, whenever I was writing a book, I wanted the kids to be quiet, sit out shut up, they do it for a while, but after a they come down the steps making noise on purpose, trying to get your attention distracted from what you write, I want them to go away
So I try to watch. I didn't see him after a while the I have a few more minutes, a piece then after I hear to come down the steps that could NC try to keep David. As I said, then scare me
When you put me in my when I find my wings, my wings only work in my when my wings don't work in madden este, no matter how comfortable it may appear to my flesh I'll, never find out. Why have this why these things are hanging? I'll never know what, therefore, until you scare me again, even if I didn't get it right, the first time
they had to slow down and catch me. Don't put me back in that this still don't give up for me, since I feel like I'm preaching about it. There is always something just beyond your skill, replace them make you realize that lot confronted. The thing that scares you would have never found new wings. I don't give whatever else who find in life. I don't care who we are
I also admire how you see them fly. You will never have fulfilled your purpose by finding my wings. You will only fulfil your purpose when you find yours, The top of up there, if you are one of the people who responded your wings, are starting a company you're starting a ministry you are moving into leadership, has just taken over new position as you wish. You had somebody to tutor and mentor. You join me at the international pastors of leadership conference. Whether the pastor or leader or entrepreneur. We've got something for you April, seventeenth to the twenty first come on business people get together with the printers and let's learn together how to build a visit meet me I'll, be there with you.
The guy telling you it's time to leave the nest and saw something into the gold is hatching that the circumstances around for your gift to the mainstream pending status, you will receive bishop jakes message hatching greatness on cd, as well as our fresh basil for two thousand and eighteen calendar changes. The gift is: seventy five dollars or more. You will receive the life altering cdc, research, bishop, jakes, bookstore and fresh basil for two thousand and eighteen calendar. The guides adventure awaits you. Take that leap of faith and sore today that will bring you to another level in your church and your ministry. You will have gone as far as you can go on what you're in right. Now something has got to shift the life changing. I came there looking for something from god and I found it when you've got two different visits. You have that digital all disappointment is controlled by expectations. What I have learned in a year, I can take back and operate at my church, though the average federal tax credit for a chef. This is a place where leaders get reloaded rejuvenated, refocus. You are so inspirational. Make plans to take your leadership to the next level by registering at pastors and leaders dot org. We can't wait to see what god has in store for you in twenty eighteen.
feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the potter stout. The. Through the whole year of pouring out to other people, I use this to come to get back into you. Don't just get one expert, you get many experts to learn what they want to teach us how to do. It is just absolutely incredible. I really feel like they thought about every type of leader at some type of way, make plans to take your leadership to the next level by registering at pastors and leaders, dot org. We can't wait to see what god has in store for you in twenty eighteen.
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